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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed fire victims
Letter to the Editor: It’s close to two months after the fire, and the organization responsible for the funds collected finally distributed it to the victims. A huge thanks to all of the people who gave their time and money towards this cause. It is greatly appreciated and so wonderful to have seen the island come together. Sadly, it is a bit disappointing to learn that after a long wait, not only were the victims scolded for putting forth their opinion to the media after the organization wouldn’t listen or offer a clear answer, but also made them feel as they should be grateful to receive money from this organization—as if they were the ones making the donation. It was also very unclear about how exactly the money was divided from the $260,000. Most of the victims only received $400 to $2,000. So the question is, how can these people (fire victims) start over with that kind of money? Why should the property owners get most of the funds? /s/A group of fire victims that were renting

Wolfe’s Woofer: Fat Man on the Bus
“Excuse me, Miss,” I said. “Am I stepping on your foot?” The lady in question was hanging on to the same pole that I had grabbed. I was on the bus from Belmopan to Belize and the passengers were jammed in together like pickles in a jar. It was hot and smelled just like a . . . well, you probably already know what a hot, crowded bus in Belize smells like. “No,” she said. “You’re not stepping on my foot.” “Oh, then it must be you stepping on mine,” I told her. She moved her foot and glared at me. My smart mouth tends to get me in trouble and I figured I’d better watch myself. She was three inches taller than me and outweighed me by forty pounds. She also looked as fit as a mixed martial arts fighter.

San Pedro resident remanded for carnal knowledge
The consequences of unlawful sex with a fourteen-year-old female, has 32-year-old Edair Dominguez on remand at the Belize Central Prison. Dominguez is accused of the sexual assault on the minor who resides in the same vicinity as him in the San Juan subdivision of San Pedro Town. When Dominguez appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, he was read a single charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. At the time of the alleged abuse, the young girl was 14-years and six months of age. According to the report that the mother gave to police, the offense is said to have happened on July 31st at a house on the island. Following a medical examination, it was confirmed that the child had been carnally known. On Monday, August 8th, while at court, Dominguez was read the indictable offense and no plea was taken. He was remanded to Central Prison in Hattieville and is to re-appear in court on September 23, 2016

Doctor Love: Getting Desperate
Dear Doctor Love, My wife is never satisfied no matter what I do. We have been married over three years and I have a good job and I work hard to take care of her. Yet, no matter how much money I make she always says it is not enough and that if we had more we could buy this and that. I have given her a nice vehicle but she is not satisfied with it. She is always picking it apart and finding things wrong with it. I am ready for us to have children but she says that we can’t afford to have them until I get a better job. I showed her that I make more money than most of her friend’s husbands but she ignores that. When I threatened to leave her she started crying and said that she acts the way she does because she is bi-polar. She says the disorder overpowers her true personality and makes her act the way she does.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Governance issues in Belize
by the Belize Progressive Party. In the wake of the chief justice’s decision regarding Section 53 of Belize’s Criminal Code, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to highlight the urgent need for the enactment and utilisation of appropriate governance tools to address a variety of pressing issues facing our society. In keeping with the best practices of good governance, the BPP views this as a watershed moment to underscore the fact that, by placing in the hands of the judiciary matters that ultimately should be voted on and decided by the public, it serves only to limit society to the confines of a legal system that is undoubtedly subject to undue external influences and pressures, as well as other persuasive factors. As Belize’s ever-increasing stressors multiply concerning matters of: social justice, the preservation of moral standards and local cultural norms, as well as fundamental democratic principles, amid the unquestioned, blatant corruption and the accompanying undue pressures brought on by highly influential, outside forces that impinge upon our society at all levels, there are a number of additional social issues which stand to be resolved in a more suitable fashion.

Ocean Academy needs router brought down
Are you coming to Caye Caulker next week (before August 29th)? We need someone to carry down a wifi router for our high school. It weighs 4.8lbs and is 10x6x13 inches. Send your mailing address and phone to us and we will ship it asap to you. Also 7 small tablets need transportation. Thank you, in advance, from Ocean Academy staff and students.

Kid's Campfire Night
The SISE Town Council is planning a special Campfire Night at the Galvez Stadium as one of the September Celebrations events. All kids are welcome to do their patriotic performances, and they'll get a gift for doing so. Call 804-2035 for more information.

How you make good bird guides into great birding guides
The course is ON. We have been challenging them...and they have been responding!

A few pictures from a busy full day of birding in 4 location
Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary 45 species - Salt Creek Estate road 29 species and Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, board walk 41 species and Crooked Tree Village, Pine/oak forest 21 species. Many sightings of first arriving migrants and an awesome 100+ of returning Swallow-tailed kites. I got several life birds through this weekend and some of the more rare sights - at least for us birders from the Southern part of Belize.

The Reporter

BNTU Orange Walk branch calls emergency meeting for Monday
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) Orange Walk branch has called an emergency meeting with all its members for Monday, August 22nd. The purpose of the assembly is to discuss the Government’s decision to delay the salary adjustment it had promised and had delivered on for the last few years. Soon after Hurricane Earl, Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference and said he was going to have a discussion with the unions over having a delay with the salary increase for public officers and teachers. This was in light of the hurricane relief efforts. The meeting will take place at the La Inmaculada School auditorium starting at 1 p.m.

Man and woman injured in motorcycle RTA
A man and a woman were injured in a motorcycle accident on Princess Margaret Drive Sunday morning. The incident occurred before 6:00 a.m., and involved a Ninja bike that crashed into the cement fence near the Princess Hotel and Casino. While both persons were injured, the woman reportedly suffered several broken bones. Police have not released any information about the incident so far, but sketchy information is that the woman was in a serious condition.

Investigation underway to determine how mechanic was crushed to death at Tower Hill
An internal investigation will commence at BELCOGEN cogeneration plant at Tower Hill to determine how Ismael Jimenez Jr., 41, a mechanic at the facility was crushed to death Friday afternoon. Jimenez was trapped between two vehicles and suffered serious internal injuries. The mechanic’s co-workers freed him and took him to the Northern Regional Hospital, where doctors performed surgery to try to stop excessive bleeding. When their efforts were only partially successful, they transferred him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City, but he died on the way. Jimenez suffered massive internal injuries to major organs and was bleed profusely internally.

The Belize Times

Under The Sea… – DPM’s vehicle plunges into Caribbean Sea
If pigs could fly…and cars could swim, oh but wait, Minister of Education Patrick Faber’s Ministerial ride did go for a swim on Sunday night when it plunged into the Caribbean Sea off Marine Parade Boluevard. The Minister has a lot of explaining to do, and according to reports, he tried to with an incoherent series of posts on Facebook, followed by a more sober press conference on Monday in which he babbled on about leaving the car in the care of a friend and it being stolen under the friend’s watch. Faber’s version of how the $130,000 luxury 2013 Toyota Prado assigned to his care found its way into the sea is as good as the story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to leave your kids Christmas toys. According to Faber, he returned to the city from what we understand was an exclusive Caye party earlier the day. Around 7pm, when Government vehicles should be parked, he drove to an undisclosed address at Mile 3.5 on the Western Highway where he left the vehicle with a friend. He then got a lift to Old Belize and a short while after he was informed that his vehicle was under the sea. How odd, right?

Corozal Mayor’s vehicle wrecked!
Was it reckless driving that caused Corozal Mayor Hilberto Campos’s almost spanking new Ford truck to veer into a deep drain in Ranchito Village? Residents are now suggesting that UDP politicians get mule and carts to minimise the damage and losses to the country.

Ladyville man remanded on murder charge
A Ladyville man was remanded to the Belize Central Prison this morning, after he was arraigned on a charge of murder. Egbert “Eggie” Baldwin, 18, an unemployed from the Japan area of Ladyville appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith who read the single count of murder to him. Ladyville Police charged Baldwin for the August 2 murder of John Michael Williams, who was shot inside his home. Smith, after reading the charge, asked him if he understood what she had just read. Baldwin replied that he understood the charge.

PUP Leader visits farming areas damaged by Hurricane Earl
Party Leader John Briceño along with Hon. Julius Espat, Hon. Orlando Habet and Michel Chebat yesterday toured the communities of Spanish Lookout and Valley of Peace to get a first hand look at the damage Hurricane Earl caused.

Think About It
Homosexuality is no longer a crime in Belize. The law at Section 53 of the Criminal Code, Chapter 101 had laid down the following: “Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.” This was a cruel law. But there was a time when sodomy was considered a dirty, nasty and abhorrent act. It was a hard pill to swallow that men should lust and desire to have sex with other men. Thanks to American movies, television, music videos and music and movie stars, Belize has been softening its views over the years. For the young generation in 2016, homosexuality is no big deal. To the churches in Belize, particularly the Evangelical churches and their followers, homosexuality is not merely a crime but a sin of major proportions. The Roman Catholics in Belize, under the seasoned and experienced leadership of the Rt. Reverend Bishop Dorick Wright also strongly believed homosexuality flies in the face of the Almighty God of the Universe. The Bishop’s view and the view of the Pope is that Christians hate the sin but have love and forgiveness for the sinners.

Let us stay on track
If ever a society could fit the description of being “chaotic” or interesting” as is described in the above Chinese sayings, it would have to be a place like Belize. For some time now, we have been watching our country descend into a state of chaos, callousness and immorality. Our evening news has become an exercise in despondency and just when we think it has gotten as bad as it can get, things seem to get even worse. Religious leaders are now pointing to the recent Supreme Court ruling that strikes down Sec. 53 of our Constitution as the key that will finally unlock Pandora’s Box and set upon us the hounds of hell. I put it to them that “this box” has been open for some time now and that just maybe, the hatred, bigotry and intolerance currently on display following Judge Benjamin’s ruling, is more a sign of our decadence than the lewd and lascivious conduct associated with homosexuality. To put things in context, we can compare the brevity of our alarm over the recent beheading of a pastor from Belmopan to the staunch and fervent disapproval emanating from certain quarters regarding this recent court ruling. In all fairness, Hurricane Earl did “blow away” much of the disquiet associated with Pastor Lue’s beheading but really, should we be so much more concerned about two consenting adults living together than the fact that we have living among us, those capable of such heinous villainy?

The UDP’s Mess
The Barrow administration is meting out its full arrogance, its greed, its corruption, its nepotism, its mockery and hypocrisy towards the poor and dispossessed, its indifference to the voices of dissent AND of reason. This ruthlessness is no longer palatable to the masses-certainly not to the majority of this small multi-ethnic population which has been suffering. The voices of discontent and disdain towards this vision-less and no-good Government administration are slowly becoming a crescendo. There are frightening signs that the attitude of the Prime Minister is that not one single member of the Cabinet can do wrong. So much so that recently when the PM talked about corruption, he preferred to blame “all of Government” and highlighted that this also includes the public officers who are the operators. Unlike the Prime Minister would readily admit, there is evidence that he should look more to his Cabinet’s way. There is strong evidence that money laundering is one of the many favourite crimes of choice for the criminals in Belmopan. The Financial Intelligence Unit, which falls within the Prime Minister’s portfolio in his role as Minister of Finance, has its head in the sand while people in the international business of following money, sees Belize as a money laundering and crime haven.

Young Belizean Architect Receives Trainings on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development in Taiwan
A Belizean Architect, Mr Kristian Chanona, will attend a workshop in Taipei, Taiwan on the topic of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development for Latin-America in the first two weeks of August of this year. It is one of the two dozens of workshops Taiwan offers every year as a means to help countries develop and contribute to international community. Kristian is proud to be representing Belize at the workshop, and will share Belize’s perspectives and experiences in this area. Kristian was born on Christmas Eve in 1976. In the midst of holiday celebrations during a family visit to northern Belize, his parents, Al and Candy Chanona, unexpectedly had to cross the Corozal border into Chetumal, Mexico for the nearest hospital to welcome Kristian’s arrival.

Judge will allow Bradley Pauman to travel to the US
Bradley Pauman, an American national who owns and operates Dark Knight Tours, a tour guide business in the Cayo District, and who has been accused of four counts of abetment to commit murder, was granted permission to leave the country today, when he and his attorney Herbert Panton appeared before Supreme Court Justice John Gonzalez. On January 15, 2016, Paumen was granted bail in the sum of $50,000 plus one surety of like amount, after police charged him with the indictable offences. Panton told Justice Gonzalez that his client has been adhering to all the conditions of his bail and today he was asking for a variation to his bail conditions which ordered him not to leave the country, unless he gets permission from the court.

In the early 2000’s I was the chief advocate, cook, and bottlewasher in Maria Roches’ legal challenge of the Roman Catholic School System’s decision to terminate her employment as a teacher in Toledo because she had become pregnant out of wedlock. I was Ambassador/Special Envoy for Children, Women and HIV/AIDS at the time, and together with many tireless advocates in the National Women’s Commission and other agencies, I advised Ms. Roches and obtained legal representation for her so that she could bring the landmark case of Maria Roches v. Clement Wade to the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh. I remember many of the occurrences then as if they were yesterday. And I chuckled later when one or two Labour union leaders tried to take all the credit for Ms. Roches’ successful challenge. Senior Counsel Magali Marin Young took on the case, and Women’s Commission members and other feminists and supporters provided backative and support. I can recall very clearly sitting in the packed courtroom for the hearing of the case. By then, now Prime Minister Dean Barrow had joined with Ms. Magali as attorneys for Ms. Roches. My most vivid recollection is that when Senior Counsel Phillip Zuniga tried to invoke the policy of the Catholic school management as to the immorality involved, CJ Conteh, abruptly stopped him and made it clear that the court was not a court of morality or religion. It was a court of law, he said, in making sure not to entertain the argument that Ms. Roches had knowingly violated Church teachings and the Catholic Management’s rules on morality.

Judge revokes Belize-American woman’s bail
A Belizean-American woman, who got caught up in the criminal justice system, is in more trouble than she bargained for after she had successfully applied for and received Supreme Court bail on Friday, only to have Justice John Gonzalez revoke her bail upon discovering that she is the holder of a United States passport. Three sisters allegedly decided to beat-up another woman at her house in Dangriga Town. During the assault, they pulled off the top of her clothing and beat her in front of her young children. Dangriga Police charged the three with aggravated burglary, wounding and damaged to property, and when they were arraigned on the charges in the Independence Magistrate’s Court, only one of them who has an advanced pregnancy was granted bail, so the two who were remanded to prison applied for bail at the Supreme Court.

Cop accused of rape of 15 year old girl, granted bail
While the Supreme Court is on recess until the September Session commences in a few weeks, the work of the court continues with Fridays set aside for bail hearings in Belize City. A number of persons who were on remand at the Belize Central Prison appeared today before Justice John Gonzalez for bail consideration. Apart from the high profile bail application of Melissa Ferguson, the common-law wife of William Danny Mason, the bail application of Addison Gillett, 53, a police Special Constable, caught the attention of Justice Gonzalez, who read out some of the police’s facts on the charge against Gillett. Justice Gonzalez, before he offered bail to Gillett, noted that he has been accused of a brutal sexual assault of a teenaged minor.

Hard Knocks
So who wants to know who was driving that fancy government SUV when it went submarine mode off Marine Parade? Let me tell you who it wasn’t. It wasn’t some really random person who stole it from where it was parked and went on a joyride. That bogus crap was pulled out of a magician’s hat. Everybody knows a certain someone came back from Goff’s Caye a little “happier” than usual and docked along with the babes at Old Belize. Why in the world would someone park at a “friend’s” on the highway and then go back to Old Belize? That’s just plain stupid. The DPM was at Old Belize having some drinks until about 7:00pm. Some say his “friend” was pissed at him because he overdosed on happy juice. A little while after that the government ride was sitting in the Caribbean Sea and Faber was spinning his story. Listen, even the Police don’t believe that tale but you know how things are in Belize. The Police take orders from their political bosses so as far as they’re concerned that is the end of that.

A Government of Hopelessness
Seems like all the Prime Minister has been doing lately is calling press conferences to put out fires. Just the other day he was on the hot seat trying to defend his Ministers who were way too cozy with a man who allegedly cut the head off a Pastor and drove around with it in his vehicle. Then he was dealing with his very good friend and head of the GSU Mark Flowers who allegedly sexually assaulted a minor. Then it was back to the hot seat to remove Mr. Saldivar as Minister of Police. There’s no rest for the wicked, because now he will be bashed again for the DPM’s fancy ride taking a swim in the sea. He’ll probably take heat for his DPM’s drinking problem and domestic issues too. And then there’s the situation where another senior Police Officer’s name has come up in a situation with a very young girl. And of course there’s the economy and an increase in GST (very soon) which will make Mr. Barrow very unpopular in a hurry – even more unpopular than he is lately. And then there’s the fact that teachers and public officers won’t be getting their salary adjustment this year, and the cost of fuel going up, and all our industries screwed. And just all in all, everything is just getting worse, for everybody. So Mr. Barrow is not a happy camper.

Gilroy Usher, Sr. summer basketball to begin in Port Loyola
All are welcome to enjoy an evening of Basketball at the Cumberbatch Field in the Port Loyola this Saturday, August 20th, 2016. This event which is sponsored by Gilroy Usher Sr. and the PUP Port Loyola Committee will start at 3:30 P.M. sharp. With the exception of Saturday September 10, which is the Tenth Holiday or St. George’s Caye Day, there will be basketball matches at the Cummerbatch field for five consecutive Saturdays from this Saturday August 20th, 2016 to Saturday September 24th, 2016.

Hurricane Relief for all, not just some
Here in Orange Walk we are blessed. After our jewel was hit by a storm more powerful than we anticipated, the cleanup continues and life goes on. For all of us, it could have been much worse. This truly was an incredible storm, strong enough to destroy the low-lying bridge connecting San Ignacio and Santa Elena, powerful enough to destroy the iconic Bird’s Isle in Belize City, yet we suffered no loss of life, while tragically the same storm crossing Mexico caused the deaths of thirty-eight persons. I say again, we are blessed, and we must always remember to give thanks for our continued blessings. I use this opportunity today to remind our government, though, that the real damage extends far beyond Belize City. As we’ve seen in past disasters, this administration tends to focus all attention and a majority of its resources in Belize City. I understand the reason why. The UDP holds a majority of the seats in the old capital and it is considered their stronghold. I understand that the Prime Minister’s constituency is in Belize City. So is the Deputy Prime Minister’s constituency. And other very senior UDP ministers. So this is where all the attention traditionally goes. ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fiona weakens
Tropical storm Fiona is expected to weaken as it moves into unfavorable conditions. At 5:00 a.m. on Sunday Tropical Storm Fiona was located at latitude 22.2 north, longitude 51.7 west and moving toward the west-northwest at 16 mph. The maximum sustained winds are near […]

BNTU calls urgent meeting with members in Orange Walk
The Orange Walk branch of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) urges all members in Orange Walk to attend an emergency membership meeting on Monday, August 22, 2016 at the La Inmaculada R.C. School Auditorium. The meeting will commence at 1 p.m. and the topic of discussion is […]

Traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway
A traffic accident happened around 4 a.m. on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Belize Road in the Orange Walk District. According to reports, the driver of a red pickup lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a BEL post. Our sources are indicating that […]


Crunchy Honey Garlic Pork Chops
Whisk the eggs and 4 Tbs. water together in a shallow dish. Mix the flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in another shallow dish. Dip the chops in the flour, then over into the egg. Then back over into the flour mixture once again. This is what puts the extra crispy coating on the chops. Be sure to get plenty of flour on in this last coating, then shake them a little and place in a pan with about a half inch of oil. Be sure the oil is hot, but not too hot or the chops will cook too fast. You need to get it good and hot and then turn to about medium.

International Sourcesizz

Technology Observations From Belize
In July, I had the opportunity to join a team of 37 people and spend a week helping the citizens in Progresso, Belize, a remote village of approximately 2,000 people. By design, I was fairly disconnected from my “regular life,” but still I thought about what I could learn from a technology perspective during this unique experience. There were certainly some surprises in this area as well as some reminders for when you (or your clients) travel internationally. There was limited electricity, some running water (but no hot water) and dirt roads in Progresso, and yet I had five bars on my AT&T iPhone because of the single cell tower in the center of the village, which was operated by BTL, the government-owned telecommunications service. The connection speed from this one cell tower was surprisingly fast considering the remoteness of our location. I could have conducted a number of work tasks fairly efficiently if I had wanted to (don't tell my office associates — they were very forgiving about my “inaccessibility”). In fact, I was surprised by the large number of adults and teenagers in the village who owned smartphones. Granted it often wasn't the latest version of the iPhone or Galaxy, but it was still surprising given the lack of other resources. They might not have a bank account, but they had smartphones, and they were very proficient in using them.

It felt like my “home away from home.” I spent so much of my childhood and adolescence listening to the mothers of my Belizean friends speak Kriol, eating Johnny cakes in the morning and stew chicken in the evening, and attending more than a few different family gatherings over the years. A dear friend of mine from college invited me with her to visit her family for the first time, and I was excited to say the least. Nothing could compare to actually being in Belize, being hugged by the humidity, embracing the people and the fresh fish panadas. Although I was almost devastated after forgetting to pack bug repellent, I was excited to snap a gazillion photos to document my trip — one of myself at the Mayan Ruins, on a secret beach, of my fish, plantains and rice and beans, even my unwarranted mosquito bites. That plan failed miserably. Although I managed to make it to the island of San Pedro and all the way to secret beach, all my day’s memories were washed away when I concocted this grand idea that resulted in my playing drunk flip cup with my phone while in the water.

Applications for 2017/2018 Chevening Scholarships are open between 12:00 GMT on 8 August 2016 and 12:00 BST on 8 November 2016 (both midday UK time). Chevening Scholarships are awarded to outstanding emerging leaders to pursue a one-year master’s at any UK university. The scholarship programme provides a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK. A Chevening Scholarship offers financial support along with the opportunity to become part of the highly regarded and influential Chevening global network. Applicants can choose any course of study at any UK higher education institution. Visit the UK government's website if you would like to learn more about what the UK is doing in your country.


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