We would like to inform the public that the car park located in front of the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex, is now open for long term parking free off charge. Please use this car park if you are going to park all day, this will free up parking in town for short term parking.

San Pedro Traffic Department


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The San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) has announced that opposite of the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex and beside ‘The San Pedro Artisan Market’, it has established a newly constructed parking lot for long term use, free of cost. This parking can accommodate 80 golf carts only.

The SPTC recommends and encourages those in the labor force to utilize the new parking area. Many golf-carts are often parked on busy streets for prolonged hours, giving other short-term riders limited spaces to park. The new parking area is excellent and geared to those who park all day during normal business hours. Not only will this method steadily improve a percentage of our congested traffic in downtown areas, but it will also acknowledge a health issue.

According to Local Economic Development Officer at the SPTC, Jorge Aldana, “Our parking area has another positive effect. By using the parking lot, we are addressing certain health issues by encouraging people to become more physical. From the center of town to the furthest point up in town is probably a five minute walk,” stated Aldana.

Some people might be hesitant in using the parking lot because of their concerns of security. Aldana reassures that security measures are enforced and that it should not be a concern. “We have placed two security officers at ‘The San Pedro Artisan Market’ and one is responsible for the patrolling of vehicles,” said Aldana.

New methods and ideas are always being discussed between Aldana and his committee. The accessible parking lot that was enacted from the traffic department is just one of the many strategies to come. The improvement of traffic conditions will not occur overnight and more is just said than done due to the measurements of San Pedro Island. “We have major traffic challenges as San Pedro is just a quarter mile wide and then, you only have three main streets that occupy the downtown area,” said Aldana.

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