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The San Pedro Sun

Marbucks’ High Tea Party raises funds for women’s shelter
On Saturday, August 20th, island ladies donned their best frocks and fun hats and headed to Marbucks Coffee Shop, where a fabulous High Tea party awaited. Held to raise funds for a women’s and children’s home, the party was truly spectacular and very successful. Organizers Rachel Brock and Marlene Houghton thought of every detail, from the elegant white tent to the beautifully mismatched china. Gorgeous bouquets of hydrangeas (a wonderful donation from Brock’s family), white roses and greenery added a touch of whimsy to the tablescape. Casa Picasso’s servers poured champagne and rosé liberally as the ladies enjoyed delightful nibbles from the Island Chef featured scones, mini beef wellingtons, salmon and cucumber sandwiches and more. Of course, there was tea to spare!

Motion for a Senate Inquiry into Immigration scandal not approved
Following the chaotic sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, August 26th, a motion for an independent investigation into the Audit Report was placed before the senate by the Opposition, the People United Party (PUP) on Wednesday, August 31st. After a long day’s session, the votes were cast, and the motion for a private investigation was defeated with just five votes in favour out of seven. One of the votes that made a huge difference in regards to the request for a Senate Inquiry came by the churches representative Senator Ashley Rocke, who first indicated he would support a Senate selected inquiry, but then voted against it. Before Rocke’s devastating vote against the motion, all indications were that the PUP was going to get their request. However, Leader of Government Business Godwin Hulse came to the attack as the debate continued. Hulse asked the PUP to remove the motion and proposed something new. In his efforts to divert the topic of an independent investigation, Hulse proposed a joint public accounts committee involving members of the social partners. “It would be a bi-cameral committee, meaning it will comprise of members of the Senate, the House of Representatives who will investigate the reports,” explained Hulse.

Season 3 of 5-a-side football tournament comes to an end
The island’s love for football proved true as the San Pedro High School and Island Citizen Sporting Club crowned six champions during the finals of the third of Five-A-Side Football Tournament on Sunday, August 28th. A large crowd attended the marathon at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, cheering and rooting for favored teams to claim the championship title and bragging rights. Teams that rose as champions in their respective divisions were, Juventus Jrs. (Under 11), Juventus (Under 13), Manchester (Under 15), Central Strikers (Under 17), Las Catrachas (Female), and Los Catrachos in the senior category. The finals began at 10AM with El Pescador FC Under 11 taking on Bayern Munich U11. El Pescador propelled and won 5-1, along with the third place prize and trophy. Battling for the first place in the Under 11 was Juventus Jrs and PSG U11. Juventus Jrs was crowned the champions with a victory of 3-0, while PSG U11 settled for second place.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Miss San Pedro 2016
Congratulations to San Pedro's new beauty ambassador - Marisha Thompson the new selected Miss San Pedro 2016/2017! We wish you all the best in your reign!!

As Minister of Defense, Hon. John Saldivar and his new Chief Executive Officer, Felix Enriquez, have commenced a tour of BDF command centers and installations countrywide. Yesterday, September 1, 2016, the Minister and his CEO, accompanied by BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones, visited the BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Minister and his CEO were given a full tour of the facilities at Price Barracks including command and training centers, living quarters and the force’s hospital, which is gradually being upgraded to meet NHI standards and serves the needs of BDF soldiers and personnel as well as civilians from surrounding communities such as Ladyville and Lord’s Bank. They also inspected physical damage to residences and facilities on Price Barracks caused by Hurricane Earl.

Seniors pre-judging at Carnival King & Queen

Did you know that the Howler monkeys are among the largest and loudest of the New World monkeys and one of only a few nest-building monkeys. The U.S. Embassy staff visited the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing in the Belize District and had the most wonderful experience having up close and personal with Howler Monkeys. The sanctuary is on family owned land and they've made a commitment to preserving and educating. The monkeys are in their natural habitat and can move around freely. They have a very small gift shop with Belizean made artifacts and also serve health and organic Belizean lunch. The most exciting part of the tour was when the staff had the opportunity to feed the Howler monkeys. They were coaxed by the owner and then they came down for the food.

The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Some pictures from our Booth at the Expo yesterday. We will be out there again today so stop by and participate in some of our History focussed activities and win prizes.

The Reporter

More residents receive grocery from Independence police
Two families benefitted from donations of grocery items from Independence police this week. Officer Commanding (OC) Independence police formation, Reymundo Reyes, along with Inspector and Deputy OC, Sherlett Ramclam and Constable Raul Pop of the Community Policing Unit delivered food hampers to the two needy families. The initiative started when Reyes took over as OC and encouraged the officers to purchase one grocery item each pay day towards the effort. This is the third time that the officers of the Independence police station have given to needy families in its jueisdiction.

Taiwan helps Belize again with Hurricane Earl relief
The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has made a second donation to Belize towards hurricane relief efforts. This week, in response to a request by the Government of Belize, Taiwanese Ambassador Benjamin Ho delivered 500 cartons of relief material shipped from SimplyHelp Foundation, a Taiwanese NGO based in Los Angeles. The donations were given to 11 charity organizations in Belize, including the Belize Red Cross Society, village council in Cayo, the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, Helpage Belize, iServants.Com International Servants, Liberty Children’s Home, the Mental Health Resource Center, the Salvation Army, the Samuel Haynes Institute, SOL Pregnancy Resource Center and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The relief supplies included housewares, shoes, bags, clothes, hats, basketballs, stationary, toys, bath items, baby items, hair bands and gift boxes.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Transport Minister says ADO runs in Belize limited; international buses not allowed to pick up Belize passengers
Minister of State with responsibility for Transport, the Honorable Edmond Castro, has told Breaking Belize News that ADO Bus of Mexico’s new run at 11 a.m. daily is limited to specific stop points in Belize before entering Mexico. He has also said that apart […]

BPP responds to PM’s press conference
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) issued a press release in response to the Prime Minister’s press conference held on Thursday. The BPP refers to the PM’s conference as being “Vintage Barrow”, describing the manner in which he placed the Auditor General’s report under public […]

Mother Theresa to be Canonized
One of the highest honors in the Roman Catholic Church is the canonization as a saint and it will be bestowed to Mother Theresa on Sunday, September 4, 2016 in Rome. Throughout her life, Mother Theresa devoted her time to missionary and charity work […]

San Ignacio town council employees found allegedly intoxicated in Mayor’s vehicle
Two senior employees of the San Ignacio Town Council were found sleeping, and by their appearance, allegedly intoxicated in the Great Wall pickup issued to Mayor Earl Trapp. The vehicle was found parked near the Belize High School of Agriculture in San Lazaro, on […]

Speaker of the House of Representatives threatens Auditor General Dorothy Bradley with lawsuit
On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, Michael Peyrefitte, the Speaker of the House of Representatives wrote a letter to Auditor General Dorothy Bradley stating that his name was erroneously listed in the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report on Passport and Immigration for recommending someone for […]


Thinking of Belize? Some Cool Gifts for YOU (and I guess Others) Until Your Next Trip
When I lived and worked in the States, I basically lived from vacation to vacation. Sure there was a stressful job in between…but as soon as I returned from a vacation (usually somewhere warm and sunny), I was off planning the next trip. It wasn’t until I first visited Belize in August 2006 – HOLY MOLY 10 YEARS AGO!!! – that I wanted to immediately repeat a vacation. I was back in Belize less than 2 months later – and living here less than one year later. There was something about Ambergris Caye that just felt right…even for a single 33 year old New Yorker. And I know there are lots of people out there that feel the same way. But even if moving here is not in the cards…or it is but not for a while… …or if visiting once a year is enough…here are some cute things I found on the Internet that will keep you thinking about Belize while at home. Want to remember your first trip to Belize or another meaningful trip in your life…honeymoon? This is pretty great. You can customize the colors and the paper. LOVE.

International Sourcesizz

Teacher jailed for molesting young boys in Belize
A magistrate has jailed a British-born naturalised Belizean for two years after he pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault of the three boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years nearly four years ago. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith sitting in the Independence Magistrate Court said that the case against David Taylor warranted the maximum sentence because of the tender ages of his victims. She said he was also placed in a position of trust when he deceived and molested the boys in such heinous way. She noted in her oral ruling that Taylor was their remedial teacher and he invited them over to do school work.

Why Vultures Matter - And What We Lose If They're Gone
Vultures. Cartoon characters in parched deserts often wish them to disappear, since circling vultures are a stereotypical harbinger of death. But, joking aside, vultures in some parts of the world are in danger of disappearing. And according to a new report from University of Utah biologists, such a loss would have serious consequences for ecosystems and human populations alike. The primary threat to vultures, according to the report published today in Biological Conservation, is the presence of toxins in the carrion they consume. On many continents, vultures are the unfortunate victims of poisoned carcasses -- especially impactful because dozens -- or even hundreds -- of vultures can feast on a single carcass. Populations of most vulture species around the world are now either declining or on the brink of extinction. Losses of vultures can allow other scavengers to flourish. Proliferation of such scavengers could bring bacteria and viruses from carcasses into human cities.

This Mayan-Language Film Is The Best Thing In Theaters Right Now
“Ixcanul” is an arresting story about two strong indigenous women. Go see it. You’ve almost certainly never seen a film made by Guatemalans. But then, neither have most Guatemalans. Turns out we’re all watching the same stuff. “People here are obsessed with American blockbusters,” says Jayro Bustamante, writer-director of Guatemala’s most award-winning film. “All of the TV is American, all of the fashion is American, the cities are constructed like in the U.S. People think that Miami is the capital of our country!” Bustamante’s film “Ixcanul” (which translates roughly to “volcano” in the Mayan dialect of Kaqchikel) presents something different. It is the story of two strong indigenous Mayan women, mother and daughter. Currently enjoying a 100 percent critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it arrived in U.S. theaters this month.


  • Miss San Pedro 2016, 2hr 30min.

  • Miss San Pedro Pageant 2016/2017 has begun!, 1min.

  • Miss San Pedro Pageant, 1min. Grupo Crash from El Salvador entertaining the audience during the intermission

  • Ty Linares’ “Summer Sun Medley” Gets Music Video, 1min. There’s a new music video that has gone viral on social media in Belize. Summer Sun Medley is the new single of Belize City artist Ty Linares featuring Et Dan and upcoming female artist, Dajah. The track was produced by King Kosa and the video was shot locally by Dream Light Studio. Linares says that this latest project saw him expand his range and step outside his genre of comfort, hardcore rap.

  • Our Love in Belize, 4min. Honeymoon

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