DJ Khaled’s fountain of wisdom has inspired nations — specifically, the small Central American nation of Belize.

As tribute to the multi-hyphenate artist’s sage legacy, Belize — which hugs the Caribbean coast just south of Mexico's Yucatan — has officially named one of its 200-plus, low-elevation islands “Major Caye.” The name is a play on Khaled’s “major keys,” the wise one-liners he preaches to his Snapchat followers.

The Belize Tourism Board is reportedly offering Khaled a free vacation to the idyllic venue, which promises “amazing vibes,” cozy hammocks and free jet ski tours. Here’s hoping that Khaled doesn’t get lost if he opts to take another one.

His appetite for success is insatiable, and his people skills are impeccable. So, when we learned today that the country of Belize named an island in Khaled's honor, we can't say we were shocked.

OK, maybe a little. But you can't rule anything out when it comes to DJ Khaled.

Belize named Khaled's island Major Caye (pronounced Major Key) in honor of Khaled's most famous catch phrase. Belize even invited Khaled to the island for some hammock talk and Jet Skiing.

Major Caye is one of more than 200 of Belize's many cayes (which is just another word for a small island), and we sincerely hope they rename all 200 of them after DJ Khaled slogans. The Belize Tourism Board was apparently inspired to reach out to Khaled after he broadcast over Snapchat that he was in desperate need of a vacation.

Khaled has yet to respond on social media.