A 52-year-old Canadian fire fighter visited Belize early in March, and like many visitors to the jewel, he took advantage of the country’s great diving spots. Despite a perfect start on his diving trip, something went terribly wrong near the end. As a result he was admitted in grave condition at the Sub-Aquatics of Belize Ltd. in San Pedro for hyperbaric medical treatment.

According to the medical staff at the hyperbaric chamber, the patient complained of pain, nausea, vomiting, severe vertigo, skin rash, and difficulty in standing. The well trained personnel at the facility rapidly diagnosed him to be suffering from Decompression Illness.

After been diagnosed by dive physician Doctor Giovanni Solorzano, he was prescribed with a United States Navy Treatment Table 6 (USNTT), which is considered the standard of care for the treatment of decompression illness. It is also the standard protocol to follow on all cases. The treatment was very efficient and almost immediately the patient improved.

While the diver was recovering, Dr. Solorzano did a neurological examination throughout the entire treatment that gradually led to his total recovery. As the improvement in his condition was notable, his treatment was lowered to USNTT 5.

Eventually, after a few days in treatment, he was given prophylactic treatments, in order to prevent the illness from occurring again. This was followed by a treatment of USNTT 9, which takes care of residual symptoms after the decompression treatments.

Albeño added that this is just another successful case with complete resolution that their well -experienced hyperbaric team on the island and in Belize has solved in a satisfactory manner. “This is another happy story from the many we’ve had since we started providing hyperbaric treatment in 1989,” he stated.

The Hyperbaric Chamber in San Pedro is located right across the San Pedro Airstrip opposite Maya Island Air. For any diving related illnesses and emergencies you can contact them at telephone number (501) 226-2852, 226-3195 or email them at [email protected]

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