I need most urgent help in fundraising for BWRC land purchase. After 13 years since moving to Belize, 5 years of working on BWRC establishment, 4 years of having opened the clinic, it's time to get serious and step up our game now. BWRC has to move out of the rented temporary facility in an old airplane hangar. We found the site for its permanent location but it requires that we raise 150.000 US$ for the purchase... a bit too much for one full-time working vet aside my other duties (and last but not least family!). We need multiple fundraisers, campaigns in different countries and all together a "little miracle" to make this happen. With YOUR help we have accomplished so much already, and we are committed to continue.

Please help, donate, share and contact us on how you can help.
Dr. Isabelle


BWRC Introduction - Vision, mission and activities

Introduction of the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic: We registered as a non-profit organisation in Belize in December 2011 and we could not have succeeded without the support of many. But since many people do not know we exist and what services we offer to benefit Belizean wildlife and people, we wanted to introduce our mission, vision and what is is we do and share some patients images and stories with this video. Thank you Daniel Velasquez for another excellent video and Tammy M Tate for excellent narration!

The current staff that keeps BWRC running:

Rescuing the wildlife of Belize, one animal at a time
As in every war, there are selfless workers on the front lines trying to minimize the damage, salvage the maimed and displaced animals and rehabilitate the wounded. Among those angels of mercy is Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC). Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand co-founded the clinic in 2011 after a somewhat itinerant career rescuing and patching the wounded and damaged in various wildlife field clinics and rehab centers from Costa Rica to Belize. The Cayo clinic has grown to include a staff of six, plus numerous volunteers, who treat as many as 200 Belizean animals a year, from monkeys to Macaws. I should say it has outgrown. The rented building that houses the BWRC operation is no longer sufficient. BWRC has its eye on a 30 acre tract of land that fronts the main road and is bordered by a stream. It is actually part of the life-sustaining wildlife corridor and would be guaranteed to remain a vital link in the migration route should BWRC raise the funds it needs to buy the land.