Last two months, the Belize National Football Team made it for the first time to the 114th spot in FIFA World Ranking, but this month took a downturn. Belize currently holds the 164th spot in the latest FIFA World Ranking which was released the 14th of July 2016. This has been the worst ranking since 2007 when Belize was ranked 201st, understandable since it is a fact that Belize International Football has been at a pause. The last time the Belize National Football Team played an International game was when they were eliminated from the FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifiers in September, which is almost 11 months ago when they played against Canada and tied 1-1 at the FFB Project stadium but lost 3-0 in Canada.The Belize National Football Team has had numerous issues with financing which have deterred it from hosting International games or travelling.