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Today's Belize News: June 1, 2016 #514121
06/01/16 05:52 AM
06/01/16 05:52 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro hosts first ever “Expo Tattoo Belize”
Tattoo artists from as far as Costa Rica, the United States of America, Mexico and as close as Belize convened at the SPHS Auditorium for two days of art and entertainment. Over the weekend of May 28th and 29th, hundreds of people came from all over the island and country, eager to see the masters at work, hoping for some ink of their own. Of course, organizers Wimpas Sosa (Belizean Ink) and Carlos Serrano didn’t just have buzzing tattoo machines in mind for the weekend; live music and deejays, and Freak Shows were on the menu. By the time the gates closed on Sunday, plans were already underway for next year’s expo.

Little Angels Pre-School students shine at annual talent show
Under the guidance of their teachers, the young students of Little Angel’s Preschool delighted their parents and many invited guests who attended their annual Talent Show. The fun show took place on Saturday, May 28th at the San Pedro Lions Den. The event was well organized and included dances, skits and even a few nursery rhymes. School Principal Marina Kay welcomed everyone to enjoy the evening, which opened with a group of students singing. Kay indicated that the students were divided into various age groups, and that it had been a hard but productive weeks of practicing and putting together the entertainment. Everyone was asked to support and encourage the young performers so they could deliver.

Ambergris Today

Pic of the Week - Now What Has These Guys So Scared!?
These guys are jumping for joy, believe it or not. They are just making funny faces for the camera as they leap backwards into the refreshing Caribbean Sea. It's summer time and the best way to beat the hot and humid days is to take a dip in the sea. It might be really hot in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, but it is also very easy to cool off. Palapa Bar & Grill is one of the perfect 'oasis' found on the island. Below is the bigger picture of what is really happening. Cool

25 Years Ago - Respecting the Police Officer’s Wife
In the good old days of the beautiful village of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, the policeman's wife was called "La Poliza". Also in those god old days, uncles could lash their nephews; and thirdly, before going to school children had several chores to do at home, namely filling up the water containers with well water. There was only one law enforcement officer is San Pedro and he was called El Poliss or Poliz. In most cases he was from Belize City, a Creole, or from Stann Creek, a Garifuna. And since he was El Poliz, then his wife was called "La Poliza". Believe it or not, this woman was respected by the general populace and was believed to have the same powers as her husband. Children would quickly stop their wrongdoings or mischief.

Flashbacks - When One Police Officer was Enough for San Pedro
Can you even imagine the town of San Pedro only needing one police officer to keep the peace? Well at one point in the islands history, when San Pedro was just a sleeping fishing village it was more than enough; and maybe it was too much. The village was so quiet that the police officer had to find odd jobs to keep busy and from falling asleep on the job. That's right! The Police Station was this very small wooden structure that had a TINY holding cell and the living quarters of the one police officer. This flashback picture gives you a glimpse of the old station that was located at Central Park. You won't see anybody's clothes hanging to dry in the middle of the park anymore. How time changes. Below you can see the two storey structure which today is the police barracks located behind the San Pedro Police Station. It helps house only a fraction of the police officers that are stationed on the island.

Miss Belize Pageant to Make Comeback After Almost 10 Years
Belize will be at Miss Universe for the first time in almost ten years! - Queen of the Jewel Ltd., The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, & Culture, and The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) are partnering to present the Miss Belize 2016 Pageant slated as part of this year’s September celebrations. The event takes place on September 10, 2016 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. In addition, this year’s winner will be participating at the Miss Universe contest, a first for Belize since 2007! The call has now been sounded for young Belizean women all over the country to sign up at our website to register. Contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 26, a minimum height of 5’5”, of good moral character, possess a minimum of a high school diploma to participate. You could be the next Miss Belize!

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Orphaned jaguar cub
We complain about long hours, dirty jobs and an exhausting profession and passion that is pushing us onto the edge of burn out at times. But when a patient like this one comes in I sure forget everything and remain in awe at natures incredible beauty. My pictures do it zero justice, but pictures were no priority in my mind. Today BWRC received an orphaned jaguar cub of about 6 weeks of age. She is skinny, dehydrated, with loose stools and some congestion in her chest. The cub was rescued from drowning in Challillo lake in Chiquibul by some of my favorite heroes on this planet (the FCD ranger team) and she was already named after this jem of nature - Chiquibul. Thanks also to the Forest Department team for the transfer and to Shanelli Carillo and Minerva Gonzales for the late evening assistance in providing care for this special patient. We don't mind short nights and midnight feeds for this one and cross our fingers that she will respond well to treatment, adjust to captivity (as a baby she has a good chance), and eventually find sanctuary and a new home at the best little Zoo in the world - The Belize Zoo.

Calling all Caribbean Entrepreneurs!
The Secretary of State’s Office of Global Partnerships has partnered with Venture Hive to create a seven-week program focusing on providing support, engaging diaspora mentors and experts. And we need your nominations to help us track down the best and the brightest. The program will focus on creating a solid foundation to scale, preparing for scaling through expansion or export, development of financing materials and preliminary due diligence documents, and utilizing international relationships and partnership for growth.

21st Meeting of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Boards of the Caribbean to be held in Belize
The Pesticides Control Board of Belize is pleased to announce that the 21st Meeting of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Boards of the Caribbean (CGPC) will be held in Belize from 6 – 10 June, 2016. The meeting will be held at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in San Ignacio, Cayo under the theme: “A changing climate! A changing world! Responsible pest and pesticide management – our responsibility”. Funding for this meeting is provided by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) project being implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

San Pedro Town Sub-Division Clean Up Campaign
The San Pedro Town Council is proud to announce its San Pedro Town Sub-Division Clean Up Campaign 2016! We're launching the campaign tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st, in the San Pedrito Area at 2:00 p.m. Everyone's invited!

Belchoral Junior Choir at St. Ann's Anglican Church June 3
Don't miss the children's choir concert in Belmopan!

Belize Screen on the Green
Thursday, June 9 at 6 PM at Governor General Field, Ring Road, Belmopan. Belize Screen on the Green is back for the month of June and is featuring the American classic movie, "Grease" to start the summer off with a bang!!! Please join us to watch and sing along to one of our favorite classics for the first or hundredth time! Movie starts at dark and is free to the public and refreshments will be served. BONUS - Prizes will be given to the ultimate Grease fans who come out in their best Grease inspired costumes.

Help Support To the Mountain! Maya Storybook
To The Mountain! is almost ready to go to print and we are just $1100 away from printing one book for each child who attends primary school in and around Succotz, Belize. This vision to write, illustrate, and produce a children's book in 3 languages that will help improve multilingual literacy and connect kids to their Maya heritage is nearing completion. Check out the Sneak Peeks of Pages 1, 2, and 3 attached here! We are headed to Belize in mid June to present the books to as many children as possible before their school year ends. We would love your help to raise the additional funds necessary to print the books. You can find more information in the main page of the gofundme website.

Paint N Splash
Sign up is ready! See you Thursday at Crazy Canucks 2p.m. We are keeping it simple this week! Join us to paint a tranquil beach scene with real sand and seashells! If you are a regular and haven't painted one from your reef series send me a message when you sign up and I'll arrange to bring one for you.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Belize Livestock Producers, informs all livestock farmers to vaccinate their cattle against the ongoing Bovine Rabies outbreak. The disease is currently being detected in the Cayo District and is expected to affect herds in the Belize River Valley, as suspected cases have also been detected in areas along the Macal River. The spread of the disease can be halted if livestock farmers vaccinate their cattle against rabies. Farmers are warned that the disease can be transmitted to humans. Rabies is a highly fatal disease that affects all mammals. The disease is almost always fatal, but can be prevented through vaccination of animals and post exposure treatment to humans. Affected animals will usually show nervous signs and aggressive behavior. Most animals will show excessive salivation as swallowing becomes impossible. Avoid coming in contact with animals showing these symptoms and immediately call BAHA Officers to report any suspected cases.

William Elijah 'Lloyd' Coffin became one of Belize's most multi-talented personalities both in sports, politics and public life. He was a passionate lover of baseball who was one of the pioneers of the creation of Rogers Park which became Rogers Stadium. He coached some of Belize's most outstanding women of Belize softball of the 1960's like the legendary Brenda Johnson. Belizean Legends honor this Belizean Legend because we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

The legendary and outstanding softball player of the 1970's Belize Sofball Hall of Fame, the late Grace Banner was called The Princess of Camalote. Camalote is the village in the Cayo District that produced some of the best softball players that became a part of the Golden Girls of Belizean Softball. Oh what a period in Belizean sports that was. We honor them always!

Two of Belize's most outstanding athletes in the 1970's were the Usher brothers. But Wali, standing to the left of the photo, has an incredible history as Belize's most outstanding marathon runner of all times. His brother Salo, was an incredible football striker of the legendary Belizean football team of the 1970's, Diamond A. Belizean Legends honor their greatness in Belizean sports.

When Belizeans stand up in ranks as in an unbreakable chain or wall of unity, we become much stronger to stand up against all odds regardless of how small we might appear to be. From left to right: yours truly Bilal Morris standing up for Belize with the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) political leader, Patrick Rogers, Fred Dixon, The proprietor of the elegant Belizean restaurant, Mars Caribbean Gardens, Gerald Rogers, brother of Patrick Rogers and a dynamic Belizean brother, and Nuri Akbar Estrada, Chairman of the Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance (BREDAA).

Channel 7

Tremors In the Barrow Cabinet? Ministers Categorically Deny
Last night, we gave you a blow-by-blow account of Sunday's UDP Convention for the post of First Deputy Leader. Patrick Faber easily defeated John Saldivar by a margin of 88 votes. And, so, it is expected that he will be sworn in as the Deputy Prime Minister, a post reserved for the First Deputy. Well, today was the first Cabinet Meeting following that convention, and at around 10:00 - just as Cabinet was about to start - rumours went out fast and hard that the 11 ministers who supported John Saldivar had a list of demands for the Prime Minister - principally that Gaspar Vega would have to remain Deputy Prime Minister. And if not…well they would resign… Now we stress, this was the rumour, but our best information from multiple sources is that it didn't happen. But, there are a few facts which fueled that type of speculation. The first is that these 11 ministers from the John Saldivar camp showed up to the 10 o'clock Cabinet meeting late. Our information is that they first held their own meeting and all showed up about 20 minutes late. The next fact is that John Saldivar was not present on Sunday to concede defeat, although he did make a Facebook post later in the evening after the results were in. Thirdly, Saldivar and the ministers supporting him did have a private meeting with the Prime Minister after the cabinet meeting.

Hon. Saldivar Concedes Defeat to Hon. Faber
So, what about the man who is central to this supposed Cabinet Quake? Well, we got a brief opportunity to speak with John Saldivar later in the afternoon, and like his Cabinet Colleagues, when we addressed our information to him, he categorically denied it. Additionally, he tipped his hat to his opponent Patrick Faber, who bested him in Sunday's convention. Here's how that conversation went: Daniel Ortiz: "Our information was that the ministers who supported you showed up late for Cabinet meeting today because you all had a sidebar meeting and that you all came with ultimatums for the Prime Minister." Hon. John Saldivar, Lost convention for UDP 1st Deputy Leader: "Absolutely no truth, I don't know where you guys get your information. Some members of Cabinet showed up late of course, that happens all the time. But I will tell you that we were in Cabinet. We had a normal Cabinet meeting g and its business as usual. The Prime Minister informed us in that meeting that next week Tuesday he will be appointing Hon. Faber as his Deputy Prime Minister. We fully respect that and we've been saying this from the very beginning and I think maybe people do not believe, Minister Faber and I are friends. We do have our own ambitions, we do have our own career path that we would like to take and part of it played out on Sunday and he won the first battle and I do believe that I will win the war."

Calaney Offers Defence; Says Her Baby Daddy Was Speeding; Caused his Own Death
29 year old Calaney Flowers opened her defence today - against the accusation that she deliberately ran over and killed her ex, Lyndon Morrisson, who is also the father of her 4 year old son. She opened today with a teary statement from the dock denying any guilt. She testified that on the night of August 28, 2012, she and Morrisson had a conversation at a Chinese shop and she reminded him of the money he was to give her to buy some items for their son. She left the shop and was driving on Freetown Road when she claims he flashed past her at high speed, and then crashed into another vehicle. With tears in her eyes she said that she was terrified and all that she could do was go to his parents house and tell his mother, Lauren, that he had been in an accident.

Accused Con Artist Gordon Back Before the Court
Carl Gordon has been on the news before for pretending to be a cable or electricity bill collector, and then using that access to steal personal items. Well, today he was back in court, for allegedly pretending to be a masseuse! Police report that the 51 year old went into the home of a woman to give her mother a massage but he walked out with one thousand dollars worth of electronic items. Today he was arraigned before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza for handling a computer tablet and other electronic items belonging to Sherlene Anderson. Anderson found the items missing from her bedroom on Friday May 20th., after learning that her mother had let Gordon in to give her a foot massage.

Difficulties In The Michael Wallace Murder Investigation
Police expect retaliation after the Saturday slaying of Michael Wallace. After 2:00 on that Saturday afternoon, Michael, his brother Richard Wallace and friend Edward Flowers were all heading home after visiting a younger Wallace brother in prison. But at mile 9, two vehicles pulled up and blocked them in - one from the front and the other from behind. Men from both vehicles then opened fire on the Wallace's car - hitting Michael Wallace in the head. Richard Wallace and Edward Flowers escaped unharmed. Today at a press briefing, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Rural Eastern Division Edward Broaster told us that the investigation has somewhat stalled because the surviving victims are not cooperating. Police had told us that Richard Wallace had gone to give a statement yesterday at the Hattieville Police Station but Wallace's statement didn't give police any significant leads. So because of this, police are preparing for a retaliatory gang hit. Broaster told us everyone is on board to try and defuse the situation.

Mile 8 Family House Shot Up
And police have to investigate another shooting that happened along the Western Highway, this time at mile 8 - a mile from where the Wallace's were ambushed. Anthony Lewis along with his common-law wife Emerita Bartley were at home last night around 11:30 when their house was shot up. Lewis was hit to the leg and Bartley was shot to her ankles. Today we asked police what might have led to this shooting. ACP. Edward Broaster, OC, Eastern Division Rural: "At about 11:30 PM last night we received information of a incident at mile 8 where our police officers responded to. Thereafter there was a shooting at the residence of Anthony Lewis where he was with his common law Emerita Bartley. Anthony Lewis received gunshot wounds to the right leg while Emerita Bartley received gunshot wounds to both her left and right ankle. Currently, they are at the KHMH at a stable condition. At this time we don't have any suspects, the area is well dark and we are investigating that matter." Reporter: "Sir we understand that the couple were inside their room on their bed sleeping when someone just pushed a gun in through the window and fired shots." ACP. Edward Broaster, OC, Eastern Division Rural: "Like I said, that might be accurate, the premises was shot up and they received gunshot wounds to the legs."

Troubling Allegation Of Extreme Domestic Violence
From a mile 8 shooting to a Hattieville chopping with a peculiar twist: A man attacked his common law wife this morning in a fight. The woman got away and called the police and that's when the man darted for the bushes. It is only until later on that the man went to hide in the ceiling of the house until the woman and her son came home. Things took a turn there when the boy attacked his stepfather with a machete in defense of his mother. Police told us more about this troubling domestic case. ACP. Edward Broaster, OC, Eastern Division Rural: "What happened was that the female was held and prevented from calling the police. When she did manage to call the police and the police responded, the suspect fled in the bushes. Sometime thereafter he went and hid in the ceiling of the house and when the victim returned with her son, he attacked them both. Hence the reason the son defended his mother and inflicted the wounds upon the suspect who had inflicted wounds on both of them as well."

Mahogany Heights Woman Stabbed In Girl Fight
A woman was stabbed this morning in Mahogany Heights. 24 year old Tamika Gillette got into a fight with a 17 year old girl in which Gillette was stabbed to the right eye and left ear. When we spoke to residents today they told us that Gillette went to the 17 year old's house and that is where the stabbing happened. Police can't say at this point what sparked the fight. ACP. Edward Broaster, OC, Eastern Division Rural: "There was a stabbing this morning yes, the suspect has been apprehended already and will be charged. The victim suffered injuries that are not life threatening." Courtney Weatherburne: "Tell us more about the incident, what happened?" ACP. Edward Broaster, OC, Eastern Division Rural: "They just had a fight and the female was stabbed by the other female."

2016 Hurricane Season Is Here
The 2016 Hurricane Season begins tomorrow and the experts say it will be a near normal season. Scientists at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center say that there is a 70 per cent likelihood of 10 to 16 named storms developing, and 4 to 8 of those will become hurricanes with a possibility of 1 to 4 developing into major hurricanes. So, what's the forecast for Belize specifically? We asked the Chief Met Officer today:... Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met. Officer: "We just completed our staff meeting before the start of the hurricane season where we discuss our hurricane emergency operational plan and what we will do in the event a threat or direct hit. We have an operational plan describing what each individual person in the department has responsibilities for and we have just finished out staff meeting discussing that. Last year we had the El Nino phenomenon, the abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean that causes a dampening effect on the Atlantic Hurricane season. This year unfortunately for us the El Nino is weakening and by the mid hurricane season by August, the El Nino should be all but gone."

PAHO/WHO's Take On Zika In Belize
This month, the Zika conversation became a lot more relevant. That's because, two persons in Belize have tested positive for the virus since mid May. And while two cases are not enough to cause mass hysteria, what is worrying a lot of professionals is that the rains are coming, which will allow mosquitos populations to multiply. Today we spoke with the country representative of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization about their response to this Zika epidemic. According to Doctor Escoto, PAHO and the W-H-O have already started rolling out their Zika response strategy which includes surveillance, prevention, control and the mobilization of resources to support American and Caribbean Governments in their local Zika response.

Man To Stand Trial For Blue House Bar Murder
The Blue House Bar in Ladyville, it's probably the most popular watering hole in that village, and judging by the police and court reports we get, it's also the deadliest. Today, former security guard at the Bar, Dairon Hamilton was committed to stand trial for a murder that happened a year ago. The 33 year old allegedly stabbed bar patron Wilmer Cisneros in his abdomen, and chest in a dispute over the ten dollar cover charge. Today at the Preliminary Inquiry held before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, Hamilton was undefended and did not challenge any of the police evidence against him.

Cayo Cops Need Help Catching Arsonist
There have been a series of fires in San Ignacio which are suspected to be cases of arson. They happen hours apart from each other and the suspects seem to be targeting thatched buildings. The latest one occurred sometime on the wee hours of Monday morning and it all was caught on camera. According to Elmer Herrera, a Belizean entrepreneur of Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio, he received a call around 1:20 am informing him that two of the thatch sheds at his business establishment were engulfed in flames. By that time the suspects were already long gone, but the video cameras caught one of them in the act of lighting the shed. Unfortunately due to the quality of the video, the suspects face cannot be seen. But even if it was visible, the suspect seems to be wearing some sort of cloth over his face, hiding his identity. After shed continues to burn, two men- one on foot and one on a bicycle can be seen darting away from the seen. Now police are asking the publics assistance in trying to locate these culprits. Police also suspect that these are the same individuals responsible for the arson of Zenida's Restaurant on May 26th.

Curbing The Number of New Smokers
According to the Centers for Disease Control, tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths around the world every year, and that's going up to more than 8 million deaths by the year 2030. Now, in Belize, tobacco is considered the third most consumed substance in the country. It is on this platform that on May 31st countries around the world celebrate "World No Tobacco Day." In Belize the activities to commemorate this annual awareness campaign were lead by National Drug Abuse Control Council. This morning we stopped by their office in Belize City, and learned more about this world anti-tobacco movement. D'Alessandro Requena, Chairman, World No Tobacco Day: "In Belize, Tobacco smoking is the 3rd most consumed substance. Today May the 31st is World Tobacco Day and so we are trying to educate the community and public about what NDACC is doing and also about tobacco consumption and what's happening in Belize." Emanuel Pech: "Okay now let's just say if I am a smoker, how would you convince me to stop smoking?" D'Alessandro Requena, Chairman, World No Tobacco Day: "Well you have to look at the facts and what it does to you. It causes cancer, it blackens your teeth, it causes wrinkles, emphysema, if you're asthmatic and it will do your body damage."

A Crackdown On Cigarette Companies
This year's No Tobacco Day campaign was commemorated under the theme "Get Ready for Plain Packaging." That's legislation being enacted all over the world, which aims to restrict cigarette companies from adding lucrative advertisements to their packaging. The bill is still in its drafting stages, but what this year represents, according to Vellos, is a step in the right direction as it relates to the anti-tobacco movement. Esnor Vellos, Director of NDACC, MOH: "Currently we already have Plain Packaging in the country of Belize whereas most of the products that are coming into the country have a specific design that calls for that message that says 'The Director of Health Services advises the public that tobacco smoking is harmful, kills or can cause cancer'. We already have that here in place and we also have some produce that are coming in because the product originated from a country who already has implemented plain packaging. Because of that we already have some products coming into the country."

E-Cigarette Use Is Becoming A Problem
The project to draft a bill on to regulate tobacco consumption first began in 2011. By the time it actually becomes law in Belize it will would have been nearly a decade for work on the bill. So what has been the hold up? Well according to the NDACC director they are trying to have electronic cigars also regularized as well. This product found its way to Belize last year, and trend seems to be picking up. The product was presented as a less harmful substitute for the traditional cigars. But not everything is as it seems according to NDACC director. Esnor Vellos, Director of NDACC, MOH: "It is advertised as being a product that can assist to help and individual to reduce the consumption of traditional tobacco, that it's not addictive, that it taste nice, it's this and that. But the reality is and studies from the Pan American Health Organization have indicated that the consumption of e-cigarette is as harmful as or more harmful than the consumption of regular tobacco."

Police Will Offer Reading Classes
You all have seen the police carry out their community based approaches - doing meet and greets and having family days and sports days in several communities. Well, the police want to extend that style of community service to teaching kids to read. Police told us more about this initiative. The first book fair should be in the next 2 weeks. There will be several book fair for both northside and southside kids.

Deputy Party Leader Faber Says He Holds No Grudge
So, if you saw our headline story tonight you'll know that there are some rumblings in the Barrow Cabinet. Now, it's not a rebellion, not at all from what we can tell, but the fact is that Patrick Faber is about to ascend to the post of Deputy Prime Minister - and 11 cabinet ministers do not support him. Indeed, time heals all wounds, and they may come around, but as it stands, Deputy-in-waiting Faber has a solid bloc of opposition against him. His critics say they don't like his style, that he's personal and vindictive. We asked him about that at Sunday's convention:... Jules Vasquez: "Your opponent say that well Faber is vindictive, he will not be a good deputy leader, because he like to hold grudge and if you ever turn against him, you will never live that down. Is that a fair criticism?" Hon. Patrick Faber: "I would say it's unfair. Nobody has to worry about that. Nobody has to worry about me terminating their services. That is just not how I operate."

Channel 5

Is There a Serious Rift in the U.D.P.?
Is there a very serious divide in the ranks of the U.D.P. following Sunday’s Convention? A movement which we can call G-fourteen to follow tradition of political mutiny? That was [...]

Faber Says Saldivar Can Bring It in 2020
Shortly after the Convention results were announced, John Saldivar posted a note of congratulations to Patrick Faber on his victory. And then shortly after that, another post in which Saldivar [...]

Bitter Camps Try to Mend Fences
That convention for leader, if there is one, won’t be for another four years, and Faber isn’t looking that far ahead. For now it’s about healing any bad feelings arising [...]

John Saldivar Denies Rumors of Hostilities in Cabinet
News Five also managed to get comment from Minister John Saldivar this evening, and asked him about that meeting at his house. His response – what meeting? He also denied [...]

Saldivar Says He Lost the Battle but Will Win the War
You’ll notice that Saldivar said the battle, and not the war, is over. That’s because as we told you, he has all intention of contesting Faber for the post of [...]

Finnegan Says Time Will Heal All U.D.P. Wounds
While Minister Saldivar denies any ultimatum to the Prime Minister, there are other reports that one of the demands to be made was the removal of Godwin Hulse from the [...]

So Is the United Democratic Party a House Divided?
Finnegan says that the process of healing within the rank and file of the U.D.P. is underway and that reconciliation among the Saldivar and Faber factions began this morning.   [...]

Delegate Fired By Beverly Castillo over Vote
There is a backlash to the election of Patrick Faber as first deputy leader, which is being felt across the United Democratic Party.  Ladyville resident Ingrid Hernandez is an avid [...]

Boots Martinez Says War Scars need to Heal after Convention
As we told you earlier, Ministers coming out of Cabinet today cut a wide path when approached by the media. Those we managed to get even a word from told [...]

Gapi Will Not Be DPM after Next Week
Patrick Faber will be the new Deputy Prime Minister next week when current DPM Gaspar Vega returns from high-level meetings. So Vega is no longer Deputy Party Leader and very [...]

FM Elrington Still Not Back in Belize after Istanbul Talks
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is not expected to return to Belize until after the meeting in Habana of the Association of Caribbean States on June sixth. The Minister is racking [...]

Domestic Abuser Chopped by Victim’s Son
There is another case of domestic violence to report tonight. Hattieville resident, Richard Smith is accused of constantly abusing his common-law-wife, Ursula Ferguson. But today, her son stepped in to [...]

Hattieville Couple Shot by Unidentified Gunman As They Slept
Just after eleven on Monday night, shots rang out across from the police station in Hattieville. In the dark of the night, at least one gunman targeted Anthony Lewis and [...]

Unitedville Resident Stabbed by Mahogany Heights Student
A stabbing this morning in Mahogany Heights has also left a Unitedville resident hospitalized at the K.H.M.H.  Twenty-four year old Tamika Gillette was injured to the right eye and behind [...]

Calaney Flowers Takes the Stand in Murder Trial
Bank teller Calaney Flowers is on trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, twenty-nine-year-old Lyndon Morrison, who met his untimely death on August twenty-eighth, 2012.  Flowers is accused of killing [...]

More Retaliation Expected for Michael Wallace Murder
On Monday, we reported of a murder near the Mile Eight community on the George Price Highway. Twenty-three year old Michael Wallace was shot and killed as he traveled in [...]

Ministry of Health Proactive in ZIKA Public Awareness Campaign
There have been two confirmed cases of Zika in Belize so far and the Ministry of Health remains proactive in its effort to raise public awareness on the spread of [...]

Outbreak of Bovine Rabies Reported in Cayo District
There is an outbreak of Bovine Rabies in the Cayo District. The Belize Agricultural Health Authority along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Belize Livestock Producers, issued [...]

On World Tobacco Day Entities Work to Reduce Attraction to Tobacco
The World Health Organization is pressing for plain packaging to reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products. On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, the W.H.O. Director-General, Doctor Margaret Chan, [...]

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Flow Of Water Interrupted In Yo Creek Village
Last night we told you about the water difficulties residents of San Felipe Village in Orange Walk are experiencing and all indications are that they are not the only ones here in the north that are facing this problem. Closer to town the community of Yo Creek has been going through a similar issue for the past months. According to the Chairman of the village, Uvaldo Miranda, it is only a portion of the village that is currently deprived from regular access to the flow of water. As we reported two months ago, it was believed that the problem was due to a malfunction in one of the water pumps. Miranda had collaborated with representatives from the Rural Development Office with the objective of changing the old pump and replacing it with a new one. While it was thought that would have solved the issue, today we can tell you problem persists and is cause for concern for many villagers who claim to be kept in the dark as information is hard to come by. When we visited the village yesterday we were told that rumours indicate that there is the need for a new well since the old one is running dry.

BPP Says ICJ Is Not The Only Solution To Resolve Territorial Dispute
After the conclusion of the meetings between Belize and Guatemala in Istanbul to discuss a protocol for the Sarstoon, the Government of Belize issued a press release highlighting the discussions that took place in those meetings. In that release GOB makes mention that the Foreign Ministers of both Belize and Guatemala expressed that the existing Territorial, Insular and Maritime differendum should be resolved by the International Court of Justice, once approved by the required referenda. Today the Belize Progressive Party issued a release where they condemn what they describe as GOB’s false, singular narrative that going to the ICJ is the only way to address Guatemala’s unfounded claim. In their release the BPP calls on Belizeans both at home and abroad to take action against the increasing aggression by the Guatemalans, which has disrupted the peace between the two nations, coupled with GOB’s willful negligence.

Minister Of Foreign Affairs From Belize And Guatemala Seek Assistance From UK
Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales and Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington met in London last week with the UK Minister of State responsible for Latin America Foreign Relations, Hugo Swire. According to a release issued by the Guatemalan Ministry, the meeting served as a medium to discuss matters relating to the territorial dispute and solicited from the UK funding to finance the education campaign ahead of the referendum and the poll as well. According to Guatemala’s release, the funding, if received would also cover economic development programs for the Guatemalan communities in the “adjacency zone” and fund the operations of the OAS Adjacency Zone office.

Oceana Unveils Mural In Orange Walk Town
Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization that works to protect and restore the world’s oceans through targeted policy campaigns. Here in Belize the organization strives in working to protect Belize’s pristine and vast barrier reef from offshore oil drilling. On June 8th, 2010, a group of organizations and concerned individuals formed the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. The ultimate goal of the coalition is to get a ban on all offshore oil drilling and a ban of all oil exploration and exploitation in protected areas. Together the Belize Coalition and Oceana have been working on a nationwide campaign to protect the country’s marine resources from the inherent dangers of offshore oil through a national mural project depicting Belize’s Caribbean Sea in every major municipality. The aim of the colorful displays is to showcase our natural wealth and to remind Belizeans of the importance of remaining vigilant in the struggle to protect these living factories that provide us with clean air, clean water, food and a sense of self sustainability.

Corozal House Of Culture Preserves History And Culture Through Painting
The National Institution of Culture and History (NICH) is known for safeguarding our country’s culture through many strategic activities. In Corozal…the Corozal House of Culture along with NICH ensure that Corozal’s cultural is kept alive through community outreach by featuring different historical pieces that in one way or the other have a cultural influence on the community. Currently one piece that is currently being highlighted is a more then 60 year old painting done by Mexican Artist Manuel Villamor in the Corozal Community Hospital. Although the painting has maintained its original colour, NICH will properly seal and preserve the work of art because of its beauty and historical background. Debra Wilks – Corozal House of Culture: “The Corozal House of Culture as part of our community outreach projects that we do here at the community, we are up at the Corozal community Hospital, we are going to be protecting sealing Manuel Villamor’s Historical Medical Mural, we are here to clean it and preserve it as part of NICHE’s mandate protecting our tangible and intangible heritage and very much retained its original color and it is just a beautiful piece so again we are here to preserve it.”

MOH Carries Out Training To Fight ZIKA
So far the Ministry of Health has confirmed two cases of the Zika virus in Belize the latest detection coming from a pregnant woman. While the Ministry of Health is on constant surveillance for any other possible emerging cases, a collaborative initiative between Sustainable Child Friendly Municipalities, United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund, (UNICEF), United Nations Development Program, (UNDP), and the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development have started a ZIKA Communication for Development Training for the Corozal Municipality. Kay-De Vaugh Project Manager for the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities: “What we are doing is a ZIKA Communication for Developing Training for the municipality of Corozal, because ZIKA virus affects pregnant women where there is the possibility of their baby being born with micro syphilis we wanted to make sure that we do whatever we can to take care of them so that the mother would avoid being bitten and avoid with the transmission of this disease to them. This is actually an initiative under the Sustainable Child Friendly municipality which is a collaborative initiative between UNICEF and UNDP, the Belize Mayors’ Association and the Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development.”

BAHA Issues Advises To Avoid Contact With Bovine Rabies
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Belize Livestock Producers are advising all farmers to vaccinate their livestock so as to avoid coming in contact with the Bovine Rabies following an outbreak detected in the Cayo District. Rabies is a deadly disease that affects all mammals but it can also be transmitted to humans, and while the disease is undoubtedly fatal most of the time, it can be prevented with the use of immunizations on animals and post exposure treatment to humans. Animals that come in contact with the disease usually display signs of nervousness and aggression while others will show extreme salivation due to the fact that they are unable to swallow normally. Information regarding this disease in particular can be acquired from livestock officers at the Agriculture Departments throughout the country, BAHA animal health officers, Belize Livestock Producers Association as well as from registered veterinarians.


Patrick Faber is new Deputy Party Leader for UDP
It was a gradually intensifying political campaign inside the United Democratic party which culminated on Sunday with the election of the Party’s new First Deputy party leader. The post became vacant after a disgruntled Deputy Prime Minister and deputy party leader, Hon Gaspar Vega, out of Ora...

Belizeans detained by Guatemala to be deported
A government release made on Friday informed the nation that eight Belizean fishermen ad been detained by the Guatemalan navy on Thursday night for illegal entry into Guatemala. The release cited that the Belizean Embassy in Guatemala learned that the men were arrested when they disembarked their ve...

National Evangelical Association of Belize Prays Together At Border with Peten & Melchor Evangelical Associations
The National Evangelical Association of Belize met with Evangelical Pastors & Associations from the Flores, Peten and Melchor areas of Guatemala on Saturday May 28th at the Western Border in “No Man’s Land” near the OAS Adjacency Zone Office. In all, about 70 pastors and leaders from Belize an...

Guatemalan farmers Protest in Melchor
That prayer time happened on Saturday. On Sunday, group of Guatemalans turned out for a planned protest in Melchor de Mencos. The protest is as a result of the strained relations between the two countries following the constant illegal encroachment of Guatemalan poachers into Belizean territory and ...

Is weekend ambush murder fallout from gang violence?
23 year old Michael Wallace of Belize City, a reported affiliate of the Southside Gangsters, met his untimely end this weekend in a scene straight out of Hollywood: a highway ambush between warring factions involving several firearms and multiple vehicles. It started as Wallace and others were were ...

Ladyville man charged with land pollution
54 year old Pablo Pedro Bernard, an unemployed of corner Marage Road and Compassion Lane, Ladyville, must pay over a thousand dollars in fines for dumping his no longer wanted electronics on private property where garbage should not be collected, despite allegedly having permission. An environmental...

Calaney Flowers’ case to continue
Supreme Court Justice Troadio Gonzalez today did not accept the submission of no case to answer offered by attorney Arthur Saldivar on behalf of Calaney Flowers, who is accused of the August 28, 2012 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Lyndon Morrison, and the attempted murder of his new girlfriend, Sochil ...

Run around at court for Candelaria family
For the past couple of months now, the Candelaria family has been back and forth with the case regarding the murder of their loved one, Maria Candelaria. Candelaria’s death was a result of domestic violence. As if receiving a beating from her common- law husband wasn’t bad enough, her th...


Guat soldiers chase Belize media from Sarstoon
It appears that Belizeans must still seek permission from Guatemalan officials before traversing the Sarstoon, despite recent Government announcements to the contrary. Following discussions in Istanbul, Turkey, it appeared that Belize had, to some extent, regained the use of the Sarstoon River, over which Guatemala had claimed total sovereignty, to the extent of blocking travel not only of Belizean citizens and NGO’s, but also of the Belize military. The Cabinet of Belize issued a press release last Tuesday declaring that, “the two sides [Belize and Guatemala] have informally accepted a situation in which there will be untrammeled traffic for Belize’s military and civilians along the Sarstoon.” In light of this informal agreement, the unpopular “Sarstoon Law”, a statutory instrument which had previously restricted Belizeans from accessing the Sarstoon in an effort to, “give peace a chance,” was revoked. According to the statement issued by Cabinet, “Government’s decision comes as a consequence of the agreement reached in Turkey between Belize and Guatemala regarding the Sarstoon.”

Ignorant Guatemalan protesters march with caskets against Belize
Almost 500 Guatemalan farmers from 36 communities protested against the Belizean government on Sunday. Several of the protesters carried caskets as they marched through the streets in an effort to highlight the deaths of several Guatemalans who, they allege, fell victim to the Belize Defence Force. Yesterday’s protest was the result of a press release which invited the participation of farmers from Melchor de Mencos, Dolores, San Luis and Potun, all Guatemalan villages. Initially, the protest was supposed to be an outcry against stagnant economic activity resulting from increased tensions between Belize and Guatemala. However, that initial protest was overshadowed by a biased press release that was sent out by the residents and business owners within Melchor de Mencos.

Zachary Knox allegedly beaten up by police
Zachary Knox, 19, of Faber Road Extension, Belize City, who police say fired a number of shots at Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, Commander of Eastern Division, South, at about 9:00 Thursday night, May 12, was released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he had been admitted and treated for injuries he says were sustained when he was beaten by police, who captured him while he was hiding in a house on Supaul Street. Relatives of Knox who saw him in the hospital told the media that Knox had been severely beaten and had to be hospitalized for injury to his kidneys, and that he requires dialysis treatment. They also reported that some of his dreadlocks were also ripped from his head. Knox’s mother told reporters that she would talk to the press after she had gotten all his medical reports.

Gang war; bodies keep falling!
Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett, reputed boss of the George Street gang, was executed by rivals almost a month ago. Since then, a number of individuals believed to be associates or allies of the rival gang which many suspect caused his death, have lost their lives in a sequence of shootings that have taken place in the last few weeks. On Saturday at about 2 p.m., Edward Flowers, 26, Richard Wallace, 29, and Michael Wallace, 22, all alleged affiliates of the South Side Gang (SSG), were in a white Nissan Altima leaving the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville on their way back to Belize City when they came under fire. According to ACP Edward Broaster, when the men reached Mile 9 of the George Price Highway, a blue Blazer pulled in front of the white Altima, while a white Infiniti pulled behind them, releasing a barrage of bullets. Richard Wallace, who was driving the Altima, exited his vehicle and attempted to run away, but the Blazer knocked him down. Wallace, however, quickly got up and managed to escape.

8 Belizeans detained in Guatemala City, pending deportation
Eight Belizeans whose names have yet to be released by authorities here are still being detained in Guatemala City, pending their deportation to Belize early this week. The Government of Belize announced on Friday, May 27, that the Embassy of Belize in Guatemala City had received a report that the Guatemalan Navy had detained the 8 Belizeans when they were allegedly found disembarking their vessel at the Punta Manabique Beach in Izabal, Guatemala, without the requisite papers. Punta Manabique is located roughly 16 miles to the southeast of Punta Gorda, as shown in the accompanying map. “According to the Guatemalan Navy, seven of the eight individuals had in their possession Belizean fishing licenses, but no boat registration nor zarpe (a Guatemalan port authorization document),” the Government of Belize said in a press release.

Patrick beats John for UDP First Deputy Leader post
Today, the governing United Democratic Party (UDP) elected a new first deputy leader, Hon. Patrick Faber, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, who is a former chairman of the party who left the post in February 2013 when he made an unsuccessful bid to unseat Hon. Gaspar Vega as first deputy leader. Faber defeated his colleague, Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, by a count of 336 to 246 votes. Amandala has confirmed that Faber will be named Deputy Prime Minister, which is a parliamentary post that is not automatically conferred with the first deputy leadership post. The governing United Democratic Party (UDP), which recently made political history by winning three consecutive general elections, was shaken up when shortly after winning its third term, the UDP First Deputy Leader, Hon. Gaspar Vega, announced that he would not be contesting another term in office and was giving up his position as first deputy leader.

Mahogany Heights win Belize Rural Central’s Beverly Castillo Cup
It was just another politician sponsored local football tournament, this one, which began in mid-February, for villages in the Belize Rural Central constituency of UDP area representative Beverly Castillo; but it was football nonetheless, and when it reached the final series last Sunday, there were two villages from the ten that started, Hattieville and Mahogany Heights squaring off for the championship. Hattieville Riverside Boys had already achieved big things for their village a few years ago, when their U-13 squad clinched the 2012 championship in the prestigious Smart 13 & Under, Mundialito at the MCC Grounds. Like the new kids on the block, Heights teams have been regulars in the Smart Mundialito and other city based marathons and football competitions, including the annual CYDP Peace Cup. But until yesterday, Heights was yet to claim a championship.

Catching up with Smart 13 & Under Mundialito games
The Smart 13 & Under Mundialito continued with Week 7 games this past Saturday at the MCC Grounds; but before we review the scores, we need to cover some lost ground from the previous week, when we missed the stats on the Week 6 games. Here goes with Week 6 games results from Saturday, May 14: In game 1, it was City Boys, 2-0, over Face of Belize, with goals from Kayla Requena and Rasheed Lord. Game 2 saw Young Warriors with the 2-0 win over Reality Youths, with goals from Jonah Coye and Ryan Chiac. In game 3, Collet Strikers and Carlston FC played to a 2-2 draw. Brandon Smith scored both goals for Collet, while Linford Nunez and Jevon Theus scored a goal apiece for Carlston. Game 4 saw Hattieville Riverside Boys prevailing, 2-0, over Heights FC, with a goal each from Ruben Darius and Jose Almendarez. And in game 5, Brown Bombers blanked Ladyville Rising Stars, 4-0, with 2 goals from Keifer Perteau and 1 each from Michael Bradley and Eldon Byrd.

Police United in Group E, along with Olimpia and Pachuca in SCCL
Belize’s Police United FC was represented this evening at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach, Florida, where the draw was conducted for the 24 participating clubs in 2016/17 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League (SCCL). There are 4 teams each from Mexico and the USA; 2 each from Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Salvador, and Guatemala; and 1 each from Haiti, Canada, Nicaragua and Belize. The clubs were separated into eight groups of three for the first round, the round-robin part of the tournament, where teams in each group will play a home-and-away, four-game format, between August and October. After that, the 8 first-place teams will go on to the quarterfinals which kick off in early 2017.

Stars Academy still undefeated at Week 4 of BDFA 1st Division Tournament
Four weeks have gone by in the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) 1st Division Football Tournament 2016, and only 1 team, Stars Academy, is still undefeated, leading the standings with 7 points from 2 wins and a draw. In the only Saturday game this past weekend at the MCC, it was Stars Academy, 1-0, over Eiley FC, on a goal by Steven Baizer (15’). The opener on Sunday afternoon saw Fort George United jump out to a 2-nil lead on goals by Kyle Humes and Carlos Lino; but Ladyville Jaguars came back strong with 2 goals from Kevin Young and 1 from David Solarzano, to take the 3-2 win over Fort George. And in the nightcap, West Lake clipped FC Elite, 2-1, on goals by Francis Andrews (17’) and Clinton Gill (54’). The lone tally for FC Elite was by Marlon Gutierrez (78’).

Editorial: 1798 and 2016
It appears that the leadership of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) has privately accepted the fact that there are contradictions between their position on the events which took place in the settlement of Belize in early September of 1798, usually referred to as the Battle of St. George’s Caye, and the posture which this UDP administration has been taking over the last eighteen months or so with respect to increasing Guatemalan aggression in the Chiquibul and on the Sarstoon. Every September, the ruling party waxes eloquent, even euphoric, about the glorious deeds of the Baymen’s clan, but the present day patriots, led by Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), who have been fighting to preserve the territorial integrity of Belize, have been portrayed by UDP government spokesmen as provocateurs and warmongers. So then, if that is the case, what was Thomas Paslow?

PUP demands urgent action from GOB on the Sarstoon issue
In the wake of bilateral talks between the Belize Government and the Republic of Guatemala that were held halfway around the world in Istanbul, Turkey, Guatemala has not relinquished its claim of sovereignty over the Belize side of the Sarstoon River, which has become the flashpoint of Guatemala’s unfounded claim against Belize. Today, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) issued a press release which demands that the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party Government act to restore Belizean sovereignty over the Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island. The PUP release said, “The People’s United Party strongly condemns the continuing illegal annexation of the Sarstoon River by Guatemala, and demands that the Government of Belize act to re-establish full sovereignty and control over the Belizean internal waters of the Sarstoon River.”

Belizean organization celebrates Afro-Venezuelan History Month
On Saturday, the Belizean Organization in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution (Bel-Ven) held an event in commemoration of Afro-Venezuelan History Month, which is celebrated throughout the month of May in Venezuela. The 10th of May is recognized there as the Day of Afro-Venezuelans and was chosen in honor of José Leonardo Chirino, a Black revolutionary who led an insurrection against Spanish imperialists in 1795. The Belize event was held at the Venezuelan Institute of Cooperation and Culture (IVCC) in Belmopan and included brief statements from Bel-Ven members, as well as an address from the new Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy, and a series of video clips and short films focusing on the experience, history and culture of African-Venezuelans, and the role of solidarity that Venezuela has played in South-South relations between South America and Africa and the Caribbean.

Guatemala – Connecting The Dots
The speculation around the Guatemalan president’s recent irresponsible and inflammatory national television broadcast accusing Belize of human rights violations, and his threat to beef up military presence both on the Western border and the Sarstoon River, is that Mr. Morales is creating a smokescreen to cover up his already less-than-favorable performance in the presidency and a distraction from Guatemala’s internal woes. This explanation seems to have been accepted in Belize as fact; it may be so. However, that is a stance that Belize cannot afford to take. It is a speculation that will cause us to relax, take our eye off the ball, which is asking for trouble. One must remember that the position Guatemala has taken, particularly on the Sarstoon, did not begin with Jimmy Morales’ troubled presidency. The leaked BDF report on Guatemalan military activity on the Sarstoon indicates this is a trend which began more than 10 years ago. It was ratcheted up to a large degree almost a year before the beginning of the Morales presidency with the detention of Belizeans in Livingston in February of 2015 and that trend is simply continuing, Guatemala is taking full advantage of incidents, even instigating incidents, on both borders.

Guatemala is gradually invading …
Guatemalan incursions, occupation and settling within Belize borders, squatters on Belizean territory practicing illegal farming, illegal logging, a total of 45,567 hectares has been extracted, (this area extends up to 10.5 miles in the Chiquibul Reserve in Belize), xate leaf cutting, gold panning, wildlife trafficking, and fishing in Belizean waters in the Sarstoon area, etc. all practices done by an estimated 1500 Guatemalans, have been causing a huge loss of over $60 million dollars to Belize. The illegal exploitation of our resources by Guatemalans is indeed excessive. Belize needs to stand steadfast to repel and expel Guatemalans from Belizean territory. Why should Belize tolerate such provocations? What do you think would happen if Belizeans occupied Guatemalan territory as Guatemalans are now to Belize? Belize must stand firm and defend its legitimate rights; its sovereignty over its territory. Belize is for Belizeans and it is the sacred duty of GOB to defend our borders from any intruder without fear, intimidation, hindrance or consideration. Moreover, it is precisely because Guatemala maintains an unfounded claim over Belize that we should not tolerate but deter and expel Guatemalans. Out with these transgressors and trespassers. The problem has been that GOB takes matters too lightly and just does parrot talk.

Court orders Jean-Marc Tassé to pay Robert’s Grove $1.1 mil in damages
Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young has ruled that Jean-Marc Tassé, director of Robert’s Grove in Placencia, must pay the company $1.1 million in damages, to restore a parcel of land and a boat to the company which the director had allegedly put in his name. Back in 2014, the company passed a resolution stripping Tassé, then managing director, of his operational role in the company. The resolution meant that he could no longer sign checks. The board also went further to ban Tassé from the property, according to Boris Mannsfield, another company director. In 2011, Tassé, a Canadian, and Michael Kramer bought the inn from Bob and Risa Frackman, who launched the business in 1997. According to the court’s ruling, Tassé is majority shareholder of Sandhill Limited, which has an interest in Robert’s Grove via Sandhill Resorts Holdings, Ltd. The other owner of Robert’s Grove is minority shareholder, Mannsfield Family Partnership Belize Limited.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Patrick for DPM; UDP united according to former rivals
With his victory in Sunday’s party convention in Belize City, new 1st deputy leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Patrick Faber will next week Tuesday officially replace Gaspar Vega as deputy Prime Minister of Belize. This must be done by means of entry in the Government Gazette. But […]

Murder accused Calaney Flowers denies involvement in Lyndon Morrison’s death
After rejecting the no-case to answer submission made on Monday by attorney Arthur Saldivar, Supreme Court Justice Troadio Gonzalez invited 29 year old Calaney Flowers, charged with the murder of Lyndon Morrison, the father of her 4 year old son, to give her defense to the court. The […]

PUP press Government on Guatemala
Following news of the prevention by Guatemalan naval forces of members of the Belizean media from free passage to and through the Sarstoon River on Friday, 27 May 2016; and the brazen presence of Guatemalan forces in Belizean internal waters, the People’s United Party […]

21st meeting of Pesticides Control Boards to be held in Belize
A press release issued earlier today, announced that this year’s meeting of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Boards (CGPC) in the Caribbean, will be held in Belize from June 6–10 at San Ignacio’s Resort Hotel in the Cayo District. The body’s 21st meeting, funded by the […]

Elrington and Morales seek funding in London
Belizean and Guatemalan foreign ministers, Wilfred Elrington and Carlos Raul Morales, met in London, England following the Istanbul, Turkey meeting last week to seek funding for a number of projects related to the ongoing territorial dispute. Elrington and Morales met with Hugo Swire, the minister of state with […]

Missing girl found in Benque
Fourteen-year-old Maria Bautista has been found and is in good health, according to her father Jaime Bautista today. He said he received a call from police today to inform him that the teenager was found at her mother’s family home in Benque Viejo de Carmen […]

Chaos, Corruption and Weak Leadership in Belize
Belize, for all its beauty and rich natural resources, is a place struggling with plenty of turmoil. Violence, of course, is a major plague that the once quiet country can’t seem to be rid of but there are plenty other factors at play affecting the quality of life for Belizeans. Mismanagement of public funds and institutionalized corruption, which everyone knows is happening, is perhaps the biggest single factor affecting the country. It has a trickle down effect on so many different areas. There is very little transparency in the way the nation’s affairs are governed.


No More Tiny Roses, The Belize Tattoo Expo Comes To San Pedro Bigger and Crazier
The Tattoo Exposition in San Pedro was certainly GO BIG OR GO HOME…and I walked into San Pedro High School on Sunday afternoon to the buzz of needles applying ink to probably about 25 people. I’d rather just meet the guys on the beach. It was a gorgeous day. No need to see them swinging from their back skin. Carlos lives in San Pedro and on the left, a gentleman from Mexico. I didn’t stay too long…but it was super cool and something new for San Pedro. THE EXPO, not tattoos. They are VERY popular down here – we have 3 or 4 good artists in San Pedro.


Corozal Town: A Scenic and Peaceful Destination in Belize
Corozal is a charming town of approximately 10,000 people located in the far north of Belize just across the border from Mexico. Popular due to its beautiful setting on the bay and close proximity to low-cost shopping across the border in Mexico, Corozal Town offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience Mestizo culture in Belize. Located just across the Hondo River from Mexico, many of the residents of Corozal are descendants from refugees who fled Mexico in the Yucatan Wars of the 19th century. As such, Corozal is home to the Mestizos, the Spanish-speaking people who became displaced from Mexico. Corozal is generally off the standard tourist track so visitors are unlikely to encounter crowds at any time of year. Thanks to cooler winds coming across from Mexico, the weather in Corozal is generally more pleasant during the hotter months than areas farther south in Belize.

The Best Airlines in Belize
Whether it be for business or pleasure, you definitely have the option to choose one of the best airlines in Belize. We all enjoy being somewhere different from the norm, different from our home country. Whilst we can take a road trip to reach that desired destination, (a road trip in itself may be an adventure), getting there faster may require a plane ride. There are currently eight (8) of the best airlines to choose from when in search of international flights to or from Belize. These include American Airlines, Avianca, Delta, Southwest Airlines, Tropic Air, United Airlines,Copa Airlines and US Airways. These international flights arrive and depart from The Phillip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville, Belize. With daily flights from many cities across North and Central America, your trip is bound to be a comfortable and memorable experience. Copa Airlines is the most recent airline provider to come on board flights to Belize. On 8 December 2015, Copa’s first inaugural flight landed in Belize. With Avianca as the former dominant Central American airline to land in Belize, Copa has been a welcomed option.

Amazing Instagram Travel Photos of Belize for May 2016
May was a spectacular time for traveling Belize, with visitors experiencing welcoming tropical weather throughout most of the month. Travelers took this opportunity to post on Instagram and share their experiences in captivating images and short, 15 second clips. From the thousands of travel photos and videos that were taken, we have chosen several that we believe truly highlight the Belize Experience. Here's our list of some of the most "Amazing Instagram Travel Photos of Belize" for May 2016.

Come Dive the Best of Belize with me!
Ever since the beginning of my travels, readers have been messaging me basically the same few questions: How can I travel alone? How do I organize plan my dream trip? How and where can I join you on your travels? These are questions that I always get, and I figured, why not solve all three problems, and create one awesome trip where anyone can join! So I have been searching for the best locations, obviously based around diving and the ocean, and when I arrived in Belize, I knew I found the perfect place! It is a short flight from the States (where most of my readers are), has amazing diving, and is still a little more unknown and exotic than its neighbor Mexico. So I spent the next month diving and exploring the best of Belize, and organized the best trip possible. I knew that for many of the people joining the trip this would be a once in a life time trip, so I wanted to make it as memorable as possible, with the least possible headache for each person: Meaning everything planned and executed by me, no further work needed.

Scuba Diving the Belize Barrier Reef
The Belize Barrier Reef may not have the worldwide recognition of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. But the UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches over 190 miles, comprising more than a third of the 560-mile Mesoamerican Reef, which is the second largest coral system in the world. It’s also Belize’s top tourist attraction by far, drawing around 130,000 visitors annually. The 370 square mile Belize Barrier Reef System encompasses seven marine reserves, 450 cayes (including the ever-popular Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker), and three atolls. The most famous of these is Lighthouse Reef, the most easterly diving hotspot in Belize and home to the Great Blue Hole. As a result, Belize is arguably the most exceptional place for Scuba diving in the western hemisphere, with a diverse array of walls, pinnacles and reef flats to be explored. It’s one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems, providing home to over 100 species of coral, 500 species of fish, and hundreds of invertebrates. And with 90% of the Belize Barrier Reef still waiting to be researched, scientists estimate there are thousands of new marine species there just waiting to be discovered.

International Sourcesizz

Revealed: How the British Army Cooperated with the Murderous Guatemalan Regime During its Bloody Civil War
Guatemalans are still struggling to come to terms with what happened in their civil war between US-backed rulers, left-wing rebels and indigenous communities. One former president, Rios Montt, is awaiting trial for genocide, charged with murdering 1,771 indigenous Maya people from 1982 to 1983. Now Britain's covert collusion with Montt's regime at the height of the 36-year civil war is being called into question by files VICE has discovered at the UK National Archives. In 1983, Britain had a garrison of 1,500 soldiers stationed along the Guatemalan border in neighbouring Belize, which was a former UK colony. Politicians in Westminster and the public thought that the British army was out there to stop Guatemala invading Belize, a move it had long threatened. In secret however, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher allowed her troops to help the ruthless Guatemalan military dictatorship eliminate its internal opponents. Left-wing Guatemalan rebels were trying to topple Montt's regime and allegedly staged some of their attacks from Belize. The files show that British commanders feared these cross-border raids would give the Guatemalan leadership an excuse to invade Belize. To prevent this, top British army officers decided to share intelligence on rebels with Guatemalan commanders, even though they were linked to human rights abuses.

Caribbean countries expanding share in US $130 billion global seafood market
Caribbean economies are poised to benefit from a region-wide initiative to expand seafood market share, through the implementation of food safety measures to enable countries to get a bigger piece of the global pie, worth an estimated US $130 billion annually. Caribbean countries, including the Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago, are now capitalising on a coordinated approach to broaden the gateway to the growing market. CARIFORUM (the Caribbean Community Caricom and the Dominican Republic) now exports about US $400 million worth of fish and seafood annually. Belize and Jamaica are two Caribbean seafood exporters already tapping into markets controlled by the European Union (EU) – a tough market to access because of stringent standards that require countries have systems in place to ensure that their exports are not only safe for consumption but also free from harmful pests and pathogens.

How banks de-risking can undermine development
The Panama Papers may have cast a glaring light on the risky side of international banking, but another trend has been unfolding that also carries potentially grave consequences for global finance and development. Some of the world’s largest financial institutions have been reporting a steep drop in the services and transactions that they process for smaller local and regional banks around the world. The severing of these ties poses a number of risks to the growth and development of businesses in affected regions — particularly island states in the Caribbean who rely heavily on international banking — and undermines the type of financial inclusion that regional development banks work to promote.

2016-17 CONCACAF Champions League Draw
Draw Monday for the group stage of the 2016-17 CONCACAF Champions League: Group E_Olimpia (Honduras), Pachuca (Mexico), Police United (Belize)


  • Mayan Adventure, 4.5min. 2 weeks in Guatemala and Belize

  • Macarena Rose -host of Belize Talk Radio -with Doctors in Belize, 9min. Macarena Rose sits with Doctors Randy and Susan as they share their story of Moving to Belize. Macarena Rose meets many people and yet, these 2 doctors really are stellar

  • Belize Dive (Turtle, Eel, and Grouper), 7min.

  • Russ C Role Footage Belize 2016, 17min.

  • Lorna Smith Little Belize Restaurant, 2.5min.

  • Nadeen & Miss America Belize Golden Years, 1.5min.

  • Travel Journal | 1 Month In Belize, 2min. I had looked backed on some old footage of my time spent in Belize and cried 3 times. I taught photography worshops to children of a youth empowerment center, practiced yoga, gardened, and made some really incredible friends. I miss it.

  • Cruise 2016 - Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas - Diving and plain ole’ fun!, 33min. Galveston, Tx., 2016 - Liberty of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) - Port of calls - Roatan (video from Mayan Divers dive excursion) , Belize (pics from Starfish Island excursion) and Cozumel (video from Sand Dollar Sports dive excursion) .

  • Belize Trip May 2016, 13min.

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    Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
    Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
    Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
    Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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