Good news for the morning! Belize now has its own manatee rescue vehicle! Congraulations, Jamal!!!

Jamal Galves: "I would like to take this time to thank every single person who assisted to make this become a reality! For years we have been depending on kind individuals, partnering organizations and caring supporters to assist with responding and transporting stranding manatees.

We are extremely grateful to you all for the years of support! With the support of many Belizean citizens who attended our fundraisers, bought tickets, purchased items or just cared enough that you sent in their donation simply because you cared. I have received letters, envelopes with notes of encouragement and money sent to me from all over the country and abroad from housewives, students, plumbers, car sales man, teachers,volunteers, business owners, retirees etc Some of whom are people that cannot afford to send money but do! Why?? because they care! Because they love their country and they want to protect what belongs to us.

These are the folks that makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that the effort will not go in vein. Because of all that support and assistance from so many people too many to mention but you all know who you are. We have now our very own manatee (marine mammal rescue truck). To all of the supporters of this effort, you may not have been able to have support financially but you always give a word of encouragement, kept us in your thoughts, show up to assist and volunteer or even spread the message to others. Your support does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated! I lastly would like to thank friends and family close to me that always support my efforts not just with words but showing up and being there to support.

"The fight for the survival of our aquatic friends (manatees) will require more than just efforts by conservationist and a few caring individuals, this fight is not one they can fight alone but one that requires a change in all human behaviors that negatively impact not only manatees but the entire marine ecosystem".