The day has finally arrived! Our children's book is available for purchase.

What better way to support Belize Bird Rescue than by buying this beautifully illustrated story of two wild red lored babies and their encounter with poachers. Thanks to the incredible talent and generosity of illustrator Karin Harvey, ALL profits will go to help rescue and rehabilitate the birds of Belize Bird Rescue. Order your copy today!

Zack & Kiki are two baby parrots, born in the Belize Jungle in Central America. In this, their first of many adventures, Zack and Kiki are kidnapped by poachers and taken to a nearby village where they are destined to live out their life in a tiny cage, never to see their mother and father again. How will they ever escape? All proceeds from the sale of this book will directly support avian conservation projects at Belize Bird Rescue.