San Pedro police used a serious piece of intelligence to bust a gun that was coming unto the island. On Saturday, they got intelligence that two residents of Hattieville were coming over to the island to commit a robbery. The police were waiting and intercepted an adult and a minor, both males, when they arrived on the island. The police searched their luggage and found a .38 pistol with 10 live rounds. They have charged the adult, Akeem Augustus with possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Turns out he is wanted for questioning in other crimes in Belize Rural – so he will be turned over to them.

San Pedro Police also found a 380 pistol in the home of 35-year-old Stephen Nunez. His wife made a complaint that he had taken her cell phone and then pointed a gun at her head. Police searched his apartment in the San Pablo area and found a Chrome .380 pistol with a magazine loaded with (3) live rounds. Police have since arrested and charged Nunez for Kept unlicensed firearm, and Unlicensed ammunition and Aggravated Assault”.

Channel 7