The San Pedro Police Department (SPPD) has released their report for the first quarter of 2016. The report demonstrates statistics that compare major crimes to the same time period in the previous year of 2015. The Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police Sub-formation, Superintendent Sandra Bowden reported that overall, the amount of crimes committed this quarter shows a decrease in major crimes, especially relating to robberies and murder.

In 2016, the accumulative statistics for January to March indicate that there were nine less major crimes committed than in 2015, a 39% decrease. On the other hand, San Pedro saw an overall increase in rape and unlawful sexual intercourse compared to 2015. Major crimes reported on the island for this quarter include: three murders (decrease of 40%), one rape (increase of 100%), two robberies (decrease of 60%), 16 burglaries (decrease of 20%), six thefts (decrease of 25%) and two incidents of unlawful sexual intercourse (increase of 100%).

Superintendent Bowden is pleased, but not satisfied, that the report showed slight progress in combating certain crimes. “We have been doing a lot with the resources we have available, and that is helping to deter crime. Of course, there is more than could be done, but in the end, it goes back to the public regarding the security they have or wish to have,” said Bowden.

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