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Today's Belize News: April 27, 2016 #513357
04/27/16 05:32 AM
04/27/16 05:32 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Award Winning Tiburon Rum!
Who doesn’t love drinking an award winning rum? And even more so when that rum comes from Belize! Well if you are looking for a drink with those qualities look no further that Tiburon Rum who is now the back to back winner of the Double Gold and Best in Class rum at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Show. Impressed yet?But what makes Tiburon Rum so special? Well the answer is in the way it is made. It’s aged in old oak bourbon barrels and together with the help of the warm climate of Belize its gently matures into a smooth and quite delectable drink. Only the finest local ingredients are used to achieve the highest quality rum, which is re-casked by Master Blenders into Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrels for the “second maturation” to allow the natural tannins to give the rum a rich golden colour, smooth finish, and subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks - Everything Was Low Key in San Pedro
Everything, absolutely everything was low key in San Pedro during the days of this Flashback. The political banner was one out of about ten (only) that was hung in San Pedro at the time. By the way the banner reads: “Baldemar Really Cares for Belize Rural South”. Political campaigns were low key and perhaps had a $10,000 budget as opposed to the millions they carry today. The houses in this part of town were also low key - small wooden buildings on stilts with a small wooden skiff under the house. The street was a simple sandy one without drains because the sand absorbed all the water during the rains. The people are low key with shorts and no shoes as it should be in a low key community. Look at the low key atmosphere of the entire area which is the dead end of Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street) in front of Milo's residence, leading into Paradise Hotel now The Phoenix. Enjoy this Flashback taken from Polo's Golf Cart Rentals. Enjoy a laid-back, low key community that was converted into a town by Baldemar Graniel, a former mayor of San Pedro.

Death Of Humpback Whale Highlights Indiscriminate Nature Of Gillnets in Belize
First spotted in February, scientists say whale was either lost or sick - Globally, it is estimated that there are only 80,000 Humpback Whales left in the wild. And tonight, there is one less of these magnificent creatures swimming in the sea. A Humpback whale first spotted in Belize on February 24th 2016, was confirmed dead on Monday, April 25th by fishermen from Barranco Village in the Toledo District. Over the eight week period, multiple sightings of the Humpback whale, estimated to be approximately 30 feet in length, were recorded in several locations in Belize, including the deep water channel leading to the Big Creek Port, Sciopio Caye, the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Riversdale. Reports out of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala also indicate fishermen encountered the whale in Guatemalan waters on April 6th.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Paint N Splash
Join us this Thursday to paint one of the most popular docks on Ambergris Caye. Because of its beautiful design Ak'bol's dock is the subject of many photographers. A canvas with a template is provided so don't sweat it if you can't draw. We got you covered. Make sure to click on the link above that says Ticket Available to sign up on our website! !

Belize Archives & Records Service inaugurated its renovated and expanded building
On Monday, April 25th, the Belize Archives & Records Service inaugurated its renovated and expanded building in commemoration of the department's 50th anniversary. Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr., Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, delivered the keynote address.

Core Fulbright Scholar Program
Attention U.S. Scholars - The Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar program is now accepting applications for U.S. scholars in Belize at the University of Belize. DEADLINE - August 1, 2016 The Core Fulbright Scholar Program offers nearly 500 teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries. Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars and many others. In addition to several new program models designed to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals, Fulbright is offering more opportunities for flexible, multi-country grants. Interested?

VIOLIN DUO Concert at Gala Lounge
Come and be part of a VIOLIN DUO Concert at Gala Lounge, Orange Walk on May 4th 2016. This event is a collaboration of National Institute of Culture and History & the Embassies of Belize and Austria in Mexico. Honor us with your presence.

Canadian Foreign Office delegation visits Chalillo-Chiquibul
A Canadian Foreign Office delegation visited the Chalillo-Chiquibul region yesterday. Thanks to BECOL for inviting us to interpret the importance of the Chiquibul.

Dia de la Cruz
The feast of the Holy Cruz is one of the important symbols in the Catholic religion as it represents the Trinity: God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit; as well as it was on the cross where Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died. Traditionally, the Feast Day of the Holy Cross, also known as Day of the Three Crosses, was celebrated on May 3 and preceded by novenas beginning April 25. In 1960 the Roman Catholic Church removed this feast day from the Catholic calendar in favour of a similar celebration in September. However, some, including México and San Pedro purists, refused to accept the change. The San Pedro House of Culture is dedicated to the promotion and the revival of traditions in San Pedro. We will be celebrating Dia de la Cruz on May 3rd.

Channel 7

Life In Prison For Taking Christy's Life
30 year-old Orange Walk Resident Osmar Sabido will spend life in prison. That's the sentence that Justice Herbert Lord handed him today after he found Sabido guilty of killing his girlfriend, 21 year-old Christie Carrasco. On the night of February 28, 2011, he stabbed his girlfriend Christie Carrasco to death in her home at the San Lorenzo housing site in Orange Walk. Police found him at the house with the murder weapon in his vehicle. Christie's family believes that he did it in the throes of a jealous rage, and they accused him of intending to go as far as burning down the house with her body inside. In his defense, Sabido told the court that it was Christie who pulled the knife and tried to stab him after they'd had a quarrel. He claimed that while he deflecting the blows, she stabbed herself while trying to harm him. Well, after weeks of deliberation, Justice Herbert Lord founded him guilty in this trial without jury. The decision was handed down today in the Northern Session of the Supreme Court in Orange Walk, and the defense waived their right to prepare a mitigation plea. That's because there can only be one sentence for a murder conviction, and that's life in prison.

Wil Maheia And Territorial Vols Still Going To Sarstoon
Yesterday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made an impassioned plea to the Belize Territorial Volunteers, telling them "don't go to the Sarstoon." The group has a Sarstoon trip scheduled for this Saturday. Now as viewers are aware, every single time that the territorial volunteers have gone to the Sarstoon, there has either been a confrontation, or a blockade mounted by the Guatemalan Navy based at the river mouth. The very real concern is that if that happens in the present climate with heightened tensions, there could be a military to military showdown - because now the BDF is posted right there on the river banks. But, the territorial volunteers are undeterred. They say that this weekend's trip to the Sarstoon is important to commemorate the 157-year anniversary of the 1859 Convention Between Britain and Guatemala. That's the treaty which first mapped out Belize's boundaries.

A Recent History Of Border Aggression
And so while we all hope that Saturday won't result in another flare up between Belize civilians and the Guatemalan military - if recent history is any indicator, then most certainly there will be. In fact, border tensions between Belize and Guatemala have been steadily increasing since February of last year. It started with the arbitrary detention of the Northern Territorial Volunteers while they were returning from their trip to the Gracias a Dios border marker on February 28 of last year. To get there, one has to travel through the Sarstoon River, and the Guatemalan military accused the Belizean civilians of making an incursion into their territorial waters on their way there. They were escorted to Livingston, Guatemala, detained there, and it took the intervention of the Belizean Government to get them back home.

Budna, Victimized For Tense Border Relations?
That event immediately overheated Belize - Guatemala relations - and according to Guatemalan news reports, Joseph Budna was the only Belizean made to pay for it. If you watch the news regularly, you definitely know who Budna is. The 38 year old freelance journalist, living in Guatemala, has always had a flair for the dramatic, and a knack to end up in the strangest situations. From assisting to free a Belizean busted with drugs in Guatemala in 2010, to jumping out of a moving vehicle to escape dangerous hijackers in 2011, to even being arrested in Guatemala on charges of kidnapping in 2012- for which he is still serving time. He has developed quite a history of bad-luck over the last decade, which would have ended with him being convicted in Guatemala for kidnapping and attempting to escape prison but tonight Budna has joined the national conversation on the Belize/Guatemala dispute. That's because he was allegedly beaten up by Guatemalan inmates yesterday as a form of retaliation for the slaying of the Guatemalan child.

Swaso For Shiny Slaying
Slain gang boss Gerald "Shiny" Tillett was buried on Saturday, and his alleged killer was finally charged. Nicholas Swaso - who had been recovering form his own gunshot wound in the hospital - was charged with one count of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. He was arraigned yesterday in Belmopan and remanded to prison. Shiny Tillet was killed on Saturday April 16th. He was along with some friends playing "Dice" at the Wadani Shed in Dangriga when Nicholas Swaso opened fire under the shed. He shot and killed Tillett and also shot Carlos Sharp and Wadani Shed owner David Rodriguez in the chest. As Swaso was running away, one of Shiny's friends then shot Swaso in the back with a licensed firearm. Swaso had to be hospitalized but police had said that as soon as he was released he would be charged.

Coro Killing Was Foretold
Yesterday we told you about the death of 43 year old Gilberto Najarro, a farmer of Paraiso Village. He was gunned down over a stolen bicycle. It was an excessive response to a petty accusation and while the trigger was pulled on Monday, this story begins on Sunday. Najarro and another were working on the farm, when two men - a father and a son- appeared at the farms accusing them of stealing their bicycles. They threatened to seriously harm the men if they didn't return the bicycles. And they did. The very next day, on Monday the son returned with a handgun and shot Najarro dead. Corozal Police say they know exactly who they are looking for, however they are not releasing any names. In an interview yesterday the wife of the deceased expressed her grief and said that the only thing she wishes now is that authorities can exact justice on the person that did this. She appeared off camera: Voice of: Wife of the deceased: "He doesn't have any enemies. He was just at the farm when two men arrived claiming that he took their bicycles. He said no he didn't take it, and so the other man threatened him with a machete. He also said he had machetes and guns. They just continued cutting cane."

Paumen Will Stand Trial For Abetment, Attorney Confident
Three weeks ago, we told you how American tour operator Bradley Paumen was ordered by the Supreme Court to pay his next-door neighbour, Michael Modiri 300 thousand dollars. Justice Shona Griffith has ruled that Paumen has been trespassing on his land to get to his Dark Knight Cave Tubing Tours - in which NICH is a partner. Well, yesterday Paumen was again before the court - but this time in another matter, for allegedly trying to set up a hit on Modiri. In the Belmopan Magistrate's Court - Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith ruled that Paumen must face a criminal trial in the Supreme Court for the four counts of Abetment to Murder. These are the charges he's facing for allegedly trying to orchestrate the murder of Modiri, his attorney and two of his employees. Today, his attorney, Herbert Panton, told us that although the court says he must stand trial, the defense is prepared to poke holes in their case:

NICH, What Role Now?
And while those are criminal matters, back to the Modiri/Paumen civil suit. As we told you, Michael Modiri won a second major decision against his Franks Eddy neighbor, Bradley Paumen. The court ruled Paumen, one of Belize's biggest tour operators, was trespassing on Modiri's land to get his guests to a cave site. A portion of Modiri's land was bulldozed and a road was built on top of it just so that the Dark Knight Tour Guests could get to the cave system. Right now, that's still the only way that Paumen's employees can access the caves because both Modiri and Paumen are landlocked. So, since the court has ruled that it is illegal, and no alternatives have been identified to avoid the trespass, shouldn't the Dark Knight Tour be temporarily closed? That's what we asked NICH's Director of Archaeology last week, and here's how he responded: Dr. John Morris, Director of Archaeology: "We cannot stop somebody from going into your property. That is a function of the police of the security of this country. We can stop you from entering the cave but if you have a tour operating license and you get to the mouth of the cave, we cannot stop you. We can sit down with the other authorities and say 'look this person is trespassing on someone else's property to reach the cave so we should work together to solve that particular problem'."

The Rupert Situation
3 weeks ago, we told you about the announcement from the Toledo Alcaldes Association. They want to go back to the Supreme Court to compel the Government to move faster in rolling out a Maya land rights system which protects the communal nature of the 39 communities in the south Another part of their statement from that time which we didn't touch is the complaint that the Village of Santa Cruz has against Belizean Rupert Myles. The village of Santa Cruz, which was a claimant in the original Maya Land Rights case, continues to be displeased with the Rupert Myles situation. As you may remember, the village accused him of squatting on their revered ancient Mayan temple, Uxbenka. Just 8 days ago, Dr. John Morris, the Director of Archaeology at NICH told 7News that Myles has vacated the site. Well, Toledo Alcaldes Association disputes that and says that Myles remains on the property, despite their request that he vacate and remove his house. So, both he and the Government of Belize have been named as defendants in one of the actions filed at the Supreme Court.

7News New Orleans Jazzfest Journey
Last night we showed you a glimpse of the Garifuna Collective performing at the 48th Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, tonight we have part 1 of the New Orleans feature series. Overall, 28 artists including bands and cultural demonstrators were invited to participate in this festival, and most of them are still there and will perform next weekend. Now, what is so newsworthy about this Jazz fest? And what role does Belize play? That's what Courtney Weatherburne found out in New Orleans this weekend. "If the music you hear in the background sounds familiar, it should, because that's the Garifuna Collective. We have seen them perform at shows all over the country and at venues in New York and L.A. But today, they are not performing at any regular event, they are here at the 48th New Orleans Jazz Festival, one of the largest music festivals in North America." Over 500,000 people from across the world attend the Jazz Festival every year. And this year is no different. The entire area is about a 2 mile loop - the size of a horse track. For this 2 weekend festival, about 500 bands are scheduled to take 12 different stages.

Guat Ambassador's Strong Words
Last week when the President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales flared up with his incendiary address, he announced that he was recalling his ambassador to Belize, Manuel Roldan Barillas for consultation. While he was in Guatemala, Ambassador Roldan granted an interview to the Prensa Libre Newspaper. Now, as we've told you, that newspaper is known for his pro-Guatemalan slant when discussing Belize/Guatemala relations. So, for accuracy, we've translated that interview verbatim, to highlight Barillas' position on the shooting. Speaking about the BDF's fatal shooting of 13 year old Julio Reynosa, Barillas responds, quote, " was a condemnable uncalled for and disproportionate incident. I don't have the words to this incident has impacted us." The next question from the reporter was, "What is the status of the bilateral relationship?" To that, he responded, quote, "...I have been recalled, which is to say that it is a temporary recall to register a Guatemalan protest against Belize for what has happened. I have not been removed from the Embassy. It is only a temporary measure, well recognized in bilateral diplomacy, - the recall of an Ambassador." End quote

Guatemalan Kids Educated By Belizean Schools
And while the Guatemalan Ambassador can speak liberally about so called “Belizean aggressors” and an “unprofessional army,” what he won’t speak about are the hundreds of Guatemalan students who come across from Melchor everyday to go to school in Belize. They are educated in a public education system paid for with Belizean tax dollars. It’s been going on for decades, and is one of the reasons why closing the border is the very last thing any Guatemalan government would do. And why not? Well because their kids wouldn’t be able to go to school! And they go to school here because the education is better and it’s in English. In October of 2014, Courtney Weatherburne went to Benque to find out about the cross border phenomenon. Belize and Guatemala may be going through a difficult patch as neighbours. But while there is unease between Guatemala City and Belmopan, on the ground, the true state of relations between these neighbouring countries is being proven daily by the hundreds of Guatemalan School Children who cross the border from Melchor to Benque Viejo to attend school in Belize.

Film-maker Banking On The "Bank"
Belizean American Faron Smith is the Director of the film called "States", the story of an immigrant Belizean who gets caught up in the Law underworld. That was 2014, and today he visited our studios to talk about his new project - called "Bank". The plot is a little less "Belizean" than his previous movie but, with all the gunfire, explosions, and drama, he hopes his Belizeans back home will still be able to enjoy it. This film will be launched on Saturday March 30th in Los Angeles. Faron Smith also hopes to bring the movie to Belize very soon. And keeping in line with the topic of Belizean art appreciation, Dell Smart, popular brukdown singer/songwriter is also releasing a piece of his own. "Party Til Daylight" that is the name of his new album. Accompanying it are also a couple of new music videos for tracks like Ram and Jam. He says that Belizean culture needs to change to show a little more appreciation for their own talent.

New Look For Archives
The Belize Archives Department in Belmopan has gotten a facelift and extension. Works started mid last year and it included the rehabilitation of the lower flat and the overall construction of the second flat extension of the building. Yesterday the facility was inaugurated by Minister of State Elodio Aragon who cut the ribbon and official handed over the facility: Minister Aragon says there are hopes to build a brand new state of the art archives storage facility in the near future.

Channel 5

Osmar Sabido is Guilty of Killing Christie Carrasco
More than five years after he stabbed Christie Carrasco to death, Osmar Sabido was today sentenced to life in prison for the crime. The lengthy judgment was read into record [...]

Sabido Gets Life in Prison for the Murder of Girlfriend
In cases we’ve covered, sentencing would usually be reserved pending mitigation pleas on behalf of the convicted. But in this case sentencing was immediate, as requested by Selgado after conferring [...]

Wil Maheia Says Forward to Sarstoon River!
All was quiet today at the adjacency zone as well as in the Sarstoon where Guatemalan troops have been deployed. But are the Belize Territorial Volunteers being defiant by staring [...]

Guatemalan President Rejects Claim that Julio Alvarado was Shot in Self-Defense
In Guatemala City, La Nacion Newspaper is reporting a protest in front of the Belize Embassy by about two dozen protestors bearing placards with the names of ten Guatemalans that [...]

Guatemalan Parliamentarian Gets Hot Under the Collar in Congress
The death of thirteen year old Julio Alvarado Ruano was ventilated today in the Guatemalan Congress where the rhetoric went up notches. Congressman Oliviera Garcia claimed that Guatemalans have been [...]

Joseph Budna is Assaulted in Guatemalan Prison
There are also reports that Belizean Joseph Budna was attacked in a prison in retaliation for the death of the thirteen-year-old boy killed in la Cebada, Chiquibul last Wednesday. The [...]

PM Barrow Says that Guatemala Flew of the Handle Following Chiquibul Shooting
Following the incident in the Chiquibul, where a minor was shot and killed when the B.D.F. came under fire, Guatemala’s version of events went immediately viral, led by an inflammatory [...]

International Media Misses Key Aspect of Deadly Chiquibul Attack
Barrow says that in running away with Guatemala’s version of events, the international media seems to have missed a critical aspect of the incident – that the B.D.F. soldiers were [...]

What’s the Role of SouthCom in Belize/Guatemala Situation?
The Prime Minister explained that he understands that when the country is under threat people want immediate action, but the events of this past few days have underscored the importance [...]

Chamber of Commerce Says Trade Relations with Guatemala Must Continue
While a crisis of military proportions has been averted in the days following the death of thirteen-year-old Julio Alvarado Ruano, there is still a level of unease between Belize and [...]

What Does Chamber President Think of BTV Expedition to Sarstoon?
The Belize Territorial Volunteers has received its share of flak from government for purportedly aggravating the Guatemalan Armed Forces at the Sarstoon.  While they have been criticized as troublemakers, the [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Issues Release on Belize/Guatemala Tension
The increased hostility between Belize and Guatemala over the past week has prompted a number of organizations, both political and non-governmental, to chime in on the escalating border situation.  Aside [...]

Does N.T.U.C.B. Support BTV Sarstoon Voyage?
Mora also weighed in on the seemingly hasty release issued by the Organization of American States following the deadly shooting.  While the N.T.U.C.B. has taken notice of the O.A.S. apparent [...]

A Plan to Internationalize Belize’s Territorial Dispute with Guatemala
There has been much discussion regarding the internationalization of the Belize/Guatemala dispute and the need for the world to become familiar with what is taking place between both countries.  While [...]

Tyrone Myers is Arraigned for Belize City Burglary
A Belize City man was linked to a burglary after CIB personnel lifted a finger print from the home of the victim whose house was burglarized. The alleged burglar, Tyrone [...]

Nicholas Swazo Charged for Murder of George Street Boss
Nicholas Swazo, the man accused of killing Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett last Saturday in Dangriga, has been arraigned on a number of charges related to the deadly weekend shooting.  As we [...]

B.P.P. is Disappointed in PM’s Response to O.A.S. Release
Earlier you heard the N.T.U.C.B. take a stand on the release issued by the Organization of American States in which it prematurely “repudiated” the death of Julio Alvarado Ruano at [...]

B.P.P. Weighs In on Upcoming BTV Trip
The N.T.U.C.B. could not support the trip the Sarstoon, but according to B.P.P. Chairman, “those who on their own volition choose to go on the expedition know the inherent risk, [...]

Minister of Education Supports B.N.T.U.’s Stand Up for Belize Campaign
Executives of the Belize National Teachers Union are meeting this week to schedule a date, as well as a venue for a subsequent sensitization forum on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute.  [...]

A Humpback Whale Dies After Being Trapped in Gill Net
Our cameras captured images of a humpback whale last week as our news team traveled to the Sarstoon. The whale was in Belizean waters for the past eight weeks, but [...]

FIU Conducts Training of Customs Officers
Earlier this year, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Customs and Excise Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding which amended the law in respect of the declaration of currency in [...]

A New Theme Unveiled for Destination Belize Magazine
On Tuesday night, the Belize Tourism Industry Association, in collaboration with the Belize Tourism Board and McNab Publishing unveiled the new theme for the 2016/2017 Destination Belize Magazine. “Travel Curious: [...]

Belizeans Speak on Recent Guatemalan Threat
The fatal shooting of a Guatemalan minor inside the Chiquibul has stirred a lot of emotions among Belizeans. There was unease across the country as Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales made [...]


Will Sabido Appeal Guilty of Murder Verdict?
After the ruling was handed down, we got the opportunity to speak with defense attorney Oscar Selgado, who in a previous interview seemed confident that his client would walk a free man or at most be handed a judgment of manslaughter, he told us that he was very surprised by the ruling but believes that there is ground for an appeal. Oscar Selgado- Defense attorney:“I am indeed surprised by the ruling because I am still of the opinion that the defenses raised that of self-defense, provocation and accident having looked at the evidence I still believe that there was self-defense and that there was accident involved, the judge has made a sixty nine page ruling very lengthy took over an hour and a half to read it, I still must now go and critically analyze his ruling but I am convinced that there is grounds upon which an appeal can be launched from the evidence, I am still convinced that the evidence itself does not add up to a conviction.”

NTUCB To Internationalize Guatemala's Aggression
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), the umbrella organization for all unions held a weekend meeting of its general council and has pronounced itself on the latest developments in Belize - Guatemala relations. Like other entities, it first expresses condolences to the family of the minor that died at the Chiquibul but says that at the same time, we must not turn a blind eye to the circumstances that led to the death. NTUCB puts forth that Guatemala’s behavior exposes its real intentions to use military might to legitimize the escalating illegal activity of its citizens and to stake claim of the Sarstoon. Importantly, the Congress says it will use its own resources to internationalize what is happening, that is, Guatemala trying to spread a twisted narrative that Belize is the bully and Guatemala the victim. Today NTUCB President, Marvin Mora explained how they intend to do just that:

Belizean Allegedly Attacked In Guatemalan Prison
Belizean national Joseph Budna is tonight recuperating from injuries sustained during an altercation at a prison in Guatemala where he serving time for child abduction. In a report issued by the ‘Noticias de Peten’ on their Facebook page, it stated that Belizean national Joseph Budna who is presently serving time at a prison in Guatemala, was allegedly beaten in a fight that broke out between prisoners from Sector 5 at the prison. As a result of the altercation, a total of five individuals were injured, however, three of them were transported to a hospital due to stab wounds that were inflicted on them. According to the authorities, it is believed that Budna was attacked by a dozen prisoners in retaliation of the recent killing of a 13 year old Guatemalan minor in the Chiquibul.

Donated Helicopters Assembled
A luncheon was held in honor of the Taiwanese technical team that traveled to Belize with the aim of assembling two helicopters that were donated to our country by Taiwan. The team, which is led by Colonel Ao, Cheng- Lin, has a total of seventeen members made up of technicians, engineers, mechanics and two army pilots who were all welcomed by the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Belize, H.E. Benjamin Ho. Present at the luncheon were the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, the Chief Executive Officer, Colonel (Ret) George Lovell and the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones who were all presented with gifts from the team.

Two Persons In Custody For Corozal Third Murder
Tonight police have two persons in custody and are looking for another in relation to the murder of 43 year old Gilberto Najarro Sarsenio who was shot to death yesterday at around 10:00 in the morning while working at his cane field in an area known as San Jomal located about 5 1/2 miles northeast of Corozal Town. Sarsenio was with another individual when the incident occurred. That person who managed to get away from the attackers reported the matter to police and when cops arrived at the scene Sarsenio was seen with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Justice for Christie: Osman Found Guilty of Killing His Girlfriend in 2011
32 year old Osman Sabido has been found guilty of the murder of his 22 year old girlfriend, Christie Carrasco. The young woman was stabbed to death on the night of February 28, 2011 at their home in Orange Walk Town. The judgement was handed down today by Justice Herbert Lord in the Orange Walk […]

Guatemala’s Defense Commission Speaks of Options in Deterring Its Citizens to Continue Incursions
In a recent development on the Guatemala side of discussions regarding the territorial dispute between Belize and the Republic of Guatemala, Love News understands via the Guatemala’s Congress website that Juan Manuel Perez Ramirez, chief of staff of the Guatemalan army, met with members of the National Defense Commission of Guatemala, made up of members […]

Swaso Charged for Gang Leader’s Murder
The death of Gerald ‘Shiney’ Tillett on Saturday, April 16 sent the Belize Police Department in high alert resulting in additional patrols, the shutting down of several bars, clubs and liquor stores and intervention sessions within the gang communities. Tillett who was dubbed the George Street Gang Leader was shot in Dangriga; with the progress […]

Guatemalan Laborer Dies in Freak Incident
Yesterday we told you of the freak incident that took place at the Santander Sugar Mill on the George Price Highway, leaving 20-year-old, Guatemalan laborer, Francisco Andres Antonio Sebastian dead. It happened just before midday when the driver of the harvester, Luis Rivera was alerted of a body on the elevator section of the machine. […]

Belizean Woman Inducted Into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame
For the fourth year in a row, the High River Sauces held its New York City Hot Sauce Expo where the tradition has been to induct pepper sauce makers to their Hall of Fame. As we reported some weeks ago, Belize has been placed on that list with businesswoman, Marie Sharp being inducted to the […]

Belizean Women to Attend Global Summit in US
An additional incentive of the WINC program, participants were required to apply for the Barack Obama Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Two of those women were selected to represent Belize at the summit. Danalyn Myvette, Belize Facilitator of WINC Acceleration Program spoke about the summit the ladies will attend. DANALYN MYVETTE “The ladies were required to apply […]

Safety Standards to Be Improved for Tourists
The tourism officials in Belize are looking to improve the standards of sports and leisure activities being offered to visitors, ranging from jet skiing to scuba diving, among others. John Burgos, the Executive Director for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) spoke to Love News on this undertaking. JOHN BURGOS “I sit on different […]

UB Awarded Grant of 1/2 Million Dollars
The University of Belize has been awarded a new grant for 248,800 Euros which is equivalent to $560,435.93 Belize dollars from the Technical Cooperation Program. In December 2015, Mr. Dazhu Yang, Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, wrote Wilfred Elrington informing him that the proposal […]

Archives Department Boasts Renovated Facility
In August 1965 the National Archives was founded with Leo Bradley Sr being the first appointed honorary archivist. Originally located in a small room at the Bliss Institute, the unit moved to Belmopan in 1974, where all official documents dated from 1900 and beyond were stored as per directive given to the then Permanent Secretaries […]

BTIA Launches Theme for Destination Belize 2017
The Destination Belize is a tourism publication that has been in existence for over a decade and has served Belize’s industry well. Last night at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, there was an official launch of the magazine’s theme for 2017 as explained by the BTIA’s Executive Director, John Burgos. JOHN BURGOS “We invited all […]

PM Says Incursions Will Not Stop But Efforts Must Continue
At the core of last Wednesday’s shooting of a Guatemalan minor is the fact that there has been an increase in the number of incursions into Belizean territory. While Prime Minister Barrow has said the immediate danger of last week has passed, the reality is there is the chance for a repeat of the situation. […]

Guatemala’s Defense Minister Says There Was No Deployment of Additional Troops But Admits to Encroachments
While the local authorities have now briefed the media and the country on where we stand in the current issue with the Belize/Guatemala territorial differendum, the reports from Guatemala keep surfacing and in a publication dated, April 24 in the Prensa Libre newspaper, there has been admission to encroachments in Belize by Guatemalans; an admission […]

Prime Minister Says Climate Is Not Right for A BTV Expedition
As you heard earlier in our newscast Prime Minister Dean Barrow stated that both countries will be working on a protocol for the Sarstoon River. Meanwhile the Belize Territorial Volunteers have indicated that they will take an expedition to the Sarstoon this Saturday. Once again the Government is asking the BTV not to embark on […]

Maheia Says Expedition is A Go for April 30
Love News spoke to Head of Belize Territorial Volunteers, Wil Maheia following the warning issued by Government officials about this weekend’s planned trip. Maheia responded to the statements. WIL MAHEIA “I don’t understand how we can put anyone at risk when we have zero weapons with us. We are going there as peaceful citizens of […]

Prime Minister Finds Place for Assad Shoman
Last week Ambassador Assad Shoman was removed as the Opposition, People’s United Party’s representative on the team addressing the Belize Guatemala dispute. At today’s press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated that the Government will seek to engage Ambassador Shoman going forward. DEAN BARROW “The question of his removal by the PUP is a matter […]


“Immediate Crisis is over” says PM Barrow
Prime Minister of Belize, Right Honorable Dean Barrow declared Monday that the immediate crisis is over. The PM was speaking at a press briefing held in Belize City to address recent troubling developments with Guatemala. As the nation is aware by now, and the international community for that matte...

GUATS beat Belize to publicizing version of events
As we’ve said, the story has made international news, but the version in the international press is clearly reflecting Guatemala’s version of events. Prime Minister Barrow was asked about the late response of the Belizean authorities in getting the true version of events out to the media. Hon. Dean ...

PM to BTV, “Give Peace a Chance”
Prior to the latest development with the Guatemalans, the Belize Territiorial volunteers had already planned a trek to the Sarstoon while Northern Territiorial Volunteers planned on going to Garbutt Falls monument to commemorate the 157th anniversary of the signing of the 1859 Treaty. Today, Prime ...

Sarstoon remains under Guatemalan control until protocols are developed
While the Prime Minister says that tensions between Guatemala and Belize are de-escalating, the Belizean side of the Sarstoon River remains under Guatemalan control. As has been reported, even during the opening of the Forward Operating Base in the Southern most part of Belize’s mainland, Gua...

Man crushed by cane harvester at Sntender
A guatemalan worker at Santender in the Cayo District has died in what appears to be an accident at the 35,000 acre Company’s Private compound. We say “appears” because the company representatives at Santender refused to speak to PlusNews about the young man’s sudden death, t...

Two residents of Belize City Shot
A shooting incident in Belize City leaves two men in hospital. On Saturday the 23rd of April at around 5:50 p.m., 19-year-old Abraham Craig of Belize City and 22 year old Tyrone Guy also of Belize City were socializing in front of a bar when a lone gunman riding on a bicycle approached them and fire...

Kim Brannon takes manslaughter plea; claims murder victim abused her
She allegedly chopped her common law husband to death but blamed others for it when charged with murder. She was found guilty, and a re-trial was ordered. Today, Kimberly Brannon accepted a plea of manslaughter, claiming for the first time that Anthony “Antics” Herrera held her in an abusive relatio...


“Counterfeit” cops busted
Security officers and residents of the city can breathe a sigh of relief after two fake cops were busted. At the time they were found, one of the two imposters was carrying a .38 Special revolver loaded with 6 live rounds. The counterfeit policemen have been taken into custody and detained. The criminals were found wearing the pants that are typically worn by policemen on duty, along with khaki shirts, and after investigation, they were found to be imposters. The fake cops were charged for impersonating police offiicers and were additionally charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. They have been detained pending arraignment for the offenses. The incident occurred at about 5:30 this morning, on Ebony Street, Belize City. Police reported that they were on mobile patrol on Ebony Street when they saw two men wearing pants that are usually worn by police officers. One was also wearing a black jacket over a police khaki shirt and a pair of boots.

Guatemala military crisis “has passed” – PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow briefed the country this morning at a press conference at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel four days after Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales ratcheted up the tension between the two countries in the wake of the shooting death of a Guatemalan teenager by a Belize Defence Force patrol which had come under fire in the Chiquibul National Park. Barrow, who was out of the country during the height of the tension with Guatemala on Thursday, at a press conference held this morning at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, said that he had met with President Morales in New York, where the two leaders had attended a United Nations convention signing on climate change. In reading from a prepared statement, Prime Minister Barrow said, “We have just concluded a meeting of the National Security Council of Belize and this is a follow-up from the meeting held on Friday when I was in New York and in which I participated by phone.”

“Don’t go to the Sarstoon,” says PM Barrow!
The Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, returned to the country yesterday, Sunday, claiming that in a meeting he had in New York with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, there was an agreement on the part of Morales to de-escalate the tension between the two countries after Guatemala announced last Thursday that it has recalled its ambassador to Belize for consultation and that it would increase its military presence on the borders with Belize for “a strict protection exercise over the sovereignty of the Sarstoon River and the entire adjacency line.” Today at a press conference at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel, PM Barrow implored the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) not to go on its planned trip this coming weekend to the Sarstoon River to commemorate the signing of the 1859 Treaty between Great Britain and the Republic of Guatemala, which sets out the boundary of the then British Honduras (now Belize).

Belizeans boycott Melchor!
The announcement yesterday, Thursday, by the Republic of Guatemala that it will beef up its military presence at its two borders with Belize, on the south at the Sarstoon River and on the west at the so-called Adjacency Zone, has had a dramatic effect on the traffic of Belizeans going across to the Guatemalan border town of Melchor de Mencos to shop and do business today. Guatemala made the announcement in the wake of the fatal shooting of a Guatemalan teenager who was shot and killed by Belize Defence Force soldiers after a group of Guatemalan poachers opened fire on a BDF patrol on the Belize side of the border, where the patrol had one Guatemalan in custody for being in Belize illegally. Melchor de Mencos, the nearest Guatemalan town to Belize, has traditionally been a place which many Belizeans visit to do their shopping, as well as for medical and dental purposes, but today, the effect of the Guatemalan military buildup on the Belize borders is being felt here, as Belizeans have decided to stay at home.

7 months and 2 weeks to freedom for Kim Brannon
A woman, Kim Brannon, 52, who was initially charged with murder and who was tried and convicted and sentenced to serve life in prison but was given a second chance when the Belize Court of Appeal quashed her conviction and sentence and ordered a new trial in 2013, appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez this afternoon and pleaded guilty to manslaughter for causing the death of her common-law husband,Anthony “Antics” Herrera, 43. Justice Gonzalez sentenced Brannon to 8 years in prison and stipulated that the time that she has already spent in prison should be deducted from the sentence. Brannon had already served 7 years, 4 months and 13 days behind bars. For her to complete her sentence, she will now have to serve another 7 months and two weeks in prison.

Minor drowns in Biscayne water hole
On April 21, 2016, at around 3:47 p.m., Ladyville police responded to a report of a drowning incident in Biscayne. When they arrived, they found the motionless body of 8-year-old Kimera Dominguez, a standard 2 student at Biscayne Government School, on the banks of a manmade water hole. Kimera had gone into her yard to greet her incoming brother and took unusually long to return inside the house with him. When she did not respond to her mother’s shouts, a search ensued, which led to the discovery of her body in the water hole. Lunnet Dominguez, Kimera’s aunt, told Amandala today that she believes her niece experienced a sudden epilepsy attack and unfortunately, slid into the water hole, located in front of their residence. She further added that when Kimera was retrieved, she was stiff, with visible signs of foam at her mouth.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks back
San Pedro Tiger Sharks takes first bite in playoffs, defeating Bandits in Belmopan: On Thursday night, the NEBL playoffs tipped off in Belmopan, as two-time defending champions San Pedro Tiger Sharks traveled to Belmopan to take on the Bandits at the UB gymnasium. The game got off to a sluggish start, with both teams struggling in the first quarter, as Belmopan Bandits took an 11-7 lead. The offensive struggles continued for both teams, as the game was tied at 21 apiece going into intermission, with both teams demonstrating great defensive resolve in the first half. The Tiger Sharks took a 35-32 lead at the end of the third quarter, which they extended to 9 points mid-way through the fourth. The home team then went on a 14-2 run of its own, behind 2 huge three-pointers by Stephen “Muerte” Williams, to take a 3-point lead with 4 minutes remaining in the game. However, key free throws down the stretch allowed the visiting squad to steal the 58-55 victory, and home court in the semifinals. San Pedro Tiger Sharks was led by Tyrone “Mission” Edwards, who had his best offensive output this season, with the game high 19 pts, to go with 4 assists and 3 steals; while Gene Myvett tallied a double-double, with 11 pts, 10 rebs, 5 steals and 2 dishes. Andrew “Bynum” Ortiz also registered a double-double in the game, scoring 10 pts and grabbing 12 boards. Ortiz sank 6 of 9 free throws down the stretch, to seal the victory for the two-time defending champs. With the loss, Belmopan Bandits’ 8-game winning streak was snapped.

TIDE Junior FWC 2016 Week 1 game results, plans
The TIDE Junior Freshwater Cup (FWC) 2016 regular season football tournament got under way with 3 games (20 minutes each half) on Thursday, April 21. Boys League – At Forest Home football field, Forest Home Methodist Boys dropped Little Flower Boys, 1-0, with a goal from Jivan Borland (36’). In Punta Gorda Town, St. Peter Claver Boys shut out St. Benedict Boys, 2-0, with a goal each from Kyan Avila (18’) and Journell Lemos (27’). Girls League – Meanwhile, at Forest Home football field, Forest Home Methodist Girls won, 1-0, over Little Flower Girls with a goal by Renisha Cofius (13’).

Editorial: A leadership unsatisfactory
It is said that when Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany invaded Russia in June of 1941, the Russian general Georgy Zhukov at one point decided to open the Russian prisons. The story may be apocryphal, but the point is this: when a man invades your country, all bets are off. Do or die. On Thursday afternoon, April 21, Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales did not invade Belize: what he did, essentially, was threaten to do so. Perhaps the question for Belizeans at that moment should have been: what would Zhukov have done? In the Middle Ages, you know, those who were kings actually led their soldiers into battle. As late as two hundred years ago, France’s legendary emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, was leading the French army into combat. A couple decades before, the United States of America’s George Washington, the U.S.’s first president, was doing just that – leading his soldiers into battle. And, in between George Washington in the late 1770s and Napoleon in the early 1800s, Haiti’s Toussaint L’Overture led his troops on the battlefield in the 1790s.

Letter to the Editor: Strike out and swim to shore: Beryl
Dear Editor, All life is sacred. Yet Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales makes a mockery of life; no surprise considering his country’s atrocious human rights violations against its own people. The fate of 13 year old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano was cast the moment the Europeans decided the people they met in the so-called New World had to be subdued and controlled. Julio entered this world with few human rights, despite the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Guatemala is a party. Fast forward to his growing years. He grew up in poverty, a child laborer in dangerous conditions, his family denied adequate land to make a living. In desperation he believed as he was taught, that his neighbor to the east was claiming land that rightly belongs to his country and that therefore was his for the taking.

A Diasporan Belizean Response from Nigeria to recent events in Belize
O MY BELIZEAN SISTERS AND BROTHERS! When Danny Conorquie and Richard Lambey were murdered and wounded on Belizean soil by Guatemalans, Belize did nothing. But when a 13-year-old Guatemalan trespasser on Belizean soil was killed a few days ago in the cross-fire which resulted when BDF men were attacked by Guatemalan trespassers and they retaliated in self defence, and one of the trespassers was even arrested, the Guatemalans shout “Foul”, recall their ambassador from Belize, mass thousands of troops, twice the size of our BDF, at Belize’s borders, and wickedly turn the tables on our little country by lying to the world that it is the victim of Belizean aggression. I repeat: Belizeans in general DO NOT KNOW THE GUATEMALANS. The only politician who did was Philip Goldson, and his changed address is Lord’s Ridge Cemetery. We continue to underestimate Guatemala at our peril!

CARIFORUM fisheries and SPS professionals participate in unique, interactive training opportunity in Iceland
Eighteen professionals who have been working in Fisheries Management, Animal Health and Food Safety from across the CARIFORUM region, are currently overseas receiving specialized training in food safety and animal and plant health. Endhir Sosa of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority is among the trainees attending the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Management Course, slated for 17-30 April 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland, under the United Nations University – Fisheries Training Programme (UNU-FTP). The two-week course, developed by the UNU-FTP in partnership with the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), is exposing the selected trainees to the full range of issues faced in fisheries value chain management, with special focus on the best SPS standards and the institutional arrangements required for the optimized performance of the fishing industry.

Successful prosthetic clinic organizers say thanks
In the Sunday, March 20, 2016 edition of Amandala, the newspaper ran a feature article for the Belizean Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA), highlighting the prosthetic clinic that was to be held at the Helpage Gym that Sunday. The members of BAPDA would like to sincerely thank the many people who selflessly gave of their time and resources to make this endeavor a success. Thanks to Mr. Russell Vellos, Ms. Ramos, Ms. McKenzie and the rest of the Kremandala crew and also the team from Prosthetic Hope International, Deputy Commander Louis Sutherland of the Belize Defence Force and the soldiers who assisted: PTE Marvin Ical, PTE Ronald Choc, PTE Domingo Ack, and PTE Carlos Chub. Involved in this venture also were Gilroy Middleton, Jr., a lecturer at the University of Belize; Ms. Verie Vassal, the Helpage management and staff, Ms. Eva Middleton, Ireva and Abija Vernon, Lori Hernandez, Mrs. Hillary Rivers, Jeneva Anthony and BAPDA volunteers.

Adopting energy-efficient practices to help businesses
Khara Roches is the National Coordinator for the Energy for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Project for Belize. Roches told Amandala that there are five countries participating in the project: Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines and Belize. “The main goal”, Roches said, “is to reduce energy intensity by 20%.” Roches added that they are hoping that by having today’s seminar, they can convince importers to get on board by illustrating the benefits to their businesses of adopting renewable energy and energy efficient practices. In line with this effort, Franklyn Magloire, Assistant General Manager, Lending Operations, of the Development Finance Corporation (DFC), told Amandala, “DFC is collaborating with the Caribbean Development Bank and the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology & Public Utilities in providing $2 million dollars available to small and medium-sized businesses in order that they can invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.”

Drowning in Teakettle
Manuel Obando, 33, a farmer of Teakettle, Cayo District, drowned while swimming in the Belize River at about 4:30 Saturday afternoon. He reportedly went under the water and did not resurface. Family members organized a search party for him, and his body was found at about 5:45 that same Saturday evening, in the vicinity of the same spot in the river where he went under. Those who know him said that Obando was friendly and easy to get along with. Police said that no foul play has been suspected, and the death has been declared a drowning.

Minor drowns in Biscayne water hole
On April 21, 2016, at around 3:47 p.m., Ladyville police responded to a report of a drowning incident in Biscayne. When they arrived, they found the motionless body of 8-year-old Kimera Dominguez, a standard 2 student at Biscayne Government School, on the banks of a manmade water hole. Kimera had gone into her yard to greet her incoming brother and took unusually long to return inside the house with him. When she did not respond to her mother’s shouts, a search ensued, which led to the discovery of her body in the water hole. Lunnet Dominguez, Kimera’s aunt, told Amandala today that she believes her niece experienced a sudden epilepsy attack and unfortunately, slid into the water hole, located in front of their residence. She further added that when Kimera was retrieved, she was stiff, with visible signs of foam at her mouth.

7 months and 2 weeks to freedom for Kim Brannon
A woman, Kim Brannon, 52, who was initially charged with murder and who was tried and convicted and sentenced to serve life in prison but was given a second chance when the Belize Court of Appeal quashed her conviction and sentence and ordered a new trial in 2013, appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez this afternoon and pleaded guilty to manslaughter for causing the death of her common-law husband,Anthony “Antics” Herrera, 43. Justice Gonzalez sentenced Brannon to 8 years in prison and stipulated that the time that she has already spent in prison should be deducted from the sentence. Brannon had already served 7 years, 4 months and 13 days behind bars. For her to complete her sentence, she will now have to serve another 7 months and two weeks in prison.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Oscar Selgado: Sabido has grounds to appeal conviction
Osmar Sabido’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, says that his client can make an appeal following his sentencing today. Selgado told the media today that he is “convinced that there is ground upon which an appeal can be (made)” from the evidence presented which he said […]

Two detained in connection with shooting death of Gilberto Najarro in Corozal
Corozal police are closing in on the gunman who shot and killed 43-year-old Gilberto Sarcenio Najarro in Paraiso Village on Monday morning. Authorities have detained two persons and are seeking a third for questioning in the incident. Najarro was shot once to his back […]

City courts shut down after transformer misfires
A transformer belonging to Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) caught fire this morning at around 9:30, causing the Belize City Magistrate’s Courts to shut down their offices for the rest of the day. The misfiring transformer, located at the corner of Bishop and Regent Streets […]

Police charge “Shiney” Tillet’s accused killer
Nicholas Swazo, accused of shooting 36 year old Gerald “Shiney” Tillett to death at the Wadani Shed on Saturday night, April 16, has been released from hospital after being shot himself during the incident and is now formally charged and remanded to prison. Acting Officer in […]

Marie Sharp inducted to the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame
Marie Sharp is officially part of the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame! She was presented with an award over the weekend at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo and received a red jacket, commemorating the occasion along with a class […]

Osmer Sabido will return to prison for life
Osmer Sabido, 30, has been found guilty of murdering his then 21-year-old girlfriend and common-law wife Christie Carrasco on Febraury 28, 2011. He has was sentenced to life in prison earlier today. After five years in prison, Sabido’s trial started on March 10 where, in […]

Tiger Sharks and Hurricanes set to face off in NEBL finals
In National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) action, two teams have emerged from the playoffs to face off in the finals: the #1 seed Smart Belize Hurricanes and #3 seed San Pedro Tiger Sharks. On Thursday night in Belmopan, the Bandits took on the Tiger […]

Man first caught by BDF in Chiquibul pleads guilty, is deported
Jose Maria Antonio Reyes, the first man detained in Belizean territory last Wednesday before the shooting death of Julio Alvarado Ruano, 13, appeared in court on Friday. Reyes was picked up 2 hours before the shoot-out that claimed Ruano’s life. He had been found […]

Guatemalan national dismembered and crushed in accident at Santander Sugar Mill
The dismembered and crushed body of a 20-year-old Guatemalan National, Francisco Andres Antonio Sebastian, currently awaits a post mortem examination at the Western Regional Hospital after he was killed in a freak accident. Luis Felipe Rivera, a 21-year-old driver at Santander Sugar Mill, reported […]

Joseph Budna allegedly beaten in Guatemalan prison
Joseph Budna, who is currently serving jail time in Guatemala on charges of kidnapping and abduction, was allegedly beaten by Guatemalan inmates as retaliation for the death of 13-year-old Julio Alvarado who was shot by Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldiers. The news was reported by […]


The Ultimate Belize Bucket List: Tiny Country, HUGE Experiences
So many things to do in Belize I had to make my own bucket list just to keep track and I thought maybe it could help you. Also, there is a MASSIVE prize involved to anyone that can complete all. MASSIVE.

Crunchy Salad with Apples & Grapes
In a small bowl mix all the ingredients to make the dressing:.. Yoghurt, sugar, mayonnaise, lemon juice and cinnamon. Place it in the refrigerator while you make the salad. Once you have all the chopped fruit in a large bowl add all the dressing and mix.

Chicken Chop Suey
First, saute the chicken in a large skillet (if you have a wok, much better yet). Gradually add the vegetables in the following order (leaving about a few minutes after adding each so they cook a little and get integrated with what is already in the skillet or wok): garlic, carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli , cauliflower, and finally, mushrooms and dragon's teeth (bean sprouts). Dissolve the chicken bouillon cube in a cup of hot water and add to the mixture, add salt as you like and cook over medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes or until you see that the vegetables are cooked.

Chipotle Caeser Salad
For the dressing: Blend all ingredients until a smooth and homogeneous dressing. Reserve it.. For the salad: 1. Heat the olive oil in a skillet and saute the garlic and onion for 2 minutes. 2. Add chicken breast halves, increase taste with salt and pepper and cook for 4 minutes on both sides. Remove from heat and cut into thick strips. 3. Mix lettuce leaves with croutons, Parmesan cheese and some dressing. 4. Serve above mixture of salad and add the chicken strips.

Why You Have to Visit Hopkins Belize on Your Vacation
Often ranked as the friendliest village in Belize, Hopkins is in the center of the Garifuna culture, a unique people with both African and Caribbean roots who migrated to the country in the 18th century. With a laidback, easygoing atmosphere, the village is a popular destination for visitors interested in learning to play Garifuna drums, sampling Garifuna cuisine, learning more about traditional fishing culture, and as a jumping off point for the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. Hopkins is a quaint Garifuna village on the Caribbean coast in the southeastern Stann Creek District of Belize. Hopkins is located eight miles south of Dangriga and approximately 90 miles south of Belize City. Often billed as a village where “time moves like a turtle”, the unhurried and easygoing pace of traditional life in Hopkins is best experienced by adopting an open-minded, relaxed attitude. Stretching approximately five miles around the perimeter of a small inlet, this fishing and farming village is a great place to experience Garifuna culture, including their unique group drumming, home-brewed Punta music, and working alongside with traditional craftsmen.

A whole lot of weekend
One of the things that comes with island life and being a blogger is sometimes travelers reach out to me asking if I would be willing to show them around the island a bit. This was the case with Michael he arrived last Friday for a scouting trip to see if living in Belize was for him – not only did he want to learn more about the island he also wanted to meet new people. So I agreed to show him around when I was not working. Here are a few bits and pieces touring around the island. First Farmers Market and an Afternoon at “The Lake” My friend Jack came with us on this one. On our way there we encountered a long line at the toll bridge and ran into friends Chunky, Ruthie and Bob at Marbucks. They urged us to bust a move to The Truck Stop as it was packed earlier and some of the tables selling their wares were running out of stuff.

International Sourcesizz

ETBU students help provide clean water in Belize
Nine students from East Texas Baptist University served in Belize with Hope Springs Water—an Athens-based ministry committed to provide safe water, sanitation and public health education to developing countries. Lisa Seeley, director of global education and the Great Commission Center at ETBU, and her husband, Scott Seeley, pastor of Nesbit Baptist Church in Marshall, accompanied the student team. “The purpose of the trip was to fix wells in villages so that people who live there could have clean water,” said Nycole Renfrow, a sophomore from Nederland. In Cirque Jute, ETBU students deepened a well 10 feet to keep water flowing during the dry season. They also cleaned out out existing wells that produced discolored water. The recent trip marked the second year in a row ETBU student teams journeyed to Belize to work with Hope Springs Water.

Guatemala rejects Belize 'self defense' claim in boy's death
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales on Tuesday rejected an assertion by neighboring Belize that a Guatemalan boy shot dead on the border last week was killed in "self defense." "The way the boy died, with eight bullets -- four in the back and one in the eye -- cannot be justified as 'legitimate self defense'," Morales told journalists. The circumstances of the April 20 death of the 13-year-old boy are disputed by Guatemala and Belize. Each Central American nation claims the shooting occurred on its side of the border and was an unprovoked attack on its citizens.

¿Belice...? Por favor Presidente, no es 1970
The Guatemalan government has shifted gears, making statements to tone down and clarify what appeared to the world to be an escalation of aggression. But in both these actions that nation's government has also come under criticism, with the brunt of it aimed at President Jimmy Morales. The following article on Guatemalan News blog points out some of those criticisms, of which his handling of the recent events between Belize and Guatemala is only one of many. A rough translation of its final paragraph reads: "The relationship with neighbors is complex and its legal, judicial, and political ramifications should be treated with caution and diplomatic effectiveness, not with improvisations and outbursts."


  • PANDY SHOW IN 1992, 10min. Selmo Belisle, Mamacita Chavarria, Jaisen Barrera, Amarsha Arnold and Alston Belisle.

  • Low German Radio in Belize- Destiny 105, 2.5min. Low German Radio is now a reality in Belize! You can hear Henry Redekopp, the voice behind the mic, on Destiny 105 out of Shipyard, Belize.

  • 2015 Belize Pickstock Exodus Church, 3.5min. Exodus Church in the heart of the Jungle - Belize City

  • Belize International (BZE) to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 6min. on Tropic Air.

  • Belize Reef - Caye Caulker, 4min. Went on a tour with raggamuffin's in Caye Caulker and absolutely loved every moment!

  • Belize Mission Trip 2016: Belmopan, 3min. We teamed up with Experience Mission in Belmopan Belize to help build a structure used for church convention. April 17-23.

  • LAMBS Belize 2016, 7.5min.

  • TRIP TO PG, 7min. from PGTV News Network

  • Bird Island Belize, drone circle, 1min.

  • Belize 2016, 5.5min. Dive Video from our trip to Belize.

  • 2016 San Pedro Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Dives, 15min.

  • Concessions & Deceptions: Gregorio Aleman Exposes 1991 MAA Act, 25min. The piece features an informative interview with Gregorio Aleman in 1991-- the outspoken advocate against the Maritime Areas Act, and former United Democratic Party Senator who lives in the southern town of Punta Gorda in the Belizean district of Toledo. He highlights the drastic mistake that the Belizean government made when they signed the bill that made the Maritime Areas Act law, giving the Guatemalan government access to precious Belizean sea territory for fishing, and robbed the Belizean people of once prized fishing grounds.

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