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Today's Belize News: August 16, 2016 #516881
08/16/16 05:56 AM
08/16/16 05:56 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

North Ambergris Caye Labourers complain about bridge fees
Many residents work on that part of the island, which is home to several beach resorts and restaurants. According to those workers, a big chunk of their salary goes towards the bridge toll, and they are appealing to the local authorities to please have some consideration on them. Many of these labourers claim that the bridge has already paid itself, thus, there is no reason to continue paying the toll, while others suggest that since they use the bridge to get to their working areas, the fee should not apply to them. In response, Mayor Daniel Guerrero told The San Pedro Sun that the fee will continue to be applied to everyone across the board. He stated that in order to keep the bridge functioning properly, and providing the adequate maintenance necessary, funds must be raised and the toll is one of the sources for it. “We cannot eliminate that fee, we could maybe reduce it, but not stop it,” said Guerrero. “People need to also realize that when they pay their fee to cross the bridge, they are at the same time contributing to their own community. The funds collected from the toll are spent on projects within the island, so there is a purpose to keep the fee.”

Authorities demand new application for rebuilding of docks and piers
The strong surge and winds of Hurricane Earl left hundreds of docks/piers partially or totally destroyed on Ambergris Caye. The majority of these over-the water structures are on the eastern side of the island and many of its proprietors are beginning to make plans for rebuilding. However, in order for that to happen, dock/pier owners will now need to reapply for a new permit, as stated by not only The San Pedro Town Council, but Central Government as well. The implementation has not been well received among residents of the island, who find it unnecessary and time consuming having to go through the paper work in order to start repairing their docks. Many of them still have unexpired permits and the request is a threat to their day to day businesses. However, other residents see this rule as something positive, and as an opportunity to re-evaluate the dock situation on Ambergris Caye. Some residents in San Pedro Town believe, the high concentration of docks in front of the island has taken away the charm and natural beauty of the island.

Art Camp coming to La Isla Bonita
Children ages five to 14 can look forward to another exciting camp in their hometown. Five college students from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA will be hosting a free art camp, hoping to teach children to appreciate art in all forms. The camp will be held at the Boca del Rio Park on Thursday, August 18th and Friday, August 19th, and on Tuesday, August 23rd and Wednesday, August 24th at the Central Park. From 10AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4PM, kids will enjoy percussion classes, crafts, drawing, dancing, singing, as well as games. Since there is no admission limit, as many children are encouraged to participate. Transportation will be provided free of charge for children in San Pedrito, San Pablo, Escalante, and the DFC Area. The camp is being organized by Kim Bartling, who has made San Pedro her second home. She made the suggestion for the college students to volunteer here, and the group is hoping to combine their love and expertise in the arts, along with their love of children.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks - A Taste of Nostalgia
GONE are those good old days when there were sandy streets all over San Pedro, like on back street and sand on Middle Street as seen in this Flashback. The sand has been replaced by concrete. GONE are the good old village days when children could play marbles in the middle of streets. Other fun games included tops, skip ropes, softball and football, and all the group games played in circles. Street games are no longer because of the heavy traffic on our busy “city” streets. GONE are the good old days when small Land Rover vehicles were parked in front of one or two houses. Today we see thousands of golf carts, large vans, big pick up trucks, and even 18-wheelers. GONE are those "good ole" days when when a fisherman could park his small boat/skiff with 25 horse power engine in his yard for repairs. Today we carry large passenger boats with 250 horse power engines that can carry 50 persons. Oh yes, progress does leave a taste of nostalgia.

Spectacular Performances at National Song Competition
The unofficial start to the September Celebrations came to life with a memorable lineup of talent from all over Belize on Saturday, August 13. Backed by the Gilharry 7 band, 18 performers gave the hundreds of fans at Memorial Park quite a show. The event was hosted by Dillon Jones and made possible by the Institute of Creative Arts and the National Celebrations Commission. You can listen to all the songs from finalists at as well as on radio stations.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Intervention spraying on Caye Caulker
Notice to the public: The Caye Caulker Village Council hereby advises the public that the Public Health Department will be on the island conducting an intervention spraying on the entire island starting today Monday 15th August 2016 - Friday 19th August 2016. They will be around everyones neighbourhood conductng these sprays! It is crucial at this point to do these sprays so we can reduce the spread of zika and other mosquito borne diseases! Thank you!

Attorney General Sworn-in as New Senator and Minister of Natural Resources
This morning, the Attorney General Hon. Vanessa Retreage was officially sworn-in as a Senator and a Minister. Ms. Retreage was first sworn-in as a Senator before the President and other members of the Senate at the National Assembly Building during today’s Senate Meeting. Thereafter, the new Senator took her Oath of Allegiance, as the new Minister of Natural Resources, before H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House. Hon. Vanessa Retreage’s appointments come after the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow’s announcement of a Cabinet shuffle on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

E&L Nightclub so catches fire
In flames in Belmopan

Baby tamandua released
The area for the release had to be carefully selected due to the hurricane impact. Criteria- far from humans, abundances of food and water, climbing vines and strong trees, cohune palms and ,,again remoteness from Highways or villages. This is the same baby tamandua that arrived with broken arm, saved by the farmers in Spanish look out. She had surgery, metal pin was inserted to hold the bones while healing for 6 week, then pin was removed and special care was taken for another 2 weeks,, and finally- after 10 weeks of care- she showed us how strong and confident she was- all pics show you that she went easily all the way up to 20 feet above ground. She was not stressed, her wild instincts were all there, she was behaving just like regular healthy tamandua would. While in rehab she gained significant size, muscles and became 8lbs of pure strength animal.

3rd annual Identity Youth Art Exhibit
A gracious thank you to our artists and attendees at the 3rd annual Identity Youth Art Exhibit launch this past Friday night. Kudos to our talented young artists; Carlos Carrillo, Maggie Gray, Elizabeth Green, Earl Basto, Osni Sedacy and Vianay Bautista. The opening night attractions also included live art by Earl Basto and freestyle cuts by youth barber Darryl Yearwood. You are kindly invited to visit the House of Culture to view the artwork which will be on display until August 30th.

Hurricane Earl flows through Chiquibul Cave System
The amount of water that gushed out of the Chiquibul Cave System due to Hurricane Earl was spectacular as observed from the scars left after the receding water. We are yet to put foot on the ground to evaluate impacts.

Direct Aid Program (DAP) Outreach Workshop

We’re pleased to invite you to participate in the X China-LAC Business Summit, which will take place October 14th and 15th, 2016 in Tangshan, China. This Summit is organized by the Inter-American Dvelopment Bank (IDB), the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the People’s Bank of China and the People’s Government of the Province of Hebei. We invite you to register soon to obtain the benefits of participating in this Summit. Remember that August 19th is the deadline for registering and receiving the benefits.

Rio Olympics
Katy is in heat 1, 8:05am Bze time. Brandon is in heat 10, 8:50am both compete today August 16th.

Congratulations to the stunning and beautiful new San Joaquin Fiesta Queen, Mariana Martinez.
Way to go San Joaquin belleza de reina!

As the 2016 Olympics in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil, brings so much fanfare and international athletic dynamism as Belizeans both in the diaspora and at home watch the world class athlete and gymnast, Simone Biles, whose connection to Belize has been established through her Belizean mother, we here at Belizean Legends could not but remember the dynamic Belizean-American cyclist, Justin Williams, who won for the first time ever, the 2015 Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic. As we watched him all through this summer win so many cycling classics across California in record times, it has just baffled me how the Belize Olympic Association failed to recruit this world class Belizean cyclist born in the United States to represent Belize in cycling at these 2016 Olympic games. During the 2016 Belizean Legends interview with Justin Williams after he won the Belize Cross Country, he mentioned that he would have love to represent Belize at this Olympics.

Channel 7

Mason's Wife Gets Bail, Talks About Danny And Pastor Lu
Melissa Ferguson, the 51 year-old Canadian common-law wife of William Danny Mason, is at home tonight after she was released on Supreme Court bail this afternoon. She had been remanded to prison the charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping because police say that she was involved in the abduction of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas and David Dodd. Her attorney, Dickie Bradley, made the application on her behalf this afternoon to Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, who represented the DPP's Office, did not object, and so, and Justice Gonzalez granted bail of $12,000. This evening, after she was allowed to go free, Ferguson, in the presence of her attorney, granted our Daniel Ortiz an interview. It's her first comment since both she and her husband have been charged, and she told us that her first time behind bars was made easier by the custodians of the prison:

Deputy PM's Prado Stolen, Plunged In Sea
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was in the hotseat today after his Ministerial Toyota Prado was stolen last night and deliberately crashed into the sea. At around 7:30, the 130 thousand dollar SUV cut into the path of oncoming traffic on Marine Parade and turned straight into the only break in the seawall - where it headed straight for the sea. Within minutes, the SUV was submerged and only the top could be seen. Faber says it was stolen - while he was at a function at Old Belize. He had left it parked at a friend's house. The vehicle was stolen on the southside, and ACP Chester Williams, told us what Faber reported last night: ACP Chester Williams - OC, Eastern Division South: "Last night after 7pm, the Deputy Prime Minister reporter his vehicle stolen and the vehicle was found plunged in the sea near Marine Parade Boulevard. It was almost totally submerged. It was removed from the water and is currently at the Queen Street Police Station. It will be taken to Belize Diesel and I have communicated with them and they are saying that the vehicle can be brought back, but the sooner the vehicle get there, the better it is.\"

DPM Faber Says He Left The Key With A Friend
So, you've heard the police version of events - and it's based on a report that Deputy Prime Minister Faber made last night. Today we got the report from Faber himself when he hosted the media at a press briefing. He told us that he was at Old Belize and had left his vehicle parked at a friend's house half a mile away:... Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "Between 5:30-6pm I'd say. I parked my vehicle at mile 3.5-4 miles there on the George Price Highway and I got a lift back to the Old Belize where I was earlier in the day having gone to the cayes. While I was there, I was notified, maybe about 8pm or so by Ms. Ava from LOVE FM that my vehicle was reportedly in the sea in front of Marine Parade. I checked and sure enough my vehicle was not where I had expected it to be and it was then that I learnt that it was stolen. As far as I was able to ascertain the vehicle was stolen and taken for a ride. I have not seen the vehicle so I can't tell you if there were thing missing. I can only say what the police reported to me. I did have very limited amount of money in the glove compartment. I think about $200-$300 and my credit cards and stuff like that which I was able to get back from the police."

Chief Education Officer's Vehicle Near Simultaneous Blaze
And in a truly bizarre coincidence - while Deputy Faber's vehicle was being hauled out of the sea, his old vehicle, a Mitsubishi Montero was catching on fire. That SUV is currently assigned to Chief Education Officer, Dr. Carol Babb. She told police that she was driving up to her home in the Coral Grove area when the underside of the engine burst into flames. She stopped right in front of her gate where the vehicle burnt. Faber told the media that he went there and concluded that it was due to general wear and tear:... Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "And I stopped by and I actually saw the vehicle on fire. I suspect though that that is no kind of sabotage, that it may genuinely be some kind of electrical or mechanical problem that vehicle may have experience. As I said that use to be the vehicle that I had for 5 years before Dr. Babb starting using it."

Chopping Murder In Belmopan
2 brothers were viciously chopped early this morning in Belmopan, one died and the other survived. 24 year old Walter Alvarado and his brother 33 year old Clerito Perez were out on a food run when they were chased and then chopped up badly. Today we traveled to Belmopan to find out more about the gruesome attack and what may have fueled it. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: Last night after church, Walter Alvarado, his girlfriend and his older brother Clerito Perez went to their favorite food spot in Maya Mopan. It was a routine stop for them but that all changed when 3 men confronted them at the store. They all left the store but the men followed them up the Maya Mopan road and attacked them. The men broke a bottle on Alvarado's and his girlfriend's head.

Another Murder At La Pasadita Bar, Spanish Lookout
While Belmopan police don't have much information in this case so far, Cayo police have made major progress in a Spanish Lookout murder. They plan to charge 2 men as early as tomorrow. It happened yesterday morning around 3:15. 38 year old Ever Miranda was at the La Pasadita Bar when he was shot to the shoulder and chopped to the face. Courtney Weatherburne traveled to Spanish Lookout to find out why Miranda was killed and the about the bloody history of La Pasadita that now plagues one family. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: More blood soaks the gravel in front of Pasadita Bar in Spanish Lookout. Ever Miranda was shot and chopped in a fight early yesterday morning, but it didn't start here.

Working Man Paxson Killed Just For Where He Was From
On Friday's news, our headline story was the murder of Kraal Road Footballer Jason Young, better known as "Paxson". He was killed in an early morning shooting, while he was on his way to work. The cops say that an officer saw the entire thing unfold, and due to his intervention, the murder weapon was recovered, and they had a very good idea of who that shooter was, even though he fled the scene. That suspect was taken into custody shortly after, and today Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams told us that he has been charged. Williams also told us that their information is that Young was killed simply because the victim, a hardworking family man was originally from Kraal Road:

Mother Claims Innocence For Much Accused Son
Also in our last newscast, we told you about how police finally detained 18 year-old Egbert Baldwin, aka "Eggy". That's after a warrant for his arrest was issued for murder. Well, he has since been arraigned and remanded for the killing of 32 year-old John Williams, which happened one day before Hurricane Earl hit Belize. His mother, Enelida Baldwin, is swearing that her son has nothing to do with the murder of John Williams, and on Friday afternoon, before police informed us that he had be captured, she called our studios. She wanted to declare publicly that her son is being targeted, by what she tells us is malicious prosecution. So, on Saturday,, she granted Daniel Ortiz an interview to explain that first of all, her son was not on the run. She says that he was the one who voluntarily handed himself in to police:

Welding Work Causes Fire
Today at around 11:30 , the upstairs thatch of the popular E and L Bar in Belmopan was completely torched. We found the owner, his helpers and the fire truck at the spot trying to put out the flames. The owner told us he has no one to blame but himself and it's just one of those things he couldn't control. Tello told us the cost of damages is about $ 15,000. E and L has been in operation for about 10 years.

Disturbing Allegation Of Incestuous Sodomy
There is a very disturbing sodomy case in Santa Elena. A 16 year old boy allegedly sodomized his 11 year old brother. Another older brother reported the incident to police on Friday after he noticed his little brother acting strangely. The case has been transferred from Belmopan to Cayo police. We will keep following the story.

BTL Will Run Submarine Fiber Optic To San Pedro
BTL will run a fiber optic undersea cable from Bomba to San Pedro. It's a breakthrough for the island town because it will enable much faster internet speeds and data connectivity on the island. The 13 million dollar project is called the Strategic Evolution Underwater Link - and it is being done in partnership with Hauwei - and the contract was signed today. Chairman of the Executive Committee Anwar Barrow explained:... Anwar Barrow, Chair, Executive Committee - BTL: "What we are doing today is we are announcing that we are signing a deal with Huawei for some 13 million Belize dollars to lay a fiber optic cable from Belize mainland to San Pedro Town. This we already started the preliminary work and survey work to lay the cable. We plan to start laying it the first quarter of 2017 and we should complete the cable by July. What the cable does is that the cable connects out terrestrial network to San Pedro and will allow us a company to deliver the type of data and speeds that customers in San Pedro want and need. So this project is important in terms of not only the commercial implications for BTL, the ability for the resorts and the customers on San Pedro to have a better experience, but also for the people visiting Belize and therefore it's important for the country. With better connectivity, there are better opportunities. It positions San Pedro even more in the space to grow."

Cops, Kids, Country
A month ago, we told you about Southside police's outreach program, Getting to Know your Country. That's summer camp where the police gave a country tour to a hundred at risk youths whose movements are often confined by the gangs which control their neighborhoods. It's the first time that the police made an attempt like this, and today, they told us that from their perspective it was a success: As part of the effort, the children were taken to different stops in the life of criminals such as the police station, the Magistrate's Court, the Prison, and the cemetery so that they could get first hand accounts about why they should stay away from the gang life that surrounds them on a daily basis.

Faber Says Voters Should Decide On Gay Sex
Today when we had a chance to interview the Deputy Prime Minister we asked him about the recent Supreme Court judgment legalizing gay sex between adults. Faber was cautious saying that he first needs to ask the people of his constituency what they think before putting forth a position:.. Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "In that instance I would then act as an agent of the people who I serve, as oppose to giving my own personal view. How is it that I will determine what the views of those who I represent are is something I have given great consideration to over the last few days, whether that means that, I don't think that Facebook or social media is a good indicator although that seems to be the court of public opinion in these days. But maybe some kind of survey or check moving around the constituency to see what the views of constituents are or maybe to the extent of us as a nation having a referendum to let the Belizean people decide how is it that they want to see us move. I think it's such a big decision that the Belizean people should have a say and that we should not have necessarily individual leaders and lawmakers impressing on the Belizean people their own personal and individual views."

Faber Says He Was The Right Choice
And while Faber is choosing his words carefully on that one, he wasn't so cautious when we asked him if - all things considered - the UDP is fortunate to have elected him deputy - since the other guy, John Saldivar is in serious political trouble due to his association with Danny Mason. Faber didn't want to jump all over Saldivar, but, he kind of did anyway... Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "It is never a happy day for me to smile at the misfortunes of anybody. I value very much, my colleague Minister John Saldivar and so when it was that he was reduced if you will to just the Ministry of Defence, I saw no glory in that."

Cops Caught Two Guns
And back to more news from Eastern Division South, today, the Southside commander told us that they managed to get 2 guns off the street this weekend. They were given tips by persons in the public which allowed for the cops to find the illegal weapons, and today, Chester Williams told us more about them: Because no one was in the area, the guns were deposited as found property.

Belize Jazzfest
And we close tonight with highlites from the Belize International Jazz Festival 2016 - which started at the Welcome Center in Cayo. The one week festival is swinging tonight with a jam session at the Spoonaz café - and to get you on the mood - here's how opening night sounded:

Re: Today's Belize News: August 16, 2016 [Re: Marty] #516882
08/16/16 05:57 AM
08/16/16 05:57 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Bloody Weekend in Cayo Starts With San Martin Murder
It was a bloody weekend in the Cayo District where two murders have been reported.  In both incidents, in Spanish Lookout and Belmopan, respectively, the victims were hacked to death [...]

Deputy PM’s Government Vehicle Taken for Joyride
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber’s assigned vehicle was reportedly stolen from his girlfriend’s house near mile four on the George Price Highway on Sunday evening.  The Collet Area Representative was [...]

Is Vehicle Theft the Result of a Personal Grudge?
Was the theft and damage to Faber’s vehicle the result of a personal grudge or enmity and how did the thief gain access to the vehicle?  According to the politician, [...]

What Caused Chief Education Officer’s Vehicle to Catch Fire?
Coincidentally, while Faber’s vehicle was being retrieved from the Caribbean Sea, Chief Education Officer Doctor Carol Babb’s Mitsubishi SUV was engulfed in flames elsewhere.  The vehicle which was previously assigned [...]

Police Say Vehicle Accidents are not Linked
According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, DPM Faber notified Belize City Police of the theft of his assigned ministerial vehicle some after seven o’clock.  That was after being [...]

A Cayo Man’s Horrific Death After Night of Socializing
There was a second murder in the Cayo District, this time at a popular bar just outside Spanish Lookout on the Iguana Creek Road. Now it is not the first [...]

Melissa Ferguson Makes Bail on Conspiracy to Kidnap Charge
This afternoon in the Supreme Court, a legal showdown was expected between the Crown and Senior Counsel Richard “Dickie” Bradley who represents Melissa Ferguson, an accused conspirator in the kidnapping [...]

“Shocked” – Melissa Ferguson Insists She has Clean Hands
The soft-spoken Melissa Ferguson faced the press just before four-thirty this evening after making bail, flanked by her attorney Bradley.  Ferguson told the media she has never been accused, much [...]

Teen Minor Charged for Friday Morning Murder
A seventeen-year-old who is no stranger to police is back behind bars where he will spend his eighteenth birthday.  The minor was read a murder charge in the Belize Family [...]

Kenroy Timmons Remanded for Intercourse with 15 Year Old
Twenty-six-year-old Kenroy Timmons of Belize City is accused of twice having sex with a minor aged fifteen.  Today he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith and did not give a [...]

Spark Sets Belmopan Bar Ablaze
Around eleven-thirty this morning, E and L Sports Bar located behind the La Cabana Bar in Belmopan went up in flames. The thatch to the front portion of the roof [...]

Attorney General Vanessa Retreage Named Senator and Minister
Attorney General Vanessa Retreage was today sworn in officially in Belmopan as a Senator and Minister of Government.  The newest member of the upper house was sworn in before Senate [...]

Will A Referendum Be Held on Supreme Court’s Section 53 Decision?
A decision on the constitutional challenge brought before the Supreme Court by Belizean gay rights activist Caleb Orozco, on the legality of Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code, was delivered [...]

P.U.P. Senator Applauds Section 53 Decision As “Significant Victory”
It’s been several months since a Senate Meeting has been held, despite several incidents of national importance; including, the B.T.L. Arbitration Award, the state of the economy, surging crime and [...]

Churches’ Senator Disagrees: “What About The Children?”
But one social partner that does not support the ruling is the Council of Churches. Senator Ashley Rocke says that the concern is how the amendment to the law will [...]

National Song Competition Selects Belize’s Best Singers
Saturday informally kicked off the September Celebrations with the annual National Song Competition.  The event boasted a impressive lineup of talent from across the country.  With the backing of the [...]

Police Conclude “Getting To Know Your Country” Summer Camp
A summer program for kids, organized by the Belize Police Department concluded today at the Yarborough Community Policing Center on Caesar Ridge Road.  It’s called Getting to Know Your Country [...]


Shots Fired In The Area Of Otro Benque, Orange Walk
A man from Orange Walk was injured in a shooting incident last night but police are telling us there is little information concerning the incident. At around 7:15 last night, acting upon information received, authorities visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw twenty four year old Eric Martinez of East San Martin Trial Farm, Orange Walk, suffering from one gunshot wound to the left arm. Police report that earlier that night, Martinez was driving his motorcycle on the Philip Goldson Highway, in the company of another male individual, when upon nearing the Lands Department, he felt a burning sensation on his left arm which caused him to lose control of the motorbike. The motive of the shooting or if Martinez was the target is yet to be ascertained as the victim auto- released himself from the hospital before all details of the incident could be recorded.

De-risking Discussed In Common Wealth Meeting
The of loss of correspondent banking relationships due to a phenomenon known as de-risking, in which larger international banks terminate relationships with local banks in vulnerable economies, has been for the past months a huge crisis for Belize and other smaller countries in the region. But the Caribbean is not alone in facing this detrimental problem as the commonwealth convened a meeting with banks and financial gurus and global regulators in an effort to explore its report on solutions to a problem that is threatening development in vulnerable economies in the Caribbean and Central America. The meeting which took place on Wednesday at the Commonwealth headquarters in London housed the Executive Secretary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) - the international anti-money laundering and counter financing terrorism standard setter, the British Bankers’ Association, HSBC Holdings, Santander and the Wolfsberg Group who all agreed that De-risking is curtailing countries’ access to essential cross-border financial services such as trade finance and international money transfers, which are essential to many economies. The issue is particularly detrimental to vulnerable economies and small states in the Commonwealth.

Vanessa Retreage Sworn In As Senator And MONR
Attorney General Vanessa Retreage was sworn in as Senator and Minister of Natural Resources today, following Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle on Monday August 1st. The Attorney General was first sworn in as Senator among the President and members of the Senate at the National Assembly building during this morning’s meeting. She was later sworn into office as Minister of Natural Resources at the Belize House by Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young.

DPM's Vehicle Plunged Into The Caribbean Sea
At a press conference held today by Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, he confirmed that his government issued Vehicle was stolen last night and plunged into the sea in front of Marine Parade in Belize City. The DPM told the media during his conference that he realized that his vehicle had been stolen after a barrage of pictures were posted on social media of his 2003 white Toyota Land Cruiser being fished out from the sea. Senior superintendent Chester Williams corroborated the Deputy Prime Minister’s account of what transpired when he spoke to the media earlier today about the initial investigation into the incident.

New Chairman Appointed For Elections & Boundaries Committee
A new chairman for the Elections and Boundaries Commission has been appointed to undertake a list of responsibilities as it relates to the topic of elections and he is no other than the current chairman of the Social Security Board, Douglas Singh. During a Senate meeting that was held earlier this morning, a few Senators took the opportunity to voice out their opinions about specific issues of concern that need to be immediately addressed by the newly elected chairman as part of his mandate.

Winner Selected For National song Competition
After the online voting officially closed on Saturday, the much awaited National Song Competition prearranged by the National Institute of Culture and History, the Institute of creative Arts and the National Celebrations Commission kicked off at the Memorial Park in Belize City with a live concert in which all twenty finalists took the stage to perform their original written songs. After all performances the first and second place winners in each category namely, Carnival, Belize song, Breakout artist and People’s choice were announced. In the Carnival Song category, Wilson Grinage took first place with ‘Soca Session’ while Leslie ‘Mr. Bastic’ Jenkins came in second with the song ‘Represent’. In the Belize Song category, Cecil ‘Cocono Bwai’ Jenkins won first place with ‘Border to Border’ and Jeanie Brooks landed at second place with ‘Flags in the Air’.

Dead Body Found In San Joaquin Village
The body of a male individual was found lying motionless at around 6:00 earlier this morning at the venue where the annual San Joaquin Fiesta took place over the weekend. After authorities visited and processed the scene, the body of the individual who was later identified as thirty two year old Basilio Patt, a Belizean labourer and resident from the village of San Narciso, was then transported to the Corozal Community Hospital for an autopsy to be performed. No visible signs of violence were found on Patt’s body, however police are still not ruling out foul play at this time and are awaiting the result of the post mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death.

Melissa Ferguson Granted Bail
After spending five days behind bars tonight 56 year old Canadian national Melissa Ferguson, the common-law wife of accused murderer William Danny Mason, Is out on bail. Ferguson, who is represented by attorney Dickie Bradley, was remanded into custody on a charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and today she was released on a $12,000 bail granted by Justice John Gonzalez. The Senior Crown Counsel represented by Sheneiza Smith, did not object to bail which was offered on the condition that Ferguson reports to Belmopan Police Station every Friday, effective this Friday, until the case is over. Ferguson was also ordered to surrender all her travel documents and she needs to attend court on all adjourned dates. She was also warned not to interfere with the prosecution witnesses.


Minister’s Vehicle Found Partly Submerged in the Caribbean Sea
Last night sometime after seven o’clock, a vehicle assigned to Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber ended up in the Caribbean Sea near Marine Parade. There are many questions surrounding the incident and today the Deputy Prime Minister made himself available to do just that but first we hear the official police version. Officer in Charge […]

Education Minister Says It Was Theft and Nothing More
As you have heard, the Government issued vehicle, a 2013 Toyota Prado was found partly submerged in the sea near the Marine Parade in Belize City. Via his social media page, Minister Patrick Faber had indicated that his vehicle was stolen and that he was not present in the white SUV. Authorities had managed to […]

Melissa Ferguson Out on Bail
Canadian national, Melissa Ferguson, the common-law wife of accused murderer William Mason, who was remanded into custody on a charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, was released today on a bail of twelve thousand dollars that was granted by Justice John Gonzalez. The respondent, represented by Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, did not object to […]

Dr Barnett Up to the Task of Sourcing Relief Funds
We have told you of contributions given to Belize by the European Union, the Embassy of Taiwan and the recent one by Inter-American Development Bank of two hundred thousand US dollars. On August 4, Prime Minister announced that Dr Carla Barnett was being place as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance with […]

Police Seeks Suspects In Early Morning Murder
Police in Belmopan are looking for three suspects following an early morning murder. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ “

Duo to Be Charged or Ever Miranda’s Murder
Last night San Ignacio Police had four persons detained for the death of a resident of Duck Run Two, a community in the Spanish Lookout area in the Cayo District. The victim, 37-year-old, Ever Miranda of Duck Run Two in the Cayo District was killed sometime around four o’clock on Sunday morning. Circumstances leading to […]

Immigration Blocks Undocumented Guatemalans from Coming Over
An operation initiated by the Immigration Department took place this morning at the western border where one hundred and fifty Guatemalans were questioned as they attempted to cross over into Belize. The operation follows a meeting that was held with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and the Charge d’ Affairs for […]

Vanessa Retreage Sworn in as Senator and Government Minister
Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage was officially sworn in this morning as a Senator and the Minister of Natural Resources. This morning’s ceremony follows a re-assignment of Cabinet portfolios on August 1 by the Prime Minister which saw the Ministry of National Security split up; leaving John Saldivar with responsibility for the Belize Coast Guard and […]

Newly Appointed Cabinet Minister Says There Is Cause for Concern on the Economy
In the latter part of July, a letter addressed to Belize’s Financial Secretary Joseph Waight began circulating. The content of that letter was centred on the effects on the economy regarding the BTL Arbitration Award. In that very document, signed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, Glenford Ysaguirre, several concerns were expressed […]

Guatemala’s Offer to Help in Relief Efforts Still Untapped
Several organizations have been offering a helping hand to Belize following Hurricane Earl. In a press conference on August 4 hosted by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow, he had made mention of Guatemala offering assistance to Belize in its recovery efforts. The media, in an interview last week spoke with Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington […]

The Reporter

Police investigate how DPM’s vehicle ended up in Caribbean Sea
Police are investigating how the vehicle assigned to Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber ended up in the Caribbean Sea off Marine Parade on Sunday night. Faber posted on his Facebook page shortly after 7 p.m., that he had become aware that his vehicle was stolen and that none of the “authorized drivers” had taken it. The vehicle was apparently stolen and deliberately driven into the sea. It’s driver apparently escaped unscathed and the vehicle was later recovered.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belizean-American kept in jail by court
On Friday, two Belizean/American sisters accused and charged with aggravated burglary after a woman’s house in Dangriga was invaded by 3 women and a 14 year old minor were both granted Supreme Court bail in the sum of $30,000 with stringent conditions in which […]

City labourer charged over sex
A labourer of the Gungulung area is on remand tonight after slapped with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse for allegedly having sex with a minor only 15 in Belize City. This morning, 26 year old Kenroy Timmons, a resident of the Gungulung area […]

Minor, 17, charged with murder
A 17 year old will turn 18 behind bars after being sent to the Wagner’s Youth Facility on remand for murder. The minor was read charges in the Belize City Family Court for the Friday, August 12 murder of 37 year old Jason Young, aka “Packson”. […]

Teenager charged in Ladyville murder
18 year old Egbert Baldwin has been accused of the August 2nd murder of 32 year old welder John Anthony Williams in Ladyville, after previously being charged along with Darwin Prado with the attempted murder of Casey Lozano and several others who was shot during […]

William Mason’s Canadian wife is granted Supreme Court bail for alleged kidnapping conspiracy
She was disappointed on Friday when her case was adjourned at the request of Crown Counsel Rene Montero. But today, Melissa Ferguson, the wife of accused murderer William “Danny” Mason was very happy when Justice Troadio Gonzalez offered her bail in the sum of […]

Trouble brews at western border?
Reports reaching BBN is that a disgruntled group of Guatemalans have sought political assistance in their country to address immigration issues that have arisen at the Belizean western border. According to reports, a large group of residents of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala were denied entry […]

Roof of E & L’s Sports Bar in Belmopan catches fire
The roof of E&L’s Sports Bar in Belmopan caught fire late this morning. According to reports, parts of the roof have been damaged and the fire was immediately extinguished with the help of fire fighters. No persons were harmed and the rest of the building […]

Attorney General Vanessa Retreage sworn into office
Attorney General Vanessa Retreage has been sworn in as Senator and Minister of Natural Resources following the Cabinet reshuffle by the Prime Minister on Monday August 1st. The Attorney General was first sworn in as Senator before the President and members of the Senate at […]

Belize receives US $200,000 towards hurricane relief efforts
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is joining in the hurricane relief efforts in Belize gifting US $200,000 to the cause. The money will go towards aiding families that were severely affected by Hurricane Earl in the Cayo, Orange Walk and Stann Creek Districts. The assistance […]

DPM government vehicle fished from the sea Sunday night
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber says his vehicle was stolen on Sunday night after a series of pictures began flooding social media of his government issued Toyota Land Cruiser being fished from the sea in front of Marine Parade in Belize City. The circumstances surrounding […]

Fair weather for today and most of the week
The general weather forecast for the following 24-36 hours is for a slight decrease in moisture over our area. The 24 hour forecast is for partly cloudy skies with few showers and thunderstorms mainly over northern and central areas today then over southern and […]

Belize: Is the business tax a “good tax”?
The Business Tax is a tax on sales turnover….charged to registered businesses that report sales over and above $75,000 per year…..most at a rate of 1.75% of turnover. It replaced in large part the tax on business income “profits” that was in its place […]


Find Your Place in the Sun on Ambergris Caye
Rio. Cabo. Cayo. Does it sometimes seem that Central and South American hot spots all end with the letter “O”? In fact, Belize’s most often-visited destination happens to end with an S; from frequent visitors to award-granting publications and organizations, the shining star in the Belize galaxy is Ambergris Caye. But, wait! There is an O to be found in this paradise: San Pedro Town where all the action takes place, so remember this when planning your next Caribbean holiday: The Os have it! As the largest island in Belize’s chain of offshore jewels, Ambergris Caye is geographically the closest point to the mainland. But what a difference that slice of the Caribbean Sea makes. Ambergris is a symphony of white sandy beaches, mangrove swamps and prehistoric rock that rises up from the ocean floor to host every type of tropical plant, tree and flower you can imagine. At just 25-miles long, getting around is a no brainer, but visitors usually headquarter in San Pedro Town, where the drinks are cool, the people are warm and the resorts are all top drawer. If you like to let your hair down, mingle with tourists from around the world, eat so much ethnic food you gain weight and then work it off jumping into myriad sports activities guaranteed to keep you energized, this is your island in the sun. Your holiday budget stretches far due to the wide variety of eateries and accommodations, so don’t let budgetary concerns keep you from making this your next vacation pick. Archaeology? History? Cultural treasures? Ambergris Caye gives you access to Mayan ruins that are so compelling, staying up all night partying may take a back seat!

The Most Scenic Highway in Belize
Is it possible to declare a highway ‘beautiful’? Because I have one in mind: the Hummingbird Highway of Belize. Much like the delicate and pretty bird it’s named after, this highway winds majestically down from Belmopan City through villages, citrus groves and untouched lush jungle mountains through to Dangriga. We drive on its smooth pavement, only the wind whistling in our ears as we head to adventure, beauty, and Southern Belize. Every time I’m driven down that highway (always a passenger, never one to drive), I feel a tug in my heart…I can’t explain what it feels like to see the mountains in the distance, and up close. The Hummingbird is unique in that it is the only highway that cuts through mountains in Belize. It’s nestled in a valley and edged by either citrus groves or untouched jungles. Cortez trees in full yellow bloom add a pop of color…and in May, the Mayflowers bring punches of pink to the emerald greens all around us.

Heroes in The Jungle: Belize’s Race To Save The WILD Scarlet Macaw
To see 10…16…20 scarlet macaws flying across the late afternoon sky is almost hard to believe. Always even numbers, these surreally colorful, gorgeous birds mate for life. Shrieking, gliding in tandem and so garishly colored, it’s as if evolution forgot them. There is no missing them in the jungle of one thousand greens. These birds are native to Belize. But there beauty is sadly also a problem. They are highly coveted as pets – selling for hundreds of dollars in Guatemala. And much of their habitat in this country, the Chiquibul (pronounced Chick-ee-bull) Rain Forest (over 400,000 acres of rivers and ancient trees and wildlife), lies closer to Guatemala than to any populated area in Belize. Poachers routinely come across the unmarked border, through incredibly dense jungle, to gather xate (prounounced “sha-tay”), a green plant used in flower arrangements. They are locally called xateros (sha-tear-os) and they come for more than plants. They cross for hunting, for illegal logging of mahogany and cedar, for gold panning, to grow marijuana and sadly, to poach the baby scarlet macaws.

International Sourcesizz

How U.S. sanctions targeted a Belize banana farmer, and hurt an economy
When the United States blacklisted John Angel Zabaneh, a banana farmer and exporter in Belize, for alleged ties to a top drug lord, it did more than just sideline one local businessman from the global financial system. The action, designed to target only Zabaneh, his alleged associates and their businesses, also dented Belize's banana exports for months from last October, throwing hundreds of people out of work and undercutting a main source of hard currency for the tiny Central American country. Zabaneh's blacklisting shows the ripple effects that U.S. sanctions aimed at stopping illicit activity such as drug trafficking, terrorism, and human rights abuses can have on the people and industries of economically fragile countries. Broad U.S. sanctions against entire countries have drawn criticism for impoverishing millions while doing little to hurt those at the top. But Zabaneh's case shows that even laser-targeted actions against individuals and firms -- a strategy the United States is increasingly using -- can cause collateral damage.

After Landmark Ruling in Belize, Human Rights Groups Hope the Caribbean Tide Is Turning Towards LGBT Equality
Following in the wake of Hurricane Earl, a wind of change blew through Belize last week in the form of a widely anticipated oral court decision. On August 10, 2016, Honorable Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin struck down Section 53 of the Criminal Code, a colonial-era legacy that makes anal sex or ‘buggery’ (described as “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”) illegal for men and women and punishable by ten years’ imprisonment. The chief justice decided that Section 53 is inconsistent with the country's constitution, as it violates the rights to human dignity, privacy, freedom of expression, non-discrimination, equality and equal protection under the law. The court then read down Section 53 of the Criminal Code to exclude “consensual sexual acts between adults in private.” The ruling also declared that the definition of sex in Section 16 (3) of the Constitution of Belize — which states that the expression ‘discriminatory’ refers to treating people differently due to sex, race, place of origin, political opinions, colour or creed — includes ‘sexual orientation’, consistent with Belize's international obligations.

Huawei Marine Partners with Belize Telemedia Limited to Deploy New Undersea Cable System
Huawei Technologies USA Inc. and Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd., a global submarine cable network provider, have teamed up with Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) to build an undersea cable system that will connect Belize mainland and San Pedro Island. The undersea cable, named Strategic Evolution Underwater Link (SEUL), is a key piece to BTL's promise to modernize its mobile and landline network to significantly improve broadband connectivity and quality across the country. The modernization project includes deploying LTE (4G) mobile service and fiber to residential and business buildings (FTTX) in San Pedro, Belize's largest and fastest growing tourist area. "We have made it our mission to put Belize in the top three in the region in terms of connectivity and broadband speeds. The Strategic Evolution Underwater Link is another step in achieving our goal, along with the build out of nationwide 4G LTE," said Anwar Barrow, Chairman of the BTL Executive Committee. "Once again we turn to our technology partner Huawei and Huawei Marine for their experience and expertise on this undersea cable project."

Palm Coast-based mission has been helping the people of Belize for 27 years
One week after Hurricane Earl came ashore in Belize, Dr. Paul Whisnant, Belize Mission Director for International Servants, Citizen Liaison for the U.S. Embassy in Belize, was back in Flagler on a fund-raising tour. “I would like to be on the ground (in Belize) right now” Whisnant said. “I was on the ground helping to coordinate things, coordinating the rescue and the assessment.” The storm was a Category 1, hardly acknowledged by the average Floridian, but for the poorer sections of Belize, the storm that crept across the towns at 14 mph was devastating. “The people in poverty, which is the majority of the country, are the most severely affected,” Whisnant said. Whisnant said that his group isn’t the only organization working to help. The Red Cross, the Baptist Association of Belize, UNICEF, and the National Emergency Management Office of Belize, to name a few, have activated. “There are all of these groups doing good things,” he said. “The problem is -- the need is greater.”

Belize: The Other Caribbean
STEADY TRADE WINDS, COUNTLESS ISLANDS, AN ENDLESS REEF AND FEWER CROWDS — THESE ARE THE HALLMARKS OF SAILING IN BELIZE. If the prospect of near-perfect broad reaching in steady trade winds, combined with snorkeling and diving from the world’s second-largest barrier reef and nearby atolls, is too tempting to pass up, then don’t! Belize is the destination for you. Situated on the western border of the Caribbean Sea, the former British Honduras is south of Mexico and northeast of Guatemala, in Central America. Its reef and some 450 islands are all teeming with marine life. Reef Reserve System The entire barrier reef, which runs from the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to Sapodilla Cay, in southern Belize, is more than 350 nautical miles long. The Belize portion, more than 180 nautical miles long — a jagged mass of coral about 15 miles off the coast — runs south from the north tip of Ambergris Cay to the Gulf of Honduras. In 1996, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and formally named the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

Watch how coral bleaching happens in warming waters
Australian researchers have captured an event that's happening with alarming frequency worldwide: Coral bleaching. A team from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia filmed a particular type of mushroom coral as it responded to warming water temperatures. Researchers found the solitary Heliofungia actiniformis coral inflated to more than three times its normal body size before suddenly expelling the tiny algae cells that live in a symbiotic relationship within its tissues. The algae, called Symbiodinium, are corals' main source of food and give coral their vibrant color.

Thick accent results in discrimination suit against FAMU
A native of Belize has sued Florida A&M University for terminating her, partly because her accent was so thick “no one could understand what she was saying.” Glenda McDougall filed her suit in Leon County Circuit Civil court late Friday. McDougall, represented by Tallahassee attorney Marie Mattox, seeks more than $15,000 in damages and reinstatement of her employment. Belize, a country of roughly 8,800 square miles and 370,000 people, is on the eastern coast of Central America. It’s the only Central American nation where English is the primary language; its previous name was “British Honduras.” The complaint says McDougall, who is black, started at FAMU in 2000 and was let go in August 2014.

Caribbean Climate change on Instagram

New “Bionic” Leaf Is Roughly 10 Times More Efficient Than Natural Photosynthesis
It converts CO2 in the air into alcohol that can be burned as fuel. A tree's leaf, a blade of grass, a single algal cell: all make fuel from the simple combination of water, sunlight and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Now scientists say they have replicated—and improved on—that trick with their own “bionic leaf.” Chemist Daniel Nocera of Harvard University and his team joined forces with synthetic biologist Pamela Silver of Harvard Medical School and her team to craft a kind of living battery, which they call a bionic leaf for its melding of biology and technology. The device uses solar electricity from a photovoltaic panel to power the chemistry that splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. Microbes within the system then feed on the hydrogen and convert carbon dioxide in the air into alcohol that can be burned as fuel. The team's first artificial photosynthesis device appeared in 2015—pumping out 216 milligrams of alcohol fuel per liter of water—but the nickel-molybdenum-zinc catalyst that made its water-splitting chemistry possible had the unfortunate side effect of poisoning the microbes.


  • An aerial view of the Reef Conservation project in Belize - PodVolunteer, 1.5min. drone camera takes amazing footage of the island where volunteers live and work in Belize

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  • BELIZE // Caye Caulker Nightlife [Day 4 & 5], 7min. The magic of Caye Caulker is inescapable. It seeps into you, changing you into a person you never thought you could be. For me, it's been one of discovering my spontaneity and carefree side. In today's vlog I see more of Caye Caulker, meet some locals, and check out the night life. Did you know there are swings in their bars??

  • BCCI Expo Belize Market Place TV Ad 2016 Final, 1.5min.

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  • Belize Travels: San Pedro, Shark Diving - DJI Phantom Drone GoPro [Part 2], 7min. [Part 2] of our travel's through Belize with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro and GoPro Hero 4. We made it to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

  • Fly Fishing For Bonefish Permit in Belize 1080p HD, 3.5min. I went on a fishing trip to Belize. It was an awesome trip, I caught a tarpon, bonefish, and 8 other species! However I could not get my hands on the permit! Huge thanks to Tarpon Caye for putting me on these fish!

  • SSSVEDA: Day 13 | Belize: They Swam with Sharks!, 3min. Adventures snorkeling and swimming with sharks.

  • San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize 2016, 4min. This is highlights of our week in Belize. What an amazing place! We stayed at Villa Casa Buena Vista. 5 stars Carts Belize is who we rented our golf cart from. 5 stars 2 days snorkeling with La Gaviota. 5 stars Our favorite restaurants were Black Orchid, Pupuseria Salvadoreno and Caliente.

  • SSSVEDA: Day 12 | Belize: Am I Belizian?, 4.5min. Are you Belizian?" Inquiring minds want to know...

  • Living in Belize: Waterfalls, Pontoon Boats and Rope Swings, 3min. Living in Belize: We don't have a pool but we know how to have fun on the water! These are a few ways we like to unwind.




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