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Today's Belize News: August 4, 2016 #516507
08/04/16 04:31 AM
08/04/16 04:31 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

For the latest on Tropical Storm Earl, click here


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

NEMO hereby informs that Hurricane Earl was centered near Latitude 17.1°N, Longitude 86.0°W or about 103 miles east-southeast of Half Moon Caye, 141 miles east-southeast of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 147 miles east of Dangriga, 150 miles east-southeast of Belize City, 181 miles east-southeast of Corozal Town, and 198 miles east of Punta Gorda Town.

Iconic showcases summer fashion line
Young aspiring fashion designer, Adrian Roca, debuted his ‘Iconic Fashion Show’ on Saturday, July 30th. Held at Caribbean Villas, Roca launched his eternal summer resort and swimwear collection. William Neal hosted the show, while entertainment was provided by DJ Patron and Saxophonist Allan McCoy. It was all glitz and glamour when the models strutted across the runway stage in their ensembles. From bikinis to club wear, they showed off fine fashion. With a collection of over 20 designs, Roca is confident his style rocks La Isla Bonita. “I am very overwhelmed and I thank everyone who came out and supported me. I guess when you are passionate about something like I am about fashion design, it becomes a part of yourself. Fashion is how I express myself and it is an extension of who I am,” said Roca.

Zika; the global plague of the decade
Since the first suspected case in Belize in April 2016, San Pedro was the first municipality to produce a municipal action engagement preparedness and response plan. The aim of the plan is to combat Zika and promote vector control interventions that prevents the spread of the virus. San Pedro is currently in the stage of eradicating mosquitos and preparing for confirmed cases on the island. Jorge Aldana of the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has stated that Mayor Daniel Guerrero, along with the town council, is actively working at reducing the chances of an outbreak in San Pedro. The Clean-up Campaign has been a major project that promotes community members to clean their yards of garbage, stagnant water, and open containers.

Camp Starfish 2016 ends in style
After two weeks of non-stop fun and learning, the third annual Camp Starfish came to a close with a grand celebration. Catering to children living with disabilities, the camp ended on Friday, July 29th with a parade and party organized to make each camper feel extra special. A colorful decorated float led the parade shortly after 10AM across the town core. Characters such as Peppa Pig and Caillou joined camp buddies, and organizers to bring cheer to the children. With festive music, campers and volunteers followed behind as multiple golf-carts displayed posters showcasing the theme, “We are more alike than different”. Camp Starfish made sure its presence was known along Barrier Reef and Pescador Drive. Afterwards, all participants, family members and invited guests converged at the Lions Den for a party. Everyone was encouraged to participate in fun games; from karaoke to freeze dance, and even musical chairs, the campers were more than enthusiastic to join in on the fun. A camp buddy serenaded the audience with an acapella performance of “Diamonds” by Rihanna. To top off the fun, children had a blast popping the piñata, eating cake, and receiving goody bags.

Tropical Storm Earl expected to land in Belize as a hurricane
Tropical Storm Earl, which a few days ago was just a tropical wave over the Caribbean Sea, is now expected to become a hurricane before it makes landfall in Belize. On Tuesday, August 2nd, Earl became the fifth named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and its projected path will have it landing in Belize in the early hours of Thursday, August 4th. As the storm slowly moves westward at a speed of 14 miles per hour, the chances for it to become at least a category 1 hurricane are increasing by the hour. A hurricane warning has been issued for the Bay Islands of Honduras, all the Belize coastline and up to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Early on Wednesday morning, Tropical Storm Earl was located around 235 miles east southeast of Belize City, with maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour.

NEMO hereby informs that at 9:00am Tropical Storm Earl was centered near Latitude 16.3°N, Longitude 84.4°W or about 189 miles east-southeast of Half Moon Caye, 231 miles east-southeast of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 230 miles east of Dangriga, 236 miles east-southeast of Belize City, 271 miles east-southeast of Corozal Town, and 267 miles east of Punta Gorda Town. Maximum sustained winds are near 70 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is forecast and Earl is likely to become a hurricane before it makes landfall. Earl is moving westward near 14 mph and some decrease in forward speed is expected during the next 48 hours. On this track, Earl will MAKE landfall in Belize tonight or early Thursday morning. Earl will produce rainfall accumulation of 8-12 inches over Belize with possible higher amounts. These rains could cause flash floods and mud slides especially over higher terrain. For coastal areas, there is also a risk for flooding, especially in low lying areas.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Okay so painting is on tomorrow. Crazy Canucks at 2p.m I expect everybody to show up! ;) no excuses.

White lipped peccaries
Thought to have been locally extinct in the Chiquibul, white lipped peccaries have started to be documented once more. Photo is from PhD student, Lauren N. Watine, and the Program for Tropical Ecology and Conservation Science (PTECS). PTECS is a joint venture between the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of Florida.

Evacuation this morning in San Pedro Town

Moscow Ballet on Ice - Belize
Here are a some of the photos from the show, Moscow Ballet on Ice as they performed in Belize City.

NOAA Outlook for Central America August 4 – 10, 2016
During late July, scattered moderate to heavy rainfall was observed along coastal areas of Central America, while suppressed rainfall prevailed throughout the interior of the region. This resulted in mostly below-average rainfall during the past week and contributed to the persistence of drier than average conditions over eastern and central Guatemala, Honduras, and northwestern Nicaragua over the past thirty days. During July, these dry portions of Central America have received only between 25-80 percent of their average rainfall and have also experienced below-average number of rain days.

154 Years, 1,179 Days: The long wait for gay rights in Belize
The upcoming verdict of an LGBTQ discrimination case brought against the Attorney General of Belize will help decide whether the nation’s antiquated colonial laws regarding homosexuality may soon be updated. While such laws are generally not enforced, they contain inflammatory and bigoted language that impedes individual freedoms and encourages an intolerant society. The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) condemns these laws and hopes that the verdict of Orozco v. Attorney General of Belize will finally guarantee human rights for members of the country’s LGBTQ community. Though a ruling was expected on July 27, this landmark decision has been delayed until August 10.

Belize bank hit by withdrawals and correspondent bank de-risking
An offshore bank owned by Britain’s Lord Ashcroft has closed a large number of customer accounts and faced a wave of withdrawal requests after becoming increasingly caught up in a US tax-evasion crackdown and the withdrawal of foreign correspondent banking services. The value of deposits at Belize Bank International (BBI) shrank by almost three-quarters in the space of just six months, and confidential emails suggest some BBI customers have struggled to recover their cash, the London Guardian newspaper reported. So stretched is the position that BBI in April told a court in Belize that it could not pay a $3.3 million judgment against it without liquid assets falling below the minimum amount required by law. BBI has denied it was in crisis and said it faced a short-term problem. However, tough US anti-tax evasion laws have increased compliance costs for BBI’s correspondent banking partners, prompting Bank of America and Commerzbank to terminate relationships with the bank.

Channel 7

Hurricane Earl: What It Is Now
Tonight, Belize is bracing for the force of a large Category 1 hurricane and the two red flags with black centres flown above each other, means that Hurricane conditions are fast approaching. According to the latest update from NEMO, Earl will make landfall on Belize at about midnight – but the first Tropical Storm force winds will reach Half Moon Caye within half an hour, and San Pedro by 9:00 pm. Now the most important fact about this storm right now is that the eye is wobbling just a bit, so it's hard to say just where on the Belize Coast it will make landfall. It's important to know where the eye will land because the storm force winds are in the quadrant just north of that. So wherever the eye lands, the brunt of the storm force winds will be felt to the north of that.

Hurricane Earl, The Last Minute Rush
And so with the storm heading straight for the coast, those in, Belize City, the country's largest population centre – which also sits on that coast – went into scramble mode this morning to stock up on supplies, or make a run to the shelter of inland areas. This morning, Courtney Weatherburne was out there getting a feel for the hectic pace and she has this story:… From early this morning, residents have been preparing for Tropical Strom Earl. Cars were lined up at gas stations for fuel. People were rushing and crowding major stores buying all kinds of food supplies. Courtney Weatherburne: "So you are here at Publics stacking up for the storm?" Melissa Sanchez - City Resident: "Yes I am because these things don't give a lot of warning when it get close it could change a different direction or become stronger than the normally projected."

City Shelters Filled Up Fast
As you saw in that story, the Belize City shelters were filling up very quickly. Well, by this afternoon – CEMO had to open more shelters because city residents were going there in droves. Councillor Phillip Willoughby told us why:… Phillip Willoughby, City Councilor, CEMO: "Those 5 shelters when open I was briefed about an hour and half ago. Most of those shelters were filled and now we are seeking to open the remaining shelters across Belize City; Southside, Northside." Jules Vasquez: "Has the shelter response been stronger than you've seen in previous storms?"

San Pedro Shelter Situation
And while the city shelters are filled to the gills, it doesn't sound quite the same in San Pedro. That's the first major population centre which will be feeling storm force winds at around . We spoke to the town Coordinator Primrose Augustine an hour ago and she said they were calm and prepared:… Jules Vasquez "What is the situation right now in San Pedro?" Primrose Augustine - NEMO Coordinator, San Pedro "The situation right now Jules everything is calm. Every is waiting on this storm to make landfall." Jules Vasquez "Okay now they are saying NEMO is saying that it will make landfall; San Pedro will start experiencing 40 mph wind at 9 pm to 11 pm and midnight the whole country will start to experience hurricane force winds. What are San Pedroanos going to the shelters?"

Orange Walk Shelters Opened At 3:00 PM
And while that is the situation in San Pedro, the latest storm tracking suggests that the southern Orange Walk District will be feeling the brunt of the storm, along with the Belize River Valley. We spoke to the District Coordinator – who told us that people weren't really rushing out to the shelters: Suleima Celiz - NEMO Coordinator, Orange Walk: "We are fully activated and all our shelters are open at the moment. We have been communicating with our chairperson in the villages and everybody who needs to evacuate are being evacuated to the shelters. We have people from Trail Farm being evacuated; I do not have the exact amount of people that are in the shelters right now as our shelters are open at 3 today." Jules Vasquez: "Have people been going eagerly towards the shelters or they are a little reluctant because you know Orange Walk is a little but more inland than a coastal community so maybe people don't feel threatened."

The MET Department Says
That and much more is coming up, but while we don't have a full weather report tonight, Daniel Ortiz spoke to Forecaster Michael Gentle just a few minutes ago for the official forecast of when the storm will hit where: Michael Gentle - Forecaster, National Met Service: "It's 87 miles east by south of Belize City and its move at about 14 mph so that would give us roughly 6 hours to make landfall along the coast. The original projections were just south of Belize City near where the 2 lagoons are northern and southern lagoon. So the effects of the surge would be felt near where the centre make landfall and to the north of it so Belize City would be in an area where we expect the effects from the surge. Hurricane force winds extend out just a small area however we can expect it to experience tropic storm force winds extending out 150 miles so we can expect tropic storm force winds towards the northern extremity of the country and we can expect it to a lesser extent going south. It would it seem that the extreme south would not get as much wind as the stronger part of the storm to the north and to the east so we expecting the surge and the strongest wind to affect the area near to Belize City where we have the northern and southern lagoon and areas north of that."

Storm Threat Doesn't Stop Murder
Hurricane Earl is only a few hours away from making landfall in Belize. And while the Rural Eastern Division Police officers were busy making preparations to cover the 30+ villages in their jurisdiction, they had to make time to respond to another murder in the Japan area of Ladyville. Anyone who watched the news with regularity knows that there have several murders in that area. Well another was added to list last night, after someone went to the home of 32 year-old John Williams and shot him in the head. He died right inside his home, where he was supposed to be safe, the same place where his son and where his girlfriend had just left. Today, Our news team went looking for answers as why anyone would want to execute a man who, by all appearances, stayed out of trouble. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Just before midnight last night, Ladyville Police came upon the body of 32 year-old John Williams, a resident of the Japan area who had been killed while he was inside his home.

Arson In City Over Lover's Spat
A house burned down in Belize City last night – and police say it was a straight up case of arson. And while arson is always malicious, Southside Commander ACP Chester Williams says this one is doubly so because it is the result of a relationship gone bad between a couple, and it was preceded last week by a vicious beat down. ACP Chester Williams, O. C. Eastern South: "Well this morning sometime after 4 police received information of a fire in Martin's area on Jones' street to be exact. Police responded and they saw a house which occupied before by one Mr. Mario Zelaya and his wife but they had seperated a couple weeks ago. Zelaya is currently in the hospital recovering from injuries we received as a result of a beat down. He got over on Northside about 2, 3 years ago. From our investigation the fire is arson and we have an idea basically who are the persons behind it but the investigation is still on going so I'll not go into too much details because it might hinder our investigation but it's a matter are looking into we believe it is arson."

Father of Wesley Burglars Charged
Last night we told you about brazen Wesley Lower School burglary. 3 minors, who are former Wesley students, broke in and stole a number of electronic devices and about $900 cash, that's not to mention the mess they left behind in classrooms, the kitchen, storage area and main office. Now while the police have caught the 3 minors and the 42 year old man Kent Cole who was also involved, it's not really the underaged burglars who will face the blunt of the repercussions, it's their parents. Today the father of one of the 15 year olds was charged for allowing an unsupervised child to be in a public place. Now it is quite an unusual charge but according to Southside Commander Chester Williams, it is in the law and he will enforce it. IT CARRIES A MAXIMUM FINE OF TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS OR ONE YEAR IMPRISONMENT.

Customs Caught Female Contrabandists
It's not a widely acknowledged fact, but it's true enough that when a storm is about, many use the downtime for a stay at home drinking session. In Corozal that would mean chilling out with some contraband beverages – but one popular contraband retailer got shutdown last Friday in a Customs and Police crackdown. They visited the home of Vidalia Riverol in the Halls Layout Area and found 429 bottles of contraband Suprerior, Modelo and Miller beers, along with 44 cans of Modelo. That's a total of 473 beers – and two women were charged for it. They are 62 year old Vidilia Riverol and 28 year old Jenny Vellos – they were the only ones at home at the time.

Macal and Mopan Drownings Reported on Same Day
As a Tropical Storm Earl already caused six deaths in the Dominican Republic; tonight the storm is a hurricane headed for Belize where the nation prays for safety and wellbeing. But, even before it arrives there are two drowning deaths to report in the West. Benque Viejo residents saw a body floating down the Mopan river yesterday afternoon at 3:30. The Hispanic male was later identified by his mother as 18 year old Jonathan Josue Montes Diaz, a Salvadoran National from Belmopan. A post mortem certified that he died of drowning. And, earlier that afternoon police got the report of a drowning in the Macal River near Duplooys Jungle Lodge. 21 year old Irlan Oliver Mesh a Cook who works at Duplooys and resident of San Antonio Village Cayo District was found apparently lifeless. Here's what happened: at about midday, Mesh was crossing the Macal River alone inside a Silver in color Canoe from his home in San Antonio Village to cross over to Duplooys when the vessel overturned causing him to fall in the river. He never resurfaces and was later found by a co worker who tried to administer CPR but it was too late.

Hon. Hulse Happy To Take On Police, But Liked Nat. Resources
And in other national news that isn't about Hurricane Earl – this week, the new police Minister Godwin Hulse has his hands full. That's because the police are in peak operation mode, responding to all types of urgencies and emergencies. For Hulse, who seems to relish every new challenge thrown his way, he admits to having mixed feeling about leaving the Ministry of Natural Resources after only nine months. This is his interview from Monday:… Jules Vasquez: "Sir is there any bittersweet feeling leaving the ministry of natural resources? In so far as you put in a lot of work there. You believed you had great success but might there not be the undertone that the prime minister found a way to get you out of the way while at the same time giving you a job as important as you are but to get you out of the way because you da mi big hold up and all those ministers mi bex and maybe Ms. Vanessa; while she is a senator and unelected perhaps she will be more agreeable to deal with."

ACP Williams Welcomes Hulse
And while Hulse embraces his new challenge, how does the police top brass feel. Surely, Minister John Saldivar had those cops who were in his corner – after being in the job since 2012. And perhaps that is why the Prime Minister said the Ministry may have needed a new face. ACP Chester Williams seems to have felt the same way… ACP Chester Williams, O. C. Eastern South: "I do believe that with Mr. Hulse as the minister of police we'll see some positive change within the police department. I personally I embrace him as our new minister and we'll do what needs to be done be able to ensure that whatever changes he may want that it goes to fruition. I do agree with what the prime minister said in terms of the police as the primary law enforcement agency in the country needs to assure the citizens of citizen security so we are a department need to take a look at what we're doing and see how we can enhance what we have been doing as a department." Jules Vasquez: "The prime minister additionally mentioned that he felt perhaps a change is needed in the police department; was needed the ministerial level. How do you feel about those remarks; obviously it is both the minister and the prime minister were aware of some chemistry issue between the commanders in the eastern division; they both mentioned it when they spoke."

She Claims Sexual Harassment Destroyed Her Career
Keeping it on police affairs, tonight we have part two of our interview with the female police recruit who claims that Mark Flowers – then an Assistant Inspector – sexually assaulted her in 1999. She lost her career in policing because of it. Tonight, in the second part of out interview with her she explains that for her, policing was more than just a job – and when the assault occurred it put her career dream on permanent hold:… She ended up being a teacher for more than a decade and told us that despite having an associate’s degree - she tried and failed four times to get back into the academy after taking the entry test. She feels she is blacklisted. And responding to Flowers allegation that they had some kind of prior familiarity relationship – she told us today that she is 100% certain that the night of the assault is the first time she spoke to him.

Earl, Another Look From The City
Hurricane Earl is lining up for Belize at this hour – in fact, Tropical Storm Force Winds are already being felt in Belizean territory at Half Moon Caye. Those winds will be on San Pedro by nine to0ngith, and by midnight, coastal areas on the mainland will be braced by those winds and, of course, rains. At 6:00 pm, the center of the storm was 85 miles east south east of Belize City. Now, it's important to note that forecasters say the storm will make landfall north of Belize city – and the path of the eye will look something like this. NEMO advises that the main impact zone is most likely the Belize River Valley area, villages such as Willows Bank; Rancho Dolores; Isabella Bank; Double Head Cabbage; and villages in southern Orange Walk such as Guinea Grass, August Pine ridge, San Felipe, Indian Church and parts of Corozal to a lesser extent. Maximum sustained winds are near 75 mph with higher gusts and Earl is moving westward near 14 mph.

Keeping the City Safe
And while the view from above always looks peaceful, somewhere in there criminals are lurking and trying to get into the homes of those who have gone to shelters. Today we asked Southside commander Chester Williams how he will keep the city safe:.. So will CEMO help with that heavy equipment? Councilor Willoiughby seems to have a different plant:

The Rural Response To Earl
And while that's Eastern Division South's plan, Eastern Division Rural also has to prepare itself for what is forecasted to be the strongest parts of the storm. There are 32 villages in their jurisdiction, a large number of them located along the Belize River – which is now being named as the target area for Hurricane Earl. It's a flood prone area, and experts who know the waterways know that whenever there are heavy rains, the lagoons take on a lot of water, which causes delayed flooding days later. Today, the lead officers of Eastern Division Rural told us that they will remain vigilant during, and well after the storm to move if there are emergencies: The rural police have set up an emergency line, which is 635-5136, it can be called on the phone system or using WHATSAPP.

Philloughby's Final Call
And while the police will do their part, you have to do yours as well – and for all households, the first responsibility is coming to terms with the reality of the storm. Make no mistake, this is a large and powerful hurricane. Tonight, NEMO is at Phase 3 – two red flags with black centers flown above each other. NEMO stresses, quote, "We will experience strong winds blowing as fast as 70 or more miles or per hour, heavy rainfall; storm surge; flooding along the coastline; trees blown down; weak houses and structures will be damaged or destroyed; loose objects will become projectiles, power outages and disruption to water. As the system approaches expect light winds, then heavy hurricane like winds, thereafter there will be a calm as the eye passes; thereafter we will experience very strong winds then the winds will get weaker and eventually die off." So, if you are in a weak structure, seek shelter. Here's how councilor Phillip Willoughby put it as his final warning:…

Re: Today's Belize News: August 4, 2016 [Re: Marty] #516508
08/04/16 04:31 AM
08/04/16 04:31 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 83,953
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Ladyville Welder John Williams Killed Inside His House
Thirty-two year old welder, John Williams, a resident of Ladyville, was murdered inside his house in the Japan area on Tuesday night. The gunman knocked at his door and when [...]

2 Homemade Guns Taken Off the Streets in Ladyville
Back in early July, the Belmopan police located the weapon used to murder Roaring Creek resident Maleek Norris. It was a homemade gun, simply two pieces of metal pipe and [...]

Lord’s Bank Resident Arraigned for Aggravated Burglary
The courts closed today in the city as Hurricane Earl approached Belize. Late on Tuesday, twenty-three year old Lord’s Bank resident, Japheth Steadman Gordon, was placed on remand after his [...]

A Salvadoran and 2 Honduran Busted for Illegal Entry
A Salvadoran national and two Hondurans were also taken to court on Tuesday for failure to present their documents to Immigration.   The trio was detained in the Belama area [...]

Despite a Hit in Burrell Boom, Residents Hesitant to Evacuate to Shelters
A News Five team is in Burrell Boom tonight where the eye of the storm is expected to pass and residents are expected to experience winds of about seventy-five miles [...]

Family of 7 from Fresh Pond Community Seeks Shelter
We headed over to the shelters in Burrell Boom where we spoke to a family of seven who left their home in the nearby Fresh Pond community seeking safety. Their [...]

Early Morning Fire in Belize City
Fire broke early this morning in Belize City. A plume of smoke enveloped the area of Jones Street in the Lake Independence area as fire erupted at a wooden house. [...]

Keeping Homes Safe While Residents Seek Shelter in Ladyville
Earlier today, we also checked in to find out what is happening in Belize Rural where the communities are spread out in the wide expanse. Police plan to keep an [...]

A list of the Available Shelters Across the Country
Before we close tonight, NEMO has issued information on shelters that are now open. In San Pedro: New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School, San Pedro High School and San Pedro [...]

The Latest on Hurricane Earl
In the final hours before Hurricane Earl makes landfall on Belize, here are three things to note according to in-house expert Carlos Fuller from the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center. [...]

Weather Channel’s Storm Tracker in Belize
The weather channel has a storm tracker stationed in Belize providing regular updates on Hurricane Earl as it develops and travels through Belize. Josh Morgerman is currently on San Pedro. [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize braces for Hurricane Earl
At 9 P.M. CST, the eye of hurricane Earl was located by an Air Force Hurricane Hunter near latitude 17.4 north, longitude 87.6 West. Earl is moving towards the west near 15mph and a westward or slightly north of westward motion with some […]

Hurricane Warning Remains In Effect For The Coast of Belize
NEMO hereby informs that Hurricane Earl was centered near Latitude 17.1°N, Longitude 86.0°W or about 103 miles east-southeast of Half Moon Caye, 141 miles east-southeast of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 147 miles east of Dangriga, 150 miles east-southeast of Belize City, […]

NEMO Corozal on high alert as Hurricane Earl approaches Belize
The Corozal branch of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is keeping a close watch on Hurricane Earl as he makes his way to Belize in the next few hours. Earlier today, NEMO Corozal opened ten shelters in areas that are prone to […]

Tropical Storm Earl upgraded to a hurricane
Tropical Storm Earl has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane and will look to make landfall in Belize within the next 12 hours. The National Hurricane Center in Miami, USA has just made the announcement and published the below statement on their […]

Orange Walk Police in full alert
Posted on Wednesday August 3rd 2016 at 12:57 p.m. Orange Walk police is asking residents who are planning to leave their homes to weather the storm elsewhere to leave their property and valuables properly secured. Police also pleads to those who need to move to do so in good time in order […]

Northern border remains open as storm nears Belize
Posted Wednesday August 3rd 2016 at 12:38 p.m. CST BBN has been receiving inquiries about the schedules at the northern border and we have confirmed that as of midday today, the cargo section will be the only place that will be closed. Travelers planning to enter or depart the country from the […]

A Hurricane Warning remains in effect for the coast of Belize
NEMO hereby informs that at 9:00am Tropical Storm Earl was centered near Latitude 16.3°N,Longitude 84.4°W or about 189 miles east-southeast of Half Moon Caye, 231 miles east-southeast of San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 230 miles east of Dangriga, 236 miles east-southeast of […]

Share your #TSEarl story with BBN
BBN continues to keep a close eye on the developments of Tropical Storm Earl as it nears the country. We invite the public to join us in informing the rest of the Belizean community about the developments around the country by sending us pictures […]

NEMO Orange Walk fully activated
The Orange Walk branch of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has been fully activated as Belize keeps watch of the oncoming storm. As of 10 this morning, all 52 shelters in the Orange Walk district have been opened, 11 of which are […]

Ministry of Health activates Health Emergency Operations Center in Belmopan
A press release issued by the Ministry of Health this morning, advises the general public that the Ministries Health Emergency Operations Center (EOC )headquarters stationed within the Ministry of Health offices in Belmopan will be activated at midday today, August 3rd, 2016. The press release […]

Belize International Airport closes down due to Tropical Storm Earl
As of 9 a.m., Tropical Storm Earl (TS Earl) had maximum sustain winds of 70 mph and was located 235 miles east –southeast of Belize City and was chugging to the west at 14mph. In light of the rapid development and movement of TS […]

Two men drown in Cayo
Iran Oliver Mesh , 21, a resident from the village of San Antonio in the Cayo District drowned yesterday in the Macal River while heading to work. According to reports, Benque Viejo Del Carmen police responded to a call at Duplooys Jungle Lodge at mile 5 […]


411 on Tropical Storm Earl
As many of you know, a Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch have been issued for Belize and some of the Yucatan Peninsula. The commotion over the storm has greatly amped up right now. Town’s people are bustling and everyone is doing whatever they need to in preparation for the storm that will hit Belize tonight. At 6:00 p.m Tuesday night Tropical Storm Earl was centered near Latitude 16.4°N, Longitude 82.3°W or 398 miles east of Belize City. Earl is moving westward near 16 mph. On this track, the center of Earl making landfall in Belize Wednesday night or very early Thursday. It is estimated that sometime around midnight that the storm will hit. At this point Earl is expected to become a hurricane (winds above 75 mph) before making landfall, but as of now it is still being considered a Tropical Storm.

Belize in August
Unlike the scorching temperatures found in most of the United States, August in Belize is filled with balmy weather and lots of sunshine. With fewer crowds and lots of advantageous discounts on tours and lodging, August is a great month to come and visit this gem of a country located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea immediately south of Mexico. The International Costa Maya Festival – What began as a modest celebration of Maya culture in Central America has blossomed into one of Belize’s most loved festivals. Beginning with a beauty pageant and continuing with lots of live music, food, dancing, and cultural displays, this three-day party in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is not to be missed.

This is Belize: We prepare, we sit and we wait . . . for Earl?
Earl is a giant, slothful swath of weather, 90 miles wide on either side of its core, that is slowly — painfully slowly –making its way toward Belize. They say it is traveling at 14 mph and that is not a good thing because it is building strength and shape behind that wall and could well be a hurricane by the time it reaches us. We’ve been preparing for this for what feels like weeks. On Tuesday, the atmosphere was quietly intense in San Pedro as people went about the business of survival — buying food, water, plywood, batteries, waterproof storage containers. No panic. No stress. This morning, the lines were long to leave the island by water taxi. Everywhere, people are exhorting others to “Stay safe.” “Hunker down.” “Be careful.” We’ve done all we can do. We have new flashlights and batteries, lighters, Sterno cans, candles, extra water. Everything loose has been gathered up and put away or tied down. Kendrick and Gilroy spent two days trimming back all the palm trees on the property and removing all the coconuts. Those things apparently fly around like cannon balls in a really strong wind.

This is Belize: Earl is beginning to make some waves
Still a few hours before the serious side of Earl begins to show himself but already he’s making himself known. Already some planks on our dock are showing an independent streak. There will be some gaps before this night is done. Mostly it has been intermittent drenchings and bigger than normal waves. Already our little retaining wall is proving no match for the waves, and fairly modest waves at that. The sky is a somber gray but the light still projects an eerie brightness, as if the air itself is burning phosphorescence. That, and the constant rumbling as the Caribbean’s massive waves trip over the barrier reef.

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Belize offshore bank sees a run on deposits after Fatca probe
The value of deposits in Belize Bank International (BBI) has dropped by almost 75% over the last six months to $31m from $102m (€91m, £76m), according to data from Belize’s central bank. In April, BBI told the country’s supreme court that it could not pay a $3.3m judgment against it to a former business partner Evergreen without liquid assets falling below the minimum amount required by law. During the hearing, the bank’s chairman Lyndon Giuseppi said it had received record withdrawal requests after arrangements with Bank of America and Commerzbank were terminated as tougher US anti-evasion laws increased compliance costs for BBI’s partners.

What to Expect From Hilton on Ambergris Caye, Belize
Hilton is located at Mahogany Bay Village on Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize and best known for its water sports and resorts in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea which has became a leading destination in Central America. Ambergris Caye is tops in travel and tourism with World Travel Awards for the second time. WTA is the travel industry with the most prestigious award program, rewarding those leaders in the tourism, airline and hotel sector and are selected annually with an international jury including hospitality experts. An award like this can give a place pride for their hard work and good hospitality towards tourist. Maybe one of the reasons why they received the award is not only because of the hospitality on every resort but also the hospitable acceptance and friendly approach of everyone in that place added as a big factor. Here are some of the things that you can expect while visiting Ambergris Caye:

Belize - Santander’s first sugar export leaves for Spain
Santander reported on August 1 they have sent the first shipment of sugar produced in Belize at their Cayo facility, according to local press reports. The shipment is for 6,250 tonnes of raw sugar which is on its way to Port of Santander, the company ...

Largest Maya tomb and hieroglyph panels found in Belize tell story of iconic civilisation
Archaeologists have found the first-ever royal tomb at the ancient Maya site of Xunantunich, in Belize. Two hieroglyph panels were also uncovered in the central stairway of the structure enclosing the grave, telling the story of this ancient civilisation in the region. The Maya civilisation emerged from the Yucatan Peninsula, in the south of what is now Mexico and parts of Belize and Guatemala. It was one of the most advanced and iconic pre-Colombian civilisations. It became fully established during the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, but reached the height of its power between 300 and 900 AD. The Maya people excelled in a range of disciplines, including agriculture, science, arts, pottery and architecture. Impressive buildings and temples like the ones at Xunantunich are a testament to their construction skills. The tomb found at the heart of the ancient site is that of an adult individual, aged between 20 and 30 years old. Analysis of the bone remains suggest he was male, quite muscular, with an athletic build."He was lying in an extended and supine position with his head to the south. Future analysis of the skeletal remains will allow us to confirm this age, and to determine probable cause of death and other pathologies", lead researcher Jaime Jose Awe told IBTimes UK.


  • Sustainable Harvest International Show, 9.5min.

  • BELIZE 2016, 3min.

  • San Pedro Belize Preparing for Hurricane Earl, 2.5min.

  • Rough Tail Sting Rays in Belize, 1/4min. Check out these rough tail sting rays I spotted while snorkelling in Belize.

  • Earl Preparations in Belize, 2min. Getting the dock ready for Tropical Storm Earl 8-3-16.

  • SSSVEDA: DAY 3 | Belize: Caribbean Villas {7.24.16}, 2min. Quick update from the scenic Caribbean Villas.

  • Belize Movie, 21min.

  • Hurricane Earl - Spanish Lookout, Belize, 2hr.

  • 10th Year Anniversary at Belize, 4min.

  • Taco Dive at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 3min.

  • Tim's 3rd Dive at Belize, 3min.

  • Marymount University Belize Study Abroad 2016, 4min. 15 days in Belize studying marine biology

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    Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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