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Today's Belize News: March 15, 2016 #512410
03/15/16 05:54 AM
03/15/16 05:54 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Playing in the wind
March through May are commonly known as the windiest months in the Jewel. As Belizeans say ‘bye’ to the rainy season and hello to the dry season, breezes are a welcome blessing. Like with any natural phenomenon, you can’t control the wind, but we can sure find ways to enjoy it! From kite flying to kite surfing, the wind can provide countless hours of fun activities under the sun. Here are just a few: Growing up in mainland Belize, March meant time to build and fly some kites! Using basic materials such as coconut leaf stems, paper or plastic and some thread, we made kites of all shapes and sizes worthy of the skies. Glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a boat. It’s truly a spectacular experience seeing Ambergris Caye and the Belize Barrier Reef from up high.

When will Ambergris Caye get their new schools?
The common phrase “Education empowers a nation,” is used by many educational institutions and even the government, to motivate citizens to get an education. The phrase is certainly true, and indeed the more educated people a country has, the more skills, talents, and abilities it will possess. But what happens when there are not enough schools and proper educational institutions to house our young children, always referred to as the future of a nation. When the Ministry of Education was contacted in Belmopan, they indicated that there is no information available at the moment. We were told that as soon as the information is available regarding the planning of the projects, the educational officer in San Pedro will be the first one to be notified. In the meantime, the schools on the island will continue striving in order to accommodate more students. Each year, the number of new students increases, and while some schools are fortunate to add classrooms to their facilities, others cannot. This can prevent some students from attending school, while others are forced to travel far to get an education. With the current school year almost over, and the new one only a couple of months away, only time will tell if La Isla Bonita will be seeing any new schools in 2016.

Single mothers seek helpful opportunities
The Department of Human Development (DHD) is widely known throughout Belize for the assistance they provide to less fortunate members of our communities. However, many are not aware of what those service are or how to go about getting assistance. There is no denying the cost of living on the island is high, and that factor plays a major role when it comes to single mothers. Most of these mothers try their best raising their children on their own, some even working multiple jobs. Then there are those who actively seek employment and are not as successful, perhaps due to a lack of education, experience or skill. According to the DHD, their services are on standstill until their fiscal year reopens in April. However, single mothers and grandparents who raise young children can benefit from an anonymous outreach program that is active here in San Pedro. “They don’t get help from us, they get help through us. We do have a group that helps us in between right now. They have an outreach that aids singles mothers and grandparents who raise children with food, clothing, and education through our connections,” said Kay.s

The San Pedro Sun celebrates 25 years of serving the San Pedro community
On March 14th, 2016, The San Pedro Sun celebrates 25 years of serving the San Pedro community. The first printed publication in San Pedro was “The Village Shopper” which was started in 1981 by Linda Cornelison. The newsletter was more about shopping (which is hard to imagine the shopping options 31 years ago in San Pedro) than news, and in 1982 the publication evolved into The Coconut Wireless, featuring a few community-based columns. The Coconut Wireless was the first paper to be sporadically published on the island and Linda Cornelison was the owner, editor and publisher. Other residents on the island, including Victoria and Bruce Collins (deceased), and Woody Canaday worked with Cornelison to put out the first issue. When Cornelison had to be away, the Collinses and Canaday kept the Wireless going, putting 13 issues out and bringing the newspaper out of debt! In the meantime, Bruce and Victoria had been in the stages of preparing their own newspaper, and after the inevitable demise of the Coconut Wireless, went into full print mode. On March 14, 1991 the first issue of The San Pedro Sun was printed. Their first office was inside Fido’s Courtyard, and prepared using a Brother word processor…until the first computer was purchased from Jeanette Salfeety. The paper went cyber in July 1996 when it started a website page on the popular website.

San Pedro Polyclinic addresses issues of concern
Healthy smiles are a product of healthy teeth, just ask any dentist. At the dental department inside the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, children are a priority. As such, a few island residents have complained about the limited dental services available to adults. Those complaints are part of the list of issues residents claim are affecting the services of the clinic. Dentist Ingrid Zuniga confirmed the allegations that the dental services are limited when it comes to adults due to the fact that there is not enough material at the clinic. “At the moment, the dental services are mostly for children, but we have been having some issues because adults also need treatment. However, we don’t have that much assistance to tend to children and adults at the same time. From time to time, we have dental brigades from other countries that provide general service for everyone,” said Zuniga. The clinic does provide services to adults, however the target group is diabetic and hypertension patients. “Anything outside of that, like an emergency, we do give them the service. It’s not that we don’t treat adults, but our priority group is children,” explained Zuniga.

Mayor concerned over excessive signage on the island
Guerrero also explained that he is against signs that go against the island’s charm. “People will always want to put up signs to advertise their business, but I am of the idea that painted signs look much better than those large electronic screens flashing neon lights. I would hate to see the town covered in neon light, so we are concerned. We want signs that will blend with the island,” said Guerrero He indicated that SPTC is looking into developing new signage regulations specific for the island in regard to putting up signs, even if they are on private property. “We want to create a bylaw to the mother act on the laws on putting up signs. This new regulation would require anyone that wishes to put up a sign to get a special permit from SPTC. The regulation would outline the size and type of sign that can be placed,” explained Guerrero. For now the SPTC is still in the initial stages of researching and drafting the regulations on signage on the island.

Ambergris Today

Angelina Worthington Crowned Ms. ACES 2016
Congratulations to Angelina Worthington winner of the Miss ACES 2016 crown and title at the pageant that took place over the weekend on Friday, March 11, 2016. Angelina was also awarded Miss Popularity amongst the four contestants that competed for the popularity crown.

Photo Exhibit Celebrates San Pedro Women at House of Culture
San Pedro photographer Karen Brodie says she is humbled and honored to have been given the task to photograph a broad spectrum of women in the community of Ambergris Caye, 62 of which have been set on exhibit at the San Pedro House of Culture in celebration of International Women’s Month. On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the House of Culture held an official ceremony to open the photographic exhibit that is now available for public viewing throughout the month. Karen Brodie has taken a lot of pictures in the past two and a half years that she has been living on the island. She is an excellent portrait photographer, capturing special moments that come to life in the facial expressions of her subjects. The 62 portraits that Karen chose to display are only a cross section of strong women who make up the island community. Karen says that taking the pictures were easy, it was choosing which ones to exhibit that was the toughest part.

Tensions High as Belizean and Guatemalan Forces Confront at Sarstoon
A press release from the Government of Belize confirms that a confrontation between Belize Security Forces and Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) occurred late Saturday evening, March 12, 2016, at the Sarstoon in the area of Belize's Forward Operating Base (FOB). “The GAF approached the FOB, though they never actually attempted to come on to our land, and behaved in an extremely hostile and threatening manner, insisting that our troops should not be at the Sarstoon,” stated the press release. “The Belize Forces stood their ground and after some time the GAF withdrew. In the intervening period the BDF Commander General Jones had spoken to an opposite number in Guatemala and Prime Minister Dean Barrow had sent a message to President Jimmy Morales.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Manatees Rescue Vehicle
Widtracks Link: Good news for the morning! Belize now has its own manatee rescue vehicle! Congraulations, Jamal!!! Jamal Galves: I would like to take this time to thank every single person who assisted to make this become a reality! For years we have been depending on kind individuals, partnering organizations and caring supporters to assist with responding and transporting stranding manatees. We are extremely grateful to you all for the years of support! With the support of many Belizean citizens who attended our fundraisers, bought tickets, purchased items or just cared enough that you sent in their donation simply because you cared. I have received letters, envelopes with notes of encouragement and money sent to me from all over the country and abroad from housewives, students, plumbers, car sales man, teachers,volunteers, business owners, retirees etc Some of whom are people that cannot afford to send money but do! Why?? because they care! Because they love their country and they want to protect what belongs to us.

17th BEL Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic
Sunday March 20

Cayo Easter Fair 2016
The 2016 Easter Fair will be at Macal Park again, and there will be food, fun, and games for everyone. Supa G, Caribbean Dynamics, and the New Sensation Band will be there.

Peace Corps Belize is hiring for Language and Cultural Facilitators
In the following languages: - Q’eqchi -Spanish - Kriol Please visit the Embassy's official website for more information on the specific position and the application requirements.

DANGRIGA - Belize Screen on the Green
Belize Screen on the Green in DANGRIGA is back this month with the screening of the movie "The Color Purple" on March 24th at the Slaughter House. Please join us!!!! About the movie - The Color Purple is a 1985 American period drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. It was Spielberg's eighth film as a director, and was a change from the summer blockbusters for which he had become famous. The film was also the first feature-length film directed by Spielberg for which John Williams did not compose the music. The film starred Danny Glover, Desreta Jackson, Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey (in her film debut), Adolph Caesar, Rae Dawn Chong, and introduced Whoopi Goldberg as Celie Harris-Johnson.

Belize Screen on the Green - March Movie
Belize Screen on the Green is back this Thursday, March 17 at Governor General Field. Please join the U.S. Embassy and the Belmopan City Council for a special screening of the movie "A League of Their Own" in honor or Women's History Month. About the Movie - As America's stock of athletic young men is depleted during World War II, a professional all-female baseball league springs up in the Midwest, funded by publicity-hungry candy maker Walter Harvey (Garry Marshall). Competitive sisters Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Kit Keller (Lori Petty) spar with each other, scout Ernie Capadino (Jon Lovitz) and grumpy has-been coach Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) on their way to fame. Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell co-star as two of the sisters' teammates.

Splashers Paint Party Events
Sue to an invasion of leprechaun's at Crazy Canuck's our paint party will be at 10:30a.m! This is NOT a joke we have to be armed to paint early! The official sign up on the website will be posted today.

Get a chance to WIN Castillo's Harware Grand Easter Raffle!

World Water Day Exhibition 2016
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Immigration in conjunction with various local water partners is hosting a two (2) day Summit to commemorate World Water Day which is celebrated annually on March 22nd under the United Nations theme for 2016: “Water and Jobs”. The Official Opening Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. The Opening Ceremony will be followed with an open exhibit and the Water and Jobs Summit, to be held concurrently. On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 the Water and Jobs open exhibit and summit continues in the City of Belmopan at the University of Belize’s Auditorium with presentations commencing at 9 a.m. and ending at to 3 p.m.

Women in Art Fair 2016
The Women in Art Fair was Saturday. Big thanks to the SISE HoC for making it all happen. They got some good pictures. "Women in Art Fair" SISE House of Culture celebrating women at the Cayo Welcome Center. A big thank you and Kudos to all our women."

Senior Steps Variety Show
The Senior Steps Variety Show will be Sunday at the George Price Centre. It'll be fun for all ages, and it's free.

BCCI Chamber Day
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry had their Cayo Chamber Day last week at the Sacred Heart College auditorium. Great turnout.

By Kaya Cattouse. I'm still marinating in the sound of that. Looking back on the past couple months and reflecting on all the sacrifices, all the hard work, hours on my bike training my weaknesses so that i could be able to confidently race my strengths. It has been a rough road...but yet still I would walk it again! Although I'm the one pedaling my bike, cycling is very much a team sport and I am grateful for my team on the road and behind the scenes!! On the road, my teammate - Patricia Chavarria...we executed our plan perfecrly! Our other teammate, Paulita Chavarria is only 14yrs old and while she isn't able to contribute to the team as yet, these years will serve as experience under her belt. Our service personnel... my mom and my brothers in the truck, you guys were great! Big thank you to my family, in particular my parents Ray Cattouse and Karen Vernon for playing the roles that they do in my life as it relates to my cycling. I couldnt ask for better!! My brothers Brandon, Riis and Yan who are very supportive in training and on race day! My grandparents, I try my best to make them proud

Channel 7

Scary Showdown In The Sarstoon; GAF Aggressed BDF
For the last 2 weeks, since the second showdown between the Guatemalan Military and the Belize Territorial Volunteers, the Sarstoon River has been the topic of national discussion. Well, this weekend, it became the subject of emergency meetings between the BDF and high ranking Belize Government officials. That's after the BDF reported that the Guat. Arm Forces behaved in "an extreme hostile and threatening manner" late Saturday evening. A press release was sent out by the Government yesterday, confirming that the incident did take place at the Joint Forces Forward Operating Base, which the government is currently constructing. As viewers will remember, there are BDF soldiers who are stationed there to provide security for the contractors building the facility. GOB's statement says, quote, "The GAF approached the FOB, though they never actually attempted to come on to our land, and behaved in an extremely hostile and threatening manner, insisting that our troops should not be at the Sarstoon. The Belize Forces stood their ground and after some time the GAF withdrew. In the intervening period the BDF Commander General Jones had spoken to an opposite number in Guatemala and Prime Minister Dean Barrow had sent a message to President Jimmy Morales." End quote

National Security Council Meets To Discuss Guat. Aggression
So, that brings us to this evening's emergency meeting of the National Security Council in Belmopan. That council consists of chief persons within the country's security apparatus including the Prime Minister, the BDF Commander, General David Jones, the Belize Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral John Borland, and a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington would have been a party to this meeting, but he left for Washington yesterday. This meeting of the National Security Council happened late this afternoon in the Cabinet Room in Belmopan. That meeting finished about 2 hours ago, and we got an opportunity to speak with a few the officials about what was discussed: Brig. Gen. David Jones - Commander, BDF: "We had a Guatemalan vessel go over in front of the operating base that the BDF is constructing at the time and were speaking to the troops there over a loud hailer, informing them that the previous day which was the Friday, that a vessel had gone up the Sarstoon and gone all the way to Cadenas and did not actually report to them. They are not aware of our complete schedule of how we go through the Sarstoon. So, they were expressing their dissatisfaction that they didn't know. Our troops had never gone in there and asked permission to go through and we continue to go through the Sarstoon without asking permission.

Finger Pointing About The Cause Of The Tensions In The Sarstoon
So, as we told you at the top of the news, Prime Minister Barrow personally briefed the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno on the incident who sent Assad Shoman to Washington as his representative for these high-level meetings with Guatemala's delegation and the OAS. We contacted Briceno for a comment, and he told us that his party would be releasing a statement later in the day. That came this afternoon, and the PUP says that it, quote " strongly condemns the illegal military incursion by the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) into Belizean territorial waters...This latest incident is another violation of international law by Guatemala and constitutes a grave risk to peace in the region. The PUP joins the Government and all Belizeans in calling on the Government of Guatemala to immediately cease these provocative and illegal acts, and we demand that the Government of Guatemala ensures that the GAF is instructed to stand down and to respect the long established boundary between Belize and Guatemala in the Sarstoon." The party applauds the BDF soldiers who stood firm and refused to accede to the demands of the Guat. Military this weekend. The party then notes the steps taken by the Government for these talks in Washington but it says that more must be done.

Mexico Concerned About the BDF/GAF Showdown
But turning now to the regional perspective, the very scary showdown in the Sarstoon has been reported to the friendly neighboring countries. The Central American Neighbors have a vested interest in the continued non-violent relations between Belize and Guatemala, and today, we had an opportunity to ask the Mexican Ambassador about his country's perspective on incidents like this. Here's how that conversation went: H.E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize: "We are certainly concerned and we have favored all the pacific talks between both countries. Mexico as a member of group of friends is trying to help to reach solutions at the Organization of American States and we are confident that both countries will find solutions together." Reporter: "As a member of the group of friends, how much is that group maintained informed about what happens say in the Sarstoon when there are incidents - when there are flare-ups? Does Belize inform these group of friends about every incident?"

City Woman Murdered In A Taxi On the Way Home
A woman was shot and killed on Faber's Road early Sunday morning. 34 year old Tanika Lemott and her friends 33 year old Doris Gilharry and Hanifa Flowers went to the Christopher Martin concert on Saturday night. After the concert, they all caught a cab at around 4 Sunday morning. But on the way home, they couldn't have even imagined that a night of pure enjoyment would end in such a tragedy. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. No matter how old and shabby, Tanika loved hanging out with her family and friends here at Mike's Club. She would go every Sunday with her older sister for karaoke night. She would stand on this stage and sing her favorite country and western songs. Tanika was the star of those karaoke nights. But now the stage is empty and her voice is muted - - Sunday nights will never be the same without her. Early Sunday morning, Tanika was shot and killed in front of the St. John's Vianney School. She along with 3 friends were heading home in a taxi after the Christopher Martin concert. But as the taxi driver was about to drop off one of the friends, a vehicle came up behind them and opened fire - hitting Tanika in the back and Doris Gilharry to the chest. The taxi driver Jaime Villanueva was also hit to the back.

Police Investigating Tanika Lemott’s Murder
Now, police can confirm that there was some misunderstanding between taxi man Villanueva and another passenger outside the concert grounds, but they can't go into all the details at this point. Police did tell us though that these violent flare ups usually happen after concerts. Insp. Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Precinct 1 & 2: "At this time we are working questioning several people as to what transpired, but we cannot tell you exactly what is the motive behind this murder at this time." ACP Chester Williams, OC - Southside ED: "Our investigation is still in infant stage. We are questioning some people who we have in custody. We are canvasing the area trying to get as much information of evidential value as we could to be able to see how best we could solve this latest crime. The incident as you rightly alluded to Dwayne, begin at the concert. I wish that concert didn't take place, but that has nothing to do with me. But it happens at the concert, after the concert and this is a trend that we have been observing, that to every time we have concerts on Northside and elements from the Southside goes over to the these concerts and when the concerts are over, there is normally a spill-off on the Southside and we were anticipating something to happen. We had our patrols in place to try as much as we can to mitigate whatever situation that might have arisen. But as always the police cannot be everywhere all the time."

PM Didn’t Take Questions On Gapi’s Intended Departure
For the past week, we have been reporting on the sudden move on the part of Gaspar Vega step down as the UDP's first deputy party leader. Sources said Vega felt disrespected after being a stripped of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Now, as you saw in earlier in tonight's newscast, we got our first opportunity to interview the Prime Minister since the story broke. Normally, it would have been a headline story, in which we took the opportunity to discuss it with the Prime Minister. But, the aggression by the Guatemalan Military overshadowed that major development for the Barrow Administration. So, when we tried to ask the Prime Minister about it, he wasn't forthcoming: Reporter: "Do you care to entertain us on Vega.....?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "No sir, we are dealing with this matter."

Hon. Heredia Jr Discusses Vega’s Intended Exit
So, how do Gaspar Vega's colleagues feel about his unexpected exit? Over the weekend we spoke to Manuel Heredia Jr, who has a history of opposing Vega, once when Vega ran for deputy, and twice when he supported political opponent of Pablo Marin, who was backed by Vega. But when we spoke to Heredia about Vega he showed sympathy for his political colleague. He did concede that, like everyone else, he was surprised by Vega's departure. Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism: "To me yes, because I know we are united and so, but again, I respect Mr. Vega's decision. It was a shock because I didn't expect anything to happen soon until probably when it is time to elect another leader." Reporter: "Are you sugesting that this unity is on the horizon?" Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism: "Not really, because If I decide for some reason it can be health wise, it can be because family wise and so. We have a right to decide what to do with our lives and our future."

There was a scary attempt to kidnap a village resident of Orange Walk. At this time authorities in the north are withholding the name and other particulars of the victim due to the sensitivity of investigation. However what we can tell you is that sometime after 10 pm yesterday the victim was driving his blue pickup between the villages of San Roman and San Jose when he was accosted by unknown two individuals who jumped into the pan of the moving vehicle as it slowed down to cross a bump. Assistant Superintendent Selwyn Tillett told us more. "The investigations revealed that about 10:45pm on 13th March whilst the victim was returning from San Joaquin Village in Corozal District in his pickup, passing the San Pablo RC School, he slowed down to cross the bump, when two slim Hispanic male jumped into the pan of the pickup; one wearing a black shirt and a khaki pants. The other one wearing a black shirt, black pants - pulled out a firearm and ordered the male person to proceed to Douglas Village. The person feared for his life and did what was ordered to do. On reaching the riverside in the said village, was once again ordered to turn the vehicle and head up towards Douglas Village. On his way out, he managed to throw himself out of the moving vehicle and escaped into the cane field where he allegedly heard gunshots thereafter."

A Collegiate Look At Belize/Mexico Relations
When we think about trans-border relations - the first thing that comes to mind is the Belize - Guatemala territorial dispute and the tensions arising between both countries because of it. Now there is another trans-border link that is only highlighted when police make major drug busts in the north and that's the connection between Belize and Mexico. But there is so much more to this border linkage, especially the fact that Mexico has been a model of a good neighbor. Today at the Radisson, a number of other topics centered on Belize- Mexico relations were discussed. Those include migration and identity, the influence of culture and the effects on the economy. We spoke with the Mexican Ambassador to Belize and the President of the University of Belize about the seminar: H.E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize: "After almost a year we are very happy to see that. We came to the idea of working first of migration issue and we deice to make it more right and we brought issue environment, economic, cultural issues and we have today w two day seminar where we are talking about decisions. I am pretty sure that this seminar will help to enhance the relationship of both countries. We have great response from several universities of Mexico and Belize. In Belize we have the presence of the University of Belize which is a very good opportunity for us and we received support of the University of Quintana Roo. We are very happy with the results."

Belize And Venezuela Launch Food Security Project
6 communities in Toledo will benefit from Petrocaribe funding. Today the Program and Project Initiative Act under Petrocaribe was launched at the main office on Coney Drive. This act focuses on hunger eradication and food security. A representative from the Ministry of Agriculture further discussed the benefits this program will have on the residents in Toledo. Over 6,000 people in these communities will benefit from this project.

Rebuilding Caye Caulker’s Beach
La isla Cariniosa got a half a million beach upgrade. Works began last five months and the completed last month. But on Saturday, the Belize Tourism board, official inaugurated the beach which they say is in the excess of 22,000 cubic yards of material that was pumped unto the beach. Emanuel Pech reports.

Re: Today's Belize News: March 15, 2016 [Re: Marty] #512411
03/15/16 05:54 AM
03/15/16 05:54 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Another Sarstoon Standoff: Armed Forces Stare Each Other Down at F.O.B.
There is currently unease in the halls of government following an incident in the Sarstoon on Saturday. While reports started circulating that night, the first official verification came via G.O.B. [...]

Guatemala Denies B.D.F. Account of What Transpired on Sarstoon River
In that release issued Sunday, the Government also stated that it would send a strongly worded protest note to Guatemala to condemn the very aggressive action by its military in [...]

PM Acknowledges Need for Real Protocols to Govern Sarstoon Area
While Belize has operated on the premise that at least half of the Sarstoon is sovereign territory, the Guatemalans claim that the Sarstoon, and much more than the Sarstoon is [...]

What Does BTV Have to do with Recent Sarstoon Outface?
We first heard about the BTV in the role of troublemakers in 2015, after Guatemalan gunboats attempted to stop boats carrying BTV expedition members who were intent on circling Sarstoon [...]

Will Weekend Aggression Take Center Stage at O.A.S. Meeting in Washington?
But with all that said, PM Barrow is adamant that there must be a resort to democracy to resolve this issue, since war is unthinkable and cannot be contemplated. And [...]

Taking the Diplomatic Route and Internationalizing Our Territorial Dispute
And that brings us to the matter of internationalizing the issue. The government argues that it has been doing just that. But critics say that it is not enough to [...]

People’s United Party Applauds B.D.F.’s Bravery and Steadfastness
The People’s United Party has also weighed in on the weekend events. In a release issued today the opposition condemns the illegal military incursion by the Guatemalan Armed Forces and [...]

Belize City Woman Murdered After Weekend Concert
A Belize City mother of two was shot and killed early on Sunday morning. It is a tragic ending to the life of thirty-four year old Tanika Lemoth as women [...]

A Confused Cyclist is Fatally Injured on Southern Highway
A cyclist riding erratically along the Southern Highway lost his life shortly before one o’clock this morning in a deadly collision.  The fatal road traffic accident happened in the vicinity [...]

What Does Manny H Have to Say About Gapi’s Resignation?
The decision by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega not to seek re-election as Deputy Party Leader and Area Rep for Orange Walk North has sent the U.D.P. in a tailspin. [...]

Siltation at the Belize City Harbor, a Plan to Address the Buildup
News Five also took the opportunity to ask B.T.B. reps about the extreme case of siltation in the Belize City Harbor, particularly in front of the Bliss Center for the [...]

Over 7000 Students Sit Annual P.S.E.
Across the country, students sat the first phase of the Primary School Examinations in English and the Sciences. Most of the seven thousand plus students studiously prepared for the anticipated [...]

Beachfront Reclaimed on La Isla Carinosa
Sun and beach are two principal attractions that lure visitors to Belize. In the case of Caye Caulker or La Isla Carinosa swimming, surfing, sailing or other water sports are [...]

A New and Improved Handicraft Center for Caye Caulker
The reclamation works will be complimented by the establishment of an improved craft center for local artisans in Caye Caulker. Minister Heredia says that additional monies for small projects were [...]

G.O.B. to Invest in Expanding Ocean Academy
On the occasion of a beach reclamation initiative, the Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia took the opportunity to comment on an issue of education. It involves the rapidly growing Ocean [...]

PetroCaribe and Food Security in Southern Belize
A tripartite agreement to eradicate hunger in six southern communities within the Toledo District was endorsed this afternoon by the Government of Belize, PetroCaribe and the Food and Agriculture Organization.  [...]

Food & Agriculture Organization Joins G.O.B. and Petrocaribe in Signing Agreement
The action plan, says Montero, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, will also assist in mitigating post-harvest losses.   Emilio Montero, Ministry of Agriculture “The geographic area that has [...]

Salvadoran National Caught Fishing Illegally in Cockscomb Basin
Dangriga police have detained a Salvadoran national who was illegally fishing and hunting in the Cockscomb Basin Natural Reserve.  On Friday morning, Belize Defense Force soldiers and rangers were on [...]

Sporting Highlights with James Adderley
Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Wagiya FC rolled into the FFB Stadium Saturday night to be hosted by a singing Belmopan Bandits. Some 15 [...]


BDF Confronted By Guatemalans Armed Forces
The river Sarstoon was witness to yet another confrontation between Guatemalan armed forces and members of the Belize Defense Force over the weekend. The incident, according to the Government of Belize, played out on Saturday evening in the area of Belize's Forward Operating Base and the armed Guatemalan Forces although they never actually attempted to set foot on Belizean territory, acted in a hostile and threating manner towards the BDF. Reports coming from Government indicate that during the confrontation Guatemala’s armed forces insisted that our troops should not be at the Sarstoon. The Belize Forces though, stood their ground and after some time the Guatemalan armed forces withdrew. As a form of intervention BDF Commander General Jones spoke to an opposite member in Guatemala and Prime Minister Dean Barrow sent a message to President Jimmy Morales. Today in an interview with the media after a special meeting held with the National Security Council in Belmopan, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that General Jones’ intervention is what appeased the situation.

PUP Denounces GAF Threat To BDF
Leader of the Opposition Honorable John Briceno was briefed about Saturdays incident at the Sarstoon by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and today the PUP issued a release weighing in on the issue once again strongly condemning the quote “Illegal military incursion by the Guatemalan Armed Forces into Belizean territorial waters. The PUP considers the latest hostile and aggressive attitude by members of the GAF towards Belize’s security forces in the vicinity of the Forward Operating Base as another violation of international law by Guatemala and considers the action to be a grave risk to peace in the region. And while the Government and the Opposition don’t often see eye to eye… this occasion the PUP joined the Government in calling on the Government of Guatemala to immediately cease these provocative and illegal acts and demand that the Government of Guatemala ensures that the GAF is instructed to stand down and to respect the long established boundary between Belize and Guatemala in the Sarstoon.

Police And Community Needs To Work Hand In Hand To Remove More Firearms From Streets
A search at an abandoned lot on Savannah Street in Orange Walk Town led police to a Chrome Bureau Baretta nine millimeter found in a black plastic bag. The firearm with model number 92FS had no serial number. No one was found in the area and the firearm was labeled as found property. Recently Orange Walk authorities have seen an increase in the confiscation of firearms and this is all due to the good working relationship that authorities have developed with the Orange Walk community says, Superintendent Selvin Tillett. Superintendent Selvin Tillette – Commanding Officer Orange Walk Police formation: “The community has no trust in the police, they would not volunteer information and these successes can’t be only from the police but thanks to the community who seems to trust our Orange Walk Police formation and as such we have been seeing positive results.”

Pro-Bono Appointed To Defend Men Accused Of Killing Ramon Cervantes Sr.
The three men that were indicted for the gruesome murder of seventy-one year old Ramon Cervantes Sr. were today back in court before Judge Hubert Lord. The well-known Orange Walkeno was kidnapped and severely beaten before his body was located five days later on July 2nd 2014 in a shallow grave on a farm located in the Indian hill area, some 5 miles on the Honey Camp Road in the Orange Walk District. The three men….namely Mateo Pott, Belizean Masonry of Trail Farm Village in Orange Walk, Angel Cardenas, Belizean Construction worker also of Trail Farm Village and Noe Daniel Gonzales who is a Guatemalan National were today back in court where family and friends of Mr. Cervantes listened as judge Hubert Lord gave each of the men the name of their attorneys who will represent them pro-bono.

Businessman Kidnapped And Manages To Escape
A businessman from the Orange Walk District is lucky to be alive tonight after he was allegedly abducted by two men while driving back home to Orange Walk after traveling to the Village of San Joaquin in the Corozal District to drop off some workers. According to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Superintendent Selvin Tillett they received the call of the kidnapping at around 12:30 Monday morning. Police immediately organized a search party and combed the entire area between the Villages of San Roman and San Jose in Orange Walk District. During the search authorities found the victim’s pickup truck parked on the side of the road facing the Village of Douglas and a further search of the area led to the victim who was hiding in a farm located about 300 meters from where the vehicle was found.

Neighbors Of Now Deceased Testifies On Witness Stand
Osmar Sabido was again today before Judge Hubert Lord responding to the charge of Murder. The case, which was scheduled to commence at 10:00 this morning was adjourned to 1:30 in the afternoon after defense attorney Oscar Selgado was not present for the morning session. At 1:30 the case restarted with the prosecution calling its first witness for the day. Erla Alvarez, who lives next to the house where 21 year old Christie Carrasco died back in February of 2011 was called to the stand to recount her recollection of the incident that occurred at around 8:30 pm on the 28th of February.


Guatemalans Show Extreme Hostility in Belize’s Waters
While thousands of Belizeans went about their daily lives on Saturday evening, an incident began unfolding at the Sarstoon in southern Belize that reportedly had the soldiers at Fairweather Camp on standby in the event of any escalation. Love News had gotten word of the incident just after six o’clock on Saturday evening of members […]

Internationalizing the Guatemalan Incursions to the Brits and Americans
Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the best case scenario is to see the country’s efforts and the support of friendly nations produce a resolution to this specific problem at the Sarstoon. Barrow spoke of the way forward and preparedness if another incident should occur. DEAN BARROW “There must be a resort to diplomacy in […]

National Security Council Meets on Sarstoon Issue
This afternoon, the National Security Council met in Belmopan to address the issue. Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with National Security Minister, John Saldivar, Lawrence Sylvestre, the CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Retired Lieutenant Colonel George Lovell, the CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Brigadier General David Jones, Commander of the Belize […]

Opposition Leader Commends BDF Soldiers While Condemning the Act of Guatemalans
The People’s United Party issued a statement this afternoon strongly condemning the illegal military incursion by the Guatemalan Armed Forces into Belizean waters. The release reads, in part, quote, The PUP also deplores the hostile and aggressive attitude by members of the GAF towards our Belizean security forces in the vicinity of the Forward Operating […]

Mexican Ambassador Hopes for Resolution on Belize/Guatemala Dispute
The Group of Friends is a political and financial support group of twenty two countries who provide advice to the Organization of American States. Mexico is a member of the Group and today the media asked Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel to comment on the issue of Guatemala invading the Sarstoon River this […]

Mexico Commits to Aid in the Maintenance of the OAS Office at Adjacency Zone
The OAS, has been playing a crucial role in the Belize Guatemala dispute as an international referee. As has been reported, to keep the office in the adjacency zone open, requires more than two hundred thousand dollars to keep operations running smoothly. The funds that it is has been tapping into all these years has […]

Young Woman Killed in Taxi Going Home
Thirty four year old Tanika Lemott was shot to death early yesterday morning. She was with some friends in a taxi on Fabers Road Area when it happened. The group had attended the Christopher Martin concert at ITVET on Saturday night and on their way to the home of 33-year-old Dorris Gilharry, in front of […]

PSE 2016: English and Science Exams Administered
Seven thousand two hundred and thirty students from primary institutions from around the country have registered to take part in the 2016 Primary School Examination. The first two papers were administered today, being English and Science; as explained by the Director of the Examinations Unit in the Ministry of Education, Nelson Longsworth. NELSON LONGSWORTH “Well […]

Territorial Volunteers Stirring the Waters at Sarstoon
Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that what happened at the Sarstoon River on Saturday was a result of the events taking place in that area. Prime Minister Barrow was referring to the expeditions being led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and supported by other political parties. Barrow went to say that this […]

Prepping for a Re-occurrence of Hostilities at the Sarstoon
Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the best case scenario is to see the country’s efforts and the support of friendly nations produce a resolution to this specific problem at the Sarstoon. Barrow spoke of the way forward and preparedness if another incident should occur. DEAN BARROW “


Women unite for gender equality
Thousands of women – and some men in support – marched from the Memorial Park in Belize City and rallied at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex at the annual 20,000 Strong Women’s Empowerment Rally calling for true gender equality. But what does gender equality mean? What exactly is holding women bac...

New plan for financial independence of women
While details are still to be ironed out, another effort is underway to promote women’s empowerment, in the area of the economy. The 20 for 20 Plan is an initiative coming out of the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis-Barrow, who told us more today: One entrepreneur who s...

Lincoln Bejerano and minor back in court
Lincoln Bejerano and a 17 year old female minor were back in the Magistrate’s Court today facing charges of various counts of possession of ammunition, possession of an unlicensed firearm, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery. Two months ago, on January the 8th, gunshots were fired on George ...

Alida Catzin not charged with murder
No charges have yet been filed in the stabbing death forty-three year old Rommel Catzim. On March 6, police were called to the home of Rommel Catzim and his common law wife , Alida Catzim, a Guatemalan national residing in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. When police arrived on the scene, Catzim was dead, ...

Opposition senators sworn in
Two new Opposition senators were sworn in at Friday’s regular sitting of the Senate at the National Assembly Building. Senator Valerie Woods and Senator Paul Thompson were both sworn in by President of the Senate Lee Mark Chang. The other newly appointed Opposition Senator, Eamon Courtney was not ...

Student charged with maim
A charge of grievous harm against 18 year old Iwin Palma, a fourth form student of Ladyville Technical High School, was upgraded to maim when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. Palma was released on the same bail of $1,500 he was offered when he first appeared in court on March 1. H...

Two charged for beating of technician
30 year old Shawn Hemmans, a Tour guide of Belize City along with 39 year old Ivan Wilfred Fitzgibbon, a labourer of Belize City, are jointly charged with grievous harm upon 28 year old Belize City Technician, Justin Flowers who was badly beaten allegedly by the pair on March 3, 2016 outside of Wo...


Pambana to cover Belize-Guatemala story at OAS
Pambana Bassett, a native of Harare, Zimbabwe, who has also lived in New York, USA, traveled from Belize to Washington, DC, on Monday, March 14, to represent Kremandala for the coverage of the bilateral meeting between Belize and Guatemala. The meeting is scheduled to be held at the headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington. Bassett, who writes for Amandala, has been assigned to cover the story for both the newspaper and KREM TV. She is expected to file her first report live on Tuesday’s Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes show via videoconference. (Pambana works at the Library of African and Indian Studies on the Kremandala compound.)

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Petrocaribe, FAO sponsor new agricultural program in South
The Executive Secretariat of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA), executor of the Petrocaribe program, with funding from the Hugo Chavez Frias Petrocaribe Action Plan for the Eradication of Poverty and Hunger, named after the late Venezuelan president, along with the Food and Agriculture […]

Bandits face Honduran Progresso FC in friendly match
On Tuesday March 15th at the newly built Isidoro Beaton Football Stadium in Belmopan City, our very own Belmopan Bandits FC will play Progresso FC from Honduras. It’s going to be a goal keeper show down between former Bandits keeper Woodrow West in the goal for Progresso […]

Orange Walk police take illegal nine-millimeter off the streets
Orange Walk Police have found an unlicensed nine-millimeter pistol but no arrest was made. Police report that about 11:00 on the night of March 11th, officers searched an empty lot located on Savannah Street in Orange Walk Town. There they found a black plastic bag containing a […]

Orange Walk man escapes kidnapping attempt
Police are investigating what they have described as an attempted kidnapping in Orange Walk. Police say that they received information at around 12:30 Monday morning that a Belizean contractor of San Estevan Village in the Orange Walk District had been kidnapped in San Pablo Village. A search was […]

Why Belizeans should care if Trump becomes the US president
Most Belizeans don’t pay much attention to American politics but are familiar enough with it to recognize names like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and of course Donald Trump. For the most part, Belizeans here at home aren’t concerned with US politics; hell, they’re hardly […]

Three detained for fatal Sunday morning shooting in city
Three persons have been detained by police in connection with a Sunday morning shooting in Belize City that took the life of 34-year-old Tanika Lemoth and injured three other persons who were inside a taxi on Fabers Road. Police arrived in front of St. […]

Belize City and San Pedro Police seize over 80 pounds of cannabis
Over the weekend, police in San Pedro and Belize City conducted operations which netted a total of 84.85 pounds of cannabis that was all deposited as “found property”. On Friday morning around 6:15 in an area behind Belize City’s Supreme Court building, police were […]

Second phase of IDB-sponsored Sustainable Tourism Program focuses on emerging destinations
Belize has officially launched the second phase of the Sustainable Tourism Program, focusing on emerging destinations and funded by a 30 million Belize dollar loan from the Inter-American Development Bank secured last October and executed in January. Whereas the first phase of the Program […]

Salvadoran National busted with illegal shotgun and ammunition
A Salvadoran national was arrested by Dangriga Police on Friday morning after information was received that four persons were hunting and fishing in the Cockscomb Basin Natural Reserve. Police officers, Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldiers and rangers conducted a patrol in the area around […]

Early morning traffic accident kills one in Toledo, leaves several injured
Details of a fatal traffic accident on the outskirts of Punta Gorda (PG) Town last night are still sketchy but it has been confirmed that several persons were injured, including police officers who were conducting searches on two individuals when the incident occurred. It […]

BDF FC, Bandits and Police FC emerge victorious in weekend PLB matches
On Saturday night inside the Michael Ashcroft stadium the hosting team, Placencia Assasins, lost against BDF FC. Harrison Tasher, Paul Nunez and Osmar Duran scored for BDF and Mario Villanueva scored the only goal for the Placencia Assassins. Then at the FFB Stadium, the […]

Fair and warm weather prevails
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and partly cloudy skies tonight with little or no rainfall. Winds will be blowing from the East-Southeast at 10-20 knots and the sea state will be moderate. High temperatures today are expected […]


7 Best San Pedro Belize Restaurants to try today!
San Pedro, Belize is brimming with culinary delights of all varieties, here are the 7 best places to experience them in! 1. Elvi’s: This iconic San Pedro restaurant has been filling stomachs of happy patrons for 20 years when it began as a burger aisle. Founded by Elvia Staines for whom it is named after is a must visit restaurant in San Pedro. 2. Wild Mangoes: This funky island favourite has been serving up creative, and innovative dishes for years. The small, cozy beachfront restaurant only takes a few reservations leaving the majority of its open-air deck for walk-ins off the beach and with one of the best lunch menus around it is always busy with patrons ordering a wide variety of dishes from Chef Amy Knox’s robust menu. 3. Blue Water Grill: The Blue Water Grill considered an island staple on the San Pedro culinary scene is always lively with a mix of locals, and tourists. Famed for its popular Sushi Tuesday and Thursday they serve up a wide variety of dishes to suit all palettes. 4. Casa Picasso: Casa Picasso as its motto states “Dine Artfully” is another famed local favourite and is a major stop along the San Pedro culinary scene. With its chic décor, delicious menu, friendly staff and, of course, its famous Tasting Thursday it’s not hard to see why they retain the title as one of Ambergris Caye’s top restaurants. With the menu updated consistently, there is always something good to try at Casa Picasso. 5. Finn and Martini: The new kid on the block Finn and Martini has already made waves since its recent opening. Belize’s first Martini house the restaurant and bar is owned by well-known local personality Findley K Halliday. Finn who designed the entire restaurant down to the artwork which he painted himself is the brain behind the operation. Finn has 10 years’ experience in the restaurant industry previously running one of the best lounges on the island. 6. El Fogon: Local favourite El Fogon is famed for lunch especially among locals, usually running out of food after lunch because of its popularity the restaurant excels in local foods made the traditional Belizean way. Their rice and beans is some of the best you can get in Belize, with a rotating lunch menu every day is different serving mestizo favorites such as Escabeche (Onion, chicken soup) or Chimople/Relleno (check out our recipe). 7. Palmilla at Victoria House: The Palmilla restaurant has one of the best reputations on the island and in the country for its high-quality food and excellent setting. Popular among romantics and for special occasions the restaurant exudes elegance with its cloth napkins, and crystal glasses, your choice of seating either indoor in the classic candlelit dining room or outdoor under the stars of the veranda you can’t go wrong.

Relax and unwind at Xanadu Island Resort Belize
When I say Vacation Photography I always smile.. because I know what my clients hope to get and my goal is to exceed their expectations. I LOVE photographing normal looking families and give them the best photos they ever had and Xanadu Island resort is just perfect for this!


Coconut Fudge
Grease a baking sheet with at least a 1/2 inch edge with a little butter or margarine. In a saucepan mix coconut, condensed milk and sugar. Place on stove over heat and stir well. Cook the mixture stirring regularly with a wooden spoon. Add butter or margarine and stir in then add vanilla essence and mix well. When mixture thickens and can fall from the spoon and can lift from the pot, remove from heat. Pour into greased pan and let cool. Cut into squares as seen in picture

Dulce de Leche
Mix milk and sugar in a pot. Heat the milk and sugar and boil until mixture thickens and add the butter and vanilla essence. Mix well. When a color is brown and mixture is thick remove from heat. Pour onto a baking sheet that is coated with butter or margarine. When cold, cut into squares.

Easter photos at Sagebrush Belize Campus!
Is that time of year again, when I decide to do something for someone. This year, we had less people, but honest to be, I felt it just perfect! After our shoot, I did offer one session to a single mom and her beautiful daughter. :) Enjoy and feel free to save your photo and use it on social media. - See more at:

International Sourcesizz

Cruise Tourists Attacked in Belize
A couple of days ago, we posted an article about cruise passengers who were robbed while visiting the Altun Ha Maya ruins site in Belize. During this incident, two cruise passengers were reportedly robbed of a gold necklace and $450 in cash by two men, one with a machete and one with a handgun. A local television station said that "the tourism police officers were lax in carrying out their duties. When the last tourist bus left, so did the tourism police, although the site had not been closed." But the Ministry of Culture later issued a press release saying "there was adequate police and security presence at the Archeological Site." Today, we were notified by a passenger, wishing to stay anonymous, who visited Belize City on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Vision of the Seas, and told us that her husband had been physically assaulted and battered in an apparent robbery attempt on March 8th after their cruise ship docked at the Tourism Village. She indicated that after a ten minute walk from the port on Gabourel Lane, she and her husband ate luch and began to return to the ship. A local man "came up from behind with a rifle and said he was going to kill us if he did not get my bag." Here is her account:

Thirteen Maya villagers will be standing trial in Belize on March 30th, 2016, under fabricated charges. Like many Indigenous leaders fighting to protect their lands, they are being criminalized for these actions, and may face prison time. On the early morning of June 24th, 2015, traditional leaders of the Maya people of Southern Belize were violently awoken in their homes by police. Charges were brought against 13 people, including 10 farmers, two traditional Maya leaders, and Q’eqchi community spokesperson Cristina Coc, advisor to the traditional leaders and mother of two. The Maya leaders’ alleged crime relates to the defense of the Uxbenka archaeological site, a sacred site to the Maya people, located within traditional lands titled to the Maya people under national and international laws. The disputed conflict arose after Mr. Rupert Myles, a Belizean citizen, illegally constructing a house on the grounds of the ancient temple against the advise of the community. According to the Maya community members, the Belize authorities failed to respond to their call to stop Mr. Myles from doing further harm to the site. The community explained that Mr. Myles was invited to a community meeting to resolve the conflict where he became unruly and village police detained him. However, Myles later accused the Mayas of physically assaulting him at the community meeting, a claim the Maya leaders strongly deny.

Ma visits ROC diplomatic allies Guatemala, Belize
President Ma Ying-jeou touched down March 14 in Guatemala, the first leg of a seven-day Central America tour including another ROC diplomatic ally Belize and transit stops in the U.S. cities of Houston and Los Angeles. Ma, who was warmly received by new Guatemala President James Ernesto Morales Cabrera, is heading a delegation of around 80 senior government officials, legislators and business representatives. While in country he will hold talks with Jose Antonio Alvarado, president of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), and address the Guatemala City-based institution. After arriving in Belize March 17, Ma is to meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, as well as the leaders of ROC Caribbean diplomatic allies St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris, St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Living Overseas: Are Politics Driving You Crazy ... And Maybe Out?
We recently read that, come November, Americans who are unhappy about the result of the upcoming presidential election will be welcomed to move to Canada's Cape Breton. It doesn't really matter which party wins the election, some of you ... many of you, in fact ... will be unhappy that your candidate did not win. And quite possibly you'll start looking in earnest for an escape hatch. Should you want to live on an island (like Cape Breton but in a more climate-friendly latitude) you might consider Belize's Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker; or Mexico's Isla Mujeres or Cozumel; or one of Panama's many idyllic little islands; or even a big island like the Dominican Republic. You'll never need a snow shovel in any of these places. (A broom to sweep the sand from your sidewalk is more likely.) You can swim ... snorkel ... fish ... or sit outside and watch the local kids play in the surf ... every day of the year if you like. A bathing suit and a pair of flip flops is about all you'll need.

Noticias de Interés
Guatemalans say putting their troops on Belizean soil is justified until they hear otherwise from the ICJ. El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores con relación al comunicado de Prensa emitido por la Oficina de Prensa del Gobierno de Belice con de fecha 13 de marzo de 2016, en el que se hace mención a un incidente ocurrido en la tarde del día sábado 12 de marzo en la desembocadura del río Sarstún, hace saber: • El día viernes 11 de marzo, una embarcación de las Fuerzas de Defensa de Belice, sin seguir el protocolo de seguridad que habitualmente se utiliza en el río Sarstún (statu quo), ingresó en aguas interiores de Guatemala en el río mencionado y navegó por la ribera sur del mismo. • El día sábado 12 de marzo se estableció contacto radial con la embarcación de las Fuerzas de Defensa de Belice, para indicar a los tripulantes que debían seguir los protocolos de seguridad habitualmente utilizados en el río Sarstún (statu quo), y se les informó que en su travesía, habían cortado un trasmallo propiedad de un ciudadano guatemalteco residente de la localidad, comunicación que fue respondida con insultos por parte de los tripulantes de la nave beliceña.


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  • Belize 2016 Turneffe, 24min. Roy Elvis (you can message him on FB) - He is the absolute BEST Dive Master - not to mention, my friend! Met him six years ago in Belize and dive with him every trip there! Thanks Roy for an amazing trip, AGAIN!

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  • Belize Lacrosse, 4min. Global Service Partnerships is partnering with the Boise State Lacrosse staff to bring the game of Lacrosse to the youth of Belize.

  • Till di Sun Come Up -Ernestine Carballo, 3min. Artist: Ernestine Carballo Label: True Belizean Records Producer: Kendoyl Simpson

  • Follow the Mertz' GoPro through Belize!, 7min. Hugging sharks, snorkeling, paddle boarding and lobster-diving. Bumping down jungle tracks and exploring Mayan ruins. All this and more, with the Mertz family!

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  • Mission Field Memories: Belize 2016, 45min. Go along with two mission teams from Longview Heights Baptist Church as they work at Belize Christian Academy and Marla's House of Hope in Belmopan Belize.

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  • GoPro Video--Belize 2016, 6.5min. I had the chance to study abroad for January term in Belize, Central America. This is a GoPro video about the trip!

  • The Beer Diaries World Tour: Belize - Intro to Belize, 10min. The Beer Diaries is proud to present The Beer Diaries World Tour: Belize, a series dedicated to using beer as an introduction to history, culture and the geo-political state around the world. In this episode we meet Mike Mann, Creative Director of The Beer Diaries and his team that will document and explore the unique beer scene of Belize. In addition, Mike establishes a foundation of the trip ahead with a synopsis of events that makes this country one of the most dynamic places in the Western Hemisphere.

  • HARVESTING PEANUTS IN BELIZE... Featuring Young Farmers of San Antonio Village, 26min. The video takes us through the steps of Harvesting Peanuts live and direct with the Young Farmers of Belize.... ENJOY!

  • MARION JONES: PRIDE OF BELIZE!, 1.5min. A special tribute to one of Belize's most outstanding female athletes, Marion Jones. How spectacular it was, a moment of pride and triumph for all Belizeans at home and abroad the day she visited Belize, and empowered thousands of Belizean young people to live out their dreams in sports. We appreciate and love you always Marion Jones.

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