See who came visited us at Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve

Sarteneja, Corozal and Consejo people!

Information Appreciated! This is Daniel, a rehabilitated manatee from Chetumal. He has recently lost his tracking tag, and the Mexican scientists are hoping to reconnect it if they can find him, to be able to track his movements. If you see a manatee with a collar around its tail, please post or send location information to me as soon as possible (and a photo if possible) to help them find him.

Thank you!!

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If your in the San Pedro area please be on the lookout for this manatee Daniel a rehab manatee from Mexico. He spent majority of his life in rehab since he was found as an orphan manatee in Mexico. Daniel is very friendly which is not good as he may approach someone that may cause harm to him! It is suggested and we are pleading for the betterment of Daniel that if seen avoid approaching and especially coming in contact with him including feeding him which is illegal under the Laws of Belize. We want to welcome Daniel to Belize as he is trying to make his way to being a wild manatee and join the wild population. In order for him to be successful we are pleading to the public to avoid making contact with or approaching him as human interaction does not help him to be a successfully released manatee. I know it may be very hard to avoid interacting as he is extremely friendly but if you care about him you will avoid it. Let's help Daniel on his journey back to the wild. To report sighting call 650 6578 or Wildtracks fb page