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Today's Belize News: April 20, 2016 #513200
04/20/16 04:44 AM
04/20/16 04:44 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Life’s a Beach in Belize
Ahh, the beach…it calls to you daily – teasing and tempting with the sound of waves crashing ashore…shimmering shades of blue and green waters warm enough to lounge in for hours (SPF please), trade winds blowing, perhaps the simple addition of a refreshing beverage or two, a good book or trashy novel…hey, even a hammock between two coconut trees or at the end of a rickety wooden dock. However, Belize’s shorelines are different from the postcard visuals most visitors expect. Ambergris Caye doesn’t have a typical ‘beach’ scene with rows of white sand edging blue waters as far as the eye can see. There are some spots like that, but our waters are home to turtle grass, where fish and rays can play close to shore. Our Barrier Reef protects us from large crashing waves, so docks line our shores where you can jump in and play with the wild marine life.

Ambergris Today

New Garbage Compactor Added to San Pedro Sanitary Fleet
Growing pains of booming tourism industry on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize - As the development continues to increases on the island, so does the need for more infrastructure and yes, more vehicles to meet the demands of services provided. The sanitation department of the island is one feeling the pressure with the growing amounts of garbage being produced. To meet these demands of garbage collection, the San Pedro Town Council has acquired four garbage compactors, one of which was delivered to the island today, April 19, 2016. San Pedro Mayor Danny Guerrero and Deputy Mayor Gary Greif were on hand at the unveiling and indicated that the service vehicle will be put to use immediately.

San Pedro High School Talking Business
by Madison Pearl. Leave it to my parents to get me to go to school even on the weekend! I was not excited to go to the San Pedro High School’s Business Fair on my day off at all, but as soon as I got there I realized it wasn’t such a bad idea. I’m going to high school in a few years and now I’m really looking forward to it! These kids had real business plans and they were so creative. Models of their buildings, flat screen displays, samples of their food, even mascots and I was in the middle of all of it! I totally took a selfie with a little monkey dude! The seniors and juniors at the San Pedro High School had to present business plans to the public and judges. Some of them went as far as making jingles and commercials for their businesses. They opened Facebook pages and everything! We walked around the booths and got the kids to explain their plans to us and we could tell they put a lot of work into their projects.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

SBDC Workshop: Basics of Labour Law
April 21st, 2016. Time: 1pm - 4pm. PRICE: FREE. Location: BTEC Building, ITVet Compound, Freetown Road. Belize City, Belize. This informational session on Labour Law will cover various acts under Labour Legislation which includes: Chapter 287- SHOPS ACT Chapter 297- LABOUR ACT (including Amendment #3 of 2011) Chapter 298 - SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES IN ESSENTIAL SERVICES ACT Chapter 299 - TRADE DISPUTES (ARBITRATION AND INQUIRY) ACT Chapter 304 - TRADE UNIONS AND EMPLOYERS' ORGANIZATIONS (REGISTRATION, RECOGNITION AND STATUS) ACT The Labour Department's mandate, among many others, is enforcement and compliance with these legislation's. This will all be related to Belize's international obligations as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Additionally, the session will provide an overview of as it relates to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.

Drones banned within the boundaries of ALL Archaeological Reserves
The Institute of Archaeology, NICH would like to advise all Tour Operators, Tour Guides and the General Public that to ensure the safety and security of all visitors, the use of DRONES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the boundaries of ALL Archaeological Reserves.

Chaa Creek Eco Kids Camp 2016
Chaa Creek is accepting essays for their 2016 Eco Kids Summer Camp. If you know any kids that are interested, let them know that all they have to do is write a 300 word essay about why they want to be an Eco Kid. "It's almost time for our Eco-Kids summer camp 2016! Kids between 9 & 12 submit your entries to [email protected]!"

And so ends another great Birdathon, last of three
If you call yourself a Belizean birder, then Dawson's Creek and Lamanai Savannahs should be on your eBird list for this year. These are places of sublime beauty, where birding is explained by a second definition. Dawnson's Creek just before dawn. There is something about how light starts spreading over the sky and how silhouettes play with shadows of color over the vast landscape, that attracts your attention. Lamanai Savannahs at dawn.

Book launch of Ms. Kesha Peyrefitte's book
Last Thursday Embassy staff had the opportunity to attend the book launch of Ms. Kesha Peyrefitte's book titled, "What If..I Love Her and Other Stories" at the National Heritage Library. Ms. Peyrefitte's book of short stories is the first book published by a Belizean this year in Belize. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Developing and promoting literary arts is important!

Wild Flower Fashion Show
The Imagine Greater Modelling Agency is having their Wild Flower Fashion Show this Saturday at Cahal Pech. It starts at 7:00pm, and the after party will be at Thirsty Thursdays. "IGMA Fashion Show event is about displaying a collections of newly designed clothing, and showcasing Belizean Models at their best. Promoting Health, beauty and Wild Flowers."

U.S. Citizen Town Hall Meeting- Cayo
Friday, May 20 at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. The U.S. Embassy will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting for American Citizens on May 20th in Cayo at the The Aguada Hotel, Santa Elena. If you are an American Citizen residing in Belize in this area please join us.

Channel 7

Zika: CDC Posts Travel Advisory For Belize
Since November of last year, we have been reporting extensively on the Zika virus. As we told you, the presence of Zika has been confirmed in all neighboring countries, but not in Belize. Well, all that has changed because the Centers for Disease Control sent out a Zika travel notice today - putting Belize on the map of countries reporting active Zika mosquito transmission. It's troubling news for Belize, but the Ministry of Health isn't taking the CDC's word for it. Health CEO Ramon Figueroa told us that they knew this travel advisory would be released but that they will await the test results from CARPHA before they confirm that there are Zika cases in Belize. Figueroa says they remain vigilant and have sent 5 more samples to CARPHA this week. Now, Zika isn't as severe as, say…dengue. The symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, and, in most cases, the illness is mild with symptoms lasting less than a week.

No Charge Yet For Man Who Cops Say Shot "Shiney"
No one has been charged as yet for Gerald "Shiney" Tillett's murder. The alleged killer is still hospitalized in a stable condition and is under heavy police guard. As we told you, on Saturday night the reputed leader of the George Street Gang was hanging out at the Wadani Shed in Dangriga along with the owner David Rodriguez and another friend Carlos Sharp. They were playing a round of 'Dice' when a gunman opened fire under the shed. Tillet was shot to the head while Rodriguez and Sharp were both shot to the chest. That is when another one of Tillett's friends shot the gunman in the back twice - with a licensed firearm.

SSG Boss Says: Not Involved In Shiney Murder
Now as we told you Tillett's murder in Dangriga might be related to some gang rivalry in Belize City. That's because Tillett is the reputed George Street Gang leader and police say his alleged shooter is associated with the Southside Gangsters - both gangs are known rivals. Here's how the commander of the GSU put it yesterday:... Supt. Mark Flowers, Commander, GSU: "We know that he is a Dangriga resident who have lived in Belize City and who is also closely associated, that is a suspected shooter, with the South Side gang." And while that narrative seems straightforward, the man said to be the leader of the Southside Gangsters Wababa Norales called 7News today and told us the cops have it all wrong. Norales told our news Director Jules Vasquez that while he does have, quote, "controllance of Griga" end quote, he was in the city at the park at the time of the murder, and was as surprised as anyone else to hear about it. He says he doesn't know who is behind the murder - but acknowledged that Tillett has many enemies. He also said that while the Southside Gangsters have an ongoing rivalry with George Street so do many other gangs.

Grijlava Attorney Says Noh Mul Appeal Likely
On Thursday - UDP Politician Denny Grijalva, his wife Emelda and project manager Javier Nunez will go before the Chief Magistrate in Belize City to be sentenced. Nunes has been found guilty of, causing the removal of earth from an ancient monument without a permit, while Grijalva and his wife are guilty of "removing earth from an ancient monument...and wilful damaging on an ancient monument." The monument in question is Noh Mul and Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith found, quote, "The damage to the mound is irreversible as the excavation has resulted in only the core being left.... the Crown..proved all elements of the offences beyond a reasonable doubt and therefore finds the defendants guilty of all charges." And while the defence for Gijlava's team argues that the equipment found at the site was commandeered by villagers and used without their consent, the Chief Magistrate found, quote, "if the Maya site was destroyed by the agents of the defendants, can the defendant's be held liable? The Court is of the view that the company and the directors i.e. Mr Denny Grijalva, Ms Emelda Grijalva and the project manager Mr Javier Nunez are to be held liable and accountable for the acts of its servants...for the criminal acts of those who illegally excavated Noh Mul. They are to be held accountable."

Guatemala Rejects Sarstoon Peace Protocol
Guatemala has rejected Belize's proposals for keeping the peace on the Sarstoon. As we reported, on Friday, April 8, talks were held at the OAS Adjacency Zone office, and Belize put forward an 11-point draft proposal for a protocol on the Sarstoon River. The Guatemalan's counter-proposal amounts to a rejection of the protocol. They want all Belizean vessels to check in with them before proceeding down the Sarstoon. It's a major disappointment for Belize, and just last week when Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington revealed the draft proposal, he told us that was optimistic that it would be well received on the other side of the border: Daniel Ortiz: "Based on your discussions with the Guatemalan representatives, are you gentlemen hopeful that this modus Vivendi as proposed will meet its success?"

Lozano Blames 7News For House Shot Up
Last night, we told you about gunmen who shot up the Lozano home on Marage Road in Ladyville. That happened in the early morning hours of Saturday, and the family worried that the assailants might return for another attempt, since no one was injured during the weekend. Today, Cynthia Lozano sat down with 7News and she described what happened that night after she had only just gone to bed: "I got home at ten to two that Sunday morning. I went to bed about 2:45-2:50 thereabout, and was awaken by loud kicks at my door. Right after the kicks, my husband got up to find out what the noise was about. Immediately we heard three gun shots, he came out the door and I followed behind. I looked for my kids and saw they were okay. By that time they had knocked all the lights off. I called my son who wasn't at home, because my other boy thought he came home and it was him outside. He said 'mom I'm still in Cayo'. I then called the police, they asked me a few questions, I told them 'I'm not opening my door until you guys get here', of which they did. What transpired there, I really and truly don't know, like I told you, I was awaken from my sleep. I honestly believe they would have executed the job that they came to do and everyone in my home would have been dead, because you cannot leave someone to tell the tale. That was my worst fear that night."

Felix Brothers Will Stand Trial For Mark Gentle's Murder
Today several charges were dropped against the Felix brothers - Maurice and Emory. They were both charged for shooting 27 year old Mark Gentle and 34 year old Calvin Cumberbatch on May 25th, 2015. Both Gentle and Cumberbatch were sitting on a step in front of their house that Monday night when a vehicle pulled up and 2 men let off a barrage of gunfire, and sped off. Cumberbatch was treated and released for his injuries but Mark Gentle, known as Mark Vernon died a week after on June 8th 2015. Now in terms of the court case against the Felix brothers - they were initially charged with 2 counts of attempted murder, 2 counts of dangerous harm, and 1 count of use of deadly means of harm. But today at the Preliminary Inquiry, those charges were dropped in relation to the shooting of Calvin Cumberbatch.

Court Says Cruise Visitor's Cannabis Cool
31 year-old American Cruise Tourist Ashley Williams received a stroke of judicial generosity when she was arraigned today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza. She was caught with a very small quantity of marijuana. Williams, a resident of Virginia was taken to court today on a single count of possession of a controlled drug. When the charge was read to her, she told the court that she came on today's cruise ship from Virginia, and that she bought 1.8 grams of cannabis - less than one tenth of an ounce - in Belize City, not knowing that it is still illegal in this country. After consideration, Magistrate Mendoza dismissed the charge, and cautioned Williams that she now knows it to be illegal, and that she must not be arrested for being in possession of the drug in Belize again. Magistrate Mendoza commented to court reporters that he reason he dismissed the charge without any sanctions was that the cannabis was sold openly to her, against her knowledge of its illegality. He added that police should start to crack down on persons who are selling drugs.

Dr. Z Links Up With BPP
The yellow and green political camp have gotten the technical expertise of one very prominent Belizean educator and economist. He is Dr. Louis Zabaneh whose official membership in the independent party was heralded in a press release today. He has been named the, quote, "Sustainable Human Development Advisor to the Executive.

Sales Rep Charged For Sex With Minor
A man is spending his first night in prison today after he was accused of having sex with a 13 year old girl. The minor reported to police that 28 year old Sales Representative Shane Gentle had sex with her twice on March 24th . A medical examination on the child confirmed that she had been carnally known. Today the Belize City resident of Tibuce Street appeared in court without an attorney. In court he was read two charges of unlawful sexual intercourse. No plea was taken and he was offered no bail, due to the nature of the offences. As a result he will wait out the remaining days until his next court session on remand at the Belize Central Prison. The case was adjourned until May 17th.

"Shiney" Always Shied Away From Spotlight
Today - as they did yesterday - the family of 36 year old Gerald "Shiney" Tillett declined an interview with 7News. They told us "you can say what you want." And indeed the public image of someone labeled as a gangster always looms much larger than the person's family life. Much of that image is informed by legend and public speculation. From a public perspective, for all his renown, Shiny never gravitated to the spotlight - in fact he shied away from it, and as far as we know, he only ever gave one interview to the media. We dug into our archives today to look at some of the few public appearances he made:... Tillett was the father of 10 children. His funeral will be held on Saturday at 10:30 at St. John's Cathedral, and he will be buried right at Lord's Ridge Cemetery.

Vision and Vice On Vacation
A Canadian Pop music duo calling themselves "Vice and Vision" are in Belize seeking inspiration on a musical tour of Belize. They stopped by our studio and spoke to us about the work they've been doing, and why they chose Belize in the first place. They plan to be in Belize at least for the next month or so. But before they go they hope to perform a show at the Prison. They told us more about the idea.

Fundraiser To Save Cleyon
There will be a BBQ and Pastry sale this Saturday for little Cleyon Marage. As we had told you, Cleyon urgently needs a $100,000 bone marrow transplant and his parents are trying to raise that money, but they need your help. So if you want to assist the family you can stop by the fundraiser this Saturday at 42 Cleghorn Street from 10 to 3 in the afternoon. 12 year old Cleyon was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2014. He is receiving treatment in Merida.

Not Bashing Assad
Before we close tonight, we must make a clarification to a story which we aired last night. We told you that Assad Shoman, the Opposition Leader's representative in the Belize/Guatemala bilateral talks, is recommending a change to Belize's Maritime Areas Act. We reported that he thinks it prudent to change the law so that Belize claims its full 12 miles of territorial seas. We must specify that he was referring to the twelve miles of seas between the Sarstoon and the Ranguana Caye. Right now in the law's current state, Belize is only claiming 3 miles of its territorial waters as way to provide a framework for the negotiation of a definitive agreement on territorial differences with Guatemala. Now that these negotiations have failed, Shoman is recommending that the law be amended so that Belize can claim the other 9 miles of territorial seas that exists between the Sarstoon and the Ranguana.

Channel 5

O.A.S. Secretary-General Visits Belize
Secretary-General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro arrived in Belize today as part of a scheduled two-day visit to promote the culture of peace at the Adjacency Zone. [...]

Police Remain on High Alert Following Murder of GSG Boss
Police are being deployed in many neighborhoods on the south side of Belize City, as they brace up for any eventuality, following the murder of Gerald “Shiny” Tillett in Dangriga [...]

Cops Say Closing Businesses Had Nothing to Do With Murder
Following the murders of Gerald Shiny Tillett and Kadeem Castillo, at least two clubs—Dino’s Night Club and Thirsty Thursday—were reportedly closed down just after midnight on Saturday. Several businesses in [...]

Coastguard Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself
A Coast Guard Petty Officer Class Three is tonight recovering at the K.H.M.H. after he was injured at the Coast Guard’s Forward Operating Base in Consejo. From a very preliminary [...]

Felix Brothers Will Stand Trial for Murder
The Felix brothers, Maurice and Emory, will have to stand trial for the murder of Mark Gentle and attempted murder of Pamela Cumberbatch at the June session of the Supreme [...]

Are You Surprised by Guatemala’s Rejection of the Sarstoon Proposals?
And tonight question is: Are you surprised by Guatemala’s rejection of the Sarstoon proposals? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our [...]

CDC Confirms Zika in Belize
The Center for Disease Control in the U.S. has confirmed that there is zika in Belize. The Ministry of Health, however, has not confirmed that report because it says it [...]

Denny Grijalva Guilty of Razing Ancient Mayan Site
After three years of constant adjournments and delays, U.D.P. Orange Walk Central political caretaker Denny Grijalva was found guilty, along with his wife Emelda Grijalva and Project manager Javier Nunez. [...]

Punishment May Not Fit the Crime
The next step will be mitigation pleas followed by sentencing. But here’s the thing. Under the NICH Act, Grijalva could face fines of up to ten thousand dollars. Banner says [...]

Alrick Smith Case for Malicious Prosecution in Court
It was big news in July 2014 when an entire family, seven persons from the Lake Independence area, was locked down after a firearm was found in the home. It [...]

Arlie Petters Appointed Trinity Dean of Academic Affairs
Belizean born mathematical physicist Doctor Arlie Petters has been appointed to dean of academic affairs and associate vice provost for undergraduate education at Trinity College in North Carolina, U.S.A.  Doctor [...]

Taiwanese Technical Team Complete Helicopter Assembly
After just about two weeks in Belize, a seventeen member team from the Republic of China on Taiwan – comprising engineers, technicians, mechanics and pilots – has completed the assembly [...]

Police Investigate Accident in the City
Up to news time, statements were being recorded by the police on an accident that occurred just before three this afternoon in Belize City. A motorcyclist was knocked down at [...]

Santorino Sotz Says Police Are Corrupt
Police Constables Hallet King and Leonard Nunez were the two officers charged for the vicious killing of eighteen year old Baptist High School student Hilberto Sotz inside the police station [...]

Taste of Belize 2016 Will Be Bigger and Better
This year, the Belize Tourism Board will be bringing back the Taste of Belize, a competitive culinary show. Chefs, bakers and bartenders from across the country will face off in [...]

Jimmy Morales Comments for Donald Trump
To close the news tonight, we report on a recent statement made by Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales. Morales was interviewed by a New York Times reporter and was asked specifically [...]


Kim Simplis Barrow Visits Schools In The North
Yesterday Special Envoy for Families and Children Kim Simplis Barrow, the founder of the Lifeline foundation, visited three schools in the Corozal District including the Libertad Seventh Day Adventist School whose faculty and staff was more than ready to receive her. Kim Simplis Barrrow – Founder of Lifeline Foundation: “Life-Line black and white gala is coming up and normally we look at one of our districts and we focus on the schools there and this year around is give your heart here at Corozal, we at Life Line always want to go to the schools and so our own inspection so that is what we did, we did three schools today; we did Libertad, San Narciso and Caledonia, the plan for Libertad is really and we looking at a, for this school is looking at a Computer Lab, which is very much needed so it is a construction of a physical computer lab and the donation of computers and we were also looking at the roof from the first building that was established here and the roof is bat infested and so we will be looking to see if we could make enough money to replace the roof.”

NTV Heads Out to Garbutt Falls
Saturday April 30th marks the 157th anniversary of the 1859 Treaty between the governments of the UK and the republic of Guatemala which recognized the border between Belize and Guatemala, and as a tribute to the historic event the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV) have organized a day trip to the Garbutt's Fall marker in Western Belize, which separates Benque Viejo Town from Guatemala's Melchor De Menchos. Yesterday during our morning show, Despierta Belice, we spoke to two members of the NTV who told us why it is very important for Belizeans to make an effort to attend this trip Northern Territorial Volunteers: “When we commemorate that date so we are planning this trip to go there and show people our monument so that is the main reason, to educate them of the date that the treaty was signed and to visit our monument and to see what our monument is because as far as we understand the OAS is in charge to keep this monument still and the last trip we went there the monument was in a deplorable condition; a lot of garbage and it was very, very dirty and so we want to sensitize the people and take them there and show them this is what we have so we are inviting the public at large to come out on this trip it is a very educational trip.”

Another Hike On Fuel Prices
If you visited the pumps over the weekend you might have noticed that once again there were changes in the cost of domestic fuel. The changes, which occurred on Friday, saw the cost per gallon of premium gasoline increasing by two cents, going from nine dollars and six cents to nine dollars and eight cents while the cost per gallon of diesel increased from seven dollars and sixty four cents to seven dollars and eighty seven cents, a difference of twenty-three cents. But there is some good news for consumers of regular gasoline, as it saw a slight decrease of eleven cents, reducing from nine dollars and six cents to eight dollars and ninety five cents. The last time we reported on changes in fuel prices was April 8th 2016.

Guatemala Rejects Belize's Proposal
Many of you may remember that on Friday of last week a draft proposal was presented to Guatemala by a Belizean delegation during a bilateral meeting that took place at the OAS office at the adjacency zone in Benque Viejo. After the draft proposal was presented, the Guatemalan delegation asked for a one week grace period to consider the proposal and deliver a response. That week is up and although GOB has not officially spoken on the issue, information is that Guatemala has rejected the 11 proposals without offering an alternative. For context, we revisit Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrignton’s presentation on the draft proposals. Hon. Wilfred Elrington- Minister Foreign Affairs “The channels of the Sarstoon River shall continue to be freely navigable by vessels and boats of each of the two countries without any interference or trailing by the other. The second…whenever any vessels of any one of the parties approaches the base of the other party or any other vessel, it shall reduce its speed as a token of respect and friendship and to avoid injury or damage to persons or property.”

Grijalva Inclined To Appeal Guilty Verdict
As we mentioned in yesterday’s newscast, a decision was handed down in the case against Denny Grijalva, his wife Maria who were representing De mar’s Stone Company and Javier Nunez, the foreman of the company who were charged with willfully damaging an ancient monument, removing earth from an ancient monument and causing destruction of an ancient monument respectively back in June of 2013. At that time Grijalva's company was accused of using the material of the historical Mayan Site, Noh Mul fix roads in the Orange Walk North constituency. All three individuals were found guilty of the charges at the Corozal Magistrates Court by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith.Attorney for the Grijalva’s and Nunez, Brian Neal, spoke today with our colleagues at Seven News and according to him, the decision taken by the court came as quite a surprise and the next step to be taken by his clients will more than likely be to appeal the decision as he believes the wrong persons were accused of destroying the Maya Site.

NTV Educates The Youths On Flag Protocols
For the past few months the Northern Territorial Volunteers have been carrying out an educational campaign at different schools and organizations throughout the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. The purpose of the campaign is to educate Belizeans about the proper flag protocols of Belize. According to leader of the NTV, Jeovannie De la Fuente and member David Espadas, although the response from Belizeans has been very poor so far, they are very optimistic. Northern Territorial Volunteers: “The response of Belizeans as a whole when it comes to these types of things unfortunately is very poor, you would be surprise that if you ask a standard six student what the red signifies on our flag they don’t know, they don’t know that that is unity, they don’t know how the red got there, the student don’t know what the fifty leaves mean in our flag and that is the aim we are teaching these people we have held several teaching sessions with adults and they ask what this means and yes what the teachers are fighting for that we need to teach our student the flag protocol.”

NTV Describes Draft Proposals As Band Aid Solutions
Yesterday representatives of the Northern Territorial Volunteers were guest on the Despierta Belice morning show. President of NTV Geovanni De La Fuente and member David Espadas visited the show to promote the groups trip to Garbutt Falls which we’ll tell you about in a few. During yesterday’s conversation NTV representatives were asked to give their input on the 11 proposals presented to Guatemala by Belize to defuse confrontation at the Sarstoon. While we know now that Guatemala has rejected those proposals De La Fuente and Espadas are of the opinion that the 11-point draft proposal for a peace protocol in the Sarstoon is just a Band-Aid solution to a problem that requires real action.


Guatemala Rejects Belize’s Proposals
On Wednesday, April 13, Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Sedi Elrington in the company of former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman addressed the media in a press briefing at the NEMO’s Conference Room in Belmopan where a list of protocols presented to Guatemalan counterparts were shared. In that brief, Elrington says that they had given the Guatemalans […]

Grijalva Guilty of Destroying Ancient Monument
There was public outcry at the local and international level when it was discovered that a large portion of the Noh Mul Mayan Temple was destroyed. The marl from the temple was used to pave roads in a nearby village. Operation ceased when National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) officials learnt of what was […]

Belize Sends Additional Samples to CARPHA; Awaiting Results on First Samples
Belize’s health officials have sent six more samples to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Port of Spain for ZIKA testing. Majority of those samples derived from the south and were taken during the epidemiological investigation launched in the southern and western part of Belize. Meanwhile, Belize’s health officials were expecting results from Port […]

Taiwan’s Ambassador Tests Helicopters in Belize’s Airspace
Two weeks ago, a seventeen member team from the Republic of China Taiwan arrived in Belize. The team comprised engineers, technicians, mechanics and two pilots. The team was dispatched by the Government of Taiwan to assemble the two UH-1H helicopters gifted to the Belize Defence Force. Shortly after its arrival, the team embarked on the […]

Another Change in Fuel Prices
Ten days ago we told you of a price change at the gas pumps that saw the increase of regular fuel and diesel by sixty two cents and twenty one cents, respectively. Last Friday, those prices were changed again which shows a lowering of regular fuel by eleven cents thus making it eight dollars and […]

Belize to Implement National Drivers Database
Taiwan’s Technical Mission in Belize has teamed up with the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) to bring an electronic system to Belize for driver and vehicle licenses as well as vehicle registration complemented by a web portal for information access. Technology experts from Taiwan were in Belize meeting with officials from the Transport Department conducting […]

Briceno Continues His Familiarization of 31 Divisions
This past weekend, the People’s United Party held a meeting at Maracas in Orange Walk Town to elect a Chairman for the Orange Walk South committee. That person will be replacing Jose Abelardo Mai since he is now the Deputy Leader North on the party’s national executive. During that meeting, Thea Garcia was elected. As […]

PUP and Shoman – A Strange Relationship
The People’s United Party had recently appointed its former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman to sit on the Belize/Guatemala team along with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington. It is a strange relation to say the least, particularly since Shoman has stated clear that he is not a member or supporter of the blue and white […]

Dr Petters Appointed as Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice Provost at Duke University
Dr Arlie Petters is no stranger to Belizeans as he has been quite active in the education sector in Belize. His invaluable contributions and humble personality have not only been recognized in Belize but also in the United States where he spent much of his years; so much so that Dr Petters have been appointed […]

Guard Stabbed Whilst Foiling Robbery at Free Zone
Two nights ago a security guard employed at the Corozal Free Zone Security, was stabbed. Reports are that a robbery was in progress at an establishment when the security guard tried to intervene. All that is known to Love News is that there was a struggle between the security guard and the thieves. As a […]

Gang Leader Slain Under the Wadani Shed
Well known street figure, Gerald Shiney Tillett was gunned down on Saturday night in Dangriga. The incident unfolded at a popular hang out spot in that municipality. Correspondent Harry Arzu filed this report. HARRY ARZU REPORT “36-year-old, Gerald Tillett, leader of the George Street Gang in Belize City was shot and killed in Dangriga while […]

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Gerald “Shiny” Tillett is dead; retaliatory shootings kill another in Belize City
Reputed George Street Gang Boss 36 year old Gerald “Shiney” Tillett is dead. He was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. The shooting happened while he and two others were socializing at the popular gambling spot, Wadani Shed, on St. Vincent Street in Dangriga Saturday night. We hear from S...

Western Regional Hospital crawling with gang affiliates; armed security called in
As we told you, following the transportation of two of the shooting victims to the Western Regional hospital on Sunday, as well as the body of the notorious street figure, Gerald Tillet, to the Belmopan morgue, Hospital administration had to call in police assistance as several vehicles of Belize Ci...

Man stabbed in bar fight; dies
A man was killed on Caye Caulker as he tried to part a bar fight. On Sunday April 17, at about 8:00 p.m. a fight broke out at SIP & DIP Liquor Establishment located on Avenida Hicaco on Caye Caulker. Police say that Leon Gordon went to separate a fight between Austin Gabourel and Jeremy Rhaburn,...

Is Saturday night carnage in City linked to Shiney execution in Dangriga?
Police in Eastern Division (South) say they are still working to confirm whether the death of 22-year-old Kadeem Castillo on Saturday night, as well as two other shootings, are linked to the death of Gerald “Shiney” Tillett in Dangriga Town. Today Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, deputy commander...

Belize City “not on lockdown”
The measures taken by Police on Saturday night in the wake of the murder of Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett seemed to amount to something of a “lockdown” of Belize City. Shops were shut by 9 at night and two nightclubs were closed down by midnight in spite of having extensions. But according to Senior Superi...

Was gang rivalry behind Shiney Tillett’s murder?
Who killed Gerald “Shiney” Tillett in Dangriga Town on Saturday night, and why? Police in both the Culture Capital and the Old Capital are seeking the answers to both questions tonight. Because Tillett was a well-known gang figure, the obvious place to start would be gang rivalry, whether internal o...

Biscayne man shot in chest at home
A 43 year old man was shot to the chest on Saturday night in Biscayne Village at his home at 26 3/4 miles Phillip Goldson Highway. Ladyville police filled us in on the details. Inspector Juanito Cocom, Officer Commanding Ladyville Police: David Richard Taylor, 43 year old, Belizean Laborer of Philip...


George Street gang boss executed in Dangriga
The peace at the Wadani Recreational Center at the corner of Mangrove and St. Vincent Streets in Dangriga, was shattered at about 7:00 Saturday night as people scrambled for cover after gunfire erupted during a gin card game under a shed, leaving one man dead and two others injured. Witnesses say that a gunman went to the shed and shot a player identified as Gerald “Shiny” Tillett, 37, of George Street, Belize City, the reputed boss of the George Street gang. Tillett was shot in the back of the head, and as he slumped forward onto the table, the gunman fired some more shots, hitting two other men. One man was shot in the side of the abdomen and the other man was shot in the chest as they attempted to escape from the murderous gunfire.

Guilty of destroying ancient Maya site, Noh Mul!
When Noh Mul Pyramid, the ancient Maya site located in San Pablo, Orange Walk District, was bulldozed on May 13, 2013, by Dé Mars Stone Company to extract white marl, it made national and international headlines, and now, after almost three years, the criminal charges brought by the state have been heard and guilty verdicts have been read out in court. Dé Mars Stone Company is owned by the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Orange Walk Central caretaker Denny Grijalva, and his wife Emelda Grijalva, who are listed as directors of the company and who were charged, along with Javier Nunez, the company’s project manager, and its excavator, Emil Cruz, for causing damage to the ancient Noh Mul Maya pyramid by removing the white marl for roadfill without a permit. Eight months after the trial commenced in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court, it came to an end today when Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith found that the Crown had proved its case against the four accused.

Kadeem Castillo, 19, executed on Madam Liz Crescent
Kadeem Castillo, 19, of Madam Liz Crescent; Venancio Carter, 27, of Partridge Street; and Justin Belgrave of East Canal were shot in three separate incidents in the city on Saturday night, April 16. Castillo was shot in the head and chest and died on the scene, while Venancio Carter was shot in the knee and elbow. Justin Belgrave, 37, was shot in the groin. Carter was treated and has since been released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), while Belgrave has been admitted to ward at the KHMH in a serious condition. The first to be shot was Belgrave. Police said that at about 8:30 on Saturday night, Belgrave was standing in front of a Chinese store on Vernon Street when he heard the sound of gunshots, and he ran for cover.

BNTU launches “Stand Up for Belize”
The ages-old, expansionist Guatemalan claim Belize inherited with independence from Britain has been dominating the national scene for over a year due to several incidents in the Sarstoon River involving the Guatemalan Armed Forces’ violation of Belize’s territorial integrity, with its new claim to the entire Sarstoon River. It is against that backdrop and the talk of settling the dispute at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that hundreds of teachers from all branches of the powerful Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) gathered today in Benque Veijo Del Carmen to launch their “Stand Up for Belize” campaign, which will focus on the building of awareness of the Guatemalan claim.

Man stabbed to death in Caye Caulker
–A Caye Caulker man, Leon Gordon, 30, has died after being stabbed in the abdomen at about 8:15 last night while parting a fight between two men outside the SIP & DIP Restaurant on Avenida Hicaco in Caye Caulker. Another man, who was a friend of one of the men involved in the fight, reportedly stabbed Gordon in the abdomen with a knife, and the two combatants then escaped in the direction of the Split. Gordon was rushed to the Caye Caulker village clinic by his family, but he died shortly after due to the injuries he sustained.

5 possible ZIKA cases in the citrus belt
On Thursday, April 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) added Belize to the list of countries with local transmission of Zika, after a report by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that an American woman had contracted Zika in Belize; however, Director of Health Services (DHS), Dr. Marvin Manzanero, told Amandala that the Ministry of Health has not yet signed on to confirm that status because it is still conducting its epidemiological investigations and awaiting the results of tests by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). Today, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a “level 2 alert” travel notice for Belize, calling for “enhanced precautions” to avoid transmission through mosquito bites or sex. The CDC says that “Local transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) has been reported.” It explained that, “Local transmission means that mosquitoes in the area have been infected with Zika virus, spreading it to people.”

Gene Myvett records first ever triple double
Belmopan Bandits clinched #2 seed with a win versus San Pedro Tiger Sharks: Belmopan Bandits, who are presently on a 7-game winning streak, hosted the two-time defending champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks, at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan on Friday night. The winner of this game clinched the #2 seed and home court advantage in the semifinals. Belmopan Bandits controlled the tempo of the game, nursing an early 33-31 lead at intermission. The lead was extended to 53-47 at the end of third quarter, and Belmopan Bandits was able to seal the 70-65 victory. The top scorer for Belmopan Bandits (10-4) was Jarrel Velasquez, who had the game high with 24 pts, 6 assists, 6 rebs and 2 steals; while Nick Brown tallied 16 pts, 6 rebs and 3 assists. Kurt “Chengo” Burgess finished the night with 13 rebs, 9 pts and 3 assists. San Pedro Tiger Sharks (8-5) was led by Caleb Sutton who recorded 18 pts, 7 rebs, 3 steals and 2 dimes. Tyrone Edwards tallied 14 pts, 3 steals and 3 assists; and Gene Myvett finished the night, with 8 pts, 4 rebs, 3 assists and 3 steals.

Smart Mundialito 13 & Under Football
The 5th Annual Smart Mundialito 13 & under Football Tournament 2016, got under way on Saturday, April 16, with Week 1 games at the MCC Grounds, where 10 of the 11 participating teams saw action. In game 1, defending champion Brown Bombers and sub-champion Young Warriors played to a nil-nil stalemate. The NEBL playoffs will use a best-of-three format, with the higher seeded team having the home court advantage. Smart Belize Hurricanes (#1) and Dangriga Warriors (#4) split their season series, where both teams won at home. Smart Belize Hurricanes is in the playoffs for the first time, while Dangriga Warriors is returning for their second straight season as the #4 seed. Similarly, Belmopan Bandits (#2) and San Pedro Tiger Sharks (#3) won 1 game each, with both victories coming at home. For the third straight season, Belmopan Bandits and San Pedro Tiger Sharks have met in the semifinals. San Pedro has won the series in the two previous years, but this year Belmopan has home court advantage for the first time.

Editorial: Bill BRICS attacks Havana Assad
Following the conquests of 1898, the United States began to pursue a new kind of imperialism that generally avoided the bald-faced seizure of territory. Most scholars emphasize how this period was characterized by informal assertions of dominance exemplified by the Open Door policies in China. While the Open Door became an important template for the extension of U.S. power abroad, the era between 1898 and World War II also featured frequent (and largely underestimated) military interventions in Latin America and the accompanying basing of forces abroad. In this period, the United States intervened militarily in (and in some cases occupied) Mexico (1914, 1916-19), Guatemala (1920), El Salvador (1932), Honduras (1903, 1907, 1911, 1912, 1919, 1920, 1924, 1925), Nicaragua (1898, 1899, 1909-1910, occupied 1912-33), Costa Rica (naval presence 1921), the Dominican Republic (1903, 1904, 1914, occupied 1915-24), Haiti (1914, occupied 1915-34), and Cuba (occupied 1898-1902, 1906-9, 1912, 1917-22).The military occupations in particular depended on the establishment of local military bases and garrisons to station U.S. troops. In Nicaragua, for example, between 1930 and 1932, the United States established at least eight military garrisons. In Panama, where the United States intervened 24 times between 1856 and 1990, the nation built fourteen bases as part of gaining access to the Panama Canal Zone in perpetuity, as well as extensive powers of land expropriation and interference outside the Zone. Like Cuba, Panama became an “American colony in all but name.”

From the Publisher
Crazy Horse died that night, September 5, 1877, at the age of thirty-five. At dawn the next day the soldiers presented the dead chief to his father and mother. They put the body of Crazy Horse into a wooden box, fastened it to a pony-drawn travois and carried it to Spotted Tail agency, where they mounted it on a scaffold. All through the Drying Grass Moon, mourners watched beside the burial place. And then in the Moon of Falling Leaves came the heartbreaking news: the reservation Sioux must leave Nebraska and go to a new reservation on the Missouri River. Through the crisp, dry autumn of 1877, long lines of exiled Indians driven by soldiers marched northeastward toward the barren land. Along the way, several bands slipped away from the column and turned northwestward, determined to escape to Canada and join Sitting Bull. With them went the father and mother of Crazy Horse, carrying the heart and bones of their son. At a place known only to them, they buried Crazy Horse somewhere near Chankpe Opi Wakpala, the creek called Wounded Knee.

Belisle Nweke considers Macbeth
The Editor AMANDALA Dear Sir, It is still important to teach Shakespeare in our Belizean schools. Nevertheless, with the dumbing down of examinations, declining standards, teachers forced to boost students’ self-esteem at the expense of basic standards, and an obvious dysfunctional educational system, thousands of Belizean students will graduate from our educational institutions in a couple of months time with only the haziest idea of history, politics, culture, and great literature. Why is sixteenth century William Shakespeare relevant to Belize, particularly at this point in time? Of all Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth and Richard III are the most damning about bad government and treacherous, power-hungry leadership. They also conclude with their destruction. Macbeth is actually about politics, and is one of the most contemporary plays ever written. It is about laws, allegiances and treachery within a nation, and the very fate of a country being at stake. In it are lessons for all politicians to decipher – if they can!

“Legalize it, don’t criticize it.”
It was the late great Peter Tosh, himself who said, “Legalize it, don’t criticize it.” The Social Security Board today held the final round of its 2016 debate competition which featured a hotly contested debate between Ecumenical Junior College (EJC), from the Stann Creek District, and the Corozal Junior College (CJC), from the Corozal District, on the topic, “The Criminal Legislation of marijuana has been a major discussion in many countries. Do you believe that marijuana should be legalized in Belize?” Ecumenical Junior College (EJC) argued in the affirmative and Corozal Junior College (CJC) argued in the negative. Coincidentally, today marks one year since Jamaica, our sister country, has enacted legislation in the decriminalization of marijuana. Opening statements from Ecumenical Junior College highlighted the fact that around 3.8% of the Earth’s population use marijuana. They also stated the many medicinal and alternative uses of marijuana for which Belize can reap sweet financial gains instead of criminalizing the common man for a stick of weed.

A surging armed group in Guatemala?
In the previous edition of the Amandala, we featured a story that had been aired on Krem about the alleged surging of an armed group in western Guatemala. Reports from Huehuetenango, Guatemala tell of videos circulating, allegedly made by a group of armed campesinos, or peasant farmers, under the self-described banner of Fuerzas Armadas Campesinas (FAC- Armed Campesino Forces). The FAC has received much attention (20,000+ YouTube views of a video attributed to them) although they have reportedly not carried out a single armed action. The videos of masked men holding guns have sparked debate. Some grassroots organizers have warned that the video may be a false production as part of the state’s strategy to criminalize community leaders and militarize the region. In the most recent video, which is the second reportedly produced by this group, a man wearing a black cloth covering his face speaks to the camera, introducing himself as Subcomandante (Subcommander) Toledo. The message he explains in Spanish during the 5 minutes, is to encourage other peasant farmers to join in “the struggle”. He emphasizes a call against “national and transnational companies” that are involved in projects including hydroelectric dams, mining, planting of palm oil and other projects. Toledo warns to the “campesinado” — other peasant farmers: “the objective of the businesses is to destroy us, to destroy our rivers, to destroy our natural riches that come from our Mayan ancestors”.

Bandits drop BDF; Assassins shock Police
The semifinals of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2015-2016 Closing Season came to an end yesterday with games played at the MCC Grounds in Belize City and the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio. MCC: Pretty football is difficult to materialize on the still dusty, irregular surface of the MCC, despite the deceptive grass cover, which does not stop the rising clouds of black dust whenever the ball is kicked, and still causes bad bounces at critical times when strikers are trying to “shake” defenders. Nevertheless, Belmopan Bandits FC took their 2-1 win from last week into the MCC yesterday against Belize Defence Force FC, who are yet to lose this season on their home turf in the old capital. A draw was enough for the Bandits to gain the aggregate win and advance to the finals, and that is exactly what they came away with. Bandits got on the scorecard first through a penalty conversion in the last minute of first half by, captain, Elroy Smith after BDF goalie Tevin Gamboa had taken down the Bandits’ Jeromy “Jarro” James in the eighteen, in what many fans thought was offside position. But, despite no offside flag being waved, Gamboa’s take-down was ill advised, and gave referee Christopher Reid little choice. Gamboa guessed right, but Smith’s kick was hard enough to still hit the back of the net after a slight deflection.

Quick reflexes saved man from certain death in road accident
A man is lucky to be alive after he slammed into a truck at about 10:00 Friday morning while riding a bicycle. He landed beneath the moving truck, but quickly escaped from under the truck before the back wheels rolled over him. As a result he escaped with slight scrapes and bruises, and a damaged bicycle. Police say that the man was riding his bicycle towards Belize Corozal Road from a side street in Orange Walk Town, but as he was about to cross the road when the traffic lights turned green, he collided with the side of a truck that had already started moving, in response to the green light.

Post Office employee pleads guilty to theft of $20,610
A former employee of the Belize Postal Service was arraigned on charges of theft this afternoon when he appeared at the Magistrate’s Court and he pleaded guilty to stealing $20,610 from the Post Office during the period of July to December 2015. Sergio Alonso Patt, a resident of San Jose, Orange Walk District, appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and pleaded guilty to six counts of theft from the Belize Postal Service. The 31-year-old Patt appeared in court along with some members of his family, who were very emotional when they learned that he would not be going back home with them, but instead would be taking up a one-year residence at the Belize Central Prison. Patt’s new wife and his brother appeared in court with him. In asking for leniency, Patt told Magistrate Mendoza, “I did it because of sickness. I had my mother sick. She died from diabetes. Then my brother was sick and I have three children. Then my wife died a year ago.”

Shoman shares and PUP prepares
Today, Thursday, the Opposition People’s United Party held an almost three-hour intense informational meeting chaired by Ambassador Assad Shoman at Independence Hall on Queen Street. Invited parliamentarians and standard bearers engaged in a discussion that featured “an update on the Sarstoon, Belize-Guatemala [situation] generally and the role of the party in the process,” remarked former Foreign Minister and Opposition Senator Eamon Courtenay. Courtenay further emphasized that today’s informational meeting was simply to acquire, adequate information to make decisions, as it is the National Executive and the National Party Council that will set the policies for the People’s United Party. “The party and the Party Leader have committed to educating the members of the National Executive, the parliamentarians, former standard bearers and also the wider Belizean society on all issues surrounding Belize-Guatemala,” added PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher.

Marage Road: a rural warzone
It appears to many members of the public that Marage Road, Ladyville, Belize District, which is enveloped by overgrown bushes, has been steadily devolving into a rural epicenter for criminal warfare. This rocky strip of road has been the scene of several gruesome murders – from the early morning, November 25, 2012 slaughter of three-fourths of the Vellos family to the April 7, 2016 murder of 18-year-old Merkel Pitts. However, on Sunday, April 16, 2016, at around 2:50 a.m., a family was spared this ever-more-commonplace Marage Road fate. Ladyville police visited Marage Road this weekend after receiving a report from Cynthia Lozano, 43, a business woman, that several shots were fired at her home.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Peter Sutherland is accused of robbery and wounding Tony Gillings
Tony Gillings was robbed and injured in an attack on Sunday morning on the North Side of Belize City. His accused attacker is 29 year old Peter Sutherland who was remanded without bail by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith after appearing in her court this morning. Gillings lost […]

28 year old sales representative is charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse
Shane Gentle, sales representative of Tibruce Street, is charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse of a 13 year old girl. The teenager accused him of having sex with her twice on March 24, 2016. A medical examination conducted on the child confirmed […]

Felix brothers to be tried for murder again
Brothers Maurice and Emory Felix, accused but never convicted after three trials of the murder of Mitchum Heredia over a decade ago, are once again to go before the Supreme Court on a murder charge. This time they are accused of the murder of […]

Court spares American visitor charged with cannabis
Belize City Magistrate Carlon Mendoza elected to discharge a cruise ship visitor to Belize after she was caught with cannabis this morning. 31 year old Ashley Williams of Virginia, USA, was held for 1.8 grams of the drug found in her handbag by a […]

Alrick Smith family sues Government over gun detention
This morning Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith began hearing the case of Alrick Smith Senior of Giles Street, a construction worker, and his family: wife Sandra Casey; son Leon Smith; daughter Tamica Smith and niece Ishaida Brooks. While at home on July 7th, 2014, […]

Orange Walk police make arrests for drugs over the weekend
Orange Walk Police arrested three persons for drug offenses over the weekend. The first two arrests were made in San Jose Palmar Village where Carlos Smith and Erlinda Sanchez were found with weed. Police say that during a search of their premises officers found […]

Orange Walk Police find firearms, one homemade
Orange Walk police have confiscated a firearm and homemade weapon. Authorities report that the first weapon, a chrome Taurus .45 ACP caliber firearm with serial number R001649 was found in an empty lot on Savannah Street in Orange Walk Town along with an empty […]

Security Guard stabbed in confrontation with robbers at Free Zone
A security Guard was stabbed while he attempted to stop a robbery in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. That is what reliable information has pointed out to BBN but there has not been any official word on the incident from Corozal Police. Our attempts to […]

Denny Grijalva is guilty of destroying Noh Mul
Denny Grijalva, proprietor of DE-Mar’s Construction; his wife, Emelda Grijalva; and his Project Manager, Javier Nuñez have been found guilty of destroying the Maya monument Noh Mul in San Jose Village, Orange Walk District. The incident took place on May 10 2013, when Grijalva’s workers […]

Tropic air disburses share of 2015 profit to employees
A press release from Tropic Air issued earlier today, announced that its employees will be receiving their share of the profit bonus for 2015, which is equal to one-third of the company’s profits for the fiscal year. President of Tropic Air, John Grief III, […]

Customs increase presence in Santa Cruz Orange Walk
The Belize Customs and Excise Department has set up a check point at the entrance of Santa Cruz Village in the Orange Walk District in an effort to tighten its control and vigilance of the area where significant contraband takes place. Senior Officer in Charge […]

PLB semi finals showdown
All the excitement over the weekend leaves two team to play in the semifinals for the Premiere League of Belize (PLB). On Sunday at the MCC Grounds in Belize City the Belmopan Bandits took on BDF FC. A penalty was scored by Belmopan Bandits’ […]


Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic
The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic (BWRC) is a registered non- profit animal welfare organization that operates country-wide in Belize. BWRC provides free medical care to injured, orphaned, neglected or otherwise imperiled wildlife. Medical care is provided at their veterinary clinic in Central Farm, Cayo District, by their staff of veterinarians and technicians. Wildlife patients are treated at BWRC, where they may undergo medical treatment and possibly rehabilitation prior to being returned to the wild. BWRC’s mission is to support wildlife conservation, animal health and welfare, and the veterinary profession in Belize through medical services, education, research, and collaboration. BWRC’s logo was inspired by Spartacus, a very special howler monkey that was found alone under a tree, surviving a predator attack, with his hands almost entirely detached. This event was the final push which motivated Dr. Isabelle and Justin Ford to open BWRC in 2012. The founder, Dr Isabelle Paquet Durand, is a Wildlife Veterinarian who has provided pro-bono care to wildlife for 20 years, 13 of those in Belize. BWRC is the only Wildlife Veterinary Clinic in Belize and the only veterinary clinic with x-ray and gas anesthesia machines. BWRC caters to both domestic and Wildlife patients, with the main focus on wildlife. Since 2012, BWRC has seen approximately 500 wildlife patients from all over the country.

Tropic Air Employees Benefit
Tropic Air announced today that Employees will receive their profit sharing bonus for 2015. This disbursement is based on audited financial results for the fiscal year and will equal one-third of the company’s profits. “Behind every milestone Tropic Air has celebrated—and there have been quite a few—are our Employees. They are our driving force, and I’m incredibly proud of the teamwork behind every accomplishment,” said John Greif III, President. “Our People have built one of Belize’s most admired companies, and they share in its success with this profit sharing contribution.” “People often asked me, what makes Tropic different,” said Steve Schulte. “The difference is our employees. Our unique people-focused culture, built on investing in our product and working together, is our primary strength.”

Where Criminal Minds Beyond Borders went wrong about San Pedro, Belize
There is always a buzz around town when Belize is featured on international television, but this one stirred us up more than usual. Belize was featured on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders (Episode: “Love interrupted”) and so many of us were waiting by our TV! We were very excited to see our jewel and the footage of it that would be seen around the world. Little did we know, we were in for a disappointment and a couple laughs to say the least. Although there was some footage of Belize on the show, it was very little and showed only the mainland which is not where the events were said to take place. Let’s break down where they went wrong shall we? The show featured a couple on their honeymoon in San Pedro, Belize, who were kidnapped. San Pedro is the name of the town on an island off the coast of Belize (as seen above). It can not be reached by road or bridge, the only way to get there is by airplane or boat. There is no international airport yet either and our airstrip only caters to small aircrafts, so that big jumbo jet the FBI arrived in would have no place to land on the island.

Tropic Air was gracious enough to invite us to experience the Blue Hole by air. This is an adventure we were all too eager to experience. The Great Blue Hole is one of the main reasons that thrill seekers, and divers flock to Belize from all walks of the world. Inscribed a World Heritage Site in 1996, this mystery of this massive blue expanse continues to awe the most experienced! The Blue Hole measures some 124 metres or approximately 400 feet deep and only few can boast actually diving to its bottom. After circling the blue hole a couple times, we make our way north – or is it south? – at this point I’m somewhat disoriented. In the distance we see this lil wreck literally sitting on the edge of Lighthouse Atoll about 5 minutes from the Blue Hole. This is the remains of what used to be a British Cargo Ship. After this, we make a second fly over the Great Blue Hole, this time we make about 5 rounds circling the hole. Then it’s time to return home.

Roatan - A Fool's Guide to West End and West Bay
So it's been far to long since this Fool meandered anywhere...and Roatan was the choice of places to break that drought. Tropic Air did an amazing job getting us there and back. We all saved 10% on our flights by using the discount code! The voyage started as a two man show - me and Pops, Easton. My friend Heidi heard about the voyage and wouldn't be denied access to this lovely idea either - so along she came. When a hotel is ranked 12 of 14 on TripAdvisor...there is a reason. Don't let your friends tell you otherwise...choose another hotel. Night one will go unmentioned as we all know I won't blast people and places; there are price points for all types, I can respect that. Really it was a good thing I learned quickly that West End isn't my scene. We spent night one there; it is a crowded part of Roatan, lots of people and things going on...something I wanted to escape a bit more. After night one East and I bid Heidi adieu and struck out on our own - bound for West Bay...and my vibe!

International Sourcesizz

Inside The Arts: JazzFest - Experience Belize
This week on Inside the Arts, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival kicks into high gear at the Fairgrounds. In addition to its stellar musical line-up, we sample Caribbean treasures as the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrates Belize.

Eater Nola's Guide To Jazz Fest Guides 2016
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival starts this Friday, April 22, kicking off two long, expensive weekends of a whole lot of music, and almost as much food and drink. The Fess takes over the Fair Grounds, spilling out into the Faubourg St John, but it's big enough that the entire city shifts into Jazz Fest mode for these two weeks. This poses a number of (good) problems for visitors and locals alike. People can be left overwhelmed with the options, wondering what the best bets are both during the Fest and across town. Where to get a free and delicious taste of Belize: Ann Maloney reports that Belize will be in the spotlight at Cultural Exchange Pavilion, including demos of two dishes unique to the Garifuna culture— Cassava bread, which will be made from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday outside the tent, and hudutu, "a Garifuna seafood coconut soup with green plantain" made at 3 p.m. at the Cajun Cabin Stage area. []

Belize - Milling slows down in week 16
Belize Sugar Industries milled 38,647 tonnes of cane during week 16 of the 2015/16 crushing season, down from 52,966 a week earlier and also below 50,085 in the same period a year ago, the company announced.

5 Hotels and 5 Tours for the Eco-Conscious Traveler
It’s the rare hotel that doesn’t engage in sustainable practices like encouraging guests to reuse towels, but many hospitality companies and tour operators go much greener than that. Eco-tourism companies, which put a priority on sustainability as well as profit, cover everything from conservation-focused wildlife safaris to community-sustaining lodges and properties that grow their own food. Descriptions of some of the new and improved eco-lodges follow, along with those of new tours offering emissions-free bike trips, carbon-offset cruises and glimpses of rare wildlife. A 3,000-acre on-site farm produces more than 70 percent of the food served to guests of Belcampo Belize, a 17-room eco-lodge in a Belizean rain forest that balances food sustainability and natural adventure. The lodge’s many eco-initiatives include snorkeling outings with the chef to spear lionfish, an invasive species, for later meals, and fashioning furniture from fallen hardwood trees. In addition to frequent farm-to-table cooking classes and jungle foraging outings, the coming Belcampo Birding Encounter, Jan. 28 to Feb. 2, 2017, features birding excursions on and off the property with H. Lee Jones, author of “Birds of Belize.” Nightly rates from $407; birding package rates from $2,390 a person. Information at

Arlie Petters Appointed Trinity College Dean of Academic Affairs
Mathematical physicist Arlie Petters has been appointed dean of academic affairs and associate vice provost for undergraduate education, effective July 1. He will serve through June 2020. Petters holds Trinity College appointments as professor of mathematics and physics and an appointment at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business as a professor of business administration. He succeeds Lee D. Baker, who is returning to the faculty as a professor of cultural anthropology after serving two terms as dean of academic affairs. “Petters’ life experiences make him especially well suited to shepherd Duke’s undergraduate academic program,” said Valerie Ashby, dean of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. “He was born in Dangriga, Belize, and came to live in New York as a teenager—living first hand the challenges of being an international student. He was also the first in his family to attend college. As a minority man in the sciences, he has learned how to thrive and crafted a deeply successful career.”

Regional tech community gathers in Jamaica
Anyone interested in the development of the Internet in Caribbean may have already heard of CaribNOG, the Caribbean Network Operators Group. Over the past decade, this volunteer-based community of computer engineers has grown into a formidable influencer in the regional technology arena. Today, its twice-yearly regional gatherings are among the most highly anticipated events on the Caribbean’s tech calendar. CaribNOG facilitates education and training for those in the Caribbean responsible for designing, deploying and maintaining computer networks. This year, when the three-day event kicks off on April 20 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, CaribNOG will be breaking new ground.


  • BPP'S PATRICK ROGERS DISCUSSES THE ICJ, COMPROMIS & GUATEMALA'S CLAIM TO BELIZE (PT. 1), 31min. The featured interview here on Belizean Legends highlights the work of the Belize Progressive Party's (BPP) political leader, Patrick Rogers, who has emerged today as a progressive voice on the Belize political scene after many years as an activist for many Belizean causes on the ground in Belize. Rogers, who is also an astute Belizean historian with credible historical facts to drive home his political views on the Belize / Guatemalan Dispute, spoke with Belizean Legends producer and host, Bilall Morris, about the insidious and treacherous Compromis signed by the Belize and Guatemalan governments in December of 2008, without the consent of the Belizean people, to take the aged old Belize / Guatemalan Dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

  • GHTC Belize Summer Mission Trip 2014, 3min. Grace & Holy Trinity Church Summer Belize Mission Trip, July 2014.

  • Belize cernie di Antonio Marzano, 4min. giardino tropicale del Belize

  • Declaraciones Jimmy Morales en The New York Times en Español, 2.5min. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, a TV comedian by trade, is offering Donald Trump "cheap labor" to build a border wall with Mexico. "To the gentleman who wants to build a wall, I offer cheap labor," Morales said during a Facebook Live interview by The New York Times en Español. "We have high quality labor, and we'll gladly build," Morales added. "Tell us the dimensions, and we know how to do it." Asked what advice he would give to a future U.S. president who wishes to end illegal immigration, Morales took a more serious tone. "We will contribute. We believe — although I have no reason to involve myself in U.S. migratory policy — we believe that it is necessary to think about migratory reform where many people who are there in an irregular manner will be regularized."

  • Snorkeling in Belize 2016 HD, 4min. Shot in San Pedro with GoPro Hero 4

  • Scuba diving In Hopkins Bay Belize, 6.5min. Took a awesome trip to Hopkins bay Belize and had some great dives as well as snorkeling. We dove on 6 dives each around 65 feet deep. This video has all kinds of aquatic wildlife. I hope you enjoy!

  • Wildtracks Belize, 4.5min. One of the most incredible experiences of my life squished into a one song video.

  • Macal River Canoe San Ignacio Belize Feb 2016, 3.5min.

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