Today a report coming from ‘Novedades Quintana Roo’ a Mexican Newspaper reiterated the reports that have been circulating for months….the Commercial Free Zone in the Corozal District is facing difficulties at this point in time. The report states that that sales are continuously decreasing in the zone due to a devaluation of the Mexican currency.

According to reports, the dollar is currently being traded up to a rate between 17 and 17.50 pesos, tumbling somewhat between fifty and sixty percent.

Carlos Parra Jimenez, member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce of the Commercial Free Zone, stated that despite the fact that the high season no longer picks up as it usually does, all two hundred eighty five merchants who are presently installed at the Free Zone are counting on the summer vacation for sales to increase.

At the same time Parra Jimenez highlighted that businesses are in a difficult and critical situation.

Approximately 150 to 200 vehicles normally travel to the zone, however, in these days only about a hundred or less can be seen on a regular basis.

When Jimenez was asked if he believes that the sales will increase over the weekend, he said that he does not expect to have a rebound in sales but that he would assume that a number of Mexicans would visit the Free Zone area after casting their votes for the elections in Quintana Roo on June 5th.