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#514035 - 05/28/16 05:23 AM Patrick Faber Says His Victory is Certain  
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With less than seventy-two hours to go before over three hundred delegates of the United Democratic Party cast ballots to determine a new first deputy leader, campaigns on either side of the political race are in high gear.  Earlier today, we caught up with Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber and his self-assuredness has never been more evident.  Faber is certain of a victory on Sunday, having canvassed the country to meet with members of the U.D.P.   While he does not contemplate a loss, Faber says that in the event that the tides do turn against him during the special convention, he is still prepared to work closely with his cabinet colleague.

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet Division

“Ready, ready, ready, you know.  I’ve done all that I can do.  I will continue working of course right up until that last ballot is put in the box on Sunday but I am very confident of a win and that is because I have done the groundwork that is necessary.  I have been in the homes of the delegates.  I have met with the groups; I have communicated my message as I vie for this position as first deputy leader of the party.  You know, I tell people that for me, while it is that the position of deputy prime minister may come, the people already know my record of working as a government minister, they know my work in that regard and I also have a serious passion for the organization of the party.  So my message for the delegates was simple when I met with them in groups and individually that I want to look out for the party and I am particularly interested in the position of deputy leader of the party.  So that in the next four years, four and a half years, I will move around this country, if given the chance to be its first deputy leader, the party’s deputy leader, to organize, to encourage, to motivate the workings of the party so that we can see a historic fourth term for our beloved party.”

Patrick Faber


“Now sir, everyone has to plan for all eventualities and one of those, one of the possible outcomes is that you may be defeated by John Saldivar.  If that happens, how do you move forward and will you rally behind him and the direction that needs to happen if that is the outcome?”

Patrick Faber

“Well, I would hasten to point out that it is highly unlikely that that would be the case, but in the minor chance that it does happen, yes, John Saldivar is a very good friend of mine.  I keep on saying to people that yes there are little tensions as is the case with all races, but he and I will continue to be friends if that small chance becomes a reality that he in fact wins on Sunday he will have my full support as the First Deputy Leader of the party.  You know, I’ll give him my full support and I will continue to work with him and all my colleagues that support him.  From my position there can be no other way.  Our goal is to, of course, win elections and after these conventions are over on Sunday we begin the process of pulling everything back together.”

Faber Says He’s Laying the Groundwork for Transition in 2020

Patrick Faber

The campaign between Faber and his opponent John Saldivar has been rather intense with blows coming from both sides. Inside the Faber camp, it is believed that he will win by a margin of less than fifty votes, while Saldivar is claiming a landslide. Faber says that he is simply trying to lay down the necessary groundwork to succeed Party Leader Dean Barrow come January 2020.

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet Division

“That is how a campaign goes.  I don’t know that any kind of race for leadership, in this case the first deputy leadership could be mild.  This is a very serious race that, as you know, could possibly have great leanings on determining who will be the next leader of the party after our beloved party leader the Right Honorable Dean Barrow departs.  He has indicated that he will demit office in 2020, in January, so it has to be seen as a kind of preliminary show at best for the leadership of the party and probably that is why there is this kind of intensity, if you will, for this campaign.  On my part I do see it as that and I want to start the work of making sure that this party is successful not only in 2020 but beyond and so it gives me an opportunity now to start building those relationships of becoming even further engaged in the work of the party and I’ll tell you that those minor chances of me not winning come to fruition I will continue to do the kind of work that I have always done to serve the members of my party and to make sure that this party is victorious.”

Channel 5

#514062 - 05/30/16 04:57 AM Re: Patrick Faber Says His Victory is Certain [Re: Marty]  
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Patrick Faber is new UDP Deputy Leader

The official numbers from yesterday’s United Democratic Party (UDP) First Deputy Leader convention held at the ITVET campus in Belize City are in.

According to UDP Chairman Alberto August, of the possible 589 delegates on the voting list, 585 ballots were cast. Of those cast, only one was rejected.

Patrick Faber won 57 percent of the vote with 336 ballots cast in his favor beating John Saldivar, who received 42 percent of the vote with 248 ballots cast in his favor. In total, Faber beat Saldivar by 88 votes.

Following the announcement Faber thanked all his supporters and was sworn in as the party’s new first deputy leader. The post became vacant earlier this year after previous first deputy Gaspar Vega abruptly announced his resignation from the post.

It was also previously reported that Faber had an edge over Saldivar with the delegates even though Saldivar had managed to gain the support of the majority of Cabinet ministers. Leading up to the convention, UDP senior member Michael Finnegan also noted that Cabinet support would count for little at the convention because the delegates were the ones who would decide the winner.

Saldivar reportedly left the convention early and was not available for comment following the announcement of Faber’s victory.

Breaking Belize News

Patrick Faber is the new First Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party. After counting concluded just after 3:00pm today, Faber had received 336 votes. His opponent, John Saldivar, received 248 votes. We'll have highlights of the Convention in Monday's newscast.

Click photos for more pictures!

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#514079 - 05/31/16 05:03 AM Re: Patrick Faber Says His Victory is Certain [Re: Marty]  
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Faber First, Saldivar Second

The campaign to decide on the new First Deputy Leader of the UDP had the intensity and duration of a general election campaign. It went from mid February until the end of May, and in-between, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on advertising, signage, and wining and dining the UDP's pool of delegates. And it all came down to Sunday at the ITVET compound in Belize City. 7News was there from the polls opened at 9:00 am - until a winner was declared after at 3:30 pm. Jules Vasquez has the full story:...

Jules Vasquez reporting
Patrick Faber strode into the convention under the propulsive percussion of a marching band.

He only needed the votes of 295 delegates to win the first deputy seat, but this is no low-key event, and the prospective winner must also have the appearance of a winner - and so Faber's entrance was calculated as a kind of political carnival.

Patrick Faber, Aspirant - UDP First Deputy
"While it is a race for the delegates and while yes we go house to house and my constituencies to persuade the delegates to go with us, there is the public sway. We must sway not only the massive of the UDP, but also the wider population, so that they can be convince that we are winning."

It was much more subdued inside the ITVET where the voting was happening. The party's 589 delegates queued up to vote across three rooms.

But, it is politics - and the proceedings can't be completely staid - here you see two party stalwarts Juliet Thimbriel - who is for Faber - and Herbert Panton who is for Saldivar - going at it in a shouting match that looks serious, but is mostly political gamesmanship. After all the takes were very high; the vacant post is deputy leader, but the winner will be leader:

Patrick Faber, Aspirant - UDP First Deputy
"We know that the Prime Minister has indicated that he will demit office in 2020. We all agree in the party that since the resignation of Mr. Vega, that in fact the best route now would be to elect a first deputy leader that we can groom and the Prime Minister can groom and that can hold on to the ropes and start learning the ropes, if you will, so that we can be unified in 2020 without any distraction."

So it was no game for the nearly delegates who voted on behalf of their whole party; this relatively small group of persons went through almost four months of incessant courting - all to come down to a single moment, a single "X" in a polling booth.

Both teams had strategies to lock in their delegates for convention day:

Patrick Faber, Aspirant - UDP First Deputy
"Well, we brought our delegates this morning and we are in communication with them. Some of them that came from outside of the country, we put them up. In fact we had about 175 delegates in hotel rooms last night. We had dinner dance last night, if you were watching and that dinner dance had in excess of 360 delegates and their spouses. The Biltmore was packed to capacity and that helped us to bring them from all across the country so they could be here this morning."

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"We have our command center of all delegates who support John Saldivar come to and we shuttle them by delegation in spurts and then when the line gets a little shorter, we will call and a two more delegation will come. You will see it as it goes during the day."

Jules Vasquez
"This is deliberate strategy."

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"Definitely. We have our own command center."

Jules Vasquez
"This is deliberate strategy so that you don't have contamination of your delegates."

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"You got that right brother."

Jules Vasquez
"All the delegates are being held right now at a neutral location."

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"Not being held, are being hosted. Being held, sounds like ransom - are being hosted at a neutral location and if you notice you will see from time to time a van come bring only John Saldivar supporters."

Indeed we saw them coming in tranches - blocs of voters that should have spelt disaster for Faber - after all Saldivar had the declared support of 18 constituencies. But Faber greeted them all the same, even though they had just de-camped from Saldivar's base. Arguably, Faber should not have lost all these votes, but he surely did get some of them - making it clear that the delegates did not vote as their Minister and area Representative had committed them to:

Patrick Faber, Aspirant - UDP First Deputy
"And then there are those now coming in Saldivar shirts, where their representatives might have forced them to put on that shirt, but a good many of them are going to support us."

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"And the capturing go both ways. Because we have one and two people even from ministers who - but the thing is that the defection is much more where there is a standard bearer, it is less where there is a minister."

Jules Vasquez
"Nobody can hold together 15. There are 15 individuals and while you can say what you wish them to do, at the end of the day it is their decision. How many of your 15 can you safely say to Patrick Faber, you will get X number of those 15?"

Elodio Aragon
"15 of them Jules."

Jules Vasquez

Elodio Aragon
"Let me tell you something Jules, the way I lead is that I respect people. I've always told them, you all are big people, nobody can force or tell you what to do, because I would only be fooling myself to believe that."

As the afternoon wore on - it was literally 96 degrees in the shade and the hundreds of party supporters took shelter where they could. But while it was sweltering hot all around the compound, at 2:00 things were heating up near the entrance to the voting area when it was time for the alternates to step in.

With the voting coming down to an end at 3:00, everyone was just waiting for the result. By 3:15 - the celebration in the Faber camp had commenced - early word from the counting room was that he had a comfortable lead early.

By 3:30 it was confirmed if not official and the celebration pitched into high gear. John Saldivar - who we did not see on the compound all day - wasn't there to concede, but we did speak to his ground commander:

Anthony Boots Martinez, Ground Commander - Saldivar Campaign
"Definitely it was a surprise for me and it was a surprise I think for all of us who were supporting John Saldivar, but so it be."

Manuel "Junior" Heredia, Supported Patrick Faber
"We were all about touching the delegates, getting to the delegates one on one."

Jules Vasquez
"But then they had all the ministers supporting them."

Manuel "Junior" Heredia, Supported Patrick Faber
"It doesn't mean... I don't want to say the correct word, but the few that Patrick had are the most humble and honest ones and it counts. I am good for about 5-6 of them."

And when Faber arrived back at the compound, it was to wild applause, he had won by 88 votes, 336 to 248, a blowout in this small election.

From there he took his oath of office, and ascended to the post of first deputy, a post he had tried and failed to get three years earlier. He did it with only a small minority of support from his Cabinet colleagues:

Hon. Patrick Faber, First Deputy - UDP
"I wish to thank those constituencies that stood by me, that were with me, including my 13 colleagues, many who withstood many criticisms, many insults - they called them losers for believing in me and for believing in the kind of leadership that I offered, that of course put the people of this party before the ministers of this party."

"They told me the pressures that they were feeling in some instances from their representatives and they told me that they would come out here and support me today and I'll be honest, in the moments when you saw them in the opponents t-shirts, you did wonder whether or not they would really support you and in fact the tactic employed by my colleague to coral them, so to speak, at the Y. You don't know what is said to them in that time period. You know that sometimes there can be that kind of pressure."

"The Honorable John Saldivar fought a great campaign and as I have said before, I'll say it again, he is my friend, he is my colleague and we will not be responsible for any factions, any breaking up of our beloved United Democratic Party."

As you saw in the story, John Saldivar was not there to concede defeat - and, in fact, we did not see him at the ITVET compound all day. So have he and Faber talked? Well, via text Faber confirmed to us that they did talk today and agreed to meet tomorrow morning before cabinet.

Faber is expected to be named Deputy Prime Minister shortly.

Channel 7

The Future of the UDP

With Faber now holding the seat of the right hand man of the UDP’s Party Leader, Dean Barrow, it is left to be seen if he will also be given the posting of Deputy Prime Minister. According to Godwin Hulse, it is not an automatic ascension.


“The person becomes the first deputy leader the Prime Minister is the one who determines that and will advise the Governor General accordingly, it’s not an automatic thing but it is expected.”

According to Ann-Marie Williams, yesterday’s UDP Convention will not only affect the political party but will impact the country and the political arena.


“What goes on today I think essentially as Belizeans and as voters and as a delegate myself should be seen as just today. We need to really just not see the trees but look at the forest. The person who is elected today as the first deputy party leader that person more than likely would become the Prime Minister and take the party into election and if he wins then he becomes the Prime Minister. That has to do with the future of the country, if we subtract the future of the country for one slight minute and look at what it means just for the city, there is essentially ten divisions in the city as we speak the UDP controls six of that ten. A win today for Patrick Faber from where I sit cements that hold on the city. A win today for John Saldivar coming from Belmopan it could cement a win on the city but I see it less favorably. We have to take into consideration that the UDP has won three consecutive terms, it has never been done before in post-independence Belize, that’s not to say that they can’t win a fourth term but the stakes are higher, it’s a bit harder. You need somebody who is on point, pressing the ground, somebody who is known in the city I feel. Patrick Faber’s division is actually a contiguous division with Lake Independence that is controlled by the PUP and Port Loyola that is controlled by the UDP. He’s a visible face, very charismatic, yes he’s young but I think he’s taken some bold decisions over the year in terms of education, in terms of amalgamating schools and putting and making six schools into two, a decision that people don’t want to touch and things that people just talk about but don’t do. I feel the time is right, we are at a crossroads and this has to do with where we want to take this country.”

With all those analysis, criticisms and comments made regarding Faber’s candidacy and recent victory, Faber remains firm in how he plans to carry on his work not only for his party but for the country as a whole.We caught up with him for an initial reaction which was one of tears and joy.


“I’m very happy, It’s all about the base. People who ask me “what if you lose?” I said really and truly that I did my best in this campaign in very much the same way that I did in the last campaign that I ran for deputy and I said to them that if my best wasn’t good enough that I would accept that in fact that I didn’t win today it would have meant that God had a different plant for me and I would happily accept that so if I did not do my best then I would have felt badly about that but I did my best and I had faith that when God designed something you can’t change that and so that led to our victory today and I am happy about that.”

Until is announced whether Faber will be ascended to Deputy Prime Minister, he continues with his current portfolio.


#514119 - 06/01/16 05:12 AM Re: Patrick Faber Says His Victory is Certain [Re: Marty]  
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Boots Martinez Says War Scars need to Heal after Convention

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

As we told you earlier, Ministers coming out of Cabinet today cut a wide path when approached by the media. Those we managed to get even a word from told us that what happens in Cabinet is secret and they would not discuss it. One Minister who spoke to us was Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez. He was tight-lipped about Cabinet, but told us that there are scars of war which will need healing.

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, Ground Commander, Saldivar Campaign

“I think we are united and we are moving forward. Yes there was scars of war that need to be rectified, but I don’t think it gone so deep that we are divided.”


Sir but Minister Saldivar has basically said that the dream for them is not dead; that come 2020, basically indicating that there may very well be a challenge for the leadership position by him”

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

“But this convention was for the deputy leader of the party. The constitution of our party provides that January 2020 will be for the leadership of the party. So this doesn’t mean that it is automatic because the deputy party leader becomes the party leader in 2020.”

Mike Rudon

“Can we ask you to analyze—you are someone who has always analyzes elections. Can we ask you to analyze what happened, what may have caused the honorable John Saldivar to lose because everybody out there that I spoke to thought that he would win handily?”

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

“Well I thought so too, but as I said before…the best night for me of a politician is the night before the elections. At some point in time there is nothing more—noh care what you do on the day of the election; it is up to the voters them. So if you do your best and your best neva good enough, you can understand. But at some point in time, you have to have trust in the voters and then you can do nothing else cause dah noh you vote for everybody. That’s my personal view. I had confidence the Mister Saldivar would have won; it never worked out that way deh…the delegates thought otherwise and we respect that.”

Channel 5

Tremors In the Barrow Cabinet? Ministers Categorically Deny

Last night, we gave you a blow-by-blow account of Sunday's UDP Convention for the post of First Deputy Leader. Patrick Faber easily defeated John Saldivar by a margin of 88 votes.

And, so, it is expected that he will be sworn in as the Deputy Prime Minister, a post reserved for the First Deputy. Well, today was the first Cabinet Meeting following that convention, and at around 10:00 - just as Cabinet was about to start - rumours went out fast and hard that the 11 ministers who supported John Saldivar had a list of demands for the Prime Minister - principally that Gaspar Vega would have to remain Deputy Prime Minister. And if not…well they would resign…

Now we stress, this was the rumour, but our best information from multiple sources is that it didn't happen.

But, there are a few facts which fueled that type of speculation. The first is that these 11 ministers from the John Saldivar camp showed up to the 10 o'clock Cabinet meeting late. Our information is that they first held their own meeting and all showed up about 20 minutes late. The next fact is that John Saldivar was not present on Sunday to concede defeat, although he did make a Facebook post later in the evening after the results were in. Thirdly, Saldivar and the ministers supporting him did have a private meeting with the Prime Minister after the cabinet meeting.

So today, 7News waited outside the Cabinet building and waited for an opportunity to address these unconfirmed reports with all the Cabinet Ministers we saw leaving. We got some varying responses from no comment to the strongest assertions that this supposed list of demands was absolutely untrue. Here's our Daniel Ortiz trying to speak with those Cabinet Ministers:

Hon. Gaspar Vega, Outgoing Deputy Prime Minister
"What we discuss in cabinet is a secret."

"Sir, were you at Minister Saldivar's house this morning?"

Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton, Cabinet Minister
"We are one party, politics done."

Daniel Ortiz
"Sir, we understand that the ministers are not particularly happy with the outcome of the convention and that they were some ultimatums given to the Prime Minister in the effect that they want Mr. Gaspar Vega to remain as the first deputy or they are intending to resign. Is that what happened?"

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Cabinet Minister
"That is not so. Nothing of the sort is true. Our party is bigger than all of us and everybody feels that we have to move forward."

Hon. Michael Finnegan, Cabinet Minister
"That is not true. Nobody made no ultimatum to the Prime Minister and if you know the Prime Minister like I do, nobody can make no ultimatum to Dean Barrow. So that is nonsense. That is totally nonsense."

Daniel Ortiz
"Are you saying that the John supporters and the John Saldivar himself has conceded?"

Hon. Michael Finnegan, Cabinet Minister
"But of course they concede and they have to concede. I don't believe that you just lost and the following day you will be happy and clap hands, but the people have spoken. The base of the party have spoken, they have elected Patrick Faber as the first deputy leader of the party."

Hon. Patrick Faber, First UDP Deputy Leader
"We had a very good session this morning and we shared with each other our commitments to work with each other and to make sure that we work out whatever differences exist after this convention. That is merely what happened this morning. I think Minister Finnegan is right when he says that in fact things are still a bit raw, but it is not to the point where we are looking to break up the party or that they are not accepting the fact that my candidacy was successful. The Prime Minister made it very clear that he intends to gazette my becoming the new deputy prime minister of Tuesday of next week and he is saying that this is merely because there is a commitment for the sitting DPM Mr. Vega to go abroad on a conference that needs that kind of high level representation and he is not able to go as the prime minister, so he wants the DPM to go and Mr. Vega already has those plans. So I am prepared."

Daniel Ortiz
"There seems to be that party line everyone is taking, like nobody wants to concede that there are hurt feelings. Are there hurt feelings?"

Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr., Cabinet Minister
"Well every election, everybody takes it differently, but I think the people have spoken of this country and we need to move on. The democratic process has been done. We had our convention and the majority of the people decided and we need to move on."

Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, Cabinet Minister
"The results are in sir and what can we do? The result are in and we are UDPs and we are supporting Minister Faber. So, I don't know what kind of concession different has been made, but it was amazing for the media to be out here. I don't know of any burning issues for the media to be out here on a Cabinet day."

Channel 7

Saldivar Says He Lost the Battle but Will Win the War

John Saldivar

You’ll notice that Saldivar said the battle, and not the war, is over. That’s because as we told you, he has all intention of contesting Faber for the post of leader when that time comes around. He told News Five today that he doesn’t expect to lose any of the support he has in Cabinet, and using lessons learned in this campaign and Convention he is confident of victory in the real war ahead.

John Saldivar, Defeated in Sunday’s Convention

“There is still the contest that is to come and that is the contest for the leadership of the party and that will bring with it, it’s own issues. And as far as I am concerned, the ministers of cabinet that supported me in this last convention still do support me for leadership and I do believe that that is what is going to prevail when the issue of leadership comes up.”

Mike Rudon

“Can I ask you if you’ve been able to look back at what happened…the campaign leading up to the convention and maybe done a little bit of analysis as to what happened for that result to come in?”

John Saldivar

“No, we’ve done some analysis and there’s a lot more analysis to be done, but I think the major issue was the delegates, the delegates of the various ministers that supported me may not have been at the same mind as the ministers that led their constituencies. I believe that with time, we will fix that problem.”

Mike Rudon

“Has there been any word of a reshuffle? Anything brought up in cabinet this morning?”

John Saldivar

“Absolutely not. I was asked that question by a media earlier and no. we are making no demands on the Prime Minister for him to reshuffle his cabinet. We fully accept Patrick Faber’s victory; he is our Deputy Prime Minister.”

Channel 5

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