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Today's Belize News: June 2, 2016 #514140
06/02/16 05:50 AM
06/02/16 05:50 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Local robbery attempt
San Pedro Police have reported that one man was injured during the robbery attempt of a local business in the entrance of the San Pedrito Area. The injured person has been identified as one Leonel Anderson, who is currently at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II in a stable condition. Police are investigating.

Charikanari Dancers hold fundraiser with Maypole Dance
The San Pedro Black and White Garifuna Charikanari Dance Group held a fundraiser at the San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) on Friday, May 27th. Barbeque, cheese dip, pastries, and soft drinks were sold to raise funds to assist the group to host more tours, travel to other countries, and perform their cultural dances. The highlight of the event was the “May Pole” dance, a dance in which the group called on the general public to participate, for a price of $2. Two long poles were decorated with colorful flower arrangements at the top, and vibrant ribbons adorned around the pole. The concept of the dance was to have several persons holding the ribbon, and walking forward in a circular motion. By the end of the walk, the pole will be wrapped with ribbon until the bottom is covered, and then the walk is reversed to loosen the ribbon.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Catrachos FC Win Xcalak 2016 Tournament
Two boats full of futbol fans made it over to Xcalak, Q. Roo, Mexico over the weekend to support the San Pedro Catrachos team which competed in a soccer tournament that was held as part of the Xcalak Fest 2016. The San Pedro Catrachos emerged victorious at the end of the tournament and also receiving the MVP award that was given to Midfield #21 Danery OSorto. After their championship win, the nearby village of Mahahual extended team owner Tony Maldonado an invitation to participate in the upcoming Mahahual Tournament which is expected to take place in the next couple of months, date to be announced.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Statement on Belize in Declaration of the 8th Summit of Heads of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
The 8th Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Heads of State and Government was held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea from May 31 to June 1 2016, on the theme “Repositioning the ACP Group to Respond to Challenges of the Sustainable Development”. Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington and H.E. Dylan Vernon, Ambassador to the European Union, represented Belize. At the conclusion of the 8th Summit the Heads of State and Government adopted a Declaration covering a range of issues related to the work and future of the ACP. The Declaration included, at paragraph 18, a strong statement of support for Belize, in relation to the Guatemalan claim, as follows:

Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Mr. Carlos Quesnel and his office staff visited Chiquibul and Caracol
Our appreciation for their conservation interest.

CASSA (Creating A Safe Space Agenda)
CASSA (Creating A Safe Space Agenda) is a US Gov’t granted project implemented by the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) in Belize City. As its name implies; among its goals are to create a safe space for at risk young people in Belize City and Belmopan and assist them in developing their individual skills and academic potentials. For the past two years, the NGO has touched the lives of some 200 young people ages 14 to 24. Last week, an exhibition was held to showcase the project’s accomplishments.”

Weekly AgroMet Weather Update and Outlook: TUESDAY MAY 31 – JUNE 7, 2016
The 2016 Rainy Season will definitely not begin on the first day of June this year. Another week of punishing hot and dry weather will persist before we get some significant and persistent rainfall. The years 2008 and 2003 are two of the analogous years to 2016. So we all have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best this hurricane season. Measured (YSI) and remotely observed SST (satellite sensors) in the western Caribbean are around 30 degrees Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit; a warm pool in the western Caribbean.

Belize to reduce environmental pollution in emerging tourism sites
Belize will reduce environmental pollution by improving solid waste management practices in emerging tourism destinations with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). A US$10 million IDB loan will finance investments to improve solid waste transport, recovery, and final disposal in towns and villages in Belize’s Northern (Orange Walk and Corozal) and Southern (Stann Creek and Toledo) Corridors as well as in Belmopan, the capital city. The five-year programme is expected to provide all of Belize’s major tourist destinations with access to a sanitary landfill, up from 50 percent in 2015. Additionally, the number of households whose solid waste is disposed in such facilities will more than double to 75,000, and the percentage of solid waste separated for recycling in Belize will rise up from two percent to five percent.

Presentation of Credentials by Ambassador of Belize to the Republic of Ireland
Her Excellency Ms. Perla Perdomo, non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, today presented her Letters of Credence to His Excellency Mr. Michael D. Higgins, President of the Republic of Ireland, at the President’s Residence. Upon receiving the credentials from H.E. Ambassador Perdomo, President Higgins warmly welcomed the new ambassador to the Republic of Ireland. During her visit, Ambassador Perdomo had the opportunity to have private conversations with President Higgins and officials of the Irish Foreign Ministry where she briefed the group on the current situation between Belize and Guatemala and spoke about areas of cooperation.

Ministry of Health Advises the Public on Exposure to Smoke from Bush Fires
The Ministry of Health advises the general public that due to recent bush fires, particularly in the Cayo District and communities along the George Price Highway, there is a risk for vulnerable individuals to experience over exposure to smoke. The smoke is made up of tiny particles and gases and when these are breathed into the lungs, they can cause asthma attacks, worsen chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and chest pains in some people with heart disease. It also has the potential to irritate eyes and trigger prolonged coughing spells. Individuals with chronic lung conditions and asthma in particular are advised to avoid areas with intense smoke if possible. In the event that one cannot avoid the smoke, the use of masks or wet rags may alleviate effects. In addition to smoke exposure, intense heat may also be experienced. The public is reminded of the advice on heat stroke: drink sufficient water, dress adequately and keep in the shade as much as possible. Signs of heat stroke include red skin, fever, seizures, headache, a rapid pulse and sometimes unconsciousness. Respiratory distress and heat stroke are medical emergencies. Anyone exhibiting the signs and symptoms of either of these conditions should be taken to the nearest health center or hospital immediately.

Death Suppressor Cookout
Death Suppressor is getting ready for the Angels and Demons tour, and are having a cookout fundraiser at Wildfire Gallery on Saturday. The flier alone warrants a visit for some spicy wings. In related news, the tour will come to Cayo on July 2nd, and they'll be playing at the Soul Project.

Beware – Macaws are not for Sale
Support this campaign by calling Forest Department or Police if you see anyone selling macaws or other wildlife.

Channel 7

A Body In Belmopan
The body of a male murder victim was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan today. Police have confirmed his identity as 45 year old Lionel Gillett, who lived near to where he was murdered in Western Belmopan. He was last seen alive at 9:00 last night – and found dead today after police got an anonymous tip. The body was already decomposing, so a post mortem was conducted on site this evening. Police know that he was shot to death, but up to newstime, could not share any particulars. We’ll have more on this story tomorrow.

Gang Gunplay on "Kinel" Side
A barrage of gunshots was let off in Belize City this evening. It happened close to our studio on West Canal just a few minutes after 6:00. No one was hurt, but residents report hearing as many as 15 gunshots ring out. When we got to the scene we found police processing the scene, and searching a blue car. Our best information is that the persons in the car were the intended target. They are reportedly form a northside gang and were driving along West Canal which is considered the turf of a number of other Gangs in the area. That's when a shooter form one of those gangs came and let off over a dozen shots.

IMF Frowns On Belize Finance
The IMF concluded its article IV consultation with Belize last week, and the initial review is not encouraging. The team was here for two weeks, from May 11 to the 25th, and concluded that the economy is on a slowdown, and more vulnerable than a year ago. They note falling exports, shrinking reserves, a widening fiscal deficit, and the worsening situation with the loss of correspondent banking relationships. They conclude grimly, "The economic outlook has worsened…since the 2015 Article IV Consultation and is subject to significant downside risks. Growth is projected to decline further to 0.5 percent in 2016…These vulnerabilities could be exacerbated by both domestic and external risks, such as a the end of PetroCaribe financing…and challenges posed by withdrawal of correspondent banking relationships."

City Harbour Choking On Silt, Government Dodging
Silt is choking the Belize City harbor mouth – and as the situation gets progressively worse, no one seems to be doing anything about it! City Hall, Central Government, the Port Authority and the Fort Street Tourism Village management all seem to be looking over their shoulder at the other to see who's going to tackle the problem. A few weeks ago, we saw a dredge pop up in the harbor, but, just like that, it's gone, and a navigational nightmare is turning into an environmental eyesore. So, who's going to deal with it and when? That's what we asked Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley today. It's the fourth time we are addressing the problem with him, and he was still unable to give us a clear answer:

ACP Nations Support Belize
Almost 5 weeks ago, we told you how the ACP - or African, Caribbean and Pacific countries passed a resolution to support Belize's territorial integrity. Well, that bloc of 79 nations has once again offered its support for Belize in the ongoing territorial dispute with Guatemala. The 8th Summit of the ACP Heads of State and Government concluded in Papua, New Guinea today. Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and Dylan Vernon, the Ambassador to the European Union represented Belize. The Summit adopted a declaration including a paragraph just for Belize. It's a clear statement of support for Belize on the Guatemalan claim; it says, quote, "We strongly reaffirm unequivocal support for Belize's sovereignty and territorial integrity in relation to on-going tensions along the border of Belize caused by the Republic of Guatemala's persistent territorial claims. We call on the Government of the Republic of Guatemala to respect the borders of Belize as established in the 1859 Treaty..."

Belizean Fishers Deported From Guat, Want Back Boat
The Belizean fishers who were detained in Guatemala got back to Belize 24 hours ago. They came across the Belize Guatemala border at Benque Viejo at 6:30 yesterday evening, after being deported from Guatemala by road. As we told you last week, the Guatemalan Navy detained the eight as they got out of their vessel at the Punta Manabique Beach in Izabal, Guatemala. They had no fishing or vessel license from Guatemala so they were transported to Guatemala City and processed for illegal entry deportation. It turns out that most of them are from Sarteneja, one is from Ranchito and another form Mango Creek. They claim to have ended up in Guatemala due to bad weather. And so while they are now safely back home – their vessel is not. It remains impounded in Guatemala – and is a subject of much anxiety for the fishermen.

Post Mortem: Arana Did Not Die Form Accident Injuries, No Charge For Hon. Mai
59 year-old Julia Arana, mother of well-known cyclist Nissan Arana, passed away on Sunday, 2 months after she was knocked down by Jose Mai, the PUP Orange Walk South Area Representative. Well, the post mortem results are in, and at this time, police aren't so sure that her death is directly related to the injuries she suffered. Seen here, the medical examiner has certified her death as acute cardio respiratory failure, which was caused by broncho pneumonia. That condition is not directly related to the accident, and suggests she was very sick with a cold and cough. Today, we spoke with the Orange Walk Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett, and he told us that since it is not immediately apparent that there is a direct link between Julia Arana's death and the injuries she suffered from the accident, he will seek the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The investigators will then know whether or not to bring criminal charges against the Honourable Mai based on her instructions.

Calaney Case Concludes
The 3 week trial for 29 year-old Calaney Flowers has concluded, and her fate is in the hands of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. She is charged with murder for the death of Lyndon Morrison, the 29 year-old father of her son, and attempted murder for Morrison's girlfriend, Sochyl Sosa. On August 28, 2012, Morrison was killed while driving his motorcycle on Freetown Road. Sosa was on the back of the motorbike, and she suffered very serious injuries. Flowers is accused of intentionally running into his bike which caused him to lose control and crash. Her defense is that she did not hit his bike, and that it was his fault because he was speeding and crashed into another vehicle. Well today, Justice Gonzalez heard extensive legal arguments from both the Crown Counsel, Sheneiza Smith and Flowers' lead attorney, Dickey Bradley. Both sides tried to convince the court of their version of the accident by picking and choosing parts of the evidence which they believe prove their case.

Shane Says He Was Tasered Into Confessing To Murder Of Price Brother
And while Calaney Flowers was standing trial before Justice Gonzalez, downstairs, 30 year-old Shane Gillett was standing trial for murder before Justice Adolph Lucas. He's accused of killing Samuel Price, the 84 year-old brother of National Hero George Price. Samuel Price's body was found inside his home at mile 5 and a half on the Northern Highway. Relatives found him partly immersed in a tub of water; He was beaten to the head and body by an assailant who used a blunt instrument. Gillett had been on remand awaiting trial which came up this month. The Crown Counsel called 10 witnesses who testified against him. None of those were eye-witness accounts, and the prosecution depended on a confession statement, in which Gillett reportedly confessed to the crime.

Female Fight Leads To Loss Of Chunk Of Ear
A woman is missing a piece of her right ear today after two other women in her neighbourhood allegedly jumped her. The incident occurred last week Monday at a residence in the area of Jane Usher Boulevard. According to 34 year old Patrina Copius, she was alone at home when her neighbour and her neighbour's daughter allegedly attacked her. Now she goes around with a patched right ear, and is frustrated because she claims that the police are not taking her case seriously. She gave us her story today. Patrina Copius - Alleges they bit off her ear: "As I came home Monday evening 6:30 this young lady my neighbour, I saw her coming, she attacked me. I pass first then she grab me and I was on my phone and she grab me by the neck and punch me in my face and that's when she grabbed me and had me hooked so we tackled on the ground. She got me all on the ground then afterwards she bite me on my ears, she got me hooked and in my hair. Then her daughter come across with a long lime stick, she come whop me on my foot; you know the whole crowd whe mi there is their family so everybody the encourage the fight and no want part the fight. My boyfriend has to end up come part they."

For Help In The Hurricane, turn To CEMO
Last night, we told you about the start of the 2016 Hurricane Season, which is projected to have 16 named storms. Well, the City Emergency Management Organization is ready to act, if any of those storms should make landfall in Belize. Today, the CEMO managers held a press briefing to outline their contingencies for all categories of storms: Phillip Willoughby - City Council, CEMO: "Whenever we hear the term emergency management, emergency planning, yes you hear at the head from NEMO then normally you would hear directly from myself and it would always me making these comments. So this time around I want you to hear directly from the experts who will be directly responsible for providing the actual safety, the actual ground work." William Mason - Belize Medical Technology: "We have been invited many times to come out and provide the technical services like drone services, medical services and various different forms of evacuation services for the people within those areas. We have managed to have tremendous success with our team about 25 volunteers and we've always been known as being the guys who is on the scene any time as the first responder. We're fully equipped with all kinds of equipment; we have about 4 generators right now, lighting capacity to light up a place like a football field. We're ready to mobilize with our drones services as well."

A Second Take On Taxi Moratorium
And, keeping it on matters from City Hall, for the past 4 years, Belize City has been issuing a limited number of taxi licenses. That's because back in 2012, when the Darrell Bradley City Council was first elected, they made the decision to enforce a strict moratorium, after conducting their own studies and concluding that the City had an excess of taxis. Well, they've since relaxed from that perspective a bit and for a few years now, they've been in consultation with the major taxi associations about who should be allowed to get new taxi plates, and under what conditions. Today, City Hall was supposed to announce the lifting of that ban, but it appears that they haven't reached that point yet. Today, we asked the Mayor why the ban must still continue: Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor" "We are in the process of doing that. We had a public consultation, it was a while back we did a strap hold in relation to where persons were in terms of stakeholders, we're talking about taxi operators and people who are the heads of taxi unions and so forth where they were in relation to if they wanted the moratorium in place, if they wanted the moratorium lifted."

A Fair For Fishers
It's fisher folk month and to start off the calendar of activities, an open day was held today at the BTL Park. But this wasn't just another educational showcase about the role of the Fisheries department and what is being done to protect Belize's marine resources. Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade told us that it is about recognizing and honouring the social and economic impact fishermen have in Belize and the region. Beverly Wade - Fisheries Administrator: "It is a time for us to focus on the key actors in the fisheries sector who are really the fishers and it's an excellent opportunity for us to now highlight the importance of an industrious group of Belizean citizens who we often don't pay attention to in terms of the importance of their role to our national economy, the importance of their role to us culturally and the importance of what they do to our communities. Today as I said is the opening of the month long activities and who we have out here with us today are our partners who have been working with us in the fisheries sector. We have members from our conservation community, we have people from our co-management community, of course we have the fisheries department out here and we have cooperate sponsors who are out there who recognize the important role of fishers and they are also out here celebrating with us."

Weed Whackers As Entrepreneurship
26 weed whackers were donated to 26 young prospective Belizean entrepreneurs this afternoon. It is a Belize City Council initiative to empower marginalized city men, and assist them in becoming independent bread winners for their families while at the same time providing an essential service to the city. The 26 recipients of the weed whackers were chosen based on the recommendations of constituency representatives in the city of Belize. We attended the handing over ceremony today and met some of the young prospective entrepreneurs. Deon Leslie - Councillor of Sanitation: "I encourage you all to use these machines, they're great machines, the council have been using them for the past year, we've had great results with them to take care of these machines, use them as much as you can, have an income and you never know; you can grow your little company and when you come back here a year from now you can say you went from 1 machine to 5 machines and now you're employing 6, 7 people. So with that I say thank you and good luck."

Read About Rowan
He's blind, but that didn't stop Rowan Garel from climbing to the heights of Victoria Peak, and diving to the depths of the Blue Hole. He became known for his incredible courage, determination and will to show other blind kids that they too can do anything they set their minds to. We've been following him since boyhood, and now as a young man, he is the subject of a new children's book called "Climb, Walk, Dive" Adventures of Rowan Garel. The launch was held this morning at the Image Factory and we stopped by to find out why Rowan's story transcends boundaries: He made history in 2011 when he climbed Victoria Peak. He stunned everyone in 2013 when he dove the blue hole. And he amazed us all when he walked form Benque Viejo to Belize City. These are just 3 of Rowan Garel's feats. and today at the Image Factory, those adventures were captured on the colourful pages of this new book.

Rotary Relief
The Rotary Club of Belize handed over the keys to a brand new house to a resident of "QS" Street in the Faber's Road area this morning. It is a wooden 2 bedroom bungalow, and while it may not seem like much, for the new house owner, 35 year old Tanesha Plunkett, it is a prayer answered. Tanesha Plinkett - New Home Owner: "I'm a single mother of 4 right, I haven't had a job for a couple months, I have been struggling because I am the only one supporting them and you know it's hard when you're a single mother to care of kids, provide and pay rent. So a friend of mine who is a member of the Rotary club spoke to them and ask them to assist in any way they could. I didn't believe I would have gotten the house right because it look a long while to get back a reply but I got back a reply saying that I was approved and this is how it came about."

Bring Back The Beauty
The Miss Universe beauty pageant is the biggest pageant event in the world but in case you hadn't noticed, Belize hasn't been represented in the pageant since 2007. Apparently, that's because Belize was banned from the competition due to a misunderstanding between the pageant organizers and the last owners of the Miss Belize Franchise. Well the franchise now has a new set of owners, who are trying to regain the Miss Belize glory. Today the Queen of the Jewel organization, the new managers of the franchise, held a press briefing at the Bliss Center where they spoke about this new venture. The date for the local Miss Belize competition is set for September 8th. Now Belize has made a mark at the Miss Universe Pageant before. In 1979 Sarita Acosta made it to the semi-finals. So is Belize ready to go "Sarita" in 2016? The new managers of the Miss Belize Franchise seem to think so.

Re: Today's Belize News: June 2, 2016 [Re: Marty] #514141
06/02/16 05:50 AM
06/02/16 05:50 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 80,480
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Belmopan Taximan Murdered
The body of a very popular Belmopan taxi-man was found this afternoon in the Rivera area of Belmopan. Forty-five year old Leonel Gillett was last seen by family members at [...]

U.D.P. Ministers Meet With PM Barrow after Cabinet
On Tuesday’s newscast we told you about reports of a ruckus in Cabinet…reports later denied by all the Ministers with whom we came into contact. But while nobody will outrightly [...]

Patrick Faber Says He Doesn’t have a Problem with Women
The campaign for deputy leadership of the United Democratic Party was a spirited effort and both camps somehow managed to temper the mudslinging.  While the issue of Faber’s professional relationship [...]

Faber Reaches Out to Woman Fired By Beverly Castillo
On Tuesday, avid U.D.P. supporter Ingrid Hernandez, a constituent of Belize Rural Central, stopped by our office to express her discontent with animosity taking place within the party after Sunday’s [...]

Will PM Barrow Groom Faber for the Top Spot
Patrick Faber will be confirmed as Deputy Prime Minister by next week Tuesday, and fully expects that in that position he will be groomed for eventual leadership of the United [...]

Post-Mortem Examination Indicates Julia Arana’s Death Unrelated to RTA
Julia Arana was hit on the Phillip Goldson Highway on April first. The Trial Farm resident was crossing the highway when a vehicle driven by area representative Jose Abelardo Mai [...]

Fin Sec Says G.O.B. Must Control Expenditures
The IMF’s Article Four consultation report came out last week, and as we reported then, it seems to be pretty much all bad news.  It makes reference to a slowing [...]

Faber Blames P.U.P. for Country’s Economic Woes
The IMF states in its Article Four consultation that Belize is on shaky footing economically and measures will need to be put in place for recovery in the medium and [...]

P.U.P. Says We Told You So
The People’s United Party has also issued a statement on the IMF report and it is not taking the blame for the economic woes. According to the P.U.P., while the [...]

ACP Calls on Guatemala to Respect Belize’s Borders
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington attended the eight summit of the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Heads of State and Governments.  The summit concluded today in Papua New Guinea with [...]

Patrick Faber Says Guatemalan Negotiators Cannot Be Trusted
On Friday News Five was stopped by Guatemalan military as we tried to enter the Sarstoon. They claimed that we were in their national waters. That claim is nothing new, [...]

Generals Jones and Perez to Meet Later this Week
While John Saldivar has been in the news of late mostly in reference to his bid for U.D.P. Deputy Leader, he is the Minister of National Security and border security [...]

Fin Sec Speaks on Arbitration Award
Earlier in our newscast Financial Secretary Joseph Waight explained that to deal with a deteriorating fiscal position GOB will have to tighten its belt and control expenditures. But there’s one [...]

Darion Hamilton Will Stand Trial for Blue House Bar Murder
A security guard will stand trial for the murder of forty-one year old Wilmer Cisneros which occurred at Blue House Bar on April twenty-fifth, 2015 in Ladyville. Cisneros lost his life in [...]

Book on the Adventures of Rowan Garel Released
Over the years, we have covered the adventures of young Rowan Garel, an amazing and extraordinary young man who has been blind since birth. His approach has not only been [...]

Mayor Bradley Says Government Should Pay for Dredging of Southern Foreshore
For months now the media has been following the silt situation at the Southern Foreshore. It’s gotten progressively worse, to the point where there is a real threat that the [...]

Belize Will Field a Delegate for Miss Universe Pageant
The Miss Universe pageant is the most prestigious in the world. Last year alone, the beauty pageant was viewed on television by more than eight million viewers.  But of the [...]

Applications Being Accepted for Miss Belize Pageant
The 2016 Miss Belize winner will be chosen at a pageant on September tenth. Today a call was made for aspirants to become an ambassador of beauty for Belize. At [...]

What’s the Outlook for the Hurricane Season?
The 2016 Hurricane Season official starts today and the outlook on activity for this season points to an average to slightly above average number of systems for the Atlantic Ocean, [...]


Teachers Advised To Comply with Education Act
Back in 2012 the Ministry of Education signed a statutory instrument to enforce, discussed key policies and objectives in the education and training sector that could affect teachers with provisional teaching license across Belize. The ministry requested that all teachers with provisional license, further their studies and apply for a full teacher’s license since the new implementation would not allow for renewal of any provisional licenses. Moreover a mandatory special permit was introduced for applications, this permit would only be issued if the applicant with a provisional license would continue or further in pedagogic studies. Almost 4 years after the Ministry of Education is still trying to have qualified individuals with pedagogic background to abide by the educational act. According to Corozal District Centre Manager, Jahmor Lopez, teachers with provisional licenses may have a degree in a certain subject but lack the philosophy of child behavior and assessment.

Social Security Board Celebrates 35 Years Of Service
Today the staff and affiliates of the Social Security Board here in Belize observe the institutions 35th anniversary having officially opened its doors for operations on June 1st 1981under the umbrella of former Minister Joe Elijio Briceno who lately passed away. This year the company’s anniversary is being celebrated under the theme Social Security celebrating 35 years of Service and Striving towards Excellency in Service. Here in Orange Walk the occasion was marked with a customer appreciation day and information fair as employees of the SSB provided valuable information about the Boards schemes and benefits that are offered to members. Service Delivery Manager at the SSB, Thurnica Middleton, spoke to us about the celebration and about some of the information that was delivered to contributory members.

Advisory Issued For Hurricane Season
As we told you at the top of the newscast today marks the start of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season and despite predictions of an average hurricane season, Corozal residents are being told there could be more hurricane activity after the month of August since the El Nino phenomenon conditions will evolve. Willard Levy - District Coordinator for NEMO Corozal: “It is considered that this year it will be something like an average to above average hurricane season, everybody is looking forward for heavy rains due to the extensive heat that we have but it was forecasted that we are going to have in the northern part of the country some extreme drought and this is what we are experiencing right now but as far as what se ca see this is going on at least for the rest of this month we will be having this kind of weather, after the month of August we no longer have El Nino so we will be expecting much more activity any time after August for any possibilities of systems forming up more frequently than last year, last year we didn’t had any other than just rains.”

ACP Reiterates Support For Belize's Sovereignty
The 8th Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Heads of State and Government which was held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea lasted for a period of two days under the theme “Repositioning the ACP Group to Respond to Challenges of the Sustainable Development’. After the Summit concluded yesterday, the representatives agreed on a Declaration which was based on a variation of matters associated with the responsibilities and future of the ACP. Paragraph 18 of the Declaration contained a strong proclamation of support in favor of our country, Belize, as it relates to the topic of the Guatemalan claim. It indicated that protocols must be established with regards to the adjacency zone for the benefit of both parties.

Fishermen Detained In Guatemala Back Home
Official information reaching our newsroom today is that the 8 Belizean fishermen who were detained by the Guatemalan Navy on Friday May 27th are back in Belize. The men were deported from Guatemala sometime last night and according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the group made their way back to Belize by road. Sometime around noon last Friday, the eight Belizeans were detained by the Guatemalan Navy after they were found disembarking from their vessel at the Punta Manabique Beach, Dept. of Izabal, Guatemala.

Post Mortem Revealed That Julia Arana Died Of Respiratory Failure
Fifty four year old Julia Arana died as a result of respiratory failure, that’s according to the results of a post mortem examination conducted yesterday on the body. According to Orange Walk Police, based on the post mortem….Arana’s death is not related to her injuries sustained when she was knocked down on the night of April 1st 2016. The vehicle that knocked down Arana as she was crossing the Philip Goldson Highway near the San Martin Gas Station in the Village of Trail Farm, was begin driven by Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai. So….what will happen with the politician? Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation Superintendent Selvin Tillett, told us that the file is being compiled and will be sent to the Department of Public Prosecution for further directives. Meaning that, so far Mai remains clear of any charges.


ACP Reiterates Support for Belize in Recent Summit
The African, Caribbean and Pacific Heads of State and Government convened for their 8th summit in New Guinea yesterday. The summit, held under the theme, “Repositioning the ACP Group to Respond to Challenges of the Sustainable Development” has representation from Belize through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington and His Excellency Dylan Vernon, Belize’s […]

What Killed Lionel Gillett? Belmopan Police Investigates
A murder has been reported in Belmopan. Love News got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan Police, Senior Superintendent, Howell Gillett. HOWELL GILLETT “Sometime after 1pm today we received some information that there might have been a possible murder in the area of west Belmopan adjacent to the Riviera area and our officers […]

Closing Arguments Conclude in Calaney Flowers’ Trial
Closing arguments were heard today in the case against Calaney Flowers, accused of hitting the motorcycle of her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. The Defense represented by attorney Dickey Bradley, argued that the four witnesses presented by the prosecution were faulty and argued that their testimonies were not credible. Two of these are statements […]

Briceno Spoke Months Ago What IMF Stated in Recent Report
Last week we told you of the preliminary report coming out of the assessment team of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in which it has stated that the country’s economic outlook has worsened. Yesterday we brought you the interview with Senator Godwin Hulse where he told Love News, quote, “this is not by far the […]

Village Council Elections to Begin June 5
Over the next five weeks, one hundred and ninety villages from around the country will be holding village council elections in all six districts. With the next general election not due until the year 2020, the Barrow administration remains in control and with that very few villages will be contested by the main opposition. Love […]

Rotary Club Gives Mother of Four a New Home
A 2-bedroom bungalow wooden home was handed over to Tanesha Plunkett, a mother of four this morning in the Port Loyola area of Belize City. The Rotary Club with support from fellow Rotarians in Canada were the ones who provided the funding of about twenty two thousand dollars to complete this undertaking. Tessa Usher is […]

Belizean Dies in Accident in the US
Last week Monday, Belizean American Kyler Jackson and his one year old daughter Kaylee Jackson were reported missing. Reports are that Jackson was heading to Sacramento, driving but never reached his destination. In the Area of Walnut Grove, officials began searches which lead to the discovery of Jackson’s vehicle in the Georgiana Slough.Jackson was found […]

Melchor Vendors Say Business Has Been Dismal
Over the weekend Love News headed to the border to investigate whether the Belize Guatemala conflict is affecting the businesses and their opinions on how their government is negotiating the conflict between the two countries. The day after we visited the ordering commercial town Guatemalan citizens held a demonstration to protest the death of the […]

Jefferies Is Leaving as CTO
Crispin Jefferies is the Chief Transport Officer and has had that position since 2011. However, his new replacement announced that Jefferies would be stepping down. At this time we are uncertain if Jefferies contract was not renewed but Tirso Galvez who is currently the Operations Officer of Transport made the announcement at City Hall. TIRSO […]

Camp Elevate Goes Into Its 10th Year this Summer
With the summer holidays quickly approaching organizers from various institutions arepreparing for the out of school programs. The Nancy Marin Foundation for the tenth year will be holding its Camp Elevate in the rural parts of the Cayo District. Love News spoke with Nancy Marin to get more details. NANCY MARIN ” The camp begins […]


Are tensions brewing in the red camp following Faber’s win?
It has been two days since the National UDP convention to choose that party’s Deputy Party Leader. The campaign process for internal party politics can be as heated as the campaigns for general elections and the Patrick Farber and John Saldivar camps spent a hefty load of money on advertisements and...

Rural police busy with shooting, stabbing
It was a busy Monday night for police in Eastern Division (Rural). We begin with a shooting in paradise – Western Paradise to be precise. A man and his common-law wife were shot several times last night in their own home. Eastern Division Rural Police are investigating the incident, but as we...

Police arrest incident caught on video
Two persons have been arrested in San Ignacio following an incident that was caught on camera on Burns Avenue on Friday May 27th. Some say the video shows a case of police brutality but the charges laid are against the dog owner. Here is a look at the video. The first man has been charged with obstr...

Arsonist Caught on Camera
There was another incident caught on camera; this time an act of arson. This video clearly shows a man walking up to a thatched seating area of a restaurant in the Cayo district. The time stamp on the video shows that it occurred on Monday May 30th. The man walks up to the thatched structure and wit...

Police fear retaliation for Michael Wallace murder
Yesterday we reported on this past weekend’s murder of South Side affiliate 22 year old Michael Wallace, which police believe may be linked to the April 16th murder of the reputed gang boss of George Street, Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett. Michael and his brother 29 year old Richard Wallace along with their...

Roberts Grove former director court ordered to pay millions to the company
Robert’s Grove Beach Resort has won a Supreme Court Case that Robert’s Grove, Ltd (RGL) filed in the Supreme Court of Belize against director Jean-Marc Tasse. That litigation was filed on September 16, 2014. Claim No. 513 2014 alleged that Jean-Marc Tasse had been using The Resort as his own pe...

Rabies vaccination for cattle strongly recommended
All Livestock farmers are being cautioned by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Health and Belize Livestock Producers, to vaccinate their cattle against the ongoing Bovine Rabies outbreak. The disease is currently being detected in the ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Near normal hurricane season expected
With the hurricane season opening today, predictions for storm activity in our area were released and show that a near normal six months is being expected, with the season closing at the end of November. Predictions are that a high possibility for 10 to […]

Majil’s Mexican Products in Corozal robbed
Confirmed reports are that late this evening a sales representative of Majil’s Mexican Products was robbed and relieved of a significant amount of cash. BBN understands that the individual, a male, was walking back to the company’s warehouse in the Santa Rita Area in Corozal […]

Trio charged over burglary
Well-known Sandhill businessman and justice of the peace Oswald Blease and two brothers of the village are charged with handling stolen goods and burglary. 38 year old Deon Richards, an electrician of Sandhill, is accused of burglarizing Renco Cabinet Shop at Mile 19, Philip Goldson […]

Accused “con man” charged with theft
A driver for the Ministry of Health says he is out more than 3 thousand dollars after a man who purported to sell him a vehicle absconded with his money and later allegedly destroyed the vehicle. Sandhill village mechanic Reginald Coleman pleaded not guilty to […]

Transport Department changes hands; new man promises change
Crispin Jeffries is standing down as Chief Transport Officer at the end of this week. Today, his replacement, current operations officer for the Transport Department, Tirso Galvez made his public debut at this morning’s press conference at City Hall. Galvez inherits a Department beset with […]

Who will clean up Haulover Creek?
The siltation problem at the mouth of the Haulover Creek, especially near Southern Foreshore, is getting worse. Today reports were that a boat got stuck momentarily. When we last spoke to Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley about it, there was a dredge in place to […]

Doctor says Julie Arana’s death not directly related to traffic accident
The post-mortem conducted on Julie Arana has indicated that she died of respiratory failure. Orange Walk authorities told BBN this afternoon that according to the doctor, the cause of death is not directly related to the accident, where Arana was knocked down by Jose […]

ACP announces support for Belize
In a Declaration on the just concluded 8th Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Heads of State in Papua New Guinea, the nations once more pledge support for Belize in the Belize-Guatemala territorial differendum. At paragraph 18, the declaration reads quote “Recalling the […]

City Emergency Management gets active for hurricane season
Today is the first day of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season and as is now traditional, the Belize City Council issued an update on its activities in preparation. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, who also heads the City Emergency Management Organization, preparations began almost […]

Black Orchid Resort wins TripAdvisor’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence
TripAdvisor has awarded a 2016 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the Black Orchid Resort in the village of Burrell Boom, Belize. 2016 marks the seventh year in a row that the Black Orchid resort has been distinguished with this prestigious award that is bestowed based […]


Blackadore Caye, Belize: Restoration and Development, I Think I Finally Get It
Yesterday, I snagged my first invite to head over to Blackadore Caye with the Jim, who works in Environmental Protection & Restoration, Juan, a head biologist and a crew of Belizeans including a student in Biology at University of Belize to learn about Blackadore Caye. The team is doing an amazing amount of research – from water and soil checks around the island to mammal studies to currents and tides… This will one of the best documented, well researched areas in Belize. Yes, they want to build a resort/complex but they also want to restore the island to a healthier state. They REALLY do. And the scrutiny they are under because a big name is associated with it is intense. Scrutiny, by locals who know the area is needed, wanted. But we are allowing crazy things to happen on OUR island…mangrove removal, dredging and hideous resort construction – way too close to the quickly receding shoreline. Maybe it’s all too common to over-scrutinize what’s happening on the other side of the fence as opposed to your own yard? Maybe.

Visit Punta Gorda On Your Belize Vacation
Punta Gorda Town, commonly referred to by locals as “PG” or “PGT”, is the capital and largest municipality in Belize’s southern Toledo District. Although the name of the town comes from Spanish (meaning “Fat Point”), the town is primarily home to speakers of English, Creole, East Indian languages and Mayan dialects. Thanks to cool breezes from the Gulf of Honduras, visiting Punta Gorda during even the hotter months is pleasant. One of the most exciting attractions is the annual Chocolate Festival, held every May in Punta Gorda. There is an airstrip just outside Punta Gorda with regular domestic connections to Belize City and other destinations in Belize. There are regular bus connections from PG to Dangriga, Belmopan and Belize City. Water taxis connect PG to Puerto Barrios across the border in Guatemala. There are also regular bus routes connecting PG to points south in Guatemala.

“London Calling” San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Since moving to Ambergris Caye in May 2012 I never once had the slightest interest in returning to the UK for a visit. In fact before relocating here when saying our ‘goodbyes’ I actually said that the only way that my family and friends would see me again would be if they came to visit me here. During the intervening time there wasn’t the merest inclination to waiver. There were no strong reasons to go back. And they , whoever ‘they’ ( these people of perceived wisdom ) are , they always say “you should never go back”. Well that all changed last December when I received an email from a previous work colleague. He was organising a major event. No it wasn’t an invitation from Rupert Murdoch to attend his upcoming wedding to Jerry Hall (still can’t understand why I wasn’t on the guest list!). It was better than that. It was from my best friend John Townley. He wanted me to join around another 130 family and friends to help him celebrate his 60th birthday. It was definitely a case of London calling!

International Sourcesizz

Tropical system may form in eastern Gulf of Mexico next week
Areas from Central America to southeastern Mexico, western Cuba and southern Florida will be on alert into next week as a tropical system may form. The window for tropical development will reopen about a week after the formation of Tropical Depression 2, which went on to become Tropical Storm Bonnie, near the Carolina coast over Memorial Day weekend. "We are suspicious about the area near Central America because it is in a region where we often see tropical development during June," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

Belize in Need of an IARU Member Society
The Belize Amateur Radio Club (BARC), which had been the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) member society for that South American county, no longer exists, according to the IARU. In 1993, the IARU Secretariat had published a Calendar announcing that BARC was no longer representing Amateur Radio operators in Belize, and no responses had been received by the International Secretariat to any communications sent to BARC. “In fact, no communications have been received by the IARU International Secretariat or the IARU Region 2 Secretary from anyone associated with the BARC in the last 23 years,” an IARU news release said on May 31. “Based upon this lack of activity in representing the radio amateurs in Belize and the lack of any communication from anyone associated with BARC since 1993 and according to IARU policy, the Secretary of the IARU has determined that the Belize Amateur Radio Society no longer exists.”

The mystery and beauty of the Maya
DURING the final days of the Red Army’s fierce battle for Berlin, Yuri Valentinovich Knorosov, a Soviet artillery soldier, found boxes of books in front of the Prussian State Library. Clearly, the Germans hadn’t managed to remove and put them somewhere safer as they did with so many works of art before the advance of the Allied troops. Knorosov, who had begun studying ethnology in Moscow before war broke out, was hungry for books and rummaged through the boxes. Fortunately, they were still in good condition; neither vandalised, ruined by debris from bombs or scuffed amid the street-fighting. He found a treasure: an edition of Diego de Landa’s “Relación de las cosas de Yucatán” (“Narrative of the things of Yucatán”). Though written in 1566, it is still seen as the authority on Mayan life, religion and culture. Ironically, de Landa was also responsible for the destruction of a large proportion of works in 1561 which contained the icons and hieroglyphs of the Mayan language. Those included the famous Mayan codices, folding books made of what the Maya called huun-paper. Apparently it was more durable and had a better writing surface than papyrus. But as a bishop, de Landa felt that “none of them was free of superstition and devilish illusion.” Yet in his own book he describes Mayan life and culture including their calendar, their architecture, the floral and the animal world using Roman letters for the phonemes he heard in the Mayan language. His work made it possible to decipher around one-third of the Mayan hieroglyphs.

Senior Caribbean environmentalist outlines use for GCF resources
A senior official of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), says the Green Climate Fund (GCF) resources should be used to help countries prepare an environment for robust mitigation efforts, such as energy transformation, policy and legislative reform. CCCCC Deputy Director and Science Advisor, Dr Ulric Trotz, said that the resources should also be used to help countries in the Caribbean “prepare sound investment portfolios with full-fledged, costed and ready to implement proposals for the transformation of the energy sector. “I imagine GCF resources being used to incentivize investment in these actions. The approach I have articulated will create an enabling landscape marked by a favourable investment climate, an incentivizing environment, and a preponderance of credible and ready to go transformational programmes,” he said in a position outlined in the inaugural edition of Caribbean Climate Podcast.

Exercise Tradewinds 2016 starts Sunday in Grenada
Beginning Sunday, June 5, military and security forces from Caribbean nations will join the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom for maritime and internal security and disaster response training in Grenada as part of Exercise Tradewinds 2016. This year’s Exercise Tradewinds will be conducted in three phases: Phase I will include maritime and land operations, and will take place in Grenada through June 14; Phase II will include maritime and land operations, including US Marines, and will take place in Jamaica from June 20-28; Phase III, a key leader seminar, will be conducted July 20-22 in Miami for key stakeholders and decision makers from the region. Military and security personnel from 13 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states -- Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago -- will join military personnel from the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom for Phase I of Exercise Tradewinds 2016.


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