$29,000 Stolen from Belmopan Income Tax Dept.

A 29-year-old cashier of Belmopan City reported that at 5:50 p.m. on 15.07.16, she was inside the Income Tax Department Building located on Trinity Street, Belmopan City along with some co-workers when three male persons entered the building, two of whom were dressed in camouflage clothing. One of the male persons reportedly pointed a handgun towards a police officer who was performing security duties at the Income Tax Department. Wagner stated that she, her co-workers and the police officer were then tied up and their mouths were taped with duct tape. One of the men then proceeded to the cashier section and took over $29,000.00 in cash which was collected at the office for the day.

One of the assailants then took her purse valued at $640.00, $400.00 in cash and her social security card, a purse from one of her coworkers valued at $500.00 and her social security card. The men also took the police officer’s .38 revolved which contained 5 .38 live rounds and his police issued headdress.