New Airport Link Road will help the flow of traffic to Belize City

The Government of Belize has accepted a loan from the Organization of Oil Exporting countries (OPEC) to pay for building the Airport Link Road.

The Airport Link is a new road which will branch off from the George Price ( Western Highway) and lead to the Philip Goldson International Airport. The road will need to span the Belize River way of a new bridge, and in the process will open up hundreds of acres of land for new housing.

This loan is coming from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund for International Development. It will cover 87 percent of the cost of the civil works involved, for the branch road and will significantly assist the Government with the planned rehabilitation and upgrading of the Philip Goldson Highway between Belize City and the Airport Road.

The new bypass will also take a lot of pressure off the Haulover Bridge by providing an alternative route in and out of Belize City.

The Caribbean Development Bank has already approved a loan of US $13,740,000, for the Haulover project at 3.95 % interest and the European Investment Bank has come up with US $12.5 million at 2.38 percent.

Upgrading the Philip Goldson Highway will include a new bridge at Haulover, safety improvements and climate adaption works.

The Reporter