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Today's Belize News: July 20, 2016 #516105
07/20/16 06:07 AM
07/20/16 06:07 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Costa Maya Festival Presents: Miss Mexico & Miss Belize!
With the announcement of the final two contestants vying for the title of Reina de La Costa Maya, we are truly counting down the last days before the International Costa Maya Festival 2016 kicks off! This week, we present to you Miss Mexico, Ingrid Elizabeth Luna Solís and Miss Belize Yadira Yvette Argueta. Ingrid Solis won the title of Miss Teen Universe Puebla in 2015. She enjoys reading, traveling, modeling, spending time with family and friends and is currently studying psychology. Yadira Argueta is 22 years old and hails from Pomona in the Stann Creek District. An ambitious Belizean, Yadira is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at the University of Belize, with the ultimate goal of getting her Master’s and opening her own accounting firm. A veteran of pageants, Yadira has captured the Miss Glamour Teen of the Bay title (2009) and the Queen of the Bay crown (2012) and has represented Belize abroad at the Miss PJD2 Caribbean pageant (2014). She loves the catwalk, and her beauty shines onstage during her modeling sessions around the country.

Letter to the Editor: BTB’s Hotel Standards
Dear Editor: I want to thank Amandala for publishing the BTIA-Cayo Chapter press release in the June 29 issue. That release articulates the wide range of concerns that have alarmed many of us in the tourism industry. The beauty of Belize embraces its natural wonders and the warmth of its people. Based on the BTB proposal, our government would have us transformed into a limited series of international class five star resorts that are affordable and attractive to a small number of wealthy travellers. We would have no affordable accommodations for the average adventure travellers (BOTH FOREIGN AND LOCAL) who have been the lifeblood of the Belize tourism industry to date. Less than 15% of the proposed requirements involve health, safety or any other arguably appropriate topic of regulation. For example, BTB proposes to regulate the furnishings and decorations in hotel rooms, the role of personnel, the colour of linens, and literally hundreds of items that are beyond the purview of reasonable or typical regulation. It simply makes no sense. Lest the reader think this is merely industry whining, I offer two of the more absurd proposed requirements. (1) If a facility has a bar, bakery or pastry products must be provided. (2) As a licensing requirement, anyone that serves meals must offer a daily menu with at least 2 choices per course.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Does He Have Any Money?
A woman and a young lady sat at the table next to me at the Holiday Hotel. They looked to be mother and daughter with the daughter probably twenty years old. “Bianca, are you going to tell him or am I going to have to do it?” the mother asked. “I’ll tell him, mom,” the girl said. “I just don’t want to spoil Dad’s vacation. You know how upset he can get about my boyfriends.” “Don’t worry about it,” her mother said. “This time it’s very important that you let him know the situation.” A man, obviously the father, came to their table with coffee and cinnamon rolls for everyone. The girl said, “Dad. I need to tell you something.” The father looked at her in silence for a few moments and then said, “I hate to ask what it is. Every time in your life that you have said that to me it cost me money.”

Police Report: Drug Trafficking
On Wednesday, July 13th at around 4AM, acting on Special Branch information, a joint team of San Pedro Special Branch and Quick Response Team personnel conducted a search in an apartment in the Escalante Area of San Pedro Town. Present at the time of the search was 27-year-old Juslyn Keoma Daniels and a 17-year-old minor. The search led to the discovery of 526.1 grams of cannabis, 27.2 grams of cannabis resin and 26.1 grams of cocaine. As a result Daniels and the minor were officially arrested and escorted to the San Pedro Police Station. Daniels was subsequently charged with two counts of Drug Trafficking and one count of Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Doctor Love: Not Guilty
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I moved here a little less than a year ago. My parents blessed the wedding, the move, our future and everything. His parents act like he is the biggest traitor that ever lived. His mom says they never see him anymore now that he has moved a thousand miles away. They blame me for taking him away from them and bringing him to some foreign place. This is so untrue. Every six weeks his job takes him back to where they live. He gets to spend a weekend with them getting his full attention. He calls at least once a week but they say it isn’t enough. I have tried to get them to come here and we even tried to buy tickets. They claim to be too old to fly that far but they are only in their early sixties. I think they are just trying to strike back at me for taking their son. What can I do? /s/ Not Guilty

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

July 28th, 2016, 9am to 3pm. Learn to create an accurate operating budget that helps your company achieve its goals. Your Immediate Takeaway: Gain tools and insights to develop a realistic budget, Get hands-on practice perfecting a budget, Use budgeting to help determine strategic direction Being responsible for the budget means you're playing a vital role in your organization's future. Your budget enables you to pinpoint critical variables that impact profit so your company can successfully pursue its goals and continue to grow. LOCATION: Audio Visual Room, University of Belize, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, West Landivar.

DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY!!!! The National Climate Change Office (NCCO) is embarking on its First National Climate Change Youth Video Competition. This competition will allow Belizean youths the opportunity to showcase ways in which they are implementing concrete actions in their communities to address Climate Change. Youths between the ages of 18-30 are eligible for entrance into the competition. See flyer attached for further information. Submission Date is Friday, July 22, 2016 no later than 4:30 p.m.

Minister of National Security Visits Volunteer Battalion Annual Camp
The Ministry of National Security wishes to inform the general public that the Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar will visit the Volunteer Battalion on 25th July, 2016 during their Annual Camp Training Exercise. Each year the Volunteer Battalion conducts a two-week training package during the month of July in different parts of the country focusing on different types of warfare. This year's focus is on conventional warfare and it is being conducted in the Mountain Pine Ridge Area. It will include First Aid, Signals, Skill-at-Arms, Map Reading, Tactics, and culminating in a Live Firing Exercise.

Community Outreach & Livelihoods Director
Are you a Belizean citizen who is independent, organized, self-motivated and a confident team player and leader? Ya'axché Conservation Trust is happy to announce this opportunity to join our passionate team as we strive to find harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both. For a full Job Description, and details of how to apply, please download the application pack from our website ( The closing date for application is July 30, 2016.

Social Media for theTravel Industry Training
Aug 10, Caye Caulker

Hon. Dean Barrow on LOVEFM this morning
Be sure to tune in to The Morning Show on Love Television or Love FM this morning! Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow will be a guest. The show starts at 7:00 a.m.

The Swiss Authorities herein offer Research, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Studies Scholarships for 2017/2018 . The application forms can be requested at [email protected] Clink link for more information. Application window will be opened from August 1, 2016 to November 18, 2016.

WCS and the U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Builds Capacity to Address Illegal Wildlife and Timber Trafficking
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Belize Program and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) have teamed up with Belize Forest Department to strengthen and build capacity across government agencies that play an essential role in the fight against illegal wildlife and timber trafficking. Experts from around the world will convene to share their knowledge and experience at a three-day workshop, to be held from Monday July 25 to Wednesday July 27, 2016 in Belize City. WCS and INL expect to forge regional and international partnerships that will help Belize become part of a growing wave of enforcement against illegal wildlife trade, a threat that is rapidly growing and diversifying.

Enter our Crossword Puzzle Contest for a chance to win dinner for two at Pirates Treasure Restaurant and Bar in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Rules of Engagement: LIKE Oceana Belize's Facebook page today and submit your completed Crossword Puzzle to us at [email protected] TAG a Friend in the comment section below. Your friend must also like Oceana Belize's Facebook page. Correct entries will be collected and a winner drawn live right here on Oceana Belize's facebook page at 10:00am BZ time on Wednesday, August 3rd 2016. The winner will receive a $200 voucher for dinner for two at Pirates Treasure Restaurant and Bar.

Stann Creek House of Culture joins the Houses of Culture family
We are so proud to welcome the Stann Creek House of Culture- NICH to the Houses of Culture family! Coordinator Joshua Arana is already busy with activities for the community.

Cellula coming to Belize
The reggae band Cellula out of Panama is bringing two FREE shows to Belize!

Open Mic Night
It's that time of the month! Calling all musicians! Line it up! Only the best will walk away with $1000 cash! Pull up!

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley
Although these white-fronts are boys, one of our lovely Interns thought they bore a remarkable similarity to a certain celebrity twin-team. I shall say no more on the subject... They hate one another and have spent a very long time caged together beating up on one another. Mary-Kate is the more aggressive of the two, Ashley has very few feathers left as proof. Even though they have only been separated for a week or so, Ashley has already started to grow a fluff-ball of down feathers and Mary-Kate has green body feathers peeking through. Hopefully we will be able to show yet another great transformation simply through this change of circumstance.

Belmopan Day!
Make sure to come and checkout the Belmopan City Council's Belmopan Day on July 30th!

Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project Public Engagement Meeting #4
The General Public is invited to the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project fourth in a series of engagement meetings to create awareness of your downtown project. Please see our flyer with information relating to this meeting. Come an see the preliminary design of the House of Culture Property.

Channel 7

Pastor Lue Was Kidnapped Along With Two Others
Tonight, the 5 men charged for Pastor Lue's murder are in jail. They are William "DANNY" Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. We'll take you to the court room for a fully detailed account of all the courtroom drama, but first, we have the full police account of how exactly Pastor Llewelyn Lucas was killed. Police revealed it today in court to convince the Chief Magistrate that there is sufficient evidence gathered against the accused men. According to police investigation, on Friday afternoon, July 15, Mennonite David Dodd, Pastor Lue, and another man all went to Mason's Belmopan Home, in the Intelco area. Dodd told police that while there, they were kidnapped by an assailant who they did not see. They were tied up, duct taped, and blindfolded. Dodd says that they were then led to a vehicle, which carried them for about 30 minutes, and when it stopped, they were taken out. They later realized that they had been taken to Mason's ranch, seen here, which is located between mile 30 and 31 on the George Price Highway.

Pastor Lu's Alleged Executioners In Jail
And, so that was yesterday evening in Belmopan…and then that leads back to the city last night where they were unable to get an audience in front of the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith due to the late hour. Our news team was at the courthouse from the moment the police van arrived from Belmopan up to when it left, and then again today when they were brought back to court for arraignment and remand to the Belize Central Prison. After racing the 5 defendants down from Belmopan to Belize City, a phalanx of police officers parked them at the footsteps of the Belize City Magistrate's Court. The door to let them out would only open if the cops were sure that they were going to be arraigned.

Deputy PM Patrick Faber Took "Congratulatory Drinks" at Mason Manor
And, so, while William Danny Mason is locked down at the Hattieville Prison tonight, it's nothing like a night six weeks ago when he hosted the newly sworn in Deputy Prime Minister of Belize at his Belmopan home on Intelco Hill. Deputy Patrick Faber confirmed to us today that after the party for his supporters at Chon Saan Palace in Belmopan he went to Mason's home for some, quote, "congratulatory drinks." Here's the full text of what Faber told us: "I have met Mr Danny Mason twice. Once in 2015 via Minister John Saldivar and again on the day of my swearing in. The reception after my swearing in…was done at the Chon Saan Palace in Belmopan…I received an invitation indirectly from Mr Mason to his home…to join him for congratulatory drinks. I accepted that invitation. That is the full extent of my relationship with the person that I knew as Danny Mason."

GSU Boss Posed Off With Mason
Mason hugging and it appears to have been taken on the sprawling top deck of that same hilltop mansion. Flowers – who enjoys heavy political connections within the UDP – seems to have been a friend of Mason, and reliable reports tell us that lead members of the GSU were even known to go for private target practice training sessions at his mile 31 ranch, the same ranch that is now a murder scene. We asked the Acting Commissioner about this yesterday – and he deflected: Jules Vasquez: "Sir the GSU used to train on his ranch, outback ranch or his farm." Russell Blackett - Acting Commissioner of Police: "Well the way it is situated I guess a lot of people would be shot in that area because it's a housing area also sir." Of course, the ranch is over one hundred acres and only the front side faces Mahogany Heights.

Complaint Points To GSU Commander
And while the picture has him on social media blast tonight, Superintendent Flowers has a lot more to worry about than a few Facebook posts. Multiple reports from sources within the police department tell us that he is wanted for questioning in connection with a carnal knowledge complaint made by the mother of a 14 year old girl. According to our reports, she alleges to the Domestic Violence Unit that Flowers had relations with her under aged daughter earlier this year. We tried to reach flowers, but he did not respond to our calls or text messages. This comes the day after Police Minister John Saldivar announced that the GSU would be beefed up to aggressively contain the gang problem in the City. Flowers was not at the press conference where the announcement was made and is said to be on leave. We'll keep following the case.

San Ignacio Stabbing Death
A man was stabbed to death last night in San Ignacio. 32 year old Edilberto Morales was at his co-worker's house yesterday evening around 7. But he got into a fight with that same co-worker and was stabbed 5 times. When it was done, Morales's body was left splayed on the road. We went to Cayo today to find out how a petty disagreement led to murder. Yesterday, after work, Edilberto Moralez and a few friends went over to Nuri Polanco's home. They were all doing some construction work on a house further up the road and decided to end the day with a few drinks. But Moralez got into an argument with Polanco over a television, a confrontation which led to Moralez's death. "Initial investigations reveal that after socialising and drinking the deceased and another individual were walking on Floyd Moro Street in Santiago layout area of San Ignacio town when they had an heated argument over a TV that one of the accused had loaned to the deceased. With subsequent resulted in a physical confrontation where the deceased received 5 apparent stab wounds to the upper part of his body."

Cayo Bomb Threat Slightly More Serious Than Average Prank
When bomb threat calls are made, they are usually bogus; just to scare people or to pull a prank. But the police can't take any chances and have to follow up on any such report. That is exactly what happened in San Ignacio last night, before police were called out to the Morales murder scene. The cops got a call saying that a bomb was placed at the Chinese store ABC Supermarket. When they rushed over and searched the area, they didn't find any bomb, only a cordial note written in Spanish pleading for $2,000 dollars. Police told us more about this curious but concerning case. Supt. Richard Rosado - OC San Ignacio: "On Monday the 18th of July 2016 a caller called the police via 911 and stated that bomb was placed inside ABC store situated on Bullet Tree Road. The K-9 Unit and the BDF bomb experts were subsequently dispatched to the building and during the process no explosive devices were found at the store."

Capital Cops Make Headway in Heist Investigation
Belmopan police are tonight reporting that they have arrested the main suspects and recovered items stolen in last week Friday's heist at the income tax office in Belmopan. As we reported, three armed men wearing camouflage stormed into the office after closing time tied up the police security, and three staffers and helped themselves to 29 thousand dollars in cash from the drawer. They also stole personal monies from the staffers. Well, police were able to make a fingerprint match and link it to an employee. It was called an inside job, and this evening we are told that the suspects have been arrested along with stolen items. The operation is still ongoing at this hour and we'll have more on it tomorrow.

Armed Men Storm OW Western Union
Police in the north are currently seeking two individuals for a broad daylight robbery that took place at Western Union on the Corozal Road in Orange Walk town. At12:15 yesterday, the money transfer business was held up at gunpoint and two men stole $500 dollars from the cashier and additional $800 from a customer. Jose Mendez - Insp. of Police, OW Formation: "Sometime about 12:15 pm today we received information of a robbery in progress at the Western Union at the Belize Corozal Road address where police visited the area where the cashier Mr. Ortiz reported the establishment was robbed at gunpoint." Reporter: "Do you have any information as to who the robber or robbers were or anything like that?" Jose Mendez - Insp. of Police, OW Formation: "Based on information we received we are seeking for two individuals at this moment. Police are still following all leads gathered and we hope by the end of today or tomorrow we are supposed to have some positive information in respect to the suspects."

Cops Accused of Shooting His Neighbor
A police constable and another man have been charged for the attempted murder of a Belize City Resident. Last week Friday we told you about the shooting involving 29 year old Nigel Castillo a resident of the St. Martin's De Pores Area, Belize City. He was shot to the lower abdomen in front of his yard, behind the Complex building, a short distance away from a police check point on La Croix Boulevard. Quick response led police to secure two firearms and subsequently detain two individuals- including a police constable. It was an easy case for police because the alleged shooters also happened to be victim's neighbors. On Monday the two accused- 19 year old PC Wallace Meighan Jr. and 21 year old Ravaun Chee- were brought before the court to be arraigned for attempted murder. Both men were also charged with dangerous harm, aggravated assault and use of deadly means of harm. They have since been remanded to prison until September 7th.

Mexicans Assist In Border Investigation
There is independent investigation still pending for the incident where BDF soldiers shot and killed the 13 year-old Guatemalan boy, Julio Alvarado Ruano inside the Chiquibul. The BDF maintain that they had come under hostile fire under the cover of darkness, and they were simply defending themselves. Well, the Mexican Embassy reports that they have deployed an expert to make a part of the team of investigators. A press release from the Mexican Embassy in Belize says that the government of Belize and Guatemala, the Secretary General of the OAS deployed a team of experts. This independent commission will consist of specialists in the area of criminal investigation, criminal law, forensics, all of whom have knowledge of the mandate of the OAS, and are bilingual. They will be investigating for approximately 2 weeks, or so. Belize has also requested that investigations be done into other cases where Belizean security officers, were killed or injured.

Ripoff Report Had The Dirt On Mason Months Ago
Over the past 2 days, we've been telling you a lot about the man known as William Mason. He and 4 other associates are now at prison tonight for the beheading murder of William Mason. Last night, we showed you the explanation that City Councillor Phillip Willoughby gave as to why this man got mixed up with the City Emergency Managment Organization. About a month and a half ago, only a few days after Mason was introduced publicly as part of the CEMO response mechanism for Belize City, an anonymous individual called our office. The purpose of that call was to alert us that this man, William Mason, may be a well-known con-artist who had been operating in Canada. That anonymous caller left very little information to go on but advised us to search the internet under a different alias. Unfortunately, we searched couldn't find the page he was trying to direct us to, but this gruesome murder has brought up that angle once again.

Hulse says Bogus Birth Certificate Can Dupe The Whole System
As we showed you last night, William Danny Mason had a bogus birth certificate, which also got him a bogus social security card, but apparently not a Belizean passport. The birth certificate is the stolen identity of a man born to Crooked Tree parents in 1970 – and according to the Immigration Minister with that document alone he could have duped the entire system. Here's what Godwin Hulse told us yesterday:… Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Immigration: "I only heard from you Jules this morning that he has some vital statistics document which of course you know if he has vital statistics document then it really has nothing to do with nationality it has to do with passports meaning he would have presented that but I have not had any opportunity to speak to any officer or indeed to follow up on it." Jules Vasquez: "Would that bogus birth certificate would he have been able to dupe the entire system and get a passport?"

On His Last Day Pastor Lue Went To Plus TV and To Chester Williams Office, Got No Audience
Indeed, Mason, also known as Danny Ouelett, who is originally from Guyana could have hidden between so many layers of deception – but his alleged victim Pastor Llewellyn Lucas could never hide. Pastor Lu as he was known – was a public man – who was always trying to make himself be known and heard for his sometimes controversial worldviews. On Friday we know he came in contact with at least two persons trying to get himself heard, first was someone at the Plus TV office in Belmopan where he want asking to go on air for their morning show. But station owner Luis Wade, said because of his often controversial and outspoken positions, Pastor Lu had been put on a list limiting his access to the airwaves:… Luis Wade - Plus TV: "We currently have a policy that certain people for libellous reasons are not able to access Plus TV without prior consent. Mr. Lucas was one such person so when he came to Plus TV Friday morning requesting to be on the staff could not give him access because I haven't given permission. My staff came to me today saying that he was preparing to do a demonstration against the LGBT."

City Mayor Speaks About Mason Connection
But police say William Mason did now the pastor and that they had business dealings, Only 7 weeks ago Mason was introduced by the City Council as Philanthropist extraordinaire, as he and his company "Belize Medical Technology," partnered with CEMO during this year's hurricane season. But just how closely associated is he with leading figures in the Belize City Council? Well today we asked the Mayor himself about his relation with the accused murderer of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Major: "Before you mention that person's name I actually didn't know who you were talking about so that I have absolutely no relationship with that. I am not somebody who watches the news so that I was informed in relation to this because there was a crowd of people out of the court this morning and I don't know who that person is and the name that you mention didn't ring a bell."

Auxiliary Help For KHMH
The Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital has gotten a 7 thousand dollar upgrade to its Operating theatre waiting area. The refurbishments were made possible through the kind donations of the Belize Hospital Auxiliary, a group of donors who raise funds by selling local cook books among other things. Today the president of the Auxiliary told us more about this meaningful contribution to the national referral hospital. The organization contributes to the Hospital every year both in terms of projects like this and in assisting patients with their hospital bills.

Promising Project For Promenade Asks For Public Input
The Belize City Council is calling on all members of the public to join them at a public consultation at the Sandlighters promenade to discuss a proposed project for the construction a unique operation along the sea wall. The project is called, “Maya Cable Tubing” and it is the brain child of Raul Pelayo a Belizean entrepreneur. He plans to use a portion of the promenade along New Town Barracks to build the base for his high line water ski business. We learnt more about the proposed project at today’s press conference- which was really more of a call for public input before the City Council green lights the project. According to the developer, the project has gone through all the proper procedures including environmental assessments. Now only public approval is left. The public consultation takes place tomorrow at the Sandlighters promenade from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. You are being invited to come out and express your views and concerns, which the City Council says will be taken into account before making a final decision.

Cross Canal Confectionary House
Those of you who frequent the market area in Belize City might have noticed a cement structure that is being built over the canal on East Collet. The structure It would have looked very oddly out of place if it weren't for the Conch Shell fish market which also sits over the canal not too far from this one. But unlike the fish market, this structure is not for public use. It will be a private bakery business owned by Chinese proprietors, we are told. A few weeks ago there were some concerns expressed about the existence of the structure, but according to the mayor there is nothing at all shady about it. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Major: "One of the problems there is space and one of the things where everybody that has looked at it has looked at the fact that there is an increasing amount of pressure to allow permission for people to vend over the water; we get proposals like that all the time."

Channel 5

Witness Statement Provides Vivid Details of Harrowing Kidnapping
Tonight, fresh details have come to light on the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas over the weekend in one of the most heinous crimes in Belize. In the courtroom of [...]

Mason and Company Arraigned for Kidnapping and Murder of Llewellyn Lucas
The arraignment of William Mason and the rest of the gang proceeded in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate with all things cleared, following a few gaffes of Monday evening. [...]

Belize City Mayor Disavows Any Knowledge of William Mason
In early June, to kick off the hurricane season, the City Emergency Management Organization held its usual press conference at City Hall to update the public on preparedness. One man [...]

Did Phillip Willoughby Recommend William Mason for CEMO?
To be fair to Mayor Bradley, he genuinely didn’t recognize Mason and told us he was recommended by Councilor Phillip Willoughby who is responsible for CEMO. Still, he maintains that [...]

Do You Believe William Mason has Political Protection?
And tonight’s question is: Do you believe William Mason has political protection? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll [...]

A Snapshot of Ted Ouelette’s Shady Past
One of William Mason’s properties is located at mile thirty-one on the George Price Highway. This is where late yesterday, the murder weapon, a knife, was retrieved from a pond [...]

DPM Faber Says Victory Drinks Were on Mason
And this last bit of information on William Mason or Danny Mason for tonight’s newscast…A while ago we received a response from DPM Faber on his relationship with Mason. This [...]

A Man is Stabbed to Death in Cayo, Suspect on the Lam
There was a homicide in San Ignacio on Monday night. Just before seven o’clock, police were called out to Floyd Moro Street in the Santiago Layout area to discover the [...]

GSU Raids Celina’s in Ladyville, Weed and Crack Yielded During Search
Four members of the well-known Celina’s establishment in Ladyville, Belize District were dragged to court today along with five friends. Their arrest is in connection with a small amount of [...]

Bulgarians Jeorji Petrov and Halid Aptula Back in Court
Two Bulgarian nationals, who were caught stealing from the Belize Bank’s ATM through a fraudulent scheme in May, were back in court today even though they have been tried and [...]

MLA Returns to CCJ for Update on Consent Order
The Maya Leaders Alliance was back in court today where representatives of the indigenous organization appeared via teleconference before the Caribbean Court of Justice.  The session this morning served to [...]

…But, Is Government Pulling Its Weight and Playing Its Part?
Additionally, Coc told the media following the session that government failed to show that it has attempted to seek international support from organizations, including the United Nations to help with [...]

Mayan Cable Tubing; City Hall Explains New Tourism Venture
There is a proposal for a new project in Belize City which would see the old capital exploring water sports at Sandlighter’s Promenade. It’s an innovative concept which has been [...]

Residents Have Final Say on Proposed Promenade Project
The project will make use of a minimal amount of space on the promenade and will not obstruct the waterway. Still, the Mayor is making it clear that if residents [...]

Mayor Bradley Refutes Claims of Missing Money at City Hall
Today, as Mayor Darrell Bradley denied knowing accused murderer William Mason, he also deflected rumors of two hundred thousand milling out of the municipal bond sinking fund. It’s a report [...]

K.H.M.H. Receives Newly Refurbished Day Room
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority was today officially handed over a newly refurbished “Day Room” at the Operating Theater of the national referral hospital. The facelift to the waiting [...]

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Mason Investigated For Kidnapping Of Canadian National
Guyanese/Canadian national, Rajesh Ouellette, who presently goes by the name William Mason here in Belize is tonight behind bars and additional charges are expected to be thrown at him. Mason is believed to be one of the prime suspects in the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas after Lucas’ severed head was discovered by police in the back of his vehicle on Friday night. Mason, according to authorities, was under heavy watch as he was being investigated for a kidnapping incident that occurred about two months ago in which Mason allegedly extorted a Canadian national along with his wife to pay a sum of three thousand dollars. Yesterday during the press conference held in Belize City it was revealed that the alleged victim, a Canadian national, reported the incident to authorities; however, fearing for his life, he decided to flee from Belize and return to his native country. But why did police wait so long to detain Mason? That is one of the many questions that are yet to be completely and genuinely answered.

Four Belizeans Sentences for Scheme In Las Vegas
Back in January of this year a Belizean Family was detained in Las Vegas Nevada and were being charged with multiple felony counts, ranging from using false identities to steal almost $300,000 in unemployment funds, to mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, making a false statement in application for a passport, making a false citizenship claim, misusing a US passport and misusing a Social Security number. Today Frederick Vernon Williams along with his wife and two sisters are back on the international news as the family of four from Belize have been given their sentences. According to Las Vegas media, 35 year old Frederick Vernon Williams was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan to 87 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay approximately $297,000 in restitution.

BPP Demands Answers Into Pastor Lucas' Death
The recent, gruesome murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, has undoubtedly left the Belizean people in a state of shock and disbelief, as for many it represents a shift for the worse in the state of crime and violence in our country. And like many Belizeans, the Belize Progressive Party - BPP is not happy about the circumstances surrounding the death of Pastor Lucas. Yesterday the party issued a release in reference to the tragic death of Lucas and the actions surrounding the investigation of his horrific death. Firstly, the BPP extended condolences to the Lucas family on their loss and commended the officers of the Police Department who, through their attentiveness, were able to apprehend the person who is believed to have been perpetuated in this heinous crime making reference to William Mason.

Guadalupe Street Demarcated With Assistance Of Businessman
And while the works continue in the rehabilitation project of ten streets across town, today Guadalupe Street, which recently received a full upgrade, received the final touches as the entire length of road was demarcated. This much needed process, according to Deputy Mayor of Orange Walk, could not have been achieved without the generous collaboration of business owner, Abe Remple, who donated a total of eight thousand dollars that was needed to complete the delineation. Ian Cal- Deputy Mayor- OWT: “Recently the street got a much needed upgrade so what it needs now is demarcation and we are happy to inform the public that this is been carried out today but we would like to thank Mr. Rempel from RB’s he is the one that actually made the donation towards this project and at the same time it will benefit the drivers and the residence of this area and the residence of Orange Walk town because it doesn’t only help to demarcate the area but it also beautifies the area and the businesses around as well.”

Works On Streets In Orange Walk Continue In Rehabilitation Plan
Three weeks ago the Orange Walk Town council embarked in the rehabilitation project for the upgrade a total of ten heavily trafficked streets across town. Today we caught up with Deputy Mayor for Orange Walk, Ian Cal, who spoke to us about the progress already underway. Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town: “Currently we have prepared the streets, we have sealed the streets with primer so we just waiting on some final touches to be made with some other streets and then the contractor will come in and get those streets paved, we wanted to do one today but we were not sure of the weather how it would stand so we postpone it but I am seeing that by the end of this week we should see about three other streets paved and then we are moving on to the other streets that we have on the list of ten that we have signed with the contractor. We want these streets to be done properly, we want these streets to last so we are targeting at least three streets to be prepared first then we go in and pave those then we move on to the next three streets that is how we are working it but it all depends on how fast we ca move and how fast BWS can get their work done as well because it doesn’t make any sense for us to pave the streets then BWS comes in and tears it to change pipe so we want for them to go in first and change the pipes but it is a process and that takes about six weeks actually but those streets are set and it will get done and all we ask is for patience.”

PUP Demands Independent Investigation Into Pastor's Death
The People’s United Party today issued a release regarding the gruesome murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, demanding that a full and thorough investigation be launched into the case. According to the release, the gruesome discovery of the head of Pastor Lucas in the possession of politically affiliated, William Mason and four others has exposed major weaknesses in several critical government departments and an incestuous relationship between Mr. Mason, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, other Ministers of Government, UDP politicians, and several members of the Belize Police Department.


Pastor Llewelyn Lucas decapitated
The decapitated head of 47 year old Llewelyn Lucas was found in a bucket in the back of a vehicle owned by a Canadian man who has been accused of various scams internationally and who goes by several names: Danny Ramesh, Ted Quellet ,and William Mason. According to the official police report, On Fr...

Accused murderer had fake Belizean birth certificate
One of the other elements of the Llewelyn Lucas murder case is the fact that a birth certificate, issued in June of 2015, indicates that William Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village. Police say it is a fake certificate since Mason was born in Guyana and is now a Canadian resident. It is another ...

Minister of National Security explains his relationship with Mason
It has been widely circulated that the accused murderer has made connections with various Ministers of Government and may have been awarded several contracts with various Government Departments. One of the Ministers with whom he has been associated is Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar. At M...

$29,000 Stolen from Belmopan Income Tax Dept
There was a brazen robbery of the Income Tax department in Belmopan on Friday evening. It happened minutes to 6 o’clock on the 15th of the month when business taxes are due. According to the cashier at the income tax office, she was inside the office along with some co-workers when three male pers...

Girl Killed by Croc in Maypen River
An 8 year old girl was killed by a crocodile in the Maypen River in the Belize District. According to reports, on Sunday afternoon , 8 year old Adriana Moody was swimming in the Maypen River along with 3 other children and an adult, Indira Rhaburn. That is when the child was attacked by a crocodile....

Cop and city man charged with attempted murder
A sworn police officer and another Belize City man have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison, accused of the Thursday, July 14, 2016 attempted murder of 29 year old Nigel Castillo who was shot once in the abdomen whilst socializing near a basketball court in the Saint Martin de Porres area. 19...

Ronlee Petillo charged for murder
Police have made another arrest in a murder case. Roger Banner was gunned down in Belize City on the 9th July,2016, and on Monday 18th July, police formally arrested and charged 28-year-old Ronlee Petillo of a George Street address for Banner’s murder....

Man pleads to cocaine possession
36 year old Amilcar Tulcey, one of 9 persons charged with drug trafficking and 2 counts of possession of a controlled drug, pled guilty to the charges when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was sentenced to 3 years and was fined $10,000 for drug trafficking. He was given u...

Belizean stuck at airport during coup attempt is safe
A Belizean was stuck at the international airport in Istanbul, Turkey during the attempted coup in that country on Friday. Martha Carrillo, who is the Country Representative for PASMO Belize which implements health programs to prevent HIV, was travelling to Durban, South Africa to attend an interna...


One of the most shocking murders to ever happen in the country came to light when police accidentally discovered the freshly severed head of a man, Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, 47, in the trunk of a pickup truck belonging to William Mason, a Guyanese national by birth, who goes by several aliases, including Rajesh/Ted/ Donny Ouellet, when they located and detained him in an investigation about another matter, a kidnapping. Apart from reportedly holding a Canadian passport, Mason was, strangely, in June 2015, issued a birth certificate claiming that he was born in Crooked Tree, Belize District. Lucas, on the other hand, popularly known as Pastor Lue, was a Dangriga-based pastor who died without any wife or children. He was a devoted Christian who had been especially critical of the LGBT agenda and had recently made some forays into politics.

Terrible tragedy – croc kills child, 8
An 8-year-old child was swallowed whole by a crocodile on Sunday afternoon. The child, Adriana Moody, and three other children were swimming with their mother in the Maypen river, located between the villages of Gardenia and Biscayne at around Mile 25 on the Philip Goldson Highway, when the attack occurred. According to Indira Rhaburn, 24, who police told us is Moody’s mother, at around 3:25 p.m. she saw the crocodile in the middle of the river with what appeared to be Adriana’s body in its jaws. The crocodile then began to swim down the river with the child, apparently dead, in its mouth. Police reports indicate that Rhaburn began to pursue the crocodile in a canoe, striking it in its head with her paddle. According to Rhaburn, despite her efforts the reptile went under water with the child, and she didn’t spot the child or the crocodile after that.

3 years for 6 grams of crack cocaine
Nine persons were arraigned on charges of possession of an illegal drug and possession of an illegal drug with intent to distribute, but one person out of the nine decided to accept responsibility for the three separate parcels of crack cocaine that the police’s Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) found at a house in Ladyville. Amilcar Tulcey, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking and two counts of possession. For his guilty plea, he was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of $10,000 for drug trafficking. For possession of a controlled drug, he was sentenced to two three-month sentences. The sentences are to run concurrently, so he will only serve three years in prison, but if he fails to pay the $10,000 fine, he will have to spend another three years behind bars. This morning the nine accused persons appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Elcelena Tulcey, 39, and her two minor daughters 14 and 17 years old; and her brother Amilcar Tulcey, a self-employed caterer, all residents of Mile 9 ½ Philip Goldson Highway; along with Messalina Garcia, 39, a hair-braider of Heron Street, Ladyville; Danielle Gabourel, 26, a customer service representative of Parrot Street, Ladyville; Tanisha Gabourel, 30, a housewife of Parrot Street, Ladyville; James Lozano, 18, a mechanic of Flamboyant Street, Ladyville; and an individual who is a car washer and has hearing and speaking disabilities.

Four Belizeans sentenced in Nevada for US$300,000 scheme
Four Belizeans who were convicted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in January are facing prison terms and restitution fines in connection with their conviction for a benefits fraud scheme through which the family had defrauded federal agencies of roughly US$300,000 over a period of two years. The man accused of being a mastermind in the scheme, Frederick Vernon Williams, 35, formerly of Zericote Street, Belize City, was sentenced today by US District Judge James C. Mahan to 87 months (just over 7 years) in prison plus 3 years of supervised release, and ordered to pay approximately US$297,000 in restitution, according to an announcement by US Attorney Daniel G. Bogden for the District of Nevada. Bogden made the announcement via a press release today, indicating that Williams was the 4th family member sentenced in connection with the scheme. Williams had been slapped with a total of 20 criminal counts for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, theft of government money, making a false statement in application for a passport, and making false citizenship claims.

Policeman and his friend remanded on attempted murder charge
A police officer and another man, believed to be his friend, were remanded to the Belize Central Prison after they were arraigned on a charge that they attempted to murder a man in the Lake Independence area on Thursday, July 14. This morning, after more than three nights in police custody, PC Wallace Meighan, 19, a resident of 1B Mahogany Street Extension, and Travaun Chee, 21, a self-employed construction worker, were charged jointly in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court with four charges — one count of attempted murder, one count of dangerous harm and one count of use of deadly means of harm with a firearm upon Nigel Castillo, 29. The two were also charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Gilbert Arana. Meighan and Chee appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who read the charges to them.

Belize’s debt hitting another high
Reports published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicate that Belize’s debt is bound to hit a new high this year, with the Government of Belize having to settle compensation payments for the nationalization some years ago of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and the Belize Electricity Limited. Belize got its debt under control with the refinancing of the Superbond three years ago, when the country’s debt hit the lowest trough in over a decade. Now, though, the debt figures are following the same trajectory as they did around 2004, when the then administration of Said Musa racked up both public and publicly guaranteed debt which, according to data published by the IMF, pushed the ratio of debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) past 100% in 2004.

Toledo 8-Ball Billiards update as of Monday, July 18
Friday, July 15, at 7:00 p.m., Knights visited Challengers at Sarstoon Bar. Saturday, July 16, at 7:00 p.m., Anaconda visited Upstairs at Upstairs Lounge. Sunday, July 17, at 2:00 p.m., Upstairs visited Knights at Sarstoon Bar. Current Standing as of July 18, 2016.

BDBA Firms Tournament games continue
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament continued over the weekend with games at Bird’s Isle on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 14, 15 and 16. In games on Thursday night, BTL defeated Belize Bank Bulldogs, 91-82; and Mayan Man Warriors crushed Atlantic Bank, 88-68. On Friday, it was Belize City Council Dragons, 80-74, over Infotel; and Central Health with the 98-75 win over Bowen & Bowen. Saturday saw BTL grounding Civil Aviation Drones, 99-78; and Belize Bank Bulldogs chewed up Atlantic Bank, 77-66. Upcoming schedule Thursday, July 21 7:00 p.m. – Atlantic Bank vs Infotel 8:30 p.m. – Bowen & Bowen vs Dragons Friday, July 22

Yabra wins, 4-2, but Lilly White got his goal
Reporting on the Over 40 game at Yabra field yesterday between Lily White Blend and Yabra Culture to celebrate his birthday, Lilly White said his squad jumped the game, but Yabra came back to win 4-2, after being tied 1-1 at the half. “Some of my guys began to get tired late in the game,” said Lilly White; “but I still feel good because I got my goal, although they tried hard to stop me from scoring.” “Gellies” and “Reno” scored 2 goals each for Yabra, while “Jose” got the other goal for Lilly White Blend. Other outstanding players on Lilly White Blend were “Mango” in midfield and “Chukuru” in goal. “We all had a real good time, with lots of food, at Tatty’s place on Barrack Road after the game,” said Lilly White.

Winty J (Vincent Johnson) – my life, Part 8
A: Weh di Mugga tell yu afta di game?… W: Afta di game, man… da man… yo know da wata side… Part 8 A: Yeah… W: If hihn ne’ev’n… hihn no play, but hihn wahn(t) wi go swim… hihn staat to jinx wi… and tek i hand and do so da mi neck…. and pupalick (summersault) every minute… (laughs) he is… hey, Chalwa, he is something else… hihn know how fi really… dis man no mek yu sad, Chalwa… yo no?… dis da di bredda, mein… mi no see no man weh da man… …hey!.. listen man… A: Di Mugga! W: i da no no angel, yo no… i just gat wah vibes weh i no how fi treat people, bredda, yo no?… and i… i respect man… and i gih respect too… becaa da no no bwai kyan kum ‘round wid no foolishness, yo no… off wid di coat or… yo no?… so… A: i no does fight, and so… W: No!… but dehn call him BEMBE!… caa i wahn beat yu… yo no?…

Editorial: Hard times
Belize is experiencing hard times, and things are about to get worse at the base of the socio-economic pyramid. There will be a flurry of government spending for the September celebrations, but the overall decline in our private sector economy will continue unabated, as the Belizean economy continues to lose jobs. We have a functional parliamentary democracy in Belize. We have a free press and an open business market. Our country is blessed with bountiful natural resources. But our economy has been struggling for years, and, to repeat, things are getting worse. What is Belize’s problem? Well, let us begin with a world view. In the twentieth century, we saw countries like Russia, China, and Cuba make major economic progress with the implementation of revolutionary political systems which featured state control of the economy. During the twentieth century, we also saw countries like India, Singapore, and Taiwan substantially improve their economic performances with political systems which were open, democratic and allowed for free markets. There is a vibrant private sector in India, Singapore, and Taiwan. For most of the twentieth century, there was no private sector, as we know it in Western-style democracies, in Russia, China, and Cuba.

From the Publisher
I went to a funeral on Thursday afternoon. This newspaper’s chief printer was burying his oldest son, a teenager. He had been killed in their Southside neighborhood. The violence, said the police, appeared to be gang-related. Gang violence in Belize City is tied in with neighborhood loyalties. Once a baby child is born and grows up on certain streets in certain areas of this town, then he is almost automatically gang-affiliated, as we would say. There were two aspects of the funeral which jumped out at me. One was that my printer is the son of a lady, now 88, whom I grew up next to on Church Street, between Albert and East Canal. Her family, a roots black family, was one house down from where I spent the first seven years of my life. During the more than six decades which have passed since I moved from that ‘hood to West Canal and Regent Street West, I lost direct contact with Bunsie and Lester and Alma, and so on, but I always remembered we had a connection from the old Church Street years.

Letter to the Editor: Belizeans, let’s have a plebiscite
Dear Editor, Has Belize done everything reasonably possible to buttress its case against Guatemala’s ever shifting claims to its territory? Guatemala found its claims upon a theory known in international law as utipossidetis, or “as you possess.” In the face of historic fact to the contrary, Guatemala asserts that such authority as Spain exercised in and over Belize prior to Central American independence was exercised through the Captaincy-General of Guatemala. In fact, such authority was asserted instead through the Captaincy-General of the Yucatán. Guatemala also conveniently ignores the historic fact that once independent, it negotiated and signed a treaty in 1859 which simply recognized and memorialized a pre-existing boundary line between British territory and the territory of Guatemala. In no sense can the 1859 Treaty be construed as ceding Guatemalan territory to Britain in exchange for a promise to build a trade route. Accordingly, Guatemala’s claim to have cause, to rescind its obligation, to have ceded land because of Britain’s failure to build a trade route has no basis in fact or in law.

Letter to the Editor: Dismembering The Jewel
Dear Editor, Recently, I have been thinking of something my mother used to tell us as children when an object of value fell and broke. She would say, “Save the pieces”. Looking back I think her reason for this request was to see if the treasured possession could be mended if the pieces were saved. Let us now turn to the topic of this correspondence. There is an overwhelming preponderance of facts and opinions from very learned and intelligent persons supporting the position that Belize has a virtually iron-clad defense for clearly defined boarders with Guatemala and sound legal title to the territory it occupies. Those who support our Government’s decision to go to the ICJ have used this argument in support of their position. I find this to be very sound reasoning and I do agree with them that we could easily prevail at the ICJ if this were the question the ICJ will be asked to decide. Unfortunately however, under the Special Agreement our leaders have made with Guatemala, this is not the case.

Forensic experts probe deadly shootings in conflicts over incursions
Belize’s western border with Guatemala is known to be a very porous border through which Guatemalans habitually come to pillage the resources east of the Petén, and particularly in the area known as the Chiquibul. The Chiquibul is Belize’s most expansive protected land mass, divided into the Chiquibul National Park, the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, where Special Constable Danny Conorquie was gunned down in 2014 while on duty, reportedly by Guatemalans who were irate over the confiscation of their horses, used to illegally extract logs from the area. The Conorquie death was never subjected to a thorough forensic probe. However, it may now be included in a broader investigation triggered by the recent shooting death of a Guatemalan minor at Cebada, within the national park, and very near to the Belize-Guatemala border. Two experts are reportedly in-country to lead that investigation, commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS), following separate requests from Belize and Guatemala.

Europe’s financial system on verge of collapse
Last weekend, Prime Minister Renzi said that while Italy has a banking crisis that could end in collapse at any time because of the more than 360 million euros in non-performing debt; he should warn that the crisis surrounding Deutsche Bank is “a hundred times worse”. Deutsche Bank is sitting on a pile of non-performing loans and some US $ 72.8 trillion in current derivatives contracts. Germany’s entire GDP is US $ 4 trillion, and the entire European countries produce some US $ 18 trillion dollars per year. Deutsche has a leverage ratio of 40:1. Remember Lehman at the time of its collapse had a leverage ratio of 31:1. In the last 12 months, Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet fell some 48%. Now it’s at 8% of its value in the year 2007. But another bubble is about to burst in Europe. According to Bloomberg, as of Monday major real estate funds in London were facing major investors’ run; and the prospect of an imminent blowout of the entire British real estate bubble is very real. Standard Life Investments has suspended its UK Real Estate fund so as to stop investors’ pulling out money.

Impostor cops rob Income Tax of $30,000
The Income Tax Department Office on Trinity Boulevard in Belmopan was held up by three impostor policemen at about 4:30 this afternoon. The office, which is a one-flat bungalow-type concrete building, is unattached to buildings in the row on Trinity Boulevard. The robbers stole about $30,000 along with the personal belongings of the office clerks, and the cap and gun of the policeman who was on duty in the office. Police told Amandala that the clerks were balancing their books before closing when two men wearing police-type camouflage clothing on which the word “POLICE” was imprinted, and also wearing caps that matched the camouflage clothing, approached the office. The police officer on duty at the office, believing that they were police officers making checks, opened the door so that they could enter.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Stolen boat engines recovered by Placencia Police
A boat engine was reported stolen by Placencia Tour Guide Leopold Leslie, 48, on Saturday July 16th. Leslie told police he docked his 23-foot vessel with a 60 Horse Power grey Yamaha brand engine near the Municipal Pier area in Placencia Village. When he […]

Donald Trump is Republican Party nominee for U.S. president
This evening, businessman Donald Trump officially clinched the Republican Party presidential nomination after securing enough delegates during the roll call vote on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. U.S. media sources report that a rules change allowed Trump’s home state, […]

Mayor: No money missing from Bond sinking fund
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has issued a blistering response to allegations that some 200 thousand dollars is missing from the Sinking Fund held in the Central Bank of Belize, which serves as the base of repayment of the 20 million dollar municipal bond […]

City Hall disowns William Mason
The name William Mason has been all over the news since Monday, but there was a time when it was not widely known. In fact, six weeks ago, Mason appeared at a Central Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) press conference at the start of the […]

CitCo holds public consultation on seaside development
It’s common for major projects under the environmental impact assessment process organized by the Department of the Environment (DOE) to hold public consultations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a project – and engagements tend to be robust, as with the Harvest Caye […]

Rupert Myles trespass challenge gets underway
The first hearing of the connected cases of the Maya community of Santa Cruz versus Rupert Myles for trespass at the Uxbenka Maya site and Jalacte village versus the Government of Belize was heard by Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana. As the road toward […]

Mentally challenged P.G. man admits manslaughter in stepfather’s death
25 year old David Ortiz of Punta Gorda Town has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter in the death of his stepfather, 69 year old David Benguche in March of 2014. Ortiz, found to be mentally challenged, was today handed a […]

Bulgarians back in court for confiscation challenge
28 year old Jeorji Petrov, and 25 year old Halid Yuksel Aptula have already pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft and are serving a concurrent 12-month prison sentence. In May of this year, the Bulgarian nationals were caught stealing from the Belize Bank […]

Maya and GOB back to CCJ over consent order
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) this morning held a hearing via video-conference with legal representatives of the Government of Belize and the Maya Leaders Alliance/Toledo Alcaldes Association in response to recent reports on the implementation of the Consent Order it issued last April recognizing […]

Belizeans sentenced in fraud case
Las Vegas media reports say four family members from Belize have been given their sentences in a scheme to steal almost $300,000 in unemployment funds and benefits from multiple federal agencies. 35 year old Frederick Vernon Williams was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge […]

San Ignacio man stabbed to death
Edilberto Morales, 33, was stabbed to death last night in San Ignacio during an altercation. Morales was stabbed to the chest, rib area and left shoulder. The incident happened in the Santiago Juan Layout area of San Ignacio town. Morales, a resident of the […]


Marie Sharp’s is Fiery Hot!
Located along the Hummingbird Highway is an amazing operation that can only be described as ‘Fiery Hot’. Ha…okay, yes, I’m talking Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce Factory, and I promise no more cheesy jokes. Marie Sharp’s began as Melinda Pepper Sauce, and there are a lot of older generation folks who still refer to the bottles as such. Whatever you call it, the sauce remains the same, with an almost cult-like following. It is a staple on Belizean tables and a quick, easy, much-appreciated souvenir for visitors, and those who live in the US often BEG for bottles of the hot stuff. The hot sauce market is varied, and Marie Sharp’s is right there standing proud with the big guns. Japan is their #1 export client; with the green habanero sauce being their favorite. Germany and the USA are tied for second biggest client, followed closely by Switzerland and South Korea. Yes…our beloved Marie Sharp’s is smokin’ worldwide! It’s hard not to argue that point: hand-picked and washed habaneros, hand-chopped carrots and onions, all natural ingredients with zero preservatives…Marie Sharp’s has cornered the market for unique, homegrown hot sauce.

Monday Morning on Ambergris Caye’s Leeward Side: THE Sandbar
Saturday afternoon, we headed back around the island and up to the leeward side for some fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and relaxation at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly or “the camp”… Gorgeous night time photo taken by Vishal Billa. Two boats headed up. Family from California is in town… It’s been a beautiful weekend. Yesterday was perfect for a trip to the sand bar – two boats again headed out- the larger one with people, the smaller skiff towing a few paddle boards. Some went out on the Boteboards… Some went fishing… Even a drone was sent up to see it all from above. MAN those drones are cool. But after about 2 hours of paddling and just soaking, dark clouds started to move in and we were off. Bottom line? I LOVE THIS SANDBAR.

International Sourcesizz

Suspected Canadian con artist arrested in Belize for allegedly beheading priest
On Saturday evening, outside of a downtown bar in Belize's capital, Belmopan, police peered into the bed of a pickup truck parked outside of a bar. There, police say they found cash, firearms, and a bucket. Inside the bar was William Mason. Inside the bucket was a head, which belonged to a local pastor. The truck, even his own attorney admits, belonged to Mason. One TV station has billed the murder as the "crime of the decade." Another said that the killing had "paralyzed the country." According to local media, based on interviews with lawyers, prosecutors, and police, Mason refused to cooperate with police, and officers had to break into his truck in order to continue the search. From there, they searched Mason's pig farm in a nearby town where police believe they've found the burnt remains of a body. The victim, Pastor Llewelyn "Lue" Lucas, was, according to a local TV station, "loved and respected by everyone." An image of Lucas' severed head sent to VICE News shows that it was stuffed into a plastic bag.

Mohawk Regional students hunt iguana, eat termites on Belize trip
Thirteen students from the Mohawk Trail Regional School traveled to another world this summer — to the rainforest, Mayan culture and barrier reef of Belize, a small Carribbean nation just south of Mexico. A small country of 380,000 residents that is 60 percent forest, Belize is known for its diverse ecosystems and many species of land and water animals. It was also home to the Mayan civilization, which flourished there about 3,000 years ago. “It was quite an adventure, as we spent five days in the rainforest, four days on the coral reef and an overnight at the Belize Zoo,” said Mohawk science teacher Kathleen Stier, who was one of the chaperones on the trip. The first time Stier went to Belize was in 1979, she said — and it was a trip that changed her life. “It was a rugged, unforgettable trip,” she said. “It made me want to study biology.” Since then, Stier has been to Belize a few more times. But she spoke about it so often that her Advanced Placement biology students started asking her to take them with her this summer.

10 Best Places to Retire in Belize
Belize is most certainly not the cheapest countries to retire to. If you are looking at Belize as your retirement destination, it is safe to assume that you already have taken care of the finance. That said, if you are interested in retiring to a tropical paradise, then you cannot go wrong with Belize. The country may be small compared to some other competing tropical locations, but it sure does pack a big punch when it comes to charm and scenery. Well, it must be said that there are some Latin American and Asian countries out there that offer the tropical beauty at a much cheaper package, but little perks like a great English speaking community, awesome 55+ communities in almost every locale around the country make it just a bit more attractive. Also, expats and foreign retirees living there at present have very high opinion of Belize for anyone willing to spend their golden years in peace. Also, there is a lot of fun activities to do in Belize, during both day and night. But, packing your bags and setting sail should wait till you find the right place to retire to in Belize.


  • Lion Fish Contest on Open Your Eyes..., 27min.

  • Kaina Martinez on her plans for the future on Open Your Eyes..., 32min.

  • Belize Theatre Company Presents the Adventures of Ticky Bood on Open Your Eyes..., 20min.

  • Ms Ann Gordon of the National Climate Change Office on Open Your Eyes..., 28min.

  • Welcome Resource Centre in Belize City on Open Your Eyes..., 27min.

  • Duane & Isani Weekend Wrap Up on Open Your Eyes..., 26min.

  • National Epidemiology Unit on Open Your Eyes..., 23min.

  • Tribute to Pastor Lucas, 4min.

  • BELIZE A STATE OF EMERGENCY - William Mason and the Government of Belize, 3min. Anonymous Belize

  • ORANGE WALKENOS BEWARE. THE FISH IS NOT HEALTHY FOR CONSUMPTION, 1/2min. Its the kids im worrying about, yesrerday 4 kids took a bag full of fish home. Is it so coincidental that a factory is dumping spoil molasses, which the workers say gives you itching if you touch it, into their ponds and down stream by maracas the fishes are dying. can it be that maybe just maybe the fishes are dying every year around this same time because it's at this time of year the factory cleans out?

  • Belize, 4.5min.

  • Gospel Ambassadors, 5min. Zamar Student Choir shares the Good News of the gospel with evangelistic CDs and tracts on mission in the country of Belize, Central America.

  • Belize drone footage, 3min.

  • Diving in Caye Caulker, Belize, 3.5min. Saw the most amazing reef in Caye Caulker, Belize. DSLR footage by Charlotte, GoPro footage by Rayna.

  • Interview with Mr. Alpuche CEO for Agriculture in Belize, 4min. Our CEO Umeeda Switlo speaks with Mr. Alpuche about the future of the Agriculture industry in Belize.

  • Abroad to Belize!, 8min.

  • The Reefs of Belize - 360° Video, 3.5min. Take an underwater journey to Glover’s Reef Research Station in Belize and immerse yourself in coral reefs. Experience the thrills, challenges, and serendipity of wildlife photography and explore the role of visual culture as a catalyst for positive social change on our tiny blue planet.

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    Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
    We handle all aspects of the purchase of your Real Estate in Belize. From in depth property searches to your final closing.
    Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
    Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
    Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
    Cayo Espanto
    Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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    Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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