Minister of Touristic Affairs, Manwell Ereba, confirmed to Rastaman News this morning that Caye Caulker has been equipped with a state-of-the-art ambulance, befitting its importance as one of Belize’s major tourism destinations.

“San Pedro cannot have it all,” Ereba stated. “After La Isla Bonita procured their ultra-modern firefighting buckets, I had to make sure that La Isla Cariñosa did not stay too far behind.”

Hailed as an emerging tourism destination, Caye Caulker is the second most popular destination for overnight visitors in the country after San Pedro. That is why, according to Ereba, the island must have modern health facilities.

“This ambulance is not only remarkably embarrassing in its design, it is also environmentally friendly,” boasted Ereba. “In one stroke, we have beefed up the island’s health services AND we have done our own little bit to combat climate change.”

Upon hearing this news, Joe Grind, a resident from San Pedro, complained: “I feel jealous. How can Caye Caulker get their ambulance and we cannot? We still depend on transporting sick people via the Piggyback Express. Come on, bredda, San Pedro is Belize’s premier tourism destination so we need better treatment. Ereba better shape up and give us one of those awesome ambulances pronto!”

Rastaman News

TRUE STORY: My mom had to be medically evacuated off the island (Caye Caulker) July 20. This is how she had to be **ambulanced** to the waiting air ambulance -- at the back of a garbage trailer being towed behind a golf cart taxi. Our health care system is truly disgraceful.