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The San Pedro Sun

Congratulations to Team Amigos!
Winners of the San Pedro Class A/B 8-Ball Pool Tournament!

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Arms of Another Woman
“Hey, Mr. Dennis. Can you help me out?” “Sure, Pascal,” I said. “I’ll help you if I can.” “I do a lot of things with the Lion’s Club. Back home in my village I am the president of the chapter. Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s a really big deal where I live. I usually only speak to forty or fifty people at the Lion’s Club but on Mother’s Day all eight hundred people in the village will be there. I need some help with my speech.” “How can I help you?” “I need a joke for Mother’s Day but I can’t remember jokes and I tell them really bad. You got any Mother’s Day jokes?”

Police Report: Possession of Controlled Drugs
On Saturday, May 7th about 4:45PM, San Pedro Police along with the K-9 Dog Unit conducted a search of an apartment room occupied by 26-year-old Jordan Alston Bacchus, Canadian national living in the San Pablo Area. A search of a garbage bin that was close to the kitchen locker led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing some green vegetable substance suspected to be Cannabis wrapped inside a white plastic bag. The suspected drug amounted to 17.1 grams, which was immediately shown to Bacchus. He was formally arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Letter to the Editor: San Pedro Business Community
Dear Editor, Several key members of the business community recently held a meeting at the Lion’s Den sometime around mid-April with respect to the attempt of the Town Council enforcing new traffic rules. It was agreed at that time that a letter should be sent from an attorney on our behalf. Please find attached to this email the copy of letter sent to the Mayor on April 25th. In the true spirit of professionalism and open dialogue, the lead group agreed not to send copies to the media. However to our dismay and disappointment we have yet to receive any response from the Mayor or town council. This of course we consider offensive and irresponsible for the council not to have responded. In your article of last week, the general perception given is that one company has been isolated as “ignoring” the rules and another group of companies being “mischievous” in opposing the said rules. Henceforth, we are forwarding you a copy of the letter and we kindly request that you publish in its entirety so as to demonstrate that we have extended our hand to work along with the proposed new initiative by making sound recommendations that obviously seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Doctor Love: Memories and Lil Sis
Dear Doctor Love, I dated and then lived with a very romantic guy for five years. We split over something that could have been easily fixed but didn’t. We both went on with our lives. I got married and had two children. After seven years I have been thinking about him so much that I finally contacted him on Facebook. He answered me and told me he got married six months ago. What can I do to get over him? /s/ Memories

Ambergris Today

Three Guatemalans Detained for Illegal Activities in Chiquibul Reserve
d after being caught in the Chiquibul area during the weekend. The release stated that a joint patrol comprised of officers from the Belize Defence Force, the Police Department, and Friends for Conservation and Development encountered a group of 10 - 15 individuals engaged in what appeared to be illicit gold mining operations in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. This encounter took place around 7:45p.m. Friday, May 13, 2016 approximately 7.9 kilometers east of the border. The Belizean patrol detained three Guatemalan nationals: 23-year-old Carlos Roberto Perez Hernandez, 17-year-old Edin Alexander Escobar Garcia, and 21-year-old Solomon Martinez Pasqual. The patrol reported that Carlos Roberto Perez Hernandez advanced towards a member of the patrol in an aggressive manner with a machete and the officer fired a warning shot in the air but Hernandez continued to advance. The officer then fired a second shot in self-defense and wounded Hernandez in his left upper arm.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Cayo Cancer Walk 2016
The 2016 Cayo Cancer Walk was Saturday, and the Cancer Society of Belmopan got some great pictures of the event. "Cancer Walk 2016. We Can, I Can. Thanks for all the support!!!!!!"

My most esteemed brother, and a Lion of Belize's South, Leonides Sanchez, relayed the sad news to me a week ago that brother Luke Palacio of Dangriga, Belize had passed away. It was through Brother Leo that yours truly had come to meet some of the most astute Garinagu Belizeans like Brother Luke Palacio of Dangriga, during our gang intervention tour that we organized in March of 2013. An outstanding Belizean artist and Garifuna patriot, Luke Palacio departed to Belizean Legends one of the most interesting side of the politics of Belize's culture capital, Dangriga. It was through his lens that yours truly was able to get a better view of how Belizean politics is played out through the most culturally distinct peoples of Belize, the Garinagu. This was new for me, until brother Luke Palacio laid it all out, in an exclusive interview that will be aired soon right on here on Belizean Legends.

In commemorating thirty-one years of struggle and resistance for Belize in the diaspora, the Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance (BREDAA), that was formed and organized in 1986, sends solidarity to the Belizean people at home and abroad in standing up against all forms of oppression, aggression, and colonization of the people of Belize. In the advent of this intensified Guatemalan military oligarchy aggression and annexation of the Belize Sarstoon River and Island in the southern district of Belize called Toledo, BREDAA has committed itself as a grassroots Belizean organization in the Belizean diaspora to continue this struggle for the freedom and justice for Belize and Belizeans.

Belize Birders
Birded yesterday and have not submitted yet to eBird? We are short of 7 birds to hit 300 species, and still among the top 20 Birding nations in the world!

The Belize booth at the 2016 ETI; International Tourism Expo [ETI] 2016
The premier event dedicated to further growing the entire Caribbean region and beyond. Over four days, all stakeholders with interest in growing and selling Caribbean tourism will unite in Puerto Rico for a unique global business event. It's where the world meets ALL of the Caribbean. ETI 2016 is tailored to attract over 700 of the leading travel advisors and wholesalers from around the world who are actively selling Caribbean vacations, and connect them to a diverse cross-section of over 145 Caribbean destinations and suppliers.

Crooked Tree Village - Cashew Festival 2016
A weekend fill of village-bliss...

The Reporter

BNTU to GOB: “Rescind the Sarstoon SI!”
Marching to songs like Tanya Carter’s “I Am Belize”, Lord Laro’s “Tell Guatemala Leave Belize Alone” and the Public Officers’ Song “Solidarity Forever”, and chanting to their slogan, “Teachers Gat Yoh Back”, more than 1,000 teachers moved from the Constitution to BTL Parks in Belize City on Friday. They were protesting the government’s Sarstoon Statutory Instrument (SI), which expires in two weeks’ time. But the teachers, led by the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), felt there was an urgent need to send a message to the government that they want the law rescinded. At a rally at BTL Park, President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), Marvin Mora said the law is an insult to Belizeans’ integrity. “Our government should have asked Guatemala, “Which actions of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) do you find “provocative” that your military had to kidnap our people?” He said teachers should teach the children that this country was never occupied by Guatemala.

Taiwan makes first disbursement of funds toward sheep and goat project
The Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat project has received its first disbursement of US $155,628.80 from the Taiwanese government. This past week, Taiwanese Ambassador Benjamin Ho presented Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega with the cheque, in his capacity as Minister of Agriculture. The money will be used to cover expenses on house maintenance, to purchase materials and equipment, for stock breeding, and the procurement of paddock seed, fertilizers, and chemicals. The project aims to improve and develop the genetic blood lines of both the sheep and goat livestock through natural breeding and the artificial insemination programs. Belize and Taiwan signed the “Genetic Improvement for Sheep and Goat Breeding Belize-Taiwan” project on December 2, 2015. It is a three-year project with a total budget of around US $1.62 million, of which Belize will contribute US $0.35 million and Taiwan will finance US $1.27 million. The overal objective of the project is to improve and develop the National Small Ruminant Center at Central Farm, and introduce and renew quality breeding stocks.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Guatemala accuses Belizean Mennonites of illegal logging
Belizean Mennonites are being accused of illegal logging in Guatemala along the adjacency zone in an article published today in the Guatemalan newspaper, La Prensa Libre. The logs were burned this weekend said Ronald Segura, managing director of the Effort Association (Asociación El Esfuerzo) […]

Scotiabank builds new home for senior citizen
The staff of Scotia Bank partnered with Hand in Hand Ministries to build a new home this weekend for a Belize City resident and senior citizen, located at 6500 North Creek Road. Recipient 76 year old Louise Henry is among the many persons in Belize […]

Guatemala accuses Belize over Ceibo Chico arrest
Belize was first to get out its version of Friday night’s incident in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul, but Guatemala has hit back. According to the BBC, Guatemala disputes the necessity of Belize’s military having to shoot one of their citizens, and […]


New Exciting Business: Belize Food Tours in San Pedro
Now THIS Is a great idea. FOOD WALKING TOURS in downtown San Pedro presented by Belize Food Tours. In my mind, there are a few fantastic things going on: 1. Walking around the town is the way to see it. The people, the fun signs, the small businesses, you get the feel of the charm of San Pedro. Sometimes lost in the traffic and the hustle and bustle… Paletas in San Pedro, Belize from soursop to melon2. Street food and restaurant food ROCKS in San Pedro. From the lady selling golden plums with pepper and salt on a corner to pupusas to the tortilla factory to the free rum cream tastings…you need to walk around to see and taste it all. Pantirippa Sign at Rum, Cigar & Coffee House - Belize Food Tours Maybe even strange looking “shilling candies” that are half sweet and half spicy. All that being said, I know very little about this new company other then they have a GREAT marketing push. A website in the works, a Facebook page and Instagram account. They have eluded my direct questioning…like: who are you? They know how to build hype! And yesterday, I received a package, dropped off for me at Lily’s on the beach. An amazing invitation packed with delicious goodies.

See You at the Farmer’s Market?
It’s one of the best ideas anybody has come up for a long time on Ambergris Caye. Who would have thought a Farmer’s Market would be so successful and bring together some great businesses and locals to introduce their products to the community. Ian Anderson from Cayo was the merchant with the largest supply, bringing in hundreds of pounds of cheeses, cured and smoked meats, organic fruits and vegetables, fermented drinks and even pickles. His Farmhouse Deli in Belmopan is a big hit with organic produce, popular meats and cheeses. At the Farmer’s Market he sold out about 80 loaves of bread that included rye, molasses and honey. Local bread maker Sue Blair of ‘Home Baked Bread-and More’ sold out 35 loaves of breads in under an hour!! Then there was Ricky’s Spice Shack with HUNDREDS of locally made spices and the Belize Chocolate Company with great chocolate treats made from locally produced cacao chocolate. San Pedro’s first attempt at organizing a Farmer’s Market on Ambergris Caye was a huge success. What better way to bring together locals that have a unique product, get to know more people in your local community and take home some great produce and goodies.

Here’s to living a trashy life in San Pedro, Belize
There are so many great things to do here on Ambergris Caye and I don’t think picking up other people’s trash is high up on anyone’s list. And yet, many of us do find ourselves doing exactly that from time to time. I’ve written so often about the First Friday Tres Cocos Trash Pick-up group that you might think that’s all I do. Truth is, I am quite fond of this bunch. They are neighbors and friends and island visitors who willingly give up some time to make the first stretch north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge look nice, for a day or two. It doesn’t last but we keep coming out swinging . . . swinging out trash sticks and garbage bags. This group also includes the wonderful people (mostly you, my dear readers) who have donated gloves, bags, trash pickup sticks and cash to our cause. You can’t always be here but every volunteer who is spared an aching back thanks you profusely! And now there is another civic-minded group which thanks you: the Phoenix Resort’s Saturday morning beach clean-up crew.

Pool Project: Week Nine
Week nine is a wrap and we are 99% complete. The crew is coming by tomorrow to finish up some things, which I'll get to in a moment. But it took quite a bit of work from the crew last week to get it to this point. For starters, they had to finish the steps leading up to the pool. Here they are in their almost finished state. White paint has since been put on the risers, which really makes the tile pop. In the very near future, we will be installing a grab bar from the column to someplace on the wall below the screen. And speaking of screens, you might remember that the week before last the crew built the frames. Last week was spent stapling the screening to the frames. Now the thing about the type of screen we chose to use is that it really needs to be stretched a lot to avoid wrinkles and sagging. As a result, the frames were bowed from the tension. It took some time on David's part to come up with a way for the guys to affix the frames without damaging them or the concrete. With the use of a jack, all got fitted in.

International Sourcesizz

Guatemala/Belize conflict erupts following another border killing
Guatemala slammed Belize for using “excessive force” and rejected the account of the Guatemalan man attempting to attack an armed patrol with a machete. The incident occurred late Friday, just hours after a team from the Organization of American States visited a different part of the border to examine the area where a 13-year-old Guatemalan boy was killed by another Belizean patrol on April 20. The OAS is trying to mediate a crisis that blew up over the boy's death, bringing to the fore a 150-year-old dispute between the Central American countries over the border. Guatemala has made claims over more than half of Belize's territory dating back to when its small neighbor was a British colony known as British Honduras.

Belize banks named in US federal law suit
A Florida e-commerce payment processing company filed a law suit in US federal court in Miami on Friday, alleging that credit card giant Visa allowed banks in Belize to process international transactions without proper licensing. The allegations include fraud, breach of contract, negligence, business defamation and conversion. Lord Michael Ashcroft, one of Britain's wealthiest businessmen and a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, controls the banks in question, according to the 21-count complaint. Ashcroft owns Caribbean Investment Holdings, formerly known as BCB Holdings Ltd, which controls Belize Bank Ltd, Belize Bank International Ltd and British Caribbean Bank International Ltd. Belize Bank is the largest bank in Belize, with over BZ$999 million (US$498 million) in assets (2015). The three banks provided Visa credit and debit card processing services, processing up to 800,000 online purchases made by cardholders who were internet customers of Evergreen E-Pay Solutions Inc.'s international merchants.


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