A gracious thank you to our community for your kind support in attending the 4th Annual Men @ Work art exhibit launch, which took place this past Friday. Once again the men have brought out their very best art work. It is always a pleasure to showcase our cultural artists.

As an added feature this year we also showcased our culinary artists; Belize Golden Sugar Cane Juice, as they pressed out fresh juice and we served their latest product-sugar cane wine. Thank you to our artists: Hector Villamil, Benjamin Cal, Carlos Carrillo, Hilberto Trujillo, Allan Jones, Alberto Lopez, Bob Wright, Chuy Carrillo, Marcus Gonzalez, Daniel Cano, Yorel Chable, volunteer Simi Wadwa, and assistant Elma Chun for a successful event!

We invite you to kindly visit and view the art which is on display through to June 30th.

Click photos for more pictures!