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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: No better place to celebrate a birthday
Dear Editor: We purchased a home in San Pedro’s San Telmo neighborhood in 2011. Although we are not normally impulse buyers, we made our decision after spending only a week in Belize. Despite having almost completely abandoned prudent due diligence with respect to the purchase, nevertheless we are veteran travelers having experienced many countries and cultures around the world. We never doubted that we had stumbled upon a “good thing”. Certainly, we recognized that San Pedro is an amazing place with many attractive features but, more than anything, we were impressed with how genuine and friendly the people of Ambergris Caye can be. A tourist might not take particular notice of this, but there is little of greater importance to a traveler. Last September we brought a friend to Belize with us to celebrate his 40th birthday. Our friend is suffering from a debilitating brain tumor that has compromised the left side of his body. He is still in the process of recovering his movement, life and confidence. We recognized that his polite declines to our previous invitations to join us, in San Pedro, were manifestations of his justifiable angst.

Letter to the Editor: Disappointing Traffic Conditions
Dear Editor, We have recently spent one month in San Pedro. This was our 15th trip over the past 12 years. We have loved our visits over the years and have become friends with many locals and expats. We have supported an elementary school and sponsored a high school student for her four year term. Many friends and family have accompanied us over these years. We have been increasingly disappointed with the traffic over the years, but this year in particular was the worst. One morning, while in town, we tried to pass a van parked in a red zone (no parking) on a side street and a truck came around the corner too wide and too fast and we swerved to avoid a head on collision resulting in our side swiping the illegally parked van. The driver of the van started a scream fest over the minor scratch to his vehicle while the truck kept going. We were brow-beaten into paying cash to the van driver for his repairs (far greater than the damage) to keep the peace. As you can imagine, this left a very sour taste, and we avoided going downtown as much as possible following this. It had created doubt in our minds as to whether we will return. We discussed this with other tourists staying at our resort and the conclusion by all of them was that this was the last year they would return also.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Taste This
“Mr. Dennis, will you have a beer with us?” “Oh, no thanks, Augusto,” I said. “It’s too early for me to have a beer. I’m going to drink my coffee and read my book.” “If you get thirsty come over and join us,” Luis said. “Mario is supposed to come and meet us when he gets back from the doctor.” “Thanks.” It was a beautiful mid-morning Saturday on the deck at the Holiday Hotel. My friends at the next table were obviously still carrying on the party from Friday night. Augusto said, “Luis, you left the disco at about four o’clock and I didn’t see you again until just now. What happened to you?”

Police Report
*On Thursday, April 7th at 1:15PM, San Pedro Police conducted a search in an apartment in the DFC area, San Pedro Town. Present at the time of the search were Alex and Christian Espat, both 20 years old of San Juan Area, along with four minors of DFC area. The search resulted in the discovery of 23.3 grams of Cocaine and 2.9 grams of Cannabis. All persons present at the time of the search were detained and escorted to the San Pedro Police station with the Cocaine and Cannabis. All were arrested and charged for the offence of “Possession of Controlled Drugs” and “Drug Trafficking”.
*On Friday, April 8th at around 9:30PM while on mobile patrol on Caribeña Street, San Pedro Town police observed a yellow taxi van which was being driven at the time by 40-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Chi, taxi driver of San Marcus Area, who almost collided into a golf cart and drove off in a reckless manner. As a result, the taxi was pursued and caught on Barrier Reef Drive where Chi appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Upon searching inside the van, police found a beer bottle which was half full. Police requested Chi to provide a blood or urine specimen for analysis which he provided. On Saturday, April 9th at 9PM police arrested and charged Emmanuel Jesus Chi for the offence of “Drove Motor Vehicle with Alcohol Concentration above the Prescribed Limit”.

Doctor Love: Alone As Usual
Dear Doctor Love, Fear of rejection is ruining my life. I am a twenty-nine year-old man who has had very few dates in his life. I did not go to my senior prom and I have never had a girlfriend. Every weekend seems to find me more alone than ever or out with the guys that I know. I’m sure that some people think I’m gay but nothing is farther from the truth. I am simply terrified of women. I may want them badly but the idea of being rejected for a date or just because she does not like me is terrifying. I am too fearful to ever ask a woman to dance. I don’t know how to hold a conversation with a woman. What would I talk about? I have had some dates but it was always with women who showed they were interested in me first. After that I could handle it. One thing I have learned is to approach only women who are alone or at most with one other friend. I avoid women in large groups because my experience is that they will turn on you like a pack of wild dogs and rip you to shreds. I don’t know why this happens but I have experienced it. I need help. /s/ Alone As Usual

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Dead tapir on Northern Highway
his is a crying shame. Here is our national animal, our great Tapir, laying dead between miles 89/90 on the Philip Goldson Highway (formerly Northern Highway). Due to our dry conditions, these tapirs will find their fresh water source at Four Mile Lagoon.

A most blessed remembrance for my dear Muslim brother, friend, activist, and mentor, Ismail Omar Shabazz. Here he was celebrating his 75 birthday, and yours truly visited him in Belize, walked right in on the celebration, and was able to meet his precious grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a moment of rich family celebration of his many years as a Belizean historian, his life which he truly cherished, a staunch opponent against the Guatemalan Claim, and a Belizean who loved his people and country. We later spoke for hours on Belizean affairs, and it was always a learning experience at his home, the University of Consciousness. He lives in me!

In my late years today, it is most important that that my dear wife Sumaiya Morris be honored more than any other Belizean legend that have been covered here on this documentary series called Belizean Legends. She has stood with me through it all, and understood all the reasons why this struggle here is waged. She is my comfort and motivation in it all. There is nothing more precious than her companionship and support. She is legend!

Bullet Tree village cleanup
Bullet Tree village is a member of the Bi-national Watershed Alliance. Community members joined in cleaning the river in their community. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this activity possible.

The Reporter

FCD plans another surveillance flight to monitor illegal farming in Chiquibul
Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) is planning another aerial surveillance exercise to monitor the most recent level of incursions in the Chiquibul Reserve. FCD says agricultural encroachments started to appear in the forest after 1980 and increased leading up to 2000. The highest expansion occurred from 2004 to 2010, however, showing that almost 9,000 acres of land has been deforested. Projection models suggest that by the year 2050, a significant portion of the Chiquibul forest will be converted to agriculture, if no effective interventions are put in place. Aerial pictures have shown that Guatemalan farmers have started to slash and burn the southern portion of the forest because of its remoteness. Recent patrols, however, have resulted in the detention of Guatemalan intruders.

Retaliatory shootings take place in Belize City following ‘Shiny’ Tillett’s murder in Dangriga
Police have increased their patrols in Belize City following Saturday night’s shooting murder of George Street boss, Gerald “Shiny’ Tillett in Dangriga, and retaliatory shootings in Belize City. The latest victim is Kadeem Castillo, who was killed in Belize City hours after Tillett’s murder. Tillett was at a social event at a recreation centre on Saint Vincent Street in Dangriga at around 7:00 p.m. when someone approached him and opened fire on him. He was struck in the head and died while on the way to the Western Regional Hospital. The owner of the business, David Rodriguez, was treated and released with a gunshot wound to the right side of his chest. Another man, a tour guide, is in a critical condition with a gunshot wound to the centre of his chest. The gunman who was also injured, is receiving medical treatment under police guard.

Earthquake hits Ecuador; hundreds killed
A catastrophic earthquake that destroyed buildings in Ecuador on Saturday became far more devastating Sunday, when the death toll rose to 233. Another 1,500 people were injured, said Ricardo Peñaherrera of Quito’s emergency management office. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Saturday night as it buckled homes and knocked out power in the city, Ecuador’s most populous, authorities said. Emergency officials recovered one body from the scene of a bridge collapse there. Vice President Jorge Glas had said earlier the death toll is expected to rise. A state of emergency is in effect for six provinces — Guayas, Manabi, Santo Domingo, Los Rios, Esmeraldas and Galapagos. Authorities urged those who left their homes in coastal areas to return after a tsunami alert was lifted.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ariel Rosado Foundation holds bike ride for scholarships
The annual Bike Ride in memory to the late Ariel Rosado and hosted by the Ariel Rosado Foundation took place on Saturday on the George Price Highway. The renamed Ariel Rosado Foundation was established to give life to future leaders of Belize, in memory […]

Belize group hits back at U.S. over Venezuela “threat”
The Belizean Organization for Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution says it opposes U.S. President Barack Obama’s March 3, 2016 extension of his decree declaring Venezuela an “Unusual and Extraordinary Threat to the United States”. According to the organization, the claims made in the decree […]

Amandala defends headline in sex case
Earlier this week a release came out of the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) in relation to the recent incidents of abuse against two girls. While expressing concern for the particular child, a 13 year old girl, who is said to have […]

2016 hurricane season forecast released; average activity predicted
The Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Prediction issued by Philip J. Klotzbach, Research Scientist, and William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus, at the Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, at the National Tropical Weather Conference, calls for 12 named storms, 5 hurricanes and 2 major […]

One detained for “Shiney” murder; Belize City youth among those shot in retaliation
Police have confirmed that one “person of interest” is in custody in Dangriga in relation to Saturday night’s murder of Gerald “Shiney” Tillett. That person is among those injured in the incident. Tillett was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. The […]

“Shiny” dead, three others injured; retaliations reported
Reputed George Street Gang Boss Gerald “Shiney” Tillett is dead, killed by a single gunshot wound to the head on Saturday night. In reported retaliation, no less than seven shootings have been reported since last night. The shooting happened while he and two others were socializing at […]

Belize City police on high alert following “Shiney” murder
BBN Staff: Belize City police are on high alert following last night’s murder of George Street gang leader Gerald “Shiney” Tillet in Dangriga. There were a string of shootings reported mainly across the south side of the city in the wake of the news. Early reports to BBN […]


Caye Caulker and Her New Beach are Looking Beautiful
Thursday I cruised over to Caye Caulker with Island Dreams Tours. And…for some reason, it was my first stop in Caye Caulker for months. What the HECK have I been up to? Just 20 mins away, I had been gone for months and lots had changed. But the charm is there FOR SURE. We started by cruising down the leeward side of the island to the Split. On the north side, leeward, is a new business. I tried to get some pictures… The Lizard itself is undergoing some construction. There is a new mural. And what they are calling a “bistro” upstairs. Perhaps too fancy for the Split? A historically VERY laid back place – the old motto used to be “a sunny place for shady people”. And then the new beach!

San Pedro Sunday morning: Covering ground for a good cause
This morning was the second annual Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run in San Pedro. Rose and I chose the walk option off the menu, out of deference for me being completely out of shape thanks to back-to-back surgeries in the past year or so. So Rose prepared for the 5K by rising early and running a 7K. I prepared by looking for my ancient running shoes, which I searched thoroughly for scorpions, lizards, spiders and other creatures who seek shelter in musty, dark places in the back of closets. The good news is, I found none of the above. But the shoes. Oh, the shoes! The bad news is . . . oh, wait . . . I told you earlier: I am terribly out of shape as far as humans go. The run/walk began in front of the Sandbar, the hostel/bar/pizza joint in Boca del Rio which seems to be making a habit out of civic generosity. If there is a good deed being done for San Pedro, you’ll likely see the Sandbar’s name attached to it somewhere. Seriously, a bottomless source of good works for the community.

International Sourcesizz

The turquoise water is un-Belize-able!
YOU better Belize it. Un-Belize-able. The Belize jokes come thick and fast, and the cliche t-shirts sell just as quickly. While I may have resisted the Belize offerings, I have succumbed to a Guatever t-shirt in Guatemala - honestly, how could I resist? The "Guat's Up?" tops were almost as tempting. But, where was I? Oh yeah - blissing in Belize. Caye Caulker's got that chill vibe of Byron Bay before it became so touristy. I imagine it's similar across the Caribbean but a little more sleepy than, say Jamaica. Everyone speaks English and they take US dollars in all stores - one US is the equivalent of two Belize dollars. The British colony is still struggling with identity, with Guatemala and Mexico still fighting in the courts over territory. There's only 2000 people living on the island, though that can double with tourists in peak seasons. The locals - who will happily strike up a conversation with anyone - get around on bikes or golf buggies. But the real attraction of Caye Caulker is in the stunning turquoise Caribbean surrounding the island.

Belize Tourism Off to Booming Start in 2016
Belize is booming. The Caribbean destination is off to a blazing start in 2016, according to the latest numbers from the Belize Tourism Board. The country reported a 24 percent year-over-year increase in stayover visitors in January, followed by an 18.4 percent increase in stayover visitors in 2015. The increase was reflected in 7,416 visitors in January and 5,800 visitors in January, with overall totals of 38,274 arrivals in January, 37,624 arrivals in February and 43,063 arrivals in March. For the first quarter overall, the country reported a 16.9 percent increase in overnight tourist arrivals, making it the fastest-growing destination in the Caribbean in 2016.

Longevity Summit brings latest health research to the valley
A two-day Longevity Summit in Medford brought the latest health research on living longer to Rogue Valley residents this weekend. This is the second year of the longevity summit, and it’s grown quite a bit. More than 350 people heard from 20 speakers. The event aims to share the latest health headlines, and show people how they can add 5 to 20 quality years to their lives. “We distilled down 20 years of research into the best practices in terms of how people can lose weight, get rid of their headaches, get rid of their arthritis, work toward reversing diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, et cetera,” Dr. Thaddeus Gala said. The event is also a fundraiser for a school program in Belize. Last year, enough money was donated to supply a children’s before and after-school program with food for the entire year. This year, they’ve already achieved that same goal, and are working to do even more.


  • Belize 2016 | Highlight Video, 3min. Here are some highlights on the incredible trip 41 missionaries took to Belize April 1-9. Thanks to everyone who was a part of donating the over $16,000 that came in through the Easter Love Offering to fully fund all the construction projects in Punta Gorda and San Miguel! Your generosity is helping two churches reach more people in their town and village with the love of Christ!

  • Ambergris Caye Scuba Adventures, 3min. March 2016 - Ambergris Caye, Belize Shot with a GoPro 3 Silver and a Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter in the second largest barrier reef on the planet.

  • Diving the Victoria Tunnel in Ambergris Caye Belize, 2min. Every dive is different, some have lots of fish, others amazing coral and sponges and sometimes you are just flying. Smooth, dark tunnels and just floating.

  • Dont Panic Dive, 1.5min. Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • Placencia - Belize 2015, 5min. Our trip to Placencia, Belize. We stayed at Laru Beya Resort - the nicest staff ever!

  • Ambassador Assad Shoman and the BNTU April 2016 on the Belize/Guatemala differendum Part 2, 12.5min. Brother Assad Shoman does his historical/political presentation at on the issue of the unjust and irritating issue by Guatemala on Belize.

  • Senior Year 2016: BELIZE, 4min.

  • Ambergios Caye, Belize April 2016, 4min.

  • ATV Belize, 11min. BUTTS UP TOURS in Belize City, Belize - ATV in the mud. So much fun, so much mud! Good thing we went tubing down the river through the caves to clean u

  • BLUE HOLE BELIZE FEB 2016, 8.5min. Buceo Realizado en el Gran Blue Hole, Belize Febrero 2016.

  • Mayan Ruins in Belize, 3min.