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Today's Belize News: July 16, 2016 #516028
07/16/16 06:39 AM
07/16/16 06:39 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Crime up by 5% according to Police National Statistics Report
The official police statistics for the first half of 2016 has been released, and it indicates that major crimes are up as high as 4.9%. The main contributors to this figure were incidents relating to carnal knowledge, while the minimal crime activity recorded was rape. The report showed that most of the incidences of major crimes did not happen in Belize City, but elsewhere in the country. Just in Ambergris Caye, there was a rise of crime at the beginning of the year, registering five (5) murders since the beginning of 2016. The San Pedro Police Department has revamped its presence in the various hotspots of the island in order to tackle any spike in crime. In terms of murder countrywide, there was a marginal increase from 73 recorded for the first half of 2015 to 74 recorded for the first half of 2016. The difference may seem very minimal, however what is alarming is that there was a drastic shift in where the majority of the murders occurred. The Belize District recorded 13 less murders between January and June of this year, a decrease of 27.6%. While elsewhere in Belize the number of murders increased from 24 to 40, a large increase of 53.8%.

Dog owner take park in Saga’s 3D Workshop
Saga Humane Society has been working alongside Heather Beck, owner of K9 Lifeline to host a 3D Workshop, ‘Dealing with Difficult Dogs’. Participants from Canada, Mexico, Saga, Pampered Paws, and across Belize attended the three day course at San Pedro High School from Monday, July 11th to Wednesday, July 13th. This course was geared at teaching dog trainers the basics and practical approaches that help to improve human/dog relationships. Beck has been teaching all over the world, and her expertise is in behavioral approach. This method focuses on the dog’s primal drives and instincts to better communicate. According to Beck, owning a dog is more than just having a pet. “I feel that this workshop is important because I want people to be responsible dog owners. I think that through Saga, they’ve made a lot of changes on the island, but that focuses is on the health aspect. We are focusing on the humane part of owning a dog,” said Beck. The workshop included both educational presentations and interactive sessions.

SPTC tests its beach reclamation project
Following a visual assessment to determine the level of erosion on the beaches on Ambergris Caye by experts of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Pan American Development Fund (PADF), The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has embarked on a project to save the island’s coast line. During the inspection which was done on April 13th, different factors were pointed out as the cause of the island’s fast beach erosion. According to Carianne Johnson from the PADF, seawalls are the major culprits for the erosion currently taking place. She commented that most of the seawalls along the shoreline are not properly built, and instead of protecting the beaches, they are actually speeding the erosion process. Likewise, Keith Nichols from the CCCCC stated that the solution is not an easy one. According to him it will required a set of studies to learn the movement of the currents in order to start a reclamation project.

BTB implements New Minimum Standards for Hotels
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), along with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), have been conducting a comprehensive review that seeks to improve the minimum standards for Hotels and Tourist Accommodations in Belize. As proposed by the Hotel Act (No. 12 of 1997), the BTB is visiting different chapters to inform them about the updated National Classification System for Accommodations. The most recent consultation was held on Thursday, June 23rd in San Ignacio, Cayo, where BTB’s proposal was met with disapproval. A total of 45 hoteliers from the Cayo District met to discuss the new minimum standards, and the general consensus was that this adjustment would have a ripple effect on the tourism industry. Judy duPlooy, President of the BTIA-Cayo Chapter, expressed her concern over the new proposed standards. “No one is opposed to regulations pertaining to health, safety and emergency measures. However, the new proposed Minimum Standards, which total 532 items for the hotel category far exceed reasonable requirements for an extremely diverse marketplace. Furthermore, many of the items on the checklist are not relevant criteria for renewing or obtaining a license,” said duPlooy.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

New Caye Caulker Village Council slate sworn in
At 1PM on July 15th, Chairperson Mrs. Enelda Rosado and councilors Seleny Villanueva, Miguel Angel Neal, Hans Badillo, Elizabeth Usher, Myrna Vanina Sosa, and Juan Gabriel Cantun took their oath to serve a three-year term in the island village of Caye Caulker. Congratulations to the new council!

BEL Restores Power Supply with Support from CFE
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), with the help of in-country generation and Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), restored power supply to the country following two power interruptions earlier today. This morning, the national grid was being supplied solely by in-country generation, to allow for scheduled maintenance on the portion of CFE’s system which supplies Belize. However, the demand on the units for the generating plant in the south were higher than normal and exceeded the protection for that part of the country, resulting in an outage to a major portion of the system. Power supply was lost to the Corozal, Orange Walk, Cayo and Belize Districts at 8:19 a.m. Within 15 minutes, the Company commenced sectionalized restoration of power supply. However, at 9:53 a.m., the entire country lost power supply when the fault condition reoccurred. The fault condition was identified and corrected, and BEL commenced restoration to the Central, West and South. As a mitigation measure, BEL also arranged to reconnect with CFE to assist with restoration of power supply to the North of the country. Full restoration was achieved at 11:23 a.m.

Belize Blood Donor Service In San Pedro Saturday
The blood you donate could save a life! If you can, donate at the San Carlos Medical Clinic on Pescador Drive tomorrow, starting at 9:30AM!!

Summer camp for the kids in San Pedro!
Action 2024 and Hellfighters footsoldiers would like to invite all kids age 5 to 12 for a summer sports camp. JULY 18-21dont miss it , it going to be awesome Action 2024 y Hellfighters footsoldiers les invita a un campamento de deportes para ninos de 5 a 12 anos el 18-21 falten ,estara buenisimo.

Miss Mexico – Miss Costa Maya International 2016 Contestant
The International Costa Maya Festival is excited to announce its seventh contestant vying the title of Miss Costa Maya International 2016. Meet Miss Mexico, Ingrid Elizabeth Luna Solís. The Mexican beauty won the title of Miss Teen Universe Puebla in 2015. Ingrid enjoys reading, traveling, modeling, spending time with family and friends and is currently a student of psychology.

Breakdancing Workshop
The Wildfire Gallery is teaming up with the SISE House of Culture to bring a Breakdance workshop to Cayo next week. It starts on Monday, July 18th, at 9:00am, at the SISE HoC.

Digital Marketing Summit of Belize 2016!
Day One of the Digital Marketing Summit

Channel 7

DOE Tells ASR/BSI to Quit Dumping Spoilt Molasses In Ponds
The Department Of Environment issued a stop order against ASR/BSI today - telling the company that it has to quit dumping spoilt molasses into ponds. As we've been reporting for the past two days, a large volume of molasses went bad in storage tanks at the Tower Hill Factory in Orange Walk. For the company and the farmers it's a loss of revenue, but it's also a major disposal problem since molasses poses major threats to waterways. Yesterday, ASR/BSI's Environmental Health & Safety Superintendent told the media that the molasses have been moved out of the tanks and into ponds: Brittany Meighan - Environmental Health, BSI: "Firstly, I wouldn't consider the molasses contaminated because the molasses is no longer molasses after this reaction. Its a completely different product and the way we are storing it is by having everything contained. There have been no breaches to water bodies. Everything is contained and there's been no spillages." Reporter "So, the molasses are still in the tank as we speak?" Brittany Meighan - Environmental Health, BSI: "No, currently we have them temporarily stored in ponds that are contained. We are still waiting for the department of the environment to give us some more confirmation to make sure that our method of disposal is appropriate and abides by all regulations."

Man Shot In City Over Petty Feud, Possibly With Cop's Gun
A man was shot to his lower abdomen last night behind the Complex building in the St. Martin's area. According to 29 year old Nigel Castillo, a little before 9 yesterday evening, he and another person were at a nearby Chinese store when he suddenly found himself in the middle of an argument between a group of young people. Hoping to avoid any problems he returned home. But that is when one of the young persons, the step father of a police constable, allegedly discharged a police firearm at him for no apparent reason. Castillo was released from the hospital earlier today and he recounted the story to us. Nigel Castillo - Shooting Victim: "Last night what happened was, me and my partner came from the shop and when they were already drinking, 2 guys just came and tried to get in our conversation and we just told them that we didn't want to hear anything. He just tripped then they came with their gun because he and I are neighbors. So, the same time when I heard them say that they will go for their guns, I walked home. They ran from across the other yards straight into my yard. The man had a gun and he pointing it at the crowed because an entire crowd was out there, at least about 12 of us were out there. The man pointed his gun and shot me."

"Wizz" Was Remanded
Last night we told you about the charges San Pedro police brought against Luis Wizz Carter for allegedly shooting Dwayne Hyde. Well today the 23 year old Carter, a construction worker of San Pablo, San Pedro, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Carter was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was remanded into custody until August 30. On the morning of July 13th, Carter allegedly shot his one time associate, 30 year old Dwayne Hyde at his home. Hyde received a serious injury and he used a screwdriver to fight off carter, leaving him with minor injuries.

Coke Truck Overturned, Soda Bottles Smashed On Highway Shoulder
If you were traveling on the Phillip Goldson Highway heading into Belize City this morning, you most definitely encountered a serious traffic jam during the rush hour. That's because a Bowen and Bowen Truck ended up overturned at around mile 8. It was loaded with countless crates of soft drinks which ended up strewn and shattered on the side of the road. When we arrived on the scene, the Bowen employees were trying to salvage what they could. Today, Ladyville told us what they've learnt about the cause of the accident: Sgt. Leon Hewlett - Sergeant In Charge, Ladyville Police: "Information was received at the Ladyville police station of an accident on mile 8 on the Philip Goldson highway. Based on that information received, Ladyville police visited the scene where upon the arrival they observed a white international brand truck bearing license plate number A3521 overturned on the left hand side of the highway while traveling toward Belize City."

18 Year Old, Stalked And stabbed By Deranged Ex, Calls On Cops
A city woman is terrified tonight, after her ex boyfriend allegedly almost killed her on Sunday. 18 year old Amber Grenardo came to our studio today pleading for help. She told us she and her boyfriend separated a couple months ago after 3 years of abuse. But Grenardo says he simply does not want to let her go and early Sunday morning around 1:30, while she was asleep, he went into her JR Street house, stabbed her 5 times and chopped her in the head. Here is her horrifying story. Courtney Weatherburne "Tell us what happened early Sunday morning, you were asleep when you were attacked?" Amber Grenardo, Stabbed by Jealous Ex: "Yes and then when I woke up I saw him right at the door and I grabbed my machete and he fought me for my machete and he chopped me in my head, then after that he bit me over this side here and afterwards he went and got my kitchen knife and he stabbed me here and here. Hos I escaped, I jumped through the window and I went and called my sister who lives across the street. Then 15 minutes after the police came and took me to the hospital. When I reach at the hospital, they called my mom and told her that the house was on fire. That's all I remember from then."

Remanded For Role Reversal In Domestic Dispute
And a similar story went to Belize City Magistrate's court today and it shows that domestic abuse goes both ways - and it can take months before an arrest is made. 21 year old Dangriga resident Ernestine Noralez, was charged with attempted murder after he common law husband said she stabbed him in the chest. 26 year old Jordan Jones told police that on the night of May 29th, he and Noralez were at a house in Double Head Cabbage when they had a misunderstanding. She left the house and walked away, and he claims that when he went to follow her, she took out a knife and stabbed him in the his chest. After that, she left Double Head Cabbage and went to Dangriga where she was apprehended on July 12. Today in court, she appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser where she was charged for attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. She was remanded into custody until August 30th.

Customs Officer Shot On Highway
A man was mysteriously shot in the shoulder as he was driving along the Southern highway. 34 year old Customs Officer Jose Acevedo was heading to his Hope Creek home last night at after 8:00. But as he slowed down by a speed bump, a man emerged from the side of the road and shot at Acevedo in the shoulder. He was transferred to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment.

Balam Believes In Carlos Raul
Last night, we brought you part one of our coverage on the press conference held by the Executive Director of "Asociacion Balam." He's the Guatemalan conservationist, Byron Castellanos, who heads the Guatemalan counterpart to Friends For Conservation and Development. They basically try to preserve the forest environments in Guatemala close to the border which make up a part of the Chiquibul National Park. As one of the key persons trying to preserve the Chiquibul biosphere across the border, he works closely with FCD to tackle the root causes of the Guatemalan incursions into Belize. That's poverty and organized crime, and yesterday, he had a very frank conversation about the realities which continue force Guatemalan campesinos to enter Belize illegally to get at the rich resources of the Chiquibul. Both he and the FCD Executive Director, Rafael Manzaneros, agree that in the last 2 years, the illegal activity in the Chiquibul has decreased drastically. It's partly due to the enforcement efforts on both sides of the border, but more so because of the intervention methods that Balam and their Guatemalan partners have been making.

A Real Summit For The Virtual World
A two-day event geared at enhancing the online presence of tourism stakeholders concluded earlier this afternoon at the Biltmore Plaza. The initiative known as the Digital Marketing Summit has been spearheaded by the Belize Tourism Board for the past two years. Nearly 150 persons attended the event and learned more about topics like: Digital Content Strategy, Creative Strategy, Travel Trade in Digital, Insights and Video Marketing. The discussions were facilitated by international leaders in the digital marketing field including experts in creative marketing strategy. The event was also joined by a member of one of the leading online booking sites- Expedia. We learnt more about the summit this morning and its relevance to today's modern world. Minor Larrieu, Digital Marketing Mgr., BTB: "We have a lot of hotel airs and tour operators in the room learning and it's going to inspire them to do a lot more with the resources they have with the new technology available and also to challenge them to have a stronger online presence." Michael Chatfield, Creative Strategist, Presenter: "Last year at the digital marketing summit I presenting destructive creative strategies, it was called 'rock the boat'. It was all about standing out, being different and changing the game in your favor."

Big Multimillion Dollar Tourism Plan For Small Destinations
Last night we told you about the very strong tourism figures coming out of the first half of 2016. But while tourist strongholds like San Pedro, Cayo and Placencia always perform well, it's not quite the same for the lesser known tourist spots. And that's why over the next few weeks places like Corozal, Toledo, Caye Caulker, and the Mountain Pine Ridge/Caracol and Chiquibul area will launch their own Destination Plans. These plans will identify key infrastructure projects that are considered critical for the development of tourism in those areas. But it's not just a n exercise in paperwork, there's multilateral money behind the initiative. Investments will be made under the Sustainable Tourism Program II, a five-year 15.5 million US dollar IDB program for sustainable and resilient tourism development.

Future Starts At Summer Camp
About 75 children from all across Belize City had been attending the Future Football Club's summer camp for the past 2 weeks. For 5 years now, the organizers have been using football as a means of outreach to these at-risk kids, and today, we stopped by to see the awards handed out to the most outstanding participants. Lead facilitator Edon Rowley told us that he and the other instructors help these children focus their energies in a positive manner: The organizers thanked the Belize Bank, BTL and the other sponsors who made the camp possible.

Channel 5

Breaking News: Robbery at the Income Tax Department in Belmopan
And there is breaking news from Belmopan tonight. We have been able to confirm that the Income Tax Department was robbed this afternoon at the close of the business day [...]

B&B Eighteen-wheeler Flips on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Soft Drinks Everywhere!
For hours this morning, traffic was backed-up on the Phillip Goldson Highway.  A tractor-trailer loaded with products from Bowen and Bowen overturned near Mile Eight where road works are ongoing. [...]

Five-car Pileup in the Aftermath of Overturned Delivery Truck…
A chain reaction originally begun with this morning’s turnover of a Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville in which two vehicles traveling into Belize City were severely damaged. Because of [...]

…was the Collision Preventable?
While no one was injured during the accident, those involved exchanged insurance information to sort out damages.  As a motorist who commutes along the thoroughfare daily, Swasey told News Five [...]

Belize City Man is Shot Near La Croix Boulevard, Cop is Detained for Questioning
Twenty-nine-year-old Nigel Castillo was shot on Thursday night in the vicinity of La Croix Boulevard in the old capital, a short distance away from where police have established a checkpoint.  [...]

DOE Team Meets with BSI Personnel to Discuss Molasses Disposal
Up north, a team of officers from the Forest Department, as well as the Department of the Environment, visited Tower Hill this afternoon to continue an assessment of the current [...]

Is Burying Burnt Syrup a Practical Suggestion?
Among the suggestions that are being considered is the burial of the large quantity of molasses into a pit. To do so, they would have to identify an ideal location [...]

Pregnant Woman is Arraigned for Stabbing Her Boyfriend During Domestic Row
There was an unreported violent incident between a man and his girlfriend in the village of Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, in May of this year. This morning, the twenty-one [...]

Wizz is Remanded for Attempted Murder in San Pedro
Also in the Magistrate Court today, a construction worker from San Pedro Ambergris Caye, was arraigned for a mid-week shooting on the island.  Twenty-three year old Luis Carter, also known [...]

Digital Marketing: BTB Hosts Conference for Online Advertisers
The marketplace of the future inarguably has its origin in social media.  In fact, many businesses are presently striving to reach new customers and maintain existing ones by interacting with [...]

Where do Millennials fit Into Digital Marketing?
Larrieu says there is more to come on this score. In terms of reaching target audiences, Patrick Lawrence’s New-York based Yo Group advertising agency says cost is no object for [...]

Pokémon GO! The New Craze Reaches Belize
There is a craze that has taken over the world; it is “Pokémon Go.” All over, fans have become addicted to the gaming phenomenon which is played through a mobile [...]

Moscow Ballet on Ice Comes to the Jewel
Ballet on Ice at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts is a must-see ice skating show that will be performed by a band of Muscovite dancers visiting Belize from [...]

Bitten By a Tommy Goff While Vacationing in Belize
A report of a fifteen-year old girl of the Bay area, California, who was bitten by a fer-de-lance while vacationing in Belize is making international news tonight. Audrey Benton and [...]


An Improved Structure for the Elderly
Over the last few weeks, Help Age Belize and Sister Cecilia home have seen renovations to their buildings. Love News spoke Ivorine Bulwer, Executive Director of Help Age Belize spoke about their recent renovations. Bulwer made an appeal to the public for help to improve the facilities. Bulwer added a message for youths […]

Belizeans In Turkey Amidst Coup
There is currently a civil unrest taking place in Istanbul, Turkey where the military has taken control of the administration of the country in a reported effort to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and the general security it says had been taken away. It is a dire situation involving […]

Re: Today's Belize News: July 16, 2016 [Re: Marty] #516029
07/16/16 06:40 AM
07/16/16 06:40 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 80,387
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


St. Martin de Porres to have parish hall in next year
Belize City and particularly Southside has few places where youths or indeed anyone can safely congregate to have fun and enjoy themselves. The Roman Catholic parish of St. Martin de Porres aims to change that with a brand new Parish Hall now under construction at its corner Vernon and Partridge Str...

Belize loses 60 spots in FIFA World Ranking
Last two months, the Belize National Football Team made it for the first time to the 114th spot in FIFA World Ranking, but this month took a downturn. Belize currently holds the 164th spot in the latest FIFA World Ranking which was released the 14th of July 2016. This has been the worst ranking sinc...

Accused contrabandista walks from drug charges
On February 5, 2016, 34 year old Roland Raheem Rivers was busted inside a burgundy Ford Escape vehicle with 14 pounds of marijuana and contraband beer, and was also accused of various traffic offenses. But the single charge of drug trafficking was dropped after Magistrate Deborah Rogers, preparing t...

Student charged with robbing bus conductor
A bus conductor got robbed at the old Novelo’s Bus Terminal on West Collet Canal on Tuesday, and today a junior college student was accused of the crime. 35 year old Elroy Hemmans Junior, student and part-time accountant, pleaded not guilty to a charge of robbery before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraz...

Belize Continues to Deliver Impressive Tourism Results
“We have passed the half-way mark of 2016, and tourism in Belize is doing better than ever”. So begins a press release from the Belize Tourism Board. According to the BTB statistics, overnight arrivals for January to June, 2016 has seen 213,430 visitors to Belize. That represents a 16.5% increase ov...

Belizean and Guatemalan conservation groups team up
Friends for Conservation and Development, F.C.D, has teamed up with Guatemalan conservation group BALAM to fight for the conservation of the Chiquibul Forest against encroachers and poachers. The Chiquibul reserve landscape goes beyond the Belize border into Guatemala and is now being used more f...

First 190 million paid in BTL arbitration award
On Wednesday, GOB had to cough up some 190 million dollars for its first payment in the Arbitration Award for the B.T.L. nationalization. The total award is over half a billion dollars which includes interests at eight point three-four percent accumulated over the past seven years. Government paid 6...


Dr. George Gough loses medical malpractice suit
Belizeans can be tolerant and forgiving in so many areas of life that many times professionals, who should know better, take advantage, but one woman who has been through pain and suffering because of two botched surgical procedures decided that the best route of redress to follow was through a medical malpractice lawsuit, an unusual area of civil claim in Belizean litigation. On Tuesday, July 12, Claim Number 154 of 2013 between Alice Arana-Gillett, the claimant, and Dr. George Gough, the defendant, concluded in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel, who ruled in favor of the claimant and awarded general and special damages to her totaling $52,520.24. Apart from the damages, Justice Abel also ordered Dr. Gough to pay 50% of the claimant’s cost of court, which still has to be agreed upon or assessed, and six percent interest from the date when the claim was filed. Attorney Nazira Uc Myles, who represented Gillett in the claim, told Amandala tonight, “It is gratification for my client, because it hasn’t been an easy journey for her because she was discouraged at several stages.”

Michael Baptist remanded for attempted murder
A 20-year-old man, Michael Marvin Baptist, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison this morning after he was arraigned on attempted murder and related charges for a stabbing incident that occurred last Wednesday, July 6, at a home in Los Lagos. The stabbing victim, Eugene “Fatback” Webster, who is the stepfather of the accused man, was in a coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) earlier this week. Webster’s wife, Caret Webster, told Amandala tonight, however, that he came out of the coma yesterday evening and has been showing signs of improving. Mrs. Webster said that she wants to thank all the people who are praying for her husband’s recovery. The accused did not have to make any pleas after Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser read charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm to him.

Chiquibul exploited for organized crime: Asociación Balam
There have been many reports of Guatemalan laborers being nabbed for incursions and illegal activities inside Belize, but the invisible and presumably well connected hands controlling what is allegedly an organized regime remain elusive, according to a Guatemalan agency which partners with Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) in Belize to combat environmental crimes in the area. “There is a perverse alliance between poverty and crime. They finance people to come across the Belize border to illegally take [Belize’s] resources. The sad story is that the poor people are in jail, and those who pay, are in the cities. That is one thing we have to change, make those who finance pay for their crimes,” said Bayron Castellanos Romero, executive director of Asociación Balam. Castellanos joined FCD’s executive director, Raphael Manzanero, at a press conference held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City Thursday morning. The parties called the press conference to inform the general public about the bi-national efforts which are underway to address Guatemalan incursions into Belize. The parties have extended their cooperation agreement with a new accord spanning 2016 to 2021.

“Another World” accused killer, 18, arraigned
At about 2:30 Sunday afternoon, as Maleek Norris, 19, a resident of Roaring Creek, was walking on the road in the Another World area of the village, he was blasted in his lower abdomen with a homemade gun that fires shotgun cartridges. The shooter was a teenager of the village with whom Norris had been in several altercations. Norris died shortly after at the Western Regional Hospital. Police arrested Ashton Felix Puerto, 18, of Another World, Roaring Creek, and charged him with murder, keeping a prohibited firearm and use of deadly means of harm. He was taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today, where he was arraigned on the offences. Puerto was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until Wednesday, September 28, when he will be returned to court.

Belize Barrier Reef remains on danger list
The Belize Barrier Reef, inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 but put on the danger list in 2009 due to threats arising from the sale and lease of public lands for development leading to habitat destruction, will remain listed, following a decision announced by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at its 40th Session being convened from July 10 to 20 in Istanbul, Turkey. Last December, the Government of Belize announced a new policy for a partial ban against offshore drilling at the site, as well as within a buffer area spanning 1 kilometer from the site, but its promise to bring into force new legislation to buttress the ban has yet to be fulfilled. Present in Istanbul was Nadia Bood, WWF-Belize Reef Scientist. Bood said in a WWF press release issued Tuesday that: “We are moving in the right direction with this decision, but it’s a long road to ensure that both the reef and the people who rely on it are protected into the future. WWF welcomes an expert monitoring mission by the end of this year to assess the government’s progress.”

GOB raising funds to pay Ashcroft from treasury notes and bills
The Government of Belize is raising funds on the domestic market to finance the payment of the arbitration award amounting to nearly half-a-billion dollars to the Ashcroft group of companies, whose shares the Government of Belize assumed when it nationalized Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) back in 2009. As we reported last week, the balance, after subtracting the $65 million paid as an initial installment last September, is roughly $395 million, and half of that is due by today, July 13, 2016. The Government of Belize is making use of the increased liquidity in Belize’s financial system—but this would also translate to a marked increase in the public debt stock, from about 82% last year to about 92% by the time the payments are settled. We asked Ervin Perez, Managing Director, Legacy Fund, for the current liquidity data. Citing the Central Bank’s Weekly Monetary Aggregates, Perez told us that as of June 15, 2016, the amount of excess liquidity (in terms of hard cash) in the system is $451,802,000, up about $81 million from the same time last year.

C-Ray Youth Summer Series 2016 Week 2 results
–Here are the results of Week 2 cycle races, held yesterday on Marine Parade Boulevard in the C-Ray Cycling Club’s Youth Summer Series 2016. (Every Sunday in the month of July, races start at 1:30 p.m. on Marine Parade in front of Celebrity Restaurant. Registration is free. Bikes and helmets are provided for those who do not have. Weekly, winners are given ribbons; and for the finale, they receive a C-Ray T-shirt, school bag with school supplies, medals and other prizes. Similar to the High School Cycling Series, points are given according to the order in which the participants finish; at the end of the 5 races, the participant to accumulate the most points wins overall.)

Smart 13 & Under Mundialito – City Boys are champs again!
The fifth annual Smart 13 & Under Mundialito football tournament culminated in dramatic fashion on Sunday afternoon at the MCC Grounds in front of a handsome crowd of fans that included many parents and relatives of the young athletes; and after a scoreless draw in regulation and overtime in the finals, City Boys prevailed in sudden death after seven penalties were taken, to dethrone Brown Bombers, and become the champions for 2016. Both the third place game and the championship final were played with 25 minute halves, and 5 minutes intermission. In the third place preliminary, Ladyville Rising Stars edged Hattieville Riverside Boys, 1-nil, on an early second half goal by Caesar Garcia (26’).

Cricket Corner: Western Eagles puts away Wicked 11
Hello to all cricket players, fans and families!Thanks to this year’s sponsors,Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Competition playoffs continued over the weekend, with Easy Does It going up against Sunrise at Rancho Dolores, and Wicked11 up against Western Eagles in Lemonal. In the game at Rancho, Easy Does It took to bat first. At the fall of the first wicket and a score of 28,the game had to be stopped due to heavy rain. That game will continue, hopefully, on Sunday, the 17th, at the same venue. The game for the day was at Lemonal between Western Eagles of Rancho Dolores andWicked11 of Flowers Bank. These two teams are tied. Today one, advances to the semifinals, the other will, well, maybe just watch other teams continue to do battle. The Wicked11 boys arrived first, then the Eagles. When the Eagles players took a look at the field, they said that the condition of the field was not in anyway prepared for any playoff game.

Mundialito and Softball Marathon in O.W.
n Mundialito games played at Louisiana Football Field on Sunday, July 10, Croatia of Black Water won, 1-0, over Spain of Progresso, with a goal from Shamir Basto. Colombia of Palmar got a goal each from Jared Gonzales and Nazir Torres, to drop Portugal of Trinidad, 2-0. Mexico of San Estevan edged Belize of L.A. area, 2-1. Sheehan Blanco and Joan Bull shook the net for Mexico, while Axel Alamilla scored for Belize. And Holland of Guinea Grass got the 1-nil win over Argentina of Yo Creek with a goal from Jason Vanegas.

The sacred cow
Amandala welcomes this week’s statement from the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on the national financial catastrophe which the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has become. It may be that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has also weighed in on the BTL crisis, but any such statement may have been lost in the shuffle. The point we wish to make is that when Belize experiences these crises wherein all the leaders of the two major political parties – the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People’s United Party (PUP), do is point fingers at each other, the BCCI and the NTUCB become the nation’s most important socio-politico-economic factors. That is because they represent arguably the two most disparate, and at the same time vital, elements in our democracy, these being capital (BCCI) and labor (NTUCB). Ideally, of course, there should be a commission of inquiry into just how our nation’s most profitable and cutting-edge technology public utility, built over decades by thousands of talented, dedicated Belizean workers, ended up as the source of the largest ever hit upon our foreign reserves and consolidated funds. Commissions of inquiry are expensive propositions, and it does not appear that any of the two major parties is eager for a BTL inquiry. Such an initiative, we submit, would require a joint effort by BCCI and NTUCB, in the first instance.

From the Publisher
Needless to say, I appreciate the fact that people still want to read what I have to say, but I do try to place myself in as realistic a perspective as possible. In a situation such as mine, one cannot afford to take one’s self too seriously; in fact, one sometimes has to fight against a feeling of being irrelevant, a sense of futile déjà vu, of having been here before and not having been able to effect change. In the United States, they refer to citizens born in the years right after World War II (I man was born in 1947) as “Baby Boomers.” It is said that people in our part of the world were so happy that the war had ended in 1945, and that the so-called Allied nations had won, that they were making a lot of babies – a baby boom, hence “Baby Boomers.” The generation known as Baby Boomers in America essentially was the generation which challenged and confronted the power structure in different areas during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. The decade opened with various attempts by young black Americans, supported by progressive young whites, to integrate public transportation and various public facilities in the Confederate states (Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and so on) of the United States, the Deep South states which practiced segregation, which was known in South Africa as apartheid.

Letter to the Editor: Fool’s paradise …
Dear Editor, China has just said it will reject and ignore a ruling at the International Court in The Hague regarding its territorial claims in the South China Sea, which was not in its favour, and brought against it by the Philippines. It also said that it will continue to defend its claim. China claims 90 per cent of the South China Sea. The ruling was binding, but the Court has no power of enforcement. Both China and the Philippines are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the ruling was made by its arbitration tribunal. Other countries which have claims are Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. However, the Philippines is the first to take China to court. The South China Sea is a lucrative trade route and unusually rich in natural resources.

Letter to the Editor: BQ, Jr. answers Norman
Dear Editor, During my perusal of the online edition of your publication, I came across the feature article dated 29 June 2016, entitled “When will Belizeans/New Yorkers take a stand?” by Norman Fairweather. With your permission, kindly permit me to respond and put on record a clarification of what appears to be a misinterpretation and misconception of the Belize City Council’s (BCC) delegation’s visit to New York in June. Let the record show that the BCC’s delegation’s visit was on invitation via retired U.S. Army Lt. Gerard Placide; with the primary focus of networking and relationship capacity building in the areas of municipality management, religious outreach and possible investors. It is a fact that on the itinerary for the BCC’s delegation there was a meeting with Belizean-Americans inclusive of members of the Belize International Solidarity Movement (BISM) on June 13th, 2016. It was the only scheduled meeting with them. The meeting was predominantly an open forum designed to address the needs and concerns of the individuals present; hence the direction the discussion took and the matters discussed were those that the audience found most important.

A call for Belizean self-reflection and unity
The British monarch, the day following Brexit when many in Britain, Europe, and around the world spoke as though the end-of-the-world draweth nigh, memorably declared, “I’m still alive.” Some news outlets reported this was merely a jest, a joke. The shock of Brexit is now receding. The stock markets have adjusted and largely recouped their losses (regardless of who won or who lost). The tone of the anti-British EU factions have been effectively silenced. The President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, amongst the loudest anti-British EU voices, has been disciplined by her biggest political advocate, Germany’s Angela Merkel. For Germany, it’s not ideology or Brexit-no Brexit that rules, but rather it’s what’s in the self-interest of the German nation that must prevail. Truly great nations, or better phrased—truly resilient and progressive nations—know not just how to survive, but also to thrive, regardless. I subscribe to the adage, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond.” This is the story of my own life.

Of gang intervention through education
There is no need for the Belizean people at home and abroad to try to make it appear that the exploding violence presently engulfing Belize City and the surrounding villages in Belize District is not about the Belizean black youth that is in crisis. Since 1989 when Belize’s gang violence exploded, all statistics have pointed directly to the black Belizean population as being the ones annihilating themselves through gun violence. I think it is a good thing for some Belizeans at home and abroad to be asking what can be done about the violent crime rate that has brought about a state of emergency in Belize. Belizeans at home and abroad need to understand that Belize’s gang problem was exported from abroad, from the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles and other United States cities where black Belizeans migrated and resided. It was also exported through the arrival of American television in the 1980’s through films like New Jack City and Colors.

Ban gill nets, says Coast Guard
A gill net is a large fish net that hangs vertically in the water. Floats line the top of the net, while weights line the bottom. The net is made of transparent material, so fish and other animals are unable to see it. The mesh size (or size of the net holes) that a fisherman selects, depends on the size of the specie they want to capture. Small mesh sizes are used when targeting small species and large mesh sizes are used when targeting large species. The mesh size or net holes are designed to be large enough for the head of the fish to pass through it, but not its body. As a result, when fish swim into the net they are entangled by their gills, and they drown. Some nets stretch up to 40 miles long, in the open ocean, while other gill nets stretch for one to two miles (which is still long), and they are typically 10-50 feet in width. Fishermen may leave these nets in the water for a few hours to a couple of days.

When Government betrayal of youth in Belize creates Black On Black crime!
In the memory of Karim Yasin Hafiya (Keon Gentle) The Barrow administration is squarely to be blamed for the carnage we see on the streets of Belize with this explosion of black on black crime. They have gone out all the way since their coming to power in 2008 to make sure that Belizeans in the diaspora, who returned to make a difference, were not afforded the opportunity to do so, especially the ones that had challenged them in the past since their coming to power in 1984 through the Esquivel administration. There is a whole history of strained relations between this particular government in power today, and some Belizeans abroad who resisted the draconian policies in which they continue to use to govern Belize today. And the same thing can be said of that regime that is now called the Opposition. It has got to be known that BREDAA’s chairman, Nuri Akbar Estrada, made a significant contribution in Belize in 2008 in lending his skills and expertise in youth development, whereby addressing the crisis of black Belizean youth disenfranchisement and marginalization when he worked in the Youth Cadet Core in Belize as an organizer for the program.

Spoiled molasses posing a problem for ASR/BSI
Another crisis is fermenting around the sugar industry, and it involves the industry’s supply of molasses, which is derived after tons of sugar cane have been processed. There are many ways in which molasses can be used, for example, in horticulture to feed microorganisms which improve the quality of soil, to make fertilizers and in the production of rum. As a result, molasses production, too, is a source of financial benefit to the north of the country. ASR/BSI, the owners of the sugar mill, issued a release this week saying that there’s been a case of what is referred to as a Maillard Reaction. Maillard Reaction, named after the French chemist Louis-Camille Maillard, who discovered the process, is somewhat similar to the process of caramelization, where carbohydrates like sugar turn brown when heated, according to However, when this process occurs, it can leave a carbon residue, which can become lethal if not properly removed.

GOB cites Santander Sugar for environmental breaches
The Government of Belize has cited Santander Sugar, a Guatemalan company which recently started sugar production in Belize, for alleged environmental breaches, after officials had conducted assessments which they said confirmed that the company altered White Water Lagoon, which is considered a sensitive area. Dr. Colin Young, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, told Amandala when we interviewed him on Wednesday that about 6 weeks or so ago, they received information of some alleged breaches by Santander of their Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). Amandala understands that the Government was alerted by civil society after it was discovered over more than a month ago. Young said that he then sent a team to investigate, comprised of officials of the Department of the Environment, the Fisheries Department and the Forestry Department. The team, Young said, visited twice and reported that Santander had violated its ECP.

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The Reporter

SIB raising the bar on delivering quality statistics
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) is taking the lead on improving the national statistics system, which will improve the quality of all government departments which provide stats for decision making. Deputy Director General of the SIB, Diana Castillo-Trejo, explained on Friday that the Institute […]

HelpAge calls for vigilant self checks for diabetics
HelpAge Belize is calling for diabetic patients, particularly those who are elderly, to be more vigilant in checking for health problems associated with diabetes. Executive Director of HelpAge, Ivorine Bulwer, explained on Friday that she has noticed increasing incidents of diabetes-related strokes, blindness, amputations, and […]

Ministry of Foreign affairs gets new office
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this week, showcased its new office building, paid for by the Government of the Republic of China/Taiwan (ROCT). The ROCT paid some US $1.5 million for the lavish three story structure, which has just below 10,500 sq.ft, and sits on a half […]

CARICOM countries pass treaty to extradite fugitives wanted back home
Heads of governments who attended the Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) 37th Regular Conference in Guyana have voted to begin extraditing fugitives wanted in their respective CARICOM countries to face trial for various crimes. CARICOM Chairman, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told reporters following the conference that […]

Belize and Guyana sign framework agreement
The government of Belize and the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, last week, signed a framework agreement aimed at increasing cooperation between the two countries. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington signed the agreement on Belize’s behalf, along with Vice-President Carl B. Greenidge, signing on […]

Security guard executed on arrival at home
Kareim Hafiya, 40, also known as “Buzzard”, met his death where most people consider their safest place to be – home, on Plues Street just before 4:00 a.m., Saturday. The security guard worked at the House of Culture by day and at Bottom Dollar by […]

Roaring Creek loses second resident to weekend gun violence
Maleek Norris, 18, became the weekend’s second victim to die by gun violence over the weekend. Norris left his house at around 2:30 Sunday afternoon en route to a friend’s house. Somewhere along the way, in the Another World area, however, he encountered someone with […]

Kent Brooks passes away
Eleven days after being severely wounded from a gun shot wound to the chest, 18-year-old Kent Brooks, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) this week. Brooks died on Sunday July 10, at around 10:00 a.m. after being shot to the chest on La Croix Boulevard […]

Another Belize City murder; Roger Banner dead
Roaring Creek resident, Roger Banner, 19, was gunned down as he spoke with his girl on East Canal near Public’s Supermarket shortly after 9:00 p.m., when another man rode up to him and shot him in the head. Banner was reportedly sitting on the yellow […]

Belize pushing for Schengen Visa waver
The Government of Belize is working with the member countries of the Schengen area of Europe to get the country on the list for Schengen Visa waivers. Sources within the ministry of Foreign Affairs explained this week that Belize has reached out to Schengen members through the […]

Dip in value of euro and British pound has immediate impact on Belize
The recent dip in the exchange rate with the British pound and the European Union’s (EU) euro currencies has had immediate effect on Belize’s. This is because our dollar is pegged to the US dollar, and the pound and euro have lost value compared to […]

Away with gill net fishing
The outlawing of gill nets can result in the addition of hundreds of millions of dollars into Belize’s economy, increasing employment in the fisheries industry. The movememt to outlaw gill nets had its inception in 2004. It had an exceptionally good start and progressed until it […]

Lova Boy performs at the Los Angeles Cultural Festival
Lova Boy performed at the 2016 Los Angeles Culture Festival in Hollywood as the headline performer on June 25. The six-day carnival celebration held on Hollywood boulevard featured Lova Boy’s performance on the fourth day. The carnival was celebrated under the theme ‘Parade of the Bands’, as he energetically entertained […]

Teresa May is Britain’s new P.M. Smoothest transition in a sea of turmoil
Former British Home Secretary, Theresa May is now Britain’s second female Prime Minister. She was sworn in on Wednesday in one of the smoothest transitions in recent years amids’t some of the most unsettling times, after Britain voted to leave the European Union. She became the only legitimate candidate after […]

Santander Sugar’s ECP violation liable for DOE fine
Santander Sugar, the US $175 million sugar cane growing and processing facility built on 20,000 acres in Valley of Peace, Cayo District, will be liable for a fine levied by the Department of the Environment (DOE) for two drainage ditches dug on Santander land […]

In recent weeks Oceana Belize has been engaged in a vigorous campaign to end all forms of gill net fishing in Belize. This is the most important problem facing Belizean fisheries today and we hope that our new Minister of Agriculture, who has shown himself to be energetic and conscientious, […]

Get serious about Chiquibul! Say conservationists to officials
Two conservation groups that co¬manage the extensive Chiquibul Forest, which cuts across the Belize/Guatemala western border have joined efforts to appeal to the two governments to give more serious assistance to protecting the reserve. Concerned by the level of encroachments that have been occurring on both […]

BSI-ASR molasses consumed by Maillard reaction
Belize Sugar Industries and its parent company, American Sugar Refiners (BSI-ASR) have been exporting its molasses soon after the crop started at Tower Hill Sugar Factory in Orange Walk, but this week announced that due to an unprecedented phenomenon called a Maillard reaction, the […]

GOB makes first payment to Ashcroft
The Government of Belize paid over $190 million to the Ashcroft Alliance this week as part of the arbitration award for the nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). On Tuesday, 10 days after the three¬member Permanent Court of Arbitration handed down its ruling, GOB paid the money, most of it […]

FALSE ALARM! Chester did NOT resign
Sharp comments on Facebook this week by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Chester Williams, which were interpreted to mean he was leaving the Belize Police Department and take up law practice full¬time drew immediate response from his sympathizers. This prompted Williams to clarify in a […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police Youth Cadet finishes 19th annual Summer Camp
The 19th annual Belize Police Youth Cadet Summer Camp was held over the past week and today organizers and participants held an official closing ceremony. The 277 youth cadets from across the country, including San Pedro, Ambergris Caye took part in a small parade through […]

The 50th Benque Viejo Fiesta is both cultural and religious in origin
Being celebrated this weekend, it is the official veneration of the patron saint of the village, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The commemoration begins with a solemn religious celebration – Las Alboradas. The loud bells signal the daily early morning service leading up to the 16th […]

Four-way pileup in City snarls traffic
A chain reaction originally begun with this morning’s turnover of a Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville resulted in two vehicles traveling into Belize City being severely damaged. Because of the Ladyville scene, traffic had slowed coming into Belize City, with cars nearly bumper to […]

BTB hosts digital marketing summit
Social media has become the marketplace of the future, and in some cases, the present, as business strive to reach new customers and maintain existing ones. It is no different for the tourism industry, where every property promises a different experience for the visitor. The […]

When a man loves a woman…
21 year old Ernestine Noralez, known as “Queenie”, originally from Dangriga Town but now residing in Double Head Cabbage, Belize District, is accused of stabbing her common-law partner once in the chest, near the heart, almost killing him as a result. That was about a […]

Luis Carter charged in San Pedro confrontation
Construction worker 23 year old Luis Carter has been arraigned for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm upon Dwayne Hyde and for aggravated assault upon Kimberly Humes, his common-law wife, following an incident reported earlier this week on the island of […]

More drugs and a firearm off Punta Gorda Streets
Punta Gorda Police and the K-9 Unit conducted operations in that town and confiscated 562 gram of cannabis on Wednesday. The first batch of 156 grams was found at the residence of Anthony Johnson. Police have arrested and charged Anthony Johnson, 36, Sean Garcia, 25; […]

Multiple car collision in Belize City
There was a five-vehicle collision on the Philip Goldson highway near mile two and a half in Belize City this morning. There were no reports of anyone being seriously injured but several vehicles were damaged. More details coming up shortly. © 2016, This article […]


Pokémon Go frenzy makes its way to Ambergris Caye!
I have been a fan of the Pokémon Franchise for as long as I can remember. I have watched every single season of the anime, watched all the movies and specials, played all the games – as far back as Gameboy Color – and even own Pokémon merchandise. So there was no doubt that when Pokémon Go by Niantic was announced, I went completely nuts! And now that I’m playing it, I can clearly say “I will become the greatest Pokémon master of them all!” Within the first 24 hours of its release the game blew up – so much so, that it’s raised Nintendo’s (part owner of Niantic and one of the few companies that hold copyrights to Pokémon) stock value by $7.5 billion since its launch on Wednesday, July 6th. As of July 13, 2016, Pokémon Go has an estimated 15 million downloads – impressive! Everyone was jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon, and being the nerd and Poke Lover I am, I downloaded it the first opportunity I had.

Taste of Belize 2016 was held over the past weekend (July 9th and 10th) in Orange Walk Town and Rain Rooftop Restaurant was well represented, taking home third place in the Master’s Chef Competition. 27-year-old, Chef Samuel Gonzalez was the representative for Rain in the competition and we were super excited to sit with him and chat about his first time experience competing in such a high profile culinary competition in Belize. Samii, as he is known by those around him, started cooking less than four years ago. He started off as a dish washer at what was then Wet Willy’s Smoke House Restaurant. Shortly after, he jumped at the opportunity to cook when they were short staffed. This was the beginning of his Chef story. In November of 2014 Samii started working at Rain as a Kitchen Assistant. After 4 short months at Rain, Samii became sous chef, then quickly worked his way to becoming a head chef in training. Samii spoke about his experience: “As the competition began they started reading out the bios of all the different chefs competing. They all had over 7 years’ experience and some of them even owned their own restaurants. I was really nervous.”

Welcome to Belize, suitable for framing
This is a photo of my back yard — or front yard, depending on your penchant for pedantry. I must confess it has been really really hard to take a bad picture of this. And it is quite stunning to watch the composition shift with the introduction of weather, sunrises, strolling people, boats, storms and even the careless placement of a wheelbarrow and ladder (as you can see above). The hardest thing to do is incorporate the lovely birds and butterflies that soar in and out of this composition. No picture has yet done justice to the hummingbirds, orioles, pelicans, blackbirds and yellow butterflies in migration that fill me with joy every day. However, I have a completely new way of looking at this scene. You might call it “through artists’ eyes.” My friend Ben Popik discovered this new app, called Prisma which takes the annoying image filters of Instagram, iPhones, etc. to a whole new level of quality. And a whole new way of seeing your own world. Ben is an artist, a film maker and he transformed a sweet photo of his wife, Joanna, holding baby chicks into a most artful and appealing portrait, using Prisma.

Your Belize Cooking Guide: How to Make Black Relleno Soup
Relleno – in Spanish, the word means “stuffed or filled!” In Belize, locals have grown accustomed to using the term Relleno, when referring to a black soup consisting of vegetables and chicken stuffed with pork and boiled eggs. The soup gains its dark colour, from the black Recado paste that is added which is made of local roasted peppers. This dish (like many other popular dishes in Belize), is common to Mestizo households of Northern Belize and is typically prepared for special occasions such as birthday parties, graduations and weddings. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find it anywhere else though, as the dish is now a common lunchtime meal at restaurants across the country and usually costs around $12 Belize dollars.

International Sourcesizz

Compact, diverse Belize an easy gateway to Central America
Typically, toucans don't show up at breakfast unless it's on a box of Froot Loops. Croaking like frogs, the four of them are eyeing my huevos rancheros from the branch of a vine-entangled tree beside the hotel balcony that also is a favorite hangout for a yard-long, lime-green iguana. Ninety-three miles away, rainbow parrotfish wait for snorkelers while bobbing around a world-class coral reef. A 30-minute drive from there, spider monkeys shriek from a jungle eternally trying to cover the ninth century ruins of a square-mile Mayan city. A country as diverse as any of its neighbors - and that you can drive across in 90 minutes - tiny Belize might be the easiest sampler for Central American first-timers. Add on that English is the primary language, the convenient location just south of Mexico, the good roads and a handful of excellent little airlines on which to hopscotch around, and the metaphor starts to seem obvious.

Should the Caribbean and Latin America should integrate more ?
Caribbean nations could work more closely together to promote trade and tourism and battle climate change and can integrate more closely with Latin America, say top politicians. Dr Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, speaking at the seventh summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) in Havana, Cuba, says integration in Latin America and the Caribbean is realistic and would help the region face common challenges.



  • Action in the streets of San pedro, 1min. Film crew shoots commercial in San Pedro for Parkour/Freerunning company Tempest.

  • New Tunes, 3min. Check out this reggae track from a ‪Belizean‬ brother. It's Free the Youths.

  • Full Moon Concert in full swing. Sambai Dancers, 1min. Here's a look at Thursday's Full Moon Concert at Stann Creek House of Culture

  • Flying over the Blue Hole in Belize!, 5min. This was such and amazing experience flying over the amazing piece of nature. I highly recommend this flight! it is filled with not just a beautiful view but lots of adrenaline.

  • Belize city 1990, 48min.

  • Observing and Driving and interacting with the locals of Belize in 1990, 48min.

  • The GreaGeorge C Price Father of Belize Talking to the world media about the Future of Belize., 48min.

  • Belize and Roatan 2002, 17min. Much of my enjoyment comes from scuba diving.

  • Belize dive 2016, 5min. Scuba/freedive/snorkeling Belize 2016! Snuggling shark!

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