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Today's Belize News: June 21, 2016 #515357
06/21/16 05:51 AM
06/21/16 05:51 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

A romantic getaway at Almond Beach Resort
After a day full of adventure and exploration in Belize, it’s always delightful to shower and crash into a soft, comfortable bed. With the heat at its peak, cooling air conditioning is a welcome relief, and an array of pillows to snuggle into makes for the best sleep. With all the excitement and activity offered by ViVa Belize, most people would probably just end up flopping face-down on their bed and sleep the night away. Lucky for them, I have had the chance to explore one of their three Hopkins resorts: Almond Beach Resort. I can report back that it is the ideal couple’s getaway. From the dual lounge chairs, lovingly laid out to best take advantage of the serene beach views, to the extra-large beach hammocks to snuggle with your best buddy, a fabulous hot tub and large, swim-up pool – oh yes, this is the romantic nook embedded in between the resorts beachside at Hopkins!

Enelda Rosado is Caye Caulker’s new Chairperson
Preliminary results show that Caye Caulker Village has a new Chairperson, and she is Enelda Rosado. Rosado takes over from Wayne Miller after being elected on Sunday June 19th during Village Council Elections. Her slate, “Team Caye Caulker,” took most of the seats in the race to govern the village for the upcoming three years. With this victory, Rosado becomes the second woman to run the village since Ilna Auxillou was elected over 15 years ago. Rosado will head the local government of the island, along with six councillors, once they are sworn in by a Justice of the Peace. The gap between Rosado and her other two opponents (Tracie Young and Ralph Humes) was huge as she topped the polls for chairman by capturing 499 of the 883 votes cast. Rosado had more than over 300 votes over Young, who got 175 votes, while Humes received 148. The six councillors that will form the new local government alongside Chairman Rosado are: Seleny Villanueva (450), Miguel Angel Neal (444), Hans Badillo (370), Elizabeth Usher (342), Myrna Vanina Sosa (335), and Juan Gabriel Cantun (323).

The People’s Coalition Committee details plan for the island
Since its creation on May 24, 2016 the San Pedro People’s Coalition Committee (PCC) has been working on project plans to benefit the island. The first is aimed at assisting in the installation of a police booth and the revitalization of the Neighbourhood Watch in Northern Ambergris Caye. The committee, made up of police, citizens and members of the different business sector, have been holding meetings to achieve this first project. At a recent meeting held on Monday, June 13th, members of the committee discussed the need of increasing police presence north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. They also believe they need to encourage residents to join forces and work together with the local coalition. In an attempt to get this done, the PCC will be conducting a public meeting on Tuesday, June 21st at 6PM at the El Pescador Resort. Members of the committee will be introduced at this gathering, followed by a brief presentation regarding current crime statistics by the police. The meeting will then inform attendees of the organization’s projects and how the community can assist. The PCC will also touch on the possibility of alleviating/avoiding potential incidents on the northern side of the island.

Ambergris Today

Three Cases of Zika Confirmed in Caye Caulker
The Belize Ministry of Health is investigating and closely monitoring a situation on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize District where three additional Zika cases have been confirmed. These cases stem from an investigation of fever and rash cases reported earlier in June. “While we continue to aggressively scale up efforts to reduce the mosquito population in the area along with local authorities, we once again ask for cooperation from the community to assist the Ministry and our local partners to clean up areas that may be breeding sites for the mosquitoes. This effort will continue especially with the onset in the increase of rains,” stated the press release from the Ministry of Health. “We continue to engage with the local authorities in Caye Caulker along with the investigative team from the Central Region offices in Belize City. Samples will now only be sent for reporting purposes as we have now confirmed the presence of the Zika virus in Belize.

San Pedro Town Boasts New Flag and Coat of Arms
As part of the upcoming celebrations for Dia de San Pedro (St. Peter’s Day), patron Saint of the town, the San Pedro House of Culture presented San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero and Area Representative, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. with the new flag and emblem that will be used during the Dia de San Pedro Festivities. The flag, which will now be the official flag of San Pedro Town, was endorsed by both the Mayor and Area Representative at the presentation held on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at the Town Hall. Did de San Pedro is celebrated on June 29 with a schedule of activities that take place leading up to it. The flag of San Pedro includes symbols which represent important aspects of its heritage. The Coat of Arms embodies the symbols of St. Peter, the patron saint of San Pedro from whom the town was named after. St. Peter is the patron saint of fishermen, net makers and ship builders.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Caye Caulker Back to School Supplies Drive
Good morning Everyone this is a project That I've been working on and If there is anyway you can or are willing to help please let me know. I would also love to assist teachers with Supplies as well for their classrooms. New and used uniforms accepted too...

Transforming Talent Turnover into Revenue Rentntion
Jun 20 - Excellent Training opportunity for Management and Business Owners!! Facilitated by: Mr. Frank J. Comito, CEO of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) VENUE: Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza -Toucan Hall on Thursday June 30, 2016 from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Cost: BHA Members: $75.00 Cost NON- Member: $100.00 ( lunch included) To register call 223-0669 or email [email protected]

2015 field report of the Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project
Curious to know about archaeological research in the Stann Creek District? The 2015 field report of the Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project is now out. Stop by our offices to read up on it!

Yvon Noralez winw an Adobe Creativity Scholarship
Yvon Noralez (Ocean Academy graduate 2013) was one of 25 students from 13 countries to win an Adobe Creativity Scholarship administered by the Institute of International Education. He has now completed his first year in Graphic Design at St. John's Junior College and we are so excited to learn that his full scholarship has been renewed for another year! The Creativity Scholarship program provides financial support to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a strong creative portfolio and commitment to pursuing a career in a creative field. Yvon is interested in developing his talents in photography. This photo of Yvon's 2013 high-school graduation may seem dated now, but his Ocean Academy teachers continue to be so proud of his creative efforts and success, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

Ministry of Health Continues to Caution Public as new Zika Cases Emerge
The Ministry of Health is investigating and closely monitoring a situation on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize District where three additional Zika cases have been confirmed. These cases stem from an investigation of fever and rash cases reported earlier in June. While we continue to aggressively scale up efforts to reduce the mosquito population in the area along with local authorities, we once again ask for cooperation from the community to assist the Ministry and our local partners to clean up areas that may be breeding sites for the mosquitoes. This effort will continue especially with the onset in the increase of rains. We continue to engage with the local authorities in Caye Caulker along with the investigative team from the Central Region offices in Belize City. Samples will now only be sent for reporting purposes as we have now confirmed the presence of the Zika virus in Belize.

Presentation of Credentials to the Governor General of Belize
Three ambassadors presented their credentials to the Acting Governor General of Belize H.E. Carlos Perdomo today, June 20, 2016 at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. The credentials of H.E. Mohammad Ziauddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh; H.E. Evagoras Vryonides, Ambassador of Cyprus; and H.E. Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Joseph Smith, Ambassador of Ghana; were graciously received and welcomed by H.E. Carlos Perdomo. The ambassadors expressed their pleasure in being in Belize and extended warm greetings to Belize from their respective governments. Each ambassador conveyed their country’s intention to continue to develop their relations with Belize.

Congratulations to our Std VI students. Wishing you all the best!
St.Francis Xavier Primary School, Corozal Town

Ancient World Week at the Corozal House of Culture
Mark the dates!! Ancient World Week at the Corozal House of Culture. We are kindly inviting our community to learn more about archaeology with a focus on northern Belize.

PACT on its 20th Anniversary
FCD salutes PACT on its 20th Anniversary which was celebrated today. We are grateful for all the financial and technical support given by PACT to FCD since 2005!!

Belize Bird Rescue children's book available
The day has finally arrived! Our children's book is available for purchase. What better way to support Belize Bird Rescue than by buying this beautifully illustrated story of two wild red lored babies and their encounter with poachers. Thanks to the incredible talent and generosity of illustrator Karin Harvey, ALL profits will go to help rescue and rehabilitate the birds of Belize Bird Rescue. Order your copy today!

Vertical axis wind turbine at Glover's Reef
A new 1000 watt vertical axis wind turbine was installed by Prosolar Engineering at the Glover's Reef Research Station on the 8th of June 2016 replacing the 500 watt turbine that was destroyed in a freak weather event. The new vertical axis design allows it to generate power with minimal wind speeds and will also reduce the incidences of bird collisions. The main purpose of the turbine is to provide a continuous trickle charge to batteries at night that are mainly charged by a existing solar panel array.

Channel 7

Belize In Washington DC To Talk Sarstoon Protocol
Tonight Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, Brigadier General David Jones and Ambassador Alexis Rosado are on their way to Washington DC for high level meetings tomorrow. They will meet with Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, Guatemala's Commander of the Armed Forces, General Perez and Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Roland Barillas. The meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon at the OAS Main building in downtown Washington DC. The diplomats and senior military officers will discuss the Sarstoon mechanism - a plan to make certain that Belizean military and civilians enjoy full access to the north side of the Sarstoon without hindrance from the Guatemalan army.

"Southie" Murdered At his Home on Kraal Road
For the past 2 newscasts, we've been reporting on the violent crimes in the Eastern Division. First there was the broad daylight murder of a man as he was attending a funeral, and then there was the daring execution attempt of a known gang figure. That one was staged in front of the country's biggest police station, and it ended with a police officer down after he engaged the shooter in a gunfight. Well, over the weekend, there were 2 more murders in the Eastern division, one in Belize City, and another in Hattieville. We start first with the murder of Edison Williams, which happened right on his neighborhood of Kraal Road on Friday night. Although a known gang area, Kraal Road had been dormant for a while. So just what led to this latest homicide? Our news team went out this morning looking for answers and Emanuel Pech has that story: 33 year old Edison Williams, was gunned down sometime between 7 and 8 on Friday night as he was socializing inside his own yard on Kraal Road. He was sitting in this corner when the gunman road up to him from this alley and let loose a barrage of bullets in his direction.

"Shovel" Killed While Out Socializing With Pregnant GF
And less than 30 hours later, another man was murdered in front of a Hattieville club on Saturday night. Around 11:55, 23 year old Mark Shepherd better known as "Shovel" was out with his girlfriend at the Green Iguana Lounge when 2 men approached them in the yard. That's when one of the men pulled out a gun and shot Shepherd in the back. Shepherd's killing has shocked his family and the Hattieville community because they say he was loved by everyone and that he stayed out of trouble. But now, after his execution, all that is being questioned. Our news team traveled to Hattieville to find out more. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: This is how everyone will remember Mark Shepherd - with his smile and joyous spirit. Marie Shepherd, Grandmother: "Everyone knows Marky, he's a friendly person. He tells jokes and dances, that's why I'm going to miss him because he's the joker in the family and also with friends. As far as we know, he has no enemies."

Murder in San Benito Poite
There was a third murder this weekend. This one was far from the crime centers of of the Belize District, it happened in remote San Benito Poite Village, in the Toledo District. The body of 36 year-old villager Francisco Ack, was found at around 11 p.m. on Saturday night near the school. Police saw multiple chop wounds to the head, neck, back, and right elbow. Their investigation has revealed so far that at around 9:30 p.m., he was going home from church when he was attacked by 2 unknown men who inflicted the fatal chop wounds. His body was found an hour and a half later.

15 Year-old Remanded For Police Shooting; Cops Tried To Help Him
Police Corporal Alrick Arnold continues to recover at the KHMH from the gunshot injuries he suffered on last Friday. He was injured in the line of duty after he got into a gunfight with a 15 year-old shooter who was trying to kill a known gang figure right in front of the Queen Street Police Station. Family members tell us that reports from the hospital are that he was up on his feet today and is able to walk around, signs that the immediate danger of his injuries has passed. The 15 year-old gunman is now at the Belize Central Prison, and the 3 other civilians who were injured in the shoot-out are also recovering. Investigators, we understand, are working to build an airtight case against him for the very brazen attack he tried to carry out. His target, as we've reported, was George Street's Brandon "BT" Tillett, who was signing in at the Queen Street Station as he is required to do every Friday, as a part of his conditions for bail.

Zika Cases Found On Caye Caulker
There are 3 more confirmed cases of Zika in Belize, but this time on Caye Caulker. The infected persons had gone to the hospital with fever and rash earlier this month and they tested positive for Zika. In a health release sent out today it states that the Ministry is working along with the Caye Caulker authorities to monitor these cases. It continues by saying " while we aggressively scale up efforts to reduce the mosquito population in the area along with local authorities , we once again ask for cooperation from the community to assist in keeping their areas clean ." It ends by saying that the main focus is reducing mosquito breeding sites and protecting pregnant women and women who are planning to get pregnant.

DC Urbie Fired Gun Again?
Remember Detective Constable Urbie Alamilla? He's the police officer who fired 3 shots in the air in Ladyville on Friday, June 10th. He was hanging out and drinking with some friends on Perez Road when he pulled out his gun and shot in the air. He told us he did it to defend his cousin. A video that was taken after the incident shows an apparently inebriated Alamilla slumped on the street beside a car. Now as we told you, Alamilla was not criminally charged because police determined that he did not point the gun at anyone so no one's life was in danger. But while Alamilla got off with just disciplinary action in that case, he won't be escaping charges for another Saturday night shootout. Yes, that's right! Alamilla fired his gun in public AGAIN! But this time it was inside a crowded restaurant where a woman was injured. Today police told us more about what happened in the Green Jade restaurant and what is being done to address Alamilla's lawless behavior:

DJ Che Killed In RTA In The North
34 year-old Disc Jockey Sergio Che Mendez, better known as DJ Che, died in a traffic accident yesterday in Buena Vista Village. Some time just before 9 a.m., his wife, Samantha Cordova-Mendez was driving a white Geo Prism car. He was in the front passenger seat, and also with the couple was 44 year-old Myrna Trejo, and 56 year-old Marina Cordova. They were all heading toward Corozal, and when they arrived near a curve in Buena Vista Village, they slammed head-on into a 2005 gold Nissan X-Trail SUV, which was being driven at the time by twenty one year old Gilberto Sosa. Sosa was accompanied by twenty three year old Rafael Urioste. Everyone in the two vehicles suffered varying degrees of injuries, but Sergio Mendez was the most seriously hurt in the accident. He died as a result, and apart from his immediate family, his sudden absence is affecting his fellow Belizean DJ. Today, they finished up mural in his honor at the Phillip Alvarez Park, which is located in the Union Town area. Our colleagues from CTV3 News caught up with these friends, and Jesse Cal explained why they were moved to do this:

Sarteneja Fisherman Drowns Near Turneffe
A 66 year old man drowned this weekend on a Turneffe Island fishing trip. On Saturday morning, Sarteneja resident Eugenio Santos Sr. was with his son and 5 other fishermen on their sailboat. Later on in the day, He went out with 2 of the fishermen on separate canoes to go further out to fish. About an hour later, there was a heavy downpour and Santos Jr. and the other fishermen on the sailboat could not get to his father in time. After the rain stopped, the crew went looking for Santos Sr. and that is when they found him floating in the water near his canoe with a rope wrapped around his foot. The deluge caused the canoe to capsize, hurling Santos Sr. in the water.

The New Role Of PACT
The financial burden of organizations who co-manage natural protected areas is mostly so hefty that they often fall short of their their financing targets even to meet operational costs. Take FCD for example. They manage the Chiquibul Rain Forest but because it is not so much of a tourist attraction, they are often faced with difficulties in meeting their operational costs. The Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, serves as a funding agency for these co-managing organizations. Each year, for the past 20 years, PACT has been disbursing monies to NGO's on a proposal basis- but even that is not enough. So with the financial crisis very real PACT is changing the way it does business, from being an organization that only provides grants to one that investments in the environment. They held a press conference today at the Radisson Hotel, where they spoke about the way forward it relates to these fundamental changes of PACTS operational responsibilities.

So while the PACT is moving forward, the reality is that when the Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives last year it was met with opened hostility. Especially on the part of NGO's who claimed they were being left out of the conversation. So did PACT manage to get all those differences settled before coming today to present its plan for the future? Dr. Collin Young the CEO in the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology who also sits on the PACT board as the chairman spoke to us about these rifts among stakeholders. Dr. Collin Young, Chairman - PACT: "Of course, unfortunately there was quite a bit of unease or in some cases perhaps dissatisfaction depending on which group of stakeholders you were with the PACT amendment bill. However, it is now the law and while everyone could probably if they had the power to tweak certain parts of it, the board and the government believes that it is a piece of legislation that can actually achieve the goals of the protective areas system which is to protect them in perpetuity for the benefit of all Belizeans."

US Vessel Is Off The Reef
And keeping it on the environment, On Last week Thursday, we told you about the 40 foot US vessel which ran aground on the reef just east of San Pedro town. It happened on Wednesday night at around 7 o'clock, when the vessel, Connie Sue, started having engine problems. Her captain, 66 year-old Roger Day, who was heading to the United States from Guatemala, immediately radioed in for help, and he was rescued by the employees of Amigos del Mar. But, the damage was done to the reef which was raked by the ship. The Authorities have since taken it off the reef, and the captain, Roger Day has been taken before the court for the incident. We understand that a preliminary damage assessment has been done, and it has been submitted to the court as well.

FCD Welcomes More GAF Presence Near Chiquibul
Belize and Guatemala are preparing for the diplomatic talks to continue his time in Washington, but the reality on the ground remains the rather unchanged. And that is that Guatemalan encroachers continue to rape the natural resources of the Chiquibul for Forest and other reserves along the border between our two countries. We all heard the news shortly after the fatal shooting in the Chiquibul in April that Guatemala was moving troops to the border. That's what the Guatemalan President announced, and it caused Belizeans to become very concerned about the military build up on the border. So how was the Friends for Conservation handling that episode when it was first announcement was made? Well surprisingly, according to Rafael Manzanero, the amassing of troops at the border might be very well what they need at the Chiquibul border. Here is his rationale. Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director - FCD: "When the notice came about that there would have been a pronounced effort of the GAF to be along that area, for us on one hand, it could have been seen as good news, because what we need the southern Peten area is a program of governance. Communities have been able to do whatsoever they want, because there is not really any rule of law in those communities in southern Peten.

Council Of Churches Holds Cross Border Mass
After weeks of planning, the Belize Council of Churches held their cross border Eucharist at the Benque Border. It happened this Saturday, and all accounts we've received say that it was well-attended, and well received by the Belizean and Guatemalan Catholics who took the time out to attend. As viewers are aware, The Belize Council of Churches has come out in support of going to the ICJ, and this religious mass was an attempt to bring catholics from both Belize and Guatemala together to form relationships.

The DJ Summer Camp Is Back
The department of youth services is launching their annual summer camp program as an intervention mechanism to give youths something to do for the summer. There is a lot of things that are happening at the Department this school break but the hottest thing on the list is the DJ summer camp program. We spoke to Shawn Saldano today who told us more about the event. The DJ summer camp program runs from July 18th to August 12th and will all be done at the Department of Youth Services music studio. Registration is free.

Channel 5

Mark Shepherd Murdered in Front of Pregnant Wife
It is almost six months into the year, and the murder count continues to grow. The Belize District continues to be plagued by the most violent crimes. This past weekend, [...]

Belize City Man Gunned Down on Kraal Road
But prior to the Hattieville murder, the life of Edison Williams was cut short in Belize City for motives unknown. On Friday night, the thirty-three-year old resident of Kraal Road [...]

Toledo Man Chopped to Death
There was a third murder over the weekend – this one in the remotest area of the Toledo District, in San Benito Poite. Sometime Saturday night Francisco Ack, a resident [...]

Minor Committed Brazen Queen Street Shooting
Late this evening, a fifteen-year old minor was arraigned in court for Friday’s Queen Street shooting involving a police officer and three other persons.  The minor is facing a slew [...]

Cop Charged for Shooting Incident
A police officer attached to the eastern division south tonight remains in custody after he discharged a firearm in a restaurant, wounding a patron at a Ladyville restaurant. According to [...]

Second Gun and Alcohol Related Incident Involving Same Cop
Now, this is the second shooting incident involving the same police officer. One week prior to Saturday’s shooting; the officer was detained by police following reports that he discharged his [...]

3 More Case of Zika Confirmed
There are three new cases of Zika in Belize, bringing the total so far to five. The news came via Ministry of Health press release this evening confirming the presence [...]

Katy Sealy Shines in Central American Championships
The Heptathlon is possibly one of track and field’s most gruelling events, testing both endurance and skill.  Most athletes are hesitant to compete in more than two or three events [...]

COLA Blasts G.O.B. for Fiscal Irresponsibility
The IMF Report has been out over a month, but government has yet to respond to what seem to be areas of real economic concern. G.O.B. may not have provided [...]

Brackett Claims Nationalizations Resulted in Crippling Public Debt
Brackett says that from their study of the report and other financial indicators, it is clear that the nationalization of B.T.L., particularly, did not have the desired effect. He claims [...]

Blue Creek Man Drowns While Fishing
One year ago, ten year old Jason Pau died near the river in Blue Creek, Toledo. He was part of a group touring a cave system when he disappeared. His [...]

Popular DJ Dies in RTA
Up north, in the village of Buena Vista, Disc jockey Sergio Mendez, who is widely known as DJ Che, was killed in a traffic fatality on Sunday. Mendez was travelling [...]

PACT Hosts Stakeholders Forum
Today, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, hosted a forum intended as an engagement with PACT’s stakeholders to inform them of the organization’s plan of operations for the year ahead. [...]

$1.2M to Be Disbursed in Grants
The forum will also provide stakeholders with valuable information on the categories which will be considered for the always coveted PACT grants. Each year the organization provides grant funding to [...]

New Revenue Sought for Protected Areas Management
The third area being funded is anything related to protected areas management, including assistance to co-managers to meet the requirements of their co-management agreement and protected areas management plan. So [...]

Red Cross Hosts Regional Exchange Meeting
For the next four days, the Belize Red Cross Society will be hosting the sixth annual Regional Exchange Meeting at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. It is an opportunity [...]

Red Cross Belize Executive Director Speaks About RITA Strategies
The RITA Program is being funded through the American Red Cross for the last four years in the Caribbean. The Belize Red Cross, in its program, has been working with [...]

Sports: Basketball and Football Matches over the Weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   1st Division football returned to the MCC Grounds yesterday where Ladyville Jaguars jumps out against Eiley FC under the [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: June 21, 2016 [Re: Marty] #515358
06/21/16 05:52 AM
06/21/16 05:52 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Sarteneja Fisherman Drowns Near Turneffe Atoll
Tonight a family from the Village of Sarteneja in the Corozal District is preparing to lay their loved one to rest after he drowned while fishing for lobster on the Turneffe atoll area. Reports are that on Saturday June 18th, between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m,, 29 year old Eugenio Santos Jr., his father, 66 year old Eugenio Santos Sr., and five other fishermen were all fishing inside a sailing boat near the Turneffe Island when his father decided to leave along with two other fishermen in separate canoes, leaving behind Eugenio Santos Jr. and two other fishermen inside the sailing boat. According to Santos Jr., about an hour later a hard rain came down making it impossible for him to take the sail boat to meet his father and the two other fishermen.

COLA Blames GOB For Economic Woes
Weeks ago the International Monetary Fund, IMF, issued its Article Four Consultation Report. In that report they speak of a decelerating economy in Belize amid increasing external vulnerabilities which could result in more taxes and retrenchment. The release of this brazen IMF report raised concern for Belizeans and today Citizens Organized for Liberty thru action COLA, issued a release placing the blame on GOB for the dire economic conditions that is being faced by our country at this time. According to their release, COLA attributes the IMF report which speaks of an imminent crisis and a widening of the fiscal deficit based on settlement of a loan to BTL, an increase in the wage bill and a ‘large overrun’ in capital expenditure as well as rising public debt, to the irresponsible spending, arbitrary and arrogant nationalizations and very suspect decisions at the very highest level of political office.

Leader Of The Opposition Weighs In On Economic Crisis
As mentioned, its Article Four Consultation Report on Belize’s economy some weeks ago, the IMF suggest that in the face of an economic crisis Belize should implement fewer GST exemptions on basic foodstuffs, cutbacks in the public service, and increasing the eligible age for government pension. During Friday’s interview with the media, PUP Leader, Hon. John Briceno weighed in on the matter attributing our economic crisis to be the result of the UDP's excessive and unsustainable borrowing and spending and called the suggestions made recently by the IMF as “strong medicine” for a weakened economy: Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party" “The issue of the economy, we know that we are going into a deep recession, we know that businesses are in the worst state ever whilst the banks are flushed with cash, we know that businesses has been slowing down where all of our major industries from sugar, bananas, shrimps and citrus all are under severe pressure so people are not having enough jobs, ..."

Are Guatemalans Planning To Visiting The Sarstoon?
Are Guatemalans planning a trip to the Sarstoon Island? That is the burning question tonight as indications tonight are that a group of Guatemalan residents are scheduling an excursion to the Sarstoon Island and river. The announcement was made on Facebook under the page “Belice es Nuestro” which posted on June 16th a notice inviting Guatemalans to join in their first mission to the Sarstoon to place a Guatemalan flag on the island. According to the post, individuals who are planning the trip are calling for donors to support the cause, and in a subsequent post, it stated that they were still awaiting calls from the over one hundred people who proclaimed interest in going on the expedition when the first announcement was made. Those asking for more details are told to call or inbox. According to the first post, the date and departure time for the trip is set but has not been announced.

Oppositon Leader Speaks On third Round Of Village Council Elections
As mentioned the third round of Village council elections took place this weekend with the PUP only winning two village. During his press conference with the media on Friday, Opposition Leader Honorable John Briceño commented on the ongoing elections considering that the UDP is dominating the results so far. Briceño said that while they are not surrendering to the United Democratic Party, he has seen great improvement in his party and expects the party to be ready for the next general elections. Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party" “I don’t have that number because a lot of this is in flux and sometimes on a Sunday people would appear and get nominated what we’ve have said is that at least that is my position that it is unfortunate that village councils have been political they should have never been political but it is what it is....”

Three Ambassadors Present Credentials In Belmopan
Today three Ambassadors presented their credentials to the acting Governor General of Belize His Excellency Carlos Perdomo at the Belize House in Belmopan. His Excellency Mohammad Ziauddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh, His Excellency Evagoras Vryonides, Ambassador of Cyprus and His Excellency Lieutenant General Joseph Smith, Ambassador of Ghana, all expressed their pleasure of being a representative of their country to Belize. Each ambassador conveyed to the Governor General their country’s plan is to develop and maintain strong relationships between their country and Belize while the Governor General warmly welcomed them to Belize.

Music Industry Mourns The Death Of Popular DJ
Tonight the music industry is mourning the death of a well-known DJ from Orange Walk Town who lost his life in a tragic accident yesterday morning on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Sometime around 8:45 a.m. yesterday thirty one year old Samantha Cordova Mendez was driving a white 1995 Geo Prism in the company of her husband thirty four year old Sergio Mendez, Belizean DJ and AC technician, forty four year old Myrna Trejo and fifty six year old Marina Cordova. The group was traveling towards the Corozal District when upon nearing a curve in the village of Buena Vista, a 2005 gold Nissan X-Trail SUV travelling in the opposite direction and driven at the time by twenty one year old Gilberto Sosa, Belizean laborer of Clarke Street Orange Walk Town collided head on into Cordova’s vehicle.

Fellow DJs Honor A Fallen Brother
Just a couple of hours after the news broke about the fatal traffic accident which claimed the life of Sergio Mendez better known as DJ Che, DJs from the Orange Walk community assembled at the Phillip Alvarez Park in the Union Town area with the objective of painting a mural in order to pay tribute to their fallen collogue. Today when we visited the area, we caught up with a few of Mendez’s close personal friends who told us about the initiative. Lucio Alcoser Jr: “The idea was from a K-Fed that he came up with and doing a mural for DJ-Che and then he contacted me and as well Elvis the artist and I as well spoke to the other DJ’s and we thought that the best place to do this mural would be the Phillip Alvarez Park which is the closest where DJ-Che grew up his neighborhood and as well close to his family, his mom and his dad’s house so we thought out of respect that we should do it here at the Phillip Alvarez Park so then we contacted the Mayor.”

Heavy Rains Caused Flooding Up North Of The Country
The incessant heavy rains over the past weekend in caused families in the Corozal District to move out of their homes and move in with relatives. According to District Coordinator for NEMO, Corozal Willard Levy, the heavy rains caused flooding in the Villages of Libertad, Progresso, Santa Clara and Louisville. Libertad, Santa Clara and Louisville were the most affected. Willard Levy District Coordinator for Corozal NEMO: “We had extensive flooding, the reports that I got was from Libertad, Progresso, Santa Clara, Louisville and San Narciso, and those were the only villages that I got reports from. Mostly affected was Libertad, Santa Clara and Louisville, we had the shelters prepared to house them but they did not go to the shelters they preferred going to relatives and friends, the relief and supplies committee had made an assessment of damages and that is what we did during Saturday and Sunday and together with that we gave out some food supplies and cleaning supplies, we are supposed to be giving out some mattresses to some areas that were really wet and damaged and we are doing that but we are waiting for the rains to pass a little because we can’t be giving out mattresses during the rain.”


Kraal Road Heats Up Leaving Edison Williams Dead
The murder count increased by three over the course of his past weekend. Friday night saw the murder of 22-year-old, Edison Williams on the south side of Belize City. Williams was reportedly socializing in an alley off Kraal Road when he was approached by his killer. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams who commands the […]

Shepherd Shot at as He Lit Cigarette at Night Club
A night of socializing turned deadly when gun men executed twenty three year old Mark Shepherd of Hattieville Village. On Saturday night, Shepherd and his girlfriend visited the night club Iguana Lounge. Less than two hours later, Shepard was in a nearby drain fighting for his life. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster of Rural […]

Murder in a Rather Peaceful Village Shakes Residents
The third murder was reported in the Toledo District as we hear from correspondent Paul Mahung. PAUL MAHUNG “The murder has stirred concerns in Pointe village which is known as a rather peaceful community. Officer in Command of the Toledo Police Formation, assistant Superintendent Clement Cacho spoke to Love News about the murder.” CLEMENT CACHO […]

Teen Who Fired Shots at Precinct Three, Injuring Four, Has History with Police
Residents of Belize City, particularly in the south side, have become accustomed to hearing of shooting incidents and murders in the various hotspots. But on Friday, June 17, the entire city was taken aback at the new level that a 15-year-old had taken gun violence as he brazenly pulled out his weapon and fired multiple […]

COLA and the PUP Express Grave Concern Over Belize’s Economy
The Coalition organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) issued a press release this morning on the topic of Belize’s economy and the recent report from the International Monetary Fund. The organization has registered serious concerns at Belize’s economy based on not only the findings of the IMF but also from confirmations they have reportedly gotten […]

Popular DJ Dies in Road Traffic Incident
A popular deejay is dead and several others injured following a traffic incident over the weekend. The collision between two vehicles occurred just after nine o’clock on Sunday morning near a dangerous curve in Buena Vista Village, Corozal District. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Peter Serrano of the Corozal Police Station spoke to Love News on […]

Catholics on a Mission at the Western Border with Guatemala
This past Saturday, Catholic Missions from Belize and Guatemala held a unity and peace mass at the Western border. Representing the Catholic Mission in Belize was Bishop Christopher Glancy and representing the Guatemalan Mission was Bishop Rodolfo Valenzuela. Love News spoke with both bishops. Bishop Glancy said the church can help resolve the conflict in […]

New Ambassadors Present Credentials to Acting Governor General
Three ambassadors today presented their credentials to the acting governor General, His Excellency Carlos Perdomo. His Excellency Mohammad Ziauddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh; His Excellency Evagoras Vryonides, Ambassador of Cyprus; and His Excellency Retired Lieutenant Joseph Smith, Ambassador of Ghana expressed their pleasure in being in Belize and extended warm greetings from their respective governments. They […]

Intervention Follows Friday’s Shooting and Murder
Following Friday’s two murders, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams conducted meetings and interventions as part of the preventative measures. Williams explained how that intervention went over the weekend. CHESTER WILLIAMS “We did have an intervention myself, Ms. Finnegan and Nuri Muhammad sat in two intervention groups and the objective there was to be able […]

Chester Appreciates Criticisms But Welcomes Solutions and Ideas
As ACP Williams and Dianne Finnegan continue their interventions and various initiatives with the objective of fighting crime, they have come under heavy criticism on social media with some commenting that Williams may be doing these programs for the accolades and attention and that their behaviour toward the persons receiving the intervention may be untoward. […]


PUP withdraws from Washington talks on Sarstoon
Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party John Briceno today said that the country has made no progress in the international front in stopping Guatemala from advancing its territorial claim.The PUP is also irked that their political rivals appear to have frozen them out of the Guatemala process...

COLA seeks clarity from GOB over ICJ
Accusing the Government of Belize of pushing “an ICJ agenda” at such events as the 46th OAS General Assembly through the draft resolution of support, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) wants to know whether the groundwork has been laid for the needed referenda to secure a trip to t...

Taxis collide near Northern border; one person injured
There was an accident near the northern border late Thursday night. According to reports, two passenger taxi vans collided near the Las Vegas Casino, on a curve on the Phillip Goldson Highway.At around 8:30 p.m., 49 year old Belizean taxi driver of San Joaquin Village Delmiro Correa and his wife Mar...

RonleePetillo and 23 year old Matthew Smith walked free of murder of Miguel Angel Rivera
Late this evening, the murder trial of RonleePetillo and Matthew Smith, 23, charged with the murder of fruit vendor, Miguel Angel Rivera which occurred on March 11, 2011 at the Michael Finnegan Market concluded in an acquittal before Justice Adolph Lucas in the Supreme Court. The trial came to a en...

BDF volunteer soldier arrested on drug charge
A BDF Volunteer soldier of Esperanza has been arrested on drug charges. On the morning of Thursday June 16, 2016, San Ignacio Police executed a search warrant at the residence of 31 year old Anthony Goff in Esperanza Village which led to the discovery of a school bag with cannabis. GOFF and he was p...

Top performers honored at 2016 PSE awards
Their hard work is done, and now it is time for some celebration. Belize’s brightest students got their due at the annual national award ceremony for the 2016 Primary School Examination (PSE), held in Belize City at the Ramada Princess Hotel. Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Culture, ...

Shoot Out In Front of Queen Street Precinct
A gunman, believed to be 15 years old, opened fire this morning in front of the Queen Street Police Station. Sometime around 8 0’clock this morning, as Belize City residents were moving about to head to work, shots were fired and when the bullets stopped reigning, four persons were injured. One of t...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

National track team grabs medals in El Salvador
The 17th Central American Seniors Championship in Athletics was hosted in San Salvador, El Salvador over the weekend at the Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez Stadium. Belize’s 30-member delegation captured 12 medals – six gold, four silver and two bronze. They also set six records at the […]

New Zika cases on Caye Caulker
The Ministry of Health says it is investigating and closely monitoring three confirmed cases of Zika on Caye Caulker, based on an investigation of fever and rash cases reported earlier in June. This brings to five the number of confirmed cases of Zika in Belize […]

Stann Creek minor, 15, charged with attempted murder at Queen Street Police Station
He was alleged to have been brought in to target a well-known gang associate. But indiscriminate gunfire resulted in injuries to 4 persons, including a police officer, and he was unable to get away. A 15 year old minor from Silk Grass, Stann Creek […]

Family of Cleon Marage seeks funds for bone marrow transplant
12-year-old Cleon Marage Jr of Belize City has spent the last few years battling acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a type of cancer in which there is a rapid growth of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow. These end up interfering with the production of normal […]

PACT speaks about funding priorities for conservation
In the 20 years since its founding, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) has assisted local conservation organizations with millions of dollars in funding for grant projects to sustain the development of the more than 20 protected areas on land and sea countrywide. Today, it […]

Three ambassadors present credentials to Acting Governor General
Acting Governor General of Belize, H.E. Carlos Perdomo today received the credentials of three ambassadors at the Belize House in Belmopan. H.E. Mohammad Ziauddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh; H.E. Evagoras Vryonides, Ambassador of Cyprus; and H.E. Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Joseph Smith, Ambassador of Ghana were […]

Orange Walk family seeking missing relative
The Cardenaz family and the Orange Walk police are requesting the assistance of the general public in locating 32-year-old Saul Cooch from Macal River Street in Orange Walk Town. On Friday June 16, Alicia Cardenaz, 31, reported to police that her common-law-husband left their residence […]

Man hangs himself while detained in OW
Orange Walk Police are currently investigating the details surrounding the suicide of a male prisoner while in custody. Twenty-nine year old Luis Magaña was detained after his wife had made a report against him on Thursday, June 16. Magaña was later detained and placed in […]

Hattieville police investigate murder
Hattieville police are currently investigating the brutal murder of 23-year-old Mark Shepard of that village. Initial investigations have revealed that on Saturday around 11:55 p.m. Shepard was inside the yard at Iguana Lounge along with his common-law-wife when two men entered the yard. One of them open fired in […]

Fisherman drowns during storm
Tonight there are more questions than answers for a family in Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District. Eugenio Santos Jr., 29, reported to police that on Saturday June 18, sometime around 9:00 a.m. he was along with his father, 66-year-old Eugenio Santos Sr., a boat captain […]

Stable conditions predicted
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is calling for a drier and more stable air mass which has moved over the area. The 24 hour forecast is for sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated, except […]

Head on collision claims life of popular Orange Walk DJ
A head on collision on the Philip Goldson Highway claimed the life of 34-year-old Sergio Mendez, better known as DJ Che, from Orange Walk and left several others injured on Sunday morning. So far police investigations have revealed that 31-year-old Samantha Cordova was driving a white Geo […]


Can’t Blame Belize for It’s Obsession with Spiny Lobster
“Wondering if there was anyone in Ambergris Caye who did not have lobster for dinner tonight?” commented Ambergris Caye resident Karen Brodie on her Facebook profile page on the evening that lobster season opened in Belize, Wednesday, June 14, 2016. I guess it was the question on everybody’s mind as they enjoyed a succulent, sweet and meaty lobster dinner that day. Guess what!? I have not had lobster yet….but, I know I will get my HUGE fix during the big San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party this coming weekend. Once again I have the arduous task of being a judge at the Lobster Cooking competition; poor me! That is when I know I will get stuffed with lobster to my heart’s (and belly’s) content. Just a few days into the lobster season, island residents are boasting pictures of their first catch of the season and the amazing lobster dishes they have cooked up. The best pictures come from the restaurants that are enticing customers to dine out for lobster. YUM!

34th annual ICACIn a speech opening the 2005 annual conference of the region’s accountants in Belize, then Cabinet minister Jose Coye, an accountant by profession, reminded his colleagues that they were mandated by their own ethical standards to bite the hand that fed them. His statement was an allegorical call for the profession, reeling in the wake of the Enron scandal, to return to an emphasis on integrity in accounts, and the promotion of transparency and incEnronreased accountability in financial reporting. The theme of that conference was “We harmonize” and these professionals, perhaps the most assiduous of the financial professions, recognized that creating a harmonized network of accountants in the region was a core objective of the ICAC, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean.

Pool Project Update: The Fates Have Their Say
Well it's been a little over a month since our pool project was completed, and I thought it might be a good time to share how things have been going. For starters, we have been very pleased that the screens have been doing their job by keeping leaves and bugs out of the pool. Other than an occasional dusting of marl, the pool water looks pristine. The screens also lend a real Zen feeling to the space. You feel like you're outdoors, but can enjoy the space without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. We took delivery of our furniture for the seating area and it is awesome!

Green Iguana Conservation Project
Great article about the Green Iguana Conservation Project. Lots of fun pictures in it too. Everyone love the Iguana Project! "All we can say is give it a go! This is a great activity for families, couples, or those flying solo. Strangers become close friends for a short period of time as you mock everyone’s reaction to the lively lizards. To learn more about the green iguana conservation project visit their website."

Shipstern Nature and Wildlife Reserve
Currently officially known as the Shipstern Conservation and Management Area, Shipstern is a large area of land of 21,500 acres (8,700 ha) in Belize’s northern Corozal District. Although not contiguous in design, Shipstern is centered on the Shipstern Lagoon, one of the largest inland lagoons in the country. The conservation area is designed to protect rare forest trees, including seasonal and dry coastal tropical varieties. hipstern is most famous for its large variety of birds that make their home in the reserve, at least 300 in total, including egrets, parrots, warblers, flycatchers, toucans and American coots. The reserve is also home to raccoons, pumas, deer, peccaries, armadillos, tapirs, crocodiles, manatees and jaguars. One of the most popular attractions in Shipstern is a butterfly farm adjacent to the visitor center where butterflies are being bred for trade with the United States, Europe and Asia. The entrance to Shipstern is 3.5 miles (6 km) from the village of Sarteneja in Corozal District. The Butterfly Breeding Center is open from 9:am to 12:00 and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily. The reserve is only open during daylight hours but night hikes can be arranged with permission from Shipstern.

International Sourcesizz

Controversial park plans in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve
Hansen’s current Mirador Basin Project proposal includes a designated roadless “wilderness area,” but over the past two decades, proposals have included a Mirador Basin National Monument, a Mirador Archaeological and Wildlife Preserve, and a new or expanded Mirador National Park. Regardless, any redrawing of the boundaries within the Maya Biosphere Reserve would entail legislative reform, as would the creation of a wilderness area, a category of protected area that does not currently exist under Guatemalan law. The Mirador Basin Project encompasses Hansen’s archaeological work, scientific research, and the proposal for the wilderness area. Hansen is the principal driving force behind the idea, but he’s not alone. Backers of the new boundary and tourism development proposals have included the San Francisco-based NGO the Global Heritage Fund (see disclosure statement at end of story) and Pacunam, a Guatemalan corporate-based foundation. “I’m passionate and I’m emphatic about the need for change,” said Hansen. The future of the Mirador region will be determined by the actions of the Guatemalan government that came to power this past January, he said. “If we leave the status quo as it is, we’re going to lose it.”

Local family rescues dogs from Belize with help from community
For Boomer, his puppy friend Tony, and even Poogie, the likelihood of getting adopted was pretty slim. But now, these dogs have hope, thanks to an East Lansing family and the community. Rachel Hoke and her family turned a Caribbean vacation into a rescue mission, when they decided to bring these homeless dogs from San Pedro Island off the coast of Belize to Mid-Michigan. "These dogs just know they have another chance, they have a chance at a home and a life," says Hoke. In Belize, the strays are called potlickers, forced to lick empty pots for food just to stay alive. But, thanks entirely to donations, the family cut through some major red tape to get passports for six potlickers.

Belize downloads its digital dreams
Errol Cattouse is a man on a mission. He's the chief operating officer of Centaur Cable and the newly appointed chairman of Belize’s internet exchange point. Launched in Belize City on April 27, the exchange point is seen as a key component in the country’s growing technology sector. An internet exchange point or IXP is the physical infrastructure through which data traffic is exchanged between networks on the internet. So far, more than 300 IXPs exist in 80 countries around the world. In the Caribbean, several countries have set up national IXPs to significantly lower the cost of local internet traffic delivery and to eliminate the expensive inefficiency of sending domestically-bound traffic overseas. For Cattouse and others in the Caribbean, IXPs also hold the promise of better network performance and greater options to innovate in the delivery of services to local consumers. Thing is, Cattouse already knows he can’t do it on his own. So he’s on a mission to develop the human resource capacity needed to bring the dream home. And he’s not alone.

The Grackle’s Secret to Success
There’s an aura of power around invasive species. How is it that they can sweep in and take over from the locals? Are they more adaptable, tougher? What are their secrets? The great-tailed grackle is a case in point. North America has its own similar species — the common and boat-tailed grackle. But the great-tailed bird, Quiscalus mexicanus, native to Central America, is one of the most invasive species in the United States. The black birds with iridescent feathers were prized by the Aztec emperor Auitzotl, who, by some accounts, relocated some of them from Veracruz to near Mexico City about 500 years ago. Over the past century or so the bird has spread north and its range is still expanding, particularly in the West, where it haunts cattle feed lots and big dairy farms. The birds are also quite happy in urban areas, like Santa Barbara, Calif., where Corina J. Logan captured and later released some grackle for recent experiments. Great-tailed grackles first caught the attention of Dr. Logan, now at Cambridge University, in 2004 when she was doing undergraduate research in Costa Rica.

The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), political leader, Patrick Rogers will be discussing the Anglo/Guatemalan Claim, Belize, and the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) with Sista Nana, host of the Los Angeles popular education show called UPRISING, on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8 PM Los Angeles time, which is 9 PM Belize time, and other time periods across the United States. Listeners worldwide can hear the exclusive interview by the political leader of the B.P.P by logging on to the KPFK website at and listen to this most dynamic discussion on Belize through KPFK's live streaming.

It is just a proud thing to declare here at Belizean Legends that Belize's female Track & Field Team recently won the gold medal in the 4x1 relay in El Salvador . As the country of Belize struggles to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity as a nation with all its borders and land intact, these golden girls of Belize's Track & Field are standing up for Belize and winning gold. How best can a country show its strength but through its most prized possession and resource, its youth, who have raised the Belizean flag at the 2016 Central American & Caribbean Games in Salvador.


  • Kaina Martinez brings home gold in the Women's 100 M, 1.5min. You made my day, will have to share. Congrats again, made me proud to Hear our Belize Anthem.

  • Belize Vlog!! Day 1||swimming Monkey!, 7min. Hey guys I hope you enjoy today's vlog! I will be vlogging my 3 week trip!!

  • Tropical Ecology in Belize and Guatemala Summer 2016, 8min.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize., 2min. 2 días en una isla de belice!.

  • Half Moon Wall Turtles Lighthouse Reef, 1min. Dive Two of Blue Hole Adventure Day, Half Moon Wall, Lighthouse Reef Belize

  • Get ready to PARTY at Costa Maya 2016!!!, 1min.

  • Costa Maya 2016 Promotion, min.

  • Michele and Chris in Belize and Guatamala, 10min.

  • Snorkeling in San Pedro, Belize 2016, 3.5min. Jan 2016. Snorkeling in San Pedro, Belize. Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley

  • Belize Day 2 - Snorkel Trip #1, 9min.

  • Belize Day 1 Arrival, 4min. This video is about getting to Belize, Ambergris Caye.

  • UNCUT with Tbone in Belize, 18min. Raw footage of the cooking show prep for the NEWDist colony.

  • Rappelling in Black Hole Drop, Belize, 3min.

  • Bicycle tour of Long Caye at Glover's Reef in Belize, 2min. The only vehicles on our island are bicycles. Join us on a mountain bike tour of this 13-acre tropical paradise.

  • Belize Travel Diary 2016, 10min. My trip to Belize through Ecology Project International!

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