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#51657 - 03/18/02 12:50 PM Jackson&Shauna  
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I am anxious to hear how your wedding went! What were your flowers like? Any comments on the Blue Tang Inn and Rocio? Any recommendations you have for me? Something you wish you would have brought with you for the wedding? Look forward to your respons

#51658 - 03/18/02 01:35 PM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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Hi girl! I am so glad that I took your advice. Gil and Rocio AND Fanny are really terrific. Met a pretty, smiling girl at the front desk (Fanny) that asked if we were Jackson and Shauna as soon as we walked in, and said that she had been waiting for us and that they were really excited about our wedding. Then, the next morning we met with Rocio to plan. It was beautiful the first day we got on the island, then it absolutely POURED the next 3. Rocio calmed me and said that we could use the restaurant/bar at the end of the pier if the weather continued (and it was supposed to be like that for another couple of days). She also said that they had ordered a big tent, and that we might use that if the day was mixed with rain and cloud. Rocio walked around the grounds with us to choose where to hold the ceremony, and we decided on the beach (if it wasn't raining). Woke up the morning of the wedding, the sun was shining, and I was so happy. Just lounged around in the pool with my maid of honour & best friend Pam and we borrowed the ghetto blaster to figure out what songs to use (can't believe that I was so calm) and Rocio had the girl (Alice) that works in the food/beverage stand (Pelican) play the music for us. We brought our own CD's to choose from, so you might want to do that. Gil and his helpers set up the tent, and at first I thought that it would look out of place on the beach, but turned out really quite elegant with the fruit centerpieces and candles in the evening. They cleaned up the beach very nicely, too.

So, we stayed in room 9 and room 12, but if you have 10 or 15, they are gorgeous as well (hardwood floors, cathedral wood ceilings). You'll have to have a look at 12, it was really unique. It was nice to have the full kitchen the whole time (blenders, too, for drinks). Anyways, Jackson had stayed at another place with the guys, and Pam and I got ready in our suite and a hairstylist friend that was with us on the trip offered to do mine and Jackson's mom's hair there also. Was running late (spent too much time in the pool all day), so after my hair was done I raced around getting my dress on and finishing touches (like Pam signing "Pam was here March 7, 2002" in blue pen on my upper thigh because I didn't have anything blue to wear) and it was show time.

Rocio made the bouquet, trust her because she made a beautiful one for me and I didn't really have to tell her much about what I wanted, but I loved it. And she did a gorgeous job on the wedding cake too. For the life of me, at the moment I can't think of the name of the flowers but know that I will as soon as I send this letter, but they were beautiful (you know, the exotic...ummm. I'm just really tired. Got home last night and have to work tonight. I'm sure you know what flowers I'm talking about). Rocio also put the same flowers on the cake and on the tables.

Sorry I'm kind of all over in this letter. So, back to the ceremony. The minister that we were supposed to have was really sick (cancer) and the other one couldn't be found, so Rocio had one flown in from the mainland. We bumped up the wedding from 5pm to 4pm because of this, but was glad we did. That way, we had our ceremony, then went around (on the back of the golf cart with our wine with the best man Ollie driving) and had pictures done in all different locales (beachfront, Ramon's) and when we all returned Rocio had the tables all ready for the reception, and the sun had set so it was really pretty and intimate under the tent with the candles and hurricane lamps burning. Plus, the sand under our feet was wonderful too. We had a buffet type meal with a shrimp salsa appetizer, chicken (Gil barbequed), fish, potatoes (all commented on Rocio's potato dish), corn on the cob, beans and rice, salad and rolls. Alice bartended in the Pelican hut (we just had Rum Punch and bought our own wine from the wine store in town...didn't drink much of it except for the toasts because we all were pretty much on a rum punch run), then did the toasts and most of the people that joined us had words to say. It was very touching and there wasn't a dry eye under the tent. After supper we cut the cake, had one of our songs play and Jackson asked me to dance to it. Then Pam and Ollie joined in (and neither of them hardly ever dance...they were dancing machines in SanPedro's Fido's let me tell you!). After a little while, we left so that Rocio, Gil and Alice could get there night overwith (they didn't rush us at all, we were just so appreciative and pleased with the whole day that we wanted them to be able to get home to their kids). We all went down the dock to the bar (Dockside) for a few drinks (try a shot of the stuff for men and women from was complimentary for us from the owner. Tastes like crap, but worked for me and my mother-in law ended up buying a bottle for her to try with her husband). They all went either to bed, or some of them partied at Fido's after that.

We went to our room, and there was a big fruit basket with wine chilling, and Rocio or Fanny, maybe one of the cleaning ladies (they were really great too) sprinkled flower petals on our bed.

Just ask me whatever else you want to know about, and I will reply as soon as I can for you. A couple of other tips, have your guests face the ocean if you are having a late afternoon ceremony because we discovered that the sun was in their eyes for the whole ceremony (facing the building/trees). If you are going to rent a golf cart for the week, the price of the one at the Blue Tang is much more reasonable. We watched one wedding at Ramon's, and although it was also beautiful, it was just the bride and groom, and it seemed SO lonely. We are so glad that we invited our friends and family and are so fortunate that 18 of them could come with us, that it just made our day even more special.

Jackson had to stay over in Houston for a few days for work and has the digital camera, so we'll try to get some pic sent to you in a week or so.

Talk to you soon!

#51659 - 03/18/02 06:12 PM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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The flowers...orchids. We had nice, pastel, big orchids.

You should bring lots of your own SUNSCREEN, CAMERA FILM too. Very expensive, not so bad if you are American, but with the Canadian dollar pretty much equal to the Belize dollar it hits the pocketbook pretty hard. Not sure where you are from, but either way its a good idea to bring some.

#51660 - 03/18/02 10:12 PM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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Sounds like you had a great time! Thanx for all your info. I cannot wait to see your pictures! Glad it stopped raining for your wedding day! I think that we have room 15. We have 15 people coming down with us, and they are all staying at the Blue Tang Inn. Who did you have shoot your pictures? I am having Kay Scott do them. What was the price to rent a golf cart for the week from the Blue Tang Inn? Did you do any snorkeling or day trips? If so, who with? Did you have it arranged through the Blue Tang? What was the name of the minister that did your ceremony? Did you have any say in what it was like? I found a passage that I would like to try and incorporate into the ceremony. Were the mozzies really bad? Thanx for answering all my questions!


#51661 - 03/19/02 08:54 PM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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Hi Jenny,
We didn't hire anyone for the pics because a couple of our guests are really good photographers, and one of them used a digital video recorder/camera, and one shot some in black and white and colour. Actually, a couple of people used a roll or 2 of black and white film. We did some in front of the archway that Rocio & Co. decorated in front of the Blue Tang, then we went over to Ramon's where Jackson's parents were staying and did some in the gardens, on the beach and out on the pier (they have a really large one). Plus with all of the other guests taking pics, we didn't feel that we really needed a professional. Hopefully we won't regret it, but I'm quite confident we'll get quite a few good ones.
To rent the golfcart it was $200 US for 5 days (and it was handy because you can just park in the parking place at the Blue Tang and recharge the battery whenever you aren't using it). If we had looked around we might have found a better deal, but some of the others with us paid $300 for 7 days and had to get the cart replaced a few times that week so that the battery could be recharged. We only took the 5 day deal because a couple of the days we also rented bikes and used them all day (a good way to check out the island if you have time).
For day trips, you can't miss taking the Catamaran (we lucked out because we had a really sunny calm day the day that we went but some of our group went the Wed. before the wedding on Thurs. and that was one of the rainy days. They still had fun though). We booked it through Hustler Tours which is right at the dock by the Blue Tang. Went snorkelling at the reef, then to Caye Caulker for the day (meals were about 2/3 the price there, and its a really quiet little place. Some people brought packed lunches and ate on the beach. We liked it there) and while there we were looking in some of the little shops, we came across a woman that reads tarot cards, so we did that for a little while. She was pretty accurate, if you are into that. Anyways, the one thing that you CANNOT miss is snorkelling at SharkRay Alley. On the way back to SanPedro, the guys stop the Catamaran and throw fish out while you are snorkelling, and the Stingrays and Nurse Sharks come to feed and swim with you. It was absolutely awesome and can't be missed. Jackson did all the bookings for the trips, but I do believe that Fanny at Blue Tang helped him out. I thought that the guys at Hustler were and helpful. Plus, Belikin and Rum...all you want on the boat.
We also went over to the ruins (Atuna-hun or something...can't remember the exact name right now), and we went with Searious Tours that day. Try to get Ricki, he was such an informative tour guide and we really enjoyed his knowledgable information. He takes you by boat through the mangroves, and that in itself was really neat, over to the mainland where you get onto a bus. Then off to Maruba, a jungle resort (we really want to stay there for a couple of nights next time. Pricey, but totally exotic...and erotic). Had lunch on the top floor restaurant in the trees, there is also the indoor restaurant which was cool too (if you like African-type decor which we love) and other seating areas throughout the property. Then we went for a walk with Ricki, you can get pampered at the spa if you want or ride horses in the jungle, but we just wanted to walk with him because he taught us so much. Showed us the monkeys in the trees, and we took some pics. Then we went swimming and then into the outdoor mineral bath to relax. I think we had 3 hours altogether there, then headed back for home. So, not sure what the trips cost because Jackson did all that.
We would have done more of the day trips, but wanted to relax around the pool a couple of days, and explore the island on the others...and ended up in a few oceanfront bars and lounges some of the afternoons with our friends.
About the minister, Rocio said that there were a couple on the island, but when we got there the one was very sick with cancer and the other one we're not sure about, but she had to fly one in from the mainland and I didn't meet him until about 2 hours before the ceremony (right after I got out of the pool!). It was really rushed for him, and he didn't get to know us, so I just told him to wing it. He met Jackson 15 min. before the service. I think that is the only thing about our wedding that I would have changed because then we could have sat with him and chosen our vows (didn't really care for what he said during the ceremony, but couldn't blame him for it because he didn't know us and plus he messed up on our names a few times. Can't blame him for that either, being that he just met us). We did have our own vows too, and I can't see a problem with you two saying your own, you'll just have to get Rocio to tell the minister about it when you arrive. Instead of saying to each other the vows during the ceremony, we said what we wanted to say to each other in front of everyone during the reception. Its funny, but I thought I'd be a blubbering fool during the ceremony, but didn't really CRY-cry until the reception. Got misty eyed during the ceremony, but didn't lose it.
The only thing that I can't figure out (hope I don't sound too stupid) is the mozzie thing. Not sure what you mean.
So, that's it. Now that Rocio has had a wedding there that went totally terrific, I'm sure she'll be ready to do an even better job with yours. Just remember to have the guests sit facing the ocean or else the sun will blind them (and the two of you while you are saying your vows) depending on the time of day that you have the ceremony.
Take care,

#51662 - 03/20/02 08:51 AM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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Did you have any problems with mosquitos? (That is what I meant by mozzies.)

Last time we were in San Pedro we did the Alta Hu Ruins trip and had Ricki as our guide! He was fabulous! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

We do plan to have everyone facing the ocean when we get married. I was actually worried about the sun and facing the water so it is a relief to know that it won't be a problem!

Orchids are what I am thinking right now that I want to use in my bouquet. I am thinking either orchids or stephanotis. Not too sure about the hair yet.

Do you plan on posting you pictures somewhere? I would love to see them!

#51663 - 03/21/02 01:05 AM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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Didn't realize you'd been to AC before, so I'd imagine you've probably already discovered all the things I've told you about. What a coincidence...the Ricki tour guide thing. He was great.

Myself, I only had a few bites, don't think Jackson had any. My mom and aunt ended up getting some ointment when they got home because the bites started driving them nuts. They were ok while on AC, but maybe the dry air at home is what made them itchy. Don't know for sure. The mozzies were a bit worse at Caye Caulker, and for sure on the mainland.

The orchids were gorgeous, and she also had hibiscus in the table fruit centerpieces I believe.

Anyways, good luck, and when we get all organized I'll get some pics to you (you leave right away don't you, so maybe when you get back). Should get your email, too.


#51664 - 03/21/02 08:40 AM Re: Jackson&Shauna  
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my e-mail address is Please send me the pictures when you get organized/have time!


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