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Today's Belize News: June 8, 2016 #514265
06/08/16 05:31 AM
06/08/16 05:31 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Patron Saint of Fishermen: San Pedro
Today, San Pedro Town is the bustling tourism capital of Belize. Not so long ago, the island was known as a small fishing village rooted in tradition and the Roman Catholic faith. We have come a long way from a quiet community with under a 100 residents, but not even development can eliminate traditions passed on from one generation to the next. One such tradition is paying homage to the Patron Saint of Fishermen, Saint Peter, who islanders believe has guided San Pedro Town throughout its transition. Saint Peter is the island’s patron saint and namesake, and as such, he is honoured each year. The celebrations embrace the island’s beginnings as a small fishing village and promotes unity as well as history, culture and tradition. Growing up, islanders have been taught the importance of Saint Peter, who has watched over generations of fishermen while out at sea, keeping them safe from harm. For those not acquainted with the Catholic religion, Saint Peter was one of Jesus’ 12 Apostles and the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Originally a fisherman, Saint Peter devoted his life to spreading the word of God and died a martyr.

Hon. Patrick Faber Sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister
The Hon. Patrick Faber was today sworn in as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Belize by the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Hon. Patrick Faber was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister after recently being elected as the new First Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party. He is succeeding the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega. After being sworn in, Hon. Faber thanked all those who supported him during his bid for Deputy Party Leader. The new Deputy Prime Minister pledged his support to the Prime Minister of Belize, the Governor General and other leaders of the country as he works with them in the continuing development of Belize.

Lindsey Williams is Miss Chiquitita 2016-2017
Five darling young girls participated in the annual Miss Chiquitita pageant on Saturday, June 4th, at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium. They all hoped to capture the tiara and title of Miss Chiquitita 2016-2017 during the largest fundraiser for the San Pedro Pre- School. Shortly after 7PM, the pageant began with a dance, featuring contestants Carolina Salinas, Sandi Flores, Monique Garcia, Lindsey Williams, and Evelin Pichola. As final scores were tabulated, outgoing Miss Chiquitita Killianie Sosa gave her final walk on stage before the winner was announced. Miss Amity went to the enthusiastic and smiling Carolina Salinas, while the prize for most photogenic went to Monique Garcia. MC’s Angel Nuńez and Adrianne Hernandez announced the winner, and to the sound of drum-rolls, Miss Chiquitita 2016-2017 is Lindsey Williams!

Ambergris Today

When the Power Goes Out in Belize
Power Outages – Yes they are common occurrences in Belize. Hey! We are still considered living in a third world country and from time to time, the power goes out; sometimes for a few minutes and at times for some stressful hours. They come unannounced and sometimes they are scheduled when the power company has to conduct maintenance. Well what happens in Belize when there is a scheduled power outage? We get out of the house – PRONTO! There is no point staying in when you know there is going to be power outage. It’s torture to stay home – you can’t watch TV, can’t open the fridge to eat something because you will let out the cold air, can’t heat up anything in the microwave, can’t turn on the fan OR air conditioning; pretty much everything runs on electricity…WHY STAY HOME!? It’s HOT! If you stay home you will only suffer from immeasurable sweating (like really). It’s the rainy season, but summertime is a scorcher in the tropics. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, I SAY! And the best thing, especially here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is that the beach is only about a three minute walk away – at the most!!! People on the island get on their golf carts and take a drive, some hit the beach or the nearest bar and/or restaurant!!! If the power outage happens at night we sit out on the porch (or head to the beach) for some star-gazing; add a bottle of wine and its GOLDEN!

Ministry of Health Advises on Exposure to Smoke from Bush Fires
The San Pedro Town Council has made a similar announcement for Ambergris Caye in which they kindly advise the general public that any type of burning is an offense and that burning of any type of garbage is completely prohibited in residential areas since it is a health hazard and puts at risk any buildings in the surrounding area. Island residents are urged to report any type of burning in private property that is a nuisance to the public; reports can be made to the San Pedro Fire Department by calling 206-2372. The poor air quality may continue for an unpredictable time as the country is at the peak of the dry season when the ignition of fires is common. Persons engaging in any form of burning during this dry season is advised to exercise care to contain the fire at source and put out any fire that shows sign of possible spread.

Body Found South of Island, No Foul Play Suspected
The body of an American male was found floating near the southern part of Ambergris Caye on Monday, June 6, 2016, but the San Pedro Police Department says it does not suspect foul play. The body of the 66 year old was discovered about two and a half miles south of San Pedro Town with no signs of violence on it. Police are ruling it as a sudden death and say that his family explains that the deceased suffered from seizures.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Mr Herbert Trapp needs your prayers
Good morning Mr Herbert Trapp is very ill in the KHMH he needs your prayers. H. A. Was one of Belize's best football player

Hon. Gaspar Vega’s Address at the 7th Association of Caribbean States Summit in Havana, Cuba
A warm and resounding thank you President Raúl Castro Ruz... It would be remiss of me not to note the tremendous warmth and good will that has been extended by you personally, your Government and the Cuban people on the occasion of this 7th ACS Summit. Secretary General Ambassador Alfonso Múnera, Distinguished Heads of State, Ministers, Delegates, All. I believe gratitude is also in order for the outgoing Chairman – not only was the business of our organization conducted with finesse, but with a horizon of a better positioned ACS for the future. Belize of course applauds the election of Ambassador June Soomer to the position of Secretary General, and as was mentioned by Foreign Minister Elrington when he introduced her yesterday, we have no doubts that she will continue the tradition of excellence set by our present Secretary General Múnera. We believe that Dr. Sooner’s invaluable experience in Caricom, will allow us, within the ACS, to capitalize on regional strengths, whilst working within the framework of a rejuvenated and repositioned association.

Grupo Super Lamas at the Costa Maya Festival
Are you ready to sing "YO QUIERO CHUPAR"??? The Costa Maya Festival is excited to present Grupo Super Lamas. They will perform live on Saturday, August 6, 2016. Follow the link to learn more about them and to listen to their other hit songs.

The Placencia Breeze June 2016
Pg 3 BTIA news Pg 7 Jessea Marie Lobsterfest Artwork Pg 9 BTB & BTIA Social Media Workshop Pg 10 Placencia BTIA Lobsterfest Raffle Prizes Pg 11 PVC Mothers Day Dinner / Pack for a Purpose / De La Fuente Family Celebration Pg 12 Beautification of Seine Bight Pg 13 Lobsterfest Schedule / Hands Across the Sand Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA Members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 22 Battle Cancer Walk Pg 24 New Placencia Fire Station / Placencia Sailing Club Pg 25 On the Peninsula - A Visitor's View Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 PHS News Pg 29 Rotary Senior's Lunch / PVC Five A Side / Lobsterfest Event Information / Where in the World is the Breeze Pg 30/31 Paid Listings / Seine Bight Womens Softball Team

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of May 29th – June 4th, 2016
Our guests from Columbia South America seemed to be drawn to tarpon, to the extent that most of them skipped over the bonefish, Congratulations to Alvaro, Liliana, Luz, Monica, Julio, and Juan for their perseverance in the pursuit of tarpon. Most of them landed some tarpon but all of them had some extended fights. Other tarpon masters included Jason, Matt, Damon, Brandon, John, and Justin! A good solid tarpon week with Migratory tarpon moving in more and more.

Fraud Alert
That major payout you've been promised, if it seems WAY too good to be true...chances are, it is. The Financial Intelligence Unit is aware, and they say, BEWARE!

Here is our inspiration photo for this week at Crazy Canucks 2p.m. We will paint our own versions using this picture as inspiration. You can change the color of your boat change the background colors etc.

Hon. Patrick Faber Sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister
The Hon. Patrick Faber was today sworn in as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Belize by the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Hon. Patrick Faber was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister after recently being elected as the new First Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party. He is succeeding the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega. After being sworn in, Hon. Faber thanked all those who supported him during his bid for Deputy Party Leader. The new Deputy Prime Minister pledged his support to the Prime Minister of Belize, the Governor General and other leaders of the country as he works with them in the continuing development of Belize.

San Pedro Police Department North Sub-Station
The San Pedro Police Department North Sub-Station already installed in its permanent location.

Poets Corner: Pontius Pilate
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Vega’s resigning was throwing a tantrum He did try to give Deeno an ultimatum But Deeno does not take kind to ultimatums Saldivars alleged uprising is a tantrum Imagine this G11 gave Deeno an ultimatum Deeno knows his power is maximum He does not listen to minister throwing tantrums He knows the minions in his kingdom This makes him oblivious to provocation They are throwing the blame on the media The first one was the prime minister Sedi blame the media for causing panic of Guatemala Johnny Saldivar di blame di media Saying no demands were made of his beloved prime minister The Council of Churches di blame di media

Tapir wondering on the Chalillo Lake
With the arrival of the rains, new shoots are appearing on the landscape.

Channel 7

Patrick Faber, DPM
It's official: Patrick Faber is Belize's Deputy Prime Minister. The four-term representative was elected Deputy Leader of the UDP 10 days ago and today he took the oath as the Deputy Prime Minister before the Governor General. It's an ascension which has caused some friction in the UDP and the political directorate - since a majority of cabinet ministers opposed Faber in the convention. But, as the old saying goes, the winner takes it all - and today, Faber came to work looking spiffy in a pinstripe suit. We saw it when he strode into the Sir Edney Cain building for the Cabinet meeting - and two hours later when he came out, we asked him about it. Jules Vasquez: "Sir, its a very hot day and you are in a very warm suite. What's the occasion?" Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "Well as you know I'll be sworn in this afternoon as the country's new DPM. So it is a special day."

Is All Well In UDP Cabinet?
And so Faber's ascension is confirmed, but is all well in Cabinet? We know that in the immediate aftermath of the convention there were very many ruffled feathers in the political directorate - and rumours of a Cabinet mutiny in the making. It never happened - but it has been widely reported that the disgruntled ministers who did not support Faber did put a list of cabinet and party ultimatums to the Prime Minister. They form the majority in Cabinet, while Faber only had three ministers supporting him. A week has passed and passions have subsided, but is the rift healed? That's what we asked today:... Jules Vasquez: "Mr. Finnegan, you have served in multiple cabinets under Mr. Esquivel." Hon. Michael Finnegan, UDP Party Whip: "Five." Jules Vasquez: "Great. Sir, explain to me what was the mood in there like when we have a new deputy prime minister? It doesn't happen very often in the term of the life of a government."

Juniour Like Justin: "Is It Too Late To Say Sorry?"
But one minister who is accused of really putting a dent in party unity is Manuel "Juniour" Herredia. In the heat of the moment when Faber was declared the winner at the May 29th convention - Herredia said that those ministers who supported Faber were "most humble and honest." So what does that say about his colleagues? That they aren't humble or honest? Today, we asked him about the rift that his statements caused:... Jules Vasquez: "Accusing, humility and honesty are the two hallmarks of being a politician. If you had said they are ugly, well it's not important in politician whether you are ugly or handsome, but you imply that they were neither honest not humble. Sir, this is a very deep insult. Will you be able to recover and regain the support if the cabinet colleagues?" Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism: "Well Jules, speaking for myself, I believe, I consider myself a humble and honest guy. Like I said, if what I said, I didn't say it with bad intentions. I feel that all of them are honest. There are people that are more honest than others, but I believe they are honest also. They are honest people, genuine people and like I said probably I went a little too far, but I have apologized and there is nothing wrong in being humble and humiliating yourself many times for the interest of the party right."

Natural Resources Minister Took A Stand Against Cabinet Colleagues
And so far in the news tonight, you've heard all about Cabinet - and the tensions - or lack thereof - between those Ministers who support Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and those who did not. Caught up somewhere in there is Natural Resources Minister Godwin Hulse. It seems the unelected minister has come under attack for doing his job without paying enough attention to the political dimension of his powerful ministry. No doubt, the Lands Department at the center of his ministry has been a political war chest, probably since independence…and now that Hulse has put the brakes on long established practices, he's become persona non grata within his own party. Reports last week were that the 11 wanted him gone. Now that has not been officially confirmed but Hulse did feel the need to defend himself today. We asked him about it after Cabinet:.. Jules Vasquez: "You have come under attack, that those who have their misgivings about the current direction of the government feel that you are at the center of the problem - your own colleagues in the cabinet are targeting you. How do you respond to that?"

Belizean Loses Life In Houston Accident
One Belizean is dead and another injured after a terrible accident in Houston, Texas. Well known entertainer and former PUP city council candidate Lennox "Tambran" Young, was driving back to Belize from Houston this morning. He was along with 2 friends Corozal resident Sostenes Tamai and Police Coach Amin August. Reports are that, DJ Tambran stopped at an Auto Parts shop in Northwest Harris County, Houston. That is when a truck rammed into them, injuring DJ Tambran but killing Tamai. Best information at this time is that August was unharmed. We spoke to DJ Tambran's younger brother Leroy "Tambran" Young and he told us what he knew about the accident. Leroy "Tambran" Young, Brother: "I got a call about 9:30 this morning from Houston that my brother was okay, he only had a broken hand. But the passenger with him Mr. Mai from Corozal died." Courtney Weatherburne: "As you were saying your brother he was going to buy vehicle parts in Houston. He was driving a long the road. What do you understand happened?"

Gapi Gave It To Jimmy
Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington arrived back in country over the weekend. That's after spending just over 2 weeks abroad on a diplomatic mission to increase awareness about the recent difficulties between Belize and Guatemala. Today, he hosted a press conference, which we will get to shortly, but first, to the final event that Elrington attended. That's the 7th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Association of Caribbean States. IT was held over the weekend in Havana, Cuba and both Belize and Guatemala had representation among the 32 member countries. Gaspar Vega represented Belize in his final act as Deputy Prime Minister. And - in his swan song - he certainly turned heads on the international stage with his last official speech as Deputy Prime Minister. When it was his turn to speak, he used a portion of his over 8 minute speech to address the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute, focusing on Guatemala's recently enforced possession of the Sarstoon River. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, who heard it for himself, immediately rebutted. The exchange resembled the kind of back and forth that the Belizean public has come to expect from the politicians across the floor at House Meetings.

Hon. Elrington Says Vega Was Spot On
As you saw in both clips, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and his Guatemalan counterpart were also present as representatives. So, what does Elrington make of the exchange? That's what the we asked him this afternoon at a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belmopan. Here's what he had to say: Jules Vasquez: "Were those advised remarks? Did you encourage him, coach him or lead him into making those remarks?" Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Jules the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is made up of a number of very talented professionals who literally put together everything that we say, so that declarations are never impromptu. They are always prepared by officials of the government." Jules Vasquez: "Well according to President Morales, the Deputy Prime Minister Vega, used the wrong forum and in fact spoke unfairly at that event. What is your view on the response from President Morales?"

Hon. Elrington Says Sarstoon Situation Normalised
So, to the status of Belize's use of the Sarstoon River. As we told you, immediately after the Istanbul talks, the Prime Minister's Office announced that there was an informal agreement between the Belizean and Guatemalan delegations that Belizeans would enjoy "untrammeled access" to the Sarstoon. That news came after a joint statement was issued by both Foreign Ministries which only mentioned the Sarstoon in passing. A few days later Channel 5 and Krem tested this informal agreement, and they found that the Guatemalans behaved pretty much the same way they did before the talks, by blockading the Belizeans from free movement through the river. It appeared that the Guatemalans supposedly agreed to one thing in the meetings, and did exactly the opposite of that. So, for the first time since he returned, we asked Elrington for an explanation of what happened with that media blockade. He said that that the Guatemalans' position is that the message had unfortunately not arrived to the Guatemalan military based in Sarstoon, and that's why the press was stopped:

Police: Paris Champagne Didn't Die From Poison
Last night, we told you how Porfilio Rodriguez, the transgender individual better known as Vanessa Champagne Paris, died on Saturday night at the Dangriga Hospital. Well, a post-mortem examination was conducted at the KHMH morgue, and police tell us that the results reveal that she died of natural causes, not suicide. Independence Police tell us that she died of , quote, "bronchial aspiration", or difficulty breathing. As we reported, her parents rushed her to Dangriga Hospital after she started complaining about stomach pains. Her health took a turn for the worse in the hospital, and she died.

From Burn Victim To Valedictorian
23 year old Danay Chavarria was almost burnt alive 18 years ago. She was at a BBQ when her a relative accidently started a fire. What happened at that house changed Chavarria's life forever but surprisingly, Chavarria told us she is happy for the experience because she wouldn't be half the person she is today if it hadn't been for that. Here is Danay's story.... Danay Chavarria, Burnt Victim: "My fellow graduates, let us continue to grow positively. Let us engrave our marks of accomplishment in the history book of WJC so that others may be motivated to build their selves, build our communities and build Belize." Courtney Weatherburne reporting: Those were the final words from Danay Chavarria's Valedictorian speech. She graduated from Wesley College on Saturday May 21st with an Associate's Degree in Information Technology.

Caught With Thirteen Turtles
This afternoon, the Fisheries Department made a major bust of Hicatee turtles just outside of Lords Bank Village. Today, we got to see the illegal catch, including 13 live turtles ranging from sizes of 1 foot to 16 inches in length, all caught unlawfully, according to fisheries officers. We understand that the Fisheries officers stopped a vehicle and conducted a search, in which they found 3 of the turtles, and a quick investigation led to the seizure of the other. These two men, an uncle and his nephew will be facing multiple fisheries charges tomorrow at the Magistrate's Court. When that happens, we'll have the details for you.

Ready Call CEO Has To Pay SS Arrears For 500 Workers, Pronto!
Ready Call is one of the largest employers in the country, hiring several hundreds of people at a time for its various services, but tonight their CEO 46 year old Nubia Ramirez Moreno, could end up in jail if she can't pay 141 thousand dollars in social security arrears within two weeks! She appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning where she was read a charge for failing to make social security payments for 500 employees between February and April of this year. On Tuesday May 31st Inspector Lawrence Lopez made a report against Ready Call Center after he discovered that they were over $100 thousand dollars in arrears. As a result CEO Moreno was summoned to the court today. Moreno, appeared without an attorney, and pleaded guilty. As a result she was fined $500 dollars for the single count of failure to pay social security contributions. In addition to that she was also ordered to pay her company's debt of $141,561 dollars and 80 cents by June 20th. That's only 13 days. Failure to pay that debt could result in immediate imprisonment.

A Conference On Climate
Today at the George Price Center in Belmopan, the National Met Service held its National Climate Outlook Forum. The idea is to speak with stakeholders, in sectors such as agriculture and tourism, about the Met Service's seasonal outlook - with a focus on the rainy season which runs from June to November. Adrian Trotman, the Chief of Applied Meteorology and Climatology for the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology participated. We spoke to him and the Deputy Chief of the Belize Meteorology Department about their seasonal outlook and the purpose for sharing this information in stakeholder consultations:. The stake holder's conference today included representatives from sectors like agriculture, water, energy, health, and disaster management.

Beat Down Down South Leaves Man Critical
Independence police are investigating an attempted robbery last Saturday night that now has a man on life support at the KHMH. It happened at around 10:00 in front of M&M Gas Station where a woman and 3 men were heading home. That's when a group of 6 young men pounced and tried to rob the woman of her purse. The men intervened, and that's when the would-be robbers assaulted them. Our information is that Ernesto Guerra, one of the 4 victims, was bashed over the head with a cement block. He was rushed to the KHMH where he remains unconscious.

Channel 5

Patrick Faber is Sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister
There is a new Deputy Prime Minister. He is thirty-nine year old Patrick Faber who moves up to the second most powerful man in the corridors of power in Belmopan [...]

Sedi Says Gapi’s Statement on Guatemalan Hostility was Sanctioned by G.O.B.
The Istanbul talks on the Sarstoon were held on May twenty-third, and today was the first opportunity the media has had to debrief Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington, so [...]

Did Gaspar Vega’s Comments Help or Hurt an Already Fragile Situation?
While Guatemalan officials have not hesitated at any point to name and shame Belize, those very same Guatemalan officials have bristled whenever Belizean officials question the actions of their government. [...]

Foreign Minister Weighs in on State of Affairs at Sarstoon
On May twenty-seventh, just days after the Istanbul talks and word of an informal agreement allowing untrammeled access to the Sarstoon, Guatemalan Armed Forces refused to allow access to News [...]

Is P.U.P.’s Guatemalan-approved Trip to Sarstoon an Assertion of Sovereignty?
The media was stopped by the GAF, but an expedition of P.U.P. parliamentarians and executive members who made the trip exactly one week after were not. In fact, that expedition [...]

Do You Think Additional Taxes Will be Imposed Given the Grim IMF Economic Report?
And tonight’s question is: Given the grim IMF economic report, do you think additional taxes will be imposed? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or [...]

Belizean Car Dealers are Victims in Fatal RTA in Houston
A two-vehicle crash in the westbound lanes of W. Mount Houston in northwest Harris County has left one Belizean dead and another hospitalized in the U.S.  Car dealers, Lennox “DJ [...]

Will Deputy Prime Minister Faber be Assigned a New Portfolio?
Earlier we reported on the ascension of Patrick Faber to Deputy Prime Minister. But will he be assigned a new portfolio now that he is officially second in command of [...]

G.O.B. Braces for Challenging Times After Dismal IMF Report
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is the only elected official within the Barrow Administration to comment on the dismal IMF report.  While he admits that government is bracing for difficult [...]

Has Belize’s Rhetoric in Guatemalan Discussions Changed?
Against the backdrop of everything happening in diplomatic halls and in the Sarstoon, has Belize’s rhetoric changed somewhat? For months all Belizeans heard out of meetings between countries was talk [...]

Fisheries Department Busts Illegal Hicatee Harvest
The Fisheries Department made a huge bust this morning of the endangered hicatee turtle. For two weeks, they have been monitoring persons of interest carrying out illegal operations in the [...]

Seguros Will Face Charges for Illegal Hicatee Catch
Fisheries Officer Rigoberto Quintana says the Seguros will be charged for a number of offenses including the possession of more than three hicatees as well as for the hicatee nets. [...]

C.E.O. of Ready Call Charged for Failure to Make Social Security Payments
There were significant cases today before the courts.  We start with the case against the C.E.O. of the Ready Call Center which is located at the junction of the Burrell [...]

Murder Trial of Shane Gillett; Judge Reserves Ruling
Justice Adolph Lucas will give his ruling in the murder trial of thirty-year old Burrell Boom resident, Shane Gillett, next week. Gillett is the suspect in the murder of Samuel [...]

So What Really Killed Champagne Paris?
The family of Vanessa Champagne Paris has asked for privacy following her death on Saturday night. Born Porfelio Rodriguez Junior, he became a transgender woman years ago and transitioned to [...]

An Update on Plett Abduction
On May twelfth, Belizeans Roger Plett and Rudy Friesen were taken off Belizean soil on a farm they worked in an area known as Green Hills which adjoins the Guatemalan [...]

Is Foreign Minister Elrington Downplaying the Gravity of Plett Incident?
We note that in our last conversation with the Ministry of National Security C.E.O. George Lovell, he said that police investigations confirmed Plett’s story. Lovell explained that it was in [...]

There’s a Need for Fisheries Protocol in Sarstoon
So back to the Sarstoon. One of the major criticisms in that area has been that Guatemalan fisherfolk have been allowed to fish freely in Belizean waters, at times travelling [...]

World Ocean’s Day Celebrated in Belize
World Ocean’s Day is being celebrated across the globe this Wednesday under the theme, “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet.” Locally, OCEANA Belize is commemorating this day through a Better Bag Initiative [...]

Audubon Society Promotes Reusable Bags
The Belize Audubon Society is also joining in the efforts to keep the environment safe and clean. The N.G.O. is also making available reusable bags to the public. The first [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: June 8, 2016 [Re: Marty] #514266
06/08/16 05:31 AM
06/08/16 05:31 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Elrington Speaks On Belize/Guatemala Disputes
Following the PUP’s successful trip to the Sarstoon in which they circled the Island without interference from the Guatemalans on June 3rd, unofficial information was that the Guatemalans sent a letter to the Government of Belize declaring that they still exercise sovereignty over the Island. They reportedly added that the excursion taken by the PUP of less than 20 people was not intercepted by the Guatemalan Armed Forces because the Guatemalans had been informed about the trip and they recognized that it was meant as an educational visit. Today, during an interview with the media, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was questioned about those allegations. Honorable Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs: “I not only was told that but I was told that by word of mouth and by the Foreign Minister of Guatemala and I was shown the boats, I think they were two boats going around because the Guatemalans had photographed them, they did not see the drone but it was on top photographing every move they made and the Guatemalan do it...”

Belize Has New Deputy Prime Minister
After his recent victory as the new First Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party today the Hon. Patrick Faber was sworn in as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Belize by the Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Following the ceremony, Faber spoke to the media and addressed important issues of unity that have been surrounding the party since the Deputy Leadership convention that was held last week. Honorable Patrick Farber – Deputy Party Leader: “They all as well accept that I am now the new deputy leader of the party that I am now the Deputy Prime Minister of the country and in fact things have improved tremendously from last week when you camp out in front of the Cabinet and I will expect that things will continue if there is anything that you continue to persist that there is still something under the circus I am telling you that by the time that we get by that 2020 convention there will not be that kind of feeling at all.”

Corozal Well-Known Mechanic Loses Life In Houston Texas
A well-known mechanic from Corozal Town is tonight dead after he was involved in a traffic accident in West Mount Houston, Northwest Harris County. Reports coming out of Houston indicate that the accident happened at about 8:30 this morning as this black Nissan Xterra driven at the time by Lenox Young better known as DJ Tambran was coming out of Import Center Junk Yard on Highway 249. We understand that as the vehicle entered into the highway the driver of this pickup truck ran into the driver side of the Xterra killing Tamay on the spot. Also traveling in the Xterra at the time of the incident was 55 year old retired Superintendent Amin August from the Cayo District. Today via phone from Houston Texas August spoke to us about the dreadful accident.


Foreign Minister Weighs in on Vega’s Speech in Cuba
Yesterday we told you of Belize being represented in Cuba by the former Deputy Prime Minister Gasper Vega and Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington. That meeting saw Vega carrying out his last deed as the Deputy Prime Minister in delivering a speech that caught Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales off guard as Vega spoke of the aggression […]

OAS Prepare to Launch Investigation into Death of Guatemalan Child
The Organization of American States is looking to launch the investigation into the shooting death of the 13-year-old Guatemalan child who was killed in the Chiquibul area of the Cayo District. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington explained where the process is currently at. WILFRED ELRINGTON ” The Guatemalan minor, Julio Rene Alvarado was shot in April […]

Two Men Detained for City Shooting
This evening around five o’clock there was a shoot out on Vernon Street where it is suspected that one male individual from a gang fired shots at another male individual from a rival gang. The police have apprehended two people who they suspect to be the intended victim and the shooter. Assistant Commissioner of Police […]

The Guats Were Spying on the PUP at the Sarstoon
Last week the People’s United Party made a trip to the Sarstoon in the form of an educational venture with the participation of the party’s officials and parliamentarians. Opposition Leader, John Briceno had told Love News that the Prime Minister was informed of their intention. Incidentally, there were no Guatemalan armed forces blocking them from […]

Duo Busted with Out -of-Season Hicatee Turtles
While the Hicatee turtle is considered a delectable dish, there are regulations that come with catching these turtles. The Fisheries Department in Belize City made a huge bust today. Acting on information received, the officers caught two men, one in Ladyville Village and one in Biscayne Village with three and thirteen turtles respectively. Fisheries Officer […]

Faber Replaces Vega as Deputy Prime Minister
Minister Patrick Faber was sworn in this afternoon as the Deputy Prime Minister at the Belize House in Belmopan, Cayo District. Faber told the media this afternoon that he has plans of hard work in an effort to reach his goal of leading the country as the Prime Minister. Faber also spoke of the evident […]

Godwin Hulse Confronts Cabinet Colleagues
Last week we told you of a meeting held post-Cabinet where some demands or requests were brought before the Prime Minister involving the Deputy Prime Minister’s post as well as that of the Minister of Lands, Godwin Hulse. Since his taking over of Lands, there have been reports that Hulse’s Cabinet colleagues are unhappy of […]

Hulse Cleans Hotbed Mess at Lands Department
In October 2013 the Prime Minister Dean Barrow referred to the Lands Department as a hot bed of corruption. It has been an area of concern for many years as there have been under table deals and cases of fraud; a status quo that Minister Godwin Hulse has been trying to change via a new […]


Man shot in the face at Dangriga gambling establishment
A man was killed in Dangriga on Friday night. 35 year old John Rodriquez was shot to the face while he was at a gambling establishment on Havana street. According to police, on Friday night at about 11 o’clock, Rodriguez was in the establishment playing one of the electronic gambling machine along w...

Guilty of double murder; Ervin Reneau jailed for life
45 year old Ervin Alexander Reneau accused of the murders of security guards 39 year old David Allan Longsworth and Edgar Ayala almost six years ago on November 30, 2010 was convicted by Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas, sitting without a jury. Delivering the oral judgment today, Justice Lucas sta...

UDP sweeping village council elections so far
The first round of village council elections got on the way this weekend, Sunday June 5th. 43 villages got to choose a village chairman and 6 village councilors this past Sunday; 301 seats in total for the first wave of village council elections. The United Democratic party has continued with its ti...

Body of man found floating in San Pedro waters
San Pedro police are investigating the sudden death of an American national on the island. Police say that the 66 year old man was found floating in the sea by a watch patrol in the area. Initial investigation reveals that the American national, whose name police have not released as yet, was standi...

OAS Independent Commission starts investigation next week
An Independent Commission sent by the OAS will start its investigation into the death of the Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado who was killed while illegally poaching in Belizean territory. The minor was shot after the Belize Defense Force were shot at by Guatemalans in the Chiquibul Rese...

Belizean spring authorized for Guatemalan use?
While Guatemala continues to say that Belize has violated the human rights of its people because Guatemalans who shoot after BDF have been injured or killed in self defense, Belize continues to show good will to the Guatemalan citizens. Despite protests from some sections of the Belizean society, Gu...

DPM Vega addresses Belize Guatemala issue 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States
Early last week, PlusNews had informed the nation that Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega would step down to allow Patrick Faber to become Deputy Prime Minister after one last representation of the nation internationally. That representation took place at the 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbe...


“John Jay” killed in Dangriga game room
Popular karaoke singer and Sweet Pain Band guest singer, John Narcissus “John Jay” Rodriguez, Jr., 35, of Hopkins, the father of a little girl, died after he was shot in the left side of the head at about 11:00 Friday night in the Havana electronic game room on Havana Road in Dangriga Town while he and three others were playing electronic games. The witnesses reported that at about 11:00 that night, three robbers entered to rob the game room and ordered the cashier to open her area so that they could enter to steal the money from the cash register, but she refused, and that was when one of the bandits, who was armed with a 9mm pistol, fired a shot at the men, who were playing on the machines. The slug grazed the neck of Stanley Venai, 38, one of the men playing on the machines, but struck Rodriguez in the left side of the head. The three robbers then ran away empty handed. Rodriguez fell to the floor and died almost immediately

“The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali, dead at 74
The world paused in grief last Friday when the announcement was made that the greatest sportsman to set foot inside the boxing ring, the former three-time heavyweight champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, had died at the age of 74. Muhammad Ali died at Honor Health Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, where he was admitted on Thursday for a respiratory ailment. He also suffered from Parkinson’s disease, with which he had been diagnosed and had been battling for 32 years, Bob Gunnel, a family spokesman, said on Friday. Muhammad Ali was arguably the most famous athlete on planet earth, and his boxing career, which spanned several decades, was nothing short of exciting, colorful and charismatic, as the champ was also a confident man who was not short of lyrical expressions, which emanated from his immense self-confidence. Muhammad Ali had a voracious appetite for seeing the world and had travelled to many places, including British Honduras (Belize) in July 1965, and many Belizeans remember that historic trip.

Did famous drag queen die of poisoning?
Vanessa Champagne Paris, 21, born Perfilio Rodriguez, who was noted for dressing like, and living the life of, a woman despite being biologically male, died of what is suspected to be food poisoning on Friday night, June 3. According to Independence police reports, Rodriguez had gone to Dangriga on the morning of Wednesday, June 1, to apply for his Social Security card and other personal documents. When he returned to Independence on Wednesday night at around 8:30 p.m., he reportedly began to complain of chronic pain in the stomach. On Thursday, his father found him almost unconscious on the floor at their home and rushed him to a polyclinic and then to the Southern Regional Hospital on Friday after his condition had worsened. On Friday, June 3, at about 10 p.m. Rodriguez was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

Ervin Reneau, 44, gets life for double murder
A Belize City man who has been on remand since 2010 when he was first accused of a double murder at a Belize City gas station will now take up a permanent residence at the Belize Central Prison after he was found guilty of the double murder and was sentenced to life in prison this morning in the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice, Adolph Lucas, who heard the two indictments against Ervin Reneau, 44, without a jury, handed down his guilty of murder ruling this morning. Reneau was found guilty on the first indictment for the unlawful death of David Longsworth, 39, and Edgar Ayala, a security guard who was posted at the Texaco gas station. Justice Lucas told Reneau, “On the whole of the evidence, I am sure that you shot and killed David Longsworth on 30 November 2010, and that you had no legal justification or partial excuse to cause his death. Therefore I find you guilty on the first count of the indictment.”

Opposition leader John Briceńo leads PUP on successful Sarstoon trip
The Leader of the Opposition, flanked by his chairman, deputy party leaders, senators and other party officials, led a successful expedition to the Sarstoon on Friday, June 3. The Prime Minister quickly sprang into action, contacting the Guatemalan Foreign Minister and then the OAS Secretary General, after he was informed in an act of courtesy on Thursday by Hon. John Briceńo about the PUP’s proposed Sarstoon trip. Senior PUP officials claim that the purpose of this trip, organized by the PUP leader, was not to gain political mileage nor to stir provocation, and therefore, none of the media houses were initially invited to join. However, word was leaked to them and they soon found themselves onboard. The large blue boat which carried the senior PUP officials was scheduled to leave the docking area by Joe Taylor Bridge, near Punta Gorda, at 10 a.m. However, it left almost an hour later, as the contracted captain almost abandoned the PUP expedition, as was the case when the first Sarstoon trip was announced by the PUP.

Belize most vulnerable in Central America to sea level rise
Earlier this week, we picked up a brochure from a booth display set up by the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency financing to Belize’s private sector, with an offer of up to $200,000 per project for upgrades and installation. The scheme is being financed by a $2 million investment window established by the DFC in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank and the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities. According to the publication, by 2100 Belize’s population is projected to reach 1 million, but at the same time, substantial portions of the country could be under water due to sea level rise, exacerbating demand for natural resources. Global warming is said to be the culprit, and the novel energy financing is intended to help scale back some of its effects. In March, research published by the Nature journal and featured in the Washington Post indicates that sea levels are rising twice as fast as had been previously estimated, and the projection says that it will rise more than 6 feet by the end of the century.

BDFA 1st Division Football Competition Week 5 results
The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) 1st Division Football Tournament 2016 continued over the weekend with Week 5 games at the MCC. On Saturday, June 4, Eiley FC clipped Lake I Bombers, 1-0, with a goal from Dalton Cayetano (8’). In Sunday’s opener, Ladyville Jaguars and FC Elite played to a 2-2 draw. Brandon Cacho (18’) and Juan Ardon (85’) scored for the Jaguars, while Kevin Young (11’) and David Ramos (70’) tallied for FC Elite. And in the nightcap, it was Stars Academy keeping their undefeated record intact with a 2-0 win over West Lake, courtesy of a goal each by Ryan Simpson (21’) and Steven Baizer (83’). There are 4 more weeks of regular season games remaining before the top 4 teams go on to the knockout semifinals.

Football family mourns the passing of Herbert “H.A.” Trapp
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) extends sincere condolence to the Trapp family of Esperanza Village, Cayo, on the loss of Herbert Trapp. “H.A” as he was known to many, contributed to the sport of football in Belize in his early days, and left a tremendous impact on the then youths of the country, especially those in the Cayo District. The FFB will continue to recognize the late Mr. Trapp for his good will and contributions to the sport. He will be sadly missed by all football enthusiasts throughout Belize. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. (Ed. Note: Our sincere condolences also from the sports desk to all members of the Trapp family in Esperanza. H.A.’s Esperanza Warriors, which included a number of his younger brothers, was one of the founding member teams in the first Belize semipro league back in 1991.)

Belize District Primary School Football Champions 2016
Today at the MCC Grounds, the finals were held for the Belize District Primary Schools Football Competition 2016; and when it was over, St. John Vianney had emerged as female champions and San Pedro RC as male champions. Below are the teams that played today and their respective titles coming into the finals: MALE: St. John Vianney (1st place Belize City); Hattieville Gov’t (1st place Rural); Belize Elementary (2nd place Belize City); San Pedro RC (2nd place Rural). FEMALE: Belize Elementary (1st place Belize City); Ladyville Evangelical (1st place Rural); St. John Vianney (2nd place Belize City); San Pedro RC (2nd place Rural). Females played 15-15 (15 minute halves), while the males played 20-20; and the tournament followed a simple knockout format, with no third place games played.

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)
After the young Cassius Marcellus Clay won Olympic gold in the light-heavyweight boxing class at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, Italy, he turned professional under a management syndicate of twelve millionaires from his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. There is absolutely no indication that any of these twelve rich men were black, and Cassius Marcellus was, of course, a black American. The issue of race in America was not one with which the people of British Honduras, which had a majority black population in 1960, were well acquainted at the time. The slavery of black people had been abolished in the United States in 1865, but it was followed by something called “Jim Crow” in the mainly agricultural Southern states. Jim Crow was something like apartheid in South Africa, in that it involved the separation of the white and black races. Jim Crow was supposed to mean “separate but equal,” but the race separation, referred to as “segregation” in America, led to the growth of plush, luxurious white facilities and institutions, such as schools, hospitals, entertainment centers, and other public institutions, while their black equivalents were rundown and dilapidated. In addition, and more startling, the violence perpetrated with impunity by whites against blacks, featuring lynchings organized by racist white groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, became the bloody brand of Jim Crow in the American South.

From the Publisher
Soon after the People’s United Party (PUP) were swept back into office in late August of 1998, they made a decision to divest or privatize Radio Belize. As a result of how that PUP administration carried out that divestment/privatization, a former public officer became a multimillionaire. All the “good stuff” from 40 years of the British Honduras Broadcasting Corporation (BHBS) and Radio Belize were given to LOVE FM, which had begun broadcasting in February of 1993, while the scraps went to KREM Radio, which had begun broadcasting in November of 1989. For history’s and journalism’s sake, there are many questions which should have been asked and which should still be asked about the birth of LOVE FM and the divestment/privatization of Radio Belize. But it is not for me to ask those questions, because, as an interested party, I would have a conflict of interest during the course of any such an investigation. Whatever the case, as a former performer in various capacities on BHBS and Radio Belize from the mid-1950s until the late 1970s, I have the right to ask what happened to all the BHBS and Radio Belize tapes. What happened to the library? What happened to all the records and archives? The taping technology was old school, of course, but the taping technology and the technicians at the monopoly radio station were world class.

IMF concedes that neoliberalism “increased inequality”
Out of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the Deputy Director Jonathan D. Ostry, the Division Chief Prakash Loungani and Economist Davide Furceri of the Research Department have published a report entitled “Neoliberalism: Oversold?” offering some insider dissent to the exploitative political, social and economic ideology with which most of us live, today. Aditya Chakrabortty responded to the report with a Guardian article entitled, “You’re witnessing the death of neoliberalism – from within”, in which he explains the importance of the report’s title, alone: “For so long mainstream economists and policymakers have denied the very existence of such a thing as neoliberalism, dismissing it as an insult invented by gap-toothed gap-toothed malcontents who understand neither economics nor capitalism.” Its proponents have at once denied that neoliberalism exists, while simultaneously pushing its agenda. Much like the shock that former US president Bill Clinton caused when he referred to “neo-colonialism” while in Haiti, a country whose economy he devastated.

Guatemalans stealing our fish in plain view
At this weekend’s summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) held in Havana, Cuba, Belize’s minister with responsibility for fisheries said in his remarks to the 25-member group that the right of Belizean fishers to access our side of the Sarstoon for fishing is being violated by Guatemalans, whose military have been blocking Belizeans from entering the river. At the same time, though, there are reports to our newspaper that Guatemalans continue to have free access to Belize’s side of the river, where they illegally engage in unsustainable commercial fishing practices with impunity. Wil Maheia, founder of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), captured images of illegal fishing activities on the Sarstoon on Friday. We asked Maheia to indicate, out of 10 trips, how often he would see this kind of activity when he visits the area; he told us 10 times out of 10.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Judge to rule on Samuel Price murder case
Next Wednesday, June 15, Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas will give his ruling on the murder trial of 30 year old Burrell Boom resident, Shane Gillett, accused of the April 2011 murder of the brother of National Hero, George Price, who was killed inside […]

Two charged over contraband
Belize City residents 28 year old Ronnel Gonzalez and 32 year old Jermaine McDougal were busted early yesterday morning at a checkpoint in possession of over 50 different bottles of liquor for which no duties were paid, and now the Customs Department is seeking […]

Corozal man dead, DJ Tambran hurt in accident in Houston
Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young, owner of the popular Music Depot on North Front Street and also a vehicle dealer, was injured in a traffic accident this morning while returning to Belize from Houston, Texas. Young’s hand was hurt but he avoided serious injury as […]

Ready Call “hard-pay” with Social Security
Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser has ordered the CEO of Ready Call Center on the Burrell Boom-Hattieville Road, 46 year old Nubia Ramirez Moreno, to pay a court fine and more than 140 thousand dollars owed in contributions to Social Security by June 20. Moreno […]

Patrick Faber sworn in as new Deputy Prime Minister
Newly elected United Democratic Party (UDP) First Deputy was sworn in as the country’s new Deputy Prime Minister this afternoon by the Governor General, Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. Following the ceremony, Faber spoke to the media addressing unity issues […]

Court fines CEO of Ready Call Center for unpaid SSB contributions
Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser has ordered the CEO of Ready Call Center on the Burrell Boom-Hattieville Road, 46 year old Nubia Ramirez Moreno, to pay a court fine and more than 140 thousand dollars owed in contributions to Social Security by June 20. Moreno […]

Murder reported in Crooked Tree
An apparent murder by shooting has been reported in the Crooked Tree area earlier today. The victim is suspected to be a neighborhood shopkeeper. We will have more information as it becomes available. © 2016, This article is the copyrighted property of Belize […]

World Environment Day observed in Belize
World Environment Day (WED), observed in over a 100 nations on June 5th this year, was honored in Belize with an excursion of 40 teachers and students from Belmopan to Trio Village in the Toledo District on Saturday. The group, made up of persons […]

Belizeans travel to Taiwan for kidney failure prevention training
Two members of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospitals’ (KHMH) staff, Dr. Glenford Jones and Michelle Cassimiro, as well as two from La Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena, Dr. Marvin Camal and Dieudonne Tiemula, will be leaving the country on Monday, June 13th. These four […]


“Don’t Stop the Party”
Amazingly after the rigours of the previous day I awoke reasonably early at 06.00 hours. And I didn’t have a thick head or feel nauseous. Probably the Chinese meal that did it! I felt remarkably good but not so good that I was going to be silly. I decided that this would be a lazy day. A walk around London, pop in to some shops to see if anything caught my fancy, a couple of beers at lunchtime with some simple pub grub. But then I got a Facebook message from Carlo (he of Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar) “Did I have a 5 foot by 3 foot Arsenal flag to fly from one of the flagpoles at the bar?” Well I didn’t but I knew where I could get one. The Arsenal Armoury store, only 4 train stops away. It would compliment the Mesut Özil decal on the ceiling of the bar.

>Orange Walk: Avoid Crowds While Immersing Yourself in Belize’s Wonders
If you dislike crowds but you’re fascinated by everything Belize has to offer, make Orange Walk District—and especially Orange Walk Town—your next vacation spot. Just 57 miles from Belize City, it’s a quick trip from that city’s airport. Since it’s tucked into the northwest corner of the nation, the partying beach crowd isn’t here in numbers yet you’ll enjoy the full tourist experience. See exotic cultural sites, all the natural wonders you could ask for and just enough people to declare Orange Walk the friendliest place on Earth. As the second largest Belize district, Orange Walk’s 1829 square mile interior is filled with rustic villages, the nation’s agricultural hub and Mayan ruins offering amateur archaeologists close looks at the area’s distant past. Heavily populated by Mennonites who farm the land and produce much of the sugar cane, rice and vegetable crops, this large faith-based colony also runs most dairy farms. Visit the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area to see wildlife, flora and fauna. Orange Walk Town isn’t a metropolis, but travelers are beginning to find it a gem of a place to stay thanks to affordable lodgings and a street food scene that’s the biggest secret of all.

Belize hits Guatemala over aggression at 7th Summit of Association of Caribbean States
The main focuses of the Summit were negative impacts of climate change, developing programmes in the areas of Trade, Transport, Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Tourism. But the Honorable Gaspar Vega took the greater part of his almost 9 minute speech to decry Guatemala’s recent ramped up aggression and its belligerent actions in the Sarstoon. Vega called on the ACS member states to join CARICOM in urging both nations to abide by the Confidence Building Measures of 2005 which commit both countries to refrain from the use of threat or force and to hold the referenda on taking the claim to the International Court of Justice for final resolution.

World Class Rock Concert on Ambergris
Along with “Are you going to the concert?” The buzz words were “Steve Miller” and “All American Band” were going around. I decided to go thanks to my friend Jack who set me up with an invitation to help promote the show. The event was held at Mahogany Bay Village Green which is 2 miles south of town. It is the first event of it’s kind (and hopefully many) at this location. Charitable proceeds benefited the South Ambergris Neighborhood Watch. Peter Nolan did an amazing job of putting together the right crew to execute his vision, especially his pick of my friend Jack who is a world-class events manager. Abracadabra wasn’t predisposed to playing only Steve Miller “mega hits” which of course the crowd loved. They also played some vintage Cream songs off the Disraeli Gears album. This allowed the veteran members of the band to showcase their individual skills reminiscent of Cream members; Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. As for the younger Will, his tribute to Prince singing Purple Rain was a show stopper and really highlighted his talent.

Nopalitos Mexican Pizza (Cactus Leaves Pizza)
Clean nopalitos (cactus leaves) with a peeler or a small paring knife. Make sure to remove all the thorns and nods paying special attention to the edges of the pads. Cut in bite size pieces and boil with onion for 20-25 minutes or until tender. Add salt to taste. Drain. OR remove bottled nopalitos (cactus leaves) from the water they are in and boil in fresh water for about 2 minutes in boiling water.

International Sourcesizz

Cumbrian soldiers stage exercise in Belize
The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, which recruits from the county, is taking part in one of the British Army's most demanding missions in Belize. About 100 troops from the battalion's Blenheim Company have been learning how to survive and fight in temperatures of 30C. Major Nick Higgins, officer commanding Blenheim Company, said: "This whole exercise is designed to be progressive so we've been giving the soldiers time to get used to the environment. "They're coping really well. "We have some good platoon commanders and section commanders and that’s important; they make sure the lads look after their feet and drink enough water." Some of the toughest training has been in Sibun Gorge.

What this Preston soldier has been experiencing in Belize
A former Ashton school pupil has swapped the shrubbery of Ashton Park for the deep rainforests of Central America. Mark Sutton, an infantryman with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s regiment is learning how to cope with energy-saving humidity and temperatures of 30 degrees. The 23-year-old, who is in his seventh year of service, is in Belize for a month learning the art of jungle warfare. Private Sutton joined the Army after studying at Preston College and Ashton High School. He said: “My dad and some of my uncles were in the Army so I wanted to join as well. I really enjoy being with the lads.

Singing to Save Garifuna
Growing up in Belize, James Lovell heard the Garifuna language from his parents and his grandparents; he understood it but he didn't speak it. He spoke the language of the streets, Belizean Creole. He didn't think much about Garifuna until the day he heard the music of a local artist Pen Cayetano and his Turtleshell Band. I still remember the little house there and they would practice and you would hear music coming from number 5 Moho Street,"ť says Lovell. Pen Cayetano sang in Garifuna. But this wasn't the traditional music that Lovell had heard growing up; this was a new sound called Punta Rock. Cayetano was singing about everyday life in the town of Dangriga where Lovell lived. Lovell was hooked. "He was singing about issues in Dangriga when it comes to be laid off of work,"ť says Lovell. One day Cayetano was performing and as it started to rain, the singer then began to sing an impromptu song about the rain. "He's saying, it's raining, it's raining right here in Belize,"ť says Lovell.

Drink your way through Central America
I just returned from a trip to Central America, tanned, rested and liver sufficiently damaged. The objectives of the expedition were to drink, research and report on the many local beers and to superfluously pad my expense account with this paper. Missions accomplished. Drinking buckets full of beers on vast, white sandy beaches, beers in the back of careening taxi cabs, atop Mayan ruins, and in tiny restaurants warily eating local meat pies and fried plantains sounds like a lot of work — and it was! But something about those beautiful tropical settings and encounters made the beers taste better than they probably were and created beer memories that I’ll summon up for a lifetime. So when traveling, whether in the States or abroad, drink a locally brewed beer or wine, and eat home-grown foods.

Doing Business in the Caribbean 2016
Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency is the 13th in the long-standing series of co-publications by the World Bank and International Financial Corporation (IFC). This annual report on the ease in doing business in 189 nations covers the period from June 2014 to June 2015. I have been reviewing such reports for the past two years, and have published two articles from each review: first to examine the global ranking of Caribbean states, then to breakdown their performance into the 10 indicators used in the ranking process. This article reviews “Doing Business 2016”. Last year in “Doing Business in the Caribbean: Who Cares?” and “Making Caribbean Business Better”, I suggested collaboration within the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) in order to effect well needed reform, especially considering commonalities that existed within its membership. The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has a number of groupings that could undertake such reform in “Doing Business”. However, the ACS stands out, because it is focused on the Caribbean. The two tables below present data primarily for member-states.


  • Using InVEST for Coastal Zone Management in Belize, 59min. Ocean planning requires balancing numerous competing uses such as recreation and commercial fisheries, tourism, and renewable and nonrenewable energy production. To help meet the demand for information on how human actions affect ecosystems and the benefits that ecosystems provide to people, the Natural Capital Project (NatCap) developed the Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs (InVEST) toolkit. This webinar was presented by Katie Arkema of Stanford University, Chantalle Clarke-Samuels of the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, and Gregg Verutes of WWF. The webinar co-sponsored by MEAM,, and the EBM Tools Network.

  • Diving Belize, 6.5min.

  • Belize Mission Trip, 7min.

  • Shipstern Naturreservat in Belize, 9.5min. Das Papiliorama in Kerzers hat 1989 ein Naturschutzprojekt im zentralamerikanischen Belize ins Leben gerufen hat. Das Naturschutzreservat Shipstern umfasst 80 Quadratkilometer. Mit dem Freshwater Creek Waldreservat und dem Honey Camp Nationalpark schutzt die Stiftung Papiliorama heute rund 235 Quadratkilometer Tropenwald.

  • Belize pool swimming during storm, 1min.

  • Mergulhos em Belize - Blackbird Caye, 4min.

  • Belize Diving | 2016, 4min.

  • Collin & Cindy Belize Wedding Film, 13min. by Jose Luis Zapata

  • Belize, 4min. Adam and I made our way to Belize to bring in the New Year (2015)

  • Lost on the Yucatan Peninsula | Belize & Mexico, 4min.

  • Belize Day 1, Dive 1 Toffee (Tuffy), Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5.5min. Our first dive on the Belize trip. A bit of a warm up but lots to see. First time I've been around a Nurse Shark, I was treating it like a real shark until it was explained how docile they are in the boat.

  • Diving Belize June 2016, 3min. Weekend dive trip in San Pedro, Ambrisgris Caye - Belize.

  • Conducting Annual Monitoring of Sharks in the Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, 1min. A brief video highlighting the our annual monitoring of sharks in the Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize. The Blue Hole is a globally important UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fully protected area.

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