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Neighborhood Watch Summer Camp 2016, Benque Viejo
The Zone 4 Captain Samuel Bruce; recently hosted the ninth consecutive youth summer camp, held at the spacious facility Sam’s Community Park. The camp encompassed various activities this year, Arts & Crafts with a patriotic theme, Games, Sports, playground, and educational speakers. This year’s summer camp was an historic event for the Zone 4 captain Sam Bruce & Cpl. Joshua McKoy of Benque community policing unit effort; added the Department of Youth Services, Cayo District Youth Council, and Ministry of Health via San Ignacio Hospital staff all joining in working together to bring maximum benefit to the area youths! The pictured youths enjoyed a full week of free instruction, materials, snacks, juice, games with prizes and Rice & Beans & Chicken dinner, and daily engagement of hard hitting issues of life skills for the youths with the international trainer of GREAT program conducted by Cpl. Joshua McKoy.

Our Honoree for this week is Cpl 1103 Aaron Ferguson of the Belize Police Dept.
Affectionantely known as Fergy.He is undeniably a true Police Officer,leader and example to many kids in Dangriga Town.Cpl Fergy is the N.C.O.i/c Community Policing in Dangriga Town police station ,and he leads the youth cadeth corp,whilst he assist in the developing the cadets in the entire soutthern region.Cpl Ferguson is recognized for his hard work with the youths in the south more so in Dangriga town.FB friends kindly join our committee in congratulating,and saying thanks to Cpl Aaron Ferguson for his contribution to our precious youths.

Successful Implementation of Bioenergy Course
According to Belize policy targets, the country aims at increasing the share of renewable energy. Till now Bioenergy, especially Biogas, is not utilized industrial scales in Belize. To help achieve this goal and build capacity in this sector, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) in cooperation with GIZ REETA had offered a free of charge BIOENERGY Course at its training Centre in the country’s capital, Belmopan. Bioenergy as a renewable energy resource offers many advantages: It can be converted into various forms of secondary and final energy. Biomass, the primary energy source, can be transformed into solid, liquid and gaseous energy carriers. The combustion of these energy carriers can produce heat, cold, electricity, mechanical power or a combination of these. Even better than this, bioenergy is storable, so it can be converted right at the time when energy is needed to balance the differences between energy supply and demand. Dr. Kenrick Leslie, Director of the CCCCC and Dr. Ulric Trotz , Deputy Director of the CCCCC both welcomed the participants and thanked GIZ for their contribution. They also thanked Henrik Personn, the integrated expert from CIM/GIZ, for his efforts especially in the Capacity Building and Waste to Energy Sector in Belize. The course was directed by Tobias Sengfelder of GoGreen Ltd.

Casa Pan Dulce Opens New Bakery
Casa Pan Dulce has a new location in downtown Cayo. They are in the Embarcadero Plaza. They have an extensive selection of pastries, cakes, and bread.

Rotaract Turkey Dinner Fundraiser
The Rotaract Club of Benque is having a turkey dinner fundraiser to raise money for their wonderful community service projects. It'll be at the Benque DYS next Sunday, September 4th. "Delicious Turkey Dinner only $10.00 . PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW Inbox us for further information "

Red-Lored Amazon at Belize Bird Rescue
Pickle is a fledgling Red-Lored Amazon who just wandered into Jamie and her son Trey's garden in the Duck Run area of Spanish Lookout. Pickle was probably yet another victim of Hurricane Earl, and unfortunately the only bridge out of the area was under 6-feet of river! With Jamie's common sense and a little bit of coaching from us, she managed to get Mazuri pellet mush and fruit into their little Pickle for the three days it took for the flood waters to subside. Jamie and Trey brought Pickle to us as soon as they could. He was soon eager to go into the outdoor enclosures and every day now Pickle hangs out with five other Red-Lored Amazons, flying and cuddling with them and having a wonderful time. We have to bring him inside at night as Pickle is missing some feathers and still a bit young to be fully exposed to the overnight rains, but soon enough he will get to have a slumber party with his friends. Great save Jaime and Trey!

The Reporter

Tikkun Olam Belize reaches out in community cleanup
Tikkun Olam Belize, a nongovernmental organization advocating for the rights of commercial sex workers in Belize, joined with community members in the Pickstock constituency for a community cleanup campaign and barbecue this week. The organization, in collaboration with the Sanitation department and residents of the Lovely Lane Community, gathered to clear the children’s park in the community, which was filled of debris which was leftover from hurricane earl. The participants spent over three hours cleaning up the area so the neighborhood children would have a clean and safe environment to play. They used the barbecue to raise funds to carry on other initiatives which will benefit the community. Elisa Castellanos, executive director of Tikkun Olam, explained that that her organization held the event in an effort to foster better community relations and build a sense of unity in the neighborhood.

Angelus Press joins hurricane relief efforts
This week the Angelus Press announced that it was partnering with its customers and social partners to assist families affected by Hurricane Earl. Operations manager for the Angelus, John Gillett explained that, considering how many families were affected, many of them students, the company would donate a pack of exercise books for every $50 a shopper spends at one of their branches. Gillett estimated that by the end of August the company will be donating thousands of books to needy children all over Belize. He added that the Angelus would be working with several groups such as the Belie Red Cross, Rotatract Club, UNICEF, and the Rotary Club of Belize, to assist with distributing the books to ensure that the children who need it the most get the donation.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Queen of the Bay crowned
Stann Creek’s Cristalyn Castillo is 71st Queen of the Bay-Designate, after winning last night’s pageant in Belize City. First runner-up went to Toledo’s Aliesha Vernon; second runner-up to Lashania Crawford of Belize City; third runner-up to Aldeesha Castillo of Corozal; and fourth-runner-up to Darcell Duran […]

Guatemala ambassador to Belize “expresses doubts” on OAS report
Recalled Guatemalan ambassador to Belize, Estuardo Roldan, has told Prensa Libre newspaper that the OAS independent report is “not conclusive” to him about what happened to 14 year old Julio Jose Alvarado Ruano, calling it “a story.” According to Roldan, key evidence […]

George McKenzie Jr. stabbed to death
Son of notorious ex-gang leader George Junie Balls McKenzie, George Junior, was fatally stabbed on Saturday night. Police have confirmed that the incident happened during the Soca Madness event at the ITVET grounds. More on this story as it becomes available. Save © […]

Decomposed body of woman found hanging in San Ignacio
BBN has received reliable reports that the body of a woman was found hanging this morning in San Ignacio Town. According to reports, the body was found in a state of decomposition and was discovered by neighbors due to the putrid stench. The […]

Early Morning Murder in Orange Walk Town
BBN Staff: Reports reaching our newsroom are that a man was gunned down just after 5 this morning in Orange Walk Town. The victim has been identified as Kevin Flowers and he was murdered in front of his residence on Smith Sonia Street. According to reports, neighbors […]

Is Governor Ysaguirre of the Central Bank gone?
In an interview with the media, including BBN, after the house meeting was suspended yesterday, Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno, informed that Glenford Ysaguirre was fired as the Governor of the Central Bank. Briceno claimed the Governor was fired for revealing that […]

No sign of repairs yet of low lying wooden bridge in San Ignacio
It’s been 3 weeks now since the Ministry of Works confirmed that the low lying wooden bridge, which connects San Ignacio and Santa Elena, sustained damages from the flooding associated with Hurricane Earl. Immediately after the hurricane, the Ministry of Works had estimated a […]

P.U.P. Politicians Say Government Was Trying to Silence Discussion of Immigration Reports; Prime Minister Avoids Media Comment After House Exit
Friday’s historic – for the wrong reasons – events concluded with a charged media interview with dismissed Cayo South representative Julius Espat and his party leader, John Briceno. Moments later, flanked by a massive security detail, PM Barrow would exit the building. The shouting […]


Where on Ambergris Caye, Belize is the Scoop?
How well do YOU know Ambergris Caye? Here are some photos around San Pedro town and north of town…can you identify where they are? Some are not easy. But all answers are at the end of the post. But first, an update on the weather. Late summer is most definitely here. The wind has died down…the sun is hot. While it hasn’t been raining much yet, heavy clouds sit in the sky threatening passing showers. I call it two shirt weather. If you are out and about, you are going to be changing your shirt 2-3 times a day. Keep hydrated all! This photo of the ocean shows just how still things are. Now to WHERE ON AMBERGRIS CAYE IS THE SCOOP? Hint: You can see this gentleman on a balcony as you land at the airstrip.

Hurricane Earl: The Aftermath
After a 20km hike in Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this month, I was enjoying a soda with my teammate Rebecca outside the visitor center. We were discussing the incredible footage we’d just received from our camera traps: a young jaguar mother with two tiny cubs, in perfect daylight. The cubs were the smallest we’d ever captured on camera. We knew we had to keep an eye on this family, but we also wanted to maintain monitoring presence throughout the area. We were excitedly discussing potential strategies when someone from the Belize Audobon Society (BAS) walked by and mentioned that a tropical storm was forming and might pass through Belize. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I’d heard many similar warnings before—usually the storms die out or change direction. But the next day, the warnings became more serious. The storm was large, and it was headed straight toward us. Our discussion about changing camera locations shifted—now we needed to pull out cameras in flood-prone areas so they wouldn’t be damaged or lost. Apart from the cameras, we also needed to prepare our homes—the storm had been upgraded to a hurricane, and we needed to stockpile drinking water, food, flashlights, batteries, and more.

This is Belize: ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’
“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice. Only this time, her Wonderland turns out to be Belize. Belize is a magical rabbit hole. Once you slide down into it, you almost never want to leave. I don’t and it has now been 2.5 years, one hurricane, three rainy seasons, two bicycles, scores of trips to the reef, more beautiful days than the imagination can grasp and more smiles from passing strangers than I ever thought possible. This is Belize. When I try to explain it, though, it comes off like shiny and colorful postcards — Palm trees! Sand! Blue-green waters! Sunshine! Barrier reef! There is a word for that. Well, a made-up word: Vemodalen. It means “the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist.” You can look it up in the entertaining Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Let me explain vemodalen for you in two words: Blue Hole.

International Sourcesizz

Canada helping Belize with defence policy amid tensions with Guatemala over soldiers killing boy
Canada is helping Belize to determine its defence policy even as tensions between the central American nation and neighbouring Guatemala continue to simmer over the killing of a 13-year boy by Belize soldiers. Top military officers from Belize came to Ottawa in February for meetings and to receive advice from the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces on their country’s future defence strategy. Belize is embroiled a border dispute with Guatemala, which deployed 3,000 troops in April to a disputed area between the two countries. “It’s going to look at the tasks the government wants the BDF to achieve, how they are going to achieve it, and then to put together those resources that they need to achieve it,” he said this year. “So with the help of the Canadian government we are finalizing that document.”

Defective reasoning from the chief justice of Belize?
I took the time last week Sunday to read through the ruling from the chief justice of Belize in the Caleb Orozco claim against the attorney general (the defendant) regarding his breached right of “freedom to express his preference or orientation”. I found aspects of the ruling puzzling, both legally and especially logically, and I apologise for saying that the reasoning on a key point of law, namely, public morality as per the Constitution of Belize, reminded me of an idiotic statute that was on the books in Kansas, USA, for years before the idiocy was spotted and the statute repealed. That Kansas statute said, “When two trains approach each other at a [railroad] crossing, they both shall come to a full stop and neither shall start up until the other has clean gone.” Chief Justice Benjamin said: “[69] The sole limitation relied upon by the defendant is that of public morality. In paragraph eight of the Ramjeet affidavit, section 9(2) is cited.”

Children from Belize receive life-saving treatment in Richmond
Irene Gobey held her 11-month-old daughter, Kelsey Sutherland, in her lap at Virginia Ear, Nose & Throat Associates’ offices in Henrico County on Friday. “When will her voice come back?” 17-year-old Gobey asked Dr. Alan Burke in Spanish, her native language, through translator Pilar Ortiz-Waters, program director of U.S. referrals with the Henrico County-based World Pediatric Project. Though now looking curiously around the room, Kelsey had been crying just a few minutes earlier when a nurse tried to take her temperature. Her wails had sounded scratchy and hoarse. Burke, head and neck surgeon with Virginia Ear, Nose & Throat Associates and a volunteer with the World Pediatric Project, explained that it probably would take about three months for Kelsey’s voice to return.

The world's biggest fish are hungry migrators on a mission, according to a tracking study that mapped whale sharks' long journeys around the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to a favourite feeding hot spot off the Yucatan Peninsula. And one whale shark's incredible 7,200-kilometre swim could even help solve the long-standing mystery of where whale sharks give birth—an event no scientist has ever seen. The largest-ever study of whale shark migrations, nine years in the making, shows that the hundreds of school bus-sized animals that feed in a plankton-saturated stretch off the Mexican coast come from far and wide. The gentle giants—which can reach up to 12 metres or longer in length, and weigh an average of 5 tons—use mouth filters to feed on the tiny plankton and small fish or eggs.

Muere el cantante y compositor mexicano Juan Gabriel
Reports from Mexico say Mexican singer Juan Gabriel has passed away from a heart attack. Share this post if you have been to one of his concerts and share your pic of him in concert to keep his memory alive. RIP Juanga.
El cantante y compositor Alberto Aguilera Valadez, conocido como Juan Gabriel, falleció este domingo en Santa Mónica, California, a los 66 años de edad. La familia del cantante originario de Parácuaro, Michoacán, confirmó que la causa de su repentina muerte fue fue un infarto. "Juan Gabriel fue un gigante dentro de la industria musical donde fue y será popular", dice un comunicado de su familia.


  • THE WHALE SHARK, 3min. Growing up to lengths of 12 metres what do they feed on?

  • Hump back whale in Belizean waters, 1min. After work we went to play around offshore , and we got to encounter this hump back whale today . Was beautiful. ..

  • Jaguar and her two cubs, 1/2min. Not long after our camera traps captured this incredible footage of a jaguar and her two cubs in Belize's Cockscomb Wildlife Basin, Hurricane Earl struck

  • Guitar Class #2 in the Belize Creole Brukdung Project, 1/2min. Sponsored by the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project.

  • Strong Villages Dental Video 2016, 2min. Dr. Laura Matsunaga and the Strong Villages volunteer dental team travel to Belize, Central America in 2016. "Compassion in Action" is more than a slogan its a Strong Villages travelers way of life.

  • Strong Villages-Tumul k’in Health Center - Blue Creek Village, Belize, Central America, 3min.

  • San Antonio Village, Corozal, Belize, 3.5min. Village Council and Czl North PUP promoting East Indian cultural food Curry Chicken with split peas and strained rice.

  • Under The Sea (Belize), 3min. Snorkeling in Caye Caulker

  • Wild Howler Monkeys in Belize, 1.5min.

  • Church Protest Section 53 CJ Ruling - Belize National Assembly - August 26 2016, 11min.