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Fire engulfs a section of Pescador Drive and Buccaneer Street
A huge fire has engulfed a section of Pescador Drive and Buccaneer Street. The fire reportedly started early this morning. As fire fighters fight to control the area, San Pedro Police are working on evacuating all residents in the vicinity. Reports are that at least two gas containers have exploded, making matters worse. As of an hour ago, The fire is now under control - the bucket brigade stopped it from spreading further and the fire brigade are continuing to douse it. For those in need of a shelter, The San Pedro Roman Catholic School has been opened. Let's spread the word and share this information and ensure all fire victims have a place to rest! San Pedro Sun reporters at the scene say the fire appears to be under control. Due to the fire, electrical power has been cut off to portions of Pescador Drive, Angel Coral Street, Coconut Drive and Eliot Subdivision for an unknown amount of time. Residents are asked to bear with this inconvenience as damaged poles and wires will need to be repaired before the power can be reinstalled.


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Specials and Events

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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Had it All
“I need to go to the bank this morning,” I told Sherry. “I’m going to stop and have tamales for lunch when I’m done. Why don’t I pick up some for you?” “It sounds like a plan,” she said. “I don’t want to cook.” I was sitting at the big picnic table when a man walked up to me and said, “Mr. Dennis, will you buy me a tamale?” “Juan, is that you?” I asked. “I didn’t even recognize you. I thought you were in the U.S.” “I was,” he said, “until day before yesterday. It was time for me to leave the States and I still had the return part of my plane ticket. I been back and ain’t et nothing since I got here.” “How was it in the States?” I asked.

SP Boot Camp offering fitness and self-defence lessons
There is a Boot Camp in San Pedro Town promising to build strength, endurance and agility. This new fitness program incorporates cardio, circuit training, aerobic exercises, and flexibility. With workouts modelled after old-school military training, it has the added bonus of a self-defence technique known as Krav Maga. Facilitated by Eddy Stanzer at Zen Arcade, the Boot Camp invites you to try a class for free. Stanzer recently moved to Belize from Israel. He has vast martial arts experience with a solid background in Tae-Kwon-Do, Point-fighting Kickboxing, Full Contact Kickboxing, Boxing and Krav Maga. According to Stanzer, boot camp classes are designed to help individuals achieve results in the quickest time possible. “It is a body weight form of exercise. We don’t use weights. It involves classic, modern exercises mixed with cardio elements. If you want to lose weight, get fit and make friends in a flexible workout program, then boot camp is your place,” he says.

SPJC students empowered on Belize sovereignty at Galen symposium
Students of San Pedro Junior College were empowered to defend Belize’s sovereignty, at a symposium for tertiary level students hosted by Galen University at the Sacred Heart College auditorium in San Ignacio on Friday, June 17. Participating institutions included Corozal Junior College, John Paul II Junior College from Benque, Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College, Independence Junior College, University of Belize and the hosts, Galen University.

Doctor Love: Trapped and Better Things
Dear Doctor Love, I am a 52 year old woman married to a man who is impotent. Although we have been married for seven years and live together we have not had relations in five years. He says it is not because he is impotent: he just does not want to have relations with me. He does not abuse me physically but he abuses me emotionally and verbally every day. I would not treat anyone the way he treats me. When I talk to him about divorce he does not want one. Because he does not beat me or run around on me I have no real grounds for divorce. I need help. Please tell me what to do. /s/ Trapped

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Caye Caulker Humane Society Mobile Clinic 2016
And here are the pictures of the wet & muddy mobile clinic. Many thanks to team North (Amanda, Matt, Susan, dr. Tracy, Diane), team Bahia (Noelle, dr. Turk, Allie, Dave) and team Black Neighborhood (Katie, Tracy, Kimberly, LaRue, Monique).

The Belize Zoo CONSERVATION CAMP 2016!
There's still time to get the surly, rebellious teenagers out of the house for 5 glorious days. Camp starts next week Monday (27th), Spread the word! BZ will once again be accepting young Belizeans join our Education team as we explore Belize's natural wonders through our week long conservation camp. This will be the 23rd year of "Zoo Camp." Special guest presentations, field trips, scientific studies and role play are just a few of the many activities planned this year. The goal of Camp, as always, is to foster conservation-minded attitudes in the next generation of stewards of our natural heritage.

SPTC gifts golf cart to SAGA
On Friday, June 24, 2016, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council were more than excited to present the team at Saga Humane Society with a Carry All Golf Cart complete with yearly licensing! This golf cart was very much needed by the team at Saga Humane Society and they are very grateful for such donation. During the presentation, Mayor Daniel Guerrero expressed his gratitude towards the team at Saga Humane Society for all their efforts in promoting a more Animal Friendly society. He also mentioned, on behalf of the Minister, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., that the Minister has secured two lots on North, Ambergris Caye for Saga Humane Society and two months rent at their current location. The Saga Humane Society is a very active organization in our community. They are always holding fundraisers and activities in order to help our furry friends.

Mr. Francisco Arceo passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Arceo family & friends on the passing of Mr. Francisco Arceo, better known as "Don Fashico". Don Fashico was a true pioneer in the development of San Pedro, from its fishing village days to what it is now. May he rest in Peace.

Miss Panama – Miss Costa Maya Festival 2016 Contestant
The International Costa Maya Festival is excited to announce its fifth contestant vying the title of Miss Costa Maya International 2016. Meet Margareth Villanueva. If anything defines Margareth is her enthusiasm, love and joy for life. Model, entrepreneur, writer and Panamanian philanthropic, at 22 years she shows that with determination and conviction you can achieve each of the goals that you propose. She started her journey as a model at 15 years leading her to be part of campaigning, commercials and walkways with some of the best brands in Panama. Today she is one of the official participants for Miss Panama 2017 contest in which the highest representatives of the beauty sector in her country participate. The winners become carriers of international titles such as Miss Panama for Miss Universe, among others.

Belize Alumni Association Spotlight!
Congratulations to The Embassy's U.S. Exchange Program Alumni Mrs. Argelia Mendoza Ken for winning this year’s Independence Day theme contest for Belize!! This year’s September celebration theme is : “Sovereign and Strong- Together as one” that focused on the Belizean-Guatemalan territorial dispute Mrs. Ken is presently teacher and counselor at the Belize High School of Agriculture in the Orange Walk District. In 2014, she participated in the U.S. Embassy, Youth Ambassadors Program as mentor to the six students from different high schools in Belize. The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from countries across the Americas to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities.

National Song Competition 2016
This year's National Song Competition will be on August 13th. If you have a patriotic song, submit it by July 22nd.

Tertiary Empowerment Symposium
The Tertiary Empowerment Symposium, led by Galen, was held at the Sacred Heart College auditorium, and 100's of students from all over Belize were in attendance to talk about the encroachment into the Chiquibul. Protect the Chiquibul! "The Tertiary Level Empowerment Symposium, 'Defending our Sovereignty', led by Galen University brought students from all across the country. FCD presented on the Current Environmental Impacts of a Porous Border in the West."

Angels and Demons Tour
The Angels and Demons Tour is coming to Cayo next Saturday. Viscera, Commando, Death Suppressor, and Dead at Last will be playing. The Soul Project is the venue, so it'll be a great concert. "For the first time in San Ignacio all the way from Corozal, Dead At Last!!!!! Also we proudly announce that thrash metal legends Commando will also grace the stage, and for the first time ever an American Metal band will grace our solid *expletive removed* Viscera!!!"

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Machete wielding mad man in police custody
Alleged suspect in the chopping incident that claimed the life of Kian Chuc and hospitalized four others, is currently in police custody pending charges. On Friday June 24th, sometime around midday the peace and silence in Yo Creek was shattered when a lone man armed […]

PG police investigating circumstances of body found near beach
Information reaching Breaking Belize News is that a post mortem is currently being performed on a male person that was discovered sometime this morning near a beach in Punta Gorda. BBN has been made to understand that the person is believed to be from San […]

Fatal traffic accident on George Price Highway claims 1 life
Breaking Belize News has confirmed that a cyclist lost his life while overtaking a bus on the George Price Highway near Rumors Resort in the Cayo District. According to reports, the cyclist attempted to overtake a bus when he collided into a vehicle traveling in […]

Belize does claim Sarstoon Island, CEO/Foreign Affairs tells Reporter
An editorial in this weekend’s edition of the Reporter newspaper makes the case that the Sarstoon River and the Sarstoon Island are not unquestionably Belizean property. The editorial argues that in the case of Sarstoon Island, quote, “maybe as much as one half of this island is […]

3 Blunders That Crippled Belize’s Growth Potential
What is stopping Belize from growing? The inhibition is embedded in the decision blunders of the past two decades of post-independent Belize. Here are, what I consider, the top three blunders that crippled Belize’s growth potential. Remember, nothing sits in a bubble, everything is linked. […]

GOB too big, needs to be cut down
ny discussion about scaling down the size of government and cutting the country’s wage bill obviously involves a discussion about letting people go. It’s a very touchy and controversial subject because no government wants to feel the wrath of a public dejected by retrenchment. The […]


San Pedro, Belize’s 2016 Annual Lobster Festival is the Best Yet
Last night was the big block party for the 10th annual Ambergris Caye Lobsterfest and it was an absolute blow-off. There were more people, more space, more booths (which means more tasty food selections) and it was an absolutely gorgeous night. I got there early. 1. Because my night time photos are…terrible. 2. I was helping to raise money for BelizeKids.Org. I made one huge error last night and I’ll admit it up front – I was asked to judge a few months ago and I TOTALLY FORGOT. I flaked on the opportunity to taste 17 lobster dishes. Am I getting blase? Letting this blogging thing go to my head? Let’s just get back to the topic at hand. LOBSTA! And a huge party.

Volunteer Vets and Hopkins Humane Society Take on Belize City – Weekend Clinic Kick-Off at St. Catherine’s Academy
Yesterday I jumped aboard the 7:30am San Pedro-Belize Express water taxi to Belize City to help with the first of a three day veterinary clinic. Goal? To spay and neuter as many animals as possible – in a city where stray dogs and cats are routinely “eradicated”. I’ll get to that in a bit… After a full Thursday of rain on Ambergris Caye, the weather looked promising as we pulled into Belize City. The lobster fishermen were unloading at the fishing co-op. Better weather means more people bringing out their animals. And MAN! DID THE ANIMALS COME OUT! By the time I left to catch the 4pm boat back to San Pedro, they had tagged Lola, #106, to be spayed. Isn’t she gorgeous? Here’s my day. And I’m leaving out the 4 hours of scrubbing instruments…it just doesn’t photograph all that great.

International Sourcesizz

In vitro fertilization may save coral reefs
Marine biologists at the California Academy of Sciences have joined a new international effort to rescue endangered coral reefs from the consequences of widespread human destruction and a warming climate. Marine biologists at the California Academy of Sciences have joined a new international effort to rescue endangered coral reefs from the consequences of widespread human destruction and a warming climate. “If it’s successful,” Shepherd said, “it opens the possibility for widespread application on coral reefs everywhere.” Shepherd’s group has joined with leaders of an international research and conservation group called Secore International — Sexual Coral Reproduction — whose founder and president, Dirk Petersen, led the original research into a unique method of in vitro fertilization of coral organisms. Five years ago, Petersen and researchers diving at the Caribbean Marine Biological Institute in Curacao, collected coral sperm and egg cells in the water while the corals were spawning, and reared the coral larvae in the laboratory. When they matured, the researchers transplanted the coral larvae onto small, fist-size tiles that the divers then transplanted to the degraded reef by the thousands.


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  • Belize GoPro Compliation, 17min. This is a very rough compilation of the GoPro videos / stills I took on a dive trip aboard the Belize Aggressor IV. The sailing was June 18th through the 25th.

  • BREDAA'S NURI AKBAR ESTRADA'S SPEECH AT THE ANGLO / GUATEMALAN TOWN MEETING IN LOS ANGELES!, 12min. In his presentation on the issue, BREDAA's Chairman, Nuri Akbar Estrada, told the Belizean listening audience across the U.S. and in Belize that the Anglo Guatemalan Claim is transnational driven and politically motivated, where western foreign corporations have economic ambitions, and are pushing the present government of Belize to settle the claim at the I.C.J. which has become a very unpopular position so far with many Belizeans rejecting it as an option.

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