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The San Pedro Sun

Marisha Thompson is Miss San Pedro 2016-2017
San Pedro selected a new beauty ambassador, and she is 16-year-old Marisha Thompson. On Saturday, September 3rd, Thompson captivated and charmed the judges and audience during the 2016 Miss San Pedro Pageant. Competing for the coveted title were Heidi Sorto, Karina Requena, Marleni Diaz, Beverly Rodriguez, Marisha Thompson, and Lisandra Novelo. During their introductory segment, each contestant they shared a little about themselves and their aspirations in life. With poise, beauty and elegance they provided yet another memorable show. After an intermission presentation by Grupo Crash, the young ladies modelled their swimwear, fuelling much applause from the audience. They then transitioned to the most anticipated part of the show: the evening gown segment. Each candidate awed the crowd with their stunning gowns, shinning onstage like true superstars. The shiner of the dresses added to the glitz and glamour of the event, further compounded by the bright smiles of the young beauties.

Ambergris Today

American-Registered Vessel Grounded in Southern Belize Waters
The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00p.m. on Saturday, September 3, 2016, and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed with Guatemalan Authorities that the vessel left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala bound for Big Creek, Belize sometime after 10:30a.m. on Friday, September 2.

Pretty in Pink, Marisha Thompson Selected Miss San Pedro 2016
Sixteen year old Marisa Thompson won the hearts of the judges and the audience at the Miss San Pedro Pageant that was held this past Saturday, September 3, 2016, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. She shared the stage with five other contestants who put in a great show of beauty, elegance and intelligence as they vied for the coveted crown. Miss Lisandra Novelo was selected as first runner-up while Marleni Diaz was awarded Miss Photogenic and Karina Requena was awarded Miss Congeniality. Other contestants included Heidi Sorto and Beverly Rodriguez. Outgoing Miss San Pedro 2015 Iris Salgero was present during the pageant to give her farewell speech and assist with the sashing.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Ride for a router?
Are you coming to Caye Caulker in the next week or two? We need someone to carry down a wifi router for our high school. It weighs 4.8lbs and is 10x6x13 inches. Message here with your mailing address and phone, and we will ship it asap to you (via Thank you, in advance, from Ocean Academy.

The Government of Belize (GOB), following up on the shooting incident that took place on 31st August 2016, where a Belize Defence Force (BDF) reconnaissance patrol came under fire within the Chiquibul National Park upon approaching an illegal settlement approximately 259 meters east of the border, informs that the official Order to Leave given by the BDF to the illegal settlers of that settlement has been complied with – the area has been vacated and existing structures dismantled. Furthermore, investigations continue in identifying the person(s) involved in this recent shooting incident.

Carnival King & Queen Competition
The night in pictures!

Pan Yaad 2016
Sept 9, 7:30pm Marion Jones Sporting Complex. See you there!!

The Benque House of Culture 15th Anniversary
The Benque House of Culture (NICH) is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, and you're invited to join the festivities!

"Song of the People," with Francis Reneau
JUST ADDED! Mr. Reneau presents his original composition dedicated to the Belize in honor of 35 years of independence. FREE EVENT! Sunday, September 18 at 6 pm, at Bliss Center for Performing Arts.

Belizean Extravaganza!
An evening of cultural classics. Sept. 8, 8pm, Bliss Center

Illumination, patriotic Festival of Light
Friday in Corozal!

American Vessel Grounded in Area of Belize Waters
The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east north east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American Citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 3rd and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed with Guatemalan Authorities that the vessel left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala bound for Big Creek, Belize sometime after 10:30 AM on Friday September 2nd. The Belize Coast Guard has secured the area and a task force comprising of the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority deploys today, Monday, September 5th to further examine the scene and determine what further actions will be taken.

Let's Clear the Shelter in September!
It happens about this time every year, the shelter and clinic at Saga Humane Society on Ambergris Caye, Belize fills up with unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. The tourists have left the island and slow season upon us. Pet owners often can't make ends meet and turn to Saga for help. We can't say no; it is our mission to care for the discarded, the unwanted, the neglected and abused homeless animals. The Shelter is full and we need to find loving homes for all the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Can you help us Clear The Shelter? Your $50 donation today will help us feed our shelter animals and provide medical care as we work to Clear The Shelter in September. Become a Saga Sponsor today. Be a Saga Life Saver. Share our message and Donate Today!

2016 Bart's Bash Regatta
Bart's Bash 2016 Sailing Event will take place worldwide on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18. The organizers in San Pedro have decided to make the most of the weekend by holding an open regatta on Saturday and sailing Bart's Bash on Sunday. Bart's Bash has been a highly entertaining, one-of-a-kind sailing race, in which sailors all over the world and in every kind of sailboat imaginable have taken to their home waters on the same day and sailed courses that have been designated as comparable by a computer program in the hands of the Bart's Bash Committee. Another computer program handicaps all the various boat classes involved. It has been a fully legitimate regatta. Guinness Book of World Records formally recognized the inaugural Bart's Bash (2014) as the largest boat race in history. Having secured that record on the first try, the Committee has loosened the all-on-the-same-day rule, and made the world-wide Bart's Bash an all-on-the-same-weekend sailboat race. Bart's Bash should attract even more boats than it did its first 2 years; they averaged in excess of 16,000 boats.

Commentary: Restructuring of political constituencies in Belize
By Wellington C. Ramos. Last year, just before the general elections were held in our country, a group of Belizeans got together to raise the issue of unequal representation in Belize’s constituencies, which is a legitimate concern for many, including me. They even went to the court to see if they could have gotten an injunction on the elections until this major issue was addressed by the UDP government. They failed to get the court to agree with them because the time was too short and the elections were held. Now is the ideal time for these same individuals to organize themselves again to deal with this important issue. In Belize there are some constituencies that have twice the amount of registered voters that is required by law, such as Toledo East, Toledo West, Dangriga, Stann Creek West, Belmopan, Cayo West, Cayo South, Cayo North East, Lake Independence and Belize Rural North. This is compared to most of the constituencies in Belize City that have an average of about 3,000 registered voters. Fort George Division is the least populated division in the whole country of Belize.

Captive Wildlife Permit Application Period to Close
The Forest Department announces that the application period for the Captive Wildlife Permit program for pet parrots will close on October 31st, 2016. Since the program began, the department received more than 2,000 applications and registered over 300 parrots already. Hundreds of parrots were rehabilitated and returned to the wild when inspections revealed that: (a) the parrots were found to be less than one-year old and; (b) bird owners failed to meet strict compliance standards. Parrots represent the largest group of captive wild animals in Belize. Thousands of wild birds have been and continue to be illegally captured and traded on the domestic and international market to meet the demand for the pet trade. This has devastating impacts on Belize’s parrot species population, particularly the scarlet macaw and yellow-headed parrots now threatened by extinction due to habitat loss and illegal capturing.

Food and Drugs Amendment Act
In an effort to further strengthen the regulation of food and pharmaceuticals in Belize, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin presented new amendments to the House of Representatives on the Food and Drugs Amendment Act of Chapter 291 of the substantive Laws of Belize revised Edition 2011. This will make provision to empower the making of regulations for the establishment of a drug registry and give effect to the provisions of the Act regarding the labeling of food or pharmaceuticals. With the provisions in this amendment, the Ministry of Health will be able to address regulatory responsibilities, such as the granting of licenses to establishments involved in the sale of food and medicines and to enhance the importation requirements for these. It also seeks to establish proper record keepings including the sale of medicines in books or registers and to allow for the removal of expired food and medicines from selling points, as well as random sample taking of medicines for quality testing. This amendment includes regulations for the registration of all medications in our National Drug Registry and the further establishment of lists of medicines to further aid proper sales control in establishments such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

People's United Party Senators call press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City
- Speaks on qualification to acquire nationality through marriage. Specifically to the case of Peter William Dalstrum, the brother-in-law of the Prime Minister's wife, Kim Simplis Barrow, who received nationality not having lived in Belize and contrary to the requirements of the Nationality Act - calls for the revocation of Dalstrum's Belizean documents - recalls for a Senate Select Investigation as opposed to a bicameral investigation. - Calls for the resignation of Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police

Benque HoC Celebrates 15 Years
Happy 15th anniversary, Benque HoC. They are doing the soft launch of the Pillars of Benque HoC exhibit tomorrow morning. They'll have fun for everyone. "Celebrating and commemorating the 15 Years Foundation of our Benque House of Culture, Tuesday September 6th, 2016. Soft viewing of the Exhibition: Pillars of the Benque House of Culture Personalities"

"Road To Belize Independence" exhibit
The "Road To Belize Independence" exhibit is now open for viewing at SISE House of Culture.

Managing spiny lobster resources for livelihoods and healthy marine habitats
The Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), Argus from the Greek meaning “watchful guardian”, is a conspicuous and critical resident of coastal waters throughout the region and functions as both predator and prey in the complex world of coral reefs. Spiny lobsters emerge from their shelters at the end of the day to forage on a variety of crabs, snails and urchins on reefs and surrounding seagrass beds and sand flats, returning to the protection of crevices and overhangs as the sun begins to rise. Their sheltering on the reef, often in small groups, is critical as they are prey to a number of other animals including groupers, snappers, triggerfish, octopus, turtles and the green moray.

Channel 7

PM Goes to Meet Catholic Bishop
Today, the Prime Minister met with the churches – and like the mountain going to Mohammed, he went to Bishop Dorrick Wright's residence to do so. It's an attempt to release some of the pressure that's been building up after the section 53 judgment. The churches want that judgment appealed – but more than that, they want the institution of marriage between a man and a woman protected. The Prime Minister said Cabinet gave him a range of options to propose to the Churches – and today at around 2:30, at the Headquarters of the Catholic Diocese in Belize City, the Prime Minister met with the different Church leaders, including the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders. That discussion lasted for a little over an hour and a half, and this evening, we were right outside to talk with the Prime Minister and the Church leaders when it was done. Here's what they had to say:

In Defence Of Senator Ashley
While we were at that meeting, we got a chance to speak with Church Senator Ashley Rocke to get a response on the call for his resignation or his removal. As we showed you on Thursday, the retribution against him was swift when Catholic Bishop Dorrick Wright urged the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches and the other members of the Belize Council of Churches take steps to remove him. That call for his removal was echoed by the National Evangelical Association of Belize. Even though they had no say in his appointment, they say that they speak for the vast majority of churches who were once a part of the BAEC. So, we couldn't reach him last week, but before he entered the meeting with the Prime Minister, he granted us a few brief comments saying that he is perfectly ready to step down should the people who put him there decide do so. Pastor Howell Longsworth, the President of the BAEC, which was pivotal in his instalment, said that Senator Rocke has nowhere to go:

Press Office Director Positive For Cocaine
Back in March, it made headlines when Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman knocked down 45 year-old Gardenia Villager Dean Dawson. Pakeman, who answers directly to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was heading home after a day on official work business, when his government-issued pickup collided with Dawson, who was riding a bike. Now, as viewers will remember, the events which preceded that accident are greatly disputed by the two parties. Pakeman told us that Dawson was riding in his lane, close to the middle of the road, going in the same direction, heading towards Belize City. He said that he saw Dawson in his high beams, and he blew his horn. He said that he tried to go around Dawson on the right side of the highway. Dawson panicked and tried to swerve off the road, and that's when the collision happened, even though Pakeman reportedly tried to do everything to avoid the accident.

PM's Problem With Pakeman
Now Pakeman answers directly to the Prime Minister – in fact he usually emcee's press conference for the PM. So what did Barrow have to say about it in this time when he can hardly take another scandal? Here are his remarks today:… Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "I've just - I've heard about it and I certainly have to look into that. I don't know enough at this juncture but that is a very serious disclosure and I certainly have to look at that." Daniel Ortiz: "Sir would you support actions to be taken if it's proven?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "Lord Man... It's a serious disclosure and if it is true it raises very problematic issues for Mr. Pakeman and for government. Can I leave it at that until I've had a chance... Look we've been talking about natural justice, I have to hear from the man, I have to see what the evidence is but for sure it's not something that will be ignored and not dealt with."

PUP Senators Kep Up The Push For A Senate Probe
And while the Prime Minister has all that on his plate – coming up on Wednesday he also has a mass demonstration led by the PUP. And the party is not letting up on the passport that his brother in law Peter William Dahlstrom obtained. The auditor general said it was irregular – and last week Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse explained why it was not. Today the PUP Senators held a press conference to say Hulse was wrong, and that he should resign and let the police investigate:… Hon. Michel Chebat - PUP Senator: "Minister Godwin Hulse on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and his wife Kim Simplis Barrow approved the application for Belizean nationality of Peter William Dahlstrom a native of Sweden. Granting him and signing a Belize national certificate for the Prime Minister's brother in law even though he did not meet the legal qualifications as required by the nationality act."

A Sandhill Slaying
A man was murdered in Sand Hill over the weekend. 30 year old Tyrone Davis was shot to the throat and arm as he was hanging out at a house in Sand Hill. Courtney Weatherburne went to try and find out why. 30 year old Tyrone Davis would normally hang out at this Sand Hill home near mile 20. It was a popular spot and he and his friends would sometimes spend all day there. But on Saturday afternoon Davis was shot and killed right in front of his favourite spot. ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural: "Rural Eastern Division received reports of a death in the San Hill area where police visited Mile 20 and found the lifeless body of one Tyrone Davis 30 years of the said village suffering from gunshot wounds to the throat and arm."

Man Sitting In Road Run Over
There was a bizarre accident this morning around 5:00. A man was run over and killed as he sat in the middle of the road. 39 year old Margendon Conorquie was driving his white Chevy Suburban on the Boom road when he saw a man sitting in the middle of the road, he tried to swerve but it was too late. Who was this man? and why was he sitting in the middle of the road ? Police don't know at this point but they gave us what they have so far. ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural: "This morning at about 5 AM we received reports of a traffic accident, a fatal one at that on the Boom-Hattieville road about 2 miles into the Boom Road off the Phillip Goldson Highway where one Mr. Conorquie reported that whilst he was driving on the Boom-Hattieville Road approaching a curve he saw a dark skinned male person sitting in the middle of the road and unavoidably hit him causing him to deceased on the spot. That individual has not been identified as yet and we're seeking to obtain his identity at this time."

Island Cops Got Guns
San Pedro police used a serious piece of intelligence to bust a gun that was coming unto the island. On Saturday, they got intelligence that two residents of Hattieville were coming over to the island to commit a robbery. The police were waiting and intercepted an adult and a minor, both males, when they arrived on the island. The police searched their luggage and found a .38 pistol with 10 live rounds. They have charged the adult, Akeem Augustus with possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Turns out he is wanted for questioning in other crimes in Belize Rural – so he will be turned over to them.

Pilfering Pink Security Guard To Court
On Friday we told you about the Security Guard who was caught shoplifting form the very boutique he was tasked to protect! Well today 36 old KBH security guard Glenroy Reynolds was sentenced to 6 months by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after he pleaded guilty to 3 counts of theft. Reynolds committed the thefts on August 30, August 31 and on September 1 while he was working as a security guard at Pink Boutique, in Belize City. He stole dresses valued at $274 dollars and he was caught on surveillance camera taking the items from off the rack and taking them to a garbage can. Reynolds was sentenced to 6 months for each count with the stipulation that the sentences are to run concurrently. Reynolds will serve an additional sentence of 6 months for defaulting on a payment of $900 for a conviction of handling stolen goods in 2015. Notable that the security firm hired a person recently convicted for handling stolen goods – so much for background checks!

BDF and the Art OF Shooting Safely
Every night on the news – guns dominate the news: from persons shot with guns to those caught with them. On Saturday we were at an event all about guns, but no one got harmed in anyway. It's the BDF's annual pistol shooting competition – and we found out how properly used weapons can make for great recreational sport:… The BDF pistol competition, for the past almost 20 years, it's been a test of true marksmanship for the armed forces, security firms and this year, even the US Marines: Major Ben Steiner - US Marines: "So really it was an opportunity for us to come out and partake in some of your guys training events and obviously a pretty big deal as far as national competitions. So we're really pleased to be able to come out here and shoot alongside the Belizeans." "Honestly, there's a lot of good shooters out here and I don't expect to win by any stretch; so a lot of the gentlemen here are doing very very well, so I'm very impressed."

Vessel Runs Unto Reef
An US registered vessel is stuck on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. The Fisheries Department reports that vessel was grounded around 5:00 on Saturday. On-board are three Colombians, four Guatemalans and one American citizen. The vessel had left the Port of Livingston, Guatemala on Friday morning headed for the Big Port Creek. A task force comprising the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority has been deployed to investigate.

Guatemalans Removed, Despite Resistance
Last week we told you how the BDf came under fire when they were ejecting Guatemalans squatters form an area within the Chiquibul National Park. That happened on August 31st., but after regrouping and reporting the incident the BDF reports that the official Order to Leave has been complied with – the area has been vacated and existing structures dismantled. A press release says investigations continue into who fired the shots.

Guatemalans Reject OAS Report
But if that investigation is by the BDF, it's going to run into trouble on the Guatemalan side. That's because the Guatemalan Government has officially rejected the last investigation - that one into the shooting death of 13 year old Julio Ruano. President Jimmy Morales made it official at a press conference today. Appearing alongside his Vice President and the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Morales said "the report is inconclusive and it should have had criminal implications for those responsible for the death of Guatemalan child." They point to what they call "inconsistencies" and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Raul Morales said that he will ask the OAS to remove Magdalena Talamás who dealt with the report for her organization.

BDF Trains For Helipcopters
On last Friday's newscast, we told you about the training that the Belize Defence Force soldiers are currently involved in so that they can fly and maintain their own helicopters donated to them by the Taiwanese Government. Well, rather than tell us, the BDF decided to show us their soldiers in action as they learn to maneuver the aircraft. In tomorrow's newscast, we'll have that full story for you. But tonight, we have an excerpt with the BDF Airwing's Commanding Officer discussing his excitement to see his subordinates slowly mastering a type of aircraft they had very little experience

8 BDF Saved 56 in Hurricane
And in one more story on the BDF tonight, we spoke to General David Jones about the little told story of BDF heroism on the night that Hurricane Earl hit one month ago. In an under-publicized mission, eight BDF soldiers left Price Barracks – which was taking a battering from the storm – and went to Vista Del Mar where they braved extreme and life threatening weather conditions to save 56 people who were being flooded out of their homes. We have the interview subtitled, since our microphone was having technical difficulties: Brig. Gen David Jones - Commander - BDF: "Where we got the call that people were in danger of drowning and needed rescue; so, we sent the soldiers there during that strong wind, the strong rain and debris flying all over the street in the area." "And there was a lot of water, the water had risen pretty high, so they were walking up to chest height, water was going into people's homes. For the most part electricity was gone, so the people that were rescued, some of them, if it wasn't for them having flashlights, and torches, flashing them up in the air, the soldiers wouldn't have known where they were."

Expo Drew Slightly Smaller Crowd
In its 20th year, the Expo Belize Market Place pulled over 15 thousand visitors. 96 companies participated in 178 booths. Last year, 16,500 attended.

King and Queen of Carnival Crowned
And we leave you tonight with footage of the weekend;s other big evetm the carnival King and Queen comeptiiton which took place at the Marion Jones stadium. Enjoy and join us back here tomorrow…

Channel 5

Breaking News: Murder Reported in Lake Independence
There is breaking news: Police are at this time processing the scene of a murder in Lake Independence, Belize City. A few minutes ago shots rang out behind the Complex [...]

Council of Churches Endorses Church’s Senator Vote on Senate inquiry
The controversial ruling by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on Section Fifty-three remains in the headlines tonight. And this morning, the Belize Council of Churches met in an extended session to [...]

Council’s Decision is Final; Catholic Request Overruled
According to the President of the Belize Council of Churches, the call for Senator Rocke’s resignation came from other areas of the religious community but was never sanctioned by the [...]

Ashley Rocke Defends Vote as Being “In Nation’s Best Interest”
Pastor Rocke, who has kept a low profile in the wake of the controversial vote, was candid earlier today when he explained to News Five the rationale behind the vote [...]

Howell Longsworth on Comments by Pastor Wade
On Thursday, the president of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches was castigated by Pastor Louis Wade who claims that Pastor Howell Longsworth is a functionary of the U.D.P.   Wade [...]

P.M. Meets With Churches; Another Meeting Planned for Friday
Section Fifty-three…will it be appealed by the churches?  It’s a position that is yet to be formalized following a meeting today with Prime Minister Barrow. This afternoon, representatives of the [...]

Director of Press Office Had Cocaine in his Blood During Fatal March Accident
Dorian Pakeman, he is the Director of the Government’s Press Office and a familiar face at Government press conferences and other official events. But earlier this year he became part [...]

Prime Minister Plans to Look into Dorian Pakeman Case
This afternoon, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reacted to the news, stating that once he has looked into the matter, action will be taken if appropriate.   Prime Minister Dean Barrow [...]

P.U.P. Questions Defense of Nationality Grant for Peter Dahlstrom
The People’s United Party senators called a press conference at Independence Hall in Belize City this afternoon and they went straight to the point.  According to Senator Michel Chebat, there [...]

Opposition Sticks to Demand for Senate inquiry
According to Special Audit, Dahlstrom applied for nationality on the fifth of April 2012 and noted on his application that he “eventually wants to reside in Belize.” He was recommended [...]

U.D.P. On Record Calling for Senate Inquiry in S.S.B. Scandal
One other issue that is a priority for the P.U.P. is their call for a senate select investigation. That motion was presented in the senate, but defeated seven to five. [...]

Murder in Sandhill; Motive Unknown
Police have very limited leads to go on in the Saturday afternoon murder of a Sandhill resident. While the end came quickly for victim Tyrone Davis, answers as to who [...]

Traffic Accident Victim Sat in the Middle of the Road
Police are investigating a fatal encounter between a resident of Carmelita, Orange Walk and an unknown man who chose to sit in the middle of the Burrell Boom-Hattieville road early [...]

Intoxicated Cayo Town Council Employees are Suspended as Mayor Apologizes
A pair of employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council is in big trouble tonight, after being caught on video sleeping off a drunk bender after completing official duties [...]

P.U.P. Demand Minister of Immigration Resign and Recuse Self from Investigation
The Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse is persistently coming under the microscope.  At the sitting of the Senate Meeting last Wednesday, the P.U.P. senator requested that he recuse himself from [...]

Senator Representing Trade Unions Records Support for UNCAC Signing
Signing on to the United Nations anti-corruption convention is picking up steam. Government maintained for some time that it would not; but last week, there was a softening of position [...]

Majority of Teachers Demand Salary Adjustments Now
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has met with the three unions to discuss delaying the final salary adjustments for teachers and public officers as agreed to by the Joint Negotiating Team [...]

Trevor Vernon Held at Canadian Border Over Genuine Passport
According to former Ministry of Foreign Affairs official and journalist Trevor Vernon, he was denied entry to Canada on Saturday after border authorities there reportedly declared that his passport was [...]

Guatemala Officially Rejects O.A.S.-backed Report on Julio Alvarado Death
Guatemala today officially, but not surprisingly, rejected the report of two independent experts in respect of the shooting death of fourteen year old Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano in the Chiquibul [...]

American Vessel Grounds on Belize Barrier Reef
A U.S. registered vessel was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia over the weekend. Eight persons were onboard the civilian vessel: [...]

Carnival King and Queen Returns to Marion Jones Stadium
Carnival 2016 is getting off to an excellent start and it all reads up to the highly anticipated road march on September seventh.  The number of bands has increased this [...]

Latest Sporting News with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Infotel went into Game II of the BDBA Firms Division 3 game Champion Series needing only a win to [...]


Romanians Detained By Corozal Police
There is a strange case to report tonight involving a group of Romanians who were intercepted by the Police travelling north on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Friday morning. Sources tell us that Corozal Police, responding to a tip-off about strange immigrants moving through the country, set up an interception point at the Libertad junction. As suspected, eight Romanians travelling in two separate taxi vehicles with Benque Viejo Del Carmen license plates were seen and stopped. Our information was that when the Police searched through their documents, they were not satisfied that all was in order, they called in Immigration officials. But this is where things get a bit strange. The Police cannot say what happened with the visitors, because it turned into an Immigration matter. As for Immigration officials, when we contacted the Northern Border office, no one was able to share any info since their supervisor was not in office today.

Employees Of San Ignacio Town Council Suspended After They Fell Asleep In Government Vehicle
Last week the Financial Secretary of Belize, Joseph Waight issued a memorandum to Chief Executive Officers, Heads of Departments and Accounting officers ordering the enforcement of the policies governing usage of all government vehicles. In that communique the Fin Sec advises that effective September 1st all vehicles, except those authorized for twenty-four hours use, should be garaged at the end of each day, on weekends and on public and bank holidays at a secure designated location. Well it appears that the memo was not taken seriously by certain government workers. Over the weekend a video was leaked on social media starring two San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town council employees sleeping inside a white pickup truck, bearing Mayoral license plates, on the side of San Felipe road, seemingly intoxicated.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man murdered in Lake Independence
A murder happened early last night in Lake Independence, Belize City. The murder took place behind the Complex Building where gun shots rang and a man was shot and killed. Police are investigating. © 2016, This article is the copyrighted property of Breaking […]

Press Office Director under influence of cocaine during March accident
Dorian Pakeman, the Director of the Government’s Press Office, earlier this year knocked down and fatally injured 45 year old Dean Dawson, a popular mechanic and father of ten children from neighboring Gardenia village in the vicinity of Biscayne, Belize District. Pakeman’s fate rests […]

Police investigate Sandhill Murder; 19-year-old detained
On Saturday, September 3, police received information of a murder in Sandhill Village in the Belize District. According to police reports, officers visited an area between miles 20 and 21 on the Philip Goldson Highway where they saw 30-year-old Tyrone Bernard Davis lying in front […]

Man assaults common-law-wife because she asked for her phone
Stephen Nunez, a 53-year-old San Pedro resident, has been arrested for assaulting his common-law-wife after he pulled an unlicensed firearm on her because she asked for her cell phone. Dorianny Perez, 42, of the San Pablo area reported to police that while she was looking […]

Corozal businessman shot during robbery; two young men arrested and charged
Corozal police are investigating a robbery that happened on September 2 in San Adres Village in the Corozal District in which a popular businessman was shot. According to police reports, officers visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 48-year-old Israel Gomez, a business owner […]

Illegal settlement where BDF came under fire cleared
The illegal settlement in the Chiquibul National Reserve where BDF soldiers came under fire last Wednesday has been cleared, according to a press release from the government. GOB says that the official order to leave has been complied with and the illegal structures in the area […]

San Ignacio Town Council employees suspended, Mayor apologizes to residents
Two senior employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council are being reprimanded for insubordination and inadequate behavior after having been featured in a video shared with Breaking Belize News and posted on Facebook on Saturday, September 2nd.. In the video, the 2 employees […]

Guatemalan vessel grounded in area of Belize Waters
A press release from the GOB Press Office is reporting that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded this weekend on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye in southern Belize. According to the press release, onboard the […]

Caribbean monitoring tropical wave
Tropical wave 92L has passed the Eastern Caribbean island chains and continues to move west at 12 mph into the central Caribbean sea. It is expected that gusty weather will gradually decrease in the Eastern Caribbean islands today while a chance of enhanced showers and […]

Man shot and killed in Sand Hill
BBN has received reliable information that a man was shot and killed on Saturday in Sand Hill. According to reports, the victim has been identified as Tyrone Davis and the incident happened late Saturday evening. Family members of Davis from the USA had reached […]

Fatal traffic accident near the junction of Burrell Boom
BBN has received reports that a fatal traffic accident happened this morning near the junction of Burrell Boom in the Belize District. According to reports, the accident happened a short while ago and the accident has claimed the life of a man. The body […]


Pop’s Restaurant: The search for the best fry jack in Belize has ended
Ladies and gentlemen, I am a snob about a lot of food-related Belize things. Raised by someone who believed food should be fresh and homemade daily, I was treated to fresh free-range eggs, avocadoes from our tree when in season, stewed beans, and my mother’s hot, crispy fry jacks almost every morning. She would even make me sugary ones as treats, setting the bar high when it comes to food and fry jacks. Well, that bar has been matched…I will even say surpassed, as Pop’s Restaurant in San Ignacio, Cayo District, has been consistently producing fluffy, airy, crispy puffs of deliciousness daily for hungry customers. I first discovered Pop’s a year ago. I know. I am, as always, late to the party! The tiny diner was jam-packed the entire time, from when we arrived and waited a good ten minutes for a table, till we left shortly after to find more people lining up. A good sign right? I ordered the fry jacks, while she, ever the rebel, got the waffles.

Flights to Belize: Infographic & Flight Schedules
If you’re a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely you’ve poured over the research on flights to Belize. You’ve probably looked up all the attractions, done your fair share of reading on and about hotels (or a Belizean Eco Lodge), found a good rental car and maybe you’ve even packed your bags! But the one thing missing from your itinerary is your flight. Flights to Belize should be easy to find, it’s a small country, there’s one international airport but as other travelers would tell you, finding your flight here could be just as challenging as flying anywhere else.

International Sourcesizz

Caribbean Tourism Weathering A Stormy History
In several years of covering the Caribbean on land and sea, I have somehow avoided the island-rattling wrath of a storm or tropical hurricane. But every year Caribbean residents, visitors and tourism stakeholders cast a wary eye on the horizon and ponder severe weather’s impact. Last year Dominica found itself in the eye of the storm, literally, as tropical storm Erika dumped 12 inches of rain on the island causing extensive flooding, loss of life and more than $200 million in damage to homes, businesses and public and tourist facilities. In August it was Belize’s turn to face nature’s wrath as Hurricane Earl caused significant damage countrywide. While there were, fortunately, no reports of fatalities, the small Caribbean country’s public and tourism infrastructure suffered a significant blow, just as the country is building a growing tourism profile.

The Maya Were Tracking the Planets Long Before Copernicus
An ancient Mayan text captured the moment when a royal astronomer made a scientific discovery about the movement of Venus across the night sky. The text, called the Dresden Codex, contains laborious measurements of the rising and setting of Venus. Based on these recordings, historians can now place this astronomer within a 25-year span within the first half of the 10th century. "We can see the moment when this person puts it all together," said Gerardo Aldana, a science historian in the Department of Chicano Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a co-author of a new study describing the findings. The Dresden Codex is a gorgeous Mayan text of 39 double-sided pages with a murky and fascinating backstory. The document somehow made it out of the Yucatan Peninsula and into the Royal Library in Dresden, Germany by the 1730s, according to the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies. Then, in the late 1800s, Ernst Förstemann, a German mathematician with no background in Mayan history or culture, came upon a table of Mayan numerals on page 24 of the codex. Förstemann deduced that the table contained measurements pertaining to Venus, even though no one at the time could decipher Mayan hieroglyphics.


  • Ceremony to inaugurate Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project, 7.5min. The official ceremony to inaugurate Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project was held at Gardenia Community Centre on August 31, 2016. Residents of Gardenia/Biscayne, Belize District now have continuous supply of reliable and safe quality water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking thanks to the Government of Belize who financed the Gardenia/Biscayne Water Supply Sub-project at a cost of $999,408.49 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank, and implemented through the Belize Social Investment Fund.

  • Punta Gorda, Belize Tropic Air, 2min.

  • Don't drink and drive, 2min. Caught on candid camera at around 8:00pm Friday night in Southern Orange Walk returning from La Union. The twin town Mayor's official vehicle.

  • Carnival King and Queen, 2min.

  • Hummingbirds and Hurricane Earl: Advanced Field Projects in Belize, 1min. The aim of this module is to allow students to carry out an extensive field-based research project on a specific topic related to their main area of study.

  • Troop 1102 takes on Belize, 4min.

  • Gurlz Camp Testimonies, 22min. Belize 2016

  • Gringo Bob in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize, 3min. First solo trip to Belize - August 2016. Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Hurricane Earl

  • Downtown Belize The Way We Were, 3min.