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The San Pedro Sun

Tropic Air gives back to Octavia Waight Centre
Tropic Air, The Airline of Belize, has announced April’s results of its 2016 nationwide #TropicGivesBack charitable fundraising campaign. For every ticket bought at the month’s selected station, $1 is donated to an organization chosen by our staff stationed in that community. April was the chosen month for San Ignacio. As part of the airline’s largest charitable fundraiser of the year, Tropic Air business partners, staff and Customers joined efforts and raised $450 for the Octavia Waight Centre in San Ignacio. A check was presented to the organization on Friday, May 6th. “It’s very humbling to see the real and tangible difference the donations, made so generously by our customers, make” said John Greif III, Tropic Air’s president. “The money they give really can help deserving organizations in this country, and we are proud to support that.”

Letter to the Editor: Dive Safety Seminar
Dear Dive Community, We are hereby inviting Dive Operator’s, Dive Instructor’s, Dive Master’s, Certified Diver’s and other personnel involved in the Diving Industry to assist in a Diver Safety Seminar that we are offering to promote Dive Safety through Education and Training on 25 and 26 of May, 2016 the Dive Safety Seminar is being promoted by DAN Divers Alert Network and TEMS Traveller Emergency Medical Services. There will be 3 topics that will be presented and discussed by Dr. Matias Nochetto the Director of Medical Programs for Divers Alert Network which will include Decompression Sickness, Arterial Gas Embolism, Inner Ear Decompression, Case Presentation and Hazardous Marine Life Injuries. There will also be some snacks and a raffle of DAN products.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Family Planning
“Where are you off to?” Sherry asked. “I’m going to visit Melody at her art gallery,” I told her. “I haven’t seen her and the kids for a long time.” “They do need to see their grand dad every once in a while,” she said. “Why don’t you take them out for ice cream?” “Good idea.” “Where are the boys?” I asked Melody, when I got to the gallery. “Grayson is with his nanny and Davin is still at school. He should be walking through the door any minute.” “Hey, Grandpa!” Davin said, when he came in. “Are we going for ice cream?” “Of course, “ I said. “That’s what grandpas are for.” Melody said, “Davin, you were supposed to have your first family planning class at school today. How did it go?

Barbara Miller Celebrates 30 Years at Tropic Air
This month, Government Liaison Officer, Barbara Miller celebrates 30 years of employment with Tropic Air. Barbara joined Tropic Air in 1986. Over the years, she has also served our customers in many roles, including Station, Sales and Marketing Manager positions. “Having served Tropic for over three decades, she has seen us grow from a small company to one that now serves 18 destinations,” says John Grief III, President of Tropic Air. “Barbara was dispatching flights before many of current employees were born. That’s says a lot about her experience and her value to our company”. As a token of the Company’s appreciation, Barbara was presented with a beautiful watch chosen to fit her unique style and was thanked for her many years of dedicated service.

Doctor Love: Oldest Daughter
Dear Doctor Love, My family needs some help deciding what to do about our father. Eight years ago our mother died at an early age (49). My father went into some kind of mourning and was devastated for several years and could barely function. Three years ago he sold his business and retired, moving in with my younger sister. He started living on the internet and developed a hot relationship with a young woman from the Philippines. This lady is nothing but a scam artist. She managed to talk my dad into paying for a boob job for her because she said her small boobs were holding her back in her modeling career. None of the family knew about this until it was over. We found out because she sent topless pictures to him showing the before and after. He shared the photos with us and that’s when we discovered what was going on. Then he sent her money to pay off her lease so she can move here. When she was supposed to arrive her father died and she had to spend the money to pay for his funeral.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Chocolate Festival 2016| Big Falls
Celebrating everything chocolate!

The Reporter

Former PUP Minister Briceno dies
Former People’s United Party (PUP) Minister of Energy and Communications, Elijio “Joe” Briceno has died. Briceno, who was the father of the PUP’s current leader John Briceno, passed away at a private hospital in Belize City. On his Facebook page, PUP Leader John Briceno posted comments saying his father died at the stroke of midnight on Sunday in the company of relatives. Briceno said he loved his father all his life and that he was grateful for the life his father gave his family and for his service to Belize. Hours before that, Briceno asked people via the same medium to pray for his dad, who was approaching the end. Joe Briceno was Belize’s Minister of Energy and Communications from 1979 to 1984 under the late Right Honorable George Price. He represented Orange Walk North.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Shyne wows the world at ‘Bad Boyz’ reunion tour
Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, long time hip hop mogul, rapper, producer and owner of the ‘Bad Boyz’ record label in the United States, launched his highly anticipated second reunion tour at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Friday night. The two night event featured accomplished artists such […]

Alcohol suspected as cause of yesterday morning’s traffic accident
An investigation is ongoing into the traffic accident that happened in San Ignacio yesterday morning, when a Toyota car collided head on with a concrete wall of the town’s market square. Police arrived on the scene sometime around 4:10 a.m., seeing Patrick Lewis Gordon, […]

Taxi driver drowns in Mopan River
The body of 51-year-old Benque Viejo taxi driver, Pedro Valdez, currently awaits a post mortem examination at San Ignacio Hospital’s morgue after he reportedly drowned yesterday evening. Valdez was reportedly at J&G Bar alone and consuming alcohol when patrons saw him suddenly get up […]

Car stolen in Roaring Creek
23-year-old Elias Reyes, a resident of Franks Eddy Village in Cayo District, reported to police that his Honda car valued at $4000, was stolen from Westar’s compound in Roaring Creek. Reyes said he left it there at around 5:45 p.m. on Friday and went […]

Weed seized in Unitedville
At around 3:20 on Friday afternoon, while San Ignacio Police were on an operation in Unitedville Village, Cayo District, officers discovered 315 grams of cannabis, equal to 0.7 pounds. The cannabis was found inside a lard bucket in the Ingram Creek area where searches […]

Weed and gun found in Cayo
While on patrol between miles 68 and 69 on the George Price Highway at around 5:00 on Friday morning, San Ignacio Police discovered more than 33 pounds of cannabis and a shotgun near Rumors Resort. Officers made checks near a police booth opposite from […]


10 Reasons To Live, Retire, And Invest In English-Speaking Belize
Belize is a little country with a population of fewer than 350,000 people, most all of whom speak English. Part Caribbean, part Central American, it’s mostly wide-open spaces with a long coast and a sprinkling of small islands just offshore fringed by white sand and swaying palms. This is one of the least densely populated places on earth. In Belize, you enjoy plenty of elbowroom ... and plenty of opportunity. Belize is also peaceful, democratic, and stable. The country has generally no beefs with the rest of the world. Really, few other than scuba divers, sports fisherman, and Caribbean sun-seekers give Belize a second thought. The country flies under the radar, and Belizeans (and those of us who appreciate what it has to offer) like it that way. Belizeans are fiercely independent folks, proud of their young democracy. More than 70 percent of registered voters turn out for every election. The political process in this country is dynamic, grassroots, and underfunded. That last being an especially good thing. Underfunded politicians are the best kind.

WTF!?! Where’s The Food?!
WTF!?! Where’s The Food?! Belize Food Tours (BFT) is where the food is! It sounds pretty self explanatory, right? Well what it doesn’t tell you is the particularly obscure items on this adventure. The foods range from Ghetto Pringles to Goat Shit, don’t worry, it’s not actually goat shit. They also offer more common tasties like Cuto Brut, yummy coconut that has been boiled down with sugar to a hard candy. Unexpectedly there was also a touch of Belize folklore in the seasoned Macobi Seeds aka Pumpkin seeds. Legend has it they help keep your mind off a bad romance or distant lover. In Creole language, the word Macobi is used to describe love sickness. All of that is just what BFT has shown us so far. Who knows what other tasty treats and heart healing foods have up their sleeve! So many travelers want to know about local favorites and hidden food gems. Now the perfect option for you to explore, eat and discover is about to open it’s doors. This tour isn’t just for tourists or locals, it’s for everyone! Who doesn’t like food? The food runs from sweet treats to savory snacks and every stop is different. Combined with a leisurely social walk through town where you never know what deliciousness could await you around the next corner. This is Belize, always expect the unexpected and be pleasantly surprised and quite possibly have a good story to tell later.

The Truck Stop’s Second Monthly Farmers Market Stops Traffic on Ambergris Caye
Farmer Markus of AmberGreens Aquaponics – I bought the last two bunches of swiss chard. Farmer Sue of Home Baked Breads – her boules are so delicious. This time I bought two. Pumpernickle for some of the Farm House Deli’s pastrami I was expecting and Cranberry & Walnut for slathering with cream cheese and eating as often as possible. She sold out of her 50 loaves in less than an hour and a half. The Farm House Deli crew was working hard…the pickles and kraut station. I picked up a parmesan cheese, smoked barracuda (which is so gorgeous on pumpernickel with cream cheese, OH MY), pastrami, this slice of heaven called porkchetta and…I think that’s it. A new farmer selling fresh pastas including this luxurious offering. I tasted a really good sample of a slider/burger from the Rasta food truck… SO…farmers and shoppers alike, keep your eyes on the Truck Stop facebook page for the next June market – as well as information on Wednesday movie nights and Sunday Pig Roasts. So far the market has been the third weekend of the month and in June, that will be Lobsterfest-time. Fun and delicious.

International Sourcesizz

A soccer field with a goal in Guatemala and one in Belize
Un campo de fútbol con una portería en Guatemala y otra en Belice. Meter un gol en Guatemala y otro en Belice solo es posible hacerlo en el campo de fútbol más inusual del mundo. Situado entre las localidades de El Arenal, en el Petén guatemalteco, y El Arenal Belice, se trata de un campo compartido por ambos países. Así, una portería pertenece a Guatemala y la otra a Belice, mientras que por la mitad atraviesa la ‘línea imaginaria’ que hace la función de frontera. Conocida como la línea de adyacencia, fue delimitada en 2001 por Guatemala y Belice con la mediación de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) a la espera de que estos dos países resuelvan su litigio territorial que se remonta a hace 150 años. Cada país administra un kilómetro al este y al oeste de la zona de adyacencia. Guatemala reclama a la ex colonia británica más de 12.272 kilómetros cuadrados de su territorio, lo que supone la mitad de Belice, a pesar de que en 1991 reconoció su independencia. Ambos países se comprometieron en 2008 a realizar una consulta entre sus respectivas poblaciones para que decidan si desean que este conflicto sea resuelto en la Corte Internacional de Justicia de La Haya.

Belize - Sugarcane crush continues at steady pace
Belize Sugar Industries milled 45,585 tonnes of cane during week 23 of the 2015/16 crushing season, down from 46,756 a week earlier and also slightly below 47,114 in the same period a year ago, the company announced.

DMX, Desiigner, Shyne Make Appearances At Puff Daddy's 2nd Bad Boy Reunion Concert
The surprises kept coming at the Barclay's Center Saturday night. Puff Daddy's highly anticipated Bad Boy reunion tour kicked off Friday night at the Barclay's Center, hosting not only performances from the many billed guests like Mase, The Lox, and Faith Evans, but also some surprise appearances from the likes of Jay Z, Nas, and more. Saturday night was the encore performance, and naturally, there were no shortage of special guests on day 2. DMX and Swizz Beatz came through to run through classic hits like "Party Up" and "Ruff Ryders" anthem, while X made sure to give it up for Notorious B.I.G., who was honored throughout the night even moreso than on night 1, on account of it being the late rapper's birthday. Meanwhile, Desiigner took the stage alongside Lil Kim to put on for Brooklyn and perform his inescapable hit, "Panda," making sure to deliver some of his signature arm flailing to the large crowd. Bad Boy vet Shyne also made a special appearance from Belize via live feed, while Fabolous performed his live favorite, "Lituation". Check out some of the biggest moments from the show below. Did they top night 1?

Diddy Brings Out DMX, Shyne & Desiigner at Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour
Diddy (aka Puff Daddy) returned to the Barclays Center stage on Saturday (May 21) to perform the second edition of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. Saturday night’s performance was even more special because it was on the Notorious B.I.G.’s 44th birthday. On Friday (May 20), Diddy had an impressive lineup of guest appearances. Music superstars Mary J. Blige, Jay Z, Nas and Usher came through to salute the rap mogul and Bad Boy Records’ musical legacy. For the encore performance on Saturday, Diddy delivered some of the BIG-gest surprises yet. Perhaps the biggest surprise was DMX who rocked the mic alongside his producer and friend Swizz Beatz. The dynamic duo perform several of their classic hits including “Party Up” and “What These Bitches Want.” During Lil’ Kim’s set, the Queen Bee brought out in-demand rapper Desiigner, who performed “Panda,” and BK’s own Fabolous who rapped “Lituation.”

A Taste of Belize with Caribbean Flavor
Sunday, June 12 at 2 PM - 6 PM. 3725 Don Felipe Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90008-4210, United States

Backyard Fundraiser for Belize Peaceful Solidarity Movement
Saturday, June 25 at 1 PM, 8280 FAIR AVENUE, SUN VALLEY, CA 91352


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