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Today's Belize News: July 27, 2016 #516249
07/27/16 03:27 AM
07/27/16 03:27 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The race for Miss San Pedro has begun!
Six beautiful island ladies have embarked on a journey for a chance to be the next Miss San Pedro 2016-2017. The first step of the fascinating experience was the official sashing ceremony which took place on Monday, July 25th at El Patio Restaurant. At this ceremony the candidates were presented to their sponsors; vying for the title this year are: Marisha Thompson sponsored by Jaguars Temple and Night Club, Beverly Rodriguez sponsored by Captain Shark’s, Karina Requena sponsored by Castillo’s Hardware, Lisandra Novelo sponsored by Ramon’s Village Resort, Marleni Diaz sponsored by Fidos Courtyard and Pier, and Heidi Sorto sponsored by La Sirene Resort Spa and Marina. The pageant is set for Saturday, September 3rd at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee cordially invite everyone to the pageant for an evening of beauty and elegance where a new queen of the island will be crowned.

Ambergris Today

Nigel Belisle Leads San Pedro Lions Club
The San Pedro Lions Club installed its new board of directors to lead the club for the year 2016-2917. The post of Presidency now lies on the shoulders of Nigel Belisle, a well known community activist in this community. President Belisle took the lead in the aftermath of the recent fire in assisting the victims - a test he passed with flying colors. Nigel is graduate of San Pedro High School, a soft spoken and very friendly person. Secretary of the Club is Pamela Zetina and Vice President is Brittney O'Daniel. The ceremony held on Saturday, July 23, 2016, last was well attended by Lions, community invited guests and visiting Lions. The Caribbean Kings provided music for a lively party following the ceremony.

Six Beautiful Ladies Ready for Miss San Pedro Pageant
The momentum and enthusiasm for pageant night has been kicked up a notch for the Miss San Pedro Pageant as six contestants vying for this year’s title were officially announced and presented with their official sponsor’s sash. Pageant night has been set for Saturday, September 3, 2016, with Marleni Diaz, Heidi Sorto, Beverly Rodriguez, Karina Requena, Marisha Thompson and Lisandro Novelo already in high gear preparing for the show. The San Pedro Town Council says it has increased its budget for the pageant as it has become evident that the pageant is a huge success and that it is a great platform for the winner to take on more positive activities as a role model to her peers.

Reports of Jaguar Sighting in North Ambergris Caye
A resident of North Ambergris Caye, reported having spotted a jaguar in the Mata Grande area, 4.5 miles of the Boca del Rio Bridge around 2a.m. on July 26, 2016, while he was driving home. The resident said that he almost ran over the 4-5 foot animal, slamming on the breaks to avoid it. Many people are not aware that Ambergris Caye has a 12,000 acre wildlife reserve on the northern tip, which is part of Bacalar Chico. There is a lot of wildlife there including jaguar, puma and other wild cats. As development on the north of the island spreads, sightings will become more common and large wildlife may appear in residential areas more often, so it is important that the community works hand in hand with BWCN and the Forest Department to and to keep everyone safe, while preserving our precious wildlife for generations to come.

Moscow Ballet On Ice Brings Olympians and Cool Moves to Belize
Recent news reports about an ice skating show coming to Belize may have some people scratching their heads. Ice skating in the tropics? Yes! Believe it! Thanks a mobile ice surface called the Ice Equipment Complex (IPC), a public entertainment area can be transformed into a skating rink within hours. This is what will take place in Belize at two venues which include Belize City and San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. First the show will set up at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts ahead for two shows: July 30 and July 31. The following week, the Moscow Ballet on Ice will set up its IPC in San Pedro at the R. Angel Nunez Auditorium.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Costa Maya Festival year 2001

Belmopan Day 2016
The Belmopan City Council is having their annual Belmopan Day this Saturday, July 30th, starting at 10:00am, at Mae Gordon Park. There will be fun and games, food, and great music from the New Sensation Band and Supa G.

Ms. Elisa Castellanos is our Belize Wonder Woman!
Elisa Castellanos wears many hats but is for sure a Leader. She is most passionate about her human rights advocacy work as the founding Executive Director of Tikkun Olam Belize - a non-profit organization that defends the rights of women sex workers and works toward the decriminalization of sex work through social and political activism, community building, and civil engagement.

BHA Scholarships ... Applications welcome !!
The Belize Hotel Association Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 with the purpose to provide educational funding for children of employees working with the BHA member hotels and businesses, who are unable to meet financial obligations for their child's high school or tertiary level education. To date, the BHA has financed, one year of tertiary level education for a student in Belize City, four years of high school to completion for one student in Caye Caulker, and is presently funding a student in Belize City for the past two years, who is now heading into the third year of her high school program. In addition, the BHA scholarship fund has assisted in subsidizing a member hotel's Children's Summer Camp Program in the Cayo District. Thanks to the immeasurable generosity of our Members and the local business community who offered gift certificates, cash, and gift packages for our raffles/auctions and through their purchases of our BHA umbrellas, the Belize Hotel Association is pleased to say that we are able to assist more students this year. If you wish to apply for this benefit, kindly send your applications to : The Belize Hotel Association, P.O. Box 248013 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize.

Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Measures
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a press release today encouraging Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Measures on behalf of the Government of Belize. In Pillar II of our Business Sustainability Agenda presented to all political leaders just before the 2015 general elections, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“the BCCI”) called for measures to combat corruption and strengthen the rule of law. Those measures are more important than ever today, if we are to rebuild Belize’s economy and her reputation as a safe and stable country. Anti-corruption laws, including campaign finance reform, must be implemented and applied visibly, impartially and indiscriminately from the top down and across the board. Belize has to adopt international conventions and implement laws that instill transparency in all facets of the government. It is imperative that Government take charge of Belize’s current security crisis by aggressively implementing changes that will restore citizens’ sense of safety and change the international perception of engraved corruption and the lack of rule of law in Belize.

Heroes don't wear capes
Volunteers of the Shipstern Conservation & Management Area say that forest rehabilitation is very hard work. It involves long and countless hours of planting every individual tree to replenish our forest stocks under merciless conditions. If you love nature then become a hero and join the many volunteers and movement to preserve and replenish our Belizean forest.

Rianne Gutierrez is Flor de la Feria
Congratulations, Rianne Gutierrez, on being crowned the 2016 Flor de la Feria pageant queen!  It was the 50th pageant, and they had many of the previous queens stop by.  The costumes they made based on the Maya site they represented were amazing, and Joanna Guerra won that hands down. There are 100's of pictures from the pageant on the Flor de la Feria page.

Channel 7

GSU Commander, Supt, Mark Flowers, Charged For Molesting Girl, Remanded To Prison
Tonight, Superintendent Mark Flowers, who was the Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit up until last week, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand. He was charged and arraigned this evening on the offense of unlawful sexual intercourse. This is after a 14 year-old girl reported to police that Flowers had sexual intercourse with her on 2 different occasions in January and March of this year. The girl is now four months pregnant. We have all the details for you tonight, including an extended sit down interview with the now accused and disgraced cop. He took all questions on the child molestation allegation - plus made some broad allegations against his boss, police minister John Saldivar, and we'll have all that for you. But, we start first with our story of how he finally handed himself in to police after eluding arrest since Monday. Daniel Ortiz has that story:

Flowers Rejects Sex Abuse Allegation
And so Flowers is on remand tonight - but he says he is falsely accused. The incident is alleged to have happened near his farm in Blackman Eddy where the child alleges that Flowers twice had sex with her against her will. It's a very disturbing allegation and today in the presence of his attorney Flowers told us it is completely false:.. Daniel Ortiz: "I have to be frank and ask you straight up, did you have any sexual relations with this young lady?" Mark Flowers, former GSU Commander: "Absolutely and unequivocally under any circumstances it's a no! It's a no!"

Flowers Bombshell: A Minister Made Them Do It
And, Flowers says that not only did the family set him up - they did so based on an inducement from a government minister. He doesn't call that Minister's name, but by inference it can be deducted who he is referring to. Here's how he put it:... Mark Flowers, former GSU Commander: "About 5 weeks or a little more ago, I posted up a picture with the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister on my Facebook page and I understand that and this is a mutual friend of the minister, the host and myself who is saying that it was said to the minister 'he say how could Mark Flowers be so disrespectful and posting up a picture with the Deputy Prime Minister, who as you defeated in the bid for the office of deputy party leader a couple weeks ago, which is nothing to do with being professional, nothing to do with policing."

Hon. Saldivar completely Rejects Flowers' Account
And so while Superintendent Flowers, who was with his attorney was careful not to name names, his rage is clearly directed against National security Minister John Saldivar. So, today we spoke to Saldivar by phone and we asked him how he responds to the allegations. Daniel Ortiz "The allegations that Mr. Mark Flowers has made is that you are the moving hand behind his being charged, that you supposedly paid the family $8,000 so that they would make a malicious complaint against him because you have a personal vendetta against him. Can you give us a response sir?" Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security: "That has to absolutely ridiculous. I certainly don't even know the victims nor the parent or mother. I've never met them, don't even know their names and so any assertions that I may have been involved with the family is a complete fabrication from Mr. Flowers."

When It All Falls Down: From PM's Escort To A Jail Cell For Mark Flowers
And so it has come to this for Mark Flowers - a man who was the favourite of the UDP government - the man who provided the escort for the Prime Minister on the night of his re-election in November 2015. He was as publicly chummy with the UDP as a policeman can be - and tonight he is in jail. Today he discussed that trajectory:... Daniel Ortiz: "It seem as though you've been at the mountain top, at the highest heights in this administration - this UDP administration, being associated with the Prime Minister and it seems as though you have taken a very steep fall all the way to the bottom. How could this have happened? Everyone thinks you enjoy some sort of, not even comradery, some sort of protection because of your connections to the UDP administration and now you are saying that elements of that same administration is the one that orchestrating not only your exit, but you're criminal charging."

Luis Wade Leads Protest Saying "I Want My Country Back"
Tonight the headlines may be all about Superintendent Mark Flowers - but he too is part of the William "Danny" Mason story - and that's what took center stage in Belmopan this morning. That's when Plus Tv's Luis Wade led a protest under the banner: "I Want My Country Back". Wade is alluding to the forces which he believe colluded to kill his brother pastor Llewellyn Wade, and are now conspiring to bury the investigation. That's his take on this crime of the decade and today he proved that he's not alone in this belief. We went to Belmopan for his spirited protest:... "We want our country back, we'll take our country back" - that was the emphatic chant hollered out by the firebrands leading today's peaceful protest through Belmopan. They led a far more laid back crowd through Belmopan and took the message right up to the Prime Minister's Office - where plainclothes police blocked the door. But they couldn't block Raymond Rivers and Geovannie Brackett's outbursts:

Mason Complainant Lloyd Freissen Leaves Country
Well today the Mennonite at the center of the investigation has again left the country. 7News has confirmed that Lloyd Freissen flew out this afternoon - reportedly because he is still afraid for his and his family's safety. As we have reported, Freissen is the centerpiece in the entire case of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. He is the one who alleges that Mason conned him out of three hundred thousand dollars - and then kidnapped him and his wife when he went to collect the money. In a 12 page statement, he told police that Mason introduced Pastor Lu as Mason's advisor and accountant - and the pastor was involved as a middleman in the transaction where Friessen paid Mason three hundred thousand dollars for a shipment of corn from Argentina which never arrived.

Mark Flowers and Mason? Ex GSU Commander Says He was Undercover!
So where does Mark Flowers fit into all this? He was the one seen on Mason's verandah in a very friendly embrace. He was known to have close ties with the reputed conman. So today we asked him what he was up to - and he told us a quite incredible tale. He says he was undercover!: Mark Flowers, former GSU Commander "I had reasons to go there, but I also had all of the communication that was sent to me and having spoken to Russell Blackett, because the information was first passed to him. I went to his office and he showed me the communication and a link on his computer that spoke to. I did not know him before then and I said that I will get in there." Daniel Ortiz: "So you were uncover?" Mark Flowers, former GSU Commander: "Yes, I told him, I promise him that I will get in there and I went in and I having been armed with all the information, I still have them and for some strange reason I delete a lot of the messages, but I didn't delete those ones."

Teenager Critical After Being Run Over By Cab
16 year old Tyrese Carcamo is tonight in a critical condition at the KHMH following a traffic accident on the George Price Highway. It happened sometime after 6 yesterday evening. Caracamo was riding his bicycle somewhere near mile 8 and a half on the George Price Highway, and was heading in the direction of Belize City when a taxi driver heading in the same direction collided into him. The head of the 16 year old minor crashed into the windshield of the vehicle which caused him severe head injuries. Police along with BERT personnel were at the scene shortly thereafter to attend to the victim and process the scene. Station Manager at Hattieville Police station Sergeant Keith Clarke told us what the investigations are revealing so far.

Scary City Fire
An entire family on Olivera Street in the Lake Independence area lost their home and all their belongings when their house was devoured by fire this morning. By the time the fire fighters arrived at the scene, it was already too late. The two story wooden structure was completely destroyed. However they did manage to contain it before it caused further damage. But not before another home owner lost her belongings when the same fire, scorched her apartment. She spoke to us about the damage today. Daniel Ortiz: "Do you all know how the fire started? How it spread? What happened?" Shelmadine Jones, Fire Victim: "I don't know I wasn't here, I went out." Daniel Ortiz: "The room that was destroyed, how does it affect your family? Is it a bedroom? A hall?" Shelmadine Jones, Fire Victim: "Bedroom." Daniel Ortiz: "Have you been around to see if they have any kind of water damage inside your home?" Shelmadine Jones, Fire Victim: "Water damage, my mattress and clothing got burnt."

Armed Home Invasion In Affluent Neighborhood Nets Major Cash Heist
Yesterday afternoon there was an armed home invasion and big money robbery at a home in the King's Park area of Belize City. It happened in broad daylight, around 2:30 when two men strode into the Sylvester home at the corner of "A" Street and Princess Margaret drive. The doors were apparently opened because there was some construction work ongoing at the house. Once inside the men - one Hispanic and one dark skinned - accosted homeowner, 75-year-old Maria "Maude" Sylvestre and her daughter and son in law, who were visiting from the US. They pointed a gun at them and ordered them to lie down on the floor where they were robbed of jewelry, an iphone and a camera. The gunman then reportedly told the homeowner 75 year old Maria Maude Sylvestre to show him the safe and open it. Police say he helped himself to assorted jewelries valuing $50,000.00, and $20,000.00 US dollars in cash. They stole a few more items and then assaulted the care taker as they went down the stairs. Both men then ran down Princess Margaret Drive. It's a major heist and a very disturbing one because of the location and the time of day. Today police held a press conference to say they are working hard to make arrests. They said they are beginning with those who had some inside knowledge of the house:..

The Volunteer Treatment
Yesterday we told you about the Volunteer Battalion Camp which is currently in its second week of training. They are joined at the camp by members of the Louisiana National Guard from the US, who are overseeing the two-week training program. We accompanied the Minister of National Security to Mountain Pine Ridge yesterday as he paid a courtesy visit to the troops. Emanuel Pech reports The Volunteer Battalion is currently 384 men and women strong. These volunteers are often recruited by the BDF, the Coast Guard and the Police for full time jobs.

Eight Men Against Molasses Management By BSI
As we showed you in our last segment, there was a protest in Belmopan today - and there was also one in Orange Walk. That's where cane farmers are trying to bring pressure against ASR/BSI to get them to absorb the loss for almost four thousand tonnes of molasses which went bad. All those molasses would have fetched nearly half a million dollars in sales revenue - and now that it's not going to be realized, the farmers say BSI should pay for the loss. BSI has resisted that completely, but the farmers today started putting on the public pressure with a protest. Now, when you hear of a protest in cane country, it often spells trouble, but todays quickly called protest did not measure up to that. IT was small with only 11 protestors and didn't cause any alarms to sound. But the message was clear. We have this courtesy CTV-3. Because of the history of violence in sugar related protests, Police did mobilize as did ASR's internal security teams - fortunately, none were needed since the crowd peaked at 8.

The War Of the Press Releases Continues
And so while today's protest sputtered - the issue of liability for the molasses remains on the front burner. The PUP made sure of that yesterday when they fired off a release blasting and blaming ASR/BSI for the bad molasses and insisting that that company should absorb the loss. Well the back and forth in press releases continued today with BSI firing back at the PUP saying, the release, quote, "can only be construed to confuse cane farmers and encourage divisiveness in the industry." It adds, quote, "The PUP's assertion of negligence or failure to follow standard procedures is strongly rejected by BSI. This is completely untrue and viewed as a grossly irresponsible statement." It concludes, quote, "BSI was not culpable for the Maillard reaction which occurred. This was a phenomenon resulting from a range of factors. As such any loss of revenue is a shared industry loss as there is no revenue to share."

Channel 5

Former GSU Head Arraigned for Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
Oh how the mighty have fallen. At five-thirty this evening, former Gang Suppression Unit Commander Mark Flowers was formally arraigned for two counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse and has been [...]

Flowers Remanded to Belize Central Prison
Flowers was brought to court just before four this afternoon, and there was the usual Police confusion which seems to surround all major cases. After about forty-five minutes of waiting [...]

Flowers Claims He Offered to take DNA Test
Flowers is not going down quietly. Today he provided a one-on-one interview on a number of explosive issues such as his relations with suspected murderer William “Danny” Mason; what he [...]

Former GSU Head Says He Had No Contact with Minor
While Flowers admits to meeting the minor in the summer of 2015, he maintains that he never had any physical contact with her.  As we mentioned, the report against him [...]

Is Minister of National Security John Saldivar Targeting Flowers?
According to Flowers, there is a move afoot to tarnish his reputation.  He believes that he is being politically railroaded because of a picture he posted on Facebook.  That image [...]

Flowers Says He Was Working Undercover at Mason Home
Following the sensational murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, who was decapitated on July fifteenth, friends and acquaintances of alleged murderer, businessman William Mason have all disassociated themselves from him.  One [...]

Was New GSU Head Mason’s First Bodyguard?
Flowers, in his account of meeting Mason, told News Five that the accused murderer bragged about having GSU protection when he first arrived in Belize a few years ago.  That [...]

Saldivar Confirms Quantum of Mason Contribution to Bandits
Minister Frank Papa Mena, has admitted he received ten thousand dollars for his bye-election campaign in 2015 from William Mason. While everybody is keeping their distance with a pole a [...]

Flowers Says It Was Much More than $50,000
But Flowers tells an entirely different story than that of the minister.  According to Flowers, Mason made it known to him that he was part owner of the football club [...]

How Close Were Saldivar and Mason?
Central to what has been unfolding over the past week and a half is Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar, whose name is repeatedly being called in the current saga.  Flowers [...]

Brazen Home Invasion Nets $100,000
A pair of thieves netted over ninety thousand dollars during a home invasion in Belize City on Monday afternoon.  Seventy-five-year-old Maria Sylvester, the Patroness of HelpAge Belize, reported to police [...]

Is The Neighborhood in Danger?
With the home of an affluent Belize City family robbed in broad daylight, does the aggravated burglary pose a threat to other well-off residents in that neighborhood?   Reporter “Should [...]

Cane Farmers Protest at B.S.I.
There was an impromptu protest this morning against ASR/B.S.I. Notwithstanding, the company set up barricades and the police showed up just in case. The protest was not advertised so only [...]

B.S.I. Responds to P.U.P. Release
On Monday, the People’s United Party chastised ASR/B.S.I. for the suggestion that the farmers will need to pick-up the bill for sixty-five percent of the losses incurred by the affected [...]

Belize City Fire Leaves Eight Persons Homeless
A total of persons comprising two families are victims of a fire this morning in Belize City. A family of eight lost everything when the blaze swept through her house [...]

Chamber Calls for Measures to Combat Corruption
The ongoing saga involving the relations between murder suspect, William Mason, and Cabinet Ministers as well as the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas won’t go away any time soon. The [...]

Protesters in Belmopan Want their Country Back
There was a candlelight vigil held in Belmopan on Monday night, a first step in what organizers say is a move to take the country back. We’ll have that for [...]

A Candlelight Vigil to Remember Pastor Llewellyn Lucas
Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, a common man who died the most gruesome of deaths in bizarre circumstances, was memorialized by friends and family at a candlelight vigil held in Belmopan on [...]


Mark Flowers Says, “I Saw … I was There … I Know”
Earlier in our newscast we told you of some serious statements and allegations being made by Superintendent of Police, Mark Flowers. He made these statements today in a lengthy interview which is still being reviewed. His attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley, however spoke on the gravity of the allegations being made by Flowers. DICKIE FLOWERS “Listen […]

Dickie Bradley Says There Is Evidence of Corruption of Government Ministers
Richard Dickie Bradley has been retained by Mark Flowers as we have told you earlier. With that attorney/client privilege now in play, Bradley has become privy to the information that his client claims to have against several Government officials. This entire Mason saga is unprecedented in Belize and the extent of money laundering and corruption […]

No Money for the Belize Coast Guard
On May 17, the Belize Coast Guard issued an invite on social media for persons interested in joining their ranks. The deadline for applications was June 3, 2016 with the intention of having the applicants sit an examination followed by recruit training. On July 15, however, a notice went out informing applicants that the recruitment […]

Re: Today's Belize News: July 27, 2016 [Re: Marty] #516250
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07/27/16 03:28 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Decision on Orozco’s sodomy challenge due Wednesday
A landmark challenge to a clause in Belize’s Criminal Code which includes sodomy and bestiality as crimes punishable by 10 years in prison, met its first legal challenge some years ago, when Caleb Orozco, president of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), an organization representing roughly 70 people from the LGBT community, launched a constitutional challenge, calling on the court to use its “legislative pen” to strike out any reference to sodomy as an unnatural crime. Orozco is asking the Supreme Court to declare that Section 53 is null and void and of no effect in relation to sex between consenting adult males. He is seeking an order to amend Section 53 to only retain the criminalization of bestiality (human sexual relations with animals). After a preliminary challenge which saw UNIBAM removed as claimant in 2012—after the churches successfully argued that UNIBAM has no legal standing to bring such a challenge alleging breach of fundamental constitutional rights—the matter went to full hearing from May 7 to May 10, 2013.

William Mason in hot, hot water!
Belizeans are still struggling to come to terms with the kidnapping and shocking beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, popularly known as “Pastor Lue,” which came to light last Friday night when Lucas’ head was discovered in the pan of a pickup belonging to, and driven by William Donny Mason, 46, who was born in Guyana but who, unaccountably, has a Belize birthpaper. In connection with Lucas’ horrible death, police today released a picture of a woman, Mason’s girlfriend, Melissa Ferguson, 56, whom they are seeking for an interview. Police believe that she may still in the country. The gruesome discovery and Mason’s arrest and exposure have been causing all kinds of problems for the Cabinet of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, because information has come to light that Mason, who was reportedly deported from Canada to Guyana sometime between 2007 and 2010 for a firearm offence, had been wanted by police reportedly in connection with the “attempted kidnapping” of a Canadian man and his wife in Belize.

Bella Regina Williams, 34, stabbed to death
Hours before she was murdered, Bella Regina Williams, 34, may have danced with her suspected killer at the La Cabana Restaurant and Discotheque in Belmopan, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett told Amandala today. Neighbors told police that around 3:25 a.m. on Monday, a commotion and screams were heard coming from Williams’ yard at #2 Zultana Street in Las Flores, in Belmopan. According to Williams’ sister-in-law, about four hours later, Williams’ 12-year-old daughter discovered the body of her mother lying face down, and apparently dead. Williams, who was stabbed multiple times during the attack, was found soaked in blood at the entrance to her home.

Shot in the back while making panades
Nathan Underwood, 38, was gunned down as he was making panades in his kitchen at Nate’s Cool Spot located in Gardenia, at Mile 21 on the Philip Goldson Highway. The businessman was alone in his kitchen at around 10:30 p.m. on Friday when a gunman emerged from behind the establishment. Armed with a .9mm gun, the killer fired several shots into Underwood’s back through an open window. According to police, patrons at Nate’s Cool Spot saw a man fleeing the area after the shooting. Ladyville police said that they did in fact have information that may lead to the swift detention of the shooter. In reference to what they might know about the gunman, Assistant Superintendent Juanito Cocom said, “We have some leads we are working on, but we cannot divulge any information as yet; the investigation is very, very young.”

In the Mek Mi Rich case, BTL to pay cost of court of almost $59,000
In February, the Supreme Court found that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) had pirated the concept of the SMS lottery texting game Mek Mi Rich from a proposal made to the company by Corozal businessman Curtis Swasey and the court awarded Swasey $25,000 in damages, but what was left was for the court to determine the cost of court that BTL must pay Swasey’s attorneys, Kareem Musa and Wayne Piper. BTL eventually paid Swasey last month after a Supreme Court marshall went to the company’s St. Thomas Street headquarters to crowfoot its assets to secure payment of the court judgment. Last Wednesday, the court arrived at a figure for the cost of the litigation, and Swasey’s attorneys were awarded cost of court of $58,790.10.

Ashcroft Alliance wants $70 mil more in US dollars
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is being asked to settle a dispute between the Government of Belize and the former owners of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), most notably the Ashcroft-affiliated company, Dunkeld International Investments Limited, over payments made earlier this month towards an arbitration award handed down in favor of the company last month. Amandala has been reliably informed that the Ashcroft group is demanding US$70 million more than what it had received in US currency. Under the settlement agreement of September 11, 2015, a “restricted portion” would be paid in Belize dollars and spent on projects in Belize, but the “unrestricted portion” would be paid in US dollars entirely for the enjoyment of the Michael Ashcroft group. The Government says that the Ashcroft group is now demanding more for the “unrestricted portion,” than had been agreed. “Apart from the foreign exchange implications, such a position would also short the Belize dollar portion reserved for the people of Belize,” the Government of Belize (GOB) said today via press release.

National Track & Field Championships this weekend
The Belize Athletics Association (BAA) invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday, July 30-31. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ([email protected]) or from our Facebook page (Belize Athletics Association). Cost of registration is $10.00 per athlete. Events will include: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x100m, 4x400m, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot put, Discus.

Male Volleyball team at U23 championships in Panama
Team Belize departed yesterday to compete at the U23 Central American Male Volleyball Championship in Panama. Team members are: Bryton Codd (captain), Zachary Garbutt, Alwyn Mahung, Ernan Caliz, Raluni Bernardez, Edgar Martinez, Anfernee Archer, Jiovanny Gonzalez, Raheem Flowers, Daril Avila, Yserri Palacio, Francis Haulze, Albert Humes (head coach), Delio Arruebarrena (Cuban coach), and Ben Ramos (manager)… Unfortunately, livestream information has not yet been available. Keep up with information posted on BelizeVolleyball facebook profile and group pages…

Another setback for Onan McClean Insurance Brokers U-17 Tournament
Uncertainty surrounds the football schedule of the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) under Chairman Billy Moguel. After a splendid 1st Division semifinal, though not stellar officiating, on Sunday, July 17; and fans eagerly anticipating the championship finals the following weekend; a BDFA release on Thursday, July 21, stated simply that “we will not be having any games this weekend” because “Association members will be travelling and others have work obligations.” Both 1st Division finals on Sunday and 4 scheduled U-17 games for last Saturday were cancelled. If that was not bad enough, considering the urgency of preparations for the U-17 Nationals next weekend, August 5-7, the BDFA had scheduled U-17 mid-week games, on Tuesday and Thursday of this week, in addition to the scheduled Saturday games. But this evening, even those mid-week games were apparently in jeopardy.

Winty J (Vincent Johnson) – my life, Final
A: Yo mek ahn.. W: a get visa… so mi gaan… Part 9 A: ’74… when yo next trip back.. W: As a get de, a play fi Braves… as a get de mi join Braves team… A: Fahn L.A. or New York?.. W: New York. Braves mi de ya lately, and a no get fi see him, yo no… A: Mmhmm? W: Yeah, Braves mi de ya… dehn bwai mi gat a pahn Krem… when i mi de da caye… i mi de out a caye when Krem mi di do da ting da caye… A: Weh yo call… weh hihn name.?.. W: Braves name Kenneth Meighan… Hihn da di original Braves, yo no… Braves mek right da Yabra round di Milo time, yo no… dehn mi da di lead… dehn win wahn season, yo no… wahn wicked season, when dehn knock off Plaza…

Editorial: Worse than Penner
We keep saying to you, Belize has a pretty good democracy. Belize has been able to change governments from time to time in free and fair elections. There is no violence in our electoral campaigning. Because the constitutional possibility of political change exists, Belize, unlike the countries in Central America around us, has succeeded in avoiding revolutionary violence. The major flaw in Belize’s parliamentary democracy is the nature of our campaign financing, which is wide open for anyone who can write a big check to acquire influence in the two major political parties, and at the same time secretive in that the political parties are not mandated to reveal the identities of their campaign financiers or the amounts they donate. The nature of Belize’s campaign financing makes a mockery of the universal adult suffrage we welcomed with such pride in 1954. The concept of “one man, one vote,” becomes a kind of joke when one man can write a check for one million dollars to one of the two major parties, as was famously revealed in the general election campaign of 1998. Such a check writer, in a real sense, has more than one vote.

From the Publisher
The Belize Cabinet’s recent decision to renew and upgrade its commitment to the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), putting more boots on the ground, as it is said, is a case of now choosing the stick instead of the carrot. Where both the 2014 and the 2015 September celebrations were concerned, the Government of Belize chose the carrot approach in Belize City, which involved pumping some money into the Southside. But now the general elections are over, the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) has a brand new five-year term, and there is no political pressure or incentive to use the velvet glove with the desperate youth. Hence, the iron fist of the GSU. There is always the need to control crime and violence in order to protect the financial bonanza for Belize City businesses, and increasingly the tourist industry, which the Centenary celebrations represent. But this year’s September celebrations are even more critical for the ruling party, because their administration has been much maligned of late.

Belize’s border areas targeted by illegal wildlife traffickers
Chief Forest Officer Wilber Sabido told Amandala today that the greatest problem with illegal wildlife trafficking in Belize, which also includes trafficking in timber and marine species, is seen along the country’s western and southern borders, which evidently serve as entry points for Guatemalans and Hondurans. Sabido delivered the opening address this morning at a three-day workshop on illegal wildlife trafficking being held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, and which was organized by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which represents a key enforcement and regulatory agency in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking in Belize.

He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother!
It has been one of the most troubling times for me as a Belizean in the diaspora to have been observing the touching moments of suffering among the Belizean people at home as black-on-black crime rocks the Belizean nation, and heinous crimes of brutality are being inflicted upon its citizens by forces almost strange and bizarre to the Belizean way of life. Belizeans were once, but still are a very peaceful and kind race of humanity that people all over the world continue to talk about in a positive light despite these horrors, trials, and tribulations that we as a people continue to face. We have to win this fight to secure our humanity that God Most High has blessed us with as a humble and kind people to the world.

32 Guatemalan canoes went to Sarstoon, National Security confirms
The Ministry of National Security has alerted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of reports that 32 Guatemalan canoes were counted in the Sarstoon River area two weekends ago, when as many as 100 fishers were reported by Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) to have been illegally fishing inside Belize. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Ret’d Colonel George Lovell, told us that he was unaware of the occurrence. He subsequently investigated the report which we shared with him from Maheia, as well as pictures Maheia took of the Guatemalans. Those photos, Lovell said, clearly demonstrated that there was illegal fishing in Belizean waters. In one photo, a Guatemalan man was shown fishing with a gill net right in front of the Forward Operating Base manned by Belize Defence Force officers in the area. Fishing with gill nets near a river mouth contravenes Belize law.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Shawn Cook, 25, is charged for stabbing incident at Ruba’s Bar in Lord’s Bank
Ruba’s bar, a popular bar and hang out spot in Lord’s Bank area, Ladyville is no stranger to violent crimes and on July 8, 2016, there was yet another incident where a man was stab during an altercation inside the bar. 28 year […]

Bradley Paumen and company to be tried for businessman hit
Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith today said she had sufficient evidence before her to order businessman Bradley Paumen and fellow accused to be tried for various charges related to the attempt on the life of Michael Modiri. Linsburn Anderson and Bradley Paumen were charged […]

BSI: molasses loss is a joint industry loss; farmers say “NO!”
Sugar Cane farmers refuse to share the loss of costs after BSI lost close to 4,000 tons of molasses earlier this month. A handful of cane farmers held a peaceful protest at the junction of the Philip Goldson highway and the entrance to BSI, […]

Accused GSU boss hits back
Mark Flowers, former head of the GSU, was charged with 2 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Ann-Marie Smith. Flowers was remanded into custody until September 26 when disclosure is to be given. A case management has been […]

Cayo police investigating series of burglaries
Errie Anthony Manzanero, 33, from a Bullet Tree Falls address reported to police that on Sunday between midnight and 5:00 a.m. someone broke into his home and stole one black and brown single action shotgun valued $300; one single action 20 gauge ROSSI shotgun valued at $998 and […]

San Pedro police seize four pounds of weed
At around midday today, officials attached to the Special Branch and CIB San Pedro police department, acting on special intelligence, raided the apartment of Belizean painter, 37-year-old Kirt Jason Cruz in the San Pedrito area of town where they discovered 4 pounds of suspected cannabis. […]

Belize City Police investigating $96,000 mid-afternoon robbery
On Monday July 25, 75-year old Maria Sylvestre reported to police that sometime after 2:30 p.m., while at home located on‘A’ Street and Princess Margaret Drive with her daughter and her son-in-law, two male persons rushed inside the living room. Sylvestre reported to police that one of […]

Belize junior volleyballers taken to brink in opening match of C.A. championship
The Belize U-23 male junior volleyball team needed 5 of the last 6 points available to defeat Honduras in the opening match of the Central American championship in Panama. Belize won a tight encounter 25-19, 21-25, 25-23, 20-25, 15-11 and is level on 3 […]

BCCI calls on government to address corruption
The decapitation of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas and the revelation that his accused killer William Mason was very well connected to political figures and likely facilitated by some of them has caused concern about corruption and now the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) […]

Belize has reached a new low?
Belize’s socio-economy has been on a steady downward path since Independence in 1981…..but it has reached a new low, with the beheading of a pastor last week. This kind of gruesome apparent contract killing among white collar criminals is a first for Belize. “The […]

Cane farmers stage protest over molasses loss
Cane farmers in the Orange Walk district are currently staging a protest in front of the BSI/ASR compound over the ongoing dispute regarding the sharing of losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars in spoiled molasses. The farmers are reportedly protesting without a license […]

#IWantMyCountryBack vigil held in Belmopan
Last night in Belmopan approximately 400 residents of the Belmopan area took to the streets as part of the #IWantMyCountryBack candle-light vigil organized by religious leaders. The movement came to life on Facebook, started by outspoken Pastor Louis Wade, who also owns Plus TV. The vigil started […]

Mother of 3 viciously killed in Belmopan
Regina Williams, 34, a mother of three, was found dead, partially nude in front of her home in the Las Flores area of Belmopan yesterday morning00 […]

Sugar Cane Farmers in Orange Walk stage protest
Breaking Belize News has been reliably informed that police officers and BSI/ASR security guards have assembled at the entrance of the sugar cane factory compound in Orange Walk with barricades to prevent cane farmers from entering the area to conduct a protest. BBN was […]


San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize: The Changes, The Restaurants and My Guesthouse
San Ignacio is a central hub for travelers crossing Belize – from the Cayes, from Tikal Maya Site in Guatemala. It’s THE central kick-off spot for “jungle activities” – caving, cave tubing, zip lining, hiking, and more. I haven’t walked through the town that slopes down a steep hill to the Macal River in almost exactly a year – and again, there have been quite a few changes. I’m going to start with all the new murals in town. They are absolutely gorgeous. What a great way to give a fresh new look to the whole town. These are SO gorgeous and WOULD make fantastic t-shirts.

International Sourcesizz

Belize family harassed in Bacalar in taxi dispute
On Thursday July 21 a family from Corozal, Belize was harassed and provoked at Bacalar by members of the local taxi union in Bacalar. The Belizean family visited Bacalar in a green car for pleasure and were intercepted by members of the union, which is affiliated with the PRI party of Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo. The family of five was reportedly forced to get out of the vehicle as they were accused of stealing customers. Local media reports add that residents in the area as well as tourists witnessed the family being verbally and physically harassed. The union members are reported to have also provoked the family into a full-fledged physical fight but after fifteen minutes the union members were able to verify that the Belizean taxi driver was indeed there as a tourist with his family. They were allowed to leave, the media adds, but no authorities arrived at the scene to assist the family.

CDB unveils new programme to assess poverty in the Caribbean
Across the Caribbean, policymakers rely heavily on the availability of timely, accurate and reliable poverty data to support national and regional development initiatives. Despite making considerable progress on how they measure poverty, many countries in the Region do not frequently update or report on key poverty indicators, and are not able to assess the non-income dimensions of poverty and human development. On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 in Saint Lucia, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) launched a programme designed to address these challenges, and improve the way its 19 Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) assess poverty and gain access to data from these assessments. “The Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment Programme launched today responds to the pressing need for high-quality data on poverty. Understanding the causes of poverty, who it affects and how it affects them is at the core of making informed, evidence-based policy decisions and helping Caribbean countries make meaningful, measurable progress in reducing and ending poverty,” said Deidre Clarendon, Division Chief, Social Sector Division, CDB.

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