Katy Sealy Shines in Central American Championship

The Heptathlon is possibly one of track and field’s most gruelling events, testing both endurance and skill. Most athletes are hesitant to compete in more than two or three events during any competition for fear of exhaustion or injury. Heptathletes, as they are called, compete in seven disciplines: the one hundred meter hurdles, the high jump, shot put, two hundred meter dash, the long jump, Javelin throw, and finally an eight hundred meter race.

Even with the events split over two days, it’s hard to expect anyone to perform at so many events so consistently, which is what makes Katy Sealy’s win at the twenty-seventh Central American Championships so special. Katy swept first place in all but two of the events, and was in the top three of the two hundred meter and eight hundred meter races held in San Salvador over the weekend.

With her performance, she now holds the Central American Record for the heptathlon event. This afternoon, we received a statement from Katy saying, “I was delighted to win Gold in the Heptathlon for Belize at the Central American Championships in El Salvador for the third consecutive year. This year was extra special because I improved my own National Record and also broke the Central American Championships Record with a score of four thousand eight hundred and seventeen. I was really pleased with my performances in all seven events which make up the heptathlon, showing significant improvement on last year. My next aim for the heptathlon is to break 5000 points and win Gold for Belize in the Central American Games next year. I am now in Belize looking forward to a couple of days rest and recovery before I get back to training for the rest of the season. I would like to thank the Belize Olympic Committee and Athletic Association for their continued support and also to all Belizean’s who have sent me fantastic messages of encouragement and congratulations.”

At the completion of the Central American Championships in El Salvador, here's the medal breakdown for Belize:

As reported, Kaina Martinez brings home gold in the Women's 100 M and silver in the Womens 200 M. Kaina also ran the second leg for the womens 4x100M relay. She along with Faith Morris, Tricia Florez, and Samantha Dirks snatch the gold medal for that event as well. Ashontie Carr, Kaina Martinez, and Samantha Dirks also bring home bronze in the Women's 400 Meter Relay.

Ashantie Carr also earned a bronze medal in the tripple jump.

Alexia Neal scored the silver medal for the womens 100 Meter Hurdles, While Tricia Flores picked up the gold medal in the women's long jump. Itohan Aikhionbare won the gold for Women's shot put with a distance of 15.67m, 3.4 meters further then the second place winner.

Aikhionbare will also be bringing home the silver medal for the discus throw.

Katy Sealy dominated in nearly every event of the Heptathlon, earning another gold medal and a new Central American Record.

For the men, Shaun Gill brings in the bronze medal for the 100 meters and joins the team of James Bregal, Brandon Jones, and Mark Anderson for a silver medal in the 4x100.

Brandon Jones also brings in the gold and a new record for the mens tripple jump.

Overall Belize claimed fifth place at the championships, after Panama. Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador claimed the top three spots.

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It is just a proud thing to declare here at Belizean Legends that Belize's female Track & Field Team recently won the gold medal in the 4x100 relay in El Salvador .

As the country of Belize struggles to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity as a nation with all its borders and land intact, these golden girls of Belize's Track & Field are standing up for Belize and winning gold.

How best can a country show its strength but through its most prized possession and resource, its youth, who have raised the Belizean flag at the 2016 Central American & Caribbean Games in Salvador.

This 2016 Belize Female Track & Field Team now joins the 1974 Belize Softball Team, and others, who are also called the Golden Girls of Belize Softball, and has gone down in Belizean sports history as a well accomplished feat for Belize in the international arena.

We honor their patriotic spirit for Belize in sports. STANDING UP FOR BELIZE!

(Photo through the courtesy of Anabella Newson)

Katy Sealy Shines in Central American Championships

Belize’s Senior Track Athletes Brought Home Medicals

The Belize delegation performed remarkably well at the 17th Central American Championships in Athletics. The competition was held over the weekend in El Salvador, and the good news is that Belize brought back a total of 12 medals- 6 of them gold. Not only that, but of the 13 new records that were broken, Belize held 6 of them- bringing our total number of record holdings to 7. Deon Sutherland the president of the Belize Athletics association spoke to us today about this remarkable achievement.

Deon Sutherland, Pres., Belize Athletic Association
"We have been at this event for years now. This is an annual event for the seven countries of Central America. We had some 22 athletes and 5 officials at this tournament which overall performance were very great. We have a total of 12 medals, 6 gold medals, which are all record breaking medals, we had 4 silver and 2 bronze."

Emanuel Pech
"Now is this to your knowledge, Belize's best overall performance at these games?"

Deon Sutherland, Pres., Belize Athletic Association
"At this event, yes. It has been. Some of the medals we had, some of the records we had - so it was just an improvement on those."

"This is remarkable, because we are the second smallest contingent at the games in terms of numbers. Second, we don't participate in a lot of the events - other events of this championship. So to actually have 6 out of the 13 records that was broken over the past weekend is definitely a great feat for a small country and a small contingent such as Belize."

And while all the track and field events are very competitive and require a great deal of endurance, certainly none is more challenging than the heptathlon. Athletes compete in seven grueling disciplines that test the limits of your endurance. The events are split in two days, but even so, it takes a great deal of skill, and sheer determination to pull off this one person relay. Today we are happy to report that Belize won the first place prize for the heptathlon this year. Katy Seals is from England by birth but over the weekend she held the Belizean flag proudly as she brought home the gold medal for this event.

Katy Sealy, Heptathlon Gold Medalist
"Well I've been representing Belize since 2010. I absolutely love it. Every time I come out here, every time we go to Central America for the championship I enjoy it. All my training is pretty much aimed towards these sort of championships. So this is a big event and I love coming out to it. I won the gold medal for the Heptathlon and also broke the Central American record and improved my own Belize national record a well. So I was really pleased."

Out of the 22 members of the Belizean delegation only 8 were non-residents. Tomorrow we will speak with the other athletes who also made their mark at this year's competition.

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