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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Lost Husband
“Why do you have a Belize driver’s license, señor?” the Mexican policeman asked me. “My home is in San Pedro, Belize,” I told him, “but I spend so much time seeing my doctor in Chetumal that I bought a car here. I didn’t think I needed a license.” Half an hour later Sherry said. “I guess we should consider it lucky that we didn’t get a ticket.” We were at the main Chetumal police station filling out the papers for our driver’s licenses. Two middle aged ladies came in and sat on the bench next to us. “No, Yasmin,” one said. “I do not want to bother the police with this.” “But you must, Beatriz,” her friend said. “They might think you disappeared him.” Beatriz reluctantly went to the front desk and said, “I want to report that my husband is missing.”

Doctor Love: Odd One Out and Concerned Mother
Dear Doctor Love, When I was growing up my father abused me and my sister. The abuse was both mental and physical. At age nine I started doing dishes. By age eleven I also washed the clothes and my sister helped me in cleaning the house. During our high school years, while other kids were doing typical teenaged things we were doing yard work or helping our father in his constant remodeling and building on to our house. If we complained, he physically punished us with whatever was handy and he even kicked me twice. I left home at seventeen. I have been married for nine years to a wonderful man. Recently we moved back to my hometown and I tried to reestablish a relationship with my folks. Sadly, nothing has changed. My father is still nasty and abusive and my mother is still an aggressive and mean alcoholic. Whenever my husband and I are around them they spend the time criticizing us and trying to make us feel bad over nothing. I think it is not good for me to be around them but I don’t want to carry any guilt. What should I do?

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

RESULTS: Carnival King & Queen
JUNIOR WINNERS! Queen: Jump Street Posse King: Jump Street Posse SECOND PLACE Queen: Trenchtown Masqueraders King: Pickstock Carnival Band

RESULTS: Carnival King & Queen
SENIOR WINNERS! Queen: Titans Mas Band King: Titans Mas Band SECOND PLACE Queen: Sunshine Masqueraders King: Mother Nature

Belize Expo
Here are some pictures from Day 2 at the Expo with the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. Our visitors played games based on our History and won prizes. Alll in all the project team enojoyed meeting our visitors and even the Taiwan Ambassador dropped by.

September Celebrations 2016
Cecil Cocono Bwai Jenkins Jr.

The Placencia Breeze September 2016
Pg 3 Placencia Saltwater Fishing Tournament Info Pg 5 BTIA news Pg 7 Farmers Market / Going Green Pg 9 Hurricane Earl Pg 10 Our Amazing Reef Pg 11 Lionfish Recipes Pg 13 Placencia Humane Society News Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA Members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 19 September 10th Red, White & Blue Parade Pg 20/21 Placencia Peninsula Guide Pg 22 SEA Volunteers / Fishing Tournament Prizes Pg 23 Seafood Guide for Belize / In Memory of Big Al Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 In Memory of Ranny Villanueva / In Memory of Pow Egbert Cabral / Tour Guides & Tour Operators / Pg 28 Message of Thanks from Sarah Aly / Tropic Donates to Placencia Rotary Club / Turtle and Croc Posters Pg 29 BTIA Hosts Travel Agents from Mexico / The Placencia Carnival Parade / Where in the World is the Breeze Pg 30 Placencia Peninsula Happenings Pg 31 Calender of Events

The Reporter

Man murdered in Sand Hill; businessman robbed, shot in Corozal
A man was murdered in Sand Hill village on Saturday. Police have given a preliminary report that Tyrone Davis was killed and that one person is in police custody pending investigations. In related news, there was a robbery and shooting in Corozal town. Police have not yet named the victim, but they have indicated that the victim is a businessman, and that he was robbed and shot in his place of business.

New drug discovered to fight Alzheimer’s
Medical scientists have discovered an experimental Alzheimer’s drug that may have brought them one step closer to preventing the disease altogether. The new drug targets, then destroys and removes plaques, toxic proteins that form together and build up in the brain. Most aging brains have these build-ups, but not nearly at the level linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s. Biogen pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts developed the drug, aducanumab, and funded the study. Researchers remain “cautiously optimistic” due to the small trial size, acccording to neurologist and study co-author, Stephen Salloway. “This is the best news we’ve had in 25 years of doing Alzheimer’s research.” Some 165 people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s participated in the study, and were given a monthly intravenous dose of either aducanumab or a placebo. Over one year, 103 patients received varying doses of the drug and PET scans revealed that those who received the highest dose showed the largest degree of reduction. Forty patients did not show any changes.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Godfrey Smith writes “definitive biography” of Michael Manley
Belizean politician and Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith has spoken to the Jamaica Observer about “The Biography of Michael Manley,” published by Ian Randle Publishers Limited and hitting bookshelves next month. Smith, who previously wrote the biography of late PUP leader and Father of the […]

Belizean denied entry into Canada
Belizean Trevor Vernon reports that he was denied entry to Canada after authorities reportedly declared that his passport was not genuine. According to reports, the official he spoke with asked him for a different passport. It is not clear whether he successfully made it […]

Defense Minister and new CEO tour command centers
On Thursday September 1st, the Minister, his CEO and Brigadier General David Jones visited the BDF Headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Minister and his CEO were given a full tour of the facilities at Price Barracks including command and training centers, living quarters and […]

Politics, leadership and passports: The Belizean dilemma
[The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.] In 2007 I applied for a visa to go to Canada to visit two of my cousins who had invited me for years before […]


Construction on Ambergris Caye: From A Boutique to a New Gas Station
September, to me, marks the official beginning of the low season. September through November things, tourist-wise, slow down considerably and quite a few bars and restaurants close down for clean-up, a bit of renovation & construction and just vacation. Don’t worry if you are coming down to take advantage of the great deals on lodging and air fares…there is always plenty open. There is also LOTS of construction going on in town…and I know many projects are geared to finish in December. It’s all a bit overwhelming…especially to those who like to picture the San Pedro of their youth…or the one they first fell in love with (me in 2006). Progress brings change – both good and bad. SO…here’s a ride around town and some of the changes.

International Sourcesizz

92L growing more organized
Satellite images on Sunday morning showed that the moderate level of heavy thunderstorm activity associated with a large tropical wave passing through the Lesser Antilles Islands on Sunday (Invest 92L) had increased in intensity and organization since Saturday. The storm was bringing winds near tropical storm-force to the Lesser Antilles on Sunday morning. La Desirade (Guadeloupe) reported sustained winds of 38 mph, gusting to 57mph at 9 am Sunday in a strong rain band that dumped 0.14” (3.6 mm) of rain; at 11 am, winds had decreased to a sustained 27 mph at the site. Some rotation of the storm’s echoes was apparent on Martinique radar, so we have to watch this tropical wave today to monitor it for further signs of development.

Costa Rica hosts Caribbean investment conference and export expo
The third Conferencia International de Inversionistas y Expo Caribe Limon was held in the port city of Limon, Costal Rica, on 29-30 August 2016. The conference attracted participation from a number of countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the main highlights of the event was the participation of Luis Guillermo Solís, the president of Costa Rica. In his address, Solis emphasized the importance of strengthening relations between Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Such a relationship, it was emphasized would be mutually beneficial to both Costa Rica and the Caribbean and will form the basis for the increase in trade and goods and services between Costa Rica and the Caribbean.


  • ONLY EENA BILEEZ, 4.5min.

  • The Blue Hole, 3min. While visiting Ambergris Caye in Belize, we chartered a plane to take us to the Blue Hole. In about an hour we got our fist glimpse of the Blue Hole.

  • Belize 2016, 3.5min.

  • Sunrise in Caye Caulker Belize Island, 6min. Sunrise in Caye Caulker Belize Island. Caye Caulker, located 21 miles northeast of Belize City and 11 miles south of Ambergris Caye, is the second largest of the Belizean cayes. The island is about 4 miles long, but the town is only about a mile long. Like Ambergris, Caye, Caye Caulker was primarily a fishing community; but its economy has become increasingly tourism-based. Caye Caulker is a popular destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, anglers, and tourists who just want beach-oriented relaxation at budget prices. Although in the past it was a sleepy fishing community, this fun loving isle is today known more for its party and night life than diving or fishing.

  • Fish of the Upper Bladen River, Belize, 10min. elaxing compilation of videos recorded using a GoPro Hero. Most videos were recorded just upstream of the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE). Featured fauna include black belt cichlids, blue eyed cichlids, firemouth cichlids, false firemouth cichlids, yellow belly cichlids, tetras, mollies, machaca, a neotropical river otter, invasive African tilapia, and others. The neotropical river otter makes a quick appearance at 3:30 (with slow-mo instant replay!)

  • Paddle to protect Belize's Barrier Reef and Marine Ecosystems, 4min. the reason why I took the challenge to paddle Belize's Barrier reef from rocky-point of Ambergris caye north to lime caye south 180 miles.

  • Marine Life Previews, 4min.

  • Exploring Belize Blue Hole- Formations & Sharks, 5min.

  • Belize Carnival King and Queen Competition, 1.5min.