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Today's Belize News: May 4, 2016 #513491
05/04/16 05:49 AM
05/04/16 05:49 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Tiger Sharks fall to Smart Belize Hurricanes in first NEBL Finals match
For the third consecutive year, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) finals looking to claim the championship yet again. But before they can be crowned NEBL 2016 Tournament Champions, the Tiger Sharks must defeat the Smart Belize Hurricanes in a best out of three game series. The first game of the finals was played on Friday, April 20th at the Belize Elementary School gymnasium in Belize City. As the game tipped off, Smart Belize Hurricanes jumped out to an early lead, ending the first quarter with an 18 – 16 advantage. At halftime, Smart Belize Hurricanes still maintained a marginal 31 – 28 lead. In the third quarter, there were many lead changes and ties until Smart Belize Hurricanes extended the lead to 9 points at the end of the third quarter, to take a 63 – 54 advantage. In the middle of the fourth quarter, San Pedro Tiger Sharks was able to cut the lead to three points, but the home squad then extended the lead down the stretch to secure game one of the best-of-three finals, with a score of 93 – 84.

Ambergris Today

Belize Receives More International Support on Guatemala Issues: PM Barrow Says
At the press conference last week Monday, April 25, 2016, Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, attempted a detailed review of the crisis situation that had arisen following the incident at Cebada where a Guatemalan minor lost his life in consequence of an exchange of fire after a BDF/FCD patrol had come under a nighttime attack. Today, Tuesday, PM Barrow issued another statement during a press release in which he indicated that Belize has even more international support on the Guatemalan territorial dispute and that government’s decision to restrict civilian entry to the Sarstoon area was to maintain diplomacy and the protection of lives.

Faith Noel Crowned Miss San Pedro High 2016
From the very first opening segment of the Miss San Pedro High Pageant 2016, Faith Noel won the heart of the audience and indeed of the judges. The audience was ecstatic and in continual support of the four young ladies and even more so when Faith took center stage. The pageant included an opening segment with a dance and introduction. Then there was a costume competition, professional attire, sports ware and the formal dress segment with questions and answers. Throughout the evening there was entertainment and dancing by the high school students accompanied by the new sensational Band Caribbean Kings. Miss Janelly Aban, who although had tremendous audience support, won First Runner Up as well as Miss Congeniality, and Miss Photogenic. Miss Lisandra Novelo won Miss Popularity (the audience's choice), and Miss Norma Lopez, won Miss Eloquence. The main title of the night awarded by the judges was jubilantly received by Miss Faith Noel, Miss San Pedro High 2016.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

First Friday Of May Roadside and Beach Trash Pick Up
Please join us on Friday, May 6th, for our monthly community trash pick up. We meet at 9 am at the Paradise Theatre, just north of the bridge. Gloves, bags, trash pickers and water will be provided - please bring your island spirit! Our efforts are making a difference!

Six budding Belizean entrepreneurs displayed their products at this year’s National Agriculture and Trade Show !
As part of its mission to assist small business owners to become more competitive, Beltraide established a booth at the National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan, which allowed several locally owned businesses to market and sell their products to a wide market of Belizean consumers. Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to sample Fibber’s sauces, a variety of jams from Belizean Home Made Jellies, Tambranero sauces, mosquito repellent and beauty products from Jerusalem Beauty Company, beauty products from Cocoa & Company and Che’il Mayan chocolates.

The Placencia Breeze May 2016
INSIDE May 2016 Pg 3 BTIA news Pg 7 Laru Beya Restaurant Spotlight Pg 9 Seine Bight Girls Running Club Pg 10 Restaurant Guide Pg 11 Point of View / Dawn's Grill Pg 12 Marie Sharp Hall of Fame Pg 13 SanPedroScoop Belizean Food Guide Pg 14 Where in the World is the Breeze Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 24 Police & Fire Department Community Day / PIA Earth Day/ St. Aphonsus Printer / Blood Drive Pg 25 Oceana Belize Investigates Death of Humpback Whale / BTB Ocean Cruising Curacao to Belize Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 PHS News Pg 29 Lobsterfest Art Contest Winner Pg 30/31 Paid Listings / BTB Visits

Belize Tourism Board: “Sustainability should go hand in hand with Tourism Strategy”
Belize Tourism Board has today cemented its commitment to responsible tourism with its sponsorship of the World Responsible Tourism Awards. In a statement announcing the partnership, the Central American country highlighted the importance of a joined up approach to sustainability to ensure that the local economy is stimulated and benefits from tourism, and natural resources are protected. The comment comes as part of the announcement that Belize will be the headline sponsor of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London, and is an extension of Belize’s national Sustainable Tourism Masterplan, which stipulates how to grow tourism in a sustainable manner. The winners of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards will all be organisations which have been recognised for their leadership and for the replicability worldwide of their projects and initiatives. The destination is no stranger to the Awards, with two organisations based in Belize recognised for their work in recent years. In 2011 community organisation ‘Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development’ was awarded ‘Best in a Marine Environment’ for its campaign for locally owned tourism development in the face of planned cruise tourism in the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. The judges were impressed that “After uniting the community to preserve the authenticity of the Peninsula, they have continued to promote collaboration between local tourism organisations and the village council to proactively develop sustainable tourism”.

Paint Party Events
Come join us this Thursday to paint "Casa Blanca". Hope to see you there! Starts On :May 5, 2016, 2:00 PM

2nd Annual Frenchie's Offshore Open
Time to get ready for the 2nd Annual Frenchie's Offshore Open fishing tournament out of Caye Caulker!

Statement by Honorable Dean Barrow, Prime Minister Press Briefing Tuesday, May 3, 2016
At the press conference last Monday, I attempted a detailed review of the crisis situation that had arisen following the incident at Cebada where a Guatemalan minor lost his life in consequence of an exchange of fire after a BDF/FCD patrol had come under a nighttime attack. All the world now knows of the unjustified, disproportionate and incendiary response of Guatemalan officialdom to the unfortunate death of their citizen. That response precipitated the crisis in which it appeared that a fundamental breach of the peace between Guatemala and Belize was an imminent possibility. In the circumstances, I set out what Belizean diplomacy had done and would continue to do to avert the chance of military hostilities. In the circumstances I also made a foursquare appeal for the Belize Territorial Volunteers to call off their planned trip to the Sarstoon, which had become the hottest of spots and a particular powder keg in the sharply deteriorated climate that had overtaken Belize/Guatemala relations. This was in contradistinction to, for example, Garbutt's Falls where the situation is not the lightning rod that the Sarstoon is. Thus, we had no fear for the safety of the Northern Territorial Volunteers and their planned visit to Garbutt's Falls on Saturday, the same day that the Belize Territorial Volunteers wished to go to the Sarstoon. Indeed, the NTV proceeded with that visit and it went off without a hitch.

Channel 7

PUP Will Go To Sarstoon, Dares GOB To Arrest Them
Tonight, we have a packed newscast for you. Over the 3-day weekend, there were two double murders in the Cayo District, also, a well-known street figure was slain in the city. But we start tonight with news from the Sarstoon River. On Saturday, the police stopped the Belize Territorial Volunteers from going on their trip to the Sarstoon River. Our news team was there when the Belizean lawmen blocked them from even leaving the Barranco Pier. We'll show you that later in the news, but first to the reaction from the PUP to the controversial Statutory Instrument which stops any Belizean from going into the Sarstoon for a month. The Governor General signed that into law on Friday and made it a criminal offence punishable by a two thousand dollar fine or a year in jail. Government said it's only to give them time to find a diplomatic solution for the Sarstoon situation. But, today, the PUP held a meeting of the National Executive, and decided to defy the Government, and the possibility of being confronted by the Guatemalan army, and go to the Sarstoon.

PM Says PUP Will Be Handled Just Like BTV
A few hours after that PUP Press Conference, the Prime Minister called his own press conference at the NEMO Conference Room in Belmopan. It was to update the nation that a delegation of Belizean diplomats, minus a representative from the PUP, were in Washington DC. They had already made a jump-start in trying to negotiate a protocol for the Sarstoon River, while the 30-day ban is still in effect. We'll get to that, but when the Prime Minister took questions from the Press, we asked about the PUP's bold announcement to go to the Sarstoon. He told us they will be treated just like the BTV were this weekend: Daniel Ortiz: "The People's United Party announced via a press conference that they intend to go to the Sarstoon to put on display the government's intention to enforce this law. Will the state enforce the ban against them?"

GOB and BTV Playing Chess In Barranco
And so while the government says that it did what it had to do on Saturday - and it will do it again, if necessary, the Territorial Volunteers said the same thing. Beefed up by heavy support from civil society, on Saturday, they were determined to make the journey, even after meeting with the commanders of the armed forces, and learning that they could be risking a $2,000 fine or a year imprisonment. Our news team followed them this Saturday to Barranco Village, Toledo, when they attempted to take to the Caribbean Sea for a boat ride down to the Sarstoon. The Security Forces were determined to stop them, and our cameras caught all the action. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting: Early on Saturday morning, the Territorial Volunteers and their civil society affiliates boarded a bus to Barranco Village.

Bze. And Guat. Holding Bi-lateral Talks In Washington
So, to the big news of the Prime Minister's Press Conference this afternoon. He told the media that now that the 30-day ban in the Sarstoon is in effect, Belize is hard at work, through the diplomatic channels, to negotiate a peace keeping protocol for the Sarstoon River. According to the Prime Minister, a high-level delegation from Belize has been in Washington since this weekend. They been conducting bilateral talks with Guatemala today, and those sessions will continue tomorrow. Here's how Prime Minister Barrow explained the urgency with which his Foreign Affairs Diplomats are acting during this 30-day cooling down period in the Sarstoon: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Foreign Minister has been dispatch directly from the Bahamas to Washington where we have succeeded with the help of the Americans in arranging a number of meetings. These are with the OAS, with the State Department and that meeting with the State Department took place at 11pm Washington time morning. It was with the Under Secretary of State, Ambassador Shannon, who I believe is the number two to Kerry. So there was that meeting this morning at 11 and another meeting takes place just about now, perhaps started about an hour or so. That was schedule for 4pm Washington time - a bilateral meeting between Belize and Guatemala."

Criticism For S.I. From The Expected Quarters
And while the diplomats are talking in Washington, and trying to hammer out that protocol, in Belize, at best, public opinion is split on the Statutory Instrument, and there's been very vocal opposition to it. Wil Maheia and the territorial Volunteers say that they intend to conduct surveillance for themselves to make sure that the SI is enforced across the board, on everyone, including the Guatemalans who travel and fish on the Belize side of the river. While we were in Barranco, we spoke to a few of the participants to get feedback on this law. Not surprisingly, the majority of those we spoke to are disappointed that the Government took this step. Here's how they explained it: Geovannie Brackett - President, COLA: "That law against - if anyone had any ill views of the government and how they've been handling this situation, it shows clearly that this government is more concern again in yielding to Guatemala unfounded claim. That law we believe is unconstitutional, it is a symbol of power and it's a symbol of a lack of faith and hope and that's what we think about that law."

BPP Supports S.I.
One man who's choosing to look at the Statutory Instrument as a positive outcome is Patrick Rogers, the Leader of the Belize Progressive Party. Now, if you've been following the opinions that Rogers and those within his party have shared on the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute, you'd know that they are hyper-critical of the Government's decisions. So, we were a little surprised when Rogers told us that from his perspective, the Government, in trying to block the BTV, did a good thing to advance Belize's claimed sovereignty over the northern portion of the Sarstoon River. Here's how he explained why: Patrick Rogers - Leader, Belize Progressive Party: "All is not lost Belize. We are taking the line that they have given us and make lemonade, because what they have effectively done is re-assert sovereignty over the northern section of the Sarstoon now, by passing this law to restrict us for going there for 30 days. Over the next 30 days we need to mount a constitutional challenge based on discrimination if Guatemalan fisher folks are seen in the northern side of the Sarstoon or worst, the Guatemalan Armed Forces."

PM Deflects Criticism On Soft Sarstoon Position
So, back to the topic of the Sarstoon SI which stops Belizeans from entering the Sarstoon without permission from the Government. As we said, there's been vocal criticism of it, and today, we challenged the Prime Minister on it. Here's how he answered when we asked if this 30-day ban is an indication that the Government is being too passive: Daniel Ortiz: "A popular sentiment, a critic coming out of this in the wake of your SI that was passes is that this in some way is a proof positive that the government in handling of the Sarstoon River situation. Can you respond to that?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "It's hard to respond to what is an opinion. People are perfectly entitled to their opinion and I certainly will not engaged in any debate with them. I will merely repeat that government must at all times bear well in mind, the larger picture and the country's overriding national interest."

Gambis Gunned Down
Gun violence loomed over the streets of Belize City on the Labour Day weekend, with two separate shootings which left one dead and two injured. We start first with the murder of 38 year old Keon "Gambis" Williams, a well known resident of Supal Street Belize City. Williams was gunned down on Saturday evening on the Central American Boulevard. He's a well known name in Belize City streets and he made national healdines back in 2010, when he was accused of sodomizing a 14 year old boy, a charge he eventually beat. But this weekend, the father of three, was unable to escape an apparent vendetta killing. It is a complicated scenario that, according to his family, involves a week long stake out. Emanuel Pech reports. Despite his somewhat troubling past, 38 year old Glen Williams, also known as Keon Williams or "Gambis," was a free spirited individual. He spent a lot of his free time at popular gambling spots like the one by the Fish Market at West Collet Canal. In fact the last thing his mother heard from him on Saturday was a joke.

Keon's Family Claims Cops Swiped Cash From A Dead Man's Pockets
The body of 38 year old Keon Williams now lies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination. However, even before a proper autopsy has been concluded, the family says there is already something shady surrounding the scene and the way it was processed. According to his family, Gambis Williams had a substantial amount of money on him when he was gunned down. However when the family checked his body at the hospital his money was gone. The family says they feel even more disrespected at the thought. So who would steal a dead man's money? Here are the two sides of that story. Voice of: Family member: "I told them that "Gambis" had lots of money on him, because "Gambis" took the rental vehicle. Other people say that he was gambling at the fish market. But the guy who he was gambling with say that he did have X amount of money on him and the police say that whenever they put him in the morgue they will search him. They searched him and the only thing he had on him was $2 in his pocket, because they had already robbed him. People are saying that the police robbed him. I don't know, because I wasn't out there. He had his watch, his phone and everything else he had. Only $2 he had in his pocket."

Other City Shootings Not Fatal
And while Gambis Williams was killed on Saturday, the weekend city shootings continued on Sunday night. At about 8:25, two men, 25 year old Shane Valdez and 30 year old Anthony Arnold, were gunned down at their house on Antelope Street. Valdez was shot to his right thigh and Arnold was shot to his right ankle. There are no known suspects for the shooting at this time however authorities believe that the incident might in fact by related to the murder of Gambis Williams. ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South: "We do believe that that was a retaliatory shooting to the death of Keon Williams." Reporter: "Could you give us more detail about what happened there and where it happened?" ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South: "The two young men that were shot were socializing in the yard and an unknown gun man came and fired several shots in their direction and both persons were shot in their feet. They were taken to the hospital and they were admitted in a stable condition."

FFB Stalemate: No President Elected After 22 Rounds
In February, a very private fight in the FFB Executive went public. That's when, as viewers may remember, the then President, Ruperto Vicente, had to fight off an attempted suspension orchestrated by the members of his executive committee. Sergio Chuc, Cruz Gamez, and Marlon Kuylen orchestrated what might be called a Palace Coup, because they say Vicente had been bad for football over his 4 year tenure as president. But FIFA over-ruled that suspension - pushing the contest for maximum power in the FFB to an election on Saturday April 30th. It's the FFB's 9th Ordinary Congress - and it started around 10:00 am and finished at midnight - that's right, 14 hours later, after, get this: 22 ties to see who would be President, Ruperto Vicente or his challenger, Sergio chuc. And even after 22 rounds of voting, there was still a tie! Meaning that tonight, no new president has been elected Our news team was the Princess Ramada Hotel up to the 11th round, without selecting a new president and a 2nd Vice President. We spoke to Kuylen who told us that it's the first time something like this has ever happened:

Rt. Hon. Price: From Mayor To Prime Minister
He's the most revered figure in Belize's history - and now National Hero, George Price will have a fitting monument at the start of the highway that bears his name. This morning, the towering George Price bust was unveiled at the Cemetery Road roundabout leading. It was a bi partisan affair as PUP Leader John Briceno, Price's relatives, and the UDP Mayor all joined in praise for Price:.. The bust was unveiled by Price's younger sister Katherine - who is 85. The donation for the bust came from the Holy Redeemer Credit Union. Price was a former Belize City Councilor and the late 1940's and then he became Belize City Mayor in the mid to late 1950's. The current mayor says that the bust is perfectly located - right in line with Phillip Goldson's one at the Flag Monument roundabout:….

Mayor Bradley Not A Fan of Controversial S.I.
And of course, being at a George Price event in the current climate of tensions between Belize and Guatemala, a few words had to be said about the Sarstoon SI - the statutory instrument which prevents Belizeans from going into the river which forms Belize's southern border. We asked the mayor what he thinks about the SI - and htough he played it cagey, it's clear he's not a fan:… And during the ceremony to unveil the Price bust, George Price's Nephew Francis Usher also made his family's position known:…

New Measures For CITCO Guns
And we also asked the mayor about those four guns stolen from the City's Commercial Center one month ago. They haven't been recovered - but the mayor says they have changed their security protocol to make sure there is no recurrence:... Police have not made any arrests in this case, but also suspect that it was an inside job.

Abusive Security Guard Killed Ex, Co Worker And Then Tired To Kill Himself
A brutal double murder on Saturday has left Santa Elena residents shaken. 40 year old Miriam Mai and her sister in law Daisy Miralda were both shot and killed inside Betty's Beauty salon. But it wasn't as a result of a robbery or mistaken identity, they were killed by Mai's abusive and jealous ex- common law husband. We went to Cayo today to find out more about this troubling case. Courtney Weatherburne reporting On Saturday evening, Cayo residents gathered behind the barricade tape at Betty's Beauty Salon. There were there looking on as the police scanned the area and processed this grisly scene. 3 bloodied bodies lay on the floor inside the salon - the woman on the far right near the table was 29 year old Daisy Miralda. The woman sprawled on her stomach was her sister in law 40 year old Salon owner Miriam Mai affectionately called Betty. And the man in the middle is Mai's ex common-law husband, Andy Bustillos - who is the suspected murderer. The incident happened on Saturday evening after 5:00. Miralda and a few friends were hanging out at the Salon as Mai was blow drying a customer's hair. That's when Bustillos came in with a present for Mai. We spoke with one of the friends who was there and she gave us the shocking account.

Bustillos Had History of Abuse
And the police say that there had been a documented history of violence where Betty Mai reported Bustillos many times for abuse. Here's how they explained it today...

Cayo Cops Working On Other Double Murder
San Ignacio Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the double murder of two Guatemalan men, 52 year old Santos Gonzalez and 37 year old Orlando Garcia. Last week Thursday the two men were found dead around 2 pm on a feeder road off the George Price Highway. Police say that at least one of the men is a known drug trafficker. So while police have an idea of the motive for this deadly double killing, they have no clear suspect at this time. But they are hoping to advance their investigations through the use of video cameras at the Benque Border. Police say they are dividing themselves into rural and urban Cayo so that they can have more boots patrolling these known drug drop off zones. And while we spoke with authorities in Cayo we asked them for an update on the Amir Tzib case. He is a mental patient who inflicted several chop wounds to Amir Tun last week Thursday. Tun was walking past the community centre in San Antonio Village when Tzib attacked him for no apparent reason. Superintendent Rosado, told us how they are proceeding with that investigation.

Mistaken Identity In Camalote Killing?
And there was another double murder in the west, this time in Camalote. 2 young men were gunned down - residents say innocently. Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez were both shot up near Thimbrel's home in Camalote. Akeem had just come from visiting family members on Sunday night when he met his cousin and close friend Shawn Lopez. Lopez was drunk and Thimbrel was taking him home when gunmen rode up to them and opened fire. We spoke with Thimbrel's father and the police about this incident. 2 persons from the village have been detained. As you heard neither Lopez nor Thimbrel were the targets. Sources say the hit was sent for one of their friends Sanjay Casey who lives close to where the shooting happened. Now when we spoke to residents, they told us that the girl who is detained is the one who sent the hitman for Sanjay Casey but the shooter or shooters somehow mistook either Thimbrel or Lopez for Casey. Residents also told us it all started with a confrontation between the girl who is in custody, her boyfriend and Casey. We will keep on following this very messy murder case.

Channel 5

Bilateral Meeting between Belize and Guatemala in Washington
Last Friday, the Government of Belize passed a most controversial law to prevent the Belize Territorial Volunteers from entering the Sarstoon, over which the Guatemalans are now in full control. [...]

PM Barrow on Discussion Topics at Bilateral Meetings
There are many issues on the table between Belize and Guatemala, including what the Prime Minister has termed a crisis averted. But even before that crisis following the Chiquibul incident, [...]

P.U.P. Will Test the Controversial Sarstoon Law
As we said a little later, an expedition planned by the Belize Territorial Volunteers for the Sarstoon this past weekend was halted by elements of the Belize Coast Guard and [...]

What’s the Next Step for Belizeans in the Sarstoon?
With the Sarstoon under lock to Belizeans by both Guatemalan and Belizean law enforcement, all eyes are on the diplomatic channels being maneuvered. That hasn’t worked out so well to [...]

PM Says Guatemalan FM is Wrong: There’s No Extraordinary Agreement on Sarstoon
In one of his recent interviews condemning Belize, Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales claims that he has an agreement with his counterpart, Wilfred Elrington, in which no Belizean would [...]

P.U.P. Will Challenge the Sarstoon Law in Court
Hours prior to the Prime Minister’s press conference in the capital, the People’s United Party briefed the media in Belize City. The National Executive approved five measures that the party [...]

Briceño says Bipartisan Approach to Guatemalan Dispute has been Lost
You have heard the Prime Minister say there was no time to invite the representative of People’s United Party to the discussions to be held by Minister Elrington in Washington. [...]

BTV’s Expedition to the Sarstoon Stopped in its Tracks
The passage of an unprecedented law on Friday restricting Belizeans from traveling to the Sarstoon has been met with opposition. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers were undeterred to trek to [...]

Should G.O.B. rescind the new Sarstoon Law?
And tonight’s question is: Do you believe G.O.B. should rescind the new Sarstoon Law? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on [...]

Double Murder in Santa Elena Claims the Life of 2 Women
There were as many as five murders over the weekend: two double murders in the west and another in the City where a Supal Street affiliate was murdered; all within [...]

Another Double Murder in the West; 2 Cousins are Gunned Down
The community of Camalote in the Cayo District is grieving and angry. They demand justice for the cold-blooded, brutal murders of Akeem Thimbriel and Shawn Lopez on Sunday night. Thimbriel [...]

Were Police Involved in the Shooting Death of 2 Camalote Youths
In addition to the already disturbing indication of an execution summoned to settle an altercation earlier Sunday, there is also the allegation that police officers may have been involved very [...]

Gambis Williams is Murdered in the City
A fifth person was murdered over the Labor Day weekend. It happened on Iguana Street where Glen “Gambis” Williams was gunned down after he had purchased barbecue. Williams is a [...]

2 Men Shot in the City
In the wake of the murder of Glen ‘Gambis’ Williams on Saturday evening, it is strongly believed that factions within the Supal Street Gang may have triggered a spate of [...]

Marlon Kuylen, the New Acting President of the F.F.B.
The Football Federation of Belize met on Saturday in Belize City where anticipated elections for five senior posts within the national sporting organization were being held at the Princess Hotel [...]

Part 2 of the P.S.E.
Day two sitting of the Primary School Examination occurred today; over seven thousand two hundred students from across the country were tested in Mathematics and Social Studies. The exam targets [...]

A Bust of George Price is Erected at the Entrance of the Old Capital
The unveiling of a bust in honor of Right Honorable George Price, Father of Belize’s independence, was held this morning in Belize City.  The idea of placing a sculpture at [...]

Weekend Fire Leaves 2 Families Homeless
A concrete and wooden two storey house went up in flames on Saturday night just after nine o’clock in south side Belize City. Two families and their six children were [...]

The National Agriculture & Trade Show 2016
The National Agriculture and Trade Show took place over the weekend at the show grounds in Belmopan. The annual event drew thousands looking for deals in goods and services. This [...]

Weekend Sports Update with James Adderley


Northern Territorial Volunteers Visit Garbutt Falls With Out Any Incident
Saturday April 30th 2016 marked the 157th anniversary of the treaty that was signed between the governments of the United Kingdom and the republic of Guatemala in the year 1859. The main purpose of signing the treaty was to distinguish the border that lies between Belize and its neighboring country Guatemala. In an effort to commemorate this significant and important day, the Northern Territorial Volunteers traveled to the Garbutt Falls Border Monument located in Benque Viejo where a short ceremony was held to honor the validation of the agreement. The leader of the Northern Territorial Volunteers, Giovanni De la Fuente, was quite satisfied with the support that the NTV received, not only from civilians but also from the members of the Belize Police Force who were out there to ensure the safety of all Belizeans that were present for the trip.

Hundreds Join The Fight Against Cancer
Over the weekend, hundreds of northenos took part in the 8th annual cancer walk organized by the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group celebrated under the theme ‘I can, you can, we can stand against cancer. As is the case every year, the walk commenced at 5:30 in the morning from the San Martin Gas Station and the objective was the same: to raise awareness about the disease, to pay tribute to those who have lost the battle and to show support for those who are currently fighting the dreadful disease. Makeda Anderson: “This is the first time I am participated and I’ve lost a family member due to cancer and my workplace and also the Youth Council wanted to come out and support so that we can bring awareness to the people. I feel very good about it because it is always nice to support others and cancer is something very difficult for any family member especially when you have lost some one due to cancer so it is a very good feeling to come out and support others.”

FFB Reaches Deadlock During Election
A new Executive Body for the Football Federation of Belize was elected over the weekend during FFB’s 9th Ordinary Congress which was held on Saturday in Belize City. The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body. During the elections selected by the congress as, Senior Vice President was Marlon Kuylen, while Shane Orio and Darlene Vernon were elected as Executive Members. Seeking the post of president were former President, Ruperto Vicente and former Vice President Sergio Chuc while the vice president position was contested by Jaime Perdomo and former Executive Member Cruz Gamez and following 22 rounds of voting, ending in a tie each time, a new president and vice president for the FFB could not be elected.

Belizeans Describe Barrow's New Law As Draconian
But the People’s United Party is not the only one that wants the law to be revoked. Belizeans here at home and abroad have also voiced their disapproval of the SI which is being described as draconian since it impedes Belizeans from claiming their sovereignty. Giovanny Bracket – President of COLA: “That law against the mince, if anyone had ill views of the government and how they have been handling this situation it shows clearly that this government is more concern again in yielding to Guatemala unfounded claim, that law we believe it is unconstitutional, it is a symbol of cowardice and it is a symbol of lack of faith and hope, that is what we think of that law.” Dickey Bradley: “No magistrate will enforce that law, it is a fool, fool law in Jamaica they would say it is an idiot, an idiot; the law itself is signed in an legal error but somebody asked an important question, the Opposition must go to the Supreme Court and strike that down, just show the haste with which; you can’t reason with us, you can’t us hear what happens so and so and so, everybody here is a reasonable people but they are not happy something is happening, you were here in this river, and you see how Guatemala behave.”

Belize Seeks Support From International Counterparts In This Belize/Guatemala Issue
During today’s press conference Prime Minister Dean Barrow aside from revising GOB’s actions to alleviate tensions with Guatemala, also outlined steps that are being carried out in the diplomatic front to ensure support from Belize’s international counterparts as it relates to Guatemala’s claim over Belize’s territorial lands and waters. Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: “The commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland was also very forthright in reiterating her organization’s position that Guatemala must respect our 1859 borders, she will now convene a meeting on the Commonwealth Standing Committee on Belize so that they might step up their monitoring on the Belize/Guatemala situation, then on Friday in Free Port, Bahamas our foreign minister got support for us from CARICOM and from United Kingdom. Belizeans should note that these results so far make clear that our position our calls is understood and accepted by the international community in other words they know that our security personnel came under attack yet again this time under cover of darkness from Guatemalan civilians squarely in our territory, they know that these civilians were engaged in their continuing illegal activity which in the Chiquibul alone has cost this country tens of millions of dollars in plundered resources and environment degradation, they know that the BDF small in number strapped with resources and facing almost impossible odds continues to waged are your struggle to protect and preserve Belizean Patrimony.”

Commonwealth To Discuss Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute
Last week the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland visited Belize as part of her official tour to the Commonwealth Caribbean since taking office on April 1, 2016. During her three day visit Secretary-General Scotland met with Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, Opposition Leader Jonny Briceño and other ministers and senior officials where she reaffirmed the commitment made by the Commonwealth’s 53 governments at their 2015 summit, to fully support Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in sight of the Guatemala’s continuing claim to Belize’s territory.In a release issued today by the Commonwealth, Secretary-General Scotland commended Belize’s actions when dealing with the territorial dispute saying Quote “I welcome the cooperation between Belize’s Government and Opposition on this issue, which is affecting their entire population, and commend the facility that they give to the hundreds of children who come from Guatemala daily to attend school in Belize. I have responded positively to a request from the government and the opposition to convene the Commonwealth Ministerial Committee on Belize, ahead of the scheduled September meeting.” End quote

PUP Prepares To Challenge Sarstoon Law
While Prime Minister Dean Barrow is sticking to his guns when it comes to the new Statutory Instrument that denies Belizeans access to the Sarstoon for the next month, the People’s United Party is demanding that the Government rescind the regulations immediately. But not only that, the PUP is preparing to challenge the law. The announcement was made today after a meeting of the party’s National Executive this morning. Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader of People’s United Party:“The National Executive has considered and has approved the following:(1) The PUP, on behalf of the Belizeans demands that the government immediately rescind the unjust Sarstoon law;


PM Has No Regrets on Sarstoon’s SI
The much publicized expedition to the Sarstoon Island organized by the Belize Territorial Volunteers did not materialize over the weekend. This is after security forces prevented the BTV and supporters from boarding their boats on Saturday morning at the pier in Barranco Village. Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said they were forced to enact the […]

Belize Territorial Volunteers meet with blockage at dock
The Belize Territorial Volunteers’ Sarstoon expedition to commemorate the signing of the 1859 Treaty which defines Belize’s borders, garnered wide public attention with the Government trying to dissuade leader of the BTV, Wil Maheia from carrying out the expedition but Maheia forged on. On Friday, government introduced a Statutory Instrument making it illegal for any […]

PUP’s Executive Drafts Five Resolutions on the Sarstoon Issue
The People’s United Party called an emergency meeting of its national executive where five resolutions were agreed upon. Following that meeting, the party summoned the media to present those resolutions. JOHN BRICENO “The National Party council of the People’s United Party will meet in Belize City for discussion and approval of the discussions and approval […]

PM Barrow says there is support for Belize
During the press conference, Prime Minister Barrow said they have been working on the diplomatic front. He provided an update. DEAN BARROW “You’re all aware of last week’s resolution of the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) in support of Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland was also very forthright […]

Double Murder in Camalote Village
This weekend western Belize saw a series of fatal shootings. The latest occurred in Camalote Village on Sunday night. Akeem Thimbrel and Shawn Lopez, residents of Camalote Village were gunned down under a tree sometime before seven that night as Thimbrel was helping Lopez get home since he was intoxicated. Unfortunately, after both men died, […]

Mayor Bradley Says SI May Send The Wrong Message
And while the People’s United Party is taking steps in expressing their outrage and opposition to the recently signed SI and the Government’s approach, Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley weighed in on the issue saying that the Statutory Instrument may be sending the wrong message. DARRELL BRADLEY “In respect to the statutory instrument that’s something […]

Mayor Bradley Speaks on Public Safety in the Sarstoon
While the Mayor spoke of a wrong message being sent, he also spoke of the Government’s responsibility to keep its citizens safe. DARRELL BRADLEY “I think it is two fold. One as a leader it is always incumbent on you to ensure the safety and security of every Belizean so that we would not want […]

Gov’t Disengages with Opposition on Belize/Guatemala Issue
One of the crucial steps that John Briceno made when he took over as the Party Leader for the PUP, was extend a hand to the Government in working together on the Belize/Guatemala issue. For the last weeks we have seen the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington attending meetings with the then representative for the Opposition, […]

Man Kills Estranged Spouse and Her Worker in Western Belize
Families in Santa Elena Town were devastated as Miriam Elizabeth Mai was shot in a crime of passion while Daisy Miralda who was with Mai turned collateral damage and lost her life as well. 32- year-old, Andy Bustillos, Mai’s ex-common-law allegeldy murdered the two friends in Betty’s Salon on George Price Avenue in Santa Elenta […]

Police following various leads in ‘Gambis’ murder
On Saturday, April 30, many Belize City residents witnessed the murder of Supal Street figure Keon “Gambis” Williams as he was gunned down at the corner of Antelope Street and Central American Boulevard. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke on the incident. CHESTER WILLIAMS “Over the weekend the murder of one Keon Williams was […]


Government of Belize Places Temporary Restrictions on Movement in Belize’s Portion of the Sarstoon River for One Month
The Government of Belize, in an act of desperation to try and stop the Belize Territorial Volunteers from heading to the Sarstoon on Saturday , has made a new statutory instrument that in effect bans Belizeans from the Sarstoon River. This historical move was announced today, Friday April 29, via ...

Community in uproar over new law
Many have also begun to make comments on the new SI via their Facebook posts. Former PUP Senator and Attorney Lisa Shoman says that “The Government’s brand new “public threat” riverine SI promulgated under S.2 of the Public Safety Act, will severely affect and contravene the right...

Camalote man murdered
A man from Camalote Village was shot and killed early Friday morning about one mile from his home. The incident happened shortly after one o’clock Friday morning, in front of Cattle Farm situated in Camalote Village, Cayo District. The victim, 55 year old Gelion de Leon, a nationalized Belizean fa...

Update on Benque murder
Police have issued a report on the murder of two men in the Cayo District on Thursday. The incident happened just before 2 p.m. on April 28 between miles 69 and 70 on the San Francisco road area off the George Price Highway, Cayo District. The bodies of the two Guatemalan nationals were found on a f...

BDF/ GAF encounter caught on video
As Belizeans adjust to the new statutory instrument that restricts our own people from traversing the Sarstoon River, the Guatemalan fishermen and Guatemalan Army boats still have free, unimpeded access to the entire Sarstoon. In fact, as revealed in a video on Channel 5’s newscast on Thursday nigh...

Belmopan police detain suspect in drive by shooting
Belmopan police have detained one person in connection to the drive by shooting that happened in Belmopan on Tuesday. As we reported, on Tuesday 26th April 24 year old Jose Alberto Marquez Jr. , a Guatemalan naturalized Belizean of Salvapan area, Belmopan City, was shot to the left side of his ch...

San Antonio man chopped in the head
On Thursday 28th April 2016 about 9:50 p.m., San Ignacio Police met a vehicle that was transporting 35-year-old Amir Tun of San Antonio Village who had four deep chop wounds to the head. He reported that while walking pass the community center in San Antonio Village he was approached by a Hispanic m...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Two men shot in city on Sunday
A shooting incident in Belize City on Sunday night injured two men as they sat on the steps of a house on Antelope Street. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at around 8:30 p.m. and saw Shane Orlando Valdez, 25, as well as […]

Police investigation into Glen Williams murder continues
Saturday evening around 5:20, Glen Michael Williams, 38, was fatally shot in Belize City as he rode a motorcycle on the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street. Initial investigation revealed that Williams was shot by an occupant of a vehicle that drove […]

Andy Bustillos under police guard at hospital after double murder on Saturday
Andy Bustillos, 31, remains under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after shooting his common law wife, another female and himself on Saturday inside Betty’s Beauty Salon. Police reports state that around 5:30 p.m. that day, Bustillos entered the salon in […]

Gun and ammo stolen in Roaring Creek
Police are investigating a burglary in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo, reported00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on Friday of last week, his home was broken into and […]

Teenager charged for illegal gun and ammunition
Acting on information received yesterday afternoon, Benque Viejo Police visited the free zone where upon sight of officers, Anibal Avila, 19, attempted to run from a parking lot. He was apprehended and a quick search of his person yielded a .38 Taurus brand revolver […]

Police seize weed in Roaring Creek
Last Friday around 11:15 a.m., members of the police Tactical Response Squad conducted a search in an open lot in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo, which resulted in the discovery of cannabis. Inside a black plastic bag, officers found almost a pound of weed, equivalent […]

PUP challenges “Sarstoon Law”
The People’s United Party intends to challenge what it calls the Sarstoon Law – regulations prohibiting travel in the Sarstoon River. Not only is the party demanding that the Government rescind the regulations immediately, it plans to mount a Constitutional challenge to the regulations. […]

Political parties unite to honor Rt. Hon. George Price
It turns out there is one thing both major political parties can agree on – that the late Right Honorable George Cadle Price was and is a great man. Thus, Leader of the opposition John Briceño and Mayor Darrell Bradley, along with members of […]

Man stabbed in fight at Agriculture Show Grounds
Police were called to the exit of the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds on Sunday, where officers saw 28-year-old Jamie Torres with multiple stab wounds to his chest, chin and head area. Torres had been involved in a fight, during which he was […]

Two persons detained for Sunday night double murder
In the wake of a Sunday night double murder in Camalote Village, Cayo District, police have detained a man and woman who are pending investigations. On Sunday night around 7:23 p.m., police responded to shots fired in the village and were re-directed to the […]

Warm and dry conditions expected today
Mainly fair, warm and dry conditions will prevail for the next 24 to 36 hours and then the approach of a weak late season cold front will bring some changes on Wednesday night. The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies […]


A Holiday Monday: What A Great Day to take a Three Legged Dog Paddle Boarding in Belize
Yesterday, we took the boat to the back side of Ambergris Caye to do some final work on Cayo Frances Farm & Fly before the first official visitors arrive AND to teach Elsie, the tripod, to sit on a paddleboard. It was a gorgeous day and Elsie had on her uniform. I am hoping you don’t get too sick of “the farm” but it’s where I spent my last two days…and in my estimation, it’s so beautiful. Plus, if you actually ADMIT to being bored by a three legged dog then you are just…a monster! Through the cut. And since it was Labour Day yesterday – May 1st Holiday celebrated yesterday – there were tons of families and kids out swimming and fishing. And about 10 miles north, to the small cut into Cayo Frances lagoon. Elsie and our chauffeur, Jeff. Incredibly shallow, we putt up to the camp. A quick look around…things are being readied for friends.

Here at Grand Caribe Belize, we are always looking for more options to offer to our highly treasured guests. We look for quality activities, by professional guides on top notch vessels to assure that our guests always have an experience that they will want to rave about to their friends and family members; where memories of a lifetime can be created! The newest player in the game of tours and excursions has gone above and beyond in providing just what we are looking for!! We had a chance to experience the YOLO – and have to admit, we are very pleased with the services they offer. The YOLO is a 40 foot motorized catamaran offering sunset dinner cruises, snorkel cruises, booze cruises, private boat charters and pretty much anything you’d want to do on the water, under the sun, moon and stars – they can customize a trip for you. The boat is super spacious, comfortable and its stability on the waters itself, is quite astounding. There’s ample comfortable cushioned seating option – including couches or lounge chairs – all covered and shaded from the sun. If you’d like to have more sun – not a problem, the YOLO’s retractable roof provides the option to have half the boat covered and half exposed to the elements. This is also a very welcoming feature during the sunset cruises. Oh, and the restroom facility is awesome – they even have a vanity!!! (where you can freshen up your make up – or simply powder your nose). All the trips offered on-board the YOLO include an open bar with limitless booze. Choose from a menu of over 15 hand crafted fresh fruit cocktails, which include local Belizean rum, vodka, gin, tequila and ice cold local beers. And for that lover of the even finer things in life – they also have a nice selection of wines!

St. John’s Cathedral – The Oldest Church in Belize City, Belize
Located in the heart of Belize City, St. John’s Cathedral is one of the few physical legacies of the long period as a British colony. Built in 1812 as the Church of England’s headquarters in Central America, the cathedral was once used to crown four different native kings of the Miskito tribe in lavish ceremonies matching the pomp and circumstances of coronations in Europe. Today, the cathedral is the oldest surviving building constructed by Europeans in Belize. Using the enormous ballast stones brought over from Europe, English colonizers in what was then known as British Honduras erected the mighty St. John’s Cathedral as the power base of the Church of England in Central America. Visitors today can marvel at the well-preserved architecture made from sapodilla and mahogany wood, an antique pipe organ and tombstones of English colonists from the earliest days of the settlement of Belize City. In Belize City, head to the historic downtown area. Located at the southeastern part of the city just a few hundred feet north of the coastline is a large plaza at the south end of Albert Street and the east end of Regent Street. The cathedral is directly across from the House of Culture.

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On Caye Caulker, “Go slow” is beginning to sound like a plea rather than a way of life
So Monday was a national holiday — Labor Day. Lots of our favorite places are closed for the day, and some, like The Truck Stop and Casa Picasso for the entire week. And there is family in town. So, naturally that calls for a water taxi ride to Caye Caulker. Shockingly, neither Rose nor I have been to that island since last year’s Lobster Festival. And “shockingly” doesn’t begin to sum up the changes that have taken place. The island mantra — Go slow — now feels more like an admonition. Backpackers still seem to outnumber Silicon Valley vacationers. The Split is still filled with the languid young and beautiful, lolling on the docks like white beached seals, rapidly morphing from pink to scarlet. The Lazy Lizard has endured just enough spiffing up to stay fresh while keeping its funky vibe. It remains the best place to jump into the water and let the current sweep you away when you are done basting on the dock. Still, it must be feeling the heat from the citrus wonderland that is Mara’s Sip and Dip, just down the beach. And new restaurants like Paradiso and Pizza al Taglio, pressing from within The Split compound.

Pool Project - Week Seven
Well, the crew faced some challenges this week, but was still able to achieve a number of milestones. As you may recall from my Week Five post, the crew spent a great deal of time rendering the columns and walls to create a smooth finish. Once all the surfaces were cured, Mr. Mario went around and started tapping the columns and walls. It seems that on another project he has going, the crew ran into a problem with the final coats of cement not adhering properly. Sure enough, he identified a bunch of spots on our structure that had the same problem. As a result, those hollow spaces needed to be chipped out and redone. And while it was a bit of a setback, we were glad that Mr. Mario took the time to check into it. The last thing anyone of us would like to see are cracks. With that work out of the way, the crew started installing the zinc roof panels.

Flying to Caye Caulker on a Mission and 3 Travel Light Tips
I figured since it was Labor Day holiday and I could not get the stuff done that I needed to yesterday, I would travel instead. So I emailed Tropic Air Reservations at 7:48 am to what the the availability was to fly San Pedro to Caye Caulker. Did I mention I love living so close to the airport? While waiting for a reply I finished what I was doing and packed my travel bag – a black cooler. After I found out they had space, I sent a fast book me please reply as I was walking out the door for the airport. In the 7 minutes it took me to reach the airport from my house, they had already confirmed my booking and I was in the system – now that’s fast service. Knowing I was considering the trip, my friend Kendall gave me 4 Caye Caulker restaurant recommendations to try or get a picture of: Mike’s Margaritas, The Fair, Aladdin and Pizza and Gelato Italiano. Since I was not in the mood for a virgin Margarita, Mikes got a pic and a bit of video – looks like a fun spot. Right next door The Fair happened to be closed so that put my plans for a corn dog on hold. Instantly I became a homing pigeon for pizza, as I made my way to the split area to find the pizza place.

3 of the Best Beach Communities in Belize
Belize is a small country situated on the Caribbean Sea, best known for the World Heritage Barrier Reef that parallels its 240 mile coastline. Several areas of Belize’s coastline, and many of its cayes, have lovely sandy beaches that co-exist with mangrove forests that protect its coastline. Below are the top three beach communities that offer both inviting beaches and a desirable Caribbean coastal lifestyle. If you’re a beach buff, these are the hot spots to check out if you’re dreaming of moving to a beach community in Belize. 1. Placencia: 17 miles of Diverse Beaches and Caribbean Charm, 2. Ambergris Caye: A Lively Island with Amenities Galore, 3. Hopkins Bay: A Traditional Garifuna Village.

More dancing in the breeze in Belize
Recently, as I walked north along the eastern coast of Ambergris Caye, I encountered a lovely bit of eco-pagentry. Colorful silken curtains on a beach pavilion were tossing and twisting in the wind, forming beguiling shapes for split seconds at a time. An endless permutation of form, shape shifting on every fluttering gust of wind. Walking back home, the palm trees swayed and sashayed in the breeze, the exotic choreography of a chorus-line of palm fronds, full of rustle and bustle. On Caye Caulker, on Monday, it was a different sort of dance all together, albeit to the same music: a gentle moist breeze, seed pod dancers twisting and turning. The dancer mobiles were for sale at a little art shop on the main drag. Spellbinding.

International Sourcesizz

Il Belize Blue Hole, un misterioso quanto suggestivo spettacolo naturale
In realtà non ci sono grandi misteri attorno al grande Blu Hole della barriera corallina al largo della costa del Belize nell'America centrale ma a molte persone piace immaginare che dietro la spiegazione scientifica della sua formazione ci siano delle storie ancora sconosciute. Tutto comincia milioni di anni fa ed è una storia di "continente", li dove adesso c'è l'oceano infatti c'era la terraferma ed un banco roccioso di origine calcarea come ce ne sono in ogni parte del pianeta. Il carsismo e lo sviluppo di una rete di gallerie sotterranee proprio come avviene ad esempio sull'altopiano del Carso ha nel tempo scavato la roccia nel sottosuolo finché, un bel giorno circa 150mila mila anni fa, il soffitto di questa rete di gallerie è crollato dando origine a quello che gli americani chiamano sinkhole ma che noi conosciamo meglio come "dolina carsica".

Building the Caribbean’s muscle to ensure safe seafood and to protect and grow US$400 million in fisheries exports
Caribbean countries have a living bank of marine resources from which they collectively cash out hundreds of millions of dollars a year to support emerging national economies by providing good jobs, food and foreign exchange, among other benefits. However, in order to remain active and competitive in the global marketplace, countries have had to find ways to surmount the challenges posed by stringent international standards called sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, for food safety and for protection against diseases carried animals and plants. Under an EU-funded SPS Measures Project, the ability of Caribbean countries to effectively address those challenges is being strengthened through initiatives such as specialized training for those gatekeepers who help to ensure the safety of both imported and exported foods.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Scotland reaffirms commitment to Belize
Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has declared her intention to call an urgent meeting of the ministerial committee on the Belize-Guatemala border dispute. The Commonwealth Ministerial Committee on Belize is expected to meet months before their scheduled September forum to discuss recent troubling developments in the boundaries disagreement. The group of eight foreign ministers, chaired by Barbados, was created by heads of government in 1977. The decision to bring forward their meeting was made after Secretary-General Scotland met with Governor General Sir Colville Young, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, Opposition Leader Jonny Briceño and other ministers and senior officials during a visit to the country. Last week Prime Minister Barrow called a special meeting of the National Security Council to deal with the issue, and yesterday enforced a month-long restriction on movement in Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River. This follows the death of a 13 year old Guatemalan boy, who was killed in the Adjacency Area.

Bookbag Santa seeks musicians for Belize trip
There is an opportunity for one or two local musicians to add a Caribbean tour to their resume. Bookbag Santa is a Roanoke nonprofit that takes school supplies to Belize every summer. We always try to get a musician to come down as part of the group, and for 2016, we have five gigs scheduled at the end of July and just need a name to plug into the calendar. If you’d be interested in taking an almost-break-even vacation and doing a good deed at the same time, visit or contact Bookbag Santa President Gary Hunt at 342-2083 or [email protected]

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program Application is now open!
Will you be one of the 250 entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean selected to participate in a 5 week U.S. fellowship focused on networking and learning new skills? Visit to learn more information and start your application today! Stay tuned for updates and tips for submitting a strong application.


  • Alexandra Cousteau PSA - OCEANA, 4.5min.

  • A visit to the Belize Blue Hole, 12min.

  • BELIZE! Vlog: Blue Hole, diving, San Pedro, 5.5min. Check out our trip to San Pedro, Belize!

  • Pelican Reef Villas in Belize, 2min. A Day in Belize at Pelican Reef Villas.

  • MSD Dive Belize 2015 - Tres Cocos, 3.5min. A dive at Tres Cocos off Ambergris Caye, while on Minnesota School of Diving's Caye Caulker, Belize dive trip March 2015.

  • Iconic megafauna, 15sec. Monitored by Wildlife Conservation Society and collaborating scientists at Glover's Reef Atoll.

  • Footage of the 30 feet whale shark spotted today., 1min. Seahorse Dive Shop

  • LA VOZ KARAOKE 2016 GROUP A - WEEK 3, 120min.

  • Crooked Tree Village Council and Belize Audobon Society on the Crooked Tree Bird and Fish Festival, 23min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Belizean Musician Brad Pattico, 25min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • Belize Mission Trip. 100 University Students., 4.5min. Our Belize Mission Trip team of 100 University students from a Church in Texas serving with International Servants and Dr. Paul Whisnant in our Children's Ministry and doing Mission construction projects.

  • Belize Audubon Society Activities 10, 4.5min.

  • Dancing in the breeze in Belize, 1/2min. On Caye Caulker, a gentle breeze set these dancers in motion at a roadside stand on Monday, May 2, 2016.

  • Full-Circle Project: Belize, 5.5min.

  • Scuba Dive - The Aquarium, Belize [1], 4.5min.

  • Scuba Dive - The Aquarium, Belize [2], 3min.

  • A tree full of bats in Belize, 1.5min.

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