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Today's Belize News: June 14, 2016 #514387
06/14/16 06:11 AM
06/14/16 06:11 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Wine and Dine at Stella’s Smile
Tuesday evenings used to be a race to meet deadlines, so no lovely drives or spontaneous dinners after dark. Well, we’re done with that now, and we were so excited to head on over to Stella’s Smile for their Burger Tuesdays. We’ve happily been for Mimosa Sundays, Sangria Thursdays, Wine Flight Wednesdays…you get the drift! Burgers for a Tuesday evening sounded delicious, and we hopped on the purple lovebug (golf cart) and in a few minutes, we’d breezily made our way to Stella’s. The nice new paved road sure makes getting around north of the bridge easier! After parking the cart and led by Bruno, their uber-friendly maître d, we happily made our way to the beautifully laid out patio. Our noses twitched…oooh, what’s that lovely smell? Oh, burgers on the grill!

Ministry of Health Condemns Exploitation of Vulnerable Persons
It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Health that a perverse video is being circulated on social media. The video features a man and a woman, purported to have diagnoses of mental disorders, being instructed to perform sexual acts by the persons recording the video. The audio on the video reveals that the couple was being encouraged in their actions only to be rewarded with a soda by the persons who were watching and recording the couple performing various sexual acts. The Ministry of Health is appalled at this assault on human dignity and is dismayed that these persons felt comfortable enough to record and share this video to further humiliate this couple and their families. The Ministry of Health implores all Belizeans to protect the privacy and rights of all people, especially those who are made vulnerable because of physical and mental disabilities. The public is strongly encouraged to protest and denounce these types of violations of person’s dignity and rights. In so doing we can begin to change the culture of stigma, discrimination and victimization of vulnerable persons who live among us.

Confiscation of Compressed Marijuana in Northern Belize
The Ministry of National Security informs the public that a Belize Defence Force patrol was conducted in the area of Patchacan on 11 June 2016. This patrol led to the discovery of 85 pounds of Marijuana and the detention of three male persons namely: Edilberto Ku, 44-year-old Belizean Vegetable Vendor from Patachacan Village; John Triminio, 59-year-old Belizean Farmer from Xaibe Village; and Gabriel Chan, 28-year-old Belizean Mason from Patachacan Village. These men were handed over to the Corozal Police Station where they were processed and charged. The marijuana is believed to have a street value of over $7,000 Belizean dollars.

Lobster Season reopens: predictions for the 2016-2017 season
It’s been almost four months since the lobster season closed to allow the spiny lobster populations to replenish. The reopening of the season is on Wednesday, June 15th and what better way to rejoice in San Pedro than with the 2016 Lobster Fest! During this time, residents and visitors indulge in their favorite lobster-themed dishes. The twelve-day celebration commences on Wednesday, June 15th and ends with a grand block party on Saturday, June 25th. Under the Fisheries Act of Belize, regulated by the Belize Fisheries Department (BFD), the consumption and harvesting of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus Argus) is only allowed from June 15 to February 14. The Belize Fisheries Department reported that after the 2014-2015 lobster season closed, the quantity of lobster tails produced was 484,891.1 pounds in 2014, with the figures increasing to 535,863.2 lbs in 2015.

Rumour: ‘Car Rental in San Pedro?’; Mayor: ‘Absolutely Not!’
As development continues on Ambergris Caye, so grows residents’ concerns about the rapid transformation of a municipality into a busier, more urban area. Recently the state of a new business venture on Coconut Drive has raised many questions, mainly, ‘what business is it?’ There was much speculation that it is a potential car rental, but The San Pedro Town Council has been quick to clarify that it is not. The San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) spoke to The San Pedro Sun, stating that while they heard the same rumours, no applications have been submitted for such business. The SPTD is not processing anymore applications for vehicles, except for a limited amount of personal golf carts and motorcycles. Mayor Daniel Guerrero also confirmed the SPTD statements. As the chairman of the Trade Licensing Board, he dismissed the idea of approving any vehicular rentals on the island. “We are not approving any such thing as a car rental. As a matter of fact, at the moment we have a moratorium that no more vehicles can be transported to the island. Those comments about such business are far from true,” said Guerrero.

Ambergris Today

Stay Cool with Dixi’s Smoothies
The minute I tasted my first Dixi Smoothie I knew I had to tell you about it! Dixi told Dorian to bring mom and I to try her Oreo smoothie and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her little smoothie shop is on Front Street behind the Lion’s Den. Here are three reasons why you have to go try this smoothie NOW! We’re lucky to have the sea so close to jump into on super hot days, but not everyone has time to do that every day. The icy cold smoothies at Dixiana’s are just the thing to get you cooled off when you’re in a rush.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Social Investment Fund Continues to Empower Teachers & Parents With Skills Training To Achieve Educational Excellence
Certification Exercises will be held in the Northern Districts for 20 teachers and 25 parents who successfully completed training in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Classroom Management, Leadership, Parenting Skills, Intermediate Computer Skills and First Aid Training. Teachers and parents in this regard, will receive Certificate of Completion and Participation at ceremonies scheduled for 3:00 pm on Monday June 13 at Ranchito Community Centre, Corozal; and at 2:30 pm on Thursday June 16 at Carmelita Primary School, Orange Walk. Hence, it is within this context, that these teachers are now equipped with enhanced educational leadership skills and competencies, which will significantly contribute in making a positive educational impact in nurturing the development of students. To this end, the future leaders of Belize will have the opportunity to develop socially, culturally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and intellectually.

Agriculture Project Cooperated by Belize and Taiwan Held a Successful Tilapia Farming Workshop in Stann Creek District
In order to improve the Tilapia Business in Belize, the GOB-ROC Aquaculture Project implemented a “Wonderful Tilapia Farming Workshop” in Independence High School on 8 June, 2016. The project period of GOB-ROC Aquaculture Project is February 2012 to February 2017. Its total budget amount is US$ 2.5 million dollars which is funded by the Republic of China (Taiwan) Government. The principle project objective is to enhance the tilapia production industry in Belize, to improve the economic condition and nutrition of Belizeans living in rural areas. There were more than 20 aquaculture producers and related professionals participating in this important event, which included members from the important international organizations of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the private sector (shrimp farmers) and official agricultural specialists.

Corozal House of Culture Men at Work Art exhibit a success!
A gracious thank you to our community for your kind support in attending the 4th Annual Men @ Work art exhibit launch, which took place this past Friday. Once again the men have brought out their very best art work. It is always a pleasure to showcase our cultural artists. As an added feature this year we also showcased our culinary artists; Belize Golden Sugar Cane Juice, as they pressed out fresh juice and we served their latest product-sugar cane wine. Thank you to our artists: Hector Villamil, Benjamin Cal, Carlos Carrillo, Hilberto Trujillo, Allan Jones, Alberto Lopez, Bob Wright, Chuy Carrillo, Marcus Gonzalez, Daniel Cano, Yorel Chable, volunteer Simi Wadwa, and assistant Elma Chun for a successful event! We invite you to kindly visit and view the art which is on display through to June 30th.

Personnel from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) visited Las Cuevas Research Station this weekend
Biologist Boris Arevalo explains the opportunities at the Station for both research and recreation.

Belize Tourism Board's Digital Summit 2016!
Save the Date and get the early bird deal until June 30, 2016! Belize Tourism Board's Digital Summit 2016!

US Ambassador Moreno participated in a Court Audio Recording & IT Equipment Handover Ceremony at the Supreme Court in Belize City.
The Court Audio Recording Project is now fully operational and places state of the art audio recording equipment and related IT equipment in the Supreme Court and all Magistrate Courts throughout the nation. As part of the project, The U.S. Embassy facilitated training for justices, magistrates, court equipment and IT staff in the use of the equipment. This project is part of the recently signed Justice Sector Reform Letter of Agreement for U.S. 1.45M between the GOB and the USG. This agreement establishes and supports justice sector reform projects designed to increase the GOB's capacity to assist the justice system to fairly, effectively and efficiently process criminal cases in a timely manner.

2016 Belize Archaeology Anthropology Symposium
Mark the dates on your calendars. The 2016 Belize Archaeology Anthropology Symposium is soon upon us. June 28 - July 1

Environmental Day,Middlesex Village, Stann Creek District.
Outside activities. It will be booths and they will have presentations. June 25

2nd Musical Summer Camp on Caye Caulker
On Monday June 27th our 2nd Musical Summer Camp begins. We still have a few spaces but we would like to encourage our adults to join in the fun. Follow this link and get an idea of what its all about.

Destruction of Marijuana Plants and Other Cultivation in the Areas of Valentin Camp, Retiro, Cebada and Sapote
The Ministry of National Security informs the public that a joint patrol was conducted in the areas of Valentin Camp, Retiro, Cebada and Sapote during the period 29 May, 2016 to 09 June 2016. Members of the Belize Defence Force, with the support of the Belize Police Department, Forestry Department, Ministry of Human Development and Friends for Conservation and Development, destroyed 650 marijuana plants of varying height, 50 acres of pumpkin and 100 coffee plants. Also six families consisting of 20 persons were found to be living in Retiro (Belize). These families were ordered to leave. Here are photographs of the plantation and the families.

Confiscation of Compressed Marijuana in Northern Belize
The Ministry of National Security informs the public that a Belize Defence Force patrol was conducted in the area of Patchacan on 11 June 2016. This patrol led to the discovery of 85 pounds of Marijuana and the detention of three male persons namely: Edilberto Ku, 44-year-old Belizean Vegetable Vendor from Patachacan Village; John Triminio, 59-year-old Belizean Farmer from Xaibe Village; and Gabriel Chan, 28-year-old Belizean Mason from Patachacan Village. These men were handed over to the Corozal Police Station where they were processed and charged. The marijuana is believed to have a street value of over $7,000 Belizean dollars.

Ministry of Health Condemns Exploitation of Vulnerable Persons
It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Health that a perverse video is being circulated on social media. The video features a man and a woman, purported to have diagnoses of mental disorders, being instructed to perform sexual acts by the persons recording the video. The audio on the video reveals that the couple was being encouraged in their actions only to be rewarded with a soda by the persons who were watching and recording the couple performing various sexual acts. The Ministry of Health is appalled at this assault on human dignity and is dismayed that these persons felt comfortable enough to record and share this video to further humiliate this couple and their families.

TOP 10 2016 PSE Results for the Corozal District
asser Charaf of Mary Hill RC School tops No 1 at 383 points and takes 10th overall. Congratulations to Yasser Charaf, Rohan Ake, Pedro Kukul, Kaelyn Wade, Arion Griffith, Jadiel Casanova, Jo-Ellyn Clarke, Felipe Galaz, Aleandra Bol and Nigel Rosado. Keep up the great work and aim for the stars.

Dreamscapes of Belize Development
Have you bought land in Dreamscapes of Belize Development. For many in 2008 it started as a dream, but for all it has turned into the ultimate real estate nightmare. "A COMPANY FROM NORTH PALM BEACH FLORIDA SELLING REAL ETATE IN BELIZE IS ACCUSED OF SCAMMING MILLIONS" says a report from BBN and BMG! "A real estate company, DreamScapes Belize, operated by several foreigners with questionable backgrounds has come under scrutiny and been slapped with several lawsuits after being accused of scamming buyers out of millions of dollars in a case of real estate fraud. DreamScapes has also been linked to two firms named in the “Panama Papers” leak from the Mossack-Fonseca firm several months ago.

Succotz Archaeology & Culture Fair
Learn all about the culture and history Succotz at the Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair on Sunday, June 26th, at the Succotz R.C. primary school. They'll have the Puksi'ik'al Maya Ball Players there.

Hawk Watch Certification Program
For all of you guides out there who expressed some interest in the Hawk Watch Certification Program... We are trying to open this to Belizeans ONLY. However, if our Belizeans do not take advantage of this virtually free opportunity, we will open it to the 20+ foreign students who are dying to get in. This is a 5 week certification program of 1 week (5 days) of workshop and class activities in San Ignacio from September 19-23 and 4 weeks (20 days) of in-field hawk watching in Cattle Landing, Toledo, as part of the hawk watch program between October 1 and December 15. This will be the fourth year of our Raptor Watch Program. The in-field days will be a combination of 8 hour and 4 hour days and will vary from week to week. The training hours are from 8:00-4:00 if working an 8 hour day and from 8:00-12:00 or 12:00-4:00 if working a 4 hour day. This will depend on the schedule and number of participants that day. The house is within walking distance to the count-site and store (less than a mile away).

San Pedro Day
Mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate the day of our patron saint - San Pedro.

Channel 7

City Violence Re-surges With Murder
After 1 month of calm on the Belize City Southside, there was a terrible daylight murder yesterday evening. 34 year-old Marlon Banner was shot and killed on the basketball court at the corner of Fabers Road and Central American Boulevard. From what we've been able to find out he was a family man and a dedicated son who took care of his wife, his children and his ailing mother. Yet, his was a street-style slaying which happened in front of other eyewitnesses, and it had elements of deliberate cruelty reserved for only notorious personalities. Today, our news team went looking for answers and found out that Banner, with no known gang ties, may have been killed simply because of the friends he kept: 34 year-old Marlon Banner was gunned down here inside the Faber's Road Basketball Court. Yesterday evening at around before 5 o'clock, he was waiting for his opportunity to play ball with the other neighborhood young men, something that was part of his daily routine. He sat under this tree, and that's when, according to eyewitnesses, a lone gunman came through the gate.

US Flags Fly Half Mast For Victims in Orlando Massacre
If you follow international news, you will know of the Orlando, Florida nightclub massacre in which 50 people were killed and another 53 injured. US President Barrack Obama has called it "the most deadly shooting in American History." Reports are that over 300 people were inside the popular gay nightclub when a man later identified as Omar Mateen came in with 2 assault rifles and sprayed the crowd with bullets. The FBI is investigating this case as an act of terror and an act of hate. Now, while Belize is not directly linked to this mass shooting, it sends waves of horror to the LGBT community across the world, including Belize. This heinous act also highlights the challenges and threats that LGBT members face daily. Today we asked US Ambassador Moreno for a comment on this deadly shootout.

Did Bze Pharmacist Lose His Job For Homophobe Post On Facebook?
Now while US Ambassador Moreno didn't address the daily threat to LGBT members in Belize, several Belizeans boldly expressed how they felt about it. Most were in solidarity with the victims, but quite a few came out strongly anti-gay in the usual social media banter. But one particular post that gained a lot of traction was this one: Belizean Facebook user Raynard Humphreys said that the killing of 50 members of the gay community in Orlando was, in his opinion, justified. In a subsequent post, he said, and we quote, "I will never say killing of people is right. However I believe in this instance, it was justified. I personally am utterly against homosexuality and I can see where someone a little less sane than I am, can find it in them to hurt so many people."

Caleb On The Contagion Of Hate
So, as you heard, Raynard Humphreys has apologized, but it's too little too late, since he has already lost his job over it. Today, we got an opportunity to speak with Caleb Orozco, Belize's most public gay rights activist, who is currently in the Dominican Republic attending the 2016 OAS General Assembly. He's doing advocacy work on behalf of LGBT persons in Belize and the Caribbean, and so we asked him via Skype today about the concern that there is a strong undercurrent of homophobia in Belizean public sentiment - the kind that manifested itself in the Humphrey's post and many others. Here's what he had to say just before the start of news:

Did Drinking Cop Get Off Easy?
A police officer will face disciplinary action but not criminal charges after he fired gunshots in public. It happened near Perez Road area in Ladyville on Friday night around 9:30. According to reports, Detective Constable Urbie Alamilla was off duty that night and was drinking and socializing with 2 friends when he pulled out his department issued gun and fired 3 shots in the air. That created a public uproar, and this video was taken in the aftermath and posted on Facebook . It shows an apparently inebriated Alamilla laid out on the street, and also confronting a fellow police officer who was trying to bring order to the chaotic scene. Residents in the area crowded the officer demanding that he be charged for firing his weapon - but they warned that knowing the police, he wouldn't be charged. And it seems they were right.

Ruthless and Revolting Exploitation Of Mentally Challenged
The Ministry of Health has put out a public statement condemning a revolting video that has been posted on Facebook. The video depicts two mentally challenged adults, a male and a female being directed to engage in sexual acts - all in exchange for a soft drink. The vile four-minute video shows them being prodded on and directed by a boisterous group of women. In the end it breaks up when the male gets afraid because someone says police are coming. It is a sad commentary on the state of our society's standards, but abuse of the mentally ill is widespread, and it is not the first such video posted on facebook. Looking at the video, there's no clue as to what town or city it happened in, but the Commander of Southside police today said that while it is repulsive, to actually prosecute the persons responsible for co-ercing the sexual exploitation of these mentally ill persons is difficult. Here's how he explained why:

The Many Legal Woes of Derrick Garbutt
Last week Wednesday, we told you about 38 year-old Derrick Garbutt, the man caught on camera as he burglarized Spoonaz Photo Cafe and Bar on Tuesday May 31st. Our information was that he had been arraigned for that crime, but, in fact, he was arraigned for another. He was actually charged in that first instance with common assault, to which he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 months. Today, was his actual arraignment for that and the other burglary of the two business places. He was charged with burglary for just over 1,700 worth of liquor and a pellet gun which he stole from Spoonaz Cafe.

BDF And Joint Team Marches Into Chiqubul, Ejects Guates
The Guatemalan army may have deployed more soldiers along the border with Belize and that country's congress may have sent out a travel advisory for its citizens in Belize, but on the ground on the poverty stricken Guatemalan villages along the border with Chiquibul, all that political grandstanding counts for very little. In those communities hunger, and the hunt for arable land is what keeps pushing them into Belize. Further proof of this came between 29th. May and ninth June when a joint patrol was conducted in the areas of Valentin Camp, Retiro, Cebada and Sapote. Now this was more than just the regular joint police and BDF patrol, this one had personnel form the Forestry Department, and the Ministry of Human Development as well as Friends for Conservation and Development. They destroyed 650 Marijuana plants, 50 acres of Pumpkin and 100 Coffee plants. They found six families consisting of 20 persons living in the Retiro are which is well within Belize. They were all ordered to leave.

Belize's Courts Go Digital, Kinda
Belize's courts are finally getting rid of those handwritten transcripts and moving towards digital recordings. The Judges and stenographers, who have to write down as precisely as possible, what is said during proceedings, know all too well how tedious that is. Then there are the claimants who have to wait and hope that those transcripts are accurate enough for deliberation, knowing full well that, handwritten notes are susceptible to errors. Well, all that doubt and anxiety should not be a problem anymore. That's because this morning Representatives from the US Embassy, on behalf of CARSI, which is the Central American Regional Security Initiative, handed over Court Audio Recording Equipment at the Supreme Court. US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno discussed how significant this recording equipment will be during court proceedings.

New System to Be Installed At Prison
But this technological advancement extends beyond the courtroom. US Ambassador Moreno also discussed plans to set up an audio - visual system at the Belize Central prison. There would be an open link or connection to the court for arraignments and other court proceedings. Moreno - himself a former judge - explained just how more efficient and beneficial this system will be. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize: "What's next is that we are currently working on an audio/visual connection between the courts, the various police stations and the prison out in Hattieville. So in terms of the audio/visual connection with the prison in Hattieville, this would save time, effort and other resources if we can have certain proceedings like arraignments and shorter type hearings where you don't have to transport the prisoner. It's also better for security, don't have the need for prisoners giving possible opportunity of escaping when they are being transported to court."

I am Guilty, Man Accused of Stabbing Tells Court
Twenty-eight year old Renford Tillett, charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm, pled guilty to the lesser charge of use of deadly means of harm today before Justice John Gonzalez. The incident occurred on June 3, 2011 on Partridge Street. There was a misunderstanding between Tillett and 29 year-old Theodore Swazo and Tillett stabbed Swazo once in the chest. Swazo's injury was classified as grievous harm. The trial began last Tuesday and two witness testified. Then, a trial within this trial was held to determine whether an application made by the Crown to have a dock identification of Tillett should be allowed. But before Justice Gonzalez could rule on it Tillett changed his plea from not guilty to guilty.

New Rules And Regions For Fishers
The Belize Fisheries Department is changing the way fishermen catch fish through a stakeholder based initiative known as Managed Access. This divides Belize's territorial waters into 9 fishing zones. A smaller pilot project like this was launched in 2011 and it targeted two zones, namely the Glovers reef Marine Reserve and the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. The successes in these two areas have given the department enough confidence to expand this initiative to encompass all of Belize's territorial waters. But now with more stringent regulations governing fishing activities in Belize how are the 3 thousand licensed fishermen in Belize taking it? Well we found out this morning when we attended the official launch of the project at the Fisheries compound in Belize City.

The Curfew Overview
3 months ago, we told you about the kids curfew That Eastern Division South Commander Chester Williams had set up. He's trying to curb the number of children out on the streets, who the gang figures could recruit to commit murders. Well, in the months after the pushback from the child advocacy organizations, a modified version was put into effect. Today, he said that it has been quietly working: ACP Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South: "The curfew is still ongoing. We picked up I think last week we picked up about 4 minors off the streets. The parents were again issued with the warning letters. We have not arrived at a stage where we can arrest and charge a parent, because those children that we have we picked up and the parent warned, they have not been dealt with before. So, we have not had a situation where we picked up a child twice, because you know that we normally give the warning in the first instance and if the child is being picked up again, then we take legal action against the parent. So we have not had a situation where we picked up a child twice, where we would have to charge the parent because of a second infraction."

Chester Loves The Children
And the summer vacation is already here, which could mean that a lot more young boys will have free time to hang out with these gang figures, whose influence the police are trying cut. So, apart from the usual summer camps, Williams wants to take these city children on tours of the Country, just to get them outside of the city. He calls it "Getting to Know your Country", which he hopes will work keep a lot of the children occupied and safe. Here's how the program will ideally work: Williams says that the model being discussed should be cost and socially effective.

The Many Moods of Mangoes
For fruit lovers, there's no better time of year than when mangoes truly "come een". And they have for sure! Everywhere you turn, from the street corner to the supermarket to the produce market, the full abundance of and multiplicity of mangoes surround us. But which is your favourite? Is it the Black Mango, Number 11, Slippers…or maybe something more exotic like the cousins Sandy and Tanga Shaw, or the super rare, Gold Mango? Exactly one year ago, Courtney Weatherburne went to the Michael Finnegan market for an education in the fascinating taxonomy of Belize's favourite and most fetishised fruit:...

PS Footballers
Last week 12 teams participated in the National Primary School Football Championships. 6 male teams and 6 female teams from each District competed for first place prize at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Four teams in each category- male and female-advanced to the semifinals, which were played on Friday. It was a bitter fight to the top but in the end, only one could be named the champ. In the males category it was Chunox SDA Primary School, from Corozal, which took first place prize. They defeated San Pedro RC School. In the female category Corozal's Copper Bank RC School came out victorious. They defeated Independence Primary from Stann Creek. The National Sports Council also named two MVP's. For the male's the MVP went to Romario Martinez from Chunox SDA Primary School, and for the female's the MVP award went to Dianira Lopez of Copper Bank RC School. The winners of this competition will have a chance at participating in next year's CODICADER games.

Re: Today's Belize News: June 14, 2016 [Re: Marty] #514388
06/14/16 06:11 AM
06/14/16 06:11 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Marlon Bonner Gunned Down in Belize City
Belize City Police are currently looking for the gunman who brazenly walked onto the basketball court at the corner of Faber’s Road and Central American Boulevard and gunned down Marlon [...]

Gunman Was Identified but Witnesses Are Scarce
The situation facing Police in the Bonner murder is nothing new. In fact, there are many instances in which broad daylight murders have gone unpunished because witnesses are afraid to [...]

Ministry of Health Responds to Video of Sexual Exploitation
Today, the Ministry of Health issued an urgent and scathing release condemning the exploitation of vulnerable persons. It’s a very specific condemnation, referring to a disturbing video which has been [...]

ACP Chester Williams Says Legislation Needed to Address Cyber-crimes
ACP Williams claims that not only because of that video, but because of a general culture of sexual exploitation on social media and the internet, legislators need to be more [...]

Joint Patrol Locates Guatemalan Settlement within Belize
There is another illegal Guatemalan settlement in Belizean territory near the border between the countries. That news came via release from the Ministry of National Security in the wake of [...]

B.D.F. Operation Yields Marijuana Seizure in Patchakan
In addition to operations on the border, the B.D.F. also conducted a more localized exercise in which eighty-five pounds of processed and parceled marijuana was found on three persons in [...]

Angelina Urbina Tied for Top Scorer in P.S.E.
The 2016 P.S.E. results were released late on Friday evening. The Ministry of Education says there is not any marked improvement to those of last year with Math posing a [...]

Kenly Young from St. Andrew’s Shines in P.S.E.
A total of seven thousand three hundred and ninety-two students registered for the 2016 Primary School Examinations of which seven thousand two hundred and thirty-five candidates sat the exams. The [...]

Ministry of Education Explains P.S.E. Results
The Ministry of Education today spoke of the results.  Head of the Exams Unit, Nelson Longsworth, who annually would crunch the numbers and track improvements in the exams, says that [...]

Attorney and Author Godfrey Smith Set to Launch Book on Michael Manley
A biography of Jamaica’s fourth Prime Minister Michael Manley has been penned by well-known Belizean attorney and author, Godfrey Smith.  The life story of the democratic socialist was commissioned in [...]

Government of Belize Condemns Orlando Shooting
The government of Belize has issued a release expressing distress and sorrow over what it calls the senseless killing and injuring of innocent citizens in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine have been [...]

US Ambassador Carlos Moreno Says There Will Be Justice
The shooting stirred comments and condemnation from many quarters. In Belize, an employee of Buttonwood Bay Medical Center, Raynard Humphreys, commented on Facebook, “I know people will hate me for [...]

San Pedro Police Make Drug Busts
San Pedro police have made a series of arrests following anti-drug operations on the island in the past few days.  On Thursday, a team of officers visited a residence two [...]

Belize City Man on Remand for Sexual Abuse
Tonight, a Belize City man is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for allegedly sexually abusing a minor between November 2015 and May 2016. Twenty-seven-year old Burley Kenyon Murphy, an [...]

Belize Courts Go Digital
Today, the U.S. made a significant donation to Belize’s justice system through its Central American Regional Security Initiative, CARSI. The Embassy has been working with the judiciary to overhaul the [...]

Next is Video Link between Court and Prison for Arraignments
The digital revolution in our courtrooms is just one step in the overhaul of the system. The next will be creating connectivity between pertinent bodies to expedite arraignments and hopefully, [...]

US Ambassador Says CARSI Seeks to Expedite Justice
Justice delayed is justice denied – that’s the trite but true maxim which underscores the efforts to fix what is ailing in Belize’s justice system. Ambassador Moreno told us today [...]

Sports Monday: Basketball, Football and Softball Stats
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Friday night’s opener in the Belize District Firm Basketball Competition saw Belize City Council and Civil Aviation Drones open [...]


Four Injured In Fridays' Accident
A traffic accident on Friday night near the BSI cutoff in Orange Walk left four persons injured. At around 8:00pm William Zabaneh, 18 year old Belizean student of Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City along with three other persons were travelling in a grey Volkswagen Amarok Pickup from Corozal to Belize City when he collided right Into the back of a tractor that was pulling three trailers as he reached between miles 51 and 52 on the Phillip Goldson Highway just before the BSI cutoff. According to Zabaneh he did not see the trailer which was being pulled at the time by an International Tractor driven at the time by 34 year old Belizean driver of San Estevan Village Alfredo Perez.

Second Round Of Village Council Elections Takes Place
Last week marked the commencement of the Village Council Elections 2016 across the country of Belize where a total of forty three villages took part in the election. Yesterday the voting continued where a total of forty one villages elected their new Village Council. A total 287 seats were occupied, of which forty one were for the positions of chairpersons while the remaining 246 were for councillors. Here in Orange Walk, four villages partook in election namely San Luis, San Jose, Carmelita and Yo Creek. According to official results, the United Democratic Party won in San Jose, San Luis and Carmelita. In the village of Yo Creek, however, the People’s United Party emerged victorious. Village Council Elections will continue next week on Sunday June 19th.

MOH Appalled By Sex Video Of Vulnerable Person
Today the Ministry of Health issued an enduring release where they condemn the inhumane actions taken against persons with mental disabilities in a disturbing video that has been circulating on social media. The video shows two persons, with mental disorders, being instructed by two persons to perform various sexual acts with the promise of a coke. In their release the ministry condemns the heinous act by the two persons who are watching and recording the video by stating Quote “The Ministry of Health is appalled at this assault on human dignity and is dismayed that these persons felt comfortable enough to record and share this video to further humiliate this couple and their families. End quote

GOB Sympathizes With US Mass Killing In Florida
Today the Government of Belize expressed distress and sorrow over the senseless killing and injuring of innocent citizens in Orlando, Florida on June 12th, 2016. The Government extended its condolences and prayers to the families and friends of those killed and injured in the tragic incident. According to GOB the horrible mass shooting at the nightclub serves as a reminder to all of the ever-present threat of terrorism and indiscriminate violence. The Government stated today that they condemn these unjustifiable and savage attacks against innocent civilians and stands in solidarity with the United States of America during this very difficult period. GOB also reiterated its commitment to cooperate with the international community to fight against this scourge to our common humanity.

Real Estate In Belize Linked To Panama Papers
DreamScapes Belize, a real estate is tonight facing a number of lawsuits after being accused of swindling buyers out of millions of dollars in a case of real estate fraud and being linked too two firms named in the Panama Papers leak from the Mossack-Fonseca firm. The company which is said to be operated by foreigners reportedly collected over US $10 million from American and Canadian investors who wanted to buy dream homes in Belize. The company advertised lots for up to US $30,000 and promised model homes, access roads, a potable water supply, waste treatment facility, a school, police and fire stations, an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse and a marina facility with dockage. But none of that existed.

Top PSE Performance From Corozal Prepares For Graduation
As mentioned before this year the top PSE performers from the Corozal District were from Mary Hill RC School. They are Yasser Charaf ranking 13th and Rohan Ake ranking 15th countrywide. The school also had 5 students in the top 10 at a district level. Of course Charaf was one of them who came 1st with 383 points while Ake came 2nd with 380 points and ranking 3rd was Pedro Kukul with a total of 374 points. Today CTV3 news also spoke to the students as they prepared for graduation. Here is what they told us about their latest achievement. Student: “I studied a little and my parents, my teachers and especially the Lord helped me to get throughout the PSE and accomplish this achievement and I feel very excited and proud because I’ve been working hard and always like dreamt of being up here and nothing is impossible you can always accomplish whatever you want as long as you try.”

Fourteen Year Old Missing For Five Days
Tonight Orange Walk Police are looking for a 14 year old girl who left home on Wednesday June 8th and has not been seen or heard from since. According to Orfa Chi of Santa Cruz Village, Orange Walk District, at around 3:30 p.m. on the 8th of June, her daughter Suemi Lizeth Chi left home. Chi stated she was going to the river but never returned home. The child was last seen in Orange Walk Town along with a woman who is known as "PELONA". Suemi is of Hispanic descent, has shoulder length curly black hair, weighs about 100lbs, about 5 feet in height and stout build. She was last seen wearing a white and pink shorts, red blouse, pair of blue slippers and carries a silver chain with two medals around her neck. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Suemi is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Teacher Knocked Down While Heading Back To School
A teacher from San Francisco Roman Catholic School is tonight recuperating at the Northern Regional Hospital after she was knocked down this afternoon. Reports are that sometime before 1:00 p.m., Sonia Romero returned to school from her lunch break and had just parked her vehicle on the right side of the road opposite to the school and had stepped out of the vehicle when she was knocked down by a motorcycle which was reportedly driven by a female. According to a witness, the woman on the motorcycle was driving at a high speed and failed to stop at a bump located near the area where the incident occurred. CTV3 News understands that the impact of the collision caused Romero to be flung from where she stood and the motorcycle ran over her right leg.

Guatemalans Civilians Found Living Within Belizean Territory
Twenty Guatemalan civilians were found living within Belizean territory by members of the Belize Defense Force. Over the period of 29 May, 2016 to 09 June 2016 Members of the Belize Defense Force, with the support of the Belize Police Department, Forestry Department, Ministry of Human Development and Friends for Conservation and Development conducted their quarterly operation in the areas of Valentin Camp, Retiro, Cebada and Sapote in an effort to deter illegal activity in the area. During these operations the BDF discovered a large area used for plantation of Marijuana plants, pumpkin and coffee plants along with six families consisting of 20 persons were found to be living in the Retiro area inside Belize Territory.

BDF Confiscates Eighty Pounds Of Compressed Marijuana
Three Corozal men are behind bars tonight after they were caught with more than 80 pounds of marijuana. The operation was conducted by members of the Belize Defense Force on Saturday June 11th in an area of Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. The three men namely Edilberto Ku, 44 year old Belizean Vegetable Vendor from Patachakan Village, John Triminio, 59 year old Belizean Farmer from Xaibe Village and Gabriel Chan, 28 year old Belizean Mason from Patachakan Village were found with a total of 85 pounds of Marijuana believed to have a street value of over $7,000 Belize dollars. All three men were taken to the Corozal Magistrates court this afternoon where they were charged for the offence of drug trafficking and given bail at the amount of thirty thousand dollars each and two sureties of fifteen thousand which they had not met up to news time.


Communities Disgusted with Recent Porn Video of Mentally Challenged Persons
A number of videos showing explicit sexual material have made their way into social media as of late. One that raised concerns at the Ministry of Health is one depicting the coercion of sexual activity on mentally ill and homeless individuals. The Ministry of Health issued a release addressing the matter. Part of the release […]

Effects of Social Media, the Orlando Shootings and Self Expression
The effects of social media are far-reaching and perhaps under-estimated by many. With the tragedy that struck eight hundred and seventy five miles away from Belize, in Orlando, Florida, the distance became moot as emotions poured out onto social media ranging from outrage to sadness to anger and in one instance to hatred. There were […]

Murder on the Basketball Court
What should have been a fun Sunday evening at the Faber’s Road basketball court, turned deadly. 34-year-old Marlon Bonner of a Faber’s Road address was gunned down. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams tells us more about the city’s latest murder and what the investigation has revealed so far. CHESTER WILLIAMS “Sometime around 4pm on […]

Silver Sedan and Cane Truck Collide in Northern Belize
On Friday night a road traffic incident on the Phillip Goldson Highway, left three persons injured. A silver Volkswagon and a cane truck were involved in the incident. Eighteen year old William Zabaneh was the driver of the Volkswagon while the cane truck was driven by thirty five year old Alfredo Perez. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, […]

Math Remains Problematic with Poor Performance in PSE 2016
Friday we told you of the results of the Primary School Examination. We erred when we listed the top five performers as this year’s results indicate ties in several positions. The top score for the 2016 PSE was three hundred and ninety one out of a possible four hundred points, earned by two students: Kenly […]

IMF Report is Alarming, Says Mayor Bernard
On May 26, 2016 we brought you the story on the preliminary report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the outlook for Belize following a 2-week assessment done in-country by one of their teams. The report cited several causes for concern, starting with the slowing of the economy and the increase of the country’s […]

Dreamscapes of Belize: A Sham Revealed from Panama Papers
In early April came the revelation of a set of documents leaked from the Mossack Fonseca firm called the Panama Papers. It is a very extensive collection of files that has had many public figures, investors and politicians facing criminal charges and other forms of repercussions after reports of untoward business deals. Belize became a […]

Fisheries Department Releases Map of Managed Access Fishing Areas
This morning the Fisheries Department launched the Manage Access Map detailing nine fishing areas in Belize. For the past three years the department has been consulting with fishermen to regulate fishing turfs. Fisheries Department Administrator Beverly Wade spoke about the importance of manage access. BEVERLY WADE “Manage access is huge for Belize. As you well […]

Traditional Haul Day Goes Awry for Crooked Tree Fishers
Last week there was a situation at the Crooked Tree Haul Day as it is referred to. It is a day on which fishermen are given a license to fish in the area which is a natural reserve. But last week when fishermen went out to the lagoon, things got out of control, after it […]

Godfrey Smith Pens Biography of Jamaica’s 4th PM
Former Government Minister and Attorney General, Godfrey Smith had won the Bocas Literary Prize in 2012 for the best work in non-fiction when he wrote the biography, George Price: A Life Revealed. The former politician who still practices law has been busy penning his second book which is due to be published by the 25-year-old […]


Mahogany Heights man gunned down
There was a murder in Mahogany Heights on Thursday night. According to police, sometime around 8:40 p.m. shots were fired on the dirt road leading into Mahogany Heights Village. When the gunshots seized, 51-year-old Lyndon Murillo, a watchman of Mahogany Heights, was lying on the ground dead. Po...

Belize City man clings to life after shooting incident
Shots were also fired in Belize City and a 25 year old man was hit and is clinging to life. 25-year-old Deshawn Young was shot to the chest, neck and shoulder sometime around 9:30 p.m in the area of Laura Dunn Street, Antelope Street Extension. Young was then taken to the hospital where his conditi...

CCJ dismisses Maurice Tomlinson immigration case
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has dismissed an application in its original jurisdiction by homosexual Jamaican attorney Maurice Tomlinson against the immigration laws of Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. Tomlinson alleged that the existence of laws purporting to deny homosexuals and prostitutes...

Bahamas Says NO To Constitutional Amendments in Referendum
In related news, The Bahamas strongly voted “NO” to four Amendment Bills to their Constitution by Referendum this week. The results from the Referendum were made public on June 7, 2016, and the move is considered a victory for Family Values and protections for the Natural Family. The four defeated ...

Jail for Bulgarians accused of ATM theft
The men accused of stealing from the Belize Bank’s automated teller machine were told today that they will spend twelve months in jail. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser imposed a custodial sentence on 28 year old Jeorji Petrov, and 25 year old Halid Yuksel Aptula, accused of stealing money through fr...

Stolen vehicle still missing; thief caught on video
Yesterday we told you about a vehicle which was stolen in the middle of the day from the parking lot of Angelus Press in Belmopan. The owner of the grey forerunner told us what happened yesterday. Andrew Williams, Victim of Car Theft: What happened is at about 12:12 this afternoon I got a phone cal...

Tek widout ask but bring back when yuh dun da nuh tief
Learned Attorney and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, says that when Guatemalans took the Belizean Farmer’s tractor by force and took it into Guatemalan territory on May 12, it was for an understandable reason; after all they had a fire to fight and the Belizeans had a tracto...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Save-U security stop cheese shoplifting
This evening, alert security personnel at Save-U supermarket in Belize City foiled an alleged shoplifting attempt targeting the popular Dutch cheese. While Save-U management would not speak on the record nor share surveillance footage of the incident as police have gotten involved, information provided […]

Who stopped Crooked Tree fishermen from working lagoon?
Trouble has been reported with fishermen in the village of Crooked Tree off the Philip Goldson Highway. Last week a majority of the village’s fishermen were stopped from getting into the waters on a scheduled “haul day,” when fisher folks are allowed to catch […]

UDP wins 2nd round of northern village council elections
Round two of the village council elections took place on Sunday, June 12 and in the north, the United Democratic Party (UDP) claimed victory in most communities. In the Corozal district, the UDP claimed seats in Santa Clara and Louisville villages. In Chan Chen, […]

Tilapia Workshop underway
Last week more than 20 aquaculture producers and others in related professions took part in a “Wonderful Tilapia Farming Workshop” at Independence High School. The workshop was aimed at “enhancing the tilapia production industry in Belize, to improve the economic condition and nutrition of […]

GOB condemns Orlando shooting
In a press release issued late this evening the Government of Belize condemned the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. Here is that press release in its entirely: The Government of Belize expresses distress and sorrow over the senseless killing and injuring of […]

Mother slaps teacher over exam review
A domestic who is accused of slapping her son’s teacher over exam notes was today arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the offense of common assault. 35 year old Domestic, Sophie Suzanne Myvett, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, Belize City, was granted […]

Five years for assault on girlfriend
“I gwaan dah jail feh five years for my own girlfriend…” That is the lament of 31 year old Waylon Martinez after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault upon a woman he is alleged to have ambushed and squeezed in her private area. […]

Teachers and parents conclude Early Childhood Education training
Twenty teachers and 25 parents who completed training in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Classroom Management, Leadership, Parenting Skills, Intermediate Computer Skills and First Aid Training will be certified this week in northern Belize. The program, led by the Belize Social Investment Fund (SIF), […]

Orange Walk teen missing
Orfa Chi, a 49-year-old resident of Santa Cruz Village, Orange Walk District, reported to police that her daughter, 14-year-old Suemi Lizeth Chi, is missing. She was last seen Wednesday of last week. She told police that at 3:30 p.m. on that day, Suemi left home to go to the […]

Over 25k lost in Placencia burglary
Manager of Ranguana Resort and resident of Placencia Village, Maxine White, 55, reported to police yesterday that sometime between 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday of last week, her home was burglarized. Twent thousand dollars in cash, passports, jewelry, other personal […]

Man murdered in Sunday evening shooting
A Belize City resident of Fabers Road, Marlon Bonner, 34, was shot multiple times yesterday evening while at his neighborhood’s basketball court and died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Initial investigation revealed that Bonner was on the court when a lone gunman approached […]

Managed access of fisheries launched countrywide
Belize’s fishermen and others who enjoy the marine bounty are being asked to be more careful about their usage as part of a program sponsored by the Fisheries Department. Within eight broadly defined areas spanning the length of Belize’s coast, certain areas will be designated […]


Learning to do with out some of the basics — like water and cable TV
We are living in a time of scarcity, here on Ambergris Caye. For one, we are running out of water. This is a seasonal thing. We have just come through the dry season. June 1 marked the beginning of the rainy season but, as with all man-made criteria, Nature has its own schedule. Oh, we’ve had a few showers, mostly in the evening, but none of the torrential rains we are expecting. Meanwhile, one cistern in our condo complex ran dry last week — at around 10 p.m. These are fed from rainwater rolling off the roof. The residents had to make do until staff could run a hose from one of the buildings with a greater supply. Each building has its own rainwater entrapment system, but occupancy varies. The one that ran dry feeds the local bar and recently housed a large family in the penthouse (with Jacuzzi , I’m told). So, yeah, their cistern ran out first. A restaurant up the road had a load of water trucked in yesterday, as a precautionary measure. It wouldn’t do to run dry with dirty dishes in the sink and customers clamoring for food!

The History of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster Industry on San Pedro
The first few decades of the twentieth century brought the beginning of Belize’s spiny lobster industry. Belizeans had traditionally rejected lobsters as “trash fish” and made no effort to exploit them. In the early 1920s as the North American lobster industry was declining, an American and a Canadian founded cannery to process lobster tails for export to the US market. The fishermen who sold their lobster tails to them received only 1₵ per pound. From these tentative beginnings grew a successful lobster industry that produced the country’s most valuable marine export from roughly World War II to present day. With the lobster fishery came the first freezer boat to purchase lobster tails directly from fishermen and transport them to the USA. After World War II, buyers sent more vessels with freezers and established processing and cold storage facilities in Belize City, thus permitting full-time, year-round lobster production.

6 Awesome Things To Do in Belize
With its mild weather, spectacular beaches and rich history, Belize is one of the most popular places to visit or live. With so many great things to do in Belize, no wonder it was selected by international publications such as U.S. News and World Report, AARP and the Boston Herald as a top retirement location. With the beautiful swaying palm trees, and amazing sunsets and remote islands with white sand beaches, you will surely not want to leave once you are here. Listed below are just a few of the wonderful things to see and do in Belize.

Your Belize Cooking Guide: How to Make Conch Fritters
One thought that is sure to stir up your appetite and get your taste buds clamoring for a tasty meal, is that of Belizean Cuisine. Fear not though, as it’s the second week of June and that means it’s time for another “How to” cooking guide featuring one of Belize's most popular appetizers - Conch Fritters. This succulent seafood selection (say that 3 times fast), is made from fresh conch, coated in a custom-made batter and fried to golden perfection. These delicacies can be enjoyed as a first course meal at local, seaside restaurants, as finger food at a party, or as a quick snack when on-the-go. If you're a foodie like us, you'll be sure to enjoy our cooking guide to creating this tasty Conch Fritters:

International Sourcesizz

Mexico protests over Oaxaca teachers' leader arrest
Mexican police have arrested a teachers' union leader accused of siphoning off money raised illegally from union members in the southern city of Oaxaca. Ruben Nunez has led a decade-long fight for better pay and working conditions. His supporters say Mr Nunez is innocent, accusing the Mexican government of having political reasons to arrest him. They have set up roadblocks around Oaxaca to demand his release. The union has also called for demonstrations in Mexico City on Tuesday and Friday.

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes
sually, when we say “American slavery” or the “American slave trade,” we mean the American colonies or, later, the United States. But as we discussed in Episode 2 of Slate’s History of American Slavery Academy, relative to the entire slave trade, North America was a bit player. From the trade’s beginning in the 16th century to its conclusion in the 19th, slave merchants brought the vast majority of enslaved Africans to two places: the Caribbean and Brazil. Of the more than 10 million enslaved Africans to eventually reach the Western Hemisphere, just 388,747—less than 4 percent of the total—came to North America. This was dwarfed by the 1.3 million brought to Spanish Central America, the 4 million brought to British, French, Dutch, and Danish holdings in the Caribbean, and the 4.8 million brought to Brazil.

Viewpoint: How British let one million Indians die in famine
It has been a difficult summer for India. Drought and a searing heat wave have affected an astonishing 330 million people across the country. But this summer also marks the 150th anniversary of a far more terrible and catastrophic climatic event: the Orissa famine of 1866. Hardly anyone today knows about this famine. It elicits little mention in even the densest tomes on Indian history. There will be few, if any, solemn commemorations. Yet the Orissa famine killed over a million people in eastern India. In modern-day Orissa state, the worst hit region, one out of every three people perished, a mortality rate far more staggering than that caused by the Irish Potato Famine. The Orissa famine also became an important turning point in India's political development, stimulating nationalist discussions on Indian poverty. Faint echoes of these debates still resonate today amid drought-relief efforts.


  • Delicious snow cones on Caye Caulker, 1/2min. I like mine with milk. With this heat you can never have enough ice. Wish I had one right now, yummy!!!

  • Steve Miller Band covering Prince's Purple Rain Live in San Pedro Belize 2016, 8min.

  • Drone footage of Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City, 3min. Get a birds eye view of the sports complex built in honor of Belize's Olympian Marion Jones.

  • LA VOZ KARAOKE 2016 - WEEK 9, 150min.

  • Gabriela Nava & Maria Eugenia Arreola of the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN) on their blue solution, 3min. Maria Eugenia Arreola and Gabriela Nava of the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN) on their solution “Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program”. In 2010, the FMCN and The Summit Foundation launched the Mesoamerican Reef System (MAR) Leadership Program to contribute to the protection of the MAR by supporting high impact conservation projects. This is done through strengthening the capacities and leadership skills of young conservationists in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras that lead these projects. To date, MAR Leadership has trained 47 fellows from different backgrounds and sectors who are implementing marine conservation projects.

  • Belize 2016, 10min.

  • Belize Snorkeling Adventure 2016, 9.5min.

  • BELIZE VLOG : Day 1 & 2, 7min. Feeding Iguanas, Canoeing through Barton Creek Caves, and visiting Xunantunich are just the beginning!!

  • Belize Vo-Tech: 2015 Senior Speeches, 15min. The 2015 Seniors give their speeches at the Belize Vo-Tech graduation ceremony.

  • Belize. Descubrir un paraíso místico es posible. Capítulo 3: El gran mar, 3min. Nos adentramos en el mar y sus maravillas.

  • Wild Fire at Payne's Creek National Park, Belize, 3min. Live footage of a wild-fire that swept through Payne's Creek National Park in southern Belize in May. Hunting is thought to be the most likely reason for the fire, which destroyed approximately 5,000 acres of savanna and wetlands. Payne's Creek National Park is home to many bird species, the most prevalent being the endangered yellow-headed parrot.

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