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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Traffic Solutions
Solutions to help San Pedro’s Traffic problem. Everyone who owns a vehicle should keep that vehicle in the best working condition possible, both for safety and reliability. 1 – All motorized vehicles must be licensed and insured (This includes heavy equipment) 2 – Everyone driving on the roads must abide by the laws set out in the Road Traffic act of Belize. 3 – Drivers should be more considerate of other road users, not drive like they own the road. 4 – Aggressive driving should not be tolerated. If the people of San Pedro are serious about helping reduce the complaints about our traffic, they are the ones that have to change; one only has to stand on the side of any street and watch how people are driving. The way people drive here would not be tolerated anywhere else in Belize, they drive too fast and have no consideration for anyone else including pedestrians; it is only by chance that someone has not been killed. You can see the arrogance of some drivers as they bully their way through traffic, overtaking dangerously just to get one vehicle ahead. The island is small no one has miles to travel to get to work or school, so why do they feel it is necessary to drive so aggressively and dangerously to go just a short distance. I have driven in many countries as a professional driver and have never seen driving as bad as the drivers here on San Pedro.

Wolfe’s Woofer: An Old Man’s Prayer
“How are you doing today?” I asked Charlie, when he arrived. “Don’t ask,” he replied. “It’s been one of those days so far and it’s barely lunchtime. There’s no telling how bad it can get before the day is over.” We had met up at Bella Italia Restaurant for our weekly meeting. This is the meeting where we solve the world’s problems and bitch about everything. “Hello, Mr. Charles,” Ali said. “The usual? Two beers and a glass of ice?” “Thank you, sir,” Charlie said, when he brought his beer. “The world already looks a little better. If I have six of these I’ll be like that song where it says, “I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

Police Report
Found Drugs: On Friday, March 18th at around 8:29PM, San Pedro Quick Response Team personnel’s conducted a search in an empty lot located in the Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town, which led to a black plastic bag in a garbage pile containing green leafy vegetable substance suspected to be Cannabis, amounting to 70.4 grams. The suspected drug was transported to the San Pedro Police station where it was labelled and deposited as found property.
Found Firearm: On Monday, March 21st the San Pedro Police responded to a report of a fight in the Boca Del Rio Park Area. Upon arriving at location two young men, one of Creole descent and one of Hispanic descent, who were involved in said fight, ran over the Boca Del Rio Bridge and managed to escape police apprehension. Upon searching the immediate area where one of the male persons were last seen with what appeared to be a firearm, police discovered a chrome 380 pistol with black handle, Walther Brand, serial number unknown, with a magazine containing three 380 Auto rounds. The firearm and ammunition was taken to the station and was labelled found property.
Drug Trafficking: On Tuesday, March 22nd around 6:15PM acting on information received San Pedro QRT Personnel’s conducted search on 24-year-old Jovanie, Belizean Construction Worker of Bayside Area, San Pedro Town who was carrying a red gift bag in his hand leaving the Tropic Air Cargo Section which is located on Sea Star Street, San Pedro Town. Search conducted inside the red gift bag led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag containing green leafy vegetable like substance suspected to be Cannabis, amounting to 61.2 grams. He was formally arrested and charged for Drugs Trafficking.

Doctor Love: The In-law and Apalled
Dear Doctor Love, I have been married for less than two years. Every year at Easter my mother-in-law gather’s her family together and they have Easter dinner like other families do at Christmas and Thanksgiving. We live a long way from my mother-in-law. All of my husband’s three brothers and his sister live in Punta Gorda. For them it is only a short drive or even a walk to their mom’s house. We live in San Pedro and for us it is a sacrifice to go and it costs a lot of money. We have to catch a boat to Belize and then a bus to PG while traveling with a one year-old child. We have to stay there overnight and make the trip back the next day. My husband’s mom and her children are very nice people and I do not want to hurt their feelings. It’s too late for this Easter but what can I do for next year and the future? /s/ The In-law

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

10th annual San Pedro Lobster Festival
The 10th annual San Pedro Lobster Festival kicking off on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016! Voted #1 Festival in Belize! The San Pedro Lobster Festival is an annual event that celebrates the reopening of lobster season in Belize. The first festival was held in 2007 with a week of nightly events leading up to one epic block party. Over the past 10 years the festival has evolved into a 10 day festival filled with over 20 great activities and incredible lobster themed foods! Mark your calendars now to join us for this year’s festival! The activities kick off on June 15th with the opening party. There will be daytime and night time events leading up to the Lobster Fest Central Park Block Party on Saturday, June 25th, featuring the musical talents of the Pannerifix Steel Band!

Dog needs home, Caye Caulker
It is with a heavy heart that I must ask for urgent help. Bwian, the dog we rescued a few weeks ago needs a good home within the next 2-3 days. I unfortunately cannot keep him and due to prior commitments have run out of time. Bwian, we believe, is just over a year old and was neutered last week. He's an adorable dog and needs someone to adopt and love him. Please find it in your heart to take him or ask around if anyone you know would like him. Please contact myself, my sister or the humane society.

Holy Saturday Cross Country 2016
Kenny Lamb got some great pictures while the cyclists were in Cayo. "Men's cycling race in Belize of a 140 miles. Starts in the Old Capital to San Ignacio and return, its the 88th edition."

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of March 20th – March 26th, 2016
Another great permit week with with tarpon fishing coming on during the full moon ( which is against conventional wisdom). Matt started his stay out with an over the top day with a grand slam on Saturday, despite 20 mph easterly windy Mr. Matt inspired the crowd with his first grand slam ever! Tom had a soft slam! (A permit tarpon and bonefish all in one trip)

The Reporter

BDF sergeant shot by Guatemalans in Chiquibul
A Belize Defense Force (BDF) sergeant is currently receiving medical attention at the Western Regional Hospital (WRH) after he was shot during a confrontation with Guatemalan intruders in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. The incident, this newspaper understands, occurred on Holy Saturday afternoon while Sergeant Richard Lambey was on patrol in the Caracol area, a “hotspot” known for frequent incursions by Guatemalans. Sergeant Lambey was shot during a crossfire with a group of Guatemalans and required air transportation out of the reserve. The matter is currently under investigation at the Ministry of Mational Security and the Foreign Affairs levels.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Easter weekend violent in Belize City: two shootings, stabbing reported; one fatality
Two separate incidents of violence in the Old Capital have been reported up to this morning. There was a fatal shooting reported in Belize City on Saturday night. The incident took place somewhere behind the Charles Bartlett Hyde Administration Building, in the same area as a shooting reported hours earlier. Police have yet to respond to our request for information. We are also told that there was a stabbing incident on Water Lane in Belize City this morning. The victim has been identified but police have issued no statements and we will therefore withhold his name for the time being.

Do social service organizations support curfew?
We have been reporting on the Police’s efforts to keep youths out of danger and off the streets by means of a check-up program which has been referred to as a curfew. On Wednesday during his Meet and Greet tour on Fabers’ Road, reporters asked Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams about reports that not all social service organizations are supportive of the move. Williams said he knew of no such report, but expected that the matter would be resolved at a meeting to be held after the Easter break. However, Williams touted his community support for the curfew as expressed on Facebook.

The best will not come this year
The budget debate has come and gone and United Democratic Party (UDP) supporters, after wiping the brown from their noses, have hailed it as a wonder budget; while People’s United Party (PUP) supporters, with vicious snarls on their faces, have condemned it as perhaps the country’s worst yet. So what’s what? Who’s right? Because UDP sympathizers no doubt believe Belize is “stable in a time of change” and PUP supporters believe the country is going through a “recession”. So again, who’s being honest? Well, neither. Big surprise, right? The economy is indeed struggling and prospects for the future don’t seem much brighter outside of tourism, but the country isn’t yet at the point of total economic collapse, nor are we currently facing a recession.


You are wrong, Jeffrey. Travel makes you a better person.
Let us pause for a moment and allow a wave of compassion wash over us for Jeffrey Grey. The self-defined millennial recently wrote a piece for the blog “Thought Catalog” titled, “Why Your Obsession with Travel Means You’re Living a Mediocre Life.” I’m sure we can all deduce what we need to know about Jeffrey from the title, and it is puzzling and sad, but let’s hear some more from the author: “The truth is that my generation has been completely brainwashed by bullshit #millennial propaganda. Cute little listicles featuring chic pictures of young sexy people standing on the edge of waterfalls, that tell our generation that life is only worth living if we ‘travel.’ Instagram travelers who ~perfectly~ filter every single picture they’ve taken while exploring Europe on daddy’s dime. “Do you want to know what I believe, honestly? The only people who want to travel incessantly are people who have, or want, completely mediocre lives.” I will concede one point to Jeffrey: Some globetrotters can be annoyingly shallow reporters. I’ve had enough of fascinating pictures posted to Instagram or Facebook that are entirely void of context. And I’ll say the same for selfies. Your face in the foreground does not enhance your pictures of the Bujang Valley temple ruins or the Baatara Gorge waterfalls.

International Sourcesizz

Heidelberg students study biology in Belize
For their spring break in mid-March, nine Heidelberg University students accompanied Dr. Amy Berger on her Caribbean biogeography course to the Tropical Research and Education Center on Ambergris Caye, Belize. I tagged along, and I thought you might enjoy reading a few snippets from the blog they kept during the eight-day trip. “Today was our first diving day, so we practiced in the pool then walked to the dock carrying our snorkel gear, like a flock of happy chickens...Our first snorkel location was Tres Cocos, which was located just inside the breaking waves (of the barrier reef) and was pretty turbulent. The corals here were HUGE and some even reached the surface or close to it, so it was difficult to navigate. We saw blue tang, blue-headed wrasse, a stoplight parrotfish and long-spined sea urchin here.” — Sarah Miller “I held a sea biscuit! (Look it up!) Biology is so cool! The breathtaking feeling of a stingray swimming not even five feet below you is something I won’t ever forget. Or the taste of a mouthful of salt water. Gross. Oh! — and a barracuda swam about two feet from my face! Come to find out, they’re curious animals. We also saw some squid change colors in front of our eyes!” — Sarah Parker

Caribbean economies continue to face growth challenges in 2016
As Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow welcomed Caribbean Community leaders to his English-speaking Central-American nation last month, there was one topic that he couldn’t ignore. “There has been a failure of the world economy to recover properly from the shock of the financial crisis,” Barrow said, touching on an all-too-familiar concern among leaders of the 15-member regional bloc known as Caricom. “That failure, for the majority of us in Caricom, has meant slow growth, increasing difficulties with our public finances, and tremendous strains on our capacity to satisfy the life-improvement aspirations of our people.” Indeed, the decline in global economic growth from 3.4 percent in 2014 to 3.1 percent last year provided for a difficult economic year for the region’s economies, the Caribbean Development Bank said. Still tourism in the region set new arrival and spending records. Indeed, the decline in global economic growth from 3.4 percent in 2014 to 3.1 percent last year provided for a difficult economic year for the region’s economies, the Caribbean Development Bank said. Still tourism in the region set new arrival and spending records.

For Expats Living in Mexico and Central America, Safety Is Not a Big Concern
The thought of living in certain places in Mexico or Central America can be alluring: fabulous beaches, colonial cities, inexpensive, quality healthcare, a slower pace and much lower cost of living. But some people think mistakenly that it isn't safe. To determine how safe it is for expats in places like Panama, Nicaragua, Belize and Mexico, Best Places In The World to Retire asked some of its more than 500 contributors to weigh in. They said that petty crime can be a problem, although that's no different than in the U.S. They also said that more serious crime is not nearly as rampant as the media indicates, although it's important to avoid certain areas. That's also no different than in the U.S. Overall, the expats said that they felt safe in their communities.


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