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The San Pedro Sun

Customs delaying installation EKG machine at the Polyclinic
During the month of March 2016, BWG, The Phoenix and Canary Cove raised $8,920 to purchase the EKG machine for the Polyclinic; however, the polyclinic is still awaiting their machine. Owen Vellos, administrator at the polyclinic, confirmed that the clinic has not received it, and that it is still in Belize City waiting to be cleared from the Customs Department. Co-owner of BWG, Kelly McDermott Kanabar is trying to determine where the hold is up. “We ordered and paid for the machine in April. It arrived in Belize City in early May, and the Ministry of Health was to make arrangements to get the machine installed in San Pedro,” said Kanabar. BWG mentioned that the Customs Department has been reluctant to clear the machine because it is unsure whether or not they should charge duty. Considering that the machine is for medical purposes, and a donation to the polyclinic, duty should not be charged. The San Pedro Sun made a phone call to the Belize Customs and Excise Department, where Victor Tillet stated that the head of the customs department does not have any information in regards to the machine. “I wouldn’t know about that. They (BWG) will need to notify their shipping agents, as well as their customs brokers about their situation,” said Tillet.

No island Government School for the new school year starting in September 2016
It’s been two years since Area Representative for Belize Rural South (BRS) Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., promised the opening of a government school. There have been no signs of construction, and it seems likely that San Pedro will not have a government school this fall, despite the on-going requests by many island residents. There are a total of three grant-aided, three private schools, and no established government school on Ambergris Caye. Many parents have spoken out about limited space, congested classrooms, and at worst, costly school fees. At the start of a new school year, many parents scramble to find a spot for their child at an affordable rate. The obvious answer, they believe, is to build another school to alleviate the congestion in classrooms and allow opportunities for students who cannot afford to go to private or grant-aided schools. The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) is the largest school in San Pedro, with close to 900 students. Principal at SPRCS, Roxanne Kay, understands the problem that San Pedro schools have when it comes to space. “One of the problems we have here at RC is that we lack space and we don’t see how we could add on more classrooms. My concern ties along to what the public is saying. If we don’t have where to put students, where will the students go? Other schools are private and are more expensive, making it difficult for low-income parents to enroll their children, and a government school could alleviate that problem,” said Principal Kay.

All set for Belize to host the CODICADER games
The Central American countries of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama will be participating in the 2016 Central American Council of Sports & Recreation (CODICADER) games. For the first time ever, Belize is hosting the under-13 annual sporting tournament for primary school level athletes. Belize will host four (out of seven) following sporting disciplines: basketball, soccer, table tennis and volleyball. The games are set to start on Wednesday, July 6th and will run through Monday, July 11th, with competitions being hosted across the country in Orange Walk, Belmopan, San Ignacio, and Belize City. The opening ceremony will be held at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on Thursday, July 7th at 4PM. Orange Walk Town will host the official closing ceremony on Sunday, July 10th.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Good News Snippets with a "milk face" and wild cat picture
Amazing work....consider supporting Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, caring for our injured Belizean creatures is their #1 priority and we are very fortunate to have them. Chiquibul the orphaned jaguar cub who had been rescued from drowning by FCD rangers and received by BWRC last week Monday, responded well to treatment, recovered and was transferred to the best little zoo, The Belize Zoo - TBZ after 12 days of care at BWRC. While BWRC is a non-public facility providing medical care and rehabilitation for wildlife, which generally prescribes complete exclusion of unnecessary human interaction (so we could not fulfill countless peoples wishes to see the cub in our care), TBZ is the prime institution in Belize to see and learn about native wildlife.

Caye Caulker Bartender Training June 29th 2016
Caye Caulker bartender training by Belize Mixology starts on June 29th 2016 at Roses Grill and Bar. Cost: $350 Bz. Training: Advanced Bartending starts July 2nd to July 6th (Sunday off) Cost $450 per person. Discount offer: 10 % discount is being offered for the first ten people to sign up and pay. 15% discount available for groups of 3-5.

Sacred Heart 2016 PTA Expo
The Sacred Heart PTA is doing their 2nd Fair and Expo next Saturday at Macal River Park. They'll have it all. Loads of informational booths about everything: from Beltraide to Social Security, from Oceana to Smart. Miss Deb's will be there too with the best burgers around.

New Life Gets New Classroom
The ROWKIDS are back, and they're building a new classroom for the New Life primary school. The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio helped them out. Thanks, ROWKIDS and Rotaract! "Today a few of our Rotaract Club of San Ignacio members went out to New Life Government School in Billy White Village, Cayo District to assist ROW kids build a new classroom for the school"

The legendary Belizean radio broadcaster and audio engineer, Wil Johnson, has taken his craft of radio broadcasting in a serious way. From the youthful age of 17 years old, Johnson began his successful radio broadcasting work in Belize. He worked with KREM Radio, the Belize Corporation of Broadcasting (BCB), and LOVE FM for five years, where he gave his talents as a broadcaster and audio engineer. Wil is also the owner and proprietor of the first Belizean internet radio called Radio Belize Mix that has spanned for some five years now as a very successful business in the Los Angeles Belizean Community. His radio station reaches millions of audiences around the world as well as thousands of Belizean listeners across the Belizean diaspora promoting Belize and Belizean music. A diaspora Belizean himself, Johnson is a hard working Belizean with a passion for excellence, and one of the contributors to the community development in the Los Angeles Belizean Community.

We here at Belizean Legends want to send a big shout out and thanks to the legendary Belizean DJ and sound engineer, Mark Hyde of M.H. Sounds for volunteering his time to provide the sound for the BREDAA Town Meeting on Sunday June 12, 2016 at the Holy Name of Jesus School in Los Angeles. Mark Hyde was a a long time Belize-Caribbean Pulse radio engineer for the radio show on KPFK Los Angeles, that was a BREDAA ten-year Belizean community program from 1986 to 1996. A great sense of gratitude is owed to this Belizean brother and his work that he has contributed tirelessly to serve the Belizean people at home and abroad.


Homosexuals, MSM, exhibit “unusually high rate of HIV infection”
Belize saw HIV-related deaths peak in 2015 at 110, with young productive males being the hardest hit by the disease. Behind those numbers is a phenomenon that has seemingly been driving the HIV epidemic in Belize, with the highest concentration of cases being in the Belize District area. That is evidenced by an unusually high rate of HIV infection in men who have sex with men (MSM)—homosexuals and bisexuals—and a good portion of those men are also having sex with women, while keeping their homosexual relations “on the down low.” Furthermore, some of those men were forced into their first encounter—and some continue to be forced even as adults. In fact, a comprehensive report to look at the prevalence of HIV among at-risk groups in Belize found that “…the prevalence of HIV found in MSM in Belize was the highest reported after the Multicenter Study in Central America (EMC) in the Central American region.” Clandestine sexual relations frequently occur without the use of protection, and sometimes under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Guats raze over 6 square miles of Chiquibul
Even with reports that Guatemala has increased its military presence around its border with Belize, Guatemalans continue to venture onto Belizean territory, where they not only enter illegally to slash and burn forests for farming, but they also continue to occupy land inside the Chiquibul, on the Belize side of the border. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) confirmed to us earlier this week that an illegal dwelling we observed on Sunday via an online satellite image “is a fresh clearing, now being addressed by joint patrol.” What FCD’s May 2016 assessment has revealed is that more than 1,600 hectares of the Chiquibul Forest, which is under protected status, has been razed for farming or cattle ranching by Guatemalans. That area converts to approximately 6.2 square miles of Belizean territory. The FCD identified 94 polygons illegally cleared by the Guatemalans. They encroach on Belizean territory each year, where they slash large portions of Belize’s forest, burn it and then plant at the opportune time. The fact that they come back every year suggests that they also get to harvest those crops.

“Maca” Lamb dead at 65
“Maca” Lamb, as Albert Alexander Lamb was known to his many friends, died sometime today and was laid to rest at Eternal Garden, his brother Roy Lamb confirmed late this evening to Amandala. Roy said his brother’s body was discovered by the person from whom he was renting his home in Ladyville. Maca was in his bed. Roy said that the body was already decomposing due to the heat, and that a post-mortem exam had to be performed immediately, before he was laid to rest. According to Roy, the family does not suspect any foul play and the post-mortem result showed that Maca died from a heart condition. He was 65. Maca was a “hard follower” of the Penta Lakers basketball team. He was Lakers to the bone.

Crooked Tree man charged with murder in Florida
A family member of Elvis Tillett, 57, of Crooked Tree, Belize District, now living in Florida, told Amandala this evening that the family scarcely knows anything about Tillett’s relationship with his son-in-law, Marquise Ephron, 29, for whose murder Tillett has been charged by police in Ponciana, Florida. Apparently, when Tillett left Belize about 40 years ago, they lost contact with him, even though he reportedly visited Belize about five years ago, and the family drifted apart, so they do not know what the deadly problems were between Tillett and his son-in-law, Ephron. According to the online version of the Orlando Sentinel, dated June 9, 2016, Elvis Tillett, now living on Mariana Way, Ponciana, Florida, USA, has been charged with murder after he shot and killed his son-in-law, Marquise Ephron, 29, the father of his two grandchildren.

Three Belizeans in Texas road accident
Well-known Corozaleno, Sostenes Tamay, 46, of Halls Layout, Corozal Town, was killed in a road traffic collision at about 8:30 this morning on Highway 246 in Harris County, Houston ,Texas, USA. Tamay and two friends had travelled to Houston to buy a vehicle, and vehicle parts. They had just pulled out of a vehicle junkyard onto Highway 246 when an F150 Ford pickup that was reportedly travelling too fast slammed into the left side of the SUV, behind the driver, where Tamay was seated, and as a result, he suffered massive head and body injuries and died almost immediately on the scene. His family is devastated, and is grappling with the sudden loss. In addition, they must now find $10,000 to bring Tamay’s body from Texas to Corozal to bury him.

Sedi, do you ever think before you talk?
Seven years ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sedi Elrington, told the world that the Belize-Guatemala border was “artificial.” If that was not already damning, on Tuesday during a press conference with the media in Belmopan, he added further insult to the intellect and emotions of many Belizean people. Firstly, he boasted that while the PUP were on their trip on the Sarstoon, a Guatemalan drone flew overhead. He proudly told Amandala, “they did not see the drone, but the drone was on top photographing every move they made.” Secondly, though the Guatemalans have been exercising control over the Sarstoon River to the extent that we must now “ask permission” before visiting our country’s southern boundary, Elrington denied that our territory has been annexed. Belize’s Foreign Minister incredulously said, “you can’t annex what you claim to own.”

Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Week 8 and All Star weekend results
Playoffs are near, and the Smart 13 & Under Mundialito had a “fully loaded” weekend of games, as regularly scheduled Week 8 games were played on Saturday, and on Sunday there were the All Star Game and the traditional exhibition featuring the officials vs coaches. In game 1 on Saturday, June 4, Hattieville Riverside boys bombed Face of Belize, 4-1, with 2 goals from Ruben Darius and 1 apiece from Jose Almendarez and Jaheed Baptist. Kareem Santos got the only goal for Face of Belize. Game 2 was a 0-0 draw between last season’s finalists, Young Warriors and City Boys; and game 3 also saw Brown Bombers and Carlston FC playing to a 0-0 draw. In game 4, Jahren Rivers scored the only goal, to give Collet Strikers the 1-nil win over Reality Youths. And in game 5, D’Jon Canelo’s goal gave Ladyville Jaguars the 1-0 victory over Heights FC.

Simeon Lopez Kids, Female and Youth Cup 2016 Finals
The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) came close to completing the Finals of the Simeon Lopez Kids U-13, Female U-17 and Youth U-15 Cup 2016 on Sunday, June 5, at the Governor General Football Park. All, but 1 of the scheduled games were completed. Third place games In the Female U-17 third place game, which got under way at 9:00 a.m., Central Site Bandits and Las Flores Latin Girls ended 0-0 in regulation, and in the penalty shootout, Central Site Bandits won, 2-1, to take third place. Cindy Chen and Marie Arnold converted for Central Site, while Diana Aparicio tallied for Las Flores. Next was the Kids U-13 third place match, and again it was deadlocked in regulation, this time 1-1, with Angel Milian (22’) putting Police Cadets in front, while Cristian Membreno (41’) equalized for Piccini Rising Stars. In the ensuing penalty shootout, Piccini Rising Stars prevailed, 4-1, with goals from Jaheim Reynolds, Cristian Membreno, Antwone Lewis and Mchichal Duane; while only Robert Thomas converted for Police Cadets.

Cricket Corner: Scorers are a part of the games too.
Hello, cricket fans and families! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2016 Cricket Competition continues this weekend with the starting of the playoff games. The teams that reached the playoff spots are: In Zone One – Excellence in first place; Easy Does It at second; and Western Eagles at third. In Zone Two – Berlan in first place; Wicked 11 at second; and Sunrise at third. These teams (2nd and 3rd place) will play against each other in a best-of-three series. Thanks to our sponsors, Belikin and Smart. This weekend we will see Western Eagles taking on Wicked 11 at Flowers Bank; and Sunrise goes to Lemonal against Easy Does It. The two first place teams wait on the winners of these teams for their challenge.

Si vis pacem, para bellum
Two surprising things occurred within the last week. The first was on Friday morning when a boatload of Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) parliamentarians, constituency chairmen, and party officials visited the Sarstoon River, entered it and circled the Sarstoon Island. Not a member of the Guatemalan armed forces appeared. The second surprising incident took place earlier this week when a Belize Cabinet Minister, Hon. Gaspar Vega, addressed a meeting of the Association of Caribbean States in Havana, Cuba, and spoke in a manner which most Belizeans wish that Belize had been speaking a long time ago. Earlier last week in fact, another surprising thing had happened. The British had been caught, on the evidence of their own archives, having colluded with the Guatemalan army and having assisted them in the early 1980 in fighting leftist insurgents. In the wake of these surprising events, to hear the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, speak in the same manner of appeasement and apology for Guatemalan aggression and misdeeds at a Tuesday press conference in Belmopan, was very disappointing. The Guatemalans, meanwhile, were quick to declare that the Friday morning détente was a one-off action, or lack thereof, on their part. In other words, they intended to resume their belligerence at the Sarstoon based on their claiming the whole of the river, in defiance of the 1859 Treaty.

From the Publisher
The Creole culture in Belize City when I was growing up was heavily influenced by alcohol. I come from families which included many seafaring males, and it was felt that rum helped to warm one up when one was wet and cold on the sea. Rum was, therefore, not only legal: it was considered practically medicinal. One of the great rites of passage for young Belizean males was their first drunken spree, and it usually occurred at Christmas time when a youth would be visiting from house to house with his friends and contemporaries. It was an important aspect of growing up in Belize for a young man to learn how to drink liquor and control himself. You were supposed to learn how to enjoy yourself as much as you could without making a fool of yourself or becoming a major bother to other people. When I was 7 years old our family moved from Church Street to West Canal Street, near its corner with Regent Street West, near Bolton Bridge. Across Bolton Bridge, at the corner of Regent Street West and East Canal, was a white, two-storey wooden building with pink (or red) window blinds. This was one of the offices owned by the man Ben Stuart, a very prominent mahogany contractor. His white Jaguar automobile was often parked in front of the building, I remember that, and the trucks that hauled mahogany (they called them “camions”) were busy in the street around that building.

Santi writes
X, Read your article in Tuesday’s Amandala. FYI – my father was one of the promoters who brought Muhammad Ali to Belize. I have enclosed a copy of a framed photo I keep at home. There are many in the photo you will recognize. Front row right: Net Vasquez and Dean Lindo. Behind Dean Lindo is my father’s chauffeur for decades, Joe Carillo. I think right row is the Hunter boys. I am up front left with my housekeeper. Santino Castillo

Ministry Of Health: The Miracle Drug For Diabetic Ulcers In Cuba!
Dear Editor, Some years ago I read an article in the Amandala of the experimental Cuban drug HEBERPROT P that was being tested in Europe and was revealing excellent results. Today, the drug has been tested in over twenty-four countries and because of the success in treating diabetic ulcers grade 4 and 5, the drug has been legalized in those countries. In the USA, although it has been proven successful in many states, it is still not being approved, to the dismay of thousands of diabetic patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, which many times lead to amputations. I am appealing to the Ministry of Health to please pursue information on the drug Heberprot P so that we can “test” it in Belize and reap the benefits of this miracle drug.

Commencement or culminating exercises?
Dear Mr. Editor: From the time of my first graduation which was many, many years ago, I had always wondered as to why graduation ceremonies were referred to as “commencement” exercises. I later understood that graduation ceremonies are referred to as “commencement” exercises due to the fact that it is preparing students for a “new beginning.” It offers the perception that it is only the start of all things great and new. It is designed to give students the unalterable hope that it is at this point where their lives will just begin – wherein a copious amount of opportunities will flood their way and where many doors will be open and countless paths will be there to explore and trod. This, however, while it is an innocent idea that forms the precepts of something good, is but a mere illusion to the masses of graduates except for a privileged few. At the end of these “commencement” exercises, there are indeed doors that are swung wide open and paths that are paved with good intentions.

Of Guatemala and Belize
Much has been written on the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute. We have received a 2001 legal opinion from some very highly regarded lawyers that the Guatemalan claim of ownership to all or part of Belize would be considered untenable on strictly legal grounds if taken to the ICJ. The Governments of both countries have signed an agreement of commitment to do just that. Recently even the Opposition PUP has advocated this as the best option for the resolution of this dispute. Despite the legal opinion of the experts I believe this course of action if incorrectly done could more than likely result in the loss to Guatemala of up to some 53% of our territory, i.e. from Sibun to the Sarstoon River over which Guatemala has already began to exercise its sovereignty. My reason for this opinion is that the Guatemalan claim is based on very convoluted historical and somewhat controversial legal issues which may very well include duplicity on the part of the British and hypocrisy on the part of the Americans that may likely result in a decision favorable to Guatemala whose position is, in my opinion, most closely aligned with the profit-making agendas of the global power brokers who are more than capable of dictating what decision the judges should make.

Internationalizing The Struggle For Belize Against Guatemalan Military Aggression!
In the footsteps of all the Belizean activists who came before us, and whose footsteps we Belizeans in resistance against imperialism walk in, it is most important that we remember the Mayan Belizean activist Julian Cho; the Belizean Patriot, Minister Philip Goldson; the writer of the Belizean national anthem, Colonel Samuel Haynes; the leaders of the resistance against the Anglo Guatemalan claim of 1981 called the Heads of Agreement, Odinga Lumumba and Maria Socorro Bobadilla; and today in the spirit of the Belizean activist against the Guatemalan military aggression in the South of Belize, Wil Maheia. It is their spirit that urged me on as a member of the grassroots diaspora Belizean resistance organization, BREDAA, to have possessed the will on Sunday May 29, 2016 at the symposium against the injustices and oppression of indigenous and marginalized peoples around the world that was organized by the 5th. Annual Garifuna International & Indigenous Film Festival in Venice, California, to speak for Belize and the people of Belize against the naked aggression inflicted by the Guatemalan military oligarchy that have invaded and annexed the southern Belizean bordering river of the Sarstoon, and the Belizean land of the Sarstoon Island.

Veteran football referee Rudy Vasquez on visit from California
On a brief visit to the Jewel after being away for some 33 years is former well known Belize City football referee, Rudy Vasquez, who at 70 years is still an active, registered referee in San Bernadino, California, where he now resides. He says his officiating is now restricted to games below the U-19 level. Rudy was also once the Chairman of the Belize City Football Association back in the latter 1970’s, and, along with Vice-Chairman, friend and fellow referee, Daniel Edmonds, claimed the distinction of leaving some $10,000.00 in the association’s “kitty” at the end of their 1979 term, an unprecedented achievement in those days. Rudy said that he keeps in touch with Danny, who presently resides in Jamaica but has been ailing for some time. Rudy was a referee and a football executive during the exciting football decade of the 70’s in Belize City, and his visit to the Zinc Fence was a pleasant reconnection of sorts with Amandala publisher, Evan X Hyde, yours truly from the sports desk, and editor Russell Vellos, who were all intimately involved with football at that time.

It’s risky to go to the ICJ, says Lindsay Belisle, former Boundary Commissioner
Lindsay Belisle, a former Boundary Commissioner who is also an international surveyor, has added his voice to the national discussion involving the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, and the question of whether or not Belize should go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a final resolution of the territorial claim. Belisle has made several media appearances; the last one was on Thursday, June 2, when he was a guest on KREM Radio and TV’s Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes show (WUB). Belisle served as Boundary and Water Commissioner with Mexico and was advisor to the Belize Government on the Belize/Guatemala boundary team from 1990 to 2008, which covers the period of time when the Organization of American States (OAS) came up with the Confidence-Building Measures and the Adjacency Zone, based on the existing boundary markers. At that time, Efrain Orellano was Guatemalan Advisor. Amandala asked Belisle what he would advise the Belize Government in the wake of Guatemala’s apparent annexation of the Sarstoon River.

Belize prepares for average hurricane season and possibly, La Niña
Today, the National Meteorology Service held its National Climate Outlook Forum with a focus on the rainy season and by extension, the Atlantic Hurricane season. Catherine Cumberbatch, Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Service, in addressing those in attendance at the forum, said, “This is a forum where we have stakeholders’ consultation about the climate service and seasonal outlook products that we produce. Specifically, the products that we are talking about for this forum is the seasonal rainfall outlook and temperature outlook for the wet season, which runs from June to November, and what are the projections for drought.” Though this year’s hurricane season is projected to be normal, Cumberbatch told Amandala that such an overall outlook provides no indication of whether or not Belize could be hit by a major storm this season.

The Reporter

Agricultural officer to receive
Gary Ramirez, director of Research and Development in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development, will take part in a workshop on International Cooperation and Development in Taiwan this month. The training comes through an invitation from the Taiwanese government and will run from June 22nd to July 5th. Ramirez’s duties include consulting with the Chief Agriculture Officer and Central Farm Station Manager, coordinating and submitting projects, assisting in the design, revision and establishment of crop trial plots, and planning promotional and public education activities for major agricultural events, etc.

Watchman gunned down in Mahogany Heights
Lyndon Murrillo, 51, a father of five of Mahogany Heights was shot dead as he rode home Friday night. The watchman had just alighted a bus and was making his way home just before 9:00 p.m., when someone shot him twice from behind. He died on the spot. Murrillo had borrowed the bicycle from his son to reach home because that day he had been suffering from pain in his legs. Regional Commander for Rural Eastern Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster told the media that one of the bullets struck Murillo in the foot and the other went through his back and exited the right side of his chest. He said police have not established a motive. Murrillo’s family have expressed shock that someone wanted him dead and believe his killing was a case of mistaken identity.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Company selling real estate in Belize accused of scamming millions
A real estate company, DreamScapes Belize, operated by several foreigners with questionable backgrounds has come under scrutiny and been slapped with several lawsuits after being accused of scamming buyers out of millions of dollars in a case of real estate fraud. DreamScapes has also been linked to two firms named in the “Panama Papers” leak from the Mossack-Fonseca firm several months ago. DreamScapes allegedly collected over US $10 million from American and Canadian investors who wanted to buy dream homes in Belize. DreamScapes advertised lots for up to US $30,000 and promised model homes, access roads, a potable water supply, waste treatment facility, a school, police and fire stations, an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse and a marina facility with dockage, none of which exist.

Voting continues in Village Council elections
oting for village councils across the country continues tomorrow after the first set of representatives were selected on June 5th. The list of villages in each district where voting will take place tomorrow is as follows: Corozal District: 1. San Roman 2. Santa Clara 3. Louiseville 4. Chan Chen 5. San Antonio. Orange Walk District: 1. Yo Creek 2. Carmelita 3. San José 4 San Luis. Belize District: 1. Burrell Boom 2. La Democracia 3. Freetown Sibun 4. Gracie Rock 5. St. George’s Caye 6. Mahogany Heights.


Flying From one Island to Another
For many travelers seeing more than one country at a time on vacation is on their travel itinerary. Today’s guest post by Kendall Beymer takes you on a fun short trip from Belize to Roatan. It is a fast easy flight that takes 1 hour, shorter than the weekly workday commute for many. Enjoy :) For a guy living in Belize you’d think getting away to another tropical island wouldn’t be top on the ole “to do” list…and you’d be right. Never the less I recently saddled up my ponies for a trip to Roatan! The island of magical beauty just a stones throw away. Situated just a bit off the coast of Honduras I quickly realized that saddling my pony had been a utter waste of time and found myself in a scramble looking for a much better way to travel there. This quickly became a no brainier for me; I love my pony and while he could no doubt swim the distance it would likely take much longer than the one hour flight from Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City to Juan Manual Galvez International airport on Roatan. The journey was lovely! It was only a couple pilots, three guys behind me and a blonde chick across the isle. I thought I’d take a nap myself but was continuously interrupted by the beauty. We flew past Turneffe, Lighthouse Reef, and the outer Atolls. Such amazing scenery and so easily view-able on from the windows – pretty much every seat is a window seat AND and isle seat!! In fact – there aren’t ANY middle seats. That’s love.

120+ Day of Sun: Right on Time, The Clouds Start in Belize
June 1st is the official start of the Hurricane Season. We tend to see more storminess towards the end of the season – September and October. But June thru August can bring clouds and after 120 days of SUN SUN SUN… I know what you are thinking…OH THE HUMANITY…we started to see some clouds and even some…sprinkles. Mainly in the night or the early morning but ACTUAL water is coming out of the sky. Alex, Bonnie, Colin done, now Danielle, Earl (that’s a good one!), Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tobias, Virginie and Walter. Did you know that if we go thru all 21 names – additional names will be used from the Greek alphabet…Alpha, Beta, etc. The 2005 hurricane season holds the record for the most named storms. It was the most active and destructive season ever, spawning 27 tropical storms including 15 hurricanes and such catastrophic storms as Katrina, Rita and Wilma… It went thru Zeta, the 6th letter of the Green alphabet. Yikes. Here are my pictures and some other gorgeous ones from Instagram over the last few weeks…sun transitioning to clouds and just some other ones that I love.

Visit Belize’s Tobacco Caye
A tiny island measuring just 5 acres in size and easily traversable on foot in 10 minutes or less, the lovely Tobacco Caye off the coast of southeastern Belize is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. The first European settlers in the area used the tiny island for growing tobacco, giving the name to what is today a picture postcard gem of a tropical island that has no roads, cars, or vehicular traffic. Whether you’re interested in recreating your favorite shipwreck fantasy on a deserted island or simply want to lounge in a hammock underneath swaying palm trees, Tobacco Caye is a delight. Tobacco Caye is especially popular with visitors due to the crystal clear waters, an ideal spot for scuba diving. Just 300 feet offshore is a deep dropoff, perfect for divers who want to explore the rich abundance of marine life in the Belize Barrier Reef. Located within the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, a division of the greater Belize Barrier Reef, Tobacco Caye is approximately a 30-minute boat trip offshore from Dangriga in southeastern Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Find True Paradise at Turneffe Flats in Belize
My wife and I just returned from the most fantastic vacation. We’re both avid scuba divers and have dreamed of one day enjoying some Caribbean Diving. We checked out the various dive locations and had finally selected Belize as our destination. We chatted with a few of our friends who also dive and who had stayed at various Belize Resorts. They recommended that we stay at Turneffe Flats on the Turneffe Atoll. We took their advice and are so glad we did. We signed up for one of their combination Fishing & Diving packages. From day one, we knew that we had made the best choice of resort. They’ve everything we could have desired to do, diving, snorkeling, fly fishing, and much more. Their facilities and staff were first class. Our room had a spectacular view that looked out over the water. It had been like we’d gone to paradise. We actually didn’t wish to come home. We started off with our dive portion of our package. Everywhere we went was spectacular but I did have a few favorite dive spots. I truly enjoyed the day trip to The Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, and Long Caye. For those divers out there, you’ll know that The Blue Hole is where where Jacques Cousteau visited a lot in the early 70’s and it has become Belize’s most famous dive site. I now know why; it had been everything I’d seen and wished for. The clarity of the water is beyond compare. Turneffe Flats can rent you the basic equipment but you’ll want to remember to bring your personal mask, fins, snorkel etc. There is a list of what you’ll need online: Very Important: Don’t forget to bring your certification card.

Marine reservists take over crisis response mission in Central America
About 300 Marine reservists are headed for Central America this week where they’ll train local troops struggling against gang violence and drug cartels and stand ready to help in the event of a natural disaster. Members of Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force—Southern Command will set up headquarters for the six-month deployment at the Soto Cano air base in Honduras. From there, they’ll dispatch small advisory teams of grunts and engineers throughout the region. The Marines come from 42 units across 20 states, marking the first time Marine Corps Forces Reserves will take the lead of the annual rotation.

Developers promised paradise but delivered a disaster
The promotional videos paint a portrait of an exotic hideaway, nestled amid enchanting waterfalls and serene seaside vistas, bathed in amber sunsets and dotted with model homes with names like Sandpiper and Macaw. Retirees and investors saw them and were charmed. But nearly a decade after American and Canadians began buying into Dreamscapes of Belize, a planned residential community in Central America’s only English-speaking country, there is no electricity, no marina, no 18-hole golf course. Also, no homes. There are, instead, plenty of disappointed and bewildered customers, some of whom claim in litigation that they were duped into buying dreary, landlocked scrub land by slick YouTube animations, Google ads and an ambiguous sales contract. Mixed up in the dispute are a pair of offshore companies set up by Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal, and a Florida-based skin-care company that is now defunct. It’s not exactly clear what role the offshores played in the drama, although one of them — registered in the Bahamas — was a holding company for the Belize properties, according to a Mossack Fonseca file. More could come out in pending litigation. But experts said they aren’t surprised to learn of the offshore companies’ presence in a case involving allegations of fraud and missing money.


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  • Ethnographic Field School in Belize - Water Well Demonstration and Testing [Small Version], 3.5min. This is a short, unedited, and compressed video of a water well demonstration and testing in Yo Creek, Belize, during the 2016 Ethnographic Field School ( A better quality version will be uploaded after we return from the field!

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