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Today's Belize News: May 12, 2016 #513692
05/12/16 05:33 AM
05/12/16 05:33 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Teenage astrologer may have discovered Maya ‘lost city’
15-year William Gadoury from Quebec, Canada, has made an astounding discovery after making a connection between the Maya’s astronomical charts and the possible location of their cities. His studies into the Maya’s ancient astrological beliefs coupled with the help of satellite photos and Google Earth, lead William to discover a long forgotten city in the Yucatan jungle. Totally mind blowing – the Yucatan jungle is just a skip and hop away from Belize after all! The ‘lost city’ has since been name K’aak Chi (Mouth of Fire). But that’s not all – satellite images suggest this may be the largest city built by the ancient Maya between 300 to 700 AD. Wondering who a 15-year-old could make such a discovery? Well, it all started with his curious mind. William wondered why the ancient Mayas built cities far away from rivers, that’s why lead him to believe that they were not chasing water but the stars! He came up with a theory that the Maya built their cities so that they lined up with star constellations and after putting his theory to the test, he realized it was indeed true.

Veterinary Ventures offers free SNIP service
In an effort to decrease the population of stray dogs and cats on the island, the San Pedro Saga Humane Society partnered with Veterinary Ventures, a group from the United States, to host their biggest spay/neuter campaign since 2012. Over the course of ten days starting on May 4th, Saga members, volunteers, veterinarians, and technicians visited local neighborhoods including DFC, San Pedrito, and San Mateo to offer free spay/neuter services, check-ups, consultations, and other medical surgeries to pet owners with limited means. Also partaking in the campaign was local veterinarian from the Hopkins Belize and Belmopan Humane Society, Dr. Orlando Baptist. His love for animals and their well-being brought him to assist the crew in performing surgeries. So far, there has been a positive and great turn out from the campaign. Thanks to the team of experts, many dogs and cats now have a better quality life. At the end of the campaign, the crew will be heading to Belmopan to complete the second phase of their mission in Belize.

Belizean anglers show off fishing skills at Mahahual’s Copa Gobernador
Belizean anglers and boat captains performed excellently at the 25th Annual Copa Gobernador Fishing Tournament, even managing to claim four of the top ranked spots. Held on Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th in Mahahual, Quintana Roo Mexico, the tournament saw the participation of 13 Belizean teams among the Mexican competitors. And even though no Belizean team captured the first place prize, San Pedro’s ‘Aaliyah Marly’ captained by Enrique Marin, won second place. The ‘Aaliyah Marly’ took the lead of the tournament on the first day after successfully catching an 85.6-pound Marlin. Unfortunately for the Belizean team, their Mexican competitors ‘Bad Boys’ captained by Alejandro Rodriguez Ortiz managed to pull in an impressive catch on the second day. Bad Boys’ haul of a 43-pound white marlin, a 261.20-pound blue marlin, two dorados and a wahoo earned them 16,104 points and the top prize of a new truck. ‘Aaliyah Marly’ settled for the second place with 4,280 points taking home a compact car.

SPTC celebrates our island mothers
The annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza organized by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), along with sponsors and volunteers, celebrated island mommies in style, treating them to a full night of fun on Saturday, May 7th. The event took place at the Honorable Louise Sylvester Complex, where gates opened at 7PM. For a $20 admission fee, mothers got to enjoy a variety of entertainment, gourmet food, drinks, prizes and lot of surprises. With the field packed with over two hundred mothers of all ages, they certainly received the royal treatment. Games and contests were put in place to add to the excitement, which included dancing contests, karaoke, musical chairs, and strategic games like the “green banana”. Prizes ranged from toasters, blenders, pressure cookers, TV’s, microwaves, various $100 gift certificates, restaurant vouchers and gift bags. The moms brave enough to go onstage lucked out with some fantastic prizes. This year, Estela Worthington won the title of “Mother of the Year 2016-2017”. Estela was joined onstage by Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Honorable Manuel Heredia, Miss San Pedro 2015-2016, Iris Saleguero, and outgoing Mother of the Year, Mrs. Graciela Vasquez, to be presented with a crown, sash, bouquet of flowers, and an abundance of gifts.

Ambergris Today

Announcing Miss Chiquitita Pageant 2016 Set for June
San Pedro Pre-School announces the day of the San Pedro Miss Chiquitita 2016 to take place on Saturday, June 4th, at the R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium, San Pedro High School. The pageant is set to start at 7p.m. sharp, with five beautiful young girls ready contesting the title of Miss Chiquitita and entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Academy, Las Primas Dance Group, Rompe Raja and more. Tickets go for $5 for Children, $10 for Adults and $15 Reserved Seating. The contestants are Zulmy Ruiz, Sandy Flores, Lindsy Williams, Lacey Salinas, and Evelin Pichola.

Government Explains Refugee Situation in Belize
Help for Progress, a nongovernmental organization, represents the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and has the responsibility to receive applications from potential asylum seekers and conduct an initial interview. Those applicants who meet the criteria for refugee status are referred to the Immigration Department, where a second interview is done and the successful applicants are then given an appointment for a more in depth interview. The asylum seeker is then given a Special Permit which is valid until the time of the in-depth interview in order to allow him legal status in Belize. It is only after the in-depth interview that the applicants’ documents are forwarded to the Refugee Eligibility Committee for consideration and, thereafter, those recommended for refugee status are submitted to the Minister of Immigration for approval.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Domestic Cooperation Strengthened
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed today by the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) H.E. Ambassador A. Joy Grant and the Commissioner of Police Mr. Allen Whylie. According to the FIU, the MOU will strengthen the cooperation that currently exists and facilitate the analysis and investigation of suspected money laundering, associated predicate offences, and the financing of terrorism and proliferation. Implementation of the MOU will increase the potential sources of information available to both the FIU and the police to fight crime and remove the profit from criminal activities. It also provides the framework for joint operations where the strengths of each party may complement the other and add value to the process. This is the second several MOUs that are being negotiated between various stakeholders within the Government of Belize and the FIU.

Vendor Authorization Forms
The Accountant General hereby notifies the general public that effective June 1, 2016, all persons and businesses must complete a Vendor Authorization Form in order to receive payments for goods and services from any Government of Belize Ministry or Department. These forms are: - Vendor Authorization Form - Businesses. - Vendor Authorization Form - Persons. Copies of the forms are available at any Treasury office, Government Ministry or Department, or online at…/publica…/viewcategory/12-treasury

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed today by the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) H.E. Ambassador A. Joy Grant and the Commissioner of Police Mr. Allen Whylie
According to the FIU, the MOU will strengthen the cooperation that currently exists and facilitate the analysis and investigation of suspected money laundering, associated predicate offences, and the financing of terrorism and proliferation. Implementation of the MOU will increase the potential sources of information available to both the FIU and the police to fight crime and remove the profit from criminal activities. It also provides the framework for joint operations where the strengths of each party may complement the other and add value to the process. This is the second several MOUs that are being negotiated between various stakeholders within the Government of Belize and the FIU.

The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project
As part of the Eco-Museum that will be established in our Downtown area, we hope to create an area where residents of downtown will be able place their antiques on display. Uploaded is a photo of an old stove found at the Pacheco's residence on Cockburn Street located behind Anglican Cathedral. Some research was conducted online and found one that is still in relatively good condition. See what it looked like in mint condition. If you know anyone that has antiques let us know. We surely would like to see it and maybe even display it in a special area in our future Eco-Museum. Maybe if we get enough pieces, we can have a display at Battle Field Park in the future.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of May 1st – May 8th, 2016
Great fishing here at the lodge, with decent weather and good spirits found everywhere. 2 Grand Slams this week plus the lesser but still noble soft slam. Our Grand Slam wall of fame got a little bigger this week with Susan and A.J.’s names added for their success with the big three. Stephen (a returning guest from the UK) recorded a “Soft Slam” All three species in one trip rather than one day.

The Growing Numbers of Tourists Boost the Real Estate Development of Belize
These days, tourism is considered as the next big thing in the real estate industry of Belize. According to the released quarterly report from BTB, the number of tourist visiting the country continues to rise. The report states that the sky rocket amount of tourists indulging in the beautiful country of Belize had increased in the months of January, February and March compared to the same months in 2015. March of this year becomes an extraordinary month for tourism in Belize because of the 43 thousand and more visitors they documented as overnight visitors. Due to the massive numbers of visitors coming in, they have reached a breathtaking 16.9% increase on their record of tourist arrivals making Belize the fastest rising destination in the Caribbean this 2016. One of the highlight of Belize is its Cruise Ship tourism. The cruise arrivals for the month of February and March have increased, from 3.7% to 4.1%. The tourism industry and their people are hoping that the number of cruise arrivals will continue to grow during the remaining time of the year and hope to reach the 1 million mark for 2016. The growth of tourism in Belize is a dream come true for tourism planners of the country.

BTL Acquisition Award not yet Finalized
The Permanent Court of Arbitration Tribunal has not yet issued its final award on the acquisition of BTL shares by the Government of Belize (GOB). The draft decision from the Court was released to the parties in confidence and GOB had been awaiting the final ruling before publicizing the details. However, since some details of the draft decision have been circulated to the media, GOB feels obliged to put out a statement. What has been issued is a draft of the Court’s findings on the valuation of the 45,199,961 BTL shares which were nationalized by the Government in August 2009. Under the draft findings, they have determined the value to be BZ$5.60 per share. This compares to the $10.23 being claimed by the former shareholders and the $1.44 which GOB had originally offered. Just prior to Last General Elections GOB agreed with the previous shareholders that it would pay the amount it proposed of BZ$1.44 per share (approx. BZ$65 million) towards the acquisition of shares. It was further agreed that if there was a settlement liability on the Accommodation Agreements, that will be used in Belize on projects to be agreed upon by the previous shareholders/GOB.

Corozal Student Job Connection
s many of you know, school fees are a huge expense for many local families. Between paying for admission, uniforms, books, supplies, etc,. it takes a huge toll on a family’s income. And if there are several children in a family trying to make a better life through education, the burden becomes heavier. However, a number of students are interested in finding temporary, paying jobs to assist their families with their school expenses. To aid in this effort, there is a new Facebook group -- The Corozal Student Job Connection ( which is designed to connect students, age 13 and older, with local individuals and businesses who can offer temporary, paying jobs. For individuals, students can help you with any number of projects around your home. Want to clean out the garage? Tackle a landscaping project? Need pet sitting/feeding services? House need painting? Have sewing projects or need some extra hands in the kitchen to prep for a party? Students can help make these and other projects happen.

National Tapir Day 2016
The Belize Zoo celebrated National Tapir Day in style yet again. Happy birthday, Fuego! "We had an amazing day celebrating National Tapir Day 2016 with over 200 special guests! The day was action packed with tapir talks, music, games, and aerial antics! A big congratulations to the students of Franks Eddy, St. Therese R.C. and Pilgrim Fellowship schools who won the very competitive tapir slogan competition. Fuego the tapir had high class company with these brilliant students attending his 3rd birthday party. A big PAWS UP to all our other friends, supporters and our very own TBZ staff who helped make the biggest event on the Belize Zoo's calendar a great success!"

El Pilar Open Day
The SISE House of Culture will be having a special El Pilar Open Day next Wednesday, May 18th, to celebrate International Museum Day. Cynthia Ellis and Dr. Anabel Ford will be their to talk about El Pilar, and its significance in the area. "Come and Join us for International Museum Day at SISE House of Culture (NICH)."

International Museum Day
Angel Nunez Auditorium, May 18th, 9am - 4pm. Exhibition of Historical Buildings in Belize

Channel 7

The Face Of Guat Intimidation On The Sarstoon
Two days ago the government sent out a press release saying, quote, "the BDF…continues to go up (the Sarstoon) river to effectuate the rotation at Cadenas, as was done last Tuesday." Well the news tonight is that it's not quite that simple; in fact, the soldiers had to try to go down the river two times – because on the first attempt, two Guatemalan Navy Vessels blocked them! Now, this sort of low grade military to military harassment has been happening for some years, but tonight there is video evidence of the encounter – and it is disturbing. 7News has obtained a video of the Guatemalans blocking the BDF and Daniel Ortiz looked more closely at it:.. The cell phone footage picks up with the BDF slowing down their vessel, obviously responding to a signal from the soldiers on board the Guatemalan vessel. Right here, they're on the southern Side of the Sarstoon Island, still in Belizean territory, but approaching the deepest navigable channel of the River. But, the Guatemalan Vessel's occupants couldn't be less bothered.

PM Says GAF Confrontation Did Factor Into Talks
And the first official acknowledgement came today when the Prime Minister returned from receiving treatment for his back in Atlanta. 7News met him at the airport and we asked him about that tense encounter. He says it happened on the same day that talks were being held in Washington DC – and his report of the event to the OAS Secretary General did factor into the talks:… Rt. Hon Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "An encounter did take place on the very day that the meeting was taking place in Washington." "Because of that encounter I called Secretary General Almagro before the meeting to make the point, listen, this is absolute bad faith this thing has got to be solved and it was on that sort of a basis that we came out of that meeting with what I certainly understood to be a commitment on the part of the Guatemalans to come to the table to negotiate an agreed protocol over the Sarstoon. Ultimately there was that encounter the Wednesday, by Wednesday evening the BDF had gone back out into the river, and was able to in fact go around the Sarstoon Island without any attempted interference by the Guatemalans."

PM Says S.I. Still Needed
But, dates aside, those kinds of Guatemalan antics on the Sarstoon are what – for the Prime Minister - reinforces the need for the Sarstoon S.I prohibiting Belizeans from entering the river. The Guatemalan military maneuvers were highlighted in Monday'sedition of the Prensa Libre, which reported that the Guatemalan military was conducting operations on the Sarstoon, quote, "in defence of (Guatemala's) sovereignty". The PM says that sort of thing is too dangerous for civilians to confront:… Rt. Hon Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "I've seen the report the maneuvers if true that should make clearer why I felt that the SI – the regulation was necessary – it's one thing when our military encounters the Guatemalan military in the sort of climate that prevails when they are doing these maneuvers –it's quite another when civilians are involved – it's difficult enough for the military to take care of itself without having to worry about civilians."

PM Can't Wait Forever For Guatemala To Show Good Faith
But, on the other hand, the Prime Minister concedes that he can only go so far to try and keep peace on a river – half of which is Belizean territory. He told us the Government can only wait so long for the Guatemalans to follow through on their stated intent to work on a protocol for the river:… Rt. Hon Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "If by next week the Guatemalan don't actually act on what I take to be the commitment for us to sit down and talk, it is as I said when I first passed the regulation, then all bets are off. Look, given our situation, diplomacy is clearly the best way to go, hands down, but there's a point beyond which you can take no more. And I don't want to be premature, all I will say is, time is running out. And unless we get now hard indication of a willingness on the part of the Guatemalans to act in accordance with what I took to be the commitment to the OAS, we are going to rescind the regulation, then we will do what we have to do." In its natural course, the Statutory Instrument will expire on May 27th.

PUP Makes Constitutional Challenge Of Sarstoon S.I.
But the PUP still went ahead and filed a constitutional challenge to the S.I. yesterday. Party Leader John Briceno is suing the Attorney General and the Governor General. Briceno says the law is unconstitutional on two grounds. First, that it limits a citizen's freedom of movement, and second that the exercise of power was outside the scope of authority prescribed by the public safety act. The PUP's Legal Advisor Andrew Marshalleck explained it today:… Andrew Marshalleck, SC - PUP Legal Advisor: "The challenge to the constitutionality of it lies in the simple contention that there was really no risk of any civil commotion threatening public safety. Now civil commotion is a legal term, there's common law defining it and what it means in the main is an insurrection of the people that's of the magnitude little greater than a riot and a little less than a civil war. We are saying that there was never any risk of that and there was no rational basis in which the power to pass a SI to restrict freedom of movement could validly and justifiably be passed." Jules Vasquez: "It will only be legally for about two more weeks, little more than two weeks. Constitutional motions aren't usually heard that expeditiously."

Crazy Cayo Murder Like A Wild West Shooutout
A businessman from the western village of Duck Run 3 was shot and killed at a bar last night after 11. 59 year old Jose Anibal Molina Estrada went to have a few drinks at the Pasadita Bar near Spanish Lookout. But the trouble began when his business rival, Eddy Larios and his friends 64 year old Guillermo Guerra and 52 year old Duck Run Chairman Victor Ismael Perez, walked into the bar. Now the confrontation among these men wasn't any ordinary bar brawl – there was sort of a Wild Wild West standoff between Estrada and Larios - in which both drew their licensed 9 millimeter pistols and fired at each other. We traveled West to find out what might have led to this bizarre and deadly shootout. These cows cooling off under the tree are only 2 of Jose Estrada's heads of cattle The rest are scattered all about Estrada's farm land in Selena Village. Every morning after 3, Estrada and his workers would come to the farm land and milk the cows. Estrada and his team would then package the milk And deliver them to Western Dairies in Spanish Lookout. That was Estrada's daily routine for almost all his life.

Southside Commander Denies Knowledge Of GSU Beatdown
On last week Friday's newscast, we took you into the neighbourhoods of Yabra and East Canal where officers from GSU allegedly put a beat down on several men at Wax House and the Long Barracks at the Corner of Ceasar Ridge and Faber's Roads. That's after the Southside Commander, Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams, promised only 2 days earlier that his strategy for dealing with the spike in crime would exclude this type of behaviour. As we reported, the GSU Commander, Superintendent Mark Flowers, told us that he provided officers from his Unit to the Eastern Division South for an operation they were conducting. He told us that he did not know exactly what that operation was, and he also stated categorically that he does not condone this type of abusive behaviour. So, since these GSU officers were reportedly working for Eastern Division South, what prompted these beat downs? We asked Williams about it at today's weekly meet-and-greet sessions. Here's what he had to say about it:

PM Concedes BTL Compensation "Not Cheap"
The long saga of BTL nationalization started in August of 2009, and after 8 years of costly battles in court, it's almost over. That's because the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands has just about finished its review of the takeover. As we told you last night, the arbitrators found that the value of BTL's shares was around five dollars and fifty cents, which is about halfway between the 10 Belize dollars per share the Ashcroft Alliance was claiming and the one dollar and fifty cents Belize per share government was claiming. That amounts to more than 200 million Belize dollars – which is in addition to sums already paid. Today, the Prime minister told us that the arbitration panel has not made a final decision, but has offered an outline of their findings:… Rt. Hon Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "While it's not final it's a clear indication of what is likely to be the end result that is true they've come down in a little under the midpoint valuation which is good for us and 60% of what they are indicating the award is likely to be is going to be attributable to the accommodation agreement. So since as you know I had agreed with Lord Ashcroft any portion of the award that is attributable to their accommodation agreement will be in Belize Dollars and must be spent in this country on projects to benefit the people of Belize; that also is good news. All that will go out is 40% of the award our US dollars liability is therefore limited to that."

BTL Boss Says Arbitral Award Is A Matter For GOB
And while it's the government that has to pay all those hundreds of millions with taxpayers' dollars – what role does BTL play? True, it's government that acquired the Aschroft Alliance's 45 million shares, for which it got super majority share-holding in BTL, but it would be ideal if they could recoup what has turned out to be a very costly investment. Today, BTL's Chairman of the Executive Committee Anwar Barrow said it is a matter strictly for government:… Anwar Barrow - Chairman, BTL Executive Committee: "As far as the award of the arbitration tribunal, that's a government matter that is between the government and the former shareholders. So whether there is an award, how much the award is, you really have to pose the question to the government." Jules Vasquez: "Does the executive management of BTL feel any pressure to earn at a level or to make profits at a level which would justify the rather costly acquisition of BTL?" Anwar Barrow - Chairman, BTL Executive Committee: "I think that's a question for the board and not the management because the board sets policy and then the management executes it. So that's really a policy question and far as you know how much you want to push financially and that's something you have to ask the board."

BTL Reports 10% Spike In Revenue
But as the major shareholder in BTL, government does have some reason for optimism. We spoke with the younger Barrow at a BTL press conference to discuss the company's robust earnings. Now usually we just hear about that at an annual general meeting in September, but there's been record growth in revenue and BTL's senior managers wanted to tell the public about it. Here's how they explained the 10% spike in revenue and 25% growth in profits:.. Anwar Barrow - Chairman, BTL Executive Committee: "This year I'm happy to report is going to be a banner year as to the financial performance of BTL. We had for the past 6 years either a decline as far as our revenues go or stagnation and this year we've been able to switch that trend around and we're up some 14 million dollars. Profits are also up some 5 million dollars over last year. So we are profitable as we are doing well." "What we sought to do with BTL over the last two years is repositioning the products and services so that we can offer the Belizean customer more."

No Arrests For Island Footballer
Police in San Pedro have yet to arrest anyone for the murder of 31 year old Melvin Almendarez. It's gotten the attention of San Pedro residents because Almendarez was not known as a troublesome person. Everyone knew him for his involvement in youths and sports- particularly football. In fact, on the same weekend he was murdered, the team he used to coach was supposed to participate in an ongoing tournament on the island. But that never happened. So while the family continues to mourn the death of Almendarez, police continue their investigations. Unfortunately they are still no closer to making an arrest. As you may be aware island cops were questioning a Canadian National for the murder. So, is he off or he still a person of interest in this homicide? Today we posed that same question to Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, the public Relations officer for the Eastern Division North. Here is what he said.

Teeanger Helen Yue's Killers, Case Falls Thru
It caused national outrage in August of 2010 when 14 year old high schooler Helen Yue was gunned down inside her family story for no reason. But, the 3 men who were charged with the murder were set free today. The 3 men: Jermaine Matura, Elbert Miller and Emmanuel Lemoth were told today in the Supreme Court that their case was thrown out. That is because there were no substantial witnesses and not enough evidence to proceed with a case against the trio. Although they were found with the weapon police believe was used in the robbery turned murder, that was still not enough to proceed with the trial. The murder happened on August 12th, at the Yue family store on Iguana Street Extension. Armed men went in to hold up the store but Helen's father Brian grabbed his weapon to defend his family and his business. That is when the gunmen shot at Brian but Helen was caught in the middle of that cross fire. She was shot to the chest. Her father Brian was shot to the arm and stomach and survived.

Back And Forth Over Bus
For bus commuters in the city, the city bus system is an important element of everyday life. But commuters often complain that the regulations aren't strictly enforced. And tonight there is another such complaint. 45 year old Herbert Jerez claims that his wife, 44 year old Stephanie Young Jerez, fell out of a bus on Monday. He claims the bus sped off as she was getting off on Regent Street, causing her to break her wrist. Here is his story. Herbert Jerez - Complainant: "My wife went to Social Security to pick up her Social Security card. Coming back from Social Security she caught a bus which was the Belize In transit Bus Service. Upon getting off the bus, the driver let off two other person while my wife is trying to get off the bus, while she was getting off the bus, he start driving off. Right then and there my wife fell off the bus, hit her head, not realising she broke her wrist. Last night I was at the hospital until about 9 o'clock. This morning again I'm doing the same thing this morning. Went to Mr. Novelos, Mr. Novelos he doesn't want to hear anything about it. The bus, he no want to hear anything about it. I made a report to the police already and they are going to do something about it but I need to make the public know that the buses they need to be safer for passengers, not trying to pick up the next dollar but they need to think about the passengers getting off and on the bus because it could have been his wife, could have been his children."

BERT Opens Up To Students
Today the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT, for short), held a full open day event at their Belize City Branch on Sunrise Avenue. They were joined by students from Trident Technical College, of South Carolina, who are enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technician program of that institution. 6 students and one lecturer who made the journey to Belize to assist in teaching school kids about what it is they do and inspiring the future EMT experts. Javier Canul - Education Coordinator, BERT: "We're having what you call an open day and basically inviting the public to see what the ambulance is all about and what it entails and unveiling what is going on inside the ambulance once you catch an ambulance. As well as hoping to catch a few people who would like to come into BERT to work as an EMT or paramedic." Emanuel Pech: "What is the importance of having the public know or be aware of what is going on once BERT or any emergency response team for that matter respond to an emergency for a car accident for instance?"

Japan For Climate Change
Today, the Government of Belize, the United Nations Development Program, and the Japanese Government launched a program called the Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Project. It's an ambitious initiative where the Japanese Government is donating 16 billion US Dollars to 8 CARICOM Nations to try to reduce the negative effects that climate change has on agricultural and sustainable development in these countries. Belize is one of those 8 nations, today, the Japanese Non-Resident Ambassador to Belize, who is stationed in Jamaica, flew in for the launch. We spoke with the coordinators of the initiative to find out how they're tailoring it to fit the needs of this country. Dr. Colin Young - CEO, Ministry of Sustainable Development: "Today we're here to do the national launch of the Japan Climate Caribbean climate change project. This is a multi-country project between the government of Japan and CARICOM countries. Belize is one of those countries. We have St. Lucia, we have Suriname, we have Guyana and its 15 million dollars US that is being shared across this project. In Belize the government of Belize has decided that the funds that are earmarked for Belize would be used to cover areas in climate change governance to help us govern the way we manage and plan climate change as well as sustainable agriculture in alternative livelihoods at the community level as well as water resources management."

Police and People
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Southside Commander Chester Williams, where he addressed the allegations of police brutality coming from a group of men from Wax House and others from the Yabra area. We caught Williams as he was conducting the weekly meet and greet sessions. Today, the Southside cops went talking to residents of Southern Foreshore, Albert Street West and the surrounding areas. We tagged along and found out what has been police's crime reduction strategy for this part of the City:

Northside Meet and Greet Police and People
And while that was the southside, what about the Northside? That’s less of a crime hotspot, but, their meet and greet sessions are just as important. Today they visited the area of Kings Park.

Guats Make Mexican News
Earlier we told you how tensions remain high on the Sarstoon. But, while this is happening, the Guatemalan Congress has issued a travel advisory, asking their citizens not to travel to Belize. The story was broadcasted on Noticieros Televisa yesterday where they spoke to the Deputy leader of the Guatemalan congress, after the recommendation was passed. According to him the congress saw it necessary to make this move in advising their citizens about the dangers of travelling to Belize, given what they call, quote “constant violation of human rights on the part of the Belizean military.” Here is that interview. For balance we note that that Guatemalan Armed Forces has a long record of human rights abuses, dating back to the country’s genocidal civil war which ended in 1996.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Another Leaked Video Shows Recent B.D.F./GAF Confrontation on Sarstoon
Two weeks ago, we aired a video of an encounter between the Belize Defence Force and the Guatemalan Armed Forces in the Sarstoon in which the B.D.F. and the police [...]

B.D.F. Commander Says Military Patrol Would not be Disturbed
As recent as March sixteen this year, we asked the B.D.F. Commander, brigadier David Jones if in fact the situation in the Sarstoon was regressing for the B.D.F., as well [...]

SATIIM Responds to Relaxation of Sarstoon Law
Aside from the B.D.F., Coastguard and Police, others are similarly being blocked from traversing the Sarstoon River. The Sarstoon and Temash Institute of Indigenous Management, SATIIM, is one such N.G.O.  [...]

B.T.L. Award, How Much Will G.O.B. Have to Fork Over?
The decision of an arbitration award for B.T.L. shares is perhaps weeks away, but there is early information suggesting that the value to be paid to Dunkeld International and other [...]

G.O.B. Says B.T.L. Award Still Not Finalized
Government, on the other hand, says that what has been issued is a draft from the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s findings on the valuation of a little over forty-five million [...]

Wild West Shootout at Pasadita Bar Leaves One Man Dead
The murder stats in the west continue on an upward trend. The most recent murder victim is a businessman man who was shot at a bar after eleven o’clock on [...]

Crime Spikes in Cayo District
Estrada is the fifth murder victim in less than two weeks in the San Ignacio jurisdiction. There was a drug-related double murder involving Guatemalan nationals Santos Ramon Gomez and Orlando [...]

P.U.P. Files Claim, Challenging Sarstoon Law
The People’s United Party is proceeding to challenge the Sarstoon Law. The claim is being brought by the Party Leader John Briceño against the Attorney General and the Governor General. [...]

P.U.P. Says There Was No Rationale Basis for Passage of Controversial Law
Now by definition, Civil Commotion is a legal term defined by common law as an insurrection of the people that’s of a magnitude little greater than a riot and a [...]

P.U.P. Legal Advisor Says Party Should Stay Within the Law
The National Party Council of the P.U.P. has also approved an expedition to the Sarstoon by the Party. As legal advisor, the media asked Marshalleck if he is in support [...]

B.T.L. Announces Record Earnings
As we reported earlier, government will have to pay more than two hundred million dollars to Dunkeld in an arbitration award for the expropriation of Telemedia. That information came out [...]

A Nolle Pros in the Case of Helen Yu’s Murder
Turning to the courts…On August twelfth, 2010, fourteen year old student of Edward P. Yorke High school Helen Yu was shot and killed during a robbery at her father’s shop [...]

The Guatemala/Belize Student Exchange Examined
Late last week, the Guatemalan Congress passed a resolution advising their nationals not to travel to Belize because of alleged violence by the B.D.F.  But on this side of the [...]

Thousands of Indigenous People Protest in Guatemala
While the Guatemalan military continues to outmanoeuvre the B.D.F. in the Sarstoon River, on the ground in Guatemala, President Jimmy Morales is facing huge protests. Today, thousands of indigenous people [...]

Japan Invests in Local Climate Change Programs
As much as fifteen million U.S. dollars will be invested in climate change programs in Belize. The Japanese Government today launched the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership Project which is [...]

FIU Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Police Department
In Belmopan today, a memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit Ambassador Joy Grant and the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie.  The M.O.U. provides [...]


Prime Minister Barrow Tells Guatemala To Come Back To The Drawing Board Or Else
Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke on this latest encounter this morning right after his plane landed at the Philip Goldson International Airport. As you heard, he confirmed that incident played out last week Wednesday ironically while meetings were being held in Washington to discuss other incidences at the Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon. If not for the release of the video to the media the encounter would have remained in the shadows since P.M Barrow did not even give me the media a hint of the incident when he held his press conference just one day after. As we told you previously…..nothing came out of that press conference other than the PM stating that the resolution of the meetings are seen as a breakthrough. So, we still don’t known when discussions will resume to set protocols for the Sarstoon. But what we can tell you is that Guatemala has until next week when the Sarstoon Law…which restricts Belizeans from entering the Sarstoon without proper authority expires…to come to the drawing board. Or at least that is the ultimatum the PM has placed.

Guatemalan Soldiers Continue To Patrol The Sarstoon
There is no doubt the P.M can talk the talk…but can he walk the walk? We ask because despite diplomatic discussions and the intervention of the OAS who has asked that both countries maintain the peace and to adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations…tension only grows as the Guatemalan Government continues to boost the presence of military vessels inside the Sarstoon River. All of this occurs while the Belize Government has prohibited Belizeans, and groups such as the Belize Territorial Volunteers, from going to the Sarstoon in fear that it would "provoke" the Guatemalan military. For this reason says PM Barrow…the S.I must stand. Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize: “To my mind that should make clearer why I felt that the SI, the regulation was necessary it is one thing when our military encounters the Guatemalan military in the sort of climate that is there especially when they are in fact doing these maneuvers and obviously giving the impression that they are spoiling for a fight when civilians are involved, it is difficult enough for the military to take care of itself without having to worry about civilians so that certainly in my mind helps to make the case for the regulation that we passed.”

Guatemalan Congressman Speaks On Belize/Guatemala Issue
In a report issued yesterday by the Mexican News Channel, Televisa, a Guatemalan congress official calls out the Belize Defense Force for the murder of thirteen year old Julio Alvarado and for the alleged ill-treatment of Guatemalan nationals both in the adjacency zone and in Guatemalan territory. In the report the Guatemalan official, speaks about the implementation of the travel advisory that was employed by the Guatemalan Congress that warns Guatemalan nationals about the dangers of crossing over to the Belizean side of the border. In the report he elucidates that the implementation of the advisory was necessary due to constant violation of the rights of their nationals who inhabit the over 30 communities that lie in the adjacency zone, by the Belize Defense Force.

Figures Being Discussed Bot BTL Payment
The Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands has issued its ruling as it pertains to the BTL acquisition. As we told you last night unofficial reports indicate that the Dean Barrow Administration will have to pay Lord Michael Ashcroft some BZ$250 million dollars for approximately 45 million shares in Telemedia. As we told you last night while the Ashcroft side claimed the shares were worth around ten Belize dollars each…. government’s international experts, the valuation company, NERA, put the value at about one dollar and fifty cents per share. Unofficial reports are that the arbitration panel placed the cost per share at about BZ$5.50. Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke about the ruling stating that the exact payment figure is not final it is being reviewed by both sides. Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize:


PM Explains How Government Will Pay Ashcroft for BTL
In August of 2009, the Government of Belize took over BTL. This was followed by a number of court battles with the Ashcroft Alliance. Last year, in mid September, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the Government had reached a settlement over the company with its former owners. As part of the settlement, BTL had […]

PUP files claim against Government for Statutory Instrument
This past weekend the People’s United Party held its national party council and coming out of that were several resolutions, one of which demanded that the law limiting access to the Sarstoon River be rescinded. It seems that the demands were just the beginning for the PUP. Today they announced that the Opposition Party leader […]

PM Gives Guat Time to Come to the Table
The Statutory Instrument by the Government over the Sarstoon has about two week remaining before its thirty day time period comes to an end. While some individuals have said they will wait out the time before attempting to venture on the Sarstoon River, there are others like the Belize National Teacher’s Union and the Opposition, […]

BDF not able to communicate with Guatemalan Arm Forces due to language barrier
Conflicting reports have dominated the Belize/Guatemala issue in recent weeks with Belize’s leaders speaking of both countries agreeing to settling the matter peacefully and the Guatemalan media exposing contradictory statements by their officials. It has also become conflicting when the Belize military is told to remain calm and not aggravate or cause any further tensions […]

BPP Joins in Chorus of Rescission of Sarstoon SI
Joining the chorus to rescind the SI is the Belize Progressive Party. Today Patrick Rogers told Love News the point of view of the party and he also spoke of other attempts they have made to return to the Sarstoon. PATRICK ROGERS “Currently we’ve been calling for the rescinding of the law from the get […]

PM says Statutory Instrument is important due to frequent incursions
From the video you just saw, we can tell you that the incident occurred last week just before the meetings in Washington. With encounters like these, Prime Minister Barrow says this is the reason why the SI is important. He also stated that he had spoken to the Secretary General of the OAS to address […]

Attorney gives advice to PUP on Sarstoon excursion
While Attorney Andrew Marshalleck, has taken up the claim for the PUP against the SI, he does emphasize that the law is the law. That means if the PUP still wishes to plan an excursion to the Sarstoon, his advice to them is to follow the law. ANDREW MARSHALLECK “My advice to them is […]

Fire Exchange Inside Pasadita Bar Turns Deadly
Just after eleven o’clock last night, a face off occurred inside a humble bar on the Iguana Creek Road resembling a scene from a wild west movie. The only thing is that it was not a movie; a man is dead and three others are injured. Several patrons were inside the Pasadita Bar in the […]

Another Adjournment in the Rupert Myles Case
Another court hearing regarding charges against the Santa Cruz 13 in connection with Rupert Miles incident was adjourned today in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details. PAUL MAHUNG “

BTL Reports Record Figures for 2015/2016
Belize Telemedia today announced that its preliminary earnings report for the fiscal year of April 2015 to March 2016 signaled an excellent year for the company. Their revenues have reached a record of about one hundred and fifty seven million dollars which is about thirteen point eight million dollars more than last year. Chairman of […]


Is US Refugee Transfer Program in “Site Inspection” stage?
Plusnews has been following the story of the influx of refugees into the country of Belize. As we have reported, there is a lot of movement at the Help for Progress building in Belmopan, and According to a PlusNews source, there are more than one refugee type programs ongoing in the country of Beliz...

“BPP Response to GOB’s Limited Access to the Sarstoon”
And while eyes are now turning to the immigration situation in Belize, there is still the matter of the Belize Guatemala issue, to which we now turn our attention. As we reported yesterday, Government has relaxed somewhat on its SI which restricted Belizeans from accessing the Sarstoon for an entire...

Refugee Type Programs in Belize
Plusnews has been following the story of the influx of refugees into the country of Belize. As we have reported, there is a lot of movement at the Help for Progress building in Belmopan, and According to a PlusNews source, there are more than one refugee type programs ongoing in the country of Beliz...

“BPP Response to GOB’s Limited Access to the Sarstoon”
And while eyes are now turning to the immigration situation in Belize, there is still the matter of the Belize Guatemala issue, to which we now turn our attention. As we reported yesterday, Government has relaxed somewhat on its SI which restricted Belizeans from accessing the Sarstoon for an entire...

Security Guard Arraigned for Double Murder
On Monday, police officially charged 30-year-old Andy Joshua Bustillos for the shocking double murder of two women inside a Beauty Salon in Santa Elena on May 3rd. Bustillos, a security guard of Bradley’s Bank, was charged with two counts of Murder. Miriam Mai and Daisy Miranda were at work at the S...

Accused ATM thieves in court
Tonight, two Bulgarian citizens from Europe are on remand at the Belize Central Prison after they were arraigned on a single count each of theft from the Belize Bank. The investigation is ongoing, but police believe so far that 28 year old Jeorgi Petrov, and 25 year old Halid Yuksel Aptula, are the ...

Accused murderer walks over caution statement
23 year old Reuben Price was accused 5 years ago of the murder of Steven Perez, son of the driver for the Police Department’s Prosecution Branch at the corner of Dolphin and Iguana Street on June 26, 2011. A teenager at the time, he allegedly confessed his involvement to police; but Justice Troadio ...

Guinea Grass carpenter jailed for crack
Magistrate Dale Cayetano today sent 53 year old Augustine Pott to jail for the mandatory 3 years and issued a 10 thousand dollar fine after finding the carpenter from Guinea Grass, Orange Walk, guilty of drug trafficking. Pott was found aboard a Sarteneja bus in Belize City with about 1.5 ounces of ...

Las Flores has new Police sub- station
Las Flores area of Belmopan now has 24 hour policing services. The police sub station opened yesterday and is located on Maravilla Street at the Las Flores Community Center. Community members have expressed gratitude for the police presence in the area and say it is a step towards a safer environmen...

Belcare Football Youth Academy Donates 2300 Footballs to Belize
Michael Lindo the Executive Director of Belcare Football Youth Academy shipped 2,300 footballs to Belize. Yesterday 2000 of those footballs were donated to four organizations that manage and nurture grassroots football for children. This is the second consecutive year that Belcare has donated footba...

NASA Astronaut Gives Belize shout out from Space
Belize received the ultimate shout out from NASA’s own astronaut Jeff Williams. Williams just so happened to be in space and decided to past time by spotting coral reefs and the second largest Barrier Reef the world has to offer. “Good Morning! Beautiful Belize coastal waters, where Central America ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man walks away from charges of carnal knowledge
Leandro Botes has been found not guilty of carnal knowledge after his trial concluded today in the Orange Walk Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord. In the trial, which started on May 3rd before a jury of nine, Botes was charged with one count of carnal knowledge for allegedly […]

PM says arbitration award is win for Belize, but it is not final
Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow on his return from his latest medical trip abroad today said that the final arbitration award deciding the value of BTL shares at the time of Government’s first nationalization in 2009 can be viewed as a victory for […]

Two caught with illegally cut woods
A British national and a Belizean were found allegedly illegally cutting trees in the North, including logwood and mahogany. 47 year old Silas Ramos of Maskall, Belize District, and 62 year old Martin Renisson of Bomba, Belize District, have been charged with restriction of conversion […]

Case fails against accused Hellen Yu killers
Nearly six years ago, the Chinese community in Belize was stunned by the death of Edward P. Yorke High School student Hellen Yu, 14. She was shot and killed during a robbery at her father’s shop on Iguana Street in Belize City. But the office […]

Murder accused changes plea to manslaughter
22 year old Devaughan Goodger, only 17 when accused five years ago of the murder of 27 year old BDF soldier Jason Pott, has decided to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Pott was stabbed on March 5, 2011 on Cleghorn Street near […]

Guatemalan military again stops BDF vessel on Sarstoon
Getting almost 22,000 views, more than 600 shares and hundreds of comments since being posted late this morning, it’s safe to say that a video put up on News 5 Live’s Facebook page has gone viral as it showed Guatemala’s military again bullying our […]

Orange Walk man missing since last week
A 24-year-old man, Pedro Alfonso Caliz, has been reported missing from Orange Walk by his adopted family who last saw him on the morning of May 4th. We were told that Caliz, who is not in good health, was sent to do errands at […]

Financial Intelligence Unit strengthens domestic cooperation with Police Department
A Memorandum of Understanding between the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and Police Department signed today strengthens the already close relationship between the parties. Ambassador Joy Grant, FIU Director, and Police Commissioner Allen Whylie are committing to facilitate their offices’ shared investigations of money […]

Boy finds lost Mayan city in the southern Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico
A 15-year-old boy from Quebec, Canada with a passion for ancient Mayan civilizations and constellations has discovered a lost Mayan city near the coast of Belize in the southern Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and his theory is about to be published in a scientific journal. […]

Bar fight turns to murder near Spanish Lookout area
A bar argument near the Spanish Lookout area turned deadly last night leaving one man dead and three others hospitalized with gunshot wounds. The incident happened at Pasadita Bar on the Iguana Creek Road, Spanish Lookout area around 10:45 last night. Guillermo Guerra, 64; Victor Ismael Perez, 52; […]

1 dead, 3 hurt in shooting near Spanish Lookout area
Breaking Belize News has received reports about a shooting that happened near the Spanish Lookout area last night. According to reports, 1 person is dead and 3 others are in a critical condition at the hospital. The incident happened at a bar around midnight and the […]


Silk Cayes: The Ultimate “Castaway” Experience
For some reason, these islands were given two names: Silk Cayes and Queen Cayes. Call them either when you travel here and you’ll encounter sugar-white beaches, the occasional coconut palm and water lapping along the shoreline, beneath which, a lively community of aquatic life awaits wide-eyed visitors. Spot vividly-colored fish, benign sharks (yes, they do exist), eagle rays and stingrays from your perch on the beach where a picnic is the perfect accompaniment to a day-long adventure. Silk Caye is a jumping off point for scuba divers and other aquatic sports enthusiasts, eager to explore Belize’s barrier reef. Don your choice of diving gear and you’re off to see tropical aquatic life unmatched in the Caribbean region. Rings of coral reef that pre-date humans offer divers a close look at the earth’s earliest natural aquatic formations–they include the Staghorn, Fire, Star and Elkhorn varieties. See more than fish off Silk Caye waters: spot Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles plus Great Hammerheads. Don’t be scared if you encounter Whale Sharks; they’re more scared of you than you are of them! Due east of Placencia Village on the Placencia Peninsula; approximately 20 nautical miles from shore. Don’t expect a dock! Visitors pilot their boats directly onto the sandy beach.

When to Visit Belize? A Comprehensive List of Holidays & Festivals in Belize
It seems like festivals and holidays come in rapid fire in Belize and that is because…they do. And rather than just continuing to wing it…I thought I’d put together a comprehensive list because 1. I need to make sure I attend each and every one at least one time in my life and 2. because you should too. Belize is a country of people that love to party and parade and party some more. For such a tiny place, you’ll find that this list of festivals is quite an extensive one. We’ve got wood to chop people! The year is ticking by. I have added links to the events that I have attended…and PLEASE, if I have forgotten some or many, please let me know. Muchos gracias. Oh…and here is a map of the country. Just for reference. Smaller than the state of Massachusetts. For more information on the areas, check out my “Locations” page.

Get Your Pirate on at Glovers Reef Atoll
Originally settled by Mayans who sailed here from mainland Belize, Glover’s Atoll is a fragile marine reserve that’s been lovingly preserved for posterity. At just 80 square miles in circumference, you’ll be bowled over by the stunning coral that shapes a snug wall around what travel magazine writers love to call a “rainbow colored lagoon” that features more than 700 shallow coral patches. Since the atoll is only 18 miles long and 6 miles at its widest point, you can see every inch, and if you are interested in the deepest ocean drop in the world, don’t skip the Caiman Trench which plunges 15,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean. Loccated about an hour and a half from Dangriga by boat, There is only one way to get here: by boat, unless you plan to parachute in! If you’re coming for a sporting holiday, you may prefer tent camping, but you can also duck into a resort and opt for a package that includes diving, lodging and meals. By booking a tour, you don’t have to become a mountain goat, dragging gear, worrying about boat rentals or facing your own navigational shortcomings. Of prime importance is having your fill of nature’s bounty; seeing wonders on display that are heavily protected by laws passed beginning 1993 under the Fisheries Act.

International Sourcesizz

Use your travels and passions to get into college
High academics may be the top priority for college admissions officers, but intangible traits, such as leader- ship, kindness and humility, score points as well. Caroline Gillespie from Rye, NY, found this out as a high school junior. A water-lover, Gillespie furthered her interest in marine life and ocean conservation as a participant on a National Geographic Student Expedition trip to Belize during the summer before her senior year. The company organizes experiences for middle-school and high-school students worldwide. During the 12-day assignment, she learned about ocean conservation from experts. “We were snorkeling and picking up plastic at the same time. And at night, we spotted hermit crabs on the beach that were using bottle caps as shells,” says Gillespie. “This experience inspired me to become an advocate.”

Caribbean indigenous peoples want “seat at the table”
The Caribbean’s indigenous people have called to be given a seat at the political table so as to safeguard their rights to their ancestral lands and resources. The call for political representation for the minority first peoples of the region is one of a slew of recommendations on health, education, gender, sustainable livelihoods, land rights and access to justice, drafted after three days of deliberations by the leaders and representatives of indigenous peoples from six CARICOM nations at a historic University of the West Indies (UWI) conference of indigenous peoples. Host country Belize is home to more than 50,000 Maya and Garifuna peoples, roughly one-tenth of the population. The conference, organised by UWI IMPACT Justice, a Canadian-funded project to improve access to justice in the Caribbean, has been hailed as a rare, unique and historic gathering of the region’s indigenous peoples and a recognition of the need to redress centuries of degradation and discrimination.

Maya exhibit draws on the discoveries of archaeologists
Mayanist David Stuart’s career path was more or less set by the time he was 10. His dad was an archaeologist and his mom was trained in the field as well. Stuart was raised near dig sites and got an up-close look at what that work involved. “I fell in love with it,” said Stuart, who grew up to be a noted archaeologist himself and now teaches at the University of Texas at Austin. “The romantic archaeology thing was right there; I was living it as a kid and sort of realized I didn’t want to do anything else with my life except explore and try to read these crazy things called hieroglyphs. “I remember very vividly when my father would run up to our little hut that we were all living in, and he was excited because a new tablet with hieroglyphics had just been found a few minute before, and we would run over there and he would brush to dirt off of it. It was like something out of a movie — I’d be looking at this carving coming out of the ground. Once you see that happen in front of you, you realize this is what archaeology is, and it’s exciting. There are a lot of boring parts of archaeology, too, that I got to know, as well. But when it’s exciting, it’s really exciting.”

Council for Foreign and Community Relations Communiqué
Communiqué issued at the conclusion of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) , 9-10 May 2016 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. "Foreign Ministers received an update on the most recent developments between Belize and Guatemala. The Foreign Ministers deplored the recent escalation of tensions caused by troop mobilisation. The Meeting supported the critical role of the OAS in working with Belize and Guatemala to expeditiously and deliberately adopt protocols that would govern the interaction of both countries on the Sarstoon River that defines the southern boundary between Belize and Guatemala.

Exploring This ‘Portal To The Underworld’ Will Leave You In Awe Of Mayan Culture
Fine, fine, that kid we thought was so brilliant, the one who discovered an ancient Mayan city by looking at the stars? Probably not real. But that doesn’t mean that the Mayan world doesn’t still hold secrets untold. Secrets that will only reveal themselves to bold spirits and intrepid explorers. Deep in the lush green jungles of Belize, there’s a cave with a 1,000-year-old skeleton inside. The bones once belonged to a human — killed to glorify the Gods — and can still be visited to this day. The spot is so special that National Geographic ranked it No. 1 in their book Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations. It’s called Actun Tunichil Muknal, which translates to Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre. How good is that? It could be an Indiana Jones title with zero modification. To the locals, it’s known as ATM cave (because it makes the region a lot of money?); to the ancient Mayans it was Xibalba. The word means “place of fear,” which designates the cave as an entrance to the Mayan underworld. For the Mayans, the underworld was not an abstract concept — it was real, accessed through caves like this one. And with Belize being home to the most caves in all of Central America, Xibalba was never far from the minds of the region’s early inhabitants.


  • "Respecte el Protocolo" , 1.5min. That's the order given by a Guatemalan military officer as they intercept a Belize Defence Force patrol in the Sarstoon River. The video shows two vessels with Guatemalan Armed Forces blocking a BDF vessel within the Sarstoon.

  • Diving in Belize with Divemaster Big Sexy of Chuck and Robbies, 7.5min. Diving in Belize with Divemaster Big Sexy of Chuck and Robbies Dive Shop in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize. Big Sexy shares about their dive safety procedures, lion fish and dive locations in Belize. Diving and snorkeling in Belize is on the Top 3 things to do while in Belize and Big Sexy is a rock solid Divemaster, who I trust

  • Belize Cave Tubing 5 4 16, 9.5min. Booked online in advance with "Butts UP" and not through the cruise ship we were on (NCL Getaway). Fun trip, but the bus ride over to the tubing site was long and hot because the AC wasn't working properly. The cave tubing was a lot of fun.

  • Belize Day 6 and go, 4.5min. This video is about our last 2 days in Belize before we head to airport.

  • Belize Music Week is a Few Days Away!, 2.5min.

  • NEIU TRIP TO PG, 7min.

  • Morning Matters with Jim Scott, 60min.

  • The Financial Intelligence Unit and the Belize Police Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding, 2min. This morning in an effort to strengthen domestic cooperation in the fight against money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.

  • Samir Rosado from the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute CZMAI, 1.5min. Samir Rosado from the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) talks about his contribution to the blue solution “Valuating climate adaptation options on Placencia Peninsula”. Samir Rosado’s input was “..mapping and valuing marine ecosystem services for integrated management…”. The ecosystem services described by stakeholders were assigned to a monetary value to inform government agencies or politicians. An integrated coastal zone management plan was designed, reflecting notions and ideas of stakeholders of Belize, and is about to get manifested in national law.

  • Body And Soul - Common Health Problems in Belize, v2, 3min. This video is about Body and Soul Medical Mission in Belize and the health problems that they commonly treat.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize, 3min.

  • BMX Belize, 3min.

  • Belize Scuba Diving Glover's Reef, 13min. Videos of the Rack and South Caye Wall. The gopros weren't working for the Abyss dive site. Betsy filmed the first 8 or 9 minutes then the rest of the video is from me. Our second dive trip of the honeymoon! May 3, 2016.

  • Actun Tunichil Muknal Belize December 2010, 16min. Our trip to and through the ATM cave in Belize. The ancient Mayan site is a sacred location. and as such, was a place where human sacrifices were performed. The cave is located in Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve near San Ignacio, and is almost as challenging to reach as it is to explore. Guides took us across three rivers, and then you have to swim into the entrance of the cave. Once you enter, you are basically wading (sometimes swimming if you are short) through an underground river. To get to the archaelogical sites, one must crawl through small openings in the rock, climb up a sheer cliff and navigate (in sock feet so as not to disturb priceless remains) through a rocky cavern. According to Wikipedia, National Geographic listed it as #1 on their list of Top 10 Sacred Caves. It's VERY dark inside, lit only by the helmet torches, so the video quality reflect that.

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