For those who wish to visit (or may have already booked their trip), the question lingers on how the storm will affect their experience. There is no reason to worry too much, destinations affected by hurricanes – especially touristic destinations are known to recover quickly. After all, to us hurricanes are not an anomaly, we expect them every year and are well prepared! Here are some tips you should take into consideration when deciding whether to visit after a hurricane or not:

1. Utilities are a #1 priority and are restored as soon as possible after the storm, so don’t worry about being without electricity, water, internet and cable. Most areas affected will have these utilities fully functioning within 24 hours.

2. Public transportation is also back on once the ALL-CLEAR is officially given. Both international and local flight, water taxis and buses begin operating immediately after the official go-ahead.

3. Shopping and dining continues as usual. No community will halt completely after a storm. People need to be fed, groceries need to be bought and the economy needs to remain stimulated. Most businesses will open within 24 hours of the storm, to ensure that everyone has access to amenities needed to go on with daily life.

4. The beaches are always a big concern. For example, Hurricane Earl battered the coastlines of Belize, destroying almost every single dock/ pier on the eastern coast. This requires a lot of attention for clean-up and reconstruction, so beaches may not be as pristine and accessible for a while.

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