Jordan Bacchus wanted for murder of Melvin Almendarez

Canadian National Jordan Bacchus is wanted by San Pedro Police for the brutal murder of 31-year-old local athlete Melvin Almendarez. Almendarez was found dead on May 6th at a feeder road in Southern Ambergris Caye. During the initial investigations, Bacchus was detained as the prime person of interest since he was the last person seen with Almendarez. He was also charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs upon his arrest. However, he was later released on bail and has since been at large.

The motive of the murder is yet to be established, but the chain of events that led to Almendarez’s death as reported by the police, remain the same. The police are also questioning the reason why the suspect was released on bail before the investigation concluded. Usually a suspect is released after 72 hours without charges if there is a lack of evidence. However, according to Jemmott, in the case of Bacchus, who is a foreigner, the prosecutor could have petitioned the court to further keep him detained in order to avoid flight risk. This could have given the investigating team enough time to solve the case. “Evidence had been found at the suspect’s house and a murder investigation was taking place as well. On those grounds, the suspect should have been held in custody until the matter was solved,” said Jemmott. Police are not certain if he is still in the country, even though upon his detention, he surrendered all traveling documents. Notices have been issued to all port of entries/exits within the country and the Canadian Consulate in the country has also been made aware of the situation.

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