As development continues on Ambergris Caye, so grows residents’ concerns about the rapid transformation of a municipality into a busier, more urban area. Recently the state of a new business venture on Coconut Drive has raised many questions, mainly, ‘what business is it?’ There was much speculation that it is a potential car rental, but The San Pedro Town Council has been quick to clarify that it is not.

The San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) spoke to The San Pedro Sun, stating that while they heard the same rumours, no applications have been submitted for such business. The SPTD is not processing anymore applications for vehicles, except for a limited amount of personal golf carts and motorcycles.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero also confirmed the SPTD statements. As the chairman of the Trade Licensing Board, he dismissed the idea of approving any vehicular rentals on the island. “We are not approving any such thing as a car rental. As a matter of fact, at the moment we have a moratorium that no more vehicles can be transported to the island. Those comments about such business are far from true,” said Guerrero.

However, regarding the business in question, Guerrero said, the proposed project is a building for apartments, hence the reason for the property’s large size. “The business that is developing is for a hotel and apartment complex. That is their plan, and that is why they acquired all that property in order to accommodate a large structure for apartments,” said Guerrero.

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