The Belize Zoo's animals almost perished in a weekend fire. The blaze erupted on Sunday afternoon in the Pine Savanna forest area - opposite the Belize Zoo and took the fire dangerously close to the facility. The wildfire was raging, and wind carried the smoke and ash over to the Zoo's compound. That's when the staff rushed over to try and contain it. Guests had to be asked to leave the compound. eventually, it was too much and the Belmopan fire department had to be called in to put out the fire. This is not the first time that a fire came so close to destroying the Zoo. There was another bush fire in 2011 but this one was much closer.

And what caused it? Well the zoo keepers believe it was set intentionally and they urge hunters to be more careful when starting fires near the Zoo.

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Forest Fire Comes Dangerously Close to the Belize Zoo

On Sunday, fire nearly burned its way into the Belize Zoo. Reports from Zoo Management is that a raging bush fire which started in the pine savanna forest south of the zoo, brought smoke and fire dangerously close.  The flames billowed, reaching as high as the tallest pine trees, as the staff attempted to out the blaze in fear that the aggressive bush fire would come on to the zoo compound.  Guests were advised to leave the zoo grounds, and patrols were put into action to ensure that no dangerous side-sparks appeared.  The Belmopan Fire Department responded soon after, around one-thirty p.m. In its release, Director of Education Jamaal Andrewin says that the fire was “set intentionally and carelessly by members of the public in the area, who underestimate the unpredictable and destructive force an out-of-control fire can yield.” The incident highlights the importance of responsible burning practices to avoid threat to life and livelihoods.

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