Reminded because of Japan and Ecuador ..........basic earthquake advice.
Belize is not in a major earthquake zone, but it never hurts to know what to do if we do have one.

When shaking starts, get out of the way of things that can fall on you. Depending on your situation: Stand in a doorway (typically a strong point of construction) and hang on, get outside away from buildings, get under the bed ..... whatever you can do fast.

After shaking stops, be sure to wear strong shoes (really!!) to protect your feet from the debris (broken glass, etc) that will surely be around. Then immediately turn off propane gas bottles. Gas fires after earthquakes are common and in San Pedro we have a lot of tinder.

Do not re-enter damaged buildings until they have been assessed for safety.
Remember that there are almost always after-shocks, so try to relax until things settle down completely.

If you have a hurricane plan and supplies you should be ready for the aftermath of an earthquake.