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Today's Belize News: April 13, 2016 #513041
04/13/16 05:42 AM
04/13/16 05:42 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Ambergris Today

Belize Takes Steps Towards Online E-Government
The Belize Fisheries Department and Belize Forest Department announced the launch of the Belize Electronic License and Permit System (BELAPS) on April 6, 2016. This means that fishermen or loggers can now sign up to apply for their license online. This is being provided under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, with support from the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), and in partnership with Central Information Technology Office (CITO).

Is Zika Already in Belize? Health Officials Monitor Situation
The Ministry of Health this past weekend conducted a field investigation based on the reported case of Zika by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and based on the provisional data they provided. The field investigation revealed two local potential cases, one in the Stann Creek District and the other in the Toledo District. A person of interest was also identified from the Cayo District. Samples were taken from the persons in the southern districts and will be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) today, Tuesday, April 12, 2016, for testing. CARPHA is Belize’s Regional Referral Laboratory in Trinidad. On April 6, 2016, Ministry of Health officials received a communication message from the United States International Health Regulations National Focal Point regarding a confirmed case of Zika detected in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the transmission may have originated in Belize. The CDC reported that, “The patient is an adult female resident who travelled to Belize from 14 -19 March 2016. She had onset of fever and rash on 23 March, 2016. Zika virus RT-PCR was positive on serum at the health department of the state. The patient reported no other recent travel history and there was no evidence of possible sexual transmission.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BHA at the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show
Last weekend, April 9 and 10, The Belize Hotel Association, was in Ottawa, Canada, at the 22nd Annual Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show which was held at the Shaw Centre (formerly known as the Ottawa Convention Center) The show was an immense success and the Belize Hotel Association booth was visited by over 500 attendees who were very interested in finding vacation packages and hotel and tour packages to Belize. Before the end of the day, emails were already coming in to the BHA from visitors to the booth who were planning their next vacation in Belize. Also in attendance, were two major Canadian Tour operators who are currently selling Belize hotel and expedition packages, but wanted to broaden their market, to include more hotels and tour options to offer to their clients. The Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show was attended by over 14, 000 visitors, and more than 200 exhibitors from around the world! Board Director Ted Tejada and Marketing Director Tessie Duran Tonaco represented the Belize Hotel Association at the show.

On Friday, April 8th 2016, the Corozal Junior College (CJC) held its annual Business Expo where 31 companies from the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts displayed information on their products ranging from candles, food and drinks, arts and crafts, agricultural services and many others. BELTRAIDE was among those exhibiting companies and its booth showcased numerous brochures on the work of its various units. A central feature of the booth was a video presentation on the work carried out by Beltraide’s four technical units: BelizeINVEST, EXPORTBelize, SBDCBelize and BTEC. Prospective young entrepreneurs visiting the booth obtained information on how to establish a business and where to get assistance to create their market and business plans. In addition, all visitors to the booth received a copy of Invest Belize Magazine, a BELTRAIDE publication aimed at keeping the business community informed on current events.

Power interruption 8:00am to 1:00pm Friday, April 15, Cayo District
Area along George Price Highway in San Ignacio Town between Kontiki & Santa Elena, entire Santa Elena, Cristo Rey, San Antonio, Santa Cruz, Red Creek, Esperanza, Baking Pot Rd, Billy White and Duck Run 1 & 2. Two 15-minute power interruptions 8:00am to 8:15am & 12:45pm to 1:00pm will also affect Central Farm, Georgeville & Unitedville. BEL to replace insulators, epoxilators & cement poles, re-tension high tension conductor, install gang switch, relocate utility poles and conduct line clearing in the area.

Education Month Theme Competition
The Ministry of Education is having a theme competition for Education Month. You could win $500! "The Education Month Planning Committee invites students, teachers and the general public to submit themes for Education Month 2016. The focus of this year’s theme is "LITERACY - the ability to read and write." CASH PRIZE: $500.00!!!!!

I Rave Music Festival
The I Rave Music Festival is the Saturday, at Thirsty Thursdays. D!rty Jok3s will be there!!! They'll have the full rave lighting too. These are the real DJ's of Belize. "The first annual I-RaVE Music Festival! Bringing it for the first time in Belize. A full blown EDM experience For all the edmaholics. This epic! Be there! Music by deejays that love the genre as much as you do! Sponsored by smart, fiesta fm, dcatch and red square vodka. All happening inside thirsty thursdays san ignacio"

Get to know the Hol Chan staff
Mr. Eldgar Badillo (left) and Mr. Javier Bardalez (right) are valuable members of the technical arm of Hol Chan that is responsible for biodiversity monitoring and enforcement. Hol Chan thanks them for their hard work and dedication.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Los Salones Conservation Area
No longer just reef but so much more. BIRDS!!! Los Salones Conservation area is a beautiful part of the Hol Chan that few ever get to see. Here are some pictures to let everyone know that the western portion of Ambergris Caye also has a lot to offer.

Crooked Tree Village Bird & Fish Festival
April 16, 10am - 6pm. Live steel pan entertainment.

Channel 7

Bze-Guat Diplomats Search For A Sarstoon Solution
Things have been heating up on the Sarstoon - but, while that southern flashpoint simmers, diplomats from both Belize and Guatemala have been trying to take the hostility down a few notches in bi-lateral talks. Those talks happened last week Friday in Benque Viejo Town, at the OAS Adjacency Zone Office. High ranking Political, Diplomatic and military leaders of both sides engaged in frank discussions on how to defuse tensions in the Sarstoon area. This evening in Belmopan, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington, Ambassador Assad Shoman, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a press conference to update the nation on what exactly came out of those meetings.

Proposals For Peace On The Sarstoon
So, as you heard, the Belize delegation has come up with a draft protocol specifically tailored to the Sarstoon which, if is approved by Guatemala, should significantly improve both civilian and military interactions in the Sarstoon River. That could mean that, hypothetically, SATIIM, the BDF and possibly even the Belize Territorial Volunteers could enter the Sarstoon with no resistance from the Guatemalan military. The Guatemalan delegation which attended last Friday's meeting has agreed to take it back to their principals for discussion, so the approval is still pending. At today's press conference, Foreign Minister Elrington disclosed the proposals that Guatemala will respond to after consideration. Here they are in full detail:

An SUV Smashed Sara
A 21-year-old woman was knocked down and killed in Dangriga Town this morning. Reports are that at around 10:30, Sara Suchite was coming out of a taxi at a mile and a half on the Stann Creek Valley Road. Police say she dashed across the road, which is when an oncoming SUV driven by Elroy Coleman knocked her down. She was flung a distance and died on the spot from her injuries. Coleman is an ambulance driver for the Southern Regional Hospital. He had just left work in his personal vehicle. He has been served with a notice of intended prosecution. A urine sample was taken, but police say there were no indications that he had been drinking.

Police Still Looking For Cawich Bridge Killers
No one has been charged as yet for the murder of Maya Mopan resident Luis Ortiz. Police told us today that 2 of the 6 persons detained have been released and that they continue to investigate this case. As we told you, Luis Ortiz and another friend were hanging out at La Cabana and were about to leave at around 3 Sunday morning when another acquaintance asked for a ride - but 3 of his friends also jumped in the car. One of the 3 men told Ortiz to stop at the cemetery- that is when one of them hit Ortiz's friend over the head, dragged him out of the car, beat him up and threw him in the cemetery. He escaped but Ortiz couldn't because they took him to the riverside near Agripino Cawich Bridge in Camalote, bashed his head in and dumped him and his car in the river. His car and body were found after 11 on Sunday morning. Police still can't establish a motive but say they are looking into the matter closely.

Human Development Intervenes To Assist With Molestation of Cerebral Palsy Child
Police are making some progress in the Dangriga child abuse case. As we told you last night, a15 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy was sexually molested by her stepfather. The girl told her mother that whenever the babysitter would leave, her stepfather would touch her breast, vagina and buttocks. As we mentioned the police can't handle this case alone. They need help from a professional who can communicate with, understand and record a proper statement from the child. Well, they have found someone and will meet with that person on Thursday in Belize City. Human Development is also working along with the police in this case. We will give you an update on Friday as to what came out of that meeting and if police had enough information to detain the stepfather.

She Axed Dad's Head
It was a bloody Sunday in Sandhill for 84 year old Nicholas Ozaeta - after his own daughter chopped him in the head with axe. Lily Ozaeta, was locked down overnight and charged for aggravated assault with an axe and wounding. According to the police report, Ozaeta walked onto her father's veranda at 9:30 on Sunday morning, and the only thing he remembers is hearing a loud noise, and realizing that he had been hit in his head, which caused him to topple over his veranda railing and falling unconscious. When he woke up, he saw an axe lying on the ground beside him. Today in court, Lily Ozaeta pleaded guilty to wounding saying "Yes I did attack my father with an axe in the head causing a cut wound." She told Magistrate Carlon Mendoza, "I think everyone was taking my mother for a fool and I am the only one man enough to stand up for her".

The 19th is For Settlement, April 12 Is For Banishment To The Bay Islands
We all have November 19 marked on our calendars as Garifuna Settlement Day, a holiday set aside to celebrate all things Garifuna. But did you know that today, April 12, is also important to the Garinagu? The Garifuna scholars tell us that on this day 219 years ago, in 1797, the British rounded up just over 2000 ancestors of the Garifuna after they were defeated in the Second Carib War. They were then transported from their homeland of Saint Vincent, and then dumped on Roatan, Honduras, in a sort of exile. Those ancestors, left to fend for themselves in a foreign land, had to survive, and in the years immediately following that expulsion, started migrating to other parts of Central America, such as Nicaragua, Belize, and Guatemala. So, instead of commemorating it as the day they were forced out of their homes, they observe it as Survival Day, the time when those ancestors had to adapt to a new way of life.

NGC Considering Stirm's Apology
While we had the opportunity, we asked these Garifuna elders if they accept Pastor Scott Stirm's apology. 11 days ago, the National Evangelical Association of Belize called a press conference in which Stirm apologised, but members of the Garifuna community who back Stirm also declared their support for what he had to say about the revered Dugu ceremony. We got a reaction from the NGC today, and here's what they told us: Roy Cayetano, Advisor, National Garifuna Council: "If I may, my own thinking is that the gentleman is irrelevant. His marshaling Garifuna people to speak against their own people is evidence of a serious weakness in the socialization of our people and the schooling that our people get. Whoever reported to him was lying and he perpetuated the lies."

Bus Driver Charged For Cyclist's Death
A bus driver has been charged for knocking down and killing Hattieville resident Jason Robinson. The driver, Franco Audinett was charged with one count of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and drove motor vehicle without due care and attention. The incident happened on Friday March 18th between miles 16 and 17 on the Western Highway. Robinson was heading to Belize City on his bicycle when he was knocked down by a Shaw's Bus heading in the same direction. His body was mangled and pinned beneath the bus's front bumper. The driver claims he did not see Robinson and as soon as he did he swerved but it was too late. Robinson's family also maintains that he was way on the side of the road - out of traffic. Today in court, Audinett was granted bail of $5000 plus one surety which he met this evening. His next court date is set for June 10th.

Seine Byte Mother Pleads For Missing Daughter
A mother from Seine Bight village came to out studio this afternoon in distress- that's because her daughter has gone missing. She is 14 year old Drina Stevens, a second former at George Town Technical High School. The family says that the last time any of them saw her was last week Wednesday. Now with almost 7 days since her disappearance the family is desperate. Her mother recounted the last time she saw her daughter. Laverne Arzu, Mother: "Every morning I usually wake them up before I go to work. I woke her up that day and then I woke the rest of the children to go and check if she go to school. That day they saw her change up, pick up her bag and went off towards the bus. So they saw her going towards the bus, but they didn't see if she had gotten on the bus. They thought she was in the bus and that she went to school, but then afterwards when the bus came in the evening, my brother went and wait for the bus to see when she comes off. But apparently he didn't see her come off, so he walk home and asked me if she came home already. I told him that she didn't reach home as yet. He says that he came to check, because he thought I had overlooked her. I told him that she didn't reach."

Sixteen Shoulder To Shoulder With Saldivar
The UDP special convention for First Deputy Leader isn't happening until the last weekend in May, and even though John Saldivar and Patrick Faber are only fighting for the votes of about 300 delegates or so - judging by the war in mainstream and social media, you'd think this was a general election! John Saldivar today posted another major endorsement lineup on his Facebook page. 16 of the party's 31 standard bearers and representatives are seen supporting him, posted under the caption "maximum unity." The post says the picture was taken today in Belmopan and we note that it includes Gaspar Vega - the outgoing first Deputy who has been reluctant to show his hand in any party matters since he abruptly resigned two months ago. Notably Saldivar has 13 of the party's 19 elected representatives in his camp. But, according to the UDP's party whip, Michael Finnegan all those political stripes don't count for much more than 16 votes in a delegates race, where even he can't whip all his delegates into a single line:..

She Wrote The Book On Maya Medicine
Today saw the launch of the first ever book on Maya Herbal Medicine. It is a straightforward guide to all the medicinal secrets of the ancient Maya. It was authored by a well-known Maya cultural revivalist, Aurora Garcia Saqui. She launched the book today at the Image Factory in Belize City and Emanuel Pech was there to find out more. This assortment of herbal medicines were on display today at a local book launch. They are traditional Mayan remedies for diabetes, common cold, heart burn, skin rash and just about anything else you can think of. It is centuries of medicinal knowledge passed on through the generations are all encapsulated in this one book. The author Aurora Garcia Saqui, is definitely no stranger to Belize. In 2013 she launched her first book- which focused on traditional Mayan cuisine. She is also a well-known Maya craftswoman and slate carver. Now while Garcia has always had an enduring interest in keeping her culture alive, this piece on traditional Mayan medicine was particularly close to her heart because it was inspired by her late Great uncle.

No Easy Answers For OAS Adjacency
At the top of the news, we told you about the press conference that Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and Ambassador Assad Shoman hosted to discuss the Belize/Guatemala bilateral talks, which happened last week Friday. The main topic was the 11-point draft proposal that the Belize Delegation has proposed to diffuse tensions in the Sarstoon. But, they also discussed how they will raise the funds to keep the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone open. As we've reported, it costs 2.5 million US dollars per year to run the office - and the Group of Friendly Nations who pay the bills are getting antsy because, 8 years after the office opened, both sides are still at a stalemate. Elrington told us about the latest deliberations on the endangered OAS Adjacency Zone office:

TR Shine's Trip To Jazzfest May Be Cancelled Because He Was Rejected For Visa
Well-known Belizean artist Ivan "TR Shine" should be in the last phases of preparation for the biggest gig of his life: the New Orleans Jazzfest one week from now. After all, the headliners for that event include: Snoop Dogg, Flo-Rida, Lauryn Hill, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stevie Wonder. But the 2 time National Song Competition Champion might very well be missing one the greatest opportunities of his career. That's because his visa application was rejected by the US Embassy for a drug charge seven years ago. Now with only 10 days left for the start of the jazz festival TR Shine is appealing to the Government of Belize to somehow intervene. Ivan "TR Shine" Burgess, Belizean artist: "Basically the whole issue arise of a single charge that I had year ago upon applying for an American visa, a P3 Visa, which is an artist working Visa and I was denied the Visa. But the real reason for the interview would be that we are pleading for some format of diplomatic something from our government in order to have us attain this P3 Visa in order to go and work in the New Orleans Jazz Festival, which we have been selected to go and represent our country."

Karate Kids Made The Chet Challenge
5 kids from the House of Shotokan Karate Academy brought back 9 medals from the Martial Arts Championships in Chetumal. The Karate kids participated in a number of categories and garnered 2nd and 3rd place medals. Today we spoke to the Grand Master of the Academy and he told us what this win means to the Karate community. We also spoke to 2 of the winners about the fight challenge in Chet. Samara Vasquez won 2 medals in Women Karate forms and Kata. Hera Kumsal won a medal in the 6-7 year old children division. The winners from this tournament will now participate in another Karate competition in June in Cancun.

Channel 5

A First Look at Eleven-point Draft Bilateral Agreement on Sarstoon
High-level government and military officials from Belize and Guatemala met at O.A.S. headquarters in the adjacency zone to discuss rules of engagement in the Sarstoon last Friday. The draft rules [...]

Was Draft Agreement Well Received by Guatemalan Counterparts?
On the face of it, those proposals should be a tough sell considering Guatemala’s recently very aggressive position in the Sarstoon. At the highest levels of government in that republic, [...]

Ambassador Assad Shoman Says Nothing is Etched in Stone as Yet
Seasoned negotiator and expert in the field of Guatemala dispute, Ambassador Shoman, explained that nothing at this point is set in stone despite first perception. Still, he asserts that the [...]

Do Belizeans Need to Consult Guatemalan Army to Traverse Sarstoon River?
Since we had the experts in the room, News Five also asked about the mysterious current protocols governing the Sarstoon. We’re referring to those purported protocols which dictate that Belizean [...]

FCD Says Environs of Valentin Camp a Hotbed for Incursions
The official jury is still out on the shooting of B.D.F. Staff Sergeant Richard Lambey on Holy Saturday. There has been progress in the multiple subsequent investigations, enough for a [...]

Monitoring the Chiquibul Forest Remains a Challenge for B.D.F. and FCD Rangers
The Friends for Conservation and Development is responsible for the monitoring and management of the Chiquibul, an area roughly the size of Belize City. It’s a challenging task, to say [...]

A Call for B.D.F. to Increase Presence in Marijuana Growing Areas of Chiquibul
Illegal milpa farming may be the biggest challenge facing rangers in the Chiquibul, but the most dangerous one is drug cultivation which has been on the rise. Manzanero says that [...]

Do You Think Guatemalan Armed Forces Can Be Stopped in Exerting Sovereignty Over the Sarstoon?
And our question for tonight is: Do you think the Guatemalan Armed Forces can be stopped in exerting sovereignty over the Sarstoon? Send your comments and responses using your SMART [...]

Belizean Artists to Represent at 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Several Belizean artists and bands have been selected for an opportunity of a lifetime; to represent Belize in the 2016 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Popularly known as the [...]

TR Shine Denied Visa to Attend Upcoming Music Festival
The festival is set for next week and the Belizean artists are to head to New Orleans next Monday. But there’s a major hiccup because all members of TR’s band [...]

An Elderly Sand Hill Resident is Assaulted with Axe During Family Dispute
An elderly Sand Hill resident was hit on the head with an axe in a family dispute this past Sunday in the village. Eighty-four year old Nicholas Ozaeta Senior had [...]

Jack Charles Takes Employees to Court for Stealing Triple-A Batteries
Businessman Jitendra Chawla was in the headlines and in court earlier this year over rice importation. Today, Chawla took three employees to court for stealing from his store a pack [...]

No Charges In Weekend Murder of Luis Ortiz
There are still no charges being brought against six men who were detained for the murder of Maya Mopan resident, Luis Ortiz. Ortiz was killed on Sunday morning; his body [...]

Dangriga Police Investigate Allegation of Sex Crime Against Disabled Minor
Dangriga Police are currently awaiting the results of an evaluation to determine if a minor in that jurisdiction is able to provide a statement to them. The minor has cerebral [...]

219th Anniversary of Garifuna Survival
November nineteenth, is a national holiday celebrated as Garifuna Settlement Day. But today is Survival Day; it commemorates the anniversary of the arrival of the first group of Garifuna to [...]

NGC Responds to Comments on Garifuna Spirituality
The firestorm that erupted in the wake of inflammatory comments made by Pastor Scott Stirm about Garifuna spirituality has since died down.  However, the issue is very much alive within [...]

Should Garifuna Community Have Joined in on Indigenous Land Rights Claim?
The Maya land rights case over the entitlement of the indigenous community to occupy and use land communally in southern Belize remains before the high courts.  Despite a landmark ruling [...]

A Book on Mayan Herbal Medicine
Aurora Saqui is a versatile Mayan woman who has taken on numerous creative roles. Today, she donned her hat as a writer and released a book on herbal remedies following [...]

Belize Sign to be Launched in Fort George
A second Belize sign, similar to the multicolored monument prominently on display at the Seashore Children’s Park in Buttonwood Bay, will be inaugurated by the Belize City Council on Wednesday.  [...]

House of Shotokan Prevails in Weekend Karate Tournament
A group of five karatekas from the House of Shotokan Karate Academy headed to Chetumal over the weekend where they participated in an invitational martial arts tournament.  The event drew [...]

Where is 14-year-old Drina Stevens?
Where is fourteen year old Drina Stevens? That’s the question that her mother Lavern Arzu is asking as it’s been almost a week since the second form student of Georgetown [...]


Teacher Broaden Their Knowledge On The Belize/Guatemala Dispute
Some weeks ago more than a hundred Belizean teachers visited Belize’s southwestern border with Guatemala. During the trip the teachers got a chance to see some of the different cross-border issues at play between the neighboring Villages of Belize's Jalacte and Guatemala's Santa Cruz. Following this trip the Belize Teachers Union decided that as educators of this country they need to take a stand and learn more about the Belize – Guatemala territorial dispute and the possibility of taking this issue to the International Court of Justice-ICJ. As a way to inform and educate teachers on this national issue the Belize Teacher’s Union has organized a forum this coming Friday, where teachers from across the country will be given the opportunity to listen to the pros and cons of Belize going to the ICJ and later will be given the opportunity to cast an informed vote on the matter to determine the official stand of the BNTU. Today when we spoke to president of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz, he told us more about the objective of the event.

Is Gaspar Vega Backing Up John Saldivar?
On May 29th the United Democratic Party will hold it convention to elect a new First Deputy Leader after Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega left the seat vacant when he announced that he will no longer seek re-election at the next General Elections and did not want to continue as the First Deputy Leader of the party. Vega’s decision paved the way for John Saldivar and Patrick Faber who so far are the only two candidates who have launched their campaign for the position. Both men have been garnering support from fellow parliamentarians hoping that they can entice the delegates of their area to vote for them in the convention. So far nearly all UDP Ministers have indicated who they are siding with expected for the outgoing First Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega, who told the media the last time he was asked who he will support that he was yet to make a decision.

CJC Students Say No to Alcohol And Drugs
For this entire week Corozal Junior College will be celebrating Drug Awareness Week under the theme “Drugs are Bullies Don’t Let Them Destroy Your School Life”. Today the focus was on alcohol, the most commonly used addictive substance in the country. Two persons were invited to share their testimony with students and their experiences served as an eye opener to the future leaders of the country. Counselor Elvie Samos – Corozal Junior College: “Drugs is a problem for all of us, it is a problem in our society all over the world and drugs is everybody’s business you know if we are going to mold these young minds here at school then we need to make them aware of everything that is happening and that is why I decided to invite two persons that were on drugs and they shared their testimony with the students and to bring awareness for them that they can make better choices as a matter of fact there is a recent there was a recent research that was done by NDACC that sated that most of our teen drug users are between the ages of 14 and 16 so we need to bring this awareness to our students.”

Trial Farm Resident In Financial Need To Seek Treatment
On Easter Sunday eighteen year old Luis Fernando Lopez was assaulted on Mahogany Street in the village of Trial Farm while he was on his way home after shopping at a Chinese store. The incident played out at around 8:30 that night and as a result of the attack, Lopez was severely injured and was left abandoned inside a trench. Lopez was then transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital due to the grave condition that he was in. However, today we can tell you that the teenager remains in a critical state at this point in time and will be traveling to Chetumal tomorrow to seek medical attention. Earlier this morning we visited the victim’s mother, Laura Lopez, who spoke to us about her son’s condition and since she is unable to cover all the medical expenses, she took the opportunity to ask the public for assistance.

Will Guatemala Accept Belize's Proposal To Reduce Tension At The Sarstoon?
As we shared previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today held a briefing where it presented the 11 points of the draft proposal for a protocol in the Sarstoon area. The agreement should set down the operational guidelines for peace to be maintained between Belize and Guatemala until the territorial dispute is definitively resolved. The opposition’s representative in the Belize Guatemala talks, Ambassador Assad Shoman said that there are some encouraging signs for the acceptance of those protocols based on the bilateral meeting held in Benque last Friday: “Something that we learnt from the side for example were quite encouraging if true, because as you we can’t really trust anybody in this situation we are hoping that people will keep their word and so on we are hoping that truth prevails but we always have to be in our guards but the Foreign Minister of Guatemala did tell us that he has met with the 22 members of the Foreign Affairs committee of congress and that they have expressed support for sending the Protocol to amend the Special Agreement because as we know right...”


Teenager Killed in Road Traffic Incident
36-year-old Eleoy Coleman has been served with a notice of intended prosecution. This follows a fatal road traffic accident that occurred in Dangriga this morning. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story. HARRY ARZU “Police are investigating a fatal road traffic accident that occurred here this morning sometime around 10:40am around mile 1 and half on […]

Belize and Mexico Holds First Meeting Following MOU Signing
There is a negotiating group comprising of both Belizeans and Mexicans who are looking at how they can reach a bilateral agreement on trans-boundary hydrocarbon reservoirs. To simplify it, Belize and Mexico are looking to place a temporary moratorium on drilling and extraction activities for hydrocarbons. The two teams met yesterday for a first official […]

UNIBAM’s Assessments Ignored by Government Ministers
The Executive Director for the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, has prepared a document that serves as an assessment on Belize’s responsibility to its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. In that 28-page document is written with the aim of highlighting the context of LGBT rights in Belize and how they are being ignored when […]

Belize Presents Proposals to Guatemala Regarding Sarstoon
A briefing on the latest meeting between officials from Belize and Guatemala held last Friday at the OAS Adjacency Zone office was conducted today at the NEMO’s Conference Room in Belmopan. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Lawrence Sylvester, opened the session this evening just after four o’clock. Foreign Affairs Minister […]

Guatemalan Military Misinforms SATIIM; No New Protocol on the Sarstoon
On Wednesday, April 6 the Executive Director for SATIIM, Froyla Salam spoke to Love News on an incident in which they were met on the bank of the Sarstoon by the Guatemalan Military. Salam says that they were on a scheduled patrol when the Guatemalan Armed Forces approached them in an aggressive manner. A report […]

Communication Component on Climate Change Needs Strengthening
The efforts being made by various organizations including the Government of Belize and the investments being put into climate change adaptations have been countless. It is a phenomenon that is being attributed to the changes in weather worldwide and a major factor when it comes to marine life, agriculture and the environment. If not urgently […]

Re-Registration and Re-Districting on The Horizon
Since early 2015 several factions have been calling for a re-registration of voters and the subsequent re-districting of electoral divisions. The Vision Inspired by the People and the People’s United Party have demanded that such an exercise take place and the recommendation has come from the observer mission of the Organization of American States following […]

Don Eligio’s Niece Publishes Book on Maya Herbal Medicines
Aurora Garcia Saqui of Maya Centre Village is a well-known natural Mayan healer. Today, Saqui released her second book, this one focusing on Maya Herbal Medicines. Saqui is one the five “Garcia Sisters” who is said to have begun slate carving in Belize. We spoke to Saqui and she told us what inspired her to […]

2 of 3 Fishermen Arraigned for Undersized Conch
Two fishermen, Higinio Rivero and Juan Munoz, were charged with possession of market clean undersized conch when they appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. According to the allegation, Rivero had 40 undersized conch and Munoz had 90. They pled not guilty to the charge. They were each offered a self-bail of one thousand dollars but […]

Doc Speaks of Works in the Cayo North Division
Dr Omar Figueroa first came into political office in in January 2015 when a bi-election occurred in the Cayo North constituency. Upon his election to office, Prime Minister Dean Barrow awarded him with the post of Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development. Minister Figueroa has not been […]


Maya Mopan man murdered; body dumped in Belize River
A Belmopan resident of Maya Mopan was murdered on Sunday morning, his body thrown into the Belize River near Agripinno CAwich bridge, the bridge leading towards Valley of Peace. The victim was 39 year old Luis Ostuardo Ortiz , also known as “Chapin”. According to police, sometime after 3:00 a.m....

Prisoner escapes from police; family questions police account
A resident of Belmopan was detained on Friday for questioning in a rape investigation. The individual apparently escaped police custody and the family took the matter to Facebook after they say police harassed them and accused them of helping the individual to escape. The allegations on facebook in...

Ministry of Health still can’t confirm Zika case in Belize
Ministry of Health in Belize says it still cannot confirm there is a first local transmission case of Zika in Belize despite reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which indicated that an American most likely contracted the Zika Virus while on a trip to Belize. A statement issue...

Caribbean Investment Holdings limited refutes ”Panama Paper” claims
Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited (CIHL), the parent company of Belize Bank on Monday issued a press release to refute allegations made earlier this month by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the group which published the now infamous Panama papers. . The leak cov...

Aggravated Burglary in Camalote area
There are reports of a home invasion, legally known as “aggravated burglary”, which happened early Monday morning in the Camalote/Roaring Creek Area. We don’t have the details at this time, but neither do the police, who says the victims are too traumatized to give a clear account of what transpired...

Clayton White remanded for machete attack
There was a chopping incident reported in Belize City on Saturday morning which landed Douglas Flores, Jr., in hospital, and his alleged assailant, 45 year old Clayton White, behind bars. White is accused of attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm against Douglas Flores Jr.,...

Guatemalan racks up offenses in court
A Guatemalan shoe shiner from the San Martin area of Belmopan found himself in trouble with the law in Belize city after first being caught with crack cocaine and then trying to evade police. 32 year old Victor Sagastume is serving concurrent sentences amounting to ten months in prison on multiple c...

UDP set date for deputy leader convention
At a special meeting of its National Party Council, the United Democratic Party (UDP) set Sunday, May 29th, as the date for a convention to elect the first deputy party leader, who would replace the retiring Gaspar Vega. The convention will take place at the ITVET Grounds in Belize City. The party’s...

Child with cerebral palsy sexually molested by stepfather
A child with cerebral palsy was sexually molested by her stepfather. The mother of the child went to Stann Creek police to rAeport the matter, sayinSg that on March 31, when she got home from work, she looked at her daughter who has Cerebral Palsy and is unable to speak and walk and saw that the c... -->


Driver, 39, murdered by 3 passengers
Luis Ortiz, 39, a carpenter, was found dead in the Belize River by the police at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, April 10. Sergeant Marla Joseph, the Deputy Commander of Roaring Creek Police Station, told Amandala that they had received information at approximately 3:00 a.m., regarding a fight in front of the Roaring Creek Cemetery. Acting upon the information, Joseph said, they visited the area and found Jose Gonzalez, 40, suffering from injuries to his head and abrasions to the back. Gonzalez told police that he was socializing at La Cabana Nightclub with Ortiz and some other friends. Gonzalez later left the nightclub with Ortiz, who was supposedly giving another friend a ride to Teakettle. However, three other men jumped in the back seat of Ortiz’s green 1999 Chevy Prism vehicle, where Gonzalez was seated, Gonzalez said. Upon reaching in front of the Roaring Creek Cemetery, Gonzalez said, he and Ortiz were assaulted by the men, who then threw Gonzalez out the vehicle and continued beating him and left him to die in the bushes off the highway.

Markel Pitts, 19, pulled from KHMH life support machine
Last Thursday evening, around 7:30, four young men were hanging out at the corner of Marage Road and Compassion Lane in Ladyville when a gunman approached and made a target of one of the young men, firing about seven shots at him. Some of the gunman’s bullets found their mark, hitting Markel Pitts twice in the stomach and once in the arm. The 19-year-old Pitts, was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted in a critical condition and put on life support. On Friday evening, however, Pitts was pulled from the life support machine, unbeknownst to family members, who have subsequently refused to grant an interview to our newspaper. Pitts’ mother, when Amandala approached her today for an interview, pointedly said, “I don’t want to speak to no media.”

Judge rules for Allyson Major against GSU and Attorney General
A man who was arrested, charged and imprisoned under the provison of the Amendment to the Firearms Act decided to seek redress in a constitutional claim against two Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) police officers and the Attorney General of Belize. This morning, Madam Justice Michelle Arana ruled that his constitutional right not to be deprived of his liberty had been violated. Allyson Major, a security guard who was charged with unlicensed firearm and ammunition possession brought the claim that his constitutional rights were violated when he was arrested, charged and held in prison for 38 days before securing bail from the Supreme Court on May 17, 2012. Justice Arana awarded general damages of $6,000 and special damages of $6,050 to Major. The judgment also declared that the arrest and trial of Major for the offences of “kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license” infringed on his constitutional right of presumption of innocence as contained in Belize Constitution. The judge also awarded cost of court to Major, although that figure has not been agreed upon as yet.

Ashcroft company asks US to seize $38 mil from Belize
The United States Supreme Court has invited US Solicitor General Donald Verrilli to file a brief expressing the federal government’s point of view in a rare case asking the US authorities to move against the assets of a foreign government in fulfillment of an international arbitration award. That case, involving the Government of Belize, on the one hand, and the Ashcroft Alliance, on the other, is pursuant to a US$19 million award dating back to March 2009, in favor of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). Amandala sources say that within the last two weeks, there has been a decision by the US Federal Supreme Court, which has agreed to hear the Belize case, which, we were told “is either the single or one of two cases which the US Supreme Court says it will hear.” The court is said to be the final authority in the US on the matter. Of note is that the Ashcroft Alliance had claimed that the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) award of US$19 million runs only up to February 27, 2009, and does not reflect any monies the claimant deems may be due after that date.

Garifuna stalwart, Celeo Álvarez Casildo, dies at 57 from throat cancer
Afro-descendants of Central America, and especially the Garifuna community, are mourning the loss of Don Celeo Álvarez Casildo, who became known to us at Kremandala for his leadership role in the Central American Black Organization (CABO), based in his home country, Honduras, as well as his founding role in the Organization for Ethnic Community Development (ODECO), which helped to establish CABO in the 1990s. Amandala received news today that Álvarez, 57, who had been diagnosed with throat cancer, passed away at 10:45 this morning at a hospital in Tegucigalpa. Over the weekend, doctors had taken a decision to end his treatment. Sources close to Álvarez said that he had been seeking cancer treatment both at home and in Cuba, and he had also undergone two surgeries to fight his condition. Teofilo Colon, Jr., who runs an online site dedicated to the Garifuna cause,, said Álvarez is noted for his championing of the rights of Afro-Descendants in Latin America.

Bring it on! GOB attorney welcomes Maya lawsuits
The Toledo Maya this week triggered a new round of litigation in the decades-long Maya Land Rights struggle which envisions a homeland for the Kekchi and Mopan Maya communities of southern Belize spanning roughly 800 square miles (or 500,000 acres). This time, the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA) is calling on the courts to enforce their land rights, as declared by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, and affirmed by the Caribbean Court of Justice, following a consent order by the court, which was issued a year ago, after the disputing parties agreed on all central points in the claim, except the question of monetary awards to the claimants. “I think personally, as an individual—not speaking on behalf of the Government, but speaking from my knowledge—it might be a good thing for the Maya to bring these cases and get a clarification—which I think they badly need—as to the limits on the rights that they have under the [CCJ] consent order,” Denys Barrow, SC, attorney for the Government, told Amandala. We were unable to reach Barrow on Thursday, when we wrote our first story, but we were able to get his reaction to the new lawsuits today.

Bandits and Police win PLB semifinals Game 1
There will be no more questions as to which team will represent Belize in the next CONCACAF Champions League tournament; that matter was settled last week with Police United FC ending the 2015-2016 Premier League of Belize (PLB) Closing Season regular season with a combined total of 40 points over the Opening and Closing seasons, 1 point more than their closest contender, Belmopan Bandits FC, who finished with 39 points. Had the Bandits eclipsed Police United in the regular season point race, then the Champions League berth would still be up in the air, to be decided according to the outcome of the Closing Season championship. If Bandits had then won the Closing Season championship, they would have been the ones to go to Champions League. To make it to Champions League, Police United would have had to win back-to-back championships. However, Police United prevailed in the total-points race in the regular seasons; so, regardless of who becomes champion in the Closing Season, it is Police United FC who will represent in Champions League.

Chief Thursday Race results, April 7
The race, for Weekend Warrior (WW) category, went from Leslie’s Imports to Hattieville and back, for 28 miles. Twenty-four out of twenty-five riders finished the race. They were: 1st place Vallan Symns (Megabytes, 1:12:08); 2nd Gilroy Robinson (Santino’s, st); 3rd Ian Whittaker (Digicell-4G, 1:12:36); 4th Ian Abraham (Smart, st); 5th Ryan Willoughby (Smart, 1:14:54); 6th John Burns (Digicell-4G, st); 7th Ernest Olivera (FT Williams, st); 8th Gilberto Acosta (Spinnaz); 9th Warren Coye (Santino’s); 10th Ruthford Cunningham (Spinnaz); 11th Santino Castillo (Santino’s); 12th Andrew Brown (Megabytes); 13th Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray); 14th Nelson Zyden (Smart); 15th Eustace Ireland (Lampaz); 16th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G); 17th Ingmar Perrera (Stationery House); 18th Charles Lewis (Lampaz); 19th Palas Joseph (Lampaz); 20th Mark Reid (Santino’s); 21st Francis Cassasola (Santino’s); 22nd Damian Gough (Scotiabank); 23rd Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G); and 24th William Cacho (WKC Strikers).

NEBL playoff teams set
Bandits beat Ballaz in Belmopan: On Friday night, Cayo Western Ballaz took on their district rivals, Belmopan Bandits, at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan, with huge playoff implications hinging on this game. A win and Ballaz is in the playoffs, and a loss would send them home for the first time in three years, after reaching the finals the previous two years. At the half, Belmopan was up 35-24, but the lead was cut to three points, 50-47, going into the fourth quarter. In the fourth and decisive quarter, Belmopan opened the lead behind a few three-point shots, easily winning 73-57. With the loss, the Western Ballaz will not make the playoffs this season, while Belmopan Bandits is riding a 7-game winning streak going into the last weekend of the regular season. With only 1 week remaining in the regular season, the four playoff teams have already been decided. The other 4 teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. Below are the playoff scenarios for the seeding of teams going into the playoffs.

Bill and BRICS
Mr. Bill Lindo is an economist and businessman who co-hosts on Sunday mornings news-related discussions which are simulcast on KREM Radio and KREM Television. From time to time, he writes a column for Amandala, mostly on financial and political matters. Mr. Lindo was an officer of the UBAD Party in early 1973 when the organization split in two. At that point, he joined the ruling People’s United Party (PUP), where he has remained active for the last 46 years. In fact, he was recently added to the national executive of the now Opposition PUP, after being removed from same in late 2011. With respect to Belize’s economic challenges and the growing problems connected with the increasingly aggressive Guatemalan claim to Belize, Mr. Lindo has been suggesting that Belize’s leaders seek a closer relationship with the countries which are referred to as BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This newspaper hereby registers its disagreement with such a suggestion, for the reason that Belize is firmly within the geopolitical orbit of the superpower United States, which is where most of our diaspora population live and work. In addition, the two most powerful members of BRICS – Russia and China, are atheistic politico–economic systems, and the vast majority of Belizeans publicly profess Christian religious beliefs, even though the country often behaves as if it is a pagan realm.

From the Publisher
There are people who pride themselves on making intelligent, logical decisions. Remember now, you can only make an intelligent, logical decision at any given time based on the data which are available to you at that given time. Let us say that you are a slave, and you have to function with iron shackles on your feet. It may be an intelligent, logical decision for you to accept the conditions of your enslavement, such as the fact that your slavemaster is armed and powerful, and the fact that you are chained and bound. So, you choose to go on living from day to day in this wretched state of affairs. Some intelligent and logical people may actually consider you intelligent and logical. Historically, there have been slaves who lived their entire lives as slaves, and then died in slavery without ever drinking the exciting elixir of freedom. There have also been slaves who made desperate attempts to escape their slavery or to slay their masters, and it appears that the vast majority of escape attempts and violent rebellions did not succeed. Very, very few escape attempts and violent rebellions by slaves could be described as intelligent or logical, if we are to judge historically by the percentage of success in such initiatives. But, we descendants of slaves are inspired by such examples of resistance.

A champion in the making
Winning the Annual Cross Country Cycling Race is the dream of every cyclist who enters the race and rides the 144 miles from Belize City to San Ignacio and back. It takes discipline, endurance, stamina and above all, teamwork to carve out a win in the biggest sporting event in Belize and this year, two Guatemalan brothers took away Belize’s coveted Cross Country Garland, while Belizean cyclist Joel Borland placed third. Amandala sat down with the Borlands to find out what goes into making a great rider. Joel Borland, who is 21, told Amandala that he has been competing for about seven years now: three years as a junior and four years in the elite category. Admiral, John Borland, who is the head of the Coast Guard and Joel Borland’s father, is directly involved in his son’s training as the manager and coach of the Belmopan Digicell 4G LTE team. Borland said, “As the coach, I am responsible for developing the training plans, regime, curriculum and to oversee the supervision of the cyclists and members of the team in training – it becomes almost a full time job.”

Girl, 15, who suffers from cerebral palsy, sexually assaulted by stepfather
Police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted his 15-year-old stepdaughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or walk. On Friday, the girl and her mother went to police, and the mother told them that when she came home from work, she saw her daughter looking sad and uncomfortable, and began to communicate with her. Through signs and symbols, the girl reported that whenever her babysitter left the house, her stepfather would touch her breast, vagina and buttocks. The child was taken by police to a clinic, where she was examined by a doctor who certified that her hymen was torn. The stepfather is on the run. If he is tried in court and found guilty, he can expect a minimum jail sentence of 10 years.

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Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Bank burglar pleads guilty
In court news, A man police caught red handed burglarizing the Atlantic Bank Collet Agency ATM in 2015 pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal over $10,700 in items he ended up damaging during the burglary. 32 year old Malique Benito Martinez, a […]

Daughter attacks her father with an axe
A Sandhill woman pleaded guilty to wounding her own father with an axe. Lily Ozaeta admitted to chopping her 84 year old father, Nicholas Ozaeta in the head, making him unconscious and landing him in hospital. According to the police report, on Sunday, April […]

Employee guilty of stealing batteries from employer
Businessman Jitendra Chawla, also known as Jack Charles, has reported three employees to police for allegedly stealing a pack of Triple-A batteries from his store, valued at 208 dollars. Orange Walk resident Jose Moralez said he took full responsibility for the theft and pleaded […]

Bus driver charged in accident
Franco Audinett, a 37 year old bus driver from Hattieville, Belize District, has been arraigned for manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention. On March 18, Audinett is accused of negligently driving a […]

Ladyville police find gun and ammo
The Ladyville Police Strike Team conducted searches in that village on Saturday afternoon which resulted in the discovery of a gun and ammunition. While searching an abandoned lot in the Japan area around 2:00 p.m., officers found a black plastic bag containing a Ruger […]

Succotz teen missing
Mother of a 16-year-old student of San Jose Succotz Village, Cayo District, 56-year-old Martina Cal, reported to police yesterday that her son had been missing since Sunday, April 10. She told officers that around 2:30 p.m. that day, her son Nelson Cal left home […]

San Pedro taxi driver charged for drunk driving
San Pedro Police arrested and charged a taxi driver on the island last Friday for driving while under the influence of alcohol. At around 9:30 that night, officers on mobile patrol witnessed a taxi van being driven by 40-year-old Emmanuel Chi, almost collide into […]

Belize Garinagu mark arrival to Central America
Garifuna Settlement Day in November is the joyous celebration of the ethnic group’s arrival to Belize. But it was borne out of a bitter day in April, 1797, when the original Black Caribs were loaded on the ship HMS Experiment from Baliceaux, near their […]

Robert’s Grove Beach Resort – A harmonious blend of man-made comforts and nature
Robert’s Grove Beach Resort is the perfect place to sink your toes in the golden sand that is caressed by the gentle waves of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Enjoy anywhere from standard to luxurious accommodations, take tours of Belize’s rich marine life or lush rain-forest […]

Issue #31 of The BELIZE AG REPORT is online here!.

To The Editor
Dear Editor, My understanding of the recent evolution or revolution in agriculture in terms of crop selection and production methods is that since the beginning of the 20th century they have become almost entirely dependent on the use of non-sustainable methods and materials while nutritional quality has decreased. Generally, significant changes began occurring with the introduction of mechanized farm machinery and the wide spread use of synthetic fertilizers, especially nitrogen, during the first green revolution. The next readily recognizable phase included the introduction of a vast array of synthetic compounds designed to control animal, plant and microbial pests or conversely to alter the physiology of crops to suit marketing and consumer demands. Moving ahead to the present decade, the most significant change in agriculture is the widespread use of genetically engineered or modified organisms.

MNRA Horticulture Center Vegetable Research and Demonstration
The Horticulture Demonstration and Training Center was established by the Republic of China – Taiwan TechnicalMission in the late 90’s and then transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture in 2012. The horticulture program is now a part of the Crop Research and Development Unit at the Research, Development and Innovation Center in Central Farm, Cayo District. The program is primarily involved in the evaluation, demonstration and training of open field vegetable and exotic fruit tree production.The Ministry of Agriculture annual work plan is developed in accordance with the National Agriculture and Food Policy of Belize – 2015 to 2030 which has as the main objective “to provide an environment that is conducive to increasing production and productivity, promoting investment, and encouraging private sector involvement in agribusiness enterprises in a manner that ensures competitiveness, quality production, trade and sustainability”.

Green Bananas – A Neglected Food
Next time you visit the market put some green bananas in your basket. This amazing but neglected food is the cheapest and tastiest starch source around. Green bananas used to be commonly eaten in Belize: boiled, fried or part of stews. Green bananas contain as many minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, vitamins and fibre as the ripe fruit. The current price is around 3lbs (8-10 fingers) for $1.00, cheaper than plantains and potatoes and having more flavor. Much of this fruit is thrown away as rejects yet is available for only the cost of transportation. Our culinary artists and home cooks should take a second look at this food apart from the “boil-up” where it is most commonly seen.

High Density Planting In Orange Groves For Belize
Plagued with the dreaded Huanglongbing (HLB) formerly known as Citrus Greening, we must venture into unconventional production methods to increase yields. High density planting has been the norm in many citrus producing countries including Brazil and the Unites States (Florida and Texas). High density planting is the production of citrus with more trees per acre than the conventional number. In Belize, the conventional planting spacing is 15 feet in rows and 25 feet between rows which totals 116 trees per acre. Before venturing into high density planting, several important factors must be considered: the types of rootstocks and scions to be used, soil type, yield performance, nutritional demand of the rootstocks and spacing.

Trapping the Mischievous Palm Weevil to Prevent Red Ring Disease in Your Coconut Grove
In the last issue of the Belize Ag Report (issue # 29 pg 37) Forrest Tackitt wrote about Red Ring Disease in coconuts. The vector for this disease which affects coconut and African oil palms, with up to 80% mortality, is the palm weevil (Rynchophoruspalmarum). This large red snout beetle is native all the way from Mexico through South America and resides in some parts of the Caribbean as well. The nematode (Bursaphelenchus cocophilus) which is the direct cause of Red Ring Disease, is carried in the gut of this palm weevil. San Miguel learned a successful technique to trap this beetle vector from the staff of Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Agricolas y Pecuarias (INIFAP) in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. INIFAP is the research arm of Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA).

Beekeeping in Belize Cayo Quality Honey Producers Cooperative
The first beekeepers in Belize were the ancient Maya. They kept stingless bees, Melipona beecheii, in hives made from hollowed out logs. The entrance hole was made midway between the two ends and the ends were sealed with clay. Honey was harvested one to three times a year: in March, April and in a good year, in December as well. Large apiaries existed in Corozal, Orange Walk and Cayo and honey was one of the chief exports of the Maya state of Chactumal in northern Belize. Beekeeping with stingless bees continued until the mid 20th century but today only a few hives remain and the population of wild stingless bees is threatened by development. Beekeeping with Apismelifera began in the Corozal District in 1957 when Tony Espat and Hernan Urbina brought beekeepers from the Yucatan. Several colonies were established at Central Farm as well, but these soon died due to a lack of knowledge in beekeeping. By December 1958 there were 958 colonies in Corozal and Orange Walk Districts and fifteen drums of honey were exported that year.

Beyond The Backyard – A Leaf From My Recipe Book
Eating from the wild can create an unexpected culinary masterpiece or become a recipe for disaster. It is important to have sufficient information. Knowing something to be edible is not enough to prevent you from harm. Knowledge of content and preparation is essential. My daughter-in-law decorated our dinner plates with the wonderful heart shaped leaves of the taro plant commonly called elephant ears placed under some delicious stewed chicken. Whilst scooping up the juices my son popped the leaf in his mouth chewed it up and moments later was gasping for water and on the verge of a trip to the emergency room even though that would have meant thirty miles of rough roads at night. These plants have saponins that instantly inflame the mouth and throat causing chronic itching. He survived the experience and a lesson was learned.

Watershed Management: A Tool for Sustainable Development
As the population of Belize continues to grow the demand for use of the natural resources will continue to rise. Human beings are completely dependent on the environment for survival. The land produces the food we eat, the forests provide the water we drink and the shelter we need. It is an unending struggle to balance economic development with the protection of the environment, also known as sustainable development. In 1987 the World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It is not an end but rather a process for meeting human development goals while maintaining the ability of the earth’s natural systems to provide in perpetuity, the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend.

Soils of Belize – The Southern Cayo and Stann Creek Districts
My last article left us on the limestone foothills of the Cayo District with its lower alluvial areas created by the Belize River. The southern flank of the George Price Highway is a karst (limestone based) landscape with many limestone hills starting to give way to granitic hills and mountains further south. Further east, to the coast, we begin to see deposits of granitic sand and the first occurrence of a true coastline with sandy beaches that extend down to the Placencia Peninsula. My last article left us on the limestone foothills of the Cayo District with its lower alluvial areas created by the Belize River. The southern flank of the George Price Highway is a karst (limestone based) landscape with many limestone hills starting to give way to granitic hills and mountains further south. Further east, to the coast, we begin to see deposits of granitic sand and the first occurrence of a true coastline with sandy beaches that extend down to the Placencia Peninsula.

BEL-CAR Updates – Changing Times Invite Changes to the Belize Commodity Market
After a less than normal corn harvest caused by the summer drought (see national loss estimates in Ag Briefs, pg, Bel-Car reports that corn inventories are still more than adequate for domestic needs, although leaving little export surplus. Several farmers then planned to plant during the fall, normally a bean-planting time. However, the overabundant fall rains prevented many from following through on that plan. Due to the long-lasting rains most had to revert to the normal beans winter cycle, as they have a shorter growing period than corn. Quite a bit of RK beans and BE (black eye) peas are in the fields now. Last year was a record bean crop, with high acreages and high yields. Belize exported twice the amount of beans in 2015 than in 2014. About 50 containers (50k lbs per) remain. There is a challenge to find new markets, as price decreases faster than quality.

Waste Management in Belize
Our Mayan Mountains are a beautiful sight to behold, but if we are not careful we will have other mountains made out of waste material. Are you aware of the “mountains” of plastic floating in the Gulf of Mexico? Last estimates compare it to the size of Texas (30 times the size of Belize), and there is one in the Pacific that is twice that size. I admit that I am terrible at recycling; I burn my garbage, and, yes, that sometimes includes plastic, but it is time for a change. If all of us in Belize concentrate on recycling only the easiest items, paper, plastic, glass and aluminium, we would help keep our country clean and have a tremendous effect on our planet at the same time. I was clueless about recycling facilities in Belize until my last trip to Xunantunich; I almost ran off the road looking at that big Solid Waste sign along George Price Highway. Now, after my first transfer station experience, and a meeting with Mr. Emmerson Garcia at the Waste Management Office, I am much better informed and wish to share this information, and encourage you into some much needed recycling and possibly a good house cleaning.

Magnesium, an Essential Nutrient for Better Soil Fertility
There are some important foundational principles for understanding and utilizing magnesium to achieve excellent soil fertility. It is important to correctly use this nutrient in terms of soil fertility for the most positive effect on crops and the greatest benefit to the soil where those plants will be grown. The overall concept hearkens back to the definition in agronomy textbooks concerning what makes up an ideal soil. That ideal soil is described as 25% air, 25% water, 45% mineral and 5% organic matter. Most soils fall short of the ideal in some way. Clay soils are generally too tight, and due to a lack of calcium (which can be true even on high pH soils), they contain inadequate pore space resulting in too much water and not enough air for the ideal soil environment. Such soils tend to stay wet longer and become harder to work as they dry out. Sandy soils tend to have the opposite problem – too much air and not enough water – but they will still pack down and become hard when worked too wet, especially so when magnesium levels are excessive.

Ever wonder how much longer the Cattle Sweep has to go before Belize can be declared free of tuberculosis? Here’s your answer: the cattle industry still has 2 long years to go before being declared free of tuberculosis. If you raise cattle you have seen teams visit your farm and get blood samples to see if your cattle are free from disease, especially tuberculosis and brucellosis, 2 of the most common diseases in cattle (that can even affect humans once contracted). Why is it important to test? Without testing of animals Belize cannot declare the country free of disease which means we cannot export to any other country. What happens if you don’t test? It means that you put your cattle and the rest of the country’s animals at risk and you can also be fined by relevant authorities for not complying.

Sam Vigue Discusses Low Input Farming with Pro-Organic Belize
Sam Vigue is an American agronomist who works as a seed research specialist in Austin, Texas. He visited Belize in 2015 and returned in 2016. During the latter visit, he attended Pro-Organic Belize’s January meeting to discuss seeds and low input farming principles. Sam defines low input farming as using better farming systems, wherein a farmer is less reliant on external inputs for planting, growing or harvesting crops. He claims that when seeking self-sufficiency in farming, it all starts with seeds and soil. Healthy soil works like preventative medicine. Having all the nutrients is key. Foliar fertilizer, in his view, will not work as well as maintaining the soil as a storehouse of nutrients for the plant. One of the best ways to get those into the soil, is using compost. Then the nutrients need to be available to the roots so they reach the plant from the soil.

Saving Heritage Seeds in Belize – David Johansen’s Seed Garden and Vault
Since age twelve David Johansen has had an avid interest in seeds and farming; he has lived and farmed in Colorado, Utah, Missouri, and California. Having traveled widely in Belize and Central America to procure hardy, tolerant seeds adapted to the challenging growing conditions in Belize, David developed his 35 acre farm and seed bank over the past eight years in the Spanish Lookout area with great success. He has many crops growing abundantly to full maturity in order for him to harvest seeds to sell locally and fulfill orders for Belizean grown seeds from US seed companies. In order to preserve the seeds in cool temperature, low humidity conditions, David designed and constructed a climate-controlled underground depository cement vault which can store hundreds of jars of seeds. His seeds have been meticulously catalogued. Keeping seeds beneath the earth helps to keep the seeds viable for sprouting. David is working on a dehumidification system to ensure the proper dryness.

Dairy Products At Home – Hard Cheeses
In the final installment of our dairy workshop, we look at hard cheese, which is made using rennet as a coagulant. The title of this article is “Hard Cheeses” because all the hard cheeses in your urban deli are made in basically the same way, with only slight variations of temperature, time lapses, or aging times. Unique varieties have developed in various parts of the world due to the unique bacteria and climatic conditions in each place. You can try to reproduce cheese by ordering freeze dried bacteria from a catalog, or you can develop your own cheese unique to your locale – or rather cheeses, for each one will have its own unique “personality”. The first rule of cheese making should be this: There is no such thing as a flop; there are only new types of cheese. If you followed my mozzarella procedure in the last issue, you have a good start at making rennet cheese. Start with sweet milk (slightly sour also works), adding 1⁄4 tsp of liquid rennet to 4 gallons of milk, or 6 drops per gallon. Use clean, stainless steel containers and utensils to lessen the chance of strange bacteria entering it.

Surviving Climate Change
Climate change is the biggest challenge to agriculture in the twenty-first century. The past year 2015 was the hottest year in recorded modern history. Whether you agree that this elevation in temperature is man-assisted or a natural phenomenon, it is a fact to be understood and dealt with for long term agricultural production. For small farmers to survive climate change, methods of farming must be adjusted to reduce crop loss and ensure profitability at harvest. Small farmers have an advantage in adapting to the changing weather patterns. This is good news as 84% of the world’s food production comes from small farmers cultivating less than 5 acres. Modern day climate change challenging the small farmer is characterized by massive flooding (too much water), extensive droughts (no water), accompanied by widespread fires (in many places though not Belize at this time) resulting in unpredictable and incomprehensible changing weather patterns.

Life Everlasting Plant
The succulent herb Kalanchoe pinnatum, sometimes called Bryophyllum pinnatum, has many common names: life everlasting, miracle leaf, cathedral bells, wonder plant, never die, leaf of life, sprouting leaf, resurrection plant, mother of millions, and many other names. It is a member of the Crassulaceae plant family. Native to Madagascar, it grows prolifically in Belize and other tropical regions of the world. The plant grows easily and although it is valued as an ornamental garden plant, it is considered an invasive species in some areas. Life everlasting is believed to be a panacea for many ailments. It is rich in over two dozen healing chemical compounds, including, alkaloids, triterpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, steroids, and lipids. Life everlasting plants are perennial and grow to be about three to five feet in height with fleshy green leaves from two to four inches long which may be tinged with pinkish to purple on the scalloped outer leaves. Plants produce clusters of showy hollow tubular flowers, about one inch long on tall panicles with a pale pinkish to purple tinge at the base of each blossom.

Pro-Organic Belize Seeks Pesticide Residue Tests for Local Produce, Visits BAHA’s Chemical Analysis Laboratory
On 25 January 2016, a group from Cayo’s Pro-Organic Belize visited Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) Central Investigation Laboratory (CIL) in Belize City. We met with Laboratory Administrator/Deputy Director of Food Safety Dr. Natalie Gibson and her head chemist for the Chemical Analysis Laboratory (CAL) to tour the recently renovated laboratory facility and discuss the pesticide testing capabilities of their laboratory for both public and private needs. The CAL is located in the BAHA complex located on St. Joseph Street in Belize City, with the sample storage and preparation rooms separated from the sample analysis rooms. Sample processing will be greatly improved by the acquisition of two new processing machines. The sample analysis rooms contain several gas chromatographs, heavy metal analysis equipment, supplies and computers. This equipment is capable of detecting quantitative amounts (in parts per million or ppm) of specific molecules used to identify specific pesticides.

Planting & Harvesting Beans – The Mayan Way
Beans have always been a staple for the Mayas. They have a large variety of beans: Boloc’ che, Tzama (red & black) variety, Xchalaatbu-ul, Xme-hen bu-ul, and Xpascuabu-ul. They eat beans almost daily with rice and tortillas. Their diet is also complemented with cowpeas which are planted during the months of June and July to be eaten starting in late October for the observance of All Saints Day or Finados. Local lima beans are also cultivated for the preparation of the special Mayan dish called Xtoc sel. Many of the Mayan beans are large with a thicker skin and have much more “bean” pulp than the typical black or red beans grown in Belize. (See issue 15, page 18 of the Belize Ag Report for a more complete description of Mayan beans.) If you want to grow and harvest beans the way the Mayas did and many still do, here’s what you should know:

Mopan Technical and Vocational High School Agriculture Program
Mopan Technical and Vocational High School in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District, the agriculture science program offers students sound practical hands-on courses designed to prepare students for a career in agriculture. In addition to animal husbandry skills, the program focuses on teaching students how to manage soil and organic matter, sow seeds, tend plants and harvest in the fields and in green houses. The program also includes courses in the sciences and finances, complementing the field work, to round out skills needed to successfully manage a farm or teach agriculture. In order to graduate, students must pass the Caribbean Examinations Council (CEC) Agriculture Science exam. Mr. Francisco Tun, principal of the high school has a commitment to prepare students for careers in agriculture which will help support food security in Belize. The agriculture program is managed by Mr. Kendall Mendez, who has been instrumental in the development and success of the vocational agriculture department of the school for over thirty years.

Ask Rubber Boots
After a long hibernation, Rubber Boots returns with a few suggestions for bio-friendly plagacides (new word for pest controls). Do pesky drunken baymen (Trigona, the largest genus of sting-less bees) gather around your hummingbird feeder? Try a few dabs of coconut oil on the feeder and see the drunken baymen disperse. Fruit flies (drysophila) in your kitchen? Put a few small dishes with a small amount of real vanilla extract out; that is what commercial produce departments of grocery stores do (or used to do in the days of yore) to encourage them to simply go away. Bugs eating your beans? Sometimes this is a sign of low magnesium. Try spraying with epsom salts, 1 Tbs per gallon (5 lbs per acre). Even if your soil has good Mg Levels, it may be ‘tied up’ and unavailable to the plants (Thank you, Neal Kinsey).

Ag Briefs
In a December 2015 session of the National Assembly of Venezuela, what has been called “one of the most progressive seed laws in the world” was passed, and soon after signed into law by outgoing President Nicolas Maduro. This very comprehensive piece of legislation is not only anti-GMO, but anti-patenting of seeds too. The law also regulates the production of hybrid seed, rejects the production, distribution and importation of GMO seed, and bans transgenic (GMO/GE) seed research in the country. At least one grower in Belize has been producing Sea Island Cotton in Northern Belize for several years, for buyers in Japan. In recognition that Belize has the capacity to produce very high quality cotton for export, Japan made a grant of $102,029.00USD in mid-February to the cotton industry in Belize.

Agriculture Prices At A Glance


Breaking News of the escaped Octopus Inky this morning has alarmed Belizeans immediately thinking that it’s in search of Belize’s Barrier Reef!
In the wee hours of our Belizean morning, we received reports of Inky, an octopus, and resident of the National Aquarium in the coastal city of Napier, New Zealand who made a cunning escape from his tank to the sea, possibly in search of Belize’s barrier reef. The authorities say the tank-break was carefully planned by Inky and stealthily executed; “They are always exploring and they are great escape artists,” Mr Rob Yarrell, Aquarium Manager

After being briefed, it’s time to get geared up. Fins – check; masks – check; weight belts – check; camera – check; sense of adventure – check. Well, looks like we’re all set. In SNUBA, you breathe through a regulator which is fed compressed air through extended hoses attached to a flotation devise some 20 feet away. This gives you much lee-way to get down under – where you can become one with the underwater world. Nurse sharks and stingrays are a mainstay at Mexico Rocks, along with the rainbow of sparkling colors of the various miniature decorated fishes that make the Coral Head formations their home – this adventure is sure to excite just about anyone. The highlight of this trip, however had to have been “DUDE” the name I lovingly gave to our very friendly sea turtle, that made absolutely no attempt to evade us. In fact, this little guy seriously came to give us Hi5’s!! AND he lingered around. Sucks that by this time, my camera battery had gone low and it remained an experience for me to only be able to share but not show (Be sure to carry extra batteries for your underwater camera).

Pool Project: Week 4
Well, we are at the halfway point of our estimated finish time and things were hopping last week. The crew started off the week by nailing together the wood frames for the columns. When the frames were finished, each of the columns were filled with cement. Some of the crew worked on building the side walls for the hallway, which will be accessed from the back wall of our spare bedroom. More cement work got underway when the foreman cast and poured a slab, which runs from our back door in the kitchen to the edge of the septic tank. And the reason for the slab?

Crockpot Carnitas - Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
Remove excess fat from the pork. No need to remove all of the the fat - just the really big pieces. Cut the pork into 3 or 4 pieces and sprinkle all over with salt and pepper. Place all the ingredients in the crockpot and cook on low for about 6 hours, or until pork is very tender and can be pulled apart easily with a fork. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil. Preheat the broiler.

5 Best Places for a Family Friendly Adventure Vacation to Belize
Need an excuse to justify taking your kids on vacation? How about the study undertaken by the U.S. government a few years back that proves taking children of any age on interesting vacations not only makes them more tolerant but smarter. The study proved a link between kids as young as six (first grade) and academic achievement, so if you want your kids to be class stars, put a Belize trip atop your must-do list. 1. Basecamp Adventure: how does a trip that includes paddling, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and exploring sound to you? This popular multi-generational family package even supplies hammock time for weary parents. On this trip, Island Expeditions takes your party to Glover’s Reef, River of Caves and Lighthouse Reef. 2. Jungle Adventure. Allow Island Expeditions to escort you and your wide-eyed offspring to the Bocawina Forest Resort in the Bocawina National Park. This eco-resort offers opportunities for children of all ages to zip line, repel down waterfalls, hike forest trails, ride horses through jungle, go cave tubing and–when kids finally run out of steam—birdwatching. Jungle and Beach Adventure. Let’s say that while you don’t mind turning into Indiana Jones for part of your holiday, you want to find out how it feels to plant yourself on a beach with a book in hand. Does this Island Expedition choice mean everyone is satisfied? 4. Ultimate Adventure for Teens. In addition to staying physically active and working off teen angst, if you book this intriguing trip, you’ll sharpen the minds and bodies of your curious explorers. This adventure is only for high schoolers and above because it’s a rugged camping experience into the depths of Belize’s most remote corners. 5. Lodge-to-Lodge Adventure. This experience satisfies the widest age range of travelers because the perpetually on-the-go, island to island expedition includes watersports like sea kayaking and SUP boarding, but there’s an element of luxury and relaxation that works for adults of all ages.

International Sourcesizz

Agricultural, extension education major does research in Belize
Olivia Murphy-Sweet was alone when she ventured into San Jose Succotz, a rural village in the Central American country of Belize. To supplement her coursework as an agricultural and extension education major and international agriculture minor, the senior made the five-week trip last summer to conduct research under the guidance of one of her professors. "By talking to the locals and observing existing programs and customs, I researched whether a long-term agricultural education program was feasible," she explained. The results of her research are still to be determined, but if they show that Belizean natives are interested in agricultural education, eventually a program such as 4-H would be introduced to the rural Belizean society. It would teach youth about farming practices and promote the field of agriculture.

Students Finish What UT Started During Belize Trip
From barrier reefs to dense tropical rainforests, the country of Belize offers much to attract the average American. So while it wasn’t surprising to see a group of students and faculty from UT there during spring break or the second year in a row, their trip was anything but a vacation. “Our group had a physically demanding week, but one that was rewarding both through the results of their efforts and through the culture they experienced,” said College of Engineering International Coordinator Judith Mallory. Mallory led fifteen students on the College of Engineering’s Alternative Spring Break to the town of San Ignacio, Belize. The trip marked the first joint project between the College of Engineering and the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

Searchers scour Caribbean south to Belize for fishermen missing 11 days
After 11 days since the disappearance of five fishermen from Isla Mujeres, family and authorities still have no evidence leading to the whereabouts of the crew of the vessel “Anastacia”. A body found in Mahahual within a lobster trap was not identified as one of the missing. The notice has been public for four days to Mahahual fishermen to assist in the search for their counterparts from Isla Mujeres. Although the five anglers disappeared from the Costa Maya coast between Isla Mujeres and Cozumel March 30, so far searchers have turned up no sign of the missing despite efforts that have extended as far as waters off Cuba and Florida. Jaime Medina Flores, president of the Caribbean Lobstermens Cooperative and the Advisory Board of Banco “Chinchorro”, said the search will extend almost to the border with Belize. He added that the fact of not having found even a lifejacket of the missing is a good sign.

Jordanian ambassador to Belize presents credentials
The first non-resident accredited Jordanian ambassador to Belize, Ibrahim Obeidat, presented his credentials to the Governor-General of Belize. The ambassador conveyed the regards of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the Governor-General and his interest to improve bilateral relations in various domains. The Governor-General expressed appreciation of the role of His Majesty King Abdullah II to support global peace and security. He also stressed his support for Jordan, mainly with regard to hosting Syrian refugees as well as the two-state solution.

Belize, Mexico discuss trans-border oil reserves
Mexico and Belize have agreed a moratorium on the development of their trans-border hydrocarbons reserves and plan to hold talks on a bilateral agreement on exploration and drilling. Mexico's hydrocarbons undersecretary at the energy ministry, Lourdes Melgar (pictured, right), and Belizean vice minister for economic development, oil, trade and investment, Yvonne Hyde, met Monday to sign the moratorium on exploration and drilling within 5km of the border. The meeting was a follow-up to a memorandum of understanding signed by both countries last August. Both officials also agreed on a work calendar to establish negotiations toward a bilateral agreement on trans-border hydrocarbons reserves.

Wings of Hope gives critical patients a lift
A local organization is making healthcare accessible to people in the poorest parts of the world. For more than 50 years, Wings of Hope has been medical transport for critical patients. Wings of Hope President Don Hamblen and another volunteer recently traveled to Belize where the flights provide patients a smooth journey. "From the southern part of Belize to where the hospital is in Belize City it could be a five hour very uncomfortable bumpy car ride as opposed to maybe an hour in an airplane," said Hamblen. The Belizean Emergency Response team makes an average of 250 emergency medical flights each year. A recent runway accident put its plane out of service, so Wings of Hope stepped in to help their counterparts. "There have been hundreds of lives that have been saved because these are critically ill patients that get to a higher level of care than they would have otherwise," he said. Patients never see a bill for the travel accommodations. The volunteer-driven organization relies on donations and performs its own maintenance and renovation of airplanes.

Exclusive Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Sneak Peek: Is There More to This Abduction of Newlyweds?
A honeymoon in Belize might literally be to die for on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. On Wednesday's episode (10/9c, CBS), the team heads to the Central American paradise when a couple of newlyweds, Susie (Autumn Reeser) and John (Gil McKinney), go MIA two days after renting a jeep. It could be an abduction at the hands of a drug cartel, but something the couple did upon arriving to Belize raises Mae's (Annie Funke) suspicions.

World’s most amazing loos with views
TOILETS can be the worst part of travelling. There are signs in foreign languages to confuse you, unfamiliar hygiene practices to puzzle over, and awkward situations like plane turbulence and moving trains to navigate. But at some perfectly placed potties, answering the call of nature can actually become a highlight of your trip. Lonely Planet’s latest book, Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide, celebrates the world’s most unique places to take a pit stop. Toilet island, near Placencia, Belize: Eat your heart out Robinson Crusoe. This paradisiacal punctuation mark in the Caribbean Sea off Placencia, Belize, boasts its own flushing throne, from where the king or queen of the castaways can survey their desert-island domain. It’s a long way to the shops when you run out of paper, though… Picture: Tomas Mahring

The Mayans, the Mass and Me
Belize is one of my favorite vacation locations. I like the snorkeling and snoozing, but I also like the ancient religious ruins. (My kids like to joke that I’m getting to be an ancient religious ruin.) On the last trip to Belize we went across the border into Guatemala and visited the Mayan ruins at Tikal. We climbed to the top of the main pyramid, and sitting up there on a beautiful morning, the jungle birds crying and the jungle trees and neatly trimmed lawned—I imagined the priests offering their sacrifices of grain and human lives to their sky gods. It was a different scene then. The forests all cut down, the barbaric rites continued in fear and desperation as famine and starvation loomed. The critics of Catholicism—both Protestant and atheist—might say, “Geesh, it’s not really any different than what you do is it Father?”

Commentary: The eerie truth about air pollution
Sit for a second and take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale gently. Wasn't the refreshing? Do you know what's not refreshing? The air you just inhaled. The quality of the Earth's air is in a constant state of depreciation stemming from the burning of waste products, factory emissions and motor vehicle exhaust, to name a few activities. While the effects of air pollution on human health may appear black and white, the causes of these effects are in fact more complicated and there are many grey areas that may not be visible to the human eyes. To further understand the far reaching effects of air pollution, the health of coral reefs in the Caribbean is in danger. A 2013 European Commission report investigated the effects of anthropogenic aerosol emissions on coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean. This report observed that periods of slow coral growth in Panama, Belize and other parts of the Caribbean were due to aerosols in the air from pollution.


  • Belize Swim with Sharks, 4min. "If it can't kill you, it ain't a sport. That's why we don't play golf in Belize." -Elito.

  • Belize Snorkeling, 4min.

  • Morning Matters at Banyan Bay, 60min.

  • Morning Matters with Althea Moses, 80min.

  • Caye Caulker: LB Signature Presents: Linda Blease, 6.5min. Take a look . An insight of what my life in a week usually feels like ...Good vibes/ work and more work . Big up everyone who made this possible .

  • Belize16, 2.5min. Footage from a missions trip to Dangriga, Belize where we took some High School students that I work with to go work with a local high school, running classes, interacting with students & the community, and cleaning up parts of campus.

  • A Trip To Belize // Go Slow, 2min.

  • Pat and Devin Visit Hideaway Caye: Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize Spring Break 2016, 3min. Indian Springs School spring break trip to Long Caye, Belize.

  • Sarteneja, Belize, 2min. Day 3 of the 2016 Belize expedition with Luis Rangel and Homayoon Ershadi. This video has footage of us before and after having our kayak sunk, being rescued, and the good times that followed.

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